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Full text of "Men of Hawaii : being a biographical reference library, complete and authentic, of the men of note and substantial achievement in the Hawaiian Islands : volume 1"

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N PRESENTING "Men of Hawaii" to the public 
- a public considerably wider than the bounds of 
the Territory - - its editors and publishers have a two- 
fold purpose. 

First, the book is a standard reference work, compre- 
hensive, complete and authoritative. It is a publication compiled 
with a care and a system of collecting information which in- 
sures its accuracy and insures also that justice is done to its 
subject. It is a reference volume presenting biographically 
pertinent facts about the men of Hawaii who lead in their 
respective fields. In general these fields are the business or 
commercial, the professional, the educational, the religious and 
the scientific - - covering all activities which in Hawaii have 
brought its men to the front as potent and constructive factors 
in their communities. 

Secondly, the book is a series of milestones of achieve- 
ments. It has been truly said that the progress of any gener- 
ation, of any century, of any country, of any nation may be 
measured by the biographies of its men. In Hawaii this is 
true today as in ancient Greece, medieval Rome, modern 
France, or England, or the mainland United States. 

Hawaii is a modem American community with its roots 
far back in the past. Here the primitive life of Polynesia has 
been moulded and modified by the influx of many races, bloods 
and languages. Here the zeal for public service, for moral 
enlightenment, of the New England churchman has brought a 
missionary influence which nearly a century back paved the 
way for the outside world of trade and commerce, of educa- 
tion, of latter-day customs, manners and facilities. The mission 
ships of the '20's of the last century pioneered a pathway across 
the Pacific followed by the whalers of restless industry, and 

later the steamers of many nations cleaved the summer seas on 
their way to and from the island ports. With varying ex- 
periences, Hawaii developed industrially under a monarchical 
form of government, with the new populations - - American, 
English, German, French and the like - - fusing into the very 
blood of the country. 

Industrially and socially, the progress of Hawaii has been 
amazing. In a century it has leaped from a more than 
medieval obscurity and isolation into an intensively organized, 
modernly-equipped American commonwealth, the most nearly 
self-governing of all territories, with cities and towns, every 
public utility, a high degree of popular education, an active 
part as an integral member of the American political family. 
Its raw sugar industry - - the backbone of commerce - - is the 
world's model in efficiency of production. It is a community 
of schools, churches, homes, factories, agriculture, street cars, 
electric lights, chambers of commerce and boards of trade, 
up-to-date newspapers, paved roads, great hotels - in fact, 
it is a twentieth century American community. 

Here social service and intelligent philanthropy go hand 
in hand with highly organized industry. The traditions of 
unselfish usefulness brought with the earliest white residents 
remain, translated into terms of a later era. The most striking 
political development of this present generation - - the transition 
from a monarchy to an American territory has been also 
the most striking period of growth in widely varied forms of 
social service. 

The men whose portraits and biographies make up this 
book are the men whose activities and influence have brought 
about this great and permanent change in the Hawaii of the 
past fifty years. Some of them - - many of them - - are sons 
of Hawaii, born in the Islands, perhaps with fathers and grand- 
fathers born here. Others have come from elsewhere, adding 
new blood, adding energy and ideas. 

"Kamaama" or "mahhini" oldtimer or newcomer each 
is doing his part in the Hawaii of today. 





"The Grand Old Man of Hawaii" 


countant, Kekaha, Kauai; born 
Christiania, Norway, Aug. 19, 1884; 
son of Peter H. and Louise (Hiorth) 
A;;ser; educated grammar and 
high school, Christiania, and grad- 
uated from Handels Gymnasium, 
that city. 1903. Married Hazel 
Moody, at Waimea, Kauai, June 28, 
1919. Came to Hawaii in 1906, and 
joined staff of Kekaha Sug. Co., 
Ltd., office work, in 1908; is book- 
keeper and cashier Kekaha Sugar- 


lawyer, Honolulu; born at Kohala, 
Hawaii, Dec. 16, 1858; son of Lum 
and Kinilau (Lualoa) Achi; great 
great grandson of Puou, one of the 
warriors of King Kamehameha I. 
Educated at Hilo Boarding School, 
Seminary at Lahainaluna. Maui, 
Oahu College, Honolulu, 1882; mar- 
ried Mary Kelii in Honolulu June 
24, 1898; one son. William Charles, 
Jr. Studied law in office of Will- 
iam R. Castle, Honolulu, and ad- 
mitted to the courts of Hawaii in 
February, 1887; elected Repre- 
sentative to the Legislature of the 
Republic of Hawaii, 1897; elected 
Councilor of State at the session of 
the Legislature in 1898; after the 
annexation of Hawaii to the United 
States was elected in November 
1900 one of the tirst senators to 
new Territorial Legislature; re- 
elected senator in November, 1902; 
was a delegate to Municipal Char- 
ter Convention and made strong 
fight for modern city charter for 
Honolulu, 1916. Elected an alter- 
nate to the Republican National 
Convention in Chicago in 1916. 
Member of Puuhonua Association, 
Honolulu Ad Club and Chamber of 
Commerce of Honolulu. 


judge, Lihue, Kauai; born in Hono- 
lulu July 1, 1889; son of William 
and Maria (Alapai) Achi; married 
Rebecca K. Robinson at Kainaliu, 
N. Kona, Hawaii, June 7, 1910; five 
children: William Charles III, 
Richard Kelii, Mary Ann, Lincoln 
Leleiwi, Stanley Alapai. Educated 
at St. Louis College, Honolulu. 

1904; Oahu College. 1908; Stanford 
University, 1909-11; Yale Univer- 
sity, 1911-12; University of Chica- 
go, 1912-13; completed course foi 
B. A. in University of Michigan. 
1914; University of Michigan Law 
School, B. L., 1917. Admitted ter- 
ritorial courts Nov. 6, 1917; United 
States District Court, Hawaii, April 
29, 1919; member law firm of Achi 
& Achi, Nov: 6, 1917-Nov. 8, 1919; 
appointed judge. Fifth Circuit 
Court, T. H., by President Wilson, 
Nov. 19, 1919, for term of four years. 
Was member Stanford varsity 
baseball team in 1911; Stanford 
University Symphony Orchestra, 
1910; University of Michigan Glee 
Club, 1916. Author of number of 
college songs, including "Sons of 
the Stanford Red," "Sons of Eli" 
and "Fight. Men of Michigan," also 
comic opera, the "Pranks of Pap- 
rika," University of Chicago. Was 
member of Honolulu Civil Service 
Commission, 1919; associate mem- 
ber Legal Advisory Board, 1919; 
Company L, National Guard. Palo 
Alto, Cal., 1909. Member of Ha- 
waiian Civic Club, Fraternity 
Lodge No. 262, F. & A. M., Ann 
Arbor, Mich.; Ann Arbor Lodge 
No. 44, K. P., Lunalilo Lodge No. 
6600. A. O. F., Honolulu; Order of 
Kamehameha, Hawaii Chapter No. 
1; Hale o na Alii; Ahahui Puuho- 
nua o na Hawaii; Bar Association 
of Hawaii; Kauai Chamber of Com- 

ADAMS, ROMANZO. university 
professor. Honolulu: born at Bloom- 
ing-dale, Wis.. March 22. 1868; son 
of Mighill D. and Catherine (Wolfe) 
Adams; married Nellie Cronk, Sept. 
16, 1902. at Toledo, Iowa; one child, 
Katharine. University of Michi- 
gan, Ph B. and Ph. M.. 1897-1898; 
University of Chicago, Ph. D., 1904; 
professor economy and sociology, 
Western College, Toledo, Iowa, 
1898-1900; professor at University 
of Nevada, 1902-20; published 
"Taxation in Nevada a History." 
1918; professor of economy and so- 
cio'ogy. University of H twaii. since 
1920. Occasional contributor to 
periodicals; secretary of commit- 
tee on tax revision. Nevada, 1912- 
13; president Nevidn Educational 
Association, 1905-10. 


\YM. C. ACHT. Jr. 


AFONG, ALBERT F., stock and 
bond broker, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu Feb. 23, 1877; son of 
Chun and Julia Hope (Fayer- 
weather) Afong; educated in gov- 
ernment school, Oahu College ( Ho- 
nolulu), Harvard College, A. B., 
1903; married Anna Elizabeth 
Whiting of Davenport, Iowa, May 
2, 1906; four children, Elizabeth, 
Mary, Katherine and Julia. Clerk 
California Feed Co. (Honolulu), 
1898-99; with Waterhouse Trust 
Co., 1904-05; engaged in stock and 
bond business alone, Honolulu, 
1906-15: became associated with 
Guardian Trust Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, and its secretary, Feb. 1, 
1915-Oct. 5. 1920. Member and ex- 
president Honolulu Stock and Bond 
Exchange; member Chamber of 
Commerce, University Club, Oahu 
Country Club, Hawaii Polo and 
Racing Association. 

rector Experiment Station of Ha- 
waiian Sugar Planters' Association, 
Honolulu; born Dec. 9, 1884, at 
Memphis, Tenn., son of George W. 
and Elizabeth (Worthen) Agee; is 
descendant of Matthew Age, a 
French Huguenot, who settled in 
Maryland during the eighteenth 
century; married Fannie Heaslip 
Lea in New Orleans, La., June 11, 
1911; one child, Anne Worthen. 
Educated in the schools of Little 
Rock, Ark., and Memphis. Tenn.. 
and the Louisiana State University. 
B. S., in 1904. Entered professional 
career with Louisiana Sugar Exper- 
iment Station; was with Cuban and 
Porto Rican sugar factories in 
1907-08; assistant director in 
charge Louisiana Sugar Experiment 
Station, 1909; agriculturist, Ha- 
waiian Sugar Planters' Association 
Experiment Station, 1911-13; di- 
rector of that experiment station 
since 1913. Member University, 
Oahu Country and Pacific Clubs. 


farmer and farming contractor, 
Kapaa, Kauai; born in Hanamau- 
lu, Kauai, Jan. 2, 1892; son of 
Manuel R. and Marie R. Aguiar. 
Left school when 14 and began 
work for Makee Sugar Co., Kealia, 
Kauai, where he remained four 
years; assistant postmaster Kealia. 
1914, resigned after nine months to 
devote time to homesteading at 
Kapaa, Kauai. Member house of 
representatives, territorial legisla- 
ture, 1919: member National Guard, 
Hawaii, 4th Infantry, 1916-18; is 
member board of directors, Bank of 
Kauai, Lihue; secretary Kapaa 
Homesteaders' Co-operative Asso- 

ciation; president Kawaihau Im- 
provement Club; member Forest- 
ers' Lodge, Court Waialeale, Kauai. 

AH AN A, K. C., county treasurer, 
Lihue, Kauai; born June 5, 1893, 
at Lihue; son of C. Ahana; edu- 
cated at Lihue grammar school, St. 
Louis College, 1911; married Dora 
R. Peiler at Waialua, Oahu, Aug. 
14, 1916. Began as clerk in Lihue 
postoffice, 1912; later was bill clerk 
for E. O. Hall & Son, Honolulu, for 
short time in 1913; chief clerk to 
county auditor and county clerk, 
Kauai, 1913-19; elected treas. Ka- 
uai County, 1919, and re-elected in 
1921; was also official stenographer 
for 5th Circuit Court, Kauai, 1913- 
20; auditor of Kauai Chamber of 
Commerce, director of Bank of Ka- 
uai, Ltd., Kapaa; member Court 
Waialeale No. 9251, A. O. F. ; for- 
mer member Natl. Guard of Ha- 

AH! A, WILLIAM M., legislator 
and businessman, Honolulu ; born 
in Honolulu June 28, 1874; son of 
Abraham and Milaina CMoku) 
Ahia ; married Louise Vivachaves 
in Honolulu June 4, 1919. Educat- 
ed at Kamehameha School, Hono- 
lulu; began with the Enterprise 
Mill Co., Ltd.. 1893; worked for 
Honolulu Planing Mill and later 
Johanson Mill Co.; owner and 
manager Johanson Mill since 1916; 
is pres. and mgr. Kamehameha In- 
vestment Co., Ltd.; director Liberty 
Loan and Investment Co., Ltd.; 
served as member Board of Super- 
visors three terms; elected senator 
to Territorial Legislature, Nov. 
1920. Member A. O. Foresters, Ka- 
mehameha Lodge. Longshoremen 
Mutual Aid Assn.. Kauikeaouli 
Lodge and Hale o Na Lii. Repub- 

AH UN A, ROBERT, legislator, 
Honolulu: born in Honolulu Feb. 
13, 1874; son of Ako and Mary 
(Makualoha) Ahuna; educated at 
Kamehameha school; married An- 
nie Arthur in Honolulu Feb. 5, 
1915; children: Robert, Jr., Rosie, 
Daniel, Dorothy, Arthur. Began 
with road dept. during monarchy 
government, 1892: foreman Hus- 
tace & Co., 1895-99; employed with 
various Honolulu firms, 1899-1913; 
foreman road dept. City and Coun- 
ty of Honolulu, 1913-15; has been 
member police dept. since. Repre- 
sentative from fifth district to 
Territorial Legislature, sessions 
1917, 1919, 1921 and special sessions 
1918 and 1920. Was member Ha- 
waii National Guard, 1897-1899 and 
1914-1917; is pastor of Hoomana 





M. R. AGUIAR, Jr. 


Naauao church. Member Poo La 
Lodge; Hale o Na Lii; Widow's 
and Orphans' Relief Assn.; Court 
Lunalilo, A. O. F. 

Al, CHUNG K., merchant, Ho- 
nolulu; born at Saisan, Kwong 
Tung-, China, Nov. 26, 1865; son of 
Chung Cho (C. Ako) and Chang 
Shee; educated at lolani College, 
Honolulu, 1879-81; father was one 
of the first capitalists in Hono- 
lulu among the Chinese race. Mar- 
ried Seu Shee in Honolulu, 1895; 
children: H. L. Chung, Anna N., 
Bessie W., Clara W., Dora W., 
Henry K., Samuel, David and Es- 
ther. Began business in Honolulu, 
dry goods and tailoring under the 
firm name Chung K. Ai & Co., 
1883-86; 1887, clerk in Hon. James 
I. Dowsett's store, Honolulu, until 
his death, June 13, 1898; in busi- 
ness for himself as importing mer- 
chant, also organized a company 
for boring wells for plantation irri- 
gation, 1895; with associates he 
started City Mill Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, of which he has been treas- 
urer and manager since 1899. Was 
President of Chinese Hospital, 
President of Chinese United So- 
ciety four years; has served on fed- 
eral and territorial grand juries; 
member of Honolulu Chamber of 
Commerce. Ad Club and the Ha- 
waiian Board. 

tist, Wailuku, Maui; born Virginia 
City, Nev., Feb. 8, 1879; son of Per- 
ley Johnson and Julia (Smythe) 
Aiken; married Emily E. Rossberg, 
at Honolulu, March 14. 1917; one 
child: William Ross. Educated 
California and Hawaii grammar 
schools, Oahu College, Honolulu; 
Polytechnic High School, San 
Francisco; Univ. of Calif. Dental 
Dept. 1901; post graduate work, 
1915 and 1921. Practiced profes- 
sion in Maui since 1901. Member 
Maui Lodge No. 472, F. & A. M., 
32nd degree and Shriner; Aloha 
Lodge No. 3, K. of P.; Maui Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Maui Auto Club, 
Maui County Fair & Racing Assn., 
Dental Society of Hawaii, National 
Dental Assn. 

ness man, Haiku, Maui; born at 
Robbinsville, N. C., April 24, 1873; 
son of Perley Johnson and Julia 
Orilla (Smythe) Aiken; direct de- 
scendant of John Howland, passen- 
ger on the "Mayflower," and 
George Ross of Revolution war 
fame, aide on Washington's staff 
and brother-in-law of Betsy Ross, 
of United States flag fame; edu- 

cated in Oakland high school 
(Cal.); married Helen M. Cham- 
berlain, granddaughter of Levi 
Chamberlain, early Hawaiian mis- 
sionary, at La Crosse, W T is., April 
8, 1896; three children: Bertram 
Smythe, Martha Osbun, Malcom 
Chamberlain. Came to Hawaii and 
taught school at W T ailuku, Maui, 
1891; station agent. \Vailuku depot, 
1891-92; postmaster, Kahului, and 
agent for steamer "Waimanalo," 
1892-93; bookkeeper, Haleakala 
ranch, Makawo, 1893-95; deputy 
tax assessor and collector, district 
of Makawao, 1893-1904; port sur- 
veyor Kahului, 1895; collector of 
customs, Kahului, 1904-12; sub- 
agent, public lands, fourth district, 
June, 1896-October, 1920; opened 
First National Bank of Paia, 1913, 
as assistant cashier; cashier Paia 
branch, Bank of Maui, Ltd. (suc- 
cessor), May, 1917-December, 31, 
1920 (resigned); since Dec. 8, 1920, 
has been vice president and man- 
ager of Pauwela Pineapple Co., 
Haiku, Maui. Owns and operates 
pineapple plantation, Makawao dis- 
trict; chairman Makawao Road 
Board, 1899-1904; commissioner of 
public instruction, 1909-13; Maui 
member Hawaii Tourist Bureau 
since 1915. Member Maui Chamber 
of Commerce, Honolulu Ad Club, 
Masons, Knights of Pythias. 

AIU, EUGENE K., attorney-at- 
law and real estate dealer, Hono- 
lulu and Kapaa, Kauai; born at 
Kailua, Hawaii, Kingdom of Ha- 
waii, January 15, 1881; son Lau 
Sung lu and Victoria Piimauna; 
married Mary Kainuwaiaoao (de- 
ceased) in Honolulu, July 15, 1908; 
three children: Eugene K., Jr., 
Margaret and Mary. Educated in 
public school at Kailua, Hawaii. 
Began as clerk, Kona Trading Co., 
Kailua, 1898-1901; salesman Aiea 
Plantation store. Aiea. Oahu, Feb- 
ruary. 1902-May, 1904; clerk dis- 
trict court and first circuit court 
at Honolulu, June, 1904-Sept., 1910; 
practised law since Sept., 1910. 
Member House of Representatives, 
T. H., 1915-16. Member Hawaii 
Chapter No. 1, Order of Kameha- 
meha and Hale o Na Alii o Hawaii 
(Hale o Kapiolani, Kauai). 

AKANA, AKAIKO, minister of 
the gospel, Honolulu; born at Kai- 
huwai, Waialua, Oahu, Dec. 24, 
1884; son of Chun and Harriet Ka- 
hema Akana; educated at Waialua 
public school, Kamehameha School 
for Boys (Honolulu), 1899-1903, 
Normal School (Honolulu), 1903-04; 
Hartford School for Religious Ped- 
agogy (Hartford, Conn.), 1906-11; 




degree B. R. P.; Hartford Theolog- 
ical Seminary (Hartford, Conn.), 
1906-11. Served under the Home 
Mission Board of Massachusetts 
summers 1910 and 1911; became 
member and officer Board of Ha- 
waiian Evangelical Association of 
the Territory of Hawaii, Novem- 
ber, 1911: organized and was gen- 
eral superintendent Young People's 
League of Honolulu, 1912; ordained 
into the Christian ministry May 28, 
1912; elected President of the 
Christian Endeavor Association of 
Hawaii. July, 1912, and shortly 
after put in charge of the young 
people's work in the Territory of 
Hawaii by the Hawaiian Board; 
one of the organizers and secre- 
tary of the Hawaiian Protective As- 
sociation of Hawaii, 1913-16; elect- 
ed trustee of the United Society of 
Christian Endeavor of the World, 
Boston. Mass., June. 1913; organ- 
ized Hawaiian Savings and Loan 
Association. Ltd., and became Pres- 
ident July 17. 1917; pastor Kawaia- 
hao Church, Honolulu, since Sept. 
1, 1918. In research work com- 
pleted "An Inductive Study of the 
Effects of Tobacco on Human Life," 
Hartford, May 29, 1911. Member 
Hartford Theological Seminary and 
Hartford School of Religious Ped- 
agogy Alumni Associations; Hart- 
ford Ministerial Association, Kame- 
hameha Alumni Association; Chi- 
nese Students' Alliance of Hawaii, 
and Hawaiian Board, member 
board of regents, University of Ha- 

ant, Kamuela, Hawaii; born in Ko- 
hala, Hawaii, Oct. 6, 1886; son of 
Goo Chin and Maiaka (Kalua) 
Akina: educated in public schools, 
Mills School, 1900; St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu. 1907; married No- 
rah Leialoha Keawe at Kohala, 
Nov. 16. 1913: one child, Arthur 
Atai. Was office assistant, planta- 
tion dept. of Bishop & Co., bank- 
ers, Honolulu, 1907-08; bookkeeper. 
Hawi Mill & Plantation Co.'s store, 
Kohala. 1908-11; asst. bookkeeper 
and private secy, in main office of 
plantation, having management of 
Hawi Garage; mgr. plantation's 
stores at Hawi, Hoea and Puakea, 
Hawaii; resigned to enter business 
for himself March, 1917; elected 
county supervisor, Hawaii County, 
1917; reelected 1919: served two 
years in National Guard of Ha- 
waii: owner and mgr., H. Akana 
store, general mercantile business, 
Kamuela, Hawaii, since July, 1920. 
Member Kilauea Lodge Masons, 
Scottish Rite bodies and Mystic 


civil engineer and surveyor, 
Honolulu, born in Honolulu, 
Aug. 22, 1863; son of William 
De Witt and Abigail C. (Bald- 
win) Alexander; grandson of 
William Patterson Alexander, mis- 
sionary to Hawaiian Islands 1832. 
Educated at Oahu College, Hono- 
lulu, Yale University. -Ph. B. 1888, 
Ph. D. 1895. Married Mary Eliza- 
beth Hillebrand, daughter of Her- 
mann Hillebrand of Honolulu, in 
Oswego, New York, Aug. 18, 1891; 
five children: William P., Helen C., 
Arthur D., Hermann H., and Mary 

D. Instructor in physics, University 
of California 1895-1901; surveyor 
and civil engineer, Honolulu, since 
1901; formed partnership Baldwin 
& Alexander, 1907; manager land 
department American Factors, Ltd., 
since April, 1919. Trustee of Oahu 
College, Honolulu, since 1910; mem- 
ber Hawaiian Board of Missions 
since 1913, vice-president 1914; 
deacon of Central Union Church, 
Honolulu. 1912 . Member Hawaiian 
Missionary Children's Society (pres. 
1901 ), Honolulu Social Science 
Assn., and University Club, Hono- 

plantation manager, Eleele, Kauai; 
born in California Oct. 31, 1869; 
son of James McKinney and Mary 

E. (Webster) Alexander. Educa- 
ted in Oakland, Cal., grammar and 
high schools, Yale Scientific School 
and University of California; mar- 
ried Pearl E. Swan of Buffalo, N. 
Y., at Paia, Maui, June 29, 1905. 
Began career in San Francisco, but 
soon afterwards returned to the 
islands and started as luna at the 
Haiku Sugar Co.. Maui; had charge 
of Kaluanui division of Haiku Su- 
gar Co. and later head luna and 
then head luna of the Paia Sugar 
Co.; became assistant manager 
Maui Agricultural Co. and for a 
number of years has been manager 
McBryde Sugar Co., Eleele, Kauai. 
Member Maui Lodge, A. F. & A. M., 
No. 984, G. L. 5, Omega Chapter of 
Beta Theta Pi fraternity. 


clergyman, Methodist Episcopal 
Church; born at Riga, N. Y. ; son 
of William G. and Julia A. (Col- 
lister) Alexander; married Harriet 
Emma Butler at Grass Valley, Cal.. 
May 28, 1884; three children: Roy 
Butler, Ada Elva and Ruth Elea- 
nor. Educated in high schools, St. 
Joseph, Mich., and Oakland, Cal.; 
College of the Pacific, San Jose, 
Cal., 1881, A. B., A. M. and D. D., 
Boston University, S. T. B., 1892. 






Principal Bay View school, Santa 
Cruz, Cal., 1881-82; minister, Bo- 
linas and Point Reyes, Cal., 1882- 
84; professor English Literature, 
College of the Pacific, 1884-88; 
pastor, Hanson, Mass., 1891-92; 
Potrero, San Francisco, 1892-93; 
Palo Alto, 1893-96; Livermore, Cal.. 
1896-99; Chester Street Church, 
Oakland, 1899-02; Santa Rosa, 
1902-09; Los Gatos, 1909-10; super- 
intendent Napa district, 1910-16; 
pastor. Central Church, Stockton, 
1916-18; Y. M. C. A. war work, Val- 
lejo and Mare Island, 1918-19; pas- 
tor First M. E. Church, Honolulu, 
since 1919. Member Phi Kappa 
Psi fraternity, Ad Club, Masonic 


agriculturist, Ewa, Oahu; born at 
New Haven, Conn., July 29, 1893; 
son of Arthur C. and Mary E. 
(Hillebrand) Alexander; married 
Alice R. Bond at Kohala, Hawaii, 
Feb. 27, 1919; one child, William 
Patterson, 3d. Educated Oahu 
College, Honolulu, Yale University, 
Ph. B., 1915; graduate work in 
sugar technology at University of 
Hawaii; assistant agriculturist, 
Experiment Station, H. S. P. A., 
1916-18, and assistant to director, 
1919-20; agriculturist, Ewa Plan- 
tation Co., Oahu, since 1921. Was 
ensign in U. S. N. R.. 1917-19. 

paper editor, Honolulu: born Colo- 
rado City, Tex., Apr. 30. 1884; son 
of Riley Harris and Anna (Beck) 
Allen; directly related to Richard 
Stockton, signer of Declaration of 
Independence, also to Commodore 
Stockton: educated, grammar 
school, Kentucky and Seattle, 
Wash., Seattle High School; Uni- 
versity of Washington, two years; 
University of Chicago, 1905, Ph.B.. 
Lit. ; married Suzanne McArdie in 
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 6, 1910. Be- 
gan regular newspaper work with 
the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1905; 
joined reportorial staff, Honolulu 
Evening Bulletin, Honolulu. T. H.; 
returned to staff of Post-Intelli- 
gencer, Jan. 1, 1906; editor Wash- 
ington Magazine (monthly), 1907- 
08; newspaper work, Post-Intelli- 
gencer, 1908-10; city editor Eve- 
ning Bulletin, Honolulu, and on 
amalgamation of Bulletin and Ha- 
waiian Star. July 1, 1912, became 
editor of Honolulu Star-Bulletin; 
served as lieut. col. American Red 
Cross in Siberia during world war; 
returned to Honolulu Star-Bulletin 
as editor, 1921. Is a short story 
writer, being contributor to Col- 
lier's, McClure's, Saturday Eve- 

ning Post, and others. Mem- 
ber Honolulu Ad Club, Rotary 
Club and Beta Theta Pi (college 


customs official; born May 14, 
1883, at St. Louis, Mo.; son of 
James H. and Clara A. Allen; mar- 
ried Katherine M. Hannestad at 
Honolulu, July 8, 1908; five chil- 
dren: Urban Marion, Edna Ade- 
laide, Edward Roger, Walter Vic- 
tor, Jr., Robert Davis. Educated 
in Kirkwood (Mo.) high school, two 
years. Clerk, county recorder's of- 
fice, St. Louis county, Mo., 1900-02; 
inspector United States engineer 
department, Honolulu and Hilo, 
1908-10; entered customs service, 
1910; deputy collector of customs 
in charge of port of Hilo, Hawaii, 
since September, 1917. Is Scout 
Commissioner, Kilauea Council Boy 
Scouts of America, which council 
he helped organize in 1918; was in 
United States Army, 1904-07, reach- 
ing rank of battalion sergeant-ma- 
jor; resigned National Guard of 
Hawaii, rank of major, 1920. Mem- 
ber Hilo Rifle Club and director 
Hilo Basket Ball league. 

yer, Honolulu; born at Wailuku, 
Maui Co., Hawaii, Dec. 1, 1880; son 
of John Thomas -and Sarai (Kepoi- 
kai) Aluli. Educated at Wailuku 
government school, St. Louis Col- 
lege (Honolulu), University of 
Michigan, LL.B., 1901; Yale" uni- 
versity, LL.M., 1905; married Emma 
Akamu in Hilo, Hawaii, Dec. 23, 
1910; four children: Alai Kaouio- 
kalani, Aima, Neaulani. Auwa.^ 
Leong and Noa Tong. Practised 
law in Maui County; deputy county 
attorney, County of Hawaii, 1905- 
10; practised law in Honolulu since 
1911. Member Union League Club 
of New Haven, Conn.; San Salva- 
dor Council, No. 1, Knights of Co- 
lumbus. New Haven, Conn., and 
Order of Kamehameha. Mamalahoa 
Chapter, No. 2, Hilo, Hawaii. 

yer, Honolulu; born in Matawan, 
N. J., June 15, 1877; son of Rev. 
James M. and Elizabeth (Robbins) 
Anderson ; father was Presbyterian 
minister and educator, being pro- 
fessor at Williams College, which 
gave him honorary degree, D. D. : 
mother descendant of William 
Bradford, governor of Plymouth 
Colony; married Mary Morris, 
daughter of Federal Judge Page 
Morris, formerly of Virginia, now 
of Duluth.. Minn., Nov. 1, 1910; 
three children: Elizabeth, Jean and 







tf <~ 

% r/i 





Page Morris. Graduated Yale, B. 
A.. 1899; Harvard Law School, 
LL.B., 1903. Law practise with 
Hatch & Ballou, Honolulu, and 
later member law firm of Frear, 
Prosser, Anderson & Marx. Red 
Cross work, Washington, D. C., 
during world war, becoming man- 
ager Insular and Foreign Division 
of American Red Cross. Is di- 
rector Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., 
and other business corporations; 
has held many offices in philan- 
thropic and semi-public organiza- 
tions and clubs. Member and ex- 
president University Club; presi- 
dent Yale Alumni Association of 
Hawaii; trustee Oahu College; di- 
rector Punahou Music School; 
trustee Honolulu Dental Infirmary; 
director Y. M. C. A.; warden St. 
Andrew's Cathedral parish; mem- 
ber executive committee Hawaiian 
Chapter American Red Cross; 
member local council American Bar 
Association; corresponding secre- 
tary for Hawaii for Harvard Law 
School Alumni; member Social Sci- 
ence Association, Oahu Country 
Club and Outrigger Canoe Club. 

gar plantation manager, Paauhau, 
Hawaii; born Nov. 23, 1882, Kin- 
cardineshire. Scotland; son of Wil- 
liam and Agnes (Moir) Anderson; 
married Lilian Margaret Fentiman, 
Sept. 25, 1909, at Hilo, Hawaii; 
three children: Frank Moir, John 
William and Albert Fentiman. At- 
tended public schools in Scotland, 
and a number of years after coming 
to America studied business and 
accounting through correspondence 
schools. Was mail carrier, 1894- 
96; farm teamster, 1896-04; em- 
ployed by Onomea Sugar Co., Pa- 
paikou, Hawaii, as field luna, 1904; 
promoted to various positions and 
became chief accountant, 1910; nat- 
uralized 1912; manager Paauhau 
Sugar Co., since 1917. Actively in- 
terested in sports and civic mat- 
ters; organizer and president Ha- 
makua Civic Club; capt. National 
Guard of Hawaii, Papaikou, 1916; 
member Kilauea Lodge No. 330, F. 
& A. M.; Kalani Lodge of Perfec- 
tion, Hilo; Honolulu Consistory 
No. 1; Aloha Temple A. A. O. N. 
M. S., Honolulu. Member Natl. 
Rifle Assn. of America. 


hospital superintendent Honolulu; 
born at Manchester, Eng., Jan. 3, 
1888; son of William and Martha 
(Syers) Anderson; married Abigail 
Mary Bromley, at Honolulu, Feb. 
14, 1917; two children, Barbara 
and Roberta. Educated, private 

school in England. Arrived in Ho- 
nolulu, April, 1913; employed at 
Leahi Home, Honolulu since Aug. 
1914; superintendent of same 
since Jan., 1916. Naturalized 
American citizen, March, 1919. 

tal surgeon, Honolulu; born Nov. 
12, 1857, in New York City, N. Y". ; 
son of Robert and Mary (Willis) 
Anderson; married Susan Alice 
Young in Honolulu July 11, 1893; 
four children: Francis Ketcham 
(by former marriage), Robert Alex- 
ander, Mary Ruth and Robert Wil- 
lis (deceased). Educated at Plain- 
field, N. J., and Philadelphia Den- 
tal College, graduate 1883, degree 
D D. S. Began professional career 
in Plainfield, N. J., in 1883 and 
practised there until 1899; removed 
to Honolulu in 1889 and has prac- 
tised dental surgery since. 

culturist, Honolulu; born Jan. 6, 
1879, at Falmouth, Maine; son of 
Wilbur Ambrose and Clara E. An- 
derson; married Isabel C. Pollister 
at Honolulu, Sept. 3, 1904; two chil- 
dren: Dorothy Carmel and Jean 
Marjorie. Amherst College, A. B., 
1902; Amherst, A. M., 1905. Instruc- 
tor, mathematics and athletics, 
Oahu College, 1902-05; field and of- 
fice, Kahuku Sug. Co., Oahu. 1905- 
06; mgr. Nahiku Rubber Co., Ltd., 
Nahiku, Maui, and introduced and 
developed system of killing weeds 
with arsenite of soda, 1907-15; 
wholesale produce markets, Cali- 
fornia, 1915-16; manager Acetylene 
Light & Agency Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, 1916-17; chief pay clerk and 
ensign, United States Navy, Pearl 
Harbor, 1917-1919; with others or- 
ganized South Kona Tobacco Co., 
Ltd., president at incorporation 
June 6, 1920; president and gen- 
eral manager Hawaiian Banana 
Plantations, Ltd., incorporated Aug. 
6, 1920. Represented Hawaii at 
International Rubber and Allied 
Trades Exposition, New York City, 
1913. Member University Club, 
Commercial Club, Ad Club, Masonic 
Lodge, American Legion, Chamber 
of Commerce, United States Naval 
Reserve Officers' Association. 

ANDRADE, FRANK, lawyer, Ho- 
nolulu; born Island of Madeira, 
Sept. 5, 1873; son of Louis and 
Mary Andrade. Educated in public 
schools, Honolulu, Stanford Univer- 
sity California. Married Mary How- 
land at Honolulu, Oct. 11, 1902. 
Studied law and was admitted to 
bar of California, 1900; practised 









law, in Sun Francisco, in associa- 
tion with C. M. Fickert. and Hono- 
lulu. Served in Territorial Legis- 
lature, being chairman judicary 
committee both sessions. 1903 and 
1905; was district magistrate of 
Honolulu four years; Deputy Attor- 
ney General of Hawaii, represent- 
ing the Territory in the fire claims 
court; Deputy City and County At- 
torney in the prosecution of cases 
in the district court of Honolulu 
two years: member first land board. 
Director Honolulu Dairymen's As- 
sociation, manager Kaneohe ranch; 
manager Heeia Agricultural Co. Is 
a Mason and member University 
Club (Honolulu). 

ANDRADE. JASON, merchant. 
Honolulu: born in Honolulu Aug. 
3, 1879: son of Louis and Mary 
(Jardin) Andrade; educated at St. 
Louis College and College, 
Honolulu. 1897; married Mary Sil- 
va in Honolulu June 30, 1903; two 
children, Edward Vernon and Dor- 
othy. Began as accountant with 
Sorenson & Lyle and later with M. 
Mclnerny. Ltd., Honolulu; partner, 
Silva's Toggery, Ltd., 1909-18; 
cashier Standard Oil Co.. Honolulu, 
1918-19; pres. and manager An- 
drade & Co.. Ltd., haberdashers, 
since Sept. 1919. Member B. P. O. 
Elks, Chamber of Commerce, Com- 
mercial Club and Ad Club. 

university professor, Honolulu; 
born in McLean, N. Y.. July 16, 
1871; son of Isaac Chapman and 
Martha Eva (Townley) Andrews; 
married Harriet Sabrina Cousens at 
Biddeford. Me., June 30. 1903. Ed- 
ucated in Ithaca High School, Ith- 
aca. X. Y., Cornell L'niversity, B. 
L., 1893; M. L., 1895; Ph. D., 1902; 
Harvard (summer 1916). Reader 
in English. 1895-96: assistant in 
English, 1896-97, 1898-1901; in- 
structor in English, 1901-07, 1908- 
10; president's secretary and uni- 
versity publisher, 1907-08. all at 
Cornell. Professor of English at 
College (now University) of Ha- 
waii, since 1919; secretary, 1917- 
1920; dean. College of Arts and 
Sciences, University of Hawaii, 
since 1920. Traveled in Europe, 
particularly in Scotland and Eng- 
land, visiting places of literary in- 
terest, summer of 1907. Editor, 
"Specimens of Discourse. 1 ' X<-\v 
York. Henry Holt & Co., 1905. 
M-mber Cornell Club of Hawaii 
(president eight terms); Men's 
League; Manoa Tennis Club; Na- 
tional Education Association; Na- 

tional Council of Teachers of Eng- 
lish; Educational Committee, Ho- 
nolulu Y. M. C. A.; Rotary Club; 
Commission to Investigate Feeble- 
Mindedness in the Territory of Ha- 
waii (secretary), 1918; Commis- 
sion for Home for Feeble-Minded 
(secretary), since 1918. President 
Territorial Educational Conference, 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born at 
Pahala, Kau. Hawaii, April 17. 
1879; son of Robert Wilson and 
Rosina ( Schrank ) Andrews. Edu- 
cated at Punahou Prep. and 
Academy (Honolulu). Rose Poly- 
technic Institute ( Terre Haute, 
Incl.), B. S. 1908, M. S. 1909, C. E. 
1917; printer's apprentice and 
printer, Honolulu, 1892-96; en- 
graver, 1896-97: photographer, 
1897-1900; photo-engraver with 
Hawaiian Gazette Co., 1900-04; at- 
tended college, 1904-08; became as- 
sociated with Baldwin & Alexan- 
der, civil engineers, Honolulu, Sep- 
tember, 1908-June, 1909; assistant 
County Engineer, Maui County. 
June-December, 1909; chief engi- 
neer Oahu Railway & Land Co., 
1909- June, 1918; Captain Engineers. 
United States Army, June, 1918- 
Deo, 1918; chief engineer Pam- 
panga Sugar Development Co., San 
Fernando, Pampanga. Philippine 
Islands, July, 1919 -October, 1920; 
professor of engineering, Univ. 
of Hawaii since October, 1920. As- 
sociate member American Society 
of C. E. ; member American Society 
for Testing Materials and Ameri- 
can Railway Engineering Associa- 
tion; chairman Hawaiian Engineer- 
ing Association, 1916-17. 

Hawaii: born in Kaupo. Maui, Nov. 
18, 1887; son of Christian and Lou- 
isa (Poohiwi) Andrews; education, 
public schools, St Louis College. 
Honolulu; married Elizabeth Huli- 
hee, at Waiohinu. Kau. Hawaii. 
April 21, 1907; children: Joseph. 
Hubert, Agnes, Adrian, Fabian, 
Thaddeus. Assistant principal and 
principal. Catholic private school, 
Waiohinu. 1906-09; asst. timekeep- 
er, construction crew, Hilo Rail- 
road, 1910-13; territorial homestead 
ringer. Puna and North and South 
Hilo Dists., Hawaii, 1913-15; terri- 
torial sub -agent of public lands. 
County of Hawaii, since Nov. 1915. 
Agent for Farm Loan Board of 
Hawaii since July 1, 1919. Mem- 
ber Natl. Guard of Hawaii. 1905-06; 
president Francis Council 573, Y. 
M. L. 1914-15. Democrat. 






Honolulu; born in New York City 
July 29, 1872; son of William and 
Adele (Oscanyan) Andrews. Edu- 
cated in public schools of New 
Jersey, New York University, A. 
B. 1891, LL. B. 1893; married Car- 
oline Eckberg in Honolulu April 12, 
1910; one child by former wife, 
Lorrin, Jr. Practised law New 
York City, 1893-99; member New 
York Assembly, 17th District, 1896; 
republican leader 17th District, 
1894-99; chairman campaign com- 
mittee for Mayor Low, independ- 
ent ticket, 1898; removed to Hono- 
lulu, 1899; chairman Board of Reg- 
istration, Oahu, 1900-02; Attorney 
General Territory of Hawaii, 1903- 
05; chairman Republican County 
Committee, 1904-05; investigated 
American boycott in China for San 
Francisco Merchants' Association, 
1905; practised law in China, 
1905-08; practised in Reno, 1908-09, 
rnd was chairman Republican 
County Committee. conducting 
presidential campaign. Chairman 
Civil Service Commission, Honolulu, 
1914-17; chairman Republican Ter- 
ritorial Committee, 1915; Repre- 
sentative Territorial Legislature, 
1917, re-elected 1919-1921; prac- 
tised law in Honolulu since 1909. 
Is a 32nd degree Mason and an Elk. 
Member Phoenix Lodge. 


mechanical engineer (retired), Ho- 
nolulu; born in Honolulu, June 8, 
1837; son of Lorrin and Mary (Wil- 
son) Andrews. Married Rosina 
Schrank February 22, 1874, at San 
Francisco; married Maria Sheeley, 
September 30, 1886, at Oakland, Gal.; 
three children: James Marshall, 
Robert Standard and Carl Bowers. 
Descendant of William Andrews, of 
England, who emigrated to America 
in 1638, and settled at New Haven, 
Conn ; grandson of Samuel An- 
drews, who, in 1805, made the then 
perilous journey from Connecticut 
to Ohio; father was a preacher of 
the gospel, author, educator, judge 
of the superior court of Hawaii, and 
secretary of the King's Privy Coun- 
cil. Educated at Royal School and 
Punahou School, Honolulu; attended 
Miami University, at Oxford, Ohio, 
degree B. S., 1862. Started work in 
machine shops in Boston, Provi- 
dence and Cincinnati 1858-60: re- 
turned to Hawaii in 1863 and en- 
gaged in many branches of mechan- 
ical and marine engineering in the 
Hawaiian Islands and in California, 
sugar mill engineer at Wailuku, 
Kohala, Pahala, Papaikou, Hama- 
kuapoko and Ewa at various dates 


between 1864 and 1894. Has been a 
teacher of Sunday school at Mae- 
mae since 1894; since 1904 has been 
recorder of the Hawaiian Mission 
Children's Society, working in co- 
operation with his wife, who is the 
active secietary. 


merchant, Honolulu; born at Am- 
herst, Nova Scotia, March 7, 1874; 
son of John Morris and Sara 
(West) Angus. Educated at Pun- 
ahou Preparatory School and Oahu 
College, Honolulu; married Eliza- 
beth Grace in Honolulu, June 17, 
1903; two children, Jean Elizabeth 
and Donald. Began in the employ 
ot Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., 
Honolulu, before and after school 
hours until on completing studies, 
December, 1891, then worked up 
to the manager of the hardware 
department; director T. H. Davies 
& Co. since 1917; president Mid- 
Pacific Carnival, Ltd., during 1917 
and 1918; chairman Hawaiian Pro- 
motion Committee. Commissioned 
Captain, Officers' Reserve Corps, 
Quartermaster Department, June, 
1917; called into active service 
June 25, 1918; discharged from 
active service Dec. 3, 1918; com- 
missioned Captain R. C., Q. M. C., 
June 10, 1919. Member Pacific 
Club, Hawaii Polo and Racing As- 
sociation, Myrtle Boat Club, Oahu 
Country Club (president 1915), 
Commercial Club (president 1914), 
Elks (Exalted Ruler 1905), Aloha 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. (poten- 
tate 1914).. commander American 
Legion, Honolulu Post, No. 1, 1921. 


legislator and merchant, Kealake- 
kua, Hawaii; born Kailua, Hawaii, 
July 4, 1893: son of H. and Anna 
Aona; educated, Kamehfimeha 
School, Honolulu, graduating June 
16, 1912; married Mae Enfoon 
Akui. Napoopoo. Hawaii, Aug. 27, 
1914; three children: Eleanor, 
Ruby, Francis. Began as carpen- 
ter, one year; clerk, H. Hackfeltd 
& Co., Napoopoo, Hawaii, 1913; 
entered automobile rent service, 
1914; county g-rage keeper and 
driver, South Kona Road Dept., 
1916-20; was chief clerk, county 
engrs. office. Hilo, and clerk to 
board of harbor commissioners and 
public works office, Hilo, 1917-18; 
resigned; served as supply sgt., Co. 
C, 2nd Hawn. Inf., U. S. Army, 
June, 1918-Feb., 1919; appointed 
member tax appeal court, June 12, 
1920, resigned; elected Representa- 
tive to Territorial Legislature Nov. 
1920, serving special session, 1920, 









regular session 1921; manager 
Aona store, Kealakekua, Hawaii, 
Jan. -July, 1921; incorporator, pres. 
and mgr. Kona Supply Co., Ltd., 
July, 1921. 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born Nov. 
28, 1878, at Vosburg, Miss.; son of 
John Manning and Mary Elizabeth 
(Risher) Arledge; marriedi Clara 
Beingham Sutherland March 20, 
1912, in Honolulu; two children: 
Arthur Edward, Jr., and May An- 
nette; descendant of Isaac D. Ar- 
ledge, who fought with distinction 
in Civil war. Received early edu- 
cation in public schools of Missis- 
sippi and graduated from high 
school at Poplarville, Miss., grad- 
uated in civil engineering from 
University of Mississippi in 1903; 
began professional career with 
Louisville & Nashville Railroad; 
United States Engineer's office on 
improvements to the Mississippi 
river, 1904-07; United States super- 
intendent of lighthouses, 19th dis- 
trict (Hawaii). Is an associate 
member American Society of Civil 


secretary, Hawaiian Tourist Bu- 
reau, Honolulu: born in Billings, 
Mont., Sept. 7, 1891: son of T. C. 
and Julia (Whiteside) Armitage; 
educated, Billings grammar and 
high schools; Univ. of Montana, 
B. A. Journalism, 1914; married 
Louise Webber, in Tacoma, Wash.. 
Dec. 31, 1917. Began as reporter, 
Great Falls (Montana) Leader, 
1914, becoming advertising mgT. 
same paper, 1915; came to Hono x - 
lulu as reporter for Honolulu Star- 
Bulletin, 1916; served in U. S. 
Army on Pacific Coast anl in Si- 
beria, second and first, lieutenant, 
1917-19; returned to Honolulu 
Star-Bulletin, 1920; in July, 1920, 
appointed asst. secy. Hawaii Tour- 
ist Bureau; secy, same 1921. Has 
written some short stories for na- 
tional publications. Member Sig- 
ma Nu fraternity. Honolulu Ad 

ARMITAGE, HARRY, stock and 
bond broker, Honolulu; born in 
Auckland, N. Z., Dec. 16, 1856; son 
of James Taylor and Hannah 
(Randall) Armitage. Educated at 
St. John's College, Auckland, N. Z., 
and Nelson College, Nelson, N. Z.; 
married Emma Leialoha Spitz in 
Honolulu, June 28, 1905. Clerk to 
Alfred Buckland & Sons, auction- 
eers and wool brokers, Auckland, 
N. Z., 1868-70; salesman A. S. 
Cleghorn & Co., Honolulu, and ad- 

jacent islands, 1871-80; mining 
prospector, Idaho and Utah, 1880- 
82; returned to Hawaii as overseer 
and manager of sugar plantation, 
Honokaa, Hawaii; removed to New 
Zealand, for short time engaged in 
hat business, selling out in 1886; 
connected with James F. Morgan, 
auctioneer, Honolulu, 1887-96; en- 
tered stock and bond brokerage, 
being the only broker in Honolulu 
until organization of Honolulu 
Stock and Bond Exchange, 1898, 
serving in official capacity at dif- 
ferent times; incorporated broker- 
age business in January, 1912, with 
H. C. Carter and S. A. Walker, re- 
tiring as silent partner until 1915. 
After death of H. C. Carter formed 
new partnership with S. A. Walker 
under firm name of Harry Arm- 
itage & Co. Was member Hono- 
lulu Rifles, 1871. Member K. of P., 
B. P. O. Elks., 32nd degree Mason. 

sistant treasurer Castle & Cooke, 
Ltd., Honolulu; born at Wailuku, 
Island of Maui, Sept. 27, 1874; son 
of Goodale and Lucia (Peck) Arm- 
strong. Educated at Oahu College, 
Honolulu; married Hildegarde Ea- 
ton in Honolulu April 18, 1913. Be- 
came associated with the firm of 
Castle & Cooke, Ltd., upon finishing 
school and has served in different 
capacities until made assistant 
treasurer of that corporation, June 
16, 1909. Member Oahu Country 
Club. Pacific Club, Hawaiian Lodge, 
No. 21, F. & A. M., Honolulu Chap- 
ter, No. 1. R. A. M., Honolulu Com- 
mandery, No. 1.. K. T., Aloha Tem- 
ple, Mystic Shrine. 

uty sheriff, Honolulu; born in Ho- 
nolulu, Nov. 1, 1880; son of Julius 
and Mary (Singer) Asch; educated 
at St. Louis College, Honolulu, 
1894; married Antonette E. Black- 
stad July 24, 1901, in Honolulu. Be- 
gan as clerk with Wm. G. Irwin 
& Co., Honolulu ; was ship fitter 
with Union Iron Works, San Fran- 
cisco; returned to Honolulu and 
became purser with Inter-Island 
Steam Navigation Co.. two years; 
became bookkeeper, Makaweli Plan- 
tation, Kauai, later engaging in 
liquor business, Waimea; with, 
Honolulu Rapid Transit Co., four 
years; appointed chief clerk Police 
Dept., Honolulu, Jan. 1, 1909; elect- 
ed Representative from 4th Dist. 
to Territorial Legislature, 1912-14; 
appointed deputy sheriff. City and 
County of Honolulu. June 1, 1914. 
Was member of G Co., 1st Calif, 
volunteers, 1898. Member and Pres- 
ident St. Louis Alumni; secty. 







(11121), Order of Eagles; Sachem 
(1921) Improved Order of Red 
Men; Chief Ranger, Court Luna- 
lilo No. 6600, A. O. F.; Esteemed 
Lecturing Knight Honolulu Lodge 
No. 616, B. P. O. E. ; chairman St. 
Louis College Site and Building 
Com. ; trustee Forresters' Building 
Fund and Site Com. 


business man, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu July 28, 1891; son of Wil- 
liam George and Catherine Eliza- 
beth Ashley; married Constance 
Simpson at Honolulu Nov. 11, 1914. 
Attended Oahu College, Honolulu. 
With Jos. Schwartz, wholesale 
jewelry co., Honolulu, 1911; Bank 
of Hawaii, Ltd., 1911-1914; Guar- 
dian Trust Co., 1914-1920; cashier 
Bishop Trust Co. since 1920. Mem- 
ber Commercial Club, Honolulu 
Automobile Club. 


business man, Honolulu; born in 
San Jose, Santa Clara County, Gal., 
March 29, 1855; son of John and 
Hannah Sheldon (Smith) Ashley; 
married Kittie Elizabeth Torbert in 
Honolulu, December 23, 1882; six 
children: Isabel Hannah (deceased), 
W. George, John Leland, Catherine 
Margaret, Dorothy Marian, Anna 
Shaw. Educated in schools of San 
Jose, Cal.; graduate San Jose High 
School. Began career as secretary 
San Jose Woolen Mills, 1875-7?'; 
followed mining in Nevada, Idaho 
and California, 1877-81; with B. F. 
Dillingham & Co., Honolulu, 38S1- 
83; associated with Grove Ranch 
Plantation, Maui, 1884-87; secretary 
Board of Health (Hawaii), 1887-89; 
secretary and superintendent Oahu 
Railway & Land Co., 1889-93; Reg- 
istrar of Public Accounts, Hawaiian 
Treasury, 1893-1898; with Bishop 
& Co., Bankers, 1898-1901; Hono- 
lulu Plantation. 1901-07; E. O. Hall 
& Son, 1901-11; treasurer and gen- 
eral auditor Schuman Carriage Co., 
Ltd., since 1911. Was member ad- 
visory committee, provisional gov- 
ernment of Hawaii, 1893; quarter- 
master and captain National Guard 
of Hawaii, 1895-1900; marshal at 
the time of the overthrow of the 
monarchy. Past Grand Chancellor 
Mystic Lodge, No. 1, K. P.; Past 
Grand Harmony Lodge, I. O. O. F. ; 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M.; 
Honolulu Commandery No. 1, K. 


Honolulu Consistory, A. A. S. 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. 
Honolulu Lodge No. 616, B. 
O. E. 


business man, Honolulu; born July 
12, 1887, in Honolulu, Hawaii; son 
of Joseph Ballard and Juliette Mon- 
tague (Cooke) Atherton. Educated 
at Punahou School (Honolulu), 
Oakland High School (Oakland, 
Cal.), Oberlin College (Ohio), 1887; 
married Minnie Merriam of La 
Grange, Ohio, Dec. 24, 1887; three 
daughters: Violet, Juliette, Laura. 
Began business career as buyer in 
the firm of Castle & Cooke, Hono- 
lulu, 1887, advancing to assistant 
cashier, assistant treasurer, and 
since then has been treasurer. Is 
vice-president Hawaiian Construc- 
tion & Draying Co., Ltd.; first vice- 
president Mutual Telephone Co., 
Ltd.; vice-president Young Bros., 
Ltd. (boat builders) ; vice-president 
E. O. Hall & Son, Ltd.; treasurer 
Ewa, Waialua, Kohala plantations 
and McCabe, Hamilton & Renny 
Co., Ltd.; director Bank of Hawaii, 
Ltd.; Hawaiian Electric Co., Ltd.; 
Oahu Railway & Land Co., Ltd.; 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Ltd.; Ho- 
nolulu Rapid Transit & Land Co., 
Ltd., and many other enterprises. 
Is interested in philanthropic and 
educational work, being a trustee 
of the Central Union Church, pres- 
ident of Library of Hawaii, a di- 
rector of the Y. M. C. A. Member 
of the Commercial, Pacific, Coun- 
try, University, Outrigger Canoe, 
Healani Boat and Beretania Ten- 
nis Clubs of Honolulu. Republican. 


financier, Honolulu; born Hono- 
lulu. Hawaii, July 1, 1877; son of 
Joseph Ballard and Juliette Mon- 
tague (Cooke) Atherton; married 
Eleanore Alice Simpson of New 
York State, July 19, 19'91; three 
children: Marjory E., Joseph Bal- 
lard, Alexander S. Educated Pun- 
ahou school and Oahu College, 
Honolulu; Wesleyan University 
(Conn.), 1896. Began business ca- 
reer as clerk. Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., 
Honolulu, 1897, advancing to receiv- 
ing teller, paying- teller, and was 
assistant cashier and secretary, 
1904, resigning account health; sec- 
retary and manager Sugar Factors 
Co, 1906-09; secretary J. B. Ath- 
erton Estate, Ltd., since 1910; vice- 
president Castle & Cooke, Ltd.; 
vice-president and for six months 
acting president Chamber of Com- 
merce of Honolulu, 1918; secretary 
Bank of Hawaii, Ltd.; president 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Ltd.; vice- 
nresident Hawaiian Electric Co., 
Ltd.; director in many corpora- 
tions. Devotes much attention 
to philanthropic and educa- 






tional work of Hawaii, being 
chairman territorial committee Y. 
M. C. A., treasurer Mid- Pacific In- 
stitute, trustee Oahu College. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Board, member In- 
ternational Committee of Y. M. C. 
A., Oahu Country Club, Pacific 
Club, Commercial Club, University 
Club; director Pan-Pacific Union. 
Enthusiastic orchid, and hibiscus 
grower. Republican. 

torney at law, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu; son of Alatau T. and 
Annie E. (Humble) Atkinson. Ed- 
ucated in schools of Honolulu, St. 
Albans College and University of 
Michigan, being graduated there 
with degree of LL.D. in 1898. Be- 
gan professional career as Assistant 
Attorney General, Territory of Ha- 
waii, 1898-99, was Secretary of Ha- 
waii, 1903-07; private practise, 
1907-17; Captain Q. M. C., United 
States Army, 1917-18: president 
Board of Agriculture and Forestry ; 
private practise of law in Honolulu 
since 1918. 


dredging contractor, Honolulu; 
born March 11, 1877, in Honolulu, 
Kingdom of Hawaii; son of Alatau 
T. and Annie Elizabeth (Humble) 
Atkinson; married Helen Gertrude 
Kitchen at Murray Hill, N. J., Jan. 
9, 1907 (deceased Sept. 6, 1917); 
married Alice Makee Schultz in San 
Francisco, Sept. 29, 1919. Edu- 
cated Fort Street School, Honolulu, 
Harvard graduate 19'02. Began 
business career in survey depart- 
ment of the Kingdom of Hawaii 
1893 ; with Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., 
1898, and B. F. Dillingham Co., Ltd., 
since 1900; with Walter Dilling- 
ham organized Hawaiian Dredging 
Co. of Honolulu, of which he is 
manager. Member University Club, 
Hawaii Polo and Racing Associa- 
tion, Oahu Country Club. 

opathic physician, Honolulu; born 
in West Haven, Conn., Oct. 1, 1853; 
son of Abraham and Ellen (Morris) 
Augur; married Ruth Dyer June 
16, 1892, at Oakland, Cal. ; one child: 
Morris Curtis. Educated Hopkins 
Grammar School, Yale Preparatory, 
1876, which school was established 
in New Haven in 1660, 40 years 
earlier than the Boston News-Let- 
ter, America's first newspaper; 
graduated Yale University, M. D., 
1879; member house staff State 
Hospital, New Haven. Practised as 
allopathic physician from date of 
graduation up to 1895, since that 
time has been a practitioner of 

homeopathy. Was a member of the 
medical staff of Fabiola Hospital, 
Oakland, Cal., and president of the 
Alameda County Homeopathic Med- 
ical Society. Member of the Inter- 
national Hahnemannian Associa- 
tion; Yale Alumni Association of 

AULT, WILLIAM, Priest of the 
Episcopal Church, Honolulu: born 
in England, March 5, 1871; son of 
Charles and Ann (Smith) Ault; 
early education mostly private, S. 
Boniface College, 1897; married 
Elizabeth Mary Caroline Hayselden 
of Lahaina, Island of Maui, Jan. 
24, 1901; children: Ralph W., Nor- 
man C., Marguerite E., Kenneth C., 
Mary C. Ordained deacon by 
Bishop Willis, 1897; ordained priest 
by Bishop Willis 1899; teacher, lola- 
ni College, Honolulu, three months, 
1899; missionary for entire island 
of Maui, 1898-1901; Priest in 
charge of West Maui, headquarters 
at Wailuku, 1901-1910; inducted 
into the Canon's stall of "lolani," 
St. Andrew's Cathedral, 1901; Vic- 
ar of St. Andrew's Cathedral, 1910; 
president, Council of Advice, Mis- 
sionary District of Honolulu, 1916- 

inessman, Holualoa, Hawaii; born 
at Linglestown, Pa., Oct. 26, 1862; 
son of Daniel and Amanda (Stine) 
Aungst; grammar school education. 
Married Emma L. Schoen at Hilo, 
Hawaii, Feb. 1, 1896; three chil- 
dren: Edith A., Elmer L., and Wal- 
lace M. Entered telephone bus- 
iness, Des Moines, Iowa, 1879-1882; 
similar work, Philadelphia, 1882- 
86; San Francisco and Los Angeles, 
1886-90; Hamakua, Hawaii, Hono- 
lulu, and Kona, Hawaii, since 1890; 
at present supt. Hawaii Telephone 
Co. Member Kilauea Lodge No. 
330, F. & A. M., Hilo; Excelsior 
Lodge No. 1, I. O. O. F., Mystic 
Lodge No. 2, K. of P., Polynesia 
Enc. No. 1, I. O. O. F. 


engineer, Honolulu; born in Hilo, 
Hawaii, Jan. 17, 1890; son of Her- 
bert Clark and Marian (Robertson) 
Austin; grandson of Stafford L. 
Austin, Lieutenant Governor Island 
of Hawaii, 1856-57, and circuit 
judge same island 1857-62 and 
1886-96. Married Beatrice Han- 
cock in Hilo, T. H., June 21. 1919; 
one child: Jean Margaret. Edu- 
cated Hilo and Honolulu public 
schools, Oahu College, 1909; Cor- 
nell University, C. E., 1913; assist- 
ant engineer Hawaii Loan Fund 
Commission, 1913; junior engineer, 









U. S. G. S., water resources branch, 
Hawaii District, 1913-17; assistant 
engineer Division of Hydrography, 
covering Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, 
1917-18; commissioned first lieu- 
tenant Engineers Reserves, Sept. 4, 
1917; called to active service June 
15, 1918; engineer training schools, 
Camp Lee and Camp Humphrey. Va., 
July to October, 1918; with 3d En- 
gineers' Training Regiment, Camp 
Humphreys, October, 1918; 9th En- 
gineer Training Regiment, Camp 
Fremont, Cal., November-Dec. 17, 
1918; assistant engineer Division 
of Hydrography, Maui, Molokai, 
Hawaii. January-June. 1919; engi- 
neer U. S. G. S. and field engineer 
Division of Hydrography, all 
islands, July to September, 1919; 
assistant engineer City and County 
of Honolulu, Sept. 10, 1919, to March 
3,1920; first assistant in charge im- 
provement district work and draft- 
ing rooms since March 4. 1920. 
Junior American Society of Engi- 
neers; member American Associa- 
tion of Engineers; member Ha- 
waiian Engineers' Association; vice- 
president Cornell Club of Hawaii. 


physician and surgeon, Honolulu; 
born in Haverhill, Essex County. 
Mass., Dec. 27, 1867; son of Rich- 
ard Gilbert and Katherine (Halll 
Ayer, his father being a shoe man- 
ufacturer of Haverhill; married 
Blanche Estelle Westcott Sept. 15, 
1896, at Albany, N. Y.; one child. 
Mildred Florence. Educated in pri- 
vate schools at Haverhill, Tilt on 
Academy, Tilton, N. H., Phillips 
Andover, Andover. Mass., Harvard 
University and Harvard Medical 
School, M. D., 1891; began profes- 
sional career in Massachusetts Gen- 
eral Hospital, Boston, Mass.; spent 
14 years in hospital and private 
practise in Mexico; private prac- 
tise in Honolulu, February, 1914- 
July, 1915, when he was appointed 
emergency hospital surgeon and 
surgeon for the Honolulu Rapid 
Transit & Land Co. Member of a 
number of college clubs and the 
Medical Society of Hawaii. 


mobile business, Lihue. Kauai; born 
at Mt. Sterling. Illinois, in 1892: 
son of J. C. Baggott; graduated 
from St. Joseph's Academy, San 
Jose. Calif. Began business career 
in the offices of Union Oil Co. of 
Calif., Pacific Gas & Electric Co., 
Clifton. Applegate & Toole, Mon- 
tana, and Anaconda Copper Mining 
Co., Montana; removed to Hilo. 

Hawaii, and entered sales depart- 
ment, Volcano Stables, 1916-17; en- 
tered U. S. Air Service and grad- 
uated from Berkeley Air Service 
Ground School, August 1918; com- 
pleted flying course at Mather 
Field, Sacramento, Calif.; returned 
to Hawaii. Jan. 1919. and joined 
firm, Nawiliwili Garage, Ltd., Li- 
hue. Kauai. and since becoming its 
vice-president and manager. Is 
vice-commander, Kauai Post No. 2, 
American Legion and member B. 
P. O. Elks. 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born at 
Greensboro, Vt., April 25, 1883; son 
of Herbert Hamilton and Jane 
(Patterson) Bailey. Educated at 
Craftsbury Academy (N. Crafts- 
bury, Vt.), and University of Ver- 
mont. B. S. in civil engineering, 
1908; married Grace Gilmore in 
San Francisco, Cal., April 17,1915; 
one child, Clifford Herbert. Instru- 
ment man on grade separation 
work at Detroit with the Michigan 
Central Railway. 1909-10; junior 
engineer of Water Resources 
Branch of United States Geological 
Survey, Newport, Ky.. 1910-12; as- 
sistant engineer Water Resources 
Branch of United States Geological 
Survey, with headquarters at Ho- 
nolulu, 1912-17; chief hydrogra- 
pher and engineer. Division of Hy- 
drography, Department of Public 
Lands, Honolulu, Oct. 22, 1917-Jan. 
31, 1919. Commissioner of Public 
Lands. Territory of Hawaii, Feb. 
1, 1919. to date. Member of Farm 
Loan Board of Territory of Hawaii. 
Was honorably discharged from 
Hawaiian National Guard in May. 
1917. Member Beta Sigma Chapter 
of Sigma Nu Fraternity and Hono- 
lulu Ad Club. 

merchant. Honolulu: born Toronto, 
Canada, June 17, 1887; son of Jacob 
S. and Maria (Rees) Bailey; mar- 
ried Florence Blacow, at Irvington, 
Cal., June 29, 1913. Attended pub- 
lic schools of Honolulu. With Theo. 
H. Davies & Co., Ltd., 1903-14; 
Alexander & Baldwin, Jan. -Nov. 
1915; Bailey Furniture Co., mgr., 
Nov. 1915, to date. In navy serv- 
ice, July 18, 1918, to May 21, 1919, 
attached to cable and radio cen- 
sor's office, Honolulu. Member Ro- 
tary Club, Commercial Club, Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Board of Retail 

tary, Hilo, Hawaii; born Wreck 
Bay, N. S. W., Australia, July 12. 
1880; son of John and Esther 








Elizabeth Mary (Watts) Bains; 
married Jean Jeffrey, in Honolulu, 
Jan. 11, 1911; six children: Jean 
Esther, John Arthur, Jeffrey Ver- 
non, Juanita Daisy, William Henry, 
Manono. Educated Australian pub- 
lic schools, leaving school, 1893; on 
Sydney Daily Telegraph until 1903; 
China Mail, Hongkong, 1903-08; 
Shanghai Times, 1908-10; repre- 
sented Shanghai journalists, Ma- 
nila Carnival, 1909; arrived Hono- 
lulu, joined Honolulu Star, 1910; 
secy. Hilo Ry. Co., 1911-14; pur- 
chasing agt. Oahu Ry. & Land Co., 
1914-16; returned to Hilo for sec- 
retarial work, and since that time 
has been employed on each of Hilo 
newspapers; at present secy. Hilo 
Board of Trade, Industrial Acci- 
dent Board of Hawaii (since 1916) ; 
Hawaii Island Welfare Bureau, 
1920; Kilauea Council. B. S. A., 
since 1919. Naturalized 1917. Was 
in charge secretarial and office 
work, selective draft, Hawaii Coun- 
ty, during war. 

BAKER. ALBERT S., clergyman, 
Honolulu; born South Dennis, 
Mass., Dec. 15, 1871; son of Moses 
and Ruth Bangs (Nickerson) Ba- 
ker; descendant Francis Baker, who 
came to Boston in the "Planter" 
1635, from Great St. Albans, Here- 
fordshire, England, settling in what 
is now Dennis, Mass. Educated 
Amherst, B. A., 1894; Amherst, M. 
A., 1899; Harvard, M. D., 1899; Yale, 
B. D., 1904; married Harriet Anne 
Austin, Honolulu, May 21, 1906; one 
child: Ruth Caroline. Private study 
traveling Egypt, Palestine, Greece, 
Italy, 1894-95; United States, 1900- 
01; missionary and agent, Hawaiian 
Board, Kona and Kau districts, Ha- 
waii, 1904-19; acting pastor Kalihi 
Union Church, Honolulu, since 1920; 
treasurer Hawaiian Association of 
Congregational Churches, 1905-19; 
trustee Kohala Girls' School, 1917- 
19 ; president Kona Improvement 
Club, 1917-19; author religious and 
archaeological articles in mainland 
and local publications; member 
Hawaiian Historical Society, Phi 
Delta Theta fraternity. 

BAKER, DAVID K., lawyer and 

surveyor, district magistrate. North 
Kona, Hawaii; born in Makawao, 
Maui, Sept. 11, 1862. Educated 
Royal School and Punahou Acad- 
emy; clerk in Custom House, Ho- 
nolulu, 1885-93; helper, T. H. Da- 
vies & Co.. hardware dent.. 1893- 
97; prin. Honaunau pub. school, 
Hawaii, 1900-04; deputy sheriff, S. 
Kona, 1905-08; senator, Terr. Leg- 
islature, 1909-16; district magis- 

trate, N. Kona, 1917 to date. Stud- 
ied law with Messers Castle, Ash- 
ford and Kinney, Honolulu, and ad- 
mitted to bar, 1907. 

ness man, Honolulu ; born at Stony 
Ridge, Ohio, Dec. 29, 1878; son of 
Abram P. and Malura L. (Conrad) 
Baker; married Flora B. Wadman 
at Delaware, Ohio, Sept. 5, 1906. 
Educated high school, Preston, Md., 
1898; St. John's College, Annapolis. 
1902. Clerk in .steel mill, Western 
Union telegraph office, newspaper 
and postoffice, Wheeling, W. Va., 
1902-06; railway mail clerk, West 
Virginia and Arizona, 1906-09; 
clerk in copper company offices, 
Clifton, Ariz., 1909-13; gas floor 
furnace business, Glendale, Gal., 
1913-15; bookkeeper Honolua ranch, 
Maui, 1915-16; assistant to doctor 
in charge Kula Sanitarium, 1916; 
bookkeeper Jos. Schwartz, Ltd., 
1917-19; manager since June 1. 
1919. Member Honolulu Lodge No. 
409, F. & A. M., Ad Club. 

BAKER, RAY JEROME, lecturer, 
photographer, motion picture pro- 
ducer, Honolulu; born Rockford, 
111., Dec. 1, 1880; son of William 
and Sarah Baker; married Edith 
Frost at Eureka, Cal., Nov. 21, 1906. 
Educated grammar school near 
Austin, Minn.; Mechanics Arts 
High School, St. Paul, Minn.; one 
year University of Minnesota; be- 
came interested in photography and 
went to California, 1904, maintain- 
ing photo studio at Eureka for sev- 
eral years; came to Hawaii on 
pleasure trip, 1908; returned to live 
in Honolulu, 1910; has followed 
landscape and motion picture pho- 
tography since; extended trip to 
Japan and Korea, 1917; lectured for 
Chautauqua bureau on Hawaiian 
subjects throughout states of Min- 
nesota, South Dakota, Nebraska. 
Missouri, Kansas and Iowa, 1919; 
similar tour. 1920; art contributor 
to number of magazines; member 
California Camera Club, Ad Club 
and Trail and Mountain Club, Ho- 

urer Mutual Telephone Company. 
Honolulu; born in San Francisco, 
Cal., Aug. 6, 1876; son of Daniel 
Webster and Nellie Dingle 
(Holmes) Balch ; married Helen 
Mae Skelly at San Francisco, Cal., 
May 11, 1909; three children: Mar- 
garet Adrienne, John Bernard and 
Richard Skelly. Educated in pub- 
lic schools and Boys' High School 
of San Francisco; commenced busi- 
ness career with the Texas Con- 






soliclated Mine, Shasta County, Cal., 
June I'O, 1893, under his father, a 
prominent mining engineer, who 
settled in California in 1850, having 
rounded the horn before the mast; 
has had a varied experience in min- 
ing and smelting in California, 
Mexico, Arizona and Washington; 
superintendent wireless department 
Mutual Telephone Co. of Honolulu, 
July, 1907-April 6, 1917; vice pres- 
ident Mutual Telephone Co., Oct. 
12, 1909-May 18, 1913; treasurer 
since May 18, 1909. Served as 
chairman District Draft Board for 
the Territory of Hawaii from Oct. 
16, 1917, to June 4, 1918, resigning 
to accept commission as lieutenant 
(J. G.) in the United States Naval 
Reserve force. Served as district 
radio superintendent 14th Naval 
District, Pearl Harbor, T. H., from 
July 5, 1918, to Feb. 28, 1919. Mem- 
ber Pacific Club, Honolulu. 


plantation mgr., Makaweli, Kauai; 
born Kohala, Hawaii, April 12, 
1868; son of David Dwight and Lois 
Gregory (Morris) Baldwin; grand- 
son early missionaries to Hawaii; 
married Louise Theresa Voss, Ho- 
nolulu, April 11. 1893; three sons: 
Douglas Elmer, Paul Frederic and 
Cedric Benjamin. Educated private 
and public instruction, Honolulu, 
and Oahu College. Began career in 
sugar cane industry on Haiku Su- 
gar Co. plantation, Hamakuapoko, 
Maui, Jan. 1, 1889; division head 
luna, Kaluanui section, March 15, 
1891; head luna Jan. 5, 1896; asst. 
mgr. Hawaiian Commercial & 
Sugar Co., Puunene, Maui, Feb. 2, 
1901; mgr. Hawaiian Sugar Co., 
Makaweli, Kauai, since Jan. 15, 

cator, Honolulu; born Dec. 20, 1860, 
at Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii; son of 
David Dwight and Lois (Greg- 
ory) Baldwin; married Olive Elvira 
Steele July 28, 1909, at Los Altos, 
Cal.; two children: Olive Lowe and 
Charles Morris; descendant of Jo- 
seph Baldwin, one of the earliest 
'settlers of Milford, Mass., who came 
to America from England in 1639; 
grandfather, Rev. Dwight Baldwin, 
M. D., was member of the fourth 
missionary company that came to 
the Hawaiian Islands. Educated 
public schools of New Haven, 
Conn., Mrs. S. E. Bishop's private 
school at Lahainaluna, Maui; Pun- 
ahou Preparatory School and Oahu 
College, Honolulu. Shipping clerk 
Pacific Navigation Co., 1884; clerk 
Honolulu Police court, 1885; com- 
menced teaching in 1892 as prin- 

cipal of Haiku school, Maui; prin- 
cipal Kaupakulua school, 1896; Nor- 
mal inspector third circuit, 1900-05; 
Normal inspector first circuit. 
1905-08; principal Kauluwela school, 
Honolulu, 1908-09; principal Kaa- 
humanu school, Honolulu, since 
1909. Author of a geography of the 
Hawaiian Islands; president Mak- 
awao Teachers' Circle, 1897-99; 
Maui Teachers' Association, 1899; 
Territorial Teachers' Association, 
1901, 1908 and 1909; member Ho- 
nolulu Lodge F. & A. M. 

engineer, Wailuku, Maui; born Dec. 
9. 1859, at Lahaina, Maui; son of 
David Dwight and Lois Gregory 
(Morris) Baldwin; descendant of 
Joseph Baldwin of Cholesburg, 
County of Bucks, England, one of 
the earliest settlers around Milford. 
Conn. (1639); grandson of Rev. 
Dwight Baldwin, M. D., one of 
earliest missionaries to Hawaiian 
Islands. Married Nellie Virginia 
Curtis in Hilo, Hawaii, Nov. 28, 
1892 ; two children, Dwight Vanatta, 
Jessie Curtis. Educated Punahou 
school, Honolulu; Williston Semi- 
nary, Easthampton, Mass. ; Yale, 
class of 1889, Sheffield. Began ca- 
reer with Hawaiian government 
survey, 1879-1886; attended at Wil- 
liston and Yale, 1886-88; with gov- 
ernment survey in charge primary 
triangulation. Island of Hawaii, 
1889-92; in charge at Hilo. 1892- 
1907; Puna survey and Hilo city 
works during this time; retired 
from government service to form 
firm Baldwin & Alexander (Hono- 
lulu), civil engineers and surveyors, 
in 1907. Is close student of volcanic 
action and Hawaiian land shells. 


sugar planter, Puunene, Maui; born 
on the Island of Maui, Hawaiian 
Islands, March 30, 1878; son of 
Henry Perrine and Emily (Alexan- 
der) Baldwin; grandson of early 
missionaries to the islands who 
came around the Horn; educated at 
the Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, 
Conn., 1896, and Yale Sheffield 
class of '99 S., leaving in 1898; 
married Harriet Kittredge of Oak- 
land, Cal., April 26, 1900; children, 
Edward H. K., Asa Fred and Law- 
rence Alexander. Began career in 
the sugar cane industry on the Paia 
Plantation, Maui, August, 1898; be- 
came division head luna on the 
Puunene Plantation, Feb., 1902, and 
later assistant manager; made 
manager at Puunene, 1906; at fath- 
er's death, 1911, became president 
of the Hawn. Commercial & Sugar 
Co., Ltd., and of the Kahului R. R. 






Co., Puunene, Maui. President of 
the Maui Chamber of Commerce, 
1911-16; directing manager of Hen- 
ry P. Baldwin, Ltd. Member Oahu 
Country, Pacific. University and 
Commercial Clubs of Honolulu, 
president Hawaii Polo & Racing 
Association and Maui County Fair 
& Racing Assn. Republican. 

planter, Paia, Maui, T. H. ; born 
at Paliuli, Maui (Kingdom of Ha- 
waii), Jan. 12, 1871; son of Henry 
Perrine and Emily (Alexander) 
Baldwin ; both grandfathers and 
grandmothers were early mission- 
aries to Hawaii; educated in gram- 
mar schools of San Francisco, 
Oahu College in Honolulu, Phillips 
Andover, Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology; married Ethel Frances 
Smith in Honolulu, July 19, 1897; 
one daughter: Frances Hebron. Be- 
gan in the employ of Haiku Sug. 
Co., Maui, as timekeeper, 1895; 
manager of the Haiku Sugar Co., 
1897-1904; manager of Maui Ag- 
ricultural Co. (a co-partnership of 
Haiku Sug. Co., the Paia Planta- 
tion Co. and other land owning 
corporations) since 1904. Was a 
director and since 1912 has been 
president of the Maui Agricultural 
Co., the Baldwin National Bank, 
the Haleakala Ranch Co., Maui 
Telephone Co., and Maui Publish- 
ing Co. Senator from Maui to 
Territorial Legislature, sessions 
1913, 1915, 1917, 1919 and 1921. 
Chairman Maui Republican County 
Committee since 1912; Colonel of 
3rd Regt., N. G. H. 1916. Member 
of Pacific, University, Country and 
Commercial Clubs of Honolulu; 
Transportation and Bohemian Clubs 
of San Francisco; Chi Phi Frater- 

BALDWIN, SAMUEL A., rancher, 
Makawao, Maui, T. H.; born at 
Haiku, Maui, Aug. 30, 1885; son of 
Henry Perrine and Emily Whitney 
(Alexander) Baldwin; grandparents 
were early missionaries to the Ha- 
waiian Islands. Educated Oahu 
College (Honolulu), Oakland High 
School (Oakland, Cal.), St. Paul's 
School (Concord, N. H.), and Yale, 
A. B. 1908; married Katherine 
Smith in Honolulu, May 10, 1909: 
children: Helen Gray, Richard Ho- 
bron, Barbara Ethel and Mary 
Abby. Offices of Alexander & 
Baldwin. Ltd., Honolulu, September, 
1908-February, 1915; cattle ranch- 
ing at Makawao. Haul, -T. H., since 

nessman Haiku, Maui: born at Ko- 

hala, Hawaii, July 20, 1869; son of 
David Dwight and Lois Gregory 
(Morris) Baldwin; educated Col- 
lege of Oahu (Honolulu), Phillip's 
Andover Academy, Yale, 1892 S; 
married Mina Prime in Milwaukee, 
Wis., July 24, 1902; two children: 
Frances and William Prime. Began 
career in various departments of 
the Hawaiian Sugar Co., Makaweli, 
Kauai, for eight years; manager 
Waimea Sugar Mill Co., Waimea, 
Kauai, 1900; manager Kahuku 
Plantation Co.. Kahuku, Oahu, 
1901; manager Hawaiian Sugar Co., 
Makaweli, Kauai, 1902; manager 
Haiku Fruit & Packing Co., 1904- 
18; president 1912-18; vice-presi- 
dent and asst. manager since 1918. 
Captain Co. H., 3rd Reg. N. G. H.. 
1916-17. Member Honolulu Ad 
Club, University Club (Honolulu), 
Maui Chamber of Commerce, Maui 
County Fair and Racing Assn., Pu- 
unene Athletic Club, Paia Athletic 

cian, Haiku, Maui Co., T. H. ; born 
at Paia, Maui, Oct. 25, 1873; son of 
Henry Perrine and Emily (Alex- 
ander) Baldwin; both grandfathers 
and grandmothers were mission- 
aries to Hawaii. Educated Haiku 
Institute (Maui), Oakland High 
School, Oakland, Cal.; Yale College, 
1897; Johns Hopkins Medical 
School, M. D., 1901; married Abby 
Holbrook of Massachusetts in New 
York, March 30, 1901; three chil- 
dren: Dwight Hi,, Charlotte and 
Virginia. Interne, St. Luke's Hos- 
pital Medical Service, New York, 
1902-03; externe, Obstetrical Serv- 
ice, New York Lying Hospital, 
1903-04; practising physician, Ho- 
nolulu, T. H., 1904-13; farming 
Haiku, Maui, since 1914. "Was a 
member Territorial Board of Health 
and has been connected with sev- 
eral charitable organizations. 


Laie. Oahu; born in Bountiful, 
Utah, Oct. 26, 1894; son of Nich- 
olas and Anna E. (Marti) Banger- 
ter; education, Utah grammar 
schools. Bountiful high school, 1910- 
11: L. D. S. University. 1911-12; 
Utah Business College, 1913; mar- 
ried Hazel Pearl Meads, at Salt 
Lake City June 21, 1916; one child, 
Arnold B., Jr. Employed at Deseret 
News Book Store, Salt Lake, as 
bookkeeper and stenographer. 1914- 
15; called as missionary for Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day 
Saints by Pres. Joseph F. Smith, 
March. 1916, to Hawaiian Islands, 
and has served in such capacity 






since that time, including work on 
Kauai and Hawaii; was president 
Hamakua Conference, Aug., 1917 to 
May, 1918; cashier of Laie Planta- 
tion, Oahu, since May 14, 1918. 


author, journalist, Hilo, Hawaii; 
born in Clinton County, la., April 3, 
1852; son of Seth Lee and Sarah 
(Hubbell) Banks; education, gram- 
mar and private schools; married 
Carrie Wyatt, in Chicago, 111., April 
3, 1892. Raised on farm and worked 
during youth as clerk in country 
store and later as traveling sales- 
man; entered journalistic career as 
newspaper reporter, and later pub- 
lisher American Commercial Trav- 
eler, Chicago; employed in turn as 
Sunday and Dramatic Editor. Chi- 
cago Examiner; publisher Weekly 
Outlook. Davenport, la. ; editor, 
Rockford Register-Gazette; wrote 
and produced plays for number of 
years, also contributor to Century 
Magazine and Youths' Companion 
and other periodicals; dramatic 
critic and editorial writer, Seattle 
Post-Intelligencer; is author of 
novels "In Hampton Roads" and 
"Child of the Sun"; poems. "Sword 
and Cross"; "An American Wo- 
man" and "Hampton Roads", 
dramas. Was three seasons on 
road with Opie Read lyceum bu- 
reau as literary reader; correspond- 
ent for Chicago Inter-Ocean, with 
soldiers in Spanish-American War. 
Adopted into Iroquois tribe, with 
name "Teo-ron-yata" (Sky-clear) in 
return for novel on Indian life, 
"Child of the Sun". Honorary life 
member Chicago Press Club, secre- 
tary three terms; life member Seat- 
tle Press Club; member Hilo Yacht 
Club. Republican. 

and judge. Honolulu; born Enon. 
Ala., April 27, 1861; son of Jabez 
Benoni and Jane (Harvey) Banks; 
educated Alabama College of Tech- 
nology, A.B., 1882; University of 
Alabama, LL.B., 1885. Married Lee 
Frazer, at Union Springs, Ala., Dec. 
7. 1887; two children, Major L. 
Frazer and James J.. Jr. Was city 
atty. Birmingham, Ala., 1890-92; 
judge Tenth Judicial Circuit, Bir- 
mingham, 1892-1900; asst. U. S. 
Atty., Hawaii, Jan. 1917-Aug., 1919; 
appointed by President Wilson as 
judge of First Circuit Court, Hono- 
lulu, Aug. 15, 1919. Member Alpha 
Tau Omega Fraternity. Democrat. 

Honokaa, Hawaii; born Aug. 26, 
1897, at Honomu, Hawaii; son of 
Antone Baptiste: educated at 

Brothers' school, Hilo. and St. 
Louis College. Honolulu; graduat- 
ing 1916; married Millicent Stroup 
in Hilo, Hawaii, March 1, 1919; one 
child Millicent Marie. Began ca- 
reer as head bookkeeper, Wall, 
Nichols Co., Hilo, July-Dec., 1916; 
stenographer with People's Bank, 
Ltd., Hilo, working in various de- 
partments becoming asst. cashier, 
June, 1920; became cashier, Hono- 
kaa Branch of the People's Bank, 
Ltd., August. 1920. Enlisted in the 
Students' Army Training Corps, 
College of Hawaii, and honorably 
discharged Dec., 1918. Member 
Foresters, Y. M. I., St. Louis Col- 
lege Alumnae, American Legion 
and vice-president Honokaa Social 
Club. Is auditor Hamakua Civic 


Kealia, Kauai; born in Hampstead, 
Eng., Sept. 12, 1878; married Annie 
Roy Lennox at St. Andrew's Ca- 
thedral, Honolulu. March 1909; has 
held position of bookkeeper with 
following corporations: Pacific 
Sug. Mill, Kukuihaele. Hawaii, 
1904-07; McBryde Sug. Co., Eleele, 
Kauai. 1907-09; Honokaa Sug. Co., 
Hawaii, 1909-14; with Makee Sug. 
Co. since 1916; cashier same; ap- 
pointed Deputy Tax Assessor, Ka- 
waihau Dist., Kauai, 1918, and 
Postmaster, Kealia, Kauai, 1918; 
member Kauai Chamber of Com- 
merce. Democrat. 


secretary Hawaiian Pineapple Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu; born Aug. 9, 1885, 
at Gettysburg, Adams County, Pa. ; 
son of William Smith and Mary 
Agnes (Bigham) Barnes; married 
Carolyn Louise Sheffield, daughter 
of Rev. D. Z. Sheffield of Peking, 
China, at Honolulu June 20, 1911; 
three children: William Sheffield, 
Mary Elizabeth, Robert Sherrill. 
Educated in public schools Kearney, 
Neb.; Madison, Ind. and Council 
Bluffs, Iowa; Princeton University, 
A. B. 1906. Instructor at Mt. Ta- 
malpais Military Academy, San 
Rafael, CaL, 1906-09; associated 
with Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd., 
of Honolulu since June, 1909; sec- 
retary and treasurer, 1911-1916; 
secretary since 1916. Descendant 
of John Barnes of County Armagh, 
Ireland, who settled in Mercer 
County, Pa., in 1800. Member Uni- 
versity Club, Outrigger and Com- 
mercial Clubs of Honolulu. 

BARON, PIERRE, physical di- 
rector and chiropractor, Honolulu; 
born at Manx, France, in 1838; son 
of Matias and Margerite Baron; 




















married Anne Davis, Indian Terri- 
tory, Dec. 24, 1875; two children: 
Pierre and Napoleon. Educated in 
common schools of France; at age 
of 18 led class in gymnastics; took 
up mechanical engineering and 
served on French steamship Napo- 
leon III until 1868; conducted phys- 
ical culture classes in New York 
and Chicago; during Indian wars 
served with United States Army as 
scout, 1870 to 1876; physical direc- 
tor at Fort Hayes, Kans. ; Platte 
City, Missouri, and San Francisco. 
Has long record as swimming in- 
structor and physical director, Ho- 
nolulu; served as member civil 
service commission and was ap- 
pointed by Admiral Hugh Rodman 
as special water front officer. Mem- 
ber Masonic lodge, Foresters, Red 
Men, United Workmen and Phoe- 
nix; member American Defense So- 
ciety. Visited France in 1919, and 
has been active in raising funds for 
relief work. 


civil engr.. Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Stockton. Calif., July 8, 1888; son 
of Edward J. and Martha E. (Mc- 
Gurk) Barringer; education, St. 
Joseph's Academy and St. Mary's 
College, Oakland; Univ. of Calif., 
C.E., 1907; married Lucille Kopa, in 
Kohala, Hawaii. Dec. 27, 1910. Was 
asst. engr. S. P. Ry. 1907-08; topog- 
rapher, U. S. G. S., California, 1908- 
09 and Hawaii, 1909-11; engr. for 
Hilo R. R. Co. 1912-13, and Hawaii 
Loan Fund Commission, 1913-14; 
for public works dept. and harbor 
commission, Terr. Hawaii. 1914-19; 
deputy county engr., Hawaii Co., 
1919-20; county engr. since Aug. 1, 
1920. Is chairman, Hawaii Loan 
Fund Commission. Served in Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii, 1915-18, with 
rank of lieutenant. Chancellor 
commander, Hilo Lodge No. 7, K. 
of P.; esteemed lecturing knight, 
Hilo Lodge No. 759, B. P. O. E.: 
member A. O. Foresters, Hilo Board 
of Trade, Ad Club and Hawaii Au- 
tomobile Club. 

inessman, Honokaa, Hawaii: born 
at Cologne, Germany, Oct. 18, 1874; 
son of Henry August and Agnes 
(Schmidt) Bartels; high school and 
business college courses, Germany; 
married Elvira I. Hapai, at Hilo, 
Hawaii, Oct. 15, 1900; children: 
Henry August and Helene Lilmoe. 
Left native country in Feb. 1892, 
join elder brother in shoe manu- 
facturing business, Boston, M:ISJ 
held various positions there, 
being bookkeeper; came to Hawaii 
account of health, 1898, entering 

firm of H. Hackfeld & Co., Hono- 
lulu; employed by this firm and 
later American Factors, Ltd., from 
then until Oct. 1918, last positions 
being asst. mgr. and mgr. of Hilo 
and Kailua branches; became cash- 
ier and bookkeeper, Honokaa Sug. 
Co Pacific Sug. Mill and Hawaiian 
Irrigation Co., Ltd., 1919; appointed 
asst mgr. these firms Feb. 16, 1921. 
Member Hilo Lodge No. 759, B. 
O. E. 

nery superintendent, Honolulu; 
born at Hermon, N. Y.. May 5, 1882; 
son of Charles A. and Ella (Martin) 
Barter; St. Lawrence University, 
Canton, N. Y., B. S. 1906; married 
Mae Martin at Haiku, Maui Coun- 
ty, T. H., March 31, 1917; vice prin- 
cipal and science teacher, Frank- 
lyn academy, Malone, N.Y.. 1906-10; 
science teacher, Oahu College, Ho- 
nolulu, 1910-12; assistant super- 
intendent Hawaiian Pineapple 
Company's cannery. Honolulu,, 
1912-15; superintendent of cannery, 
Haiku Fruit & Packing Co., Haiku, 
Maui, T. H., 1915-18; superintend- 
ent cannery California Packing 
Corporation, Wahiawa. 1919; Hono- 
lulu, 1920. Served four years in 
Co. K., 1st Regiment, New York 
National Guard. Member Phi Beta 
Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fra- 
ternities; Mason, Odd Fellow. Mem- 
ber University Club. 


principal Kamehameha School for 
Boys Honolulu; born Chicago, 111., 
Jan ' 18. 1884: son of J. S. and 
Mary (Dickinson) Bartlett; mar- 
ried' Grace Knowles, at Concord, 
Mass Aug. 11. 1908; two children. 
Gladys Marion and Beth Louise. 
Education, Mass. State College 
B S 1907; graduate student and 
instructor, 1907-08; teacher in 
mathematics and science, Kameha- 
meha School for Boys, 1908-19; 
principal since 1919. 

BARTON, CHARLES, ophthal- 
mologist, Honolulu; born June 
1881 at Toledo, Ohio; son ot 
ert ' William and Laura (Coats) 
Barton; married Henrietta Martha 
Kiesow Oct. 21, 1917 at Camp 
Zachary Taylor, Ky. Educated To- 
ledo grammar and high schools, 
Culver Military Academy 
University of Michigan, medical de- 
partment; 1908, Detroit Medical 
College M D., 1909. Interne, Grace 
Hospital, Detroit, 1908-09; Flower 
Hospital, New York City, 1909-10: 
Metropolitan Hospital, New "i ork 
City, 1911-12; New York Ophthal- 
mic 'college and Hospital, 1912-13; 






also American and European eye 
and ear clinics; portion of time 
1910-11 medical officer Hamburg- 
American Line; first assistant to 
Dr. Royal S. Copeland, ophthalmol- 
ogist. New York City, 1913-14; pri- 
vate practise, Detroit, 1914-17; pri- 
vate practise, limited, diseases eye, 
ear, nose and throat, Honolulu, 
since 1919. Spent several months 
as surgeon to exploration party, 
Madeira -Mamore' R. R. Co. upper 
Amazon valley, S. A., 1910; enlisted 
New York National Guard, 1913; 
commissioned Major Medical Corps, 
United States Army, 1918; served 
on Mexican border with 31st Michi- 
gan Infantry, 1916; organized and 
commanded A. R. C. Ambulance Co. 
8 (U. S. Amb. Co 337), Detroit, 
1917; chief, sect, of oph., cliv. sur- 
gery of the head. Base Hospital, 
Camp Z. Taylor, Ky., 1917-19; was 
visiting ophthalmologist Grace Hos- 
pital, Detroit, 1914-15; oculist, De- 
troit Board of Health, 1916-17; ocu- 
list, Hawaii Board of Health, 1919 
to date. Member B. P. O. E., Hono- 
lulu Ad Club, American Legion, 
Beta Phi and Alpha Signa frater- 
nities. Medical Society of Hawaii, 
American Med. Assn. 

BATTEN, GROVER A., physi- 
cian, Honolulu; born Clarksburg, 
W. Va., Oct. 22, 1884; son of John 
M. and Sally (Robinson) Batten; 
married Fannie Lee Brown. Charles- 
town, W. Va., Nov. 16, 1915; one 
child: Grover Herbert. Washing- 
ton and Lee University, A. B., 1908; 
The Johns Hopkins University, M. 
D., 1914; served as resident house 
officer, The Johns Hopkins Hos- 
pital, 1914-15; The Church Home 
and Infirmary, Baltimore, 1915-16; 
practised in Honolulu since 1916. 
Has been attending surgeon and 
physician Children's Hospital and 
Queen's Hospital, Honolulu; officer 
National Guard, Medical Corps, 
1916; member Board Medical Ex- 
aminers, Territory of Hawaii, 1919- 
20; member Board of Registration in 
Nursing, 1917-20. Member Amer- 
ican Medical Association, Medical 
Society of Hawaii; The Johns Hop- 
kins Club, Baltimore; University 
Club and Oahu Country Club, Ho- 

BAYER, CARL, merchant, Maka- 
weli, Kauai; born Waldkirch, Ger- 
many, May 16, 1884; son of August 
and Bertha (Ruff) Bayer; married 
Florence Marguerite Gurrey, at 
San Francisco, July 1, 1915; one 
child, Walter Gurrey. Education, 
private college, Waldkirch, Ger- 
many, 1900; business course, 

Ouchy, Switzerland, 1900. Arrived 
Honolulu, April, 1901, taking posi- 
tion with H. Hackfeld & Co., as 
office boy. After seven and one- 
half years went to Naalehu, Ha- 
waii, as mgr. Hutchinson Planta- 
tion store. In 1910 visited Europe 
and upon return took up present 
position of mgr. Hawaiian Sugar 
Co. store at Mawakeli, Kauai. 
Served as director, Kauai Chamber 
of Commerce, Lihue, during first 
two years of its organization. 

gyman, Lihue, Kauai; born Lime- 
stone, Tenn., Feb. 2*0, 1886; son of 
Reuben Alexander and Sallie May 
Bayless; married Pearl Lorretta 
Hoyt at Milnor, N. D., June 8, 
1910; two children: Kenneth Lane 
and Eugene Waldo. Washington 
College, Tenn., 1908; Lane Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1912. Ordained 
June 14, 1912; pastor First Presby- 
terian Church, Tullahoma, Tenn., 
1912-15; Tonopah, Nev.. 1915-18; 
camp general secretary Army and 
Navy, Y. M. C. A., Cal., and Scho- 
field* Barracks, Hawaii, 1918-20; 
pastor Lihue Union Church and mis- 
sionary, Kauai, for Hawaiian Board 
of Missions since 1920. Member 
Masonic Lodge, Tonopah, Nev. 


secretary Trent Trust Co., Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu; born Aug. 26, 1878, at Os- 
wego, N. Y. ; son of G. N. and 
Melissa (Hubbard) Beadle, (the 
original American G. N. Beadle 
having settled in Connecticut at a 
date prior to the Revolutionary 
war). Married Grace Moore of 
Hudson Falls, N. Y., in Honolulu 
Oct. 25, 1900; two children, Irwin 
and Jack. Educated in public 
schools and New York State Nor- 
mal School at Oswego, graduated 
1897. Teache^ at Kamehameha 
School for Boys, Honolulu, 1899-03; 
employe Insular Government of 
Porto Rico 1903-04; with California 
Gas & Electric Co. 1904-05; secre- 
tary Trent Trust Co., Ltd., since 
1905, being one of its incorporators. 
Member Oahu Country, Commercial 
and Rotary Clubs of Honolulu. 

BEALL, WALTER, automobile 
business, Honolulu; born Nov. 
1879, at Blair, Nebraska; son of By- 
ron and Mary (Reed) Beall; educat- 
ed Lincoln high school, Lincoln. 
Neb.; prep, course University of Ne- 
braska; graduated University of To- 
ronto; married Mary Bullwinkel at 
Hilo, Hawaii. Was manager of the 
Los Angeles branch of The White 
Company and later ass't retail man- 






ager San Francisco office, 1906- 
1914; wholesale representative and 
branch manager for Don Lee, Cali- 
fornia distributor of Cadillac auto- 
mobiles, San Francisco, 1914-18; 
came to Hawaii, 1918, and joined 
Schuman Carriage Co., Ltd., as gen- 
eral sales manager; appointed gen- 
eral manager same firm, 1921. Mem- 
ber Honolulu Ad Club, Commercial 
Club (member Board of Governors), 
Oahu Country Club; is a Mason, 
Shriner and an Elk. 

countant, Waialua, Oahu; born 
Wolverhampton, Eng., Jan. 4, 1878; 
son of Enoch and Sarah (Walker) 
Beardmore ; ma rried Florence 
Shakeshaft Miller, in Grappenhall, 
Cheshire, Eng., Aug. 28, 1912; four 
children: Florence Olive, Helen 
Ruth, Amy Dorothy, Stanley James. 
Education, central board school 
and technical school at Manches- 
ter, Eng. Was employed for five 
years with Royal Insurance Co. of 
Manchester. Arrived in Hawaii, 
June, 1901, and with Theo H. 
Davies & Co., Ltd., nearly nine 
years as clerk. Since Dec., 1909, 
chief accountant and cashier Waia- 
lua Agricultural Co., Ltd., Waia- 
lua, Oahu. Member Honolulu 
Lodge No. 409, F. & A. M. 


business man and sports promoter, 
Honolulu; born at Owego, N. Y., 
Oct. 31, 1869; son of John Hort and 
Rebecca (Ashman) Beaven. Edu- 
cated in public schools of New 
York and Connecticut and two 
years at Sheffield Scientific School; 
married Alice Margaret Keliher of 
Minneapolis, Minn., in Honolulu 
April 18.. 1911. Traveled through 
Africa, India and Europe, 1887-90. 
Newspaper work, New York Eve- 
ning Telegram, 1890-92; New York 
Recorder, 1892-93; New York 
World, 1893-95; New York Ameri- 
can, 1895-98; Milford (Conn.) Citi- 
zen, 1899-1905; business in China 
and Japan, 1905-07; San Fran- 
cisco, Gal., 19'97-10. Business in 
Honolulu since 1910. Was presi- 
dent Milforcl (Conn.) Board of 
Trade, 1900-05; vice president Con- 
necticut Editorial Association, 
1900-05; vice president Connecticut 
State Board of Trade, 1903-05. 
Member Honolulu Chamber of Com- 
merce, Ad, Rotary Clubs and sec- 
retary Outrigger Canoe Club. 1913- 
17, Masons and B. P. O. Elks. 


lawyer, Hilo, Hawaii; born in Ho- 
nolulu. Nov. 2, 1877; son of Henry 
A. and Caroline (Kamakauahoa) 

Beers; married Maude Olive Han- 
sen at Olaa, Hawaii, Dec. 19, 1902; 
children: William H., Jr., Lorrin H. 
(deceased), Fred Douglas and Na- 
omi Hansen. Graduated Kameha- 
meha school, Honolulu, 1895; nor- 
mal department same, 1896; Uni- 
versity Michigan, law department, 
LL.B., 1908. Taught Honokaa pub- 
lic school, 1896-97; Hilo Boarding 
School, 1898-1902; clerk and inter- 
preter, District Court, S. Hilo, 
19*02-06, interpreter, House of Rep- 
resentatives, Hawaii, session 1909; 
appointed county attorney, County 
of Hawaii, October, 1909, and elect- 
ed to said office, 1910-12-15-19; 
former member board of prison in- 
sp<rctors, 4th Judicial Circuit; held 
office of second district magistrate, 
S. Hilo, 1906; lieutenant N. G. H.; 
charter member Hermitage Club 
Cnow Hermitage Order) University 
of Michigan; member Kameha- 
meha, Owl and Forester lodges. 

BELL, HARRY R., merchant, 
Honokaa, Hawaii; born in Wheel- 
ing, W. Va., July 1, 1890; son of 
William D. and Anna (Turner) 
Bell; education, Crafton, Pa., gram- 
mar school: Pittsburg high school, 
Iron City Business College; mar- 
ried Bessie Kuhns, at Honolulu, 
March 29, 1917; children: Louis, 
Virginia, and Carrie (adopted). Be- 
gan business career with J. V. 
Aurntz, Pittsburg, Pa., as sales- 
man. 1908-09; mgr. Red Star 
Groceries Co., Sheridan, Pa., 1909- 
10; general clerk, Penn. Co., Pitts- 
burg, 1910-17: U. S. Army 1917-19; 
mgr. Pacific Sugar Mill store, Ku- 
kuihaele, Hawaii, 1919-20; genl. 
mgr. Honokaa Sugar Co. and Pa- 
cific Sugar Mill Co. stores since 
Sept.. 1920. Is member Kilauea 
Lodge No. 330, F. & A. M.; B. P. 
O. E. No. 759, Hilo, Hawaii. 


examiner of merchandise, United 
States customs; born Warkworth, 
Ontario, Canada, Oct. 10, 1880; son 
of Robert and Emily Bemrose; 
married Clara Belle Snider Nov. 30, 
1901, at Honolulu; two children: 
Iwalani Lillian and Norma Belle; 
grammar and high school education. 
Bookkeeper, 1900; with United 
States customs since 1901. Secr- 
tary Lodge le Progres de 1'Oceanie 
No* 371, F. & A. M.; registrar Scot- 
tish Rite Bodies, Honolulu. 

BENNER, EDWIN, insurance 
manager, Honolulu; born San 
Francisco, April 4, 1863; son of 
Frederic M. and Catharine (Eck- 
feldt) Benner; married Maude L. 
Barnum in Honolulu June 9, 1898; 








four children: Harlan Frederic, Ed- 
win, Emma Catharine and Howard 
Barnum. Grammar school educa- 
tion, Oakland, Cal. Apprentice to 
pattern makers' trade, San Fran- 
cisco, 1880-84; worked at trade in 
San Francisco, Philadelphia and 
Honolulu. 1884-1892; clerk, Castle 
& Cooke, Honolulu, 1892-99; mana- 
ger Insurance and Sales Depart- 
ment Henry Waterhouse Co., 1899, 
and held this position through re- 
organization of firm to a trust 
company. Is now manager of in- 
surance department Henry Water- 
house Trust Co., Ltd. Republican. 
Served in Hawaiian revolution of 
1893, driving ammunition wagon on 
day of overthrow of monarchy. 
Served Citizens' Guard and Co. B, 
Hawaiian National Guard. Mem- 
ber Honolulu Lodge No. 409, F. & 
A. M., Ad Club, Commercial Club, 
Manoa Improvement Club. 


physician and surgeon, Honolulu: 
born April 26, 1886, at Sydney, N. 
S. W., Australia; son of William 
and Caroline Matilda (HeatorO 
Benz; married Viola Pearl Mitchell 
Aug. 5, 1911, at Pittsburg, Pa.; two 
children, Jac and Helen. Educated 
in schools at Sydney, Sydney Tech- 
nical College, 1902-05, University 
of Pittsburg, 1906-10. degree M. D. 
Resident physician Reinemann Ma- 
ternity Hospital, 1909: same, Alle- 
ghany General Hospital, 1910-11; 
private practice in Honolulu since; 
naturalized in 1912. Member med- 
ical staff Queen's Hospital, 1912; 
Children's Hospital, 1913-14; Queen's 
Hospital, 1915 ; staff surgeon Queen's 
Hospital, 1916-17, 1919-20, 1920-21; 
physician to children's non-leprous 
homes, 1915; surgeon Oahu prison, 
1916; member and secretary Board 
of Medical Examiners, May 1914- 
September 1920; commissioned 
Captain, Medical Corps, National 
Guard of Hawaii, December, 1912. 
Member University Club, B. P. O. 
E., Medical Society of Honolulu, 
Association of Military Surgeons. 


professor of botany, University of 
Hawaii, Honolulu; born Sept. 15, 
1883, at Medicine Lodge, Kansas; 
son of Francis F. and Luella A. 
Bergman; married Margaret Mc- 
Carty at South Haven, Mich., Aug. 
14, 1912; one child, Jeanette Little- 
field, deceased at age of 4 years. 
Educated Kansas Agricultural Col- 
lege, B. Sc., 1905; University of Ne- 
braska, graduate school, one year, 
no degree; LTniversity of Minne- 
sota, M. S. 1915; same, Ph. D., 
1918. Assistant in botany, Kansas 

Agricultural College, 1906-08; as- 
sistant professor of botany, North 
Dakota Agricultural College, 1908- 
12; assistant professor of botany, 
University of Minnesota, 1912-17; 
assistant pathologist, United States 
Department of Agriculture, Bureau 
of Plant Industry, 1917-19; joined 
University of Hawaii, 1919. Mem- 
ber American Association for Ad- 
vancement of Science, American 
Botanical Society, American Phyto- 
Pathological Society, American 
Ecol. Society; Sigma Xi fraternity. 

chant, Honolulu; born in Bremen, 
Germany, May 3, 1878; son of E. 
Louis and Wilhelmina Sophia Fred- 
ericke (Kunst) Berndt; married Lili 
Pfeil in San Francisco Dec. 8, 1904. 
Educated in public and private 
schools, Kauai, and at St. Louis 
College, Honolulu, graduating 1895. 
Began business career in office of 
Hawaiian Star, Honolulu, advanc- 
ing to circulation manager and later 
cashier and assistant manager; di- 
rector Hawaiian Star, 1900; became 
vice president and general mana- 
ger W. W. Dimond & Co., Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu, 1903. Secretary Honolulu 
Star-Bulletin since amalgamation 
of Hawaiian Star and Evening Bul- 
letin, July 1, 1912. Secretary and 
director Home Insurance Co., Ho- 
nolulu; director Honolulu Gas Co.; 
director Honolulu Chamber of Com- 
merce and Y. M. C. A. Member 
Advisory Board, Army and Navy 
Y. M. C. A., Boy Scout Council, 
Rotary Club, Lodge le Progres de 
1'Oceanie F. & A. M. Was secre- 
tary Board of Harbor Commission 
when first organized, 1913-1915; 
chairman Hawaiian Tourist Bu- 
reau, 1914-1920; chairman Repub- 
lican party, 1916-1918. During the 
war was member of Personnel Com- 
mittee of War Work Council and 
active in bond and recruiting cam- 


lawyer, Wailuku, Maui; born in 
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 4, 1881; son of 
Andrew and Alice (Warner) Bev- 
ins; married Ethel Phoebe Taylor 
at Hamakuapoko, Maui County, T. 
H., April 2, 1908: three daughters. 
Alice Emily, Mildred Ethel and 
Barbara June. Admitted to prac- 
tise law, Supreme Court, Nebraska, 
June 11, 1903; State of Nevada, 
May 1, 1905; Territory of Hawaii, 
May 22, 1912; elected County At- 
torney, County of Maui, July 1, 
1915-17; re-elected July 1, 1917-19, 
1919-21. 1921-23. Member Lodge 
Maui No. 984, F. & A. M. (P. M.), 
Maui Chap. 5, O. E. S. (W. P.), 






Aloha Temple of Mystic Shrine. 
B. P. O. E. No. 616, Maui Chamber 
of Commerce and Maui County Fair 
& Racing Assn. 

BIBEE, WILLIAM A., business- 
man, Honolulu; born in Sheridan, 
Ore., Nov. 6, 1892; son of George 
\Y. and Nettie Bibee; married Ber- 
nice Halstead, in Honolulu, April 
22, 1918. Served during war in U. 
S. Army at Schofield Barracks, be- 
ing discharged from the service 
Feb. 15, 1919; salesman Auto Serv- 
ice and Supply Co., Aug. 15, 1916, 
to Aug. 15, 1919; vice-pres. and 
gen. mgr. Auto Service & Supply 
Co. and Graystone Garage. Mem- 
ber Pacific Club, Country Club, 
Commercial Club, Honolulu. 

BICKNELL, HENRY, dentist, 
Honolulu; born Feb. 28, 1875, at 
Hamakua, Hawaii; son of James 
and Ellen M.(Bond) Bicknell (father 
was a minister in Hawaii, died 
1892) ; married Nina H. Cooper of 
Honolulu Oct. 15, 1906. Educated 
Punahou School (Honolulu), Ober- 
lin College (Ohio), A. B., 1897; Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, D. D. S., 
1900. Has practiced his profession 
in Honolulu since 1901. 

BfCKNELL, JAMES, City and 
County Auditor, Honolulu; born at 
Kohala, Hawaii, May 26, 1869; son 
of James and Ellen M. (Bond) 
Bicknell; descendant of early mis- 
sionaries to Hawaii, grandfather 
and grandmother coming around 
the Horn in 1841, and mother, born 
at Kahala. Hawaii, has never been 
away from the islands. Educated 
Punahou school, Oahu College, 
Heald's Business College, San 
Francisco, Cal., 1889-90; married 
Aimee I. Gibble in Honolulu June 
28, 1906: one child. Doreen Aimee. 
Began in the services of T. G. 
Thrum in Honolulu, later working 
at Fanning- Island until 1893; in the 
employ of Henry Davis, Honolulu, 
1893-96; employed in different ca- 
pacities United States customs 
service, Honolulu, 1896-1900: elect- 
ed county auditor, County of Oahu, 
T. H., 1905-06; on amalgamation of 
Citv of Honolulu with County of 
Oahu was elected City and County 
Auditor of Honolulu, 1907, and has 
been re-elected each succeeding 
term since. Served in National 
Guard. 1887-88; joined Mounted 
Reserves, 1893. Member of Com- 
mercial and Ad Clubs of Honolulu, 
Odd Fellows' Lodge, K. of P., 
Phoenix Lodge. Is a Republican. 


chemist and sugar boiler. Kohala, 
Hawaii; born in Oberglogau, Up- 

per Silesia, April 21, 1865; son of 
Emanuel and Caroline (Tapkalla) 
Biela; educated in a teachers' 
preparatory school in native coun- 
try; married Maria Kobbe Scott, 
in Honolulu, Jan. 4, 1912; two chil- 
dren, Walter and Howard Scott 
(stepsons). Entered distilling busi- 
ness in Upper Silesia while a 
young man, following that occupa- 
tion in his native country for 15 
years, and then going to Lisbon, 
Portugal, and later to San Miguel, 
Azores, in similar work; arrived in 
Honolulu, April 4, 1894, having 
come by way of South America; 
has worked in large number of 
plantations throughout the islands 
as sugar boiler and chemist; with 
Kohala Sugar Co. in that capacity 
since 1917. Member Hawaiian 
Chemists Assn., on executive com- 
mittee, 1914-15; member Lodge No. 
800, L. O. O. M.: Kilauea Lodge 
No. 330, F. & A. M., Hilo, Hawaii. 

BIERBACH. OTTO A., pharma- 
cist, Honolulu; born Oct. 17, 1867, 
in Milwaukee, Wis. ; son of Otto 
and (Herbst) Bierbach, 

father being a native of Germany. 
Married Laura Augusta Heilborn 
at Astoria, Ore., March 12, 1895; 
one child, Gretchen Heilborn. Ed- 
ucated in public and high schools 
of Milwaukee and Madison, Wis. : 
commercial course in Madison 
Business College, University of 
Wisconsin, Ph. G., 1887. Followed 
profession in native state, Wash- 
ington, Oregon and California until 
1897; came to Honolulu and was 
connected with several drug stores 
until 1904: bought an interest in 
Chambers Drug Co.. Ltd., of which 
he is president and manager and 
largest stockholder; was interested 
in the theatrical business for a 
time also the fishing boat indus- 
try in 1891 awarded gold medal 
in" Portland, Ore., by Oregon State 
Pharmaceutical Association for 
best original essay, subject, "Anal- 
ysis of Disinfectants"; hospital 
steward 1st Regiment Oregon Mi- 
litia Member Merchants' Associa- 
tion of Honolulu (secretary 1913, 
vice president 1914); vice president 
Rotary Club. 1915-17; member 
Commercial Club. Oahu Country 
Club Chamber of Commerce, Ad 
Club'. Pacific Club and Masonic 


civil engineer. Honolulu: born at 
Charlestown, Mass.. August 16, 
1878- son of Lyman Haven and 
Elmira J. (Bond) Bigelow. Edu- 
cated at Bunker Hill grammar 
school Charlestown, Mass., 18! 






Mechanics Arts high school, Bos- 
ton, 1896, post graduate 1897; Mas- 
sachusetts Institute of Technology, 
B. S- Civil Engineer degree, 1901. 
Married Henrietta M. Tucker in 
Honolulu, July 14, 1914. Began as 
instructor in surveying, Mass. 
Inst. of Technology, summer 1901; 
civil engineer, Merrimac Paving 
Co., Lowell, Mass., 1901-02; struct- 
ural steel draftsman, Phoenix 
Bridge Co., Phoenixville, Pa., Jan.- 
Sept. 1902; sub-inspector govern- 
ment buildings, U. S. Navy Dept. 
League Island Navy Yard, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1902-05; civil engi- 
neer and supt. of construction, U. 
S. Quartermaster Dept., U. S. Ar- 
my, 1905-1912; same, Honolulu 
Planing Mill, Honolulu, T. H., 
1912-18; appointed Superintendent 
of Public Works, Territory of Ha- 
waii, by Gov. Charles J. McCarthy 
for four year term, July 1, 1918. 
Served as 1st Lieutenant with 2nd 
Co., C. A. C., N. G. of Hawaii. Is 
1st vice-president Honolulu Chap- 
ter, American Association of En- 
gineers; is a Mason, an Elk and 
member Commercial Club, Hono- 

ant, Honolulu, born Oct. 27, 1863, at 
Naperville, 111., son of Linus Dewey 
and Frances (Hulbert) Bishop. 
Father was attorney at law and 
was major 9th Illinois Cavalry 
1861-64. Married Annie Smith 
Walker, daughter of John S. Walker 
of Honolulu, July 21, 1891, no chil- 
dren. Educated in public schools of 
New York State. Began business 
career as junior clerk, 1883, with C. 
Brewer & Co., Ltd., Honolulu, the 
oldest American commercial institu- 
tion west of the Rocky Mountains, 
having been founded in 1826; ap- 
pointed secretary in 1891, secretary - 
treasurer in 1895, and has been it? 
president since 1909. Has been 
president of the Mutual Telephone 
Co. of Honolulu since 1907; is serv- 
ing third term as president Ha- 
waiian Sugar Planters' Assn.; presi- 
dent Sugar Factors Co. three terms; 
is president of a number of sugar 
plantation corporations; elected 
member of the Senate of the Terri- 
tory of Hawaii 1904 and elected 
president of that body in 1907; was 
president Chamber of Commerce of 
Honolulu, 1912-13. Held a first 
lieutenancy in Co. B., Honolulu 
Rifles, and participated in the revo- 
lution of June 30, 1887. 

cator, Honolulu; born July 4, 1874. 
at Cheltenham, England; son of 
Thomas and Harriet (Sutherland) 

Blackman; married Edith Purvis, 
August 2, 1902, at Honolulu; as- 
sociate of St. Nicholas College, 
Lancing, England; instructor at 
Ardingly College, England, 1894-00; 
principal lolani School. Honolulu, 
1900-01; librarian B. P. Bishop Mu- 
seum, 1901-09; president Honolulu 
Military Academy since 1911, an 
institution which has grown to 
large proportions in the past few 
years; commissioner of Public In- 
struction since 1914; president 
Territorial Teachers' Association, 
1916-17; Major National Guard of 
Hawaii, Inspector General N. G. 
H. 1917, Aide-de-Camp to the Gov- 
ernor of Hawaii. 

ceiver Island Electric Co., Ltd., Wai- 
luku, Maui; born in Buffalo, N. Y., 
May 22, 1886; son of James B. and 
Elizabeth (Genner) Blair; married 
Kathryn Driscoll at Kula, Maui, 
Sept. 9, 1918; two children: Arthur 
Chester and William Clarence. 
Worked in shops of Buffalo Gaso- 
lene Motor Co., 1905-07; with 
father, who represented same com- 
pany, San Francisco, 1907-09; grad- 
uated University of California, B. 
S., mechanical engineering, 1914; 
assistant in department of physics, 
University of California, 1914-15; 
superintendent Island Electric Co., 
Ltd., Wailuku, Maui, 1915-16; man- 
ager same, 1916-20; receiver since 
1920. Member Maui Lodge No. 472, 
F. & A. M.; 32nd degree, Honolulu 
Consistory No. 1; Aloha Temple, 
A. A. O. N. M. S. ; Aloha Lodge No. 
3 K. of P.; Maui Chamber of Com- 
merce; Maui County Fair and Rac- 
ing Association: Puunene Athletic 

BLAKE, FRANK E., treasurer 
and manager of the Hawaiian Elec- 
tric Co.. Ltd., Honolulu, born at 
Newburyport, Mass., Nov. 26, 1869, 
son of Ira F. H. and Clara (Piper) 
Blake. Educated in the public 
schools of Mass. Married Gertrude 
Johnson at Newburyport, Mass., 
Nov. 23. 1893; children: Kathryne, 
Charlotte, Gertrude. Began business 
career with the Towell Manufactur- 
ing Co.. Newburyport. Mass., re- 
maining in their employ until 1899; 
removed to Honolulu, T. H., and 
entered the employ of the Hawaiian 
Electric Co.; appointed manager of 
the Hawaiian Electric Co. May, 
1913, treasurer and manager since 
1917 Is trustee for the Library of 
Hawaii, director Chamber of Com- 
merce of Honolulu, and was mem- 
ber of the Territorial Food Commis- 
sion 1917. Member of the Com- 






mercial, Country and Pacific Glubs. 
Hawaiian Engineering Assn., and 
F. & A. M. 

BLAKE, HENRY, lawyer, Koloa, 
Kauai; born in Koloa, July 31, 1874; 
son of Alva and Kaonohi (Kuaalu) 
Blake; married Margarette Miller 
at Koloa, Nov. 20, 1902; six chil- 
dren: Eleanor, Emma, Juliette, 
Bernard, Hartwell and Charles. 
Educated Hilo Boarding School, 
1884-91; Kamehameha School, Ho- 
nolulu, 1891-93. Was teacher at 
reformatory school, Honolulu, 1893- 
94; deputy tax assessor and col- 
lector, Koloa, 1894-1904; superin- 
tendent Koloa water works; deputy 
sheriff, Koloa, 1906-16; elected 
auditor, County of Kauai, 1919, 
which position he still holds. Mem- 
ber Kaumualii Chapter, Order of 
Kamehameha; Court Waialeale 
No. 9251, A. O. F. ; Kauai Chamber 
of Commerce. 


physician, Pearl City, Oahu: born 
June 21, 1872. at Lebanon, N. H.; 
son of Hobert E. and Louisa A. 
(Lawson) .Bliss; married Elizabeth 
O. Hall at Boston, Mass., June 18, 
1907; two children: Sylvia Mae and 
Katherine. Graduate of Dartmouth 
Medical School, M. D. ; asst. phys. 
Mass. School for Feeble -Minded, 
Waverly, Mass., 1904-08; supt. 
Maine School for Feeble-Minded, 
Pownal, Me., 1908-13, which insti- 
tution he built and opened; supt. 
Indiana School for Feeble-Minded, 
Fort Wayne, 1913-20; supt. Terri- 
torial Home for Feeble-Minded Per- 
sons, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, T. H., 
since 1920. Elected president Amer. 
Assn. for Study of Feeble-Minded, 
1920; was member of Indiana state 
commission to study mental de- 
fects; member volunteer medical 
reserve corps (not called) ; legal 
advisor to recruits at Fort Wayne; 
member Amer. Med. Psychological 
Society and National Society for 
Mental Hygiene. 

cian and surgeon, Honolulu; born 
at Ida Grove, Iowa, Sept. 18, 1882 
son of Oscar Grove and Mary Viola 
(Hoagland) Blodgett; married Es 
ther Lyons in Chicago Nov. 4, 1908; 
two sons: Harry Lyons and Julian 
Robert. Educated in Indianola 
(Iowa) high school, Simpson Col- 
lege, Iowa, two years; Rush Med- 
ical College, Chicago, M. D., 1907. 
Was interne St. Joseph Hospital, 
Chicago, 1907-08; surgeon Burling- 
ton R. R., Omaha, 1909-10; surgeon 
United States Army, 1911-17; re- 
entered United States Army Medi- 

cal Corps, 1918-1919; practise of 
profession, Honolulu, since Jan- 
uary, 1917. Was with troops in 
Vera Cruz, Mexico, and Galveston, 
Tex., and for seven months located 
throughout Mexico, Washington, D. 
C., and South Dakota. Member 
Alpha Kappa Kappa medical fra- 
ternity and Sigma Nu college fra- 
ternity; member University Club 
and Oahu Country Club, Honolulu. 


broker, Honolulu; born at Ga- 
hanoque, Canada, Nov. 10, 1861; son 
of Charles Nelson and Harriet 
(Sills) Bockus. Educated at Ga- 
nanoque High School, Canada; mar- 
ried Edna Scoby in Honolulu Aug. 
17, 1904; four children: Charles W., 
Geraldine E., Nelson Sills and Mar- 
cia B. Came to Hawaii Oct. 25, 
1899; was business manager of The 
Evening Bulletin, Honolulu, for 10 
years; engaged in the brokerage 
business since; member Knights 
Templar, Mystic Shrine, P. M. 
Lodge le Progres de 1'Oceanie, F. 
& A. M., Commercial Club, Coun- 
try Club, Elks' Club, Honolulu. 

BODEL, JOHN KNOX, clergy- 
man, Schofield Barracks, Oahu; 
born Middletown, N. Y.. Jan. 26, 
1877; son of Charles Samuel and 
Adelia (Nixon) Bodel; married 
Eleanor Chester Putnam, at Salt 
Lake City, Aug. 29, 1906; three 
children: John K., Eleanor A., 
Mynarda C.; educated in public 
schools, Middletown, N. Y.; Church 
Divinity School of the Pacific. San 
Francisco, 1901-06; clerk, St. 
Mark's Hospital, Grand Rapids, 
Mich., 1892-1894; clerk. Smith Drug 
Co., Salt Lake City, 1895-98; clerk 
auditor's office, Rio Grande R. R. 
Co., Salt Lake City, 1898-1900; 
city reporter, Bradstreets Merc. 
Agency, Salt Lake City, 1900-01; 
pastor Episcopal Church. Lahaina, 
Maui, 1911-15; same, Hilo. Hawaii. 
1915-18; served as chaplain. 2nd 
Hawn. Inf., U. S. A., 1918-19; 1st 
Hawn. Inf., U. S. A., 1919; civilian 
chaplain for Episcopal Church in 
Hawaii, 1919-20; appointed chap- 
lain in regular army, Nov. 24, 1920; 
assigned to 35th Inf., U. 
Schofield Barracks. Dec. 1, 1920. 


Roman Catholic Bishop, Honolulu; 
born in Antwerp, Belgium, Aug. 18, 
1857; son of John and Leopoldma 
(Van Opstal) Boeynaems. Edu- 
cated in Jesuit College (Antwerp), 
Seminary (Mechlin), and Scolas- 
ticate (Louvain); ordained to 









priesthood in Louvain Sept. 11, 
1881; arrived in Honolulu Nov. 29, 
1881; as missionary priest to island 
of Kauai in January, 1882; in 
charge of district from Lihue to 
Hanalei to 1886, then took charge 
of district from Lihue to Mana; in 
1895 transferred to Wailuku, Maui; 
appointed pro-vicar December, 
1902; consecrated Bishop of Zeug- 
ma July 25, 1903, by Archbishop 
Montgomery in San Francisco, 
Cal.; vicar apostolic of Hawaii 
since that date. 

sician and surgeon, Kohala, Ha- 
waii; born at Kohala, Jan. 21,1853; 
son of Elias and Ellen Mariner 
(Howell) Bond; educated at Pu- 
nahou School (Honolulu), Phillips 
Exeter Academy, Amherst College, 
B. 'A. 1879, A. M. 1883, Medical 
College. University of Michigan, 
1882, M. D. ;. married Emma Mary 
Renton at Kohala, Hawaii, Sept. 5, 
1889; children, B. Howell, Alice 
Renton. Kenneth Davis, James 
Douglas. Post graduate work in 
New York following graduation 
from University of Michigan; prac- 
tised medicine at Kohala, Hawaii, 
since 1883; resident Government 
Physician at Kohala; acting Assist- 
ant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health 
Service, Mahukona, Hawaii. Mem- 
ber American Medical Assn., Medi- 
cal Society of Hawaii, Sons of 
American Revolution. 

BOOTH, ROBERT B., commis- 
sion merchant, Honolulu; born Dec. 
10, 1877, in Kerry County, Ireland; 
son of Robert B. and Margaret 
(Caseman) Booth; married Lani 
Ward in Honolulu March 25,1907; 
no issue. Educated in public school 
and Christian Brothers' school at 
Cahirciveen, County Kerry, Ire- 
land; began business career in 
Dublin, 1895; with Macfarlane & 
Co., Honolulu, 1897-1903; Fred 
Waldron, 1903-12; has been treas- 
urer Fred Waldron, Ltd., since 1912. 
Member and former director Mer- 
chants' Association, Chamber of 
Commerce. Oahu Country Club, 
Commercial Club, Honolulu Auto- 
mobile Club; member Industrial 
Accident Board. 

taker, Honolulu; born Kinderhook, 
111., May 22, 1872; son of William 
and Martha (Likes) Borthwick; 
married Ida B. Smith, at Barry, 111., 
May 16, 1896; two children: Wil- 
liam M. and Harold J. Law and 
professional education. City clerk, 
Barry, 111., 1897-99; city treas. 
same, 1899-1901; city attorney, 

same, 1901-05; chief deputy, coro- 
ner's office, Seattle, Wash., 1908- 
12; in undertaking business since 
arrival in Honolulu, Mar. 31, 1916 
Member F. & A. M., K. of P., I. O. 
O. F., M. W. A., W. O. W., Order 
of Owls, Ad Club. 

attorney-at-law. Honokaa, Hawaii; 
born Acares. Portugal, Sept. 10, 
1878; son of Joaq. J. S. and Mary 
( Fragoso )Botelho; educated, Dan- 
ville, Ind.. at Central Normal Col- 
lege. B. S., and LL.B. degrees; 
married Mary Branco, at Laupa- 
hoehoe, Hawaii, Apr. 23, 1910; five 
children: Edmund. David, Thelma, 
William, Vivian. Admitted to prac- 
tise law. Ind. Supreme Court, 1905, 
and in Supreme Court, Terr. Ha- 
waii. 1919; has practised profes- 
sion in Hamakua, Hawaii, since 
1908; second district magistrate, 
Hamakua, since 1909; is prop. Bo- 
telho Garage, established 1912. 
Member Western Star Lodge, No. 
26, F. & A. M.. Danville, Ind.; 
Maile Lodge No. 4. K. of P.. Ho- 
nokaa; Hawaii Auto club. 


president and manager American 
Factors, Ltd., Honolulu; born in 
Glasgow, Scotland, June 15, 1873; 
son of James Thompson and Anna 
(Heap) Bottomley, and grand- 
nephew of Lord Kelvin; married 
Lily Grace Jordan March 17, 1903, 
in Honolulu; one son, Francis 
Kelvin. Educated in Bloxham 
grammar school, Oxfordshire, and 
Glasgow University. Began busi- 
ness career in the office of Mc- 
Clelland, Ker & Co., chartered ac- 
countants, Glasgow, in 1892; passed 
final examination, becoming a char- 
tered accountant in 1898; came to 
Honolulu January, 1900, and or- 
ganized the accountant department 
of Bishop & Co.. afterwards incor- 
porated under the name of Audit 
Co. of Hawaii, Ltd.; partner in the 
banking house of Bishop & Co., 
1905-18; president and general 
manager American Factors, Ltd., 
since August, 1918; with the in- 
corporation of The Bank of Bish- 
op & Co., Ltd., 1919, was made 
president. Was president Sugar 
Factors Co., Ltd., 1915; president 
of Hawaiian Sugar Planters' As- 
sociation, 1916. Member Pacific, 
University, Oahu Country, Com- 
mercial and Hawaii Polo and Rac- 
ing Clubs of Honolulu. 

yer, Honolulu; born Feb. 12, 1889, 
at Richmond, Mo.; son of Andrew 
Jackson and Pauline Lina (Bal- 






linger) Botts, a descendant of 
Richard Botts, one of the early set- 
tlers of Virginia; married Sybil 
Alice Murray in San Francisco Dec. 
27, 1916. Educated in schools of 
Los Angeles, University of Southern 
California (Los Angeles). Admit- 
ted to bar in 1911; attended Uni- 
versity of California, Berkeley, 
Cal. Practised law in San Fran- 
cisco after being admitted to bar 
in 1911 and in Honolulu since 1915; 
appointed United States Commis- 
sioner for District of Hawaii in 1920. 
Organized and placed in operation 
the Purchasing Bureau, City and 
County of Honolulu. Member of 
University Club, Honolulu; Oahu 
Country Club, Hawaii Bar Assn. 


director Industrial Service Bureau 
H. S. P. A.. Honolulu; born May 2, 
1878, at Bucyrus, Ohio; son of 
William Moffett and Sally (Hamil- 
ton) Bowman, descendant of Simon 
Bowman, who settled in Maryland 
in the early part of 17(M). Educated 
in public schools of Bucyrus, Ohio, 
and Boston, Mass.; special courses 
various institutions;, embracing 
sanitation and related subjects; 
married Elizabeth K. Yates, daugh- 
ter of William J. Yates of Kona, 
Hawaii; children: Clifford H., Don- 
ald Scott, Maile M., Nina H., 
Wright P., J. Pierre, F. Moffett, 
Donna E.. Waldo, Lani P. Ap- 
pointed by Governor delegate to In- 
ternational Congress Hygiene and 
Demography, Washington, D. C., 
1912; conference State and Terri- 
torial Health Officers, Washington, 
D. C., 1911 and 1916; Chief Sanitary 
Inspector, Island of Hawaii, Aug. 
1, 1901-Nov. 1, 1919; chairman 
Board of Park Commissioners, 
County of Hawaii, 1915-19; secre- 
tary Board of Trustees, Hilo Hos- 
pital, Hawaii, 1915-19; member of 
Board of Trustees, Kona Hospital. 
Hawaii, 1915-19; member Board of 
Trustees of Kohala Hospital, Ha- 
waii, 1915-19; trustee Hilo Board 
of Trade, 1916-17. United States 
Army Cavalry, Indian and Cuban 
service, 1896-98; National Guard, 
Hawaii, 1901-18; United States 
Army, 1918-19. Left service as 
Lieutenant Colonel 1st Hawaiian 
Infantry, commanding regiment 
and post commander Fort Shatter. 
Member Masons, Scottish Rite, 
Shriners, Elks, Chiefs of Hawaii, 
Sons of American Revolution, 
American Legion, Officers of World 
War, Reserve officer, U. S. Army. 


practical steam and electrical engi- 
neer, Honolulu; born Feb. 28, 1882, 

at Botkins, Ohio; son of William 
Harvey and Mary Angeline (El- 
liott) Boyer. Educated at Botkins 
High School, special course (busi- 
ness) Ada College, Ada, Ohio; mar- 
ried Anita I. Phillips in Honolulu 
June 16, 1910; one child, Frank Or- 
ville, Jr. Began career as appren- 
tice in shops of American Well 
Works, Aurora, 111.; came to Hawaii 
in 1900 and engaged in artesian 
well drilling until 1902; assistant in 
engine room of Honolulu Rapid 
Transit & Land Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, 19'02-1908; assistant manager 
Hawaiian department of the Dear- 
born Chemical Co., 1908-09; man- 
ager since 1909. Member of the 
Industrial Accident Board, City and 
County of Honolulu, since July 1, 
1915. Member of Honolulu Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Commercial and 
Country Clubs of Honolulu, B. P. O. 

E. No. 616, Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, 

F. & A. M.; Honolulu Chapter No. 
1, R. A. M.; Honolulu Commandery 
No. 1, K. T., and Aloha Temple 
A. A. O. N. M. S. (Potentate 1921). 

BOYLE, ALLAN M., accountant, 
Olaa, Hawaii ; born in Broughty 
Ferry, Forfarshire, Scotland, Mar. 
30. 1879; a son of James and Mary 
(Lowe) Boyle; education. Grove 
Academy, Broughty Ferry, Scot- 
land. 1905; married Violet K. Lima 
(died Nov. 1915) at Hilo, Hawaii, 
Apr. 1908; three children: Richard 
Stevenson, Thomas Lowe, James 
Sidney. As a boy apprenticed to 
uncle, sole partner in firm of Da- 
vid Lowe & Co., canvas manufac- 
turers, Dundee, Scotland; came to 
Hawaii, 1900, becoming luna, Ono- 
mea Plantation, Hawaii; became 
asst. bookkeeper, McBryde Sug. Co., 
Eleele, Kauai; in 1905 began work 
with Henry Jaeger on construction 
of ditch and tunnel at Wainihi, 
Kauai (Kauai Electric Co.) and 
upon completion in 1907 did similar 
work at Kekaha. Kauai, for Ke- 
kaha Sug. Co. Became head book- 
keeper, Honokaa Sug. Co., Hawaii, 
during which period of employment 
accounts of Hawaiian Irrigation Co. 
and Pacific Sugar Mill were also 
placed in his charge; chief ac- 
countant, Olaa Sug. Co., since Apr. 
1919. Former captain, Co. L, 2nd 
Hawn. Inf. Member Kilauea Lodge 
No. 330 F. & A. M. 


dentist, Honolulu; born in Lewis- 
burg, Tenn., Nov. 18, 1882; son of 
William Albert and Mary Isabel 
(White) Braly. Educated at Webb's 
Preparatory School, Bill Buckle, 
Tenn., and Vanderbilt University, 
Nashville, Tenn.; married Kathryn 




















Davis in Nashville, Term., Dec. 7, 
1904; two children, Sarah Isabel 
and Walker Davis. Was bookkeeper 
Cumberland Telephone Co., 1902-04; 
entered Dental Department Vander- 
bilt University 1905; was assistant 
demonstrator and bookkeeper to 
registrar during senior year; dem- 
onstrator in charge of clinic (1908- 
10) ; assistant to chair of prosthet- 
ic dentistry and teacher of pros- 
thetic (Technic), 1910-14; came to 
Hawaii in 1916, practising on Kauai 
for three months and in Honolulu 
since. Member National Dental As- 
sociation, Tennessee Dental Asso- 
ciation, Nashville Society of Stom- 
atology and Dental Society of Ha- 


dental surgeon, Honolulu; born at 
Lewisburg, Tenn., Aug. 13, 1889; 
son of William Albert and Mary 
(White) Braly. Educated in Ha- 
ward Grammar School, Fogg High 
School, Montgomery Bell Academy 
and Vanderbilt University, all in 
Nashville, Tenn.; degree D. D. S., 
Vanderiblt University, May 25, 
1913. Began the practise of dentistry 
in Honolulu in 1913. Member of 
University Club, Oahu Country 
Club and Dental Society of Ha- 
waii (secretary and treasurer in 
1914-16). Held commission in Den- 
tal Corps, United States Army, 
1918-19. Member Board of Dental 
Examiners, Territory of Hawaii 
(secretary and treasurer, 1920-21). 


manager Hawaii Telephone Co., 
Hilo, T. H. ; born in Georgetown, 
Tex., March 3, 1885; son of James 
A. and Annie A. (Field) Branch; 
married Cora E. Lyons at Honolulu 
Dec. 5, 1908. Graduated at Sher- 
wood high school, Sherwood, Tex. 
In charge of radio station of Ha- 
waiian Telegraph & Telephone Co., 
Kahuku, Oahu, 1908-09; engineer in 
charge of power plant, United 
States Naval Station, Yerba Buena 
Island, S. F., 1909-12; radio engi- 
neer Mutual Telephone Co., Hono- 
lulu, 1912-19; superintendent wire- 
less department, 1919-20; manager 
Hawaii Telephone Co. since 1920. 
Entered United States navy in 1904 
as apprentice; took up study of 
electricity, and at time of discharge, 
1908, was chief electrician; com- 
missioned ensign, Naval Militia, 
Hawaii, 1916; ensign National Na- 
val Volunteers, United States, 1917; 
called to active duty in charge of 
naval radio office, Honolulu, April 
6, 1917; promoted to lieutenant (j. 
g.) National Naval Volunteers, Au- 
gust, 1917; ordered to duty as dis- 

trict communication superintendent, 
14th Naval district, March 1, 1919; 
ordered to sea duty, Pacific fleet, 
signal officer U. S. S. Oregon in 
Mexican waters, August, 1918 to 
June, 1921, when placed on inac- 
tive list U. S. Naval Reserve. Holds 
rank lieutenant in U. S. Naval Re- 
serve force. 

Waimea, Kauai, T. H. ; born in 
Christiania, Norway, Dec. 23. 1861; 
son of K. C. H. and Birgitte (Gru- 
ner) Brandt; private schools in 
Christiania and graduate of the 
Christiania Commercial Business 
College, Norway; married Claire E. 
Borron in Honolulu, Aug. 21, 1905. 
Came to Honolulu. 1885, and was 
bookkeeper on the Kekaha Planta- 
tion, Kauai, 1885-87; became con- 
nected with the C. B. Hofgaard & 
Co. as a clerk in 1887 and later as 
manager; when the company was 
incorporated became manager until 
1905; manager, Bishop & Co. Bank, 
Waimea branch, since it was es- 
tablished in 1911. Treasurer of C. 
B. Hofgaard & Co.; President, Wai- 
mea Stables, Ltd., since 1901; Trus- 
tee, Waimea Foreign Church; Trus- 
tee of Waimea Hospital; President, 
Kauai Y. M. C. A., 1916-18; County 
supervisor, Kauai County, 1905-07, 
1915-17, 1917-19; School Commis- 
sioner, 1913-15. Was deputy Tax 
Collector 10 years and member of 
local Road Board many years. 

BRAYTON, JAMES H., teacher, 
Hawaii; born Indianapolis, Ind., 
Dec. 12, 1885; son of A. W. and . 
Jessie (Dewey) Bray ton; educated, 
Shortridge high school, Indianapo- 
lis; Butler College, Indianapolis, 
A. B., 1906; post graduate work at 
Chicago University; married Ruth 
Elliott, at Spokane, Wash., Nov. 6, 
1909. Following graduation in 1907, 
employed as inspector of bridge 
contract work by Lake Shore & 
Mich. Southern Ry., at Cleveland, 
O.. and later employed for two 
years at similar work by O. W. R. 
& N. Co., at Spokane. Was in- 
structor for one year in Astoria, 
Ore., high school; came to Hawaii 
as prin. Honokaa school, 1911, 
since which time he has been in 
the employ of dept. of public in- 
struction. Is principal Honoma- 
kau grade school and Kohala Jun- 
ior high school. Member Sigma 
Chi Fraternity. 


sugar plantation manager, Waia- 
nae, Oahu, T. H. ; born at Rein- 
storf, Germany, June 6, 1885; son 
of Ernest and Helene (Barckhau- 






sen) Brecht; high school educa- 
tion, Hanover, Germany; engaged 
in beet sugar factory, 1902-05; ag- 
riculturist with the Pioneer Mill 
Co., Lahaina, Maui. 1905-1919; di- 
vision head-overseer of the Kaana- 
pali division. 1910-1919; manager of 
the Waianae Co. since Sept. 16, 
1919. Chief Registrar and Asso- 
ciate member Legal Advisory 
Board, Selective service system, 
1917. 1918; chairman Malu-Ulu-o- 
Lele-Park Committee, Lahaina. 
1918-19; vice-president Lahaina 
Trust Co., 1910-19; district fire 
warden, Waianae district. Mem- 
ber of the Maui County Fair & 
Racing Assn., Lahaina Athletic 
Assn., Pacific Club and Honolulu 
Automobile Club. Father, manager 
of Tagus Ranch, Cal., died 1910. 
Mother, sister of Louis Barkhan- 
sen, died 1905. 


museum director, Honolulu; born 
in Boston May 24, 1841; son of 
William and Margaret (Brooks) 
Brigham; educated Harvard Uni- 
versity 1862 degree A.B., A.M., 1865; 
(received Hon. Sc. D., Columbia 
University 1905); explored Botany 
and Geology Hawaiian Islands 
1864-5; instructor Oahu College 
1864-5; admitted to Mass, bar 1867; 
instructor in botany at Harvard 
University 1868-9; while on Boston 
school board inaugurated system of 
art instruction in public schools, 
also the Sargent method of an- 
thropometry now in general use in 
colleges; director of the Bishop 
Museum of Ethnology, Honolulu, 
since 1888. In 1878 became Direct- 
or Emeritus and Curator of An- 
thropology; 1898 became corre- 
sponding member Berlin Society of 
Anthropology, also correspondent of 
the Hamburg Ethmological Society. 
Hon. Fellow Royal Anthropology 
Institute of Great Britain and Ire- 
land; fellow Imperial Academy Sci- 
ences, St. Petersburg; American 
Academy Arts and Sciences, A. A. 
A. S. Author of Cast Catalogue of 
Antique Sculpture; Guatemala, the 
Land of the Quetzal; Volcanic Man- 
ifestations in New England; Ha- 
waiian Featherwork; Index to the 
Islands of the Pacific Ocean; Stone 
Implements of Ancient Hawaiians; 
Mats and Baskets of Hawaiians; 
Ancient Hawaiian House; History 
of Kilauea and Mauna Loa, Ha- 
waiian Volcanoes: Ka Hana Kapa 
(Bark-cloth making). Appointed by 
Hawaiian Government commission 
to the Centennial Exhibition at 
Philadelphia 1876. 


plantation manager, Lihue, Kauai; 
born in Auckland, New Zealand, 
July 16, 1872; son of William and 
Mary (Walton) Broadbent; married 
Marie A. Jaquen at Honolulu Sept. 
15, 1896; three children: Frank 
Walton. Dora Marion, Alice Joan. 
Attended public schools of New 
Zealand. Came to Hawaii in 1891, 
working one year at Honolulu Iron 
Works; instructor Kauai Industrial 
School, 1892-95; head luna Grove 
farm, 1895-1902; manager 1902 to 
date. Was captain Citizens' Guard, 
Lihue, 1895; colonel 4th Infantry, 
N. G. H.. 1916: pres. Kauai Cham- 
ber of Commerce. 1920. 


physician and surgeon, Pahala, Ha- 
waii; born Sept. 29, 1863, in Fred- 
erick Co., Md.; son of Cornelius 
A. and Sophia Broadrup. Married. 
Graduated College of Physicians 
and Surgeons, Baltimore, 1891. 
Surgeon, B. & O. R. R. many years 
and for N. & G. Taylor Tin Mills 
and U. S. Rail Co., Maryland; pro- 
moter, director, member of staff 
and lecturer of and for Allegheny 
Hosp., Cumberland, Md. ; served 
term as president Allegheny Med. 
Society, also Cumberland Acad. of 
Medicine, about 1910: member city 
council same city. 1900-08; member 
Medical Advisory Board, County of 
Maui, T. H.. 1918; government and 
plantation physician and surgeon 
for Hawn. Agric. Co. and Hutchin- 
son Sugar Plan. Co. Is First Lieut. 
Med. Corps, 1st Hawn. Inf.; mem- 
ber Masonic Lodge, K. of. P., I. O. 
O. F., Amer. Med. Society, Acad. 
of Med.. Cumberland, Md., and va- 
rious state and county societies of 
that state. 

ney at law. Honolulu; born Boston, 
Mass., Oct. 5, 1866; son of Francis 
M. and Mary (Rose) Brooks; mar- 
ried "Ada May Gertz. at Waialua, 
Oahu, July 4. 1902: four children: 
Phillips, Wendell.. Francis M., Jr., 
Helen. Educated, Phillips Exeter 
Academy, Exeter, N. H., 1888; 
Harvard Law School. Practised 
profession in Honolulu, 1900-04; in 
Shanghai, China, 1904-10; in Bang- 
kok. Siam, 1910-20. Returned to 
Honolulu in 1920. Is a member of 
Commercial Club, Elks Lodge. 
Honolulu, Masonic and Shanghai 
Clubs, Shanghai; United Club. 
Bangkok. A Mason and Elk. Past 
Master Ancient Landmark Lodge 
(Masonic), Shanghai; Past Exalted 
Ruler, Honolulu Lodge 616. B. P. 
O. E. 







lawyer, Honolulu; born in Honolulu 
Aug. 16, 1867; son of Jacob and 
Cordelia Hasting (Dennis) Brown. 
Educated at Punahou and Boston 
University Law School, 1891; mar- 
ried May Kathleen Atkinson in Ho- 
nolulu Aug. 17, 1897; one child, Ar- 
thur M., Jr. Began practise of law 
in July, 1891; marshal Provisional 
government: marshal of Republic 
of Hawaii; High Sheriff, Territory 
of Hawaii, 1898-1906; City and 
County Attorney, City and Coun- 
ty of Honolulu, 1916~-1920; senior 
member law firm Brown, Cristy & 
Davis. Member B. P. O. E. Lodge 
No. 616: Oahu Country, Honolulu 
Polo and Racing and Pacific Clubs: 
Honolulu Lodge No. 409, F. & A. M. 

ance manager. Honolulu; born in 
Los Angeles. Calif., Oct. 9.0. 1886: 
son of William P. and Clara M. 
(Wood) Broivn : educated in Los 
Angeles s-rammar and high schools 
and Univeritv of Southern C^li- 
fornia Lav.' Colles-e. Began as book- 
keeper and statistician with various 
Los Anarele's firms for two vears: 
teller. United States National Bank. 
Los Angeles, six years; manager 
eeneral insurance dent.. The von 
Ha mm Youne- Co.. Ltd.. Honolulu. 
1912-1917: commissioned 1st Lieut, 
at Officer's Training- School, Scho- 
fleld Barracks. 1917. and served 
with 17th Division. Camn Beaure- 
gard, La.: discharged rank of Cant.. 
Feb. 10. 1919; returned to The von 
Hamm-Younsr Co.. Ltd., as mana- 
ger life insurance dent.. 1910. Mem- 
ber Pacific Club, Oahu Country 
Club and Commercial Club. Re- 


retired capitalist. Honolulu: born 
June 25, 1856, at Worcester. Mass.: 
son of George A. and Mary E. 
(Longley) Brown; married Irene 
Kahalelaukoa li in Honolulu, Sept. 
30, 1886; children, George li, Fran- 
cis Hyde li, Bernice li (deceased). 
Married Gertrude Lawrence Adams 
of New York, June 27, 1900; no issue. 
Received education in public schools 
of Worcester, Mass.; left home at 
an early age and sailed around the 
Horn to San Francisco on the 
"Paul Revere"; came to Hawaii 
March 12, 1877, during the early 
days of King Kalakaua's reign; was 
bookkeeper on several of the lead- 
ing plantations for a fe\ years; 
entered the employ of the banking 
house of Bishop & Co., remaining 
there in different capacities for 
about nine years; since 1887 has 
been interested and instrumental in 

the organizing of large business 
and plantation interests; organizer, 
treasurer and manager, John li Es- 
tate, 1897-1916; resigned in favor of 
his son, Geo. li Brown. Member 
Pacific Club, Lodge 409, F. & A. M. 

principal, Puunene, Maui; born at 
Gervais, Ore., Feb. 15, 1877; son of 
Francia M. and Harriet Brown; 
married Flora B. Beecher at Ho- 
nolulu Sept. 2, 1913; two children, 
Irving and Delia Clare. Educated 
In grammar and high schools of 
Portland, Ore.; studied law, elocu- 
tion and oratory at University of 
Michigan, 1897-99; Stanford, A. B., 
1902; school principal at O'Brien, 
Wash., 1902; studied business meth- 
ods, San Francisco, Oakland, Se- 
attle, 1902-03; school principal at 
Snohomish, Wash., 1903-4; in 
charge of commercial department, 
Wenatchee, Wash., high school, 
1904-05; bookkeeper and store man- 
ager at Wenatchee and Quincy, 
Wash., 1905-07; store owner in 
Quincy, Wash., 19>08; farmer, 1908- 
11; bookkeeper and office manager 
at Wenatchee and Peshastin, 
Wash., 1911-12; in charge commer- 
cial department of Hilo high school, 
Hawaii, 1912-14; principal of Puu- 
nene school since 1914. 


bookseller, Honolulu; born May 14, 
1864, at Andover, Mass.; son of 
Thaddeus Howe and Lydia W. 
(Herrick) Brown; descendant of 
Wm. Brown of Scotland who locat- 
ed at Billerica, Mass.. in 1668; 
married Elsie Gilbert at Andover, 
Mass., June 26, 1890; five children: 
Ralph P., Herrick C., Gordon D., 
Gilbert H., Donald S. Educated in 
New Haven, Mass. Began career 
as publisher "The Homestead 
Monthly" in Minneapolis, Minn., 
1883; with Pilgrim Press, Boston, 
1886; manager wholesale depart- 
ment, in charge Chicago branch, 
1893; fruit grower Mountain View, 
Cal., 1900; removed to Honolulu 
1906 and entered book business; 
incorporated 1908, sold out 1911; 
on Island of Maui, 1911-15; book 
business in Honolulu since 1915. 
Member Congregational Clubs 
(Chicago and Boston), Commercial, 
Outrigger Canoe, Ad Clubs (Hono- 
lulu), Honolulu Y. M. C. A. Pres. 
of Hawaiian Trail and Mountain 
Club 1921. 


merchant, Honolulu; born in New 
York City, May 16, 1869; son of 
George W. and Louise (Isaacs) 
Brown; educated in schools of New 


















York City and Denver, Colo.; mar- 
ried Minnie Armstrong of Ouray, 
Col., June 9, 1892. Began with the 
C. S. Morey Mercantile Co. in Den- 
ver, Col., 1882-1904; store mana- 
ger of the Regal Shoe Co. at Oak- 
land, Cal., and Chicago, 111., 1904- 
09; manager of Hawaii Shoe Co. 
(Regal Shoe Store) at Honolulu 
since 1910. Has been a follower 
of music as a singer since a boy 
and was a charter member of the 
Musical Art Society of Chicago un- 
der the leadership of Clarence 
Dickenson, now very prominent in 
musical circles. Was a member of 
1st Co., C. A. C., N. G. H., 1917, and 
is a Royal Arch degree Mason. 

BROWN, GEORGE li, business 
man, Honolulu; born in Honolulu, 
Oct. 19, 1887; son of Charles Au- 
gustus and Irene Kahalelaukoa 
(li) Brown; descendant of John 
Lyons, who settled in Shirley, 
Mass., in 1642, coming from Eng- 
land on bark Hopewell, and Hon. 
John li, Chief Justice of Supreme 
Court of Hawaii; educated in Ho- 
nolulu High School and Oahu Col- 
lege (Honolulu), Phillips Exeter 
Academy (Exeter, N. H.), and Bur- 
dett Business College (Boston, 
Mass.); married Julia Davis Long 
White in Boston, Mass., June 3, 
1913; children, George li, Jr., Zadoc 
W. and Kenneth F. Began business 
career with the Old Colony Trust 
Co., Boston, 1912-16; appointed 
manager and treasurer of the John 
li Estate, Ltd., Honolulu, Jan. 1, 
1917. Received Military Training at 
the Plattsburg Military Training- 
Camp, Plattsburg, N. Y., June, 1916. 
Director Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., 
Trustee Queen's Hospital Corpora- 
tion; member Honolulu Chamber 
of Commerce, member War Saving 
Stamp Committee (Publicity and 
Education Committee), Assistant 
Secretary and member of the Ex- 
ecutive Committee of the Hawaiian 
Vigilance Corps of the American 
Defense Society, 1918; was Asso- 
ciate Field Director, 1918, and then 
appointed Acting Field Director of 
the American Red Cross in Hawaii, 
1919; member Pacific, Oahu Coun- 
try (charter member") and Hawaii 
Polo and Racing Clubs of Honolulu. 

engineer. Honolulu; born at New 
Bedford, Mass., July 9, 1854; son 
of Jacob and Cordelia Hastings 
(Dennis) Brown; attended Puna- 
hou School (Honolulu) four years, 
Institute of Technology (Boston, 
Mass.), 1874-77; married Sarah 
Emily King of Honolulu Jan. 18, 
1881; children, Gertrude K. (Hum- 

phries), Kenneth F., Alice Cordelia. 
Assistant in Government Survey 
Office, Honolulu, 1875-95; land' 
commissioner Nov. 1895-May 1901; 
member and secretary Board of 
Public Lands since June 8, 1910; 
manager Hawaiian Abstract & 
Title Co., Honolulu. Father was 
engaged in various government 
services in Honolulu 1860-81, and 
in construction first Nuuanu pipe 
line water supply in Honolulu. 


business man, Honolulu; born at 
Melrose, Mass., Aug. 26, 1891; son 
of E. Herrick and Elsie (Gilbert) 
Brown; married Elizabeth J. Web- 
ster at Honolulu, July 20, 1912; 
three children, Elizabeth May, Elsie 
Louise and Ralph Pierpont, Jr. At- 
tended McKinley High School, Ho- 
nolulu, three years. With Ameri- 
can-Hawaiian S. S. Co., 1911-12; 
C. Brewer & Co., Ltd., six months; 
American - Hawaiian Paper Co., 
Ltd., 1912-15; Honolulu Construc- 
tion & Draying Co., 1915-1918; 
vice president and treasurer Ho- 
nolulu Rubber Works, Ltd., and 
Ben Hollinger & Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, since 1918. Lieutenant Na- 
tional Guard, Hawaii: member of 
Knights of Pythias, Elks, Healani 
Boat Club, Ad Club. 

tary Chamber of Commerce of Ho- 
nolulu; born at Cambridge, Ohio, 
Jan. 7, 1867, son of Joshua K. and 
Annie E. (Tingle) Brown. Educated 
in public schools of Columbus and 
Cambridge (Ohio) and Business 
College of Columbus Ohio; mar- 
ried Grace E. O'Harra June 16. 
1891, in Columbus, Ohio; two chil- 
dren, Helen (Mrs. Stephen W. 
Hanna, Columbus, Ohio), and Ar- 
thur R. Commission clerk with J. 
B. Foraker when he was governor 
of Ohio; statistician under J. S. 
Robinson, Secretary of State, 18S7- 
91; statistician, Covenant Mutual In- 
surance Co. of Illinois, 1891-1901; in- 
spector in charge of immigration at 
Honolulu, T. H., 1906-12; spent two 
years in Europe recruiting laborers 
for Hawaii; secretary of the Cham- 
ber of Commerce of Honolulu since 
1914. Took up the study of telegra- 
ph5 r when a boy and still retains a 
fair working knowledge. Member 
of the Oahu Country Club, Outrig- 
ger Canoe Club, Commercial, Ro- 
tary and Ad Clubs and the Cham- 
ber of Commerce. 


businessman, Wailuku, Maui; born 
Lyon Co., Ky., Mar. 31, 1877; son 
of W. T. and M. I. Brown; married 





Margaretta Clifford at Ft. Worth, 
Tex., Jan. 9, 1899; one child: 
Floyd S. Graduated business course, 
Ft. Worth Business College, 1898; 
foreman. Cal. & Hawn. Sug. Refin- 
ery, Crockett, Cal., 1900-03; fore- 
.man, Home Telephone Co., Los 
Angeles, 1903-18; city foreman, 
Mutual Telephone Co., Honolulu, 
1918-19; mgr. Maui Telephone Co., 
Mar. 1. 1919, to date. 

rector industrial education, depart- 
ment public instruction, Honolulu; 
born in Westfield, . Mass., Dec. 20, 
1889; son of Edward C. and Kath- 
erine (Cole) Bryan; married Mary 
A. Hayes, June 30, 1914, in Hono- 
lulu; two children: Dorothy Lou- 
ise and Edward Cole. Graduated 
high school, "Westfield, Mass., 1908; 
general electric engineering school, 
Lynn, Mass., 1902; Y. M. C. A., Bos- 
ton, night school electrical engineer- 
ing, surveying and pedagogy, 1912; 
teacher, Newton, Massachusetts, 
Technical high school, 1912-13; 
Territorial Normal school, 1914-15; 
mechanical superintendent for The 
Pond Co., Ltd., six months of 1919; 
vocational instructor, Oahu, 1915- 
20; mechanical superintendent 
United States Quartermaster De- 
partment four months, 1920-21; 
territorial director industrial edu- 
cation, 1920-22; principal territorial 
trade ' school, 1921-22. Originated 
and organized first public trade 
school in Honolulu. Member Coast 
Defense Co., N. G. H., 1916-18; as- 
sistant engineer. Member Ad Club, 
Masons, Honolulu Lodge, No. 409 
(steward, 1921); National Educa- 
tion Association; National Asso- 
ciation of Vocational Educators; 
committee member Pan-Pacific 
Educational Conference, 1921 ; mem- 
ber and chairman committees of 
territorial fair, 1918 and 1919. 

planter. Kohala, Hawaii, was born 
at. Walton-on-Thames, England, in 
1863. Was for many years mana- 
ger of Puakea plantation, in the 
Kohala district. 

BUKELEY, RUDOLPH, insurance 

man, Honolulu; born April 17, 
1878, in Lancashire, Eng. ; son of 
Rudolf (of Switzerland) and Annie 
Edson (Peacock) Bukeley; married 
Lucinda Noble Butler, granddaugh- 
ter of Gen. Rodman and cousin of 
Admiral Hugh Rodman, U. S. N., 
in Berkeley, Cal., April 23. 1906: 
two children: Martha Ann and 
Margaret R. Educated in England, 
entering business with the Bank of 
British North America, San Fran- 

cisco, 1896; secy. W. C. Peacock & 
Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 1906-07; vice- 
pres., 1907-09; pres. 1909-15; cash- 
ier First Natl. Bank of Hawaii, and 
First American Savings & Trust 
Co.. of Hawaii, Honolulu. 1915-18: 
resigned to enter Hawaiian Chap- 
ter. Amer. Red Cross, Oct. 1918: 
left Honolulu for Siberia, Oct. 27. 
1918; appointed director of The Al- 
lied Anti-Typhus Expedition in 
Western Siberia. Dec. 1918, and 
spent six months on L T ral front 
bathing and delousing Russian 
troops of the late Admiral Kolchak. 
Returned to Honolulu July 6. 1919, 
and was elected vice- pres. and di- 
rector, First Natl. Bank of Hawaii: 
resigned and became agent New 
York Life Ins. Co., Dec. 1920. Re- 
ceived thanks and special mention 
of Amer. Red Cross for services in 
Siberia. Member Pacific Club, Oa- 
hu Country Club, Masons, Knights 
Templar, Shrine, Chiefs of Hawaii. 
Is devoted to music, being amateur 
violinist and owner of several old 


engineer, Honolulu; born Robinson, 
111., Sept. 2, 1879; son of Felix and 
Guley Burgess; married Myrtle 
Irene Whitton. at Santa Barbara, 
Cal., July 13, 1914. Attended Rose 
Polytechnic Inst., 1907-08; Mass. 
Inst. Technology, 1908-09; sanitary 
engineer, 1910-15; refrigerating 
engr., Automatic Refrig. Co., 1915 
to date; territorial mgr. since 
1917; engaged in genl. contracting 
business since 1917; member firm 
Associated Engrs. since 1920; rep- 
resentative of number mainland 
manufacturing houses. Member 
Amer. Assn. Engrs.. Honolulu 
Lodge B. P. O. E. 


Registrar of Conveyances for the 
Territory of Hawaii, incumbency 
dating from Aug. 16, 1918; born 
Jan. 17, 1868, at Davis, Yolo Co., 
Calif.; son of James Garnett and 
Margaret E. (Reid) Burnette; mar- 
ried Ida Catherine Dower at Ho- 
nolulu. Jan. 18, 1896; two children, 
Madeleine C. (married to Alfred 
L. Kerr), residing Oakland, Calif., 
and Harry G., residing San Fran- % 
Cisco, unmarried. Educated in Cal- 
ifornia public schools and special 
business course; private tutor, 
Oakland, Calif. Began career in 
1889 with father on stock ranch, 
Fresno County, Calif.; came to Ha- 
waiian Islands July 13, 1893; en- 
listed and served two years in the 
National Guard of Hawaii (Regu- 
lars); customs service two years; 
real estate and stock brokerage 









business, notary and conveyancer, 
at Honolulu, 1897-1918. Served six 
years in Regulars and National 
Guard of Hawaii. Purchased privi- 
lege of sending first wireless mes- 
sage over local system. 

riculturist, Wailuku, .Maui; born 
Fort Fairfield, Me., Sept. 18, 1884; 
son of Frank W. and Eliza (Slo- 
comb) Burns; married Florence H. 
Crozier, at Honolulu, June 4, 1912: 
one child, Frank Slocomb. Edu- 
cated University of Maine, B.S. in 
Agriculture, 1907. Managed farm 
in Maine, 1908-09; came to Hawaii 
and was luna, team boss, field 
boss timekeeper and section luna, 
Maui Agricultural Co., Paia, 1909- 
1917; asst. mgr. of Wailuku Sugar 
Co., Maui since 1917. Is a Mason, 
K. P.; member Phi Gamma Delta 
fraternity, Maui Chamber of Com- 
merce, Maui Gun Club and director 
of Maui Fair and Racing Assn. 


civil engineer, Kealia, Kauai; born 
Fort Fairfield. Me., August 9, 1889; 
son of Frank Wesley and Eliza 
(Slocomb) Burns; married Pearl 
Lydia McCarthy, at Honolulu, Jan. 
9, 1917; two children: Margaret 
Slocomb and Jean Elizabeth; grad- 
uated Hebron (Me.) Academy, 
1908. Began working as chain man 
for land surveyor at Presque Isle, 
Me.. 1908; rodman with Aroostook 
Valley R. R. Co., 1910; private sur- 
veying, Fort Fairfield, 1911; became 
asst. eng. for Maui Agr. Co., Paia, 
Maui, March, 1912; took charge 
ditch construction for this company 
and Hawaiian Commercial and Su- 
gar Co., 1915; asst. mgr. Makee 
Sugar Co., Kealia, Kauai, since 
Sept. 1919. 

BURR, LESLIE L., lawyer, Wai- 
luku, Maui; born Braceville, 111., 
Sept. 29, 1881; son of John and 
Dimis (Lee) Burr; educated Val- 
paraiso Univ., Ind., LL.B., 1909. 
Married Olive B. Mast, at Hama- 
kuapoko, Maui, April 4, 1919. Prac- 
tised law San Diego, Calif., 1910-15; 
Honolulu, 1915-18; appointed by 
Pres. Wilson as circuit judge. Sec- 
ond Circuit, Territory of Hawaii, 
Mar 7, 1918. 


homesteader and bank clerk, Ka- 
paa, Kauai; born Berkeley, Calif., 
July 17, 1896; son of Gavien Fred 
and Clara T. (Sparrowe) Bush; 
married Mary Kathryn Jensen, at 
Butte, Mont., May 31, 1919; one 
child: Sidney Lewis. Educated 

Central Grammar and McKinley 
High schools, Honolulu. With Ho- 
nolulu Iron Works, 1915-17; U. S. 
A. Ambulance Service, Nov. 1917- 
May 1919; Hawaiian Canneries, Ka- 
paa, Kauai, 1919; homesteading 
December, 1919, to date. With 
Bank of Kauai since Jan. 3, 1921. 
During period in Ambulance Serv- 
ice was at Allentown, Pa., seven 
months; Genoa, Italy, two months; 
St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne 
drives, and with Army of Occupa- 
tion, Germany, three months. Hon- 
orably discharged May S, 1919. 
Member American Legion, Kauai 
Post No. 2, Dept. of Hawaii (post 
adjutant, two years). 

BUSH, GAVIEN FRED, hardware 
merchant, Honolulu; born at Joliet, 
111., Nov. 1, 1865; son of Hiram 
Fred and Josephine (Young) Bush; 
educated in the public schools of 
Oakland, Cal. ; married Clara T. 
Sparrowe of San Francisco, Cal., 
Jan. 22, 1890; children: Gavien A., 
Hiram S., Albert S., LeRoy C., and 
Gavien Fred, Jr. Entered the 
hardware business Jan. 1, 1880; 
salesmanager Honolulu Iron Works. 
Was director and vice-president 
Merchants' Association. Honolulu; 
director, Honolulu Chamber of 
Commerce 1915; member of the 
Commercial Club (governor and 
president 1915). 

mobile salesman, Wailuku, T. H. ; 
born Berkeley, Cal., June 20, 1894; 
son of G. Fred and Clara (Spar- 
rowe) Bush; married Dorothy 
Hawk, at Honolulu, June 8, 1917'; 
two children: Hiram Shirley and 
Robert Innes. Educated McKinley 
high school, Honolulu, Univ. Cal.; 
salesman, Honolulu Rubber Works, 
1915-16; Schuman Carriage Co., 
1916 to date, except for 14 mos. in 
U. S. Army. Entered service with 
National Guard, rank of wagoner, 
June 1, 1918; 2nd Lieut. 1918; dis- 
charged 1919. 

BUSTARD, GEORGE, merchant, 
Honolulu; born Halewood, Liver- 
pool, Eng., Sept. 16, 1881; son of 
John and Alice Bustard; married 
Frances Woodworth, at Honolulu, 
Feb. 19, 1916; two children: John 
Warren and William Woodworth. 
Educated Liverpool Inst., Eng. Was 
apprentice and commercial traveler 
for Crosfields, sugar refiners, Liv- 
erpool, England; associated since 
1908 with Henry May & Co., Ltd., 
Honolulu, wholesale and retail gro- 
cers, becoming manager August 
1919. Member Commercial Club, 
(member board of governors) ; Ro- 






tary Club (member board of di- 
rectors) ; Ad Club, Chamber of 
Commerce, British Club. 

bor Bureau director, Honolulu; 
born Keytesville. Mo., Feb. 18, 
1882; son of John D. and Anna 
Louise (Kellogg) Butler; married 
Zita Clare Fahey, at San Francis- 
co, Oct. 14, 1907; one child, John 
Kellogg, Jr. Grammar and high 
school education. Long experience 
in railroad and steamship business; 
with S. P. Co., as statistician, asst. 
gen. freight agt., and Interstate 
Commerce expert, 1903-16; arrived 
Hawaii 1916, as traffic mgr. Oahu 
Ry. & Land Co., Honolulu; ordered 
active service, July 1918, as Captain 
Q. M. Corps, U. S. Army, and sent 
to Camp Funston, Kans., in charge 
transportation ; later ordered to 
Washington, D. C., becoming asst. 
chief, Inland Traffic Service under 
Genl. Staff Division of Purchase, 
Storage and Traffic; returned Ha- 
waii, March 1919, and resumed du- 
ties as traffic mgr. Oahu Ry. and 
Land Co.; secy, and treas. Hawaii- 
an Sug. Planters' Assn. since Oct. 
1920. Chosen Dept. Cmdr. Ameri- 
can Legion, Dept. of Hawaii, Feb. 
1920. Holds commission as Major, 
Reserve Corps, U. S. A. 

BUTTOLPH, GUY H., stock and 
bond broker, Honolulu; born June 
18th, 1869, in Cleveland, Ohio; son 
of Levi and Jennie E. (Wright) 
Buttles (the name Buttolph had 
been corrupted to Buttles, but in 
the present generation was changed 
back to the original spelling) ; de- 
scendant of Thomas Buttolph of 
Raynham, England, who came to 
Boston, Mass., in 1635; Boston was 
named after Boston, England, this 
town originally called Botolph's 
Town, named after Buttolph. later 
shortened to Boston; the old club 
in Boston, Mass., is called Botolph's 
Club, after this name. Educated at 
Kenyon Military Academy, gradu- 
ate Kenyon College, Gambler, Ohio, 
1892, degrees B.A. and M.A. Min- 
ing engineer in Ecuador, 1898-1903; 
followed mining engineering in 
Mexico three years and in Colorado 
one year; came to Honolulu 1910, 
entering the stock and bond busi- 
ness, associated with William Wil- 
liamson. Director Mid-Pacific Car- 
nival, Honolulu, 1917-21; member 
Knights Templar and Shrine, Uni- 
versity and Country Clubs. 

chant, Hilo, Hawaii; born in San 
Miguel, March 10, 1880; son of Joao 

M. and Marie (da Gloria) Cabrin- 
ha; common school education; 
married Philomena Fraga, in Ho- 
nolulu, February 17, 1911. Began 
in plantation work and later em- 
barked in the grocery business; es- 
tablished own business in Hilo, 
Hawaii, in 1905. Elected supervis- 
or for the County of Hawaii in 
1915; reelected 1917 and 1919. 
Organizer and proprietor of Wai- 
lea mill; president and mgr. of 
Kaiwiki Milling Co., Ltd.; in 
Charge of affairs for the Waiakea 
Homesteaders' trustees. Member 
of Lusitana and San Antonio So- 
cieties, Y. M. I., Moose Lodge and 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born Oct. 
18, 1883, at Sanford, Orange County, 
Florida; son of Frank Hawkins and 
Nellie Georgia (Worde) Caldwell; 
married Sadie E. Waldron, Feb. 28, 
1906, at Goldsboro, N. C.; no chil- 
dren. Educated, public schools to 
1896, Rollins College, Winter Park, 
Fla., Florida Agricultural & Me- 
chanical College to 1889; began pro- 
fessional career with Eddie Electric 
Co., New York, 1869; was supt. of 
the Florida Electric Co-, associated 
with U. S. Engineering Department 
and in public office in Hawaii from 
1812-14; road overseer in 1912; su- 
perintendent Public Works, Chair- 
man Board of Harbor Commission- 
ers; member four Loan Fund Com- 
missions, Territory of Hawaii, 1913- 
1914; vice-president Child & Cald- 
well, Ltd., sales factors 1914-16; 
dept. manager, Schuman Carriage 
Co., 1916-20; vice-president and 
general manager The Caldwell Co., 
Ltd., sales factors, since 1920; Cap- 
tain 1st Sept. Co., Hawaiian En- 
gineers, N. G. ; associate member 
Am. Soc. of C. E., B. P. O. E., K. 
of P., Commercial Club 

and notary, Honolulu; born Feb. 3, 
1866, in Funchal, Island of Madeira; 
son of Joaquim M. Camara; mar- 
ried Mary C. Cunha, in Honolulu, 
Feb. 26, 1890; three children, Ber- 
nice (Mrs. Daniel G. Webber), Ade- 
line Constance (Mrs. Cecil G. 
Benny), Jeanette (Mrs- John F. 
Ness). Educated in primary grades 
in Funchal and public schools of 
Honolulu. Member Honolulu Rifles 
1887-89, com. 2nd Lieut., 1st Lieut, 
and Captain. Joined Provisional 
Government forces Feb. 11, 1893. 
Com'd. Captain and Major; now 
member National Guard, rank of 
Major, Chief of Ordnance. Was Por- 
tuguese interpreter, First Circuit 
Courts (Honolulu) 1898, and 1908- 


















1913. Has practiced law since 1909. 
Member San Martinho Benefit So- 
ciety, secretary one term, president 
two terms. 

perintendent Fred Baldwin Memor- 
ial Home, Paia. Maui; born at 
Moncton, N. B., Feb. 29, 1880; son 
of Daniel Alexander and Nellie 
(Gollan) Cameron; educated public 
school (Moncton, N. B.), Mount 
Herman Boys' School (Mt. Herman, 
Mass.); married Alice Vivien Dur- 
ling at Arlington, Mass., Oct. 5, 
1910; three children: Faith Bar- 
bara, Ruth Alice, Bruce Sanford- 
Began in operating dept. of the B. 
& M. R. R., 1897-1908; clerk in law 
office of Hayes, Sleeper & Brow- 
nell, Boston, Mass., 1908-11; super- 
intendent Fred Baldwin Memorial 
Home, Paia, Maui, since 1911. Was 
manager of first and second Maui 
County Fairs and superintendent of 
first Territorial Fair; director of 
Maui County Fair & Racing Assn. ; 
trustee Maui Chamber of Com- 
merce; treasurer Board of Child 
Welfare, County of Maui. Mem- 
ber I. O. O. F. Lodge 197. 

cier, Honolulu; born at Dayton, 
Nev., Oct. 1, 1868; son of James 
L. and Mary Jane (Atkins) Camp- 
bell: educated Methodist College, 
Napa, California, and Stockton 
Business and Normal Institute, 
Stockton, Cal. ; married Josephine 
de Lartigue in Honolulu. July 3. 
1907; two children: Albert New- 
ton and Valkyrie . Instructor 
Stockton Business College, Stock- 
ton, Cal., 1893-95; traveling sales- 
man. Wiester & Co., San Francisco, 
1895-98; instructor Oahu College, 
Honolulu, 1898-99; cashier for W. 
R. Castle of Honolulu, 1899-1902; 
treasurer Henry Waterhouse Trust 
Co., Ltd., Honolulu, since 1902. Is 
treasurer Honolulu Gas Co., Ltd.; 
director and vice-president Hawaii 
Consolidated Railway Co., and di- 
rector of many other corporations 
in Honolulu. Member Elks, Chiefs 
of Hawaii, Commercial Club, Coun- 
try Club and Hawaiian Polo and 
Racing Association, Honolulu. 


president Volcano Stables & Trans- 
portation Co., Hilo, Hawaii; born 
in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 25, 1862; 
son of Alexander and Margaret 
Campbell; educated in the schools 
of Honolulu and Heald's Business 
College, San Francisco, Cal.; mar- 
ried Florence M. K. Smith of 
Kauai, at Wailuku, Maui, Dec. 27, 
1899: children: William H., Julia 
K., Alex. James, Florence M. K., 

Colin C. and John M. Began 
career on plantation, Island of 
Maui, filling different capacities 
from a luna to manager; removed 
to Island of Hawaii to start the 
Puna Sugar Co., 1900; gave up 
plantation work to become vice- 
president and later president of 
the Volcano Stables & Transpor- 
tation Co., Ltd., Hilo, 1912. Mem- 
ber and past master of Kilauea 
Lodge, F. & A. M., member and 
past exalted ruler of the Hilo 
Lodge, B. P. O. Elks. 


businessman, Honolulu: born Og- 
den, Utah,, Sept. 27, 1884; son of 
Frank J. and Martha A. (Brown) 
Cannon; father was first U. S. 
Senator from Utah; grandfather, 
George Q. Cannon, was Congress- 
man from Utah and first Mormon 
Missionary to Hawaii; educated 
University of Utah; married Glenn 
Douglas in Ogclen, Utah, Oct. 22, 
1907; three children, Martha Lucile, 
Frances and Elizabeth. Served ap- 
prenticeship in electric department 
of Utah Light and Power Co., 
while attending college; traveled in 
Europe 1903-06; miner and en- 
gineer Utah Copper Co.. 1907-08; 
superintendent J. P. O'Neill Con- 
struction Co., Ogden, Utah, 1909- 
1910: commercial representative 
Denver Gas & Electric Light Co., 
1911-14; sales manager Honolulu 
Gas Co., 1914; manager Honolulu 
Gas Co., 1918. 

prin., Hawaii; born Ponta Delgada, 
St. Miguel, Azores, Feb. 26, 1880; 
son of Manoel S. and Frances 
(Costa) Capellas. Married Eliza 
Reis, at Wailuku, Maui, July 15, 
1903; seven children: Dorothy Nor- 
ma, Cecilia Pauline, Elizabeth Bo- 
naventure, Eugene S., Jr., Laurence 
Joseph, Thelma Frances, Phylis 
Claire. Educated in grammar 
schools, and took correspondence 
course in law. Asst. teacher, Ke- 
alahou School, i Kula, Maui, 1897- 
1901; prin. Hakalau school, 1901 to 
date; active in development of the 
school during this period; chairman 
of Republican County Committee, 
Hawaii, since Oct. 1918; treas. 1920 
Republican campaign in Hawaii 
county; pres. Hilo Portuguese Sav- 
ings and Investment Co., Hilo. 
Member Hilo Teachers' Union, secy. 
15 years; St. Antonio Benevolent 
Society, Honolulu; Court Mauna 
Kea, A. O. F.; senior warden; Or- 
der of Owls, Nest No. 1865; Exec. 
Committee Kilauea Council, B. S. 
A.; secy, and treas. Hawaii Educa- 
tion Assn. 






etrist and optician, Honolulu; born 
at Alt. Pulaski. 111., Jan. 28, 1864; 
son of Charles R., and Elizabeth 
(Lushbaugh) Capps; educated in 
schools of Alt. Pulaski and gradu- 
ated from Chicago Opthalmic Col- 
lege; married Alary Phillips at 
Youngstown, O,, June 6. 1890; two 
children: Robert Waldron and 
Margaret. Began professional 
work in Peoria, 111... 1893-97; 
Seattle, Wash., 1898-1903; estab- 
lished and was pres. and mgr. 
Seattle Optical Co., 1903-16; to Ho- 
nolulu, Jan., 1916; mgr. optical 
dept. Wall & Dougherty, jewelers, 
1916-18; joined Dr. R. A. Thomp- 
son and is pres. and mgr. Thomp- 
son Optical Institute, Ltd. Organ- 
ized and member first state board 
of examiners in optometry, Wash- 
ington, 1910-13; member advisory 
board National Assn. of Optomet- 
rists; pres. Territorial Board of 
Examiners in Optometry, Hawaii; 
had seven years' service in Nation- 
al Guard of Illinois as 2nd and 1st 
lieut.; member Blue Lodge, F. & 
A. M.; Royal Arch Alasons; Com- 
mercial Club, Ad Club, K. of P. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born Alarch 3. 
1888. in Honolulu; son of John 
Joseph and Anna Diane (Woodard) 
Garden; married Florence Gavin 
Cassidy in Honolulu, Alarch 
1916: one child, Florence Aline. 
Educated Honolulu High School, 
University of California, B.L., 1911. 
Harvard Law School, LL.B., 1914. 
Deputy City and County Attorney, 
City and County of Honolulu, Aug. 
1915-June. 1917; Commissioner 
Public Utilities Commission Terri- 
tory of Hawaii, Aug. 1916 -June, 
1917: Chairman Public Utilities 
Commission, June, 1917-June 30, 
1921 (two terms). Member Com- 
mercial, Country and University 
Clubs. I. O. O: F., Hawaii Bar As- 
sociation, American Bar Associa- 
tion, Automobile Club, Rotary 
Club, Beretania Tennis Club. 

CARLSMITH, CARL S., lawyer. 
Hilo, Hawaii; born Sept. 4, 1870, 
at Cambridge, Vermont; son of 
Edward Charles and Alarilla (Der- 
by) Smith; (name changed to 
Carlsmith Jan. 1, 1911, according 
to act of Legislature) ; educated 
public schools (San Jose. Cal.), 
University of California, 1887-1889, 
Stanford University, 1891-93, A. B., 
Northwestern University, LL. B., 
1896; married Nelle Wood, Decem- 
ber 2, 1897, in Atlantic, Iowa; 
children, Leonard Eldon, Margaret 

Estelle, Carl Wendell, Alerrill Law- 
rence. Began professional career 
as librarian. Chicago Law Insti- 
tute, 1895-97; came to Honolulu 
December 27, 1897; practised law 
in Hilo, Hawaii, since 1898. Circuit 
Judge 3rd and 4th Circuits, 1898; 
Representative 1st District, Legis- 
lature, 1905. Alember Author's 
Club (London), University Club 
(Honolulu), Sons American Revo- 
lution, D. K. E. Fraternity, Ameri- 
can Association for Advancement 
of Science, Academy of Political 
Science; pres. Rotary Club of Hilo. 


pathologist, Honolulu; born at 
Westport, N. Y.. September 23, 
1888; son of Frank H. and Flora 
A. (Stone) Carpenter; educated 
University of Vermont, B.S., 1911; 
AI.S.. 1912. Was assistant bacteri- 
ologist Vermont State Experiment 
Station, 1912-13; scientific assistant 
Bureau of Plant Industry, U. S. 
Dept. of Agriculture, 1913-16, 
Washington, D. C. ; pathologist, 
Hawaiian Agricultural Experiment 
Station, 1916-19: associate patholo- 
gist H. S. P. A. Experiment Sta- 
tion since 1919. Contributor to 
journals of science, U. S. Dept. of 
Agr. bulletins, etc., on diseases of 
cotton, truck crops, cane and pine- 
apples. Alember American Associ- 
ation for the Advancement of 

CARSON, MERWIN B., civil en- 
gineer, Honolulu; born in Jersey 
City. N. J.,- Aug. 21, 1888; son of 
Charles E. and Elizabeth (Flanagan) 
Carson; graduated from Leland 
Stanford University. B. S., 1911; 
married Myrtle Schuman in Hono- 
lulu, Nov. 28, 1916; two children: 
Knight S. and Loma. Began as topo- 
graphical surveyor, irrigation work, 
California, 1912; construction engr.. 
crude oil pumping plants, Calif., 
1913; const, engr. Federal Telegraph 
Co., erecting 600 ft. timber wireless 
mast, Heeia, Oahu, T. H., 1914; civil 
engr., Dowsett Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 
subdivision of Dowsett tract, 1915; 
designed and superintended during 
construction, reinforced concrete 
wharves and warehouses for Inter- 
Island Steam Navigation Co.'s ter- 
minal, Honolulu harbor, 1916-1920; 
supt. of terminal since 1920. Member 
American Soc. Civil Engineers, Univ. 
Club and Oahu County Club. 

cian and surgeon, Honokaa, Ha- 
waii; born at Hatfield. Alissouri, 
Alarch 28, 1890; son of John Henry 
and Belle (Adair) Carter; edu- 












cated Mound City (Missouri) high 
school, 1911, and University of 
Southern California Medical School, 
1915; married Julia Elizabeth Wag- 
ner, June 22, 1917, in Hilo, Hawaii; 
two children: Robert C. and Miriam 
L. Served internship at California 
Hospital, Los Angeles, June, July 
and August, 1915; internship at 
Mary's Help Hospital, San Francis- 
co, Aug. 1915-June 1916, practise of 
medicine and surgery in Hawaii 
since. Served as 1st lieut. Medical 
Corps, 2nd Hawaiian Infantry, June 
1918-Feb. 1919. 

governor Territory of Hawaii, re- 
tired, Honolulu; born Dec. 28, 1866, 
in Honolulu. Hawaii; son of His Ex- 
cellency Henry A. P. Carter (who 
served as Hawaiian Minister to 
Washington. D. C., and was senior 
partner in firm C. Brewer & Co.) and 
Sybil Augusta (Judd) Carter; de- 
scendant of Rev. Thomas Carter, 
who settled at Woburn, Mass., 1640. 
Educated Fort street school, Hono- 
lulu; Phillips Academy, Andover, 
Mass.; Yale University, S. 1888. 
Married Helen Strong of New York, 
Apr. 19, 1892; three children: Eliza- 
beth, Phoebe, George Robert, Jr. Be- 
gan business career with. Seattle Na- 
tional Bank, 1889; cashier C. Brewer 
& Co., Honolulu, 1895-98; manager 
Hawaiian Trust Co., 1898-1902, and 
and mng. director Hawn. Fertilizer 
Co., 1900-02; served Terr. Sen- 
ate, 1901; appointed Secretary Ter- 
ritory of Hawaii, 1902; appointed 
Governor, 1903-07; is still a director 
of C. Brewer & Co., Ltd.; has 
been collecting and perfecting a 
private Hawaiian library since 
retirement from active business; 
president Hawaii Chapter American 
Red Cross, 1917; volunteer service 
for Red Cross, Washington, D. C.. 
and France, Sept. 1918-Nov. 1919. 
Member Hawaiian Sugar Planters' 
Assn.; Hawaiian Mission Children's 
Society; Social Science Assn.; Ha- 
waiian Historical Soc. ; Navy League 
of U. S. ; New England Hist. Ge- 
nealogical Soc.; St. Anthony Club 
and India House, N. Y.; Pacific 
Club and University Club, Hono- 
lulu. Republican. 


estates and insurance, Honolulu; 
born Jan. 22, 1882, in Honolulu; 
son of Bruce and Mary (Wells) 
Cartwright; married Caroline Julia 
Fredericka Claire Williams June 1, 
1911. in Honolulu (deceased Jan. 12, 
1919); children, Bruce III (de- 
ceased), William Edward, Coleman; 
married Alyce Steele, June 26, 
1919, at Honolulu; stepdaughter 

Virginia. Educated, Punahou 

Academy, Mt. Tamalpais Military 
Academy, Belmont Military Acad- 
emy (Cal.), Phillips Andover Acad- 
emy. Yale Sheffield Scientific 
School, Ph.B. Entered business as 
clerk Henry W T aterhouse Trust Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu; later drill foreman 
and subinspector of dredging at 
Pearl Harbor; joined estate and 
insurance business of Bruce Cart- 
wright, Sr., 1911; commissioned 
Capt., Q. M. C., U. S. Army, June 
1, 1917, active service July 25, 1918; 
Liaison Officer, Motor Transport 
Corps. Washington, D. C., Aug. 21 
1918-Dec. 28, 1918; Chief Overseas 
Liaison Division, Motor Transport 
Corps, Washington, D. C., Dec. 28, 
1918-March 1, 1919: commissioned 
Major. Motor Transport Service, 
May 15, 1919, Officers Reserve 
Corps, U. S. Army. Trustee Queen 
Emma Estate and other estates; 
manager for Territory of Hawaii 
Preferred Accident Ins. Co., The 
United States Fidelity & Guaranty 
Co., The Philadelphia Underwrit- 
ers; Correspondent The Board of 
Underwriters of New York and 
National Board of Marine Under- 
writers. Member Chiefs of Ha- 
waii, Masons, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Oahu Country Club, Amer- 
ican Legion, Military Order of the 
World War, Hawaiian Historical 
Society, American Philatelic So- 
ciety, Junior Philetalic Society of 
London, Aero Club of America, 
author of several papers on stamps, 
volcanology and historical and 
philatelic subjects; enjoys hunting 
and game fishing. 

principal, Papaikou, Hawaii; born 
at Ponta Delgada, Azores, Apr. 
24, 1873; son of Manuel Joa- 
quim de and Jacintha Candida 
(Furtado) Carvalho; married Maria 
dos Anjos Bento, Feb. 20. 1898, in 
Hilo, Hawaii; ten children: Anna 
J., Virginio A., Reginald S., Albert 
T., Herman J., Raymond F, Ray- 
mond Godfrey, Stanislaus Clemen- 
te, Marie Thelma, Priscilla Leon- 
ilda Marie. Arrived Honolulu, Aug. 
24, 1881, on British bark Suffick; 
educated St. Mary's College, Hilo, 
and Honolulu Normal Training 
School. Prin. Hakalau school 1893- 
H.'P; prin. Honomu school, 1895- 
1913; supervising prin. for dists. 
of Hilo and Puna, 1913-14; prin. 
Papaikou school since Sept. 1, 1914. 
Member S. B. L. de Hawaii, Con- 
celho Don Manuel II, No. 19, R. A. 
B. A. M. (first pres.), Francis 
Council No. 573, Young Men's In- 
stitute; Court Mauna Kea 8854, 
A. O. F. 






chemist, Lihue, Kauai; born To- 
peka, Kans., Nov. 20, 1892; son of 
Daniel H. and Katherine (Mer- 
riam) Case; married. Elizabeth Mc- 
Connell, Feb. 17, 1919, at Honolulu; 
one child. James Hebard. Attend- 
ed Staunton Military Academy. 
Ya.; Cornell Univ.. two years; Col- 
lege of Hawaii, B.S., 1917. County 
agent terr. food commission. 1917: 
Kauai representative, federal food 
administration, 1917-18; first lieut. 
U. S. army, 1918-19; member terr. 
fair commission, 1918; chemist 
Grove Farm Plantation since 1919. 

yer, \Vailuku, Maui ; born in 
Leavenworth, Kansas, Feb. 10, 
1864: son of Adrial Hebard and 
Helen Augusta (Kiff) Case, father 
was pioneer attorney of Kansas; 
educated at Washburn College; 
Oberlin College; Northwestern Uni- 
versity, (Law Department), and 
graduated from Garfield University 
of Kansas (Law Department); 
married Kathryn May Merriam at 
Oberlin, Ohio, Sept. 2, 1890; three 
children: Adrial Hebard, Cleo Anita 
and Laura Althea. After gradu- 
ation, practised law in father's of- 
fice. Topeka, Kan., also serving as 
court reporter; entered law office 
of Kinney and Ballou, Honolulu, 
1896. also serving as official court 
reporter; opened law offices W.-ii- 
luku. Maui. 1903, where he has 
since resided. Was County Attor- 
ney of Maui for several terms; is a 
director and officer of Bank of 
Maui, Ltd.. Maui Publishing Co., 
Ltd., Maui Drygoods and Grocery 
Co., Ltd.; Trustee and Secretary 
Maui Chamber of Commerce; Di- 
rector and Secretary Maui Co Fair 
and Racing Assn. Member Lodge 
Maui. A. F. & A. M., No. 472; 
lao Lodge of Perfection; Haleakala 
Chapter of Rose Croix; Pacific 
Council of Kadosh; Shriner; mem- 
ber Aloha Lodge K. P. 

CASE, GEORGE BOYD, business- 
man, Honolulu; born Los Angeles, 
Cal.. May 29, 1884; son of George 
Henry and Mary (Boyd) Case; 
married Mae Ramona Marshall, at 
Honolulu, October 22, 1914; gram- 
mar and high school education. 
Employed four years in general of- 
fices Santa Fe Ry. Co., in Los An- 
geles; two years in local office 
Southern Pacific Ry., Los Angeles; 
three years with Los Angeles 
Farming and Milling Co.; arrived 
in Honolulu June 13. 1911, and has 
been with The Sweet Shop Com- 
pany, Ltd., since that time. Mem- 
ber South Gate Lodge No. 320, F. 

& A. M.. Los Angeles; Honolulu 
Chapter No. 1, R. A. M.; Honolulu 
Commandery No. 1, K. T. ; Aloha 
Temple A. A. O. N. M. S. ; Cham- 
ber of Commerce and Rotary Club. 


comparative pathologist, bacteri- 
ologist and veterinary sanitarian. 
Honolulu; born at Norwich. Conn., 
Feb. 18, 1881; son of Charles Henry 
and Alice M. (Newton) Case; edu- 
cated Norwich Free Academy, 1901; 
New York State Veterinary Col- 
lege; Cornell University, 1908; de- 
gree Doctor of Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Married. Studied uficler 
Prof. Veranus A. Moore, one of the 
leading comparative pathologists in 
U. S., graduating from university 
with highest scholarship honors, 
1907 and 1908; assistant territorial 
veterinarian under the late Dr. V. 
A. Norgaard, Territory of Hawaii, 
July 1908-Nov. 30, 1920; appointed 
Territorial Veterinarian Dec. 1, 
1920. As expert laboratory diag- 
nostician took charge of the tuber- 
culosis eradication work; originated 
the intrapalpebrial tuberculine test 
for determining the presence of tu- 
berculosis in cattle in 1912, which 
has proved very successful in 
eradicating this disease from the 
territory; originated intradermal 
mallein test for the detection of 
glanders among horse stock in 
1910. which test was found suc- 
cessful by the late Dr. Norgaard 
in eradicating glanders from 
Waipio valley, Hawaii. Member 
Cornell Club of Hawaii, University 
Club of Honolulu and Seaside 
Club of Hilo. 


attorney at law. Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu, March 18, 1884; son of 
\Villiam Richards and Ida Beatrice 
(Lowrey) Castle; married Ethelin- 
da Schaefer, daughter of F. A. 
Schaefer of Honolulu, Dec. 8. 1908; 
children, Alfred Lowrey, Jr., Gwen- 
dolyn and William Donald. Edu- 
cated Oahu College, Hotchkiss 
School (Conn.), Harvard Univer- 
sity, A.B., 1906, Harvard Law 
School, LL. B., 1909; entered law 
practise with Castle & Withington 
(Honolulu), 1908; Deputy Commis- 
sioner for Siberia American Red 
Cross, 1918; Field Director for Ha- 
waii and special representative, 
American Red Cross, for Japan, 
Hawaii. China, and the Philippines; 
member of law firm. Robertson, 
Castle and Olsen. Director of 
Alexander <fe Baldwin, Ltd., Hono- 
lulu Rapid Transit and Land Co.. 
Honolulu Gis Co., Ltd... Henry 
Waterhouse Trust Co.. Ltd., Ha- 






waiian Pineapple Co., Ltd., and 
Kahului Railway. Was Representa- 
tive to Territorial Legislature 1911: 
Senator 1915 and 1917. chairman 
judiciary comm. each session. 
Member Digamma Club. Hasty 
Pudding Club, Institute of 1770, 

D. K. E. fraternity and Thayer Law 
Club of Harvard; University Club, 
Harvard Club, Beretania Tennis 
Club, Hawaii Polo & Racing Club, 
president Hawaiian Tennis Assn. 
(winner of championship, singles, 
1908, 1910, 1911; doubles, 1911, 1916, 
1919, 1920). Was pitcher on var- 
sity baseball team at Harvard. 


retired, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu, April 29, 1851: son of Samuel 
Northrop and Mary Castle; father 
came to Honolulu, 1836, as finan- 
cial agent for American Board of 
Commissioners for Foreign Missions 
of Boston and advisor to the early 
kings: educated at Punahou 
School (Honolulu); high school, Ann 
Arbor, Michigan; one year at 
Michigan University; one year 
at Detroit Medical School, Detroit, 
Mich. Married Ida Mary Tenney 
in Hilo, Hawaii, Oct. 17, 1879; two 
children, Dorothy and Margaret 
(Mrs. A. M. Tozzer). Began as 
clerk in firm of Castle & Cooke, 
Honolulu, 1875; acquired an inter- 
est in the business, 1882, which 
later incorporated, 1894; vice-presi- 
dent Castle & Cooke, Ltd., until 
death of J. B. Atherton in April. 
1903; became president, 1903; sur- 
rendered this position in favor of 

E. D. Tenney, 1916. Was a mem- 
ber of Honolulu Rifles and citizens 
guard during early days of the re- 
volt; elected member of Advisory 
Council of the Republic of Ha- 
waii, Jar vary 16, 1895. Vice-presi- 
dent ana director Castle & Cooke, 
Ltd.. Honolulu Rapid Transit and 
Land Co., S. N. Castle Estate, Ltd., 
director Ewa Plantation Co., trus- 
tee Mid-Pacific Institute, Hilo 
Boarding School and Mary Castle 
Trust. Member Excelsior Lodge 
(Odd Fellows), the Hawaiian 
Board, and interested in general in 
religious, educational and charity 
objects. Has been connected with 
Kawaiahao Sunday School since 

CASTLE, HAROLD K. L., busi- 
nessman, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu, Hawaiian Islands, July 3, 
1886; son of James B. and Julia 
(White) Castle; earliest American 
ancestors came over on Mayflower 
in 1620, among them being William 
Bradford, first governor Oi Massa- 
chusetts, and Elder Brewster, a 

very noted man; married Alice H. 
Hedeman, Feb. 16, 1910, in Hono- 
lulu; three children: Virginia 
Frothingham, James Christian and 
Alice Churchill. Educated, Puna- 
hou school, Oahu College, Harvard 
University (two years); began bus- 
iness career in the employ of Cali- 
fornia & Hawaiian Sugar Refining 
Co., at their refinery at Crockett. 
Cal., 1906-1907: with Alexander & 
Baldwin, Ltd. (Honolulu), in differ- 
ent capacities for several years; 
entered business with his father as 
business manager and part owner 
in his various enterprises; director, 
Hawaiian Development Co., Castle 
& Cooke, Ltd., Castle Estate, Ltd., 
and many other corporations. Mem- 
ber, Oahu Country, University and 
Hawaii Polo and Racing Clubs. Is 
a fond follower of aquatic sports, 
surfing, polo and big game hunting. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born Honolulu. 
March 19, 1849; son of Samuel 
Northrup and Mary Ann (Tenney) 
Castle; descendant of Henry 
Castle, who landed in Virginia 
about 1636 from England, later re- 
moving to Connecticut, 1659, and 
of the first Castle coming to Ha- 
waii, S. N. Castle, who arrived 
1837, as financial agt. for Amer- 
ican Board of Commissioners for 
Foreign Missions. Married Ida 
Beatrice Lowrey, of Pittsfield, 
Mass., Oct. 12, 1875; children: Wil- 
liam R., Alfred L. and Beatrice. 
Educated Oahu College, Honolulu; 
Oberlin College, Ohio; Harvard 
Law School; Columbia Law 
School, LL.B.. 1873. (Hon. degree 
A.M., Oberlin College, 1887). Prac- 
tised law in New York, 1874-76; 
returning to Hawaii was appointed 
attorney-general, Kingdom of Ha- 
waii, Feb. -Nov.. 1876; member 
Legislature of Hawaii, 1878, 1886, 
1887, 1888, being pres. 1887-88; an- 
nexation commissioner, Hawaii to 
U. S., 1893; Hawn. Minister, resi- 
dent in Washington, D. C., 1895; 
president Board of Education, Re- 
public of Hawaii. 1896; pres. Hono- 
lulu Gas. Co., Ltd., S. N. Castle 
Est., and officer or director in many 
corporations; trustee Oahu Col- 
lege, since 1881. Member Hawn. 
Bar Assn., American Bar Assn., 
Natl. Municipal League, Natl. Eco- 
nomic League, University Club, 
Harvard Club of Hawaii, American 
Academy of Political and Social 
Science. Has retired from general 
practise confining law work to 
trust estates and business con- 
nected therewith since death of his 
partner D. L. Withington. 







business man and consul, Hono- 
lulu; born on Island of Madeira, 
Sept. 30, 1883; son of Joseph D. 
and Mary (Augusta) Castro; edu- 
cation. Hawaii public schools; mar- 
ried Mary Franca in Honolulu, 
July 15, 1911; four children: Alex- 
ander, Inez, Romelia, Quincy and 
Mary. Began business career as 
mercantile clerk, Honolulu, 1889- 
1902; following this became execu- 
tive secretary for St. Antonio So- 
ciety, Honolulu, 1902, which posi- 
tion he still holds; consul of Bra- 
zil since 1915; consul of Peru since 
1920; treasurer Mutual Building & 
Loan Society since 1909; secy. Ideal 
Clothing Co., Ltd., Honolulu, since 
1912; is resident agent of London 
& Scottish Assurance Corp., Ltd., 
and is financial trustee in a num- 
ber of lines. Served in Territorial 
Legislature, 1906-10; member Pub- 
lic Land Board, Oahu Loan Fund 
Commission, Commission on Legis- 
lation for Fraternal Societies; di- 
rector Honolulu Social Service Bu- 
reau; treas. Portuguese Charitable 
Society. Member Commercial Club, 
I. O. R. M., A. O. F., San Antonio 
Society and Lusitana Society. 


prin. Kaluaaha pub. school, Molo- 
kai; born Honolulu, April 5, 1886; 
son of Robert W. and Keolamauloa 
(Pakalaka) Cathcart; married Eliz- 
abeth K. Ana, at Honolulu, Aug. 10, 
1912; four children: Kalani Flor- 
ence. Abel Kamai, Madeline Helene, 
Victor Ana (deceased), and by for- 
mer marriage, John, Samuel, Enoch, 
Robert (deceased), Joseph, Hattie, 
Keola, Josephine. Educated public 
schools, St. Louis College, Terr. 
Normal School. Teacher Makena, 
Maui, 1903-04; prin. Waialua, Molo- 
kai, 1905-12; prin. Kapapala, Kau, 
Hawaii. 1912-13; prin. Nahiku, 
Maui, 1913-15; teacher, Kaneohe, 
Oahu, 1915-18; prin. Kaluaaha, Mo- 
lokai, 1918 to date. Member Civic 
Federation, Molokai; Terr. Teach- 
ers' Assn., Maui Principals' Club. 

CATHCART, JOHN W., attorney 
at law. Honolulu; born Oct. 31, 1860, 
in St. Paul, Minn.; son of Alexander 
H. and Rebecca (Marshall) Cath- 
cart; married Mary Hemphill in San 
Francisco, Gal., June 6, 1891. Edu- 
cated in the public schools of St. 
Paul. Read law in the office of 
Cushman K. Davis, attorney, in St. 
Paul, Minn., and later was admitted 
to the bar; located in Honolulu Sept. 
1898; practised law in Honolulu 
since 1898; City and County Attor- 
ney, Honolulu, Jan. 1909 -Aug. 1915; 

retiring to private practise ; member 
of law firm Thompson, Cathcart & 

CATTON, ROBERT R., engineer. 
Honolulu; born at Huelo, Maui, 
June 1. 1880; son of Robert and 
Brereton Lewis (Street) Catton; 
educated grammar school, Hono- 
lulu, and Dollar Academy, Scot- 
land; married Edith Ewart in Ho- 
nolulu March 12, 1912; two chil- 
dren, Alice B. and Jean M. After 
leaving school served apprentice- 
ship in engineering with The Mirr- 
lees Watson Co., Scotland, finishing 
1901: returned to Honolulu and was 
machinist with Hawaiian Commer- 
cial & Sugar Co., Maui. 1902-03; 
pump engineer, Waialua Agricul- 
tural Co., Waialua, Oahu, 1903-04; 
engaged as draftsman with Catton, 
Xeill & Co., Ltd., Honolulu, Feb. 
1904, and in other capacities since, 
later becoming department mana- 
ger of mechanical branch. Member 
Oahu Country Club, Commercial 
Club and Outrigger Club. Repub- 


sugar researcher, Honolulu; born 
Philadelphia, Pa., Apr. 3, 1893; son 
of John W. and Currance (Crane) 
Caum; married Mary E. Taylor, at 
West Chester, Pa., July 19, 1919. 
Educated public schools, Philadel- 
phia; Oahu College, Honolulu, 
1910; Swarthmore College, A.B., 
1914; graduate work, Swarthmore 
and George Washington Univ., 
1914-15. Member staff H. S. P. A. 
Experiment Station since early in 

Honolulu, T. H. ; born at Netherley, 
Kincardineshire County, Scotland, 
July 26, 1858; son of 'Joseph and 
Elizabeth (Jamieson) Chalmers; 
ducated Cockney public school, 
Kincardineshire, Scotland; married 
Mary Ann Duncan (deceased) at 
Hilo. Hawaii, Oct. 1885; married 
Jessie Ann Thomson in Aberdeen, 
Scotland, Sept. 1902; eight children, 
George, Mary, William, Bella, Jos- 
eph, Robert, Thomas, Florence. 
Began farming career in Scotland 
before coming to the Hawaiian Isl- 
ands; became head overseer for 
Hilo Sugar Co.. 1883-1893; mana- 
ger of Waimanalo Sugar Co., Wai- 
manalo, Oahu, 1893-1920. 

CHALMERS, JOHN, retired plan- 
tation manager, Honolulu; born 
in Scotland, Sept. 17. 1860; son of 
Joseph and Elizabeth (Jamieson) 
Chalmers; educated at Cookney 
School, County of Kincardineshire, 
Scotland; married Agnes Cushnie, 






in Scotland, Oct. 26, 1891; three 
children; Elsie J., Joseph and Ag- 
nes K. Chalmers. Worked on farm 
1877-1883; came to Hawaii, 1884; 
worked at Waiakea 3 months, Lau- 
pahoehoe 9 months; Hakalau and 
Honohina, 1885-92; Hawaiian Sugar 
Co., Makaweli, Kauai. 1893; Wai- 
manalo Sugar Co., 1904; manager 
Hana Sugar Plantation, now 
known as Kaeleku Sugar Co., Hana 
Maui, 1904-20, retiring Jan., 1921. 

chanical engineer, Ookala, Hawaii; 
born at Waimanalo. Oahu, April 10, 
1894; son of George and Mary Ann 
(Duncan) Chalmers; educated Mc- 
Kinley school, Berkeley, Calif., 1910, 
and Berkeley high school, 1914; 
Polytechnic College of Engineering, 
Oakland, Calif., 1918. Began as 
timekeeper and irrigation luna, 
1918; headoverseer. Waimanalo 
plantation. Oahu, 1919; night engi- 
neer, Hilo Sugar Co., Wainaku, 
Hawaii. 1920; chief engineer, Kai- 
wiki Sugar Co., Hawaii, since 1920. 
Member Honolulu B. P. O. Elks 616. 


contractor, Honolulu; born June 10, 
1874, in Ottawa, Canada; son of 
Andrew and Isabella Jane (Wil- 
son) Chalmers; married Lillie 
Read in New Westminster, B.C., 
April 22, 1896; three children: 
Grace I. V., Doris Lillian, Gladys 
Alexandra. Educated Carleton 

Place High School (Ontario), Hun- 
tingdon (Quebec) Academy. Su- 
perintendent of construction, Im- 
perial Bank of Canada (Vancouver, 
B. C.), 1896; 15 years superinten- 
dent of construction U. S. Army; 
settled in Honolulu. Dec. 1905, and 
superintended construction of Fort 
Shafter for the contractors; one of 
incorporators Pacific Engineering 
Co., Ltd. (Honolulu), Nov. 13, 
1909; built McKinley High School, 
1908; superintended construction 
of number of larger buildings in 
Honolulu. Member Commercial 
Club, Hawaiian Engineering Asso- 
ciation, K. of P., I. O. O. F., B. P. 
O. E. No. 616, Oahu Country and 
Pacific Clubs. 

CHAMBERLAIN, WM. W., finan- 
cier, Honolulu; born Feb. 13, 1873. 
in Honolulu; son of Warren and 
Celia P. (Wright) Chamberlain; 
married Clio Newton, Feb. 21, 1906, 
in Honolulu; three children: War- 
ren L., Clio O., Albethia M.; de- 
scendant of William Chamberlain 
who settled in Woburn (Mass.) in 
1648; grandson of Levi Chamber- 
lain, secular secretary American 
Board of Foreign Missions in Ha- 
waii 1823-1849; educated Punahou 

Preparatory School, Oahu College 
(Honolulu), Bryant and Startton's 
Business College (Chicago) ; be- 
came associated with Hawaiian 
Gazette Co., 1895; W. W. Dimond 
& Co., 1897; Honolulu Postoffice 
1898; Bank of Hawaii, 1899; Ka- 
hului R. R. Co., 1899; Paia Plan- 
tation Co., 1900; W. O. Smith, 1900; 
with W. O. Smith was organizer of 
Guardian Trust Co., Ltd., 1911; di- 
rector Oahu Railway & Land Co. 
since 1915; vice-president Allen & 
Robinson, Ltd.; director Bishop 
Trust Co., Ltd. Served Co. B., Ho- 
nolulu Rifles, in revolution, 1895- 
1897; 2nd Lieut. Mounted Reserve 
prior to annexation. Member 
Commercial Club, Honolulu Cham- 
ber of Commerce. Hawaiian His- 
torical Society, Hawaiian Mission 
Children's Society and Ad Club. 

inessman, Honolulu: born at Flint, 
Mich., April 19, 1866; son of Dr. 
Andrew B. and Josephine H. (Rose) 
Chapin; educated in schools at 
Flint and Pontiac, Michigan; mar- 
ried Ella V. Preston at Washing- 
ton. Mich., July 12, 1892; six chil- 
dren: Marjorie, Marion, Mildred, 
Madeline, Preston and Clark. Be- 
gan as clerk and later foreman, 
Pasadena Manufacturing Co., Pasa- 
dena, Calif., 1886-90; removed to 
Honolulu, Feb. 1891, and was clerk 
with Castle & Cooke, Ltd., until 
1892; bookkeeper and cashier, E. O. 
Hall & Son, Ltd., 1892-1900; secre- 
tary and treasurer. Concrete Con- 
struction Co.. Honolulu, 1900-11; 
became associated with Honolulu 
Construction and Draying Co., 
Ltd., as secretary and treasurer, 
Dec. 1911; secretary, treasurer and 
manager, 1919-21; treasurer and 
manager since. Member of Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Commercial, Ro- 
tary and Automobile Clubs; is a 
32 Mason, member of Honolulu 
Lodge 409, F. & A. M. 

tary inspector, Hilo, Hawaii; born 
in New York city, Feb. 11, 1871; son 
of Wm. Henry and Mary (Larkin) 
Sharlock; graduated from Lincoln 
grammar school, San Francisco; 
married Abbie M. Gurney in Hono- 
lulu, 1898; three children: Clifford 
E., (deceased), Goldie E. and Sylvia 
L. Began with Pacific Mail S. S. 
Co., 4 years; came to Hawaii, 1895, 
and was with Board of Health on 
Quarantine Island during cholera 
epidemic, remaining 2 years; ap- 
pointed sanitary inspector, Honolu- 
lu, and in various other capacities, 
1899-1901; appointed secretary of 
Board of Health. Honolulu, 1901- 



















1910; chief sanitary inspector, Oahu, 
Feb. 1910-19; chief sanitary inspec- 
tor, Hawaii, since Nov. 1919. Serves 
as trustee of Hilo Hospital. Hilo, 
and Kona Hospital, Kona, Hawaii. 
Member B. P. O. Elks lodge 616: 
Past Grand, Harmony Lodge 3, I. 
O. O. F. ; Past E. P., Polynesia En- 
campment No. 1, I. O. O. F. ; U. S. 
Public Health Assn.; Boy Scouts 
and Navy League U. S. A. 


prin. Punahou Academy, Honolulu; 
born Athol, Mass., Sept. 6, 1881; 
son of William Henry and Georgi- 
anna (Tucker) Chase. Graduated 
Boston Univ. A.B.. 1904. Instruc- 
tor, Worcester Polytechnic Inst., 
1904-07; secy. Worcester, Mass., 
Y. M. C. A., 1907-08; prin. Nichols 
Academy, Dudley, Mass., 1908-09; 
master, Milton Academy, Milton, 
Mass., 1909-10; vice-prin. Puna- 
hou Academy, 1910-16; prin. 1916 
to date. Granted leave of absence 
and served as Y. M. C. A. secy, 
with A. E. F. in France, 1918-19. 
Member Outrigger Canoe Club 
(pres. 1917-18), Beta Theta Pi fra- 

proprietor, Honolulu; born Ogden, 
rtah, Feb. 8, 1879; son of Austin 
Wilder and Mary (Thompson) 
Child; married Eva Noble, Aug. 4. 
1907, at Oakland, Cal. ; one child: 
John Francis, Jr. Educated in 
grammar and high schools of Og- 
den and Pocatello, Idaho; ranch- 
ing and gen. mdse. business in Mon- 
tana, 1897-1900; traveled in south- 
ern states, 1900-02; in charge tour- 
ists at Monida, Mont, on M. & Y. 
line through Yellowstone Park, 
1902; genl. store, Kohala, Hawaii, 
1903-05; wholesale grocery bus., T. 
H. Davies & Co., Honolulu, 1905- 
14; proprietor Blaisdell Hotel, Ho- 
nolulu. 1914 to date; opened Child's 
restaurant in connection with hotel, 
1920. Appointed U. S. Food Ad- 
ministrator during war; exec, of- 
ficer, food commission, Ter. Ha- 
waii. Aug. 1917-Jan. 1919. Member 
Honolulu Ad Club, and one of five 
who organized it; member Ha- 
waiian 21, F. & A. M., Aloha 
Temple, A. A. O. M. S. 

CHILD, LINZY C., merchant, Ka- 
ilua, Hawaii; born Aug. 14, 1887, at 
Ogden, Utah ; son of Austin W. and 
Mary (Thompson) Child: married 
Lena Conant at Kealakekua, Ha- 
waii, July 5, 1913; three children: 
Helen C., Madelane C. and Elmer 
Austin. Upon leaving high school 
in 1908 began work for H. Hack- 
feld & Co. at Kailua, remaining 

with the business when it was 
taken over by the American Fac- 
tors, Ltd., in 1918; manager Kailua 
branch since Oct. 1, 1918. 

worker, Wailuku, Maui; born St. 
Louis, Mo., Feb. 14, 1883; son of 
Theodore and Ella Childs; gradu- 
ated Cornell, A.B.. 1907; U. Mo., 
three years, Columbia Univ. one 
year, graduate work. Playgrounds 
director, St. Louis. 1906-07; expert 
U. S. Bureau Labor, 1907-10; senior 
fellow, N. Y. School of Philan- 
thropy, 1910-12; investigator juve- 
nile delinquency for this school and 
Russel Sage Foundation, 1911-12; 
field agent" U. S. Tariff Board, in 
charge of investigating production 
costs woolen clothing, 1912; secy. 
N. Y. Social Center Committee for 
Promoting Wider Use of Public 
Schools, 1912-14, establishing use 
of motion pictures for evening en- 
tertainments in N. Y. schools and 
opening buildings as places of pub- 
lic discussion; chief organizer, 
University of Wisconsin Exten- 
sion Division, Milwaukee District, 
1914-16; welfare mgr. E. A. Filenes 
& Sons, Boston. 1916-18; made so- 
cial survey of plantations for H. S. 
P. A., 1919, his recommendations 
forming basis of welfare program 
now in progress; head worker 
Alexander House Settlement. Wai- 
luku, with supervision social serv- 
ice work Central and West Maui 
plantations, 1920 to date. Accept- 
ed for Inf. officers training camp, 
Camp Fremont, Cal., 1918, taut dis- 
charged after armistice. Author 
and contributor numerous pam- 
phlets and articles on social wel- 
fare. Member K. of P. Lodge and 
University Club. 


lawyer and senator, Honolulu; born 
on the Island of Hawaii, February 
17. 1877; son of Samuel F. and 
Elizabeth (Lindsay) Chillingworth; 
educated at Miss Green's private 
school, Island of Maui: Punahou 
school, Honolulu. Married Victoria 
Stratemeyer of Honolulu, Decem- 
ber 24, 1898. Studied law in 
father's office on the Island of 
Maui, 1892, and was admitted to 
bar, 1897; deputy marshal. Repub- 
lic of Hawaii, at Honolulu, 1896, 
and in 1904 became deputy High 
Sheriff of the Territory of Hawaii; 
senator from Oahu to the Territor- 
ial Legislature each session since 
1906, serving as president of the 
Senate, 1915, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 
1921 sessions; member of commis- 
sion to Washington, D. C.. appointed 
by Gov. McCarthy to secure con- 
gressional action to relieve labor 






shortage in Hawaii, 1921; takes an 
.ctive interest in baseball, serving 
as president of the Hawaiian Base- 
b:ill League for past six years. 
Member Masonic Lodge. Order of 
Chiefs of Hawaii. Commercial Club. 
Ad Club of Honolulu and Hawaiian 
Historical Association. 


Kahuku. Oahu; born at Makawao. 
Maui, May 21. 1885; son of Samuel 
Francis and Elizabeth K. (Lindsay) 
Chilling-worth; educated grammar 
school, Wailuku, and McKinley High 
School, Honolulu; married R. Hilda 
Robertson in Honolulu, April 29. 
1909: three children, Kaiulani W., 
Selden K., William R. Stenogra- 
pher in Dept. of Pub. Instruction. 
1905-07; in office of Supreme Court. 
Territory of Hawaii, 1907-08; office 
deputy U. S. Marshal, Honolulu, 
l!HiS-09; employed by Kahului Rail- 
road Co., Maui. 1909-10; shorthand 
reporter Circuit Court, 2nd Circuit, 
Territory of Hawaii, 1910-18; with 
Kahuku Plantation Co., Kahuku. 
Oahu, since 1920. Was commissioned 
1st Lieut. Hawn. Nat. Guard, 1908; 
appointed Adj. 2nd Batln. 2nd Reg., 
July, 1917. Was member rifle teams 
from Hawaii to Camp Perry, 1907 
and 1908. Is an accomplished artist 
and instructor on the mandolin and 
other stringed instruments. Mem- 
ber and director of old Diamond 
Head Athletic and Myrtle Boat 

CHILSON, BERT D., advertising 
mgr. Hilo Tribune, Hawaii; born 
San Francisco, Jan. 20, 1874; son of 
William D. and Lydia L. (Plaisted) 
Chilson; married Mabel Putnam, 
at San Francisco, Dec. 30, 1899; 
one child. Genevieve Plaisted, died 
Aug. 15, 1904. Grammar school 
and corespondence course educa- 
tion. With Vickery's Art Store, 
San Francisco, 1887-97; followed 
by conducting art store of his own 
for several years, and later went 
into architecture and building. 
Arrived Hawaii, November, 1912, 
and was connected with photo- 
graphic supply trade, with head- 
uuarters in Honolulu. Went to 
Hilo in 1918, having acquired cane 
land property there. As a voca- 
tion has specialized in photogra- 
phy and natural sciences. Mem- 
ber Lodge le Progres de 1'Oceanie, 
F. & A. M., Honolulu. Republican. 


physician and surgeon, Paauilo, 
Hawaii; born Copenhagen, Den- 
mark. May 14, 1870; son of Jorgen 
and Emilie (Kunnerup) Christen- 

sen; educated, Kentucky College of 
Medicine. University of Transylva- 
nia, M. D.. 1896. Married Christine 
Amalie von Astup, San Francisco, 
Sept. 3, 1897; three children: Ethel, 
Carmen, Haagen. Resident sur- 
geon at German Hosp., San Fran- 
cisco, 1897-98; surgeon at ship- 
yard of Alaska Commercial Co., Un- 
alaska, 1898; surgeon U. S. Volun- 
teers, serving with army in Philip- 
pine Islands, 1898-1903; medical in- 
spector and health officer, Philip- 
pine Civil Service, 1903-10; medical 
officer. U. S. Army, 1910-19, rank 
of major at time of discharge; since 
Oct. 1, 1919. has been physician 
and surg. to Hamakua Mill Co., 
and Kaiwiki Sug. Co., Hawaii. Saw 
active field service in numerous 
campaigns and battles in Philip- 
pines and was surgeon of 7th Cav- 
alry during pursuit of Villa by the 
punitive expedition into Mexico, 
1916. Was pres. of Manila Med. 
Assn., 1909: member American 
Med. Assn., Odd Fellow and Mason. 


banker, Honolulu; born in Chicago, 
111., Jan. 25, 1884; son of Albert 
Barnes and Sara Jane (Hamlin) 
Clark; descendant of Hon. Hanni- 
bal Hamlin. vice-president of 
U/nited States with Lincoln; edu- 
cated at University of Wisconsin 
and University of Illinois, A. B., 
1907. Began business career with 
Koolau Railway, 1907-08; Bank of 
Hawaii from 1908 to date; assis- 
tant cashier since 1915; 2nd Lieut. 
Machine Gun Co., N. G. H. Mem- 
ber F. & A. M.: Oahu Country, 
Outrigger and Beretania Tennis 
Clubs: Kappa Sigma Fraternity. 
Appointed to Reserve Officers' 
Training Camp, Schofield Barracks, 
Aug. 27, 1917. 

estate and general business agent, 
Honolulu; born, Honolulu. July 9, 
1872; son of William and Helen 
(Burnam) Clark; married Ellen 
Roberta Osmond, at Honolulu. July 
9. 1898; two children: Frances 
Aloha and Helen Roberta. Grad- 
uated lolani College. 1888. Began 
with W. W. Wright as wood- 
worker and blacksmith helper, doing 
bookkeeping for number of firms as 
extra work at night; timekeeper 
and asst. bookkeeper, Hustace & 
Robertson, general contractors, 
1890: promoted foreman same 
year; held positions with firm 
under its various corporate names 
as treasurer, manager and director, 
until Jan. 1, 1919, when he entered 
business for himself. Former mem- 
ber Honolulu Rifles and National 






Guard; active in civic affairs; 
president improvement clubs, mem- 
ber Chamber of Commerce, Ad 
Club. Kaimuki Improvement Club; 
Masonic Lodge, I. O. O. F. 

CLARK, ERNEST B., insurance 
manager, Honolulu; born at Oak- 
land, Calif., Sept. 27, 1877; son of 
Charles Kittredge and Harriet 
(Howell) Clark; educated in pub- 
lic schools of Berkeley, Calif., and 
Berkeley High School, 1897; mar- 
ried Margaret Beatty Sept. 10, 
1903 in Honolulu; two children; 
Montgomery E. and Kathleen H. 
Began with Lewers & Cooke, Ltd., 
Honolulu, 1898-1900; Bank of Ha- 
waii, Ltd., 1900-04; secretary Build- 
ing and Loan Assn., San Francisco, 
1904-07; with Calif. & Hawaiian 
Sugar Refinery Co., S. F., 1908-09; 
ass't. cashier Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., 
1910- ; became manager insurance 
dept., Castle & Cooke, Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu, Nov. 1918. Is a Mason and 
member Commercial Club and 
Oahu Country Club. 

ance manager, Honolulu ; born 
May 15, 1888, at Sonoma County, 
Cal. ; married Marjorie Freeth, at 
Honolulu. May 26, 1915. Engaged 
in general insurance work on Pa- 
cific Coast, 1905-13; mgr. ins. dept. 
Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu, 1913-1920; treas., director 
and mgr. Home Ins. Co. of Hawaii, 
Ltd., 1920 to date. Member Hono- 
lulu Commercial Club, Rotary Club, 
Outrigger Canoe Club. 

manager, Paia, Maui; born in 
North Kona, Hawaii, April 7, 1885; 
son of George and Katherine 
(Lane) ' Clark; educated St. Louis 
College, Honolulu; married Mary 
Vincent at Paia, Maui, July 25, 
1908; children: Agnes Kathryn 
and Harriet Eunice. Began as 
timekeeper, Maui Agricultural Co., 
Paia, Maui, 1901-12; manager of 
the Grove ranch, Paia, Maui, since 
1912. Is a Shriner, member of the 
Aloha Temple; member Lodge 
Maui, No. 472, F. & A. M. 


businessman. Honolulu; born De- 
cember 4. 1882, in Honolulu, King- 
dom of Hawaii; son of Thos. Kirk- 
wood and Annie (Hornblower) 
Clarke; married Caroline Crewes 
in Honolulu Oct. 2, 1912; four chil- 
dren: John Kirkwood, Ruth Caro- 
line. James Crewes and Margaret 
Hind. Educated, old Fort street 
school, Honolulu High School. Be- 

gan career as newsboy, carrying 
Evening Bulletin; with Theo. H. 
Davies & Co., 1896-1900; Hind, 
Rolph & Co., Oct. 1, 1900, as clerk; 
appointed manager May 1, 1910; 
secretary and director, Waterhouse 
Trust Co., Ltd., Honolulu, since Au- 
gust 1, 1921; treas. Honolulu Drug 
Co., Ltd. Member Commercial Club 
(treas. 1916, Board of Governors, 
1917), Chamber of Commerce, P. 
M. Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & 
A. M., Honolulu Chapter No. 1, 
Honolnulu Commandery No. 1, 
Aloha Temple A. A. O. N. M. S. 

yer; born Manchester, Vt., Oct. 9, 
1871; son of Dr. Seneca S. and 
Anna (Danforth) demons; mar- 
ried Virginia Armstrong Patten of 
Butte, Mont., Sept. 10. 1902; edu- 
cated: public schools. Vermont 
Academy, Saxton's River, Vt. ; 
Yale, B. A., 1895, special honors in 
natural and physical science, LL. 
B., 1898; National Univ. Law 
School. Washington, D. C., LL. M., 
1899. with honors. An editor of 
Yale Daily News, 1894-95 : chairman 
Yale Law Journal, 1897-98; award- 
ed prize Yale Law School, 1897, for 
essay "Competition in Restraint of 
Trade." Admitted Conn, bar, 1898; 
practised law, Burlington, Vt., 1900, 
and Butte, Mont., 1900-02; prac- 
tised in Honolulu since March, 1902, 
being associated with Judge Austin 
Whiting, 1902-04; Thompson & 
demons, and later Thompson, 
demons and Wilder, 1904-11; ad- 
mitted to U. S. Supreme Court, 
1907; appointed judge U. S. Dist. 
Court. Hawaii, 1911, resigning Jan. 
15, 1917; associated with Hon. E. 
M. Watson in law firm of Watson 
& demons, Honolulu; secy, of 
commission to Revise Laws of Ha- 
waii. 1903-05; member similar com- 
mission, 1913-15; chancellor of 
Dist. of Hawaii, of Prot. Episcopal 
church, 1907-11, and member board 
of directors Prot. Episcopal church 
in Hawaiian Islands. Secy, of Bar 
Assn. of Hawaii for several years; 
director Honolulu Y. M. C. A. since 
1904; member University Club, 
Oahu Country Club and Chiefs of 

culturist, Hilo, Hawaii; born at 
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, 1885; son 
of Charles W. and Sophia L. 
Clowes; married Blanche Miller 
at Hilo, 1912; three children, Geo. 
C., Richard M., Maile Alberta,; 
graduated Ontario Agricultural Col- 
lege, Toronto Univ. degree B. S. 
A., 1908; agriculturist, Whitby 
Collegiate Institute, Whitby, Ont., 
1908-09; same, Hilo Boarding 














87428 A 






School, 1909-11; superintendent, 
Glenwood Experiment Station, 
Glenwood, Hawaii, 1911-15; agri- 
culturist, Lahainaluna School, 1915- 
17; Industrial supervisor of 
schools, East Hawaii, 1917-18. 1919- 
21. Captain, Inf., National Guard 
of Hawaii, 1916-18; captain. Inf., 
U. S. Army, 1918-19; vice-com- 
mander, American Legion, 1920-21: 
president, Hilo Teachers' Union, 
1920-21; director, Hawaii County 
Fair Association; member Amer. 
Assn. for Advancement of Science 
and National Educational Assn. 


banker, Honolulu; born Feb. 1. 
1876, at Dalkeith, Scotland; son 
of Thos. and Janet (Lowrie) Cock- 
burn; married Eliza Victoria King 
March 23, 1907, at Victoria, B. C.; 
one child, Ranald Lowrie. Edu- 
cated Edinburgh Institution, Edin- 
burgh, Scotland. Entered business 
with Edinburgh branch of Union 
Assurance Society of London; with 
Bishop and Co. of Honolulu since 
1899, becoming partner in firm in 
1912; vice-president and manager 
of The Bank of Bishop & Co., Ltd., 
since Jan. 1, 1919. Director Bishop 
Trust Co., Ltd., Bishop Insurance 
Agency, Ltd., and Hawaiian Su- 
matra Plantations, Ltd. Member 
of Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, 
Commercial Club, Pacific Club, 
Oahu Country Club and Hawaii 
Racing and Polo Club. 

magistrate, Lahaina, Maui; born 
Lahaina, April 30, 1858; son of 
Joseph and Mahiki (Kamakaiwa) 
Cockett; married Harriet Newell 
Kamakapunonoulaokalani Shaw at 
Wailuku, Maui, Feb. 9, 1878; 
twelve children. Educated in Wai- 
luku schools. Blacksmith, Wai- 
luku, 1876-1885; butcher, -Lahaina, 
1885-1892; road overseer, Lahaina 
dist,, 1893, resigning at overthrow 
of the monarchy; deputy sheriff. 
Lahaina, 1900; sanitary inspector, 
1905; appointed dist. magistrate, 
Lahaina, 1917. 

Episcopal minister, Lahaina, 
Maui; born Shawforth. Lancashiz-e, 
Eng., July 10, 1868; son of Walter 
and Eliza (Nuttall) Cockcroft; edu- 
cated State University of Wyom- 
ing 1893-94; General Theological 
Seminary, New York City, 1894-97; 
New York University, 1900-02; 
married Julia L. Walcott at Jack- 
son, Mich., Sept. 9, 1903; two chil- 
dren: Ruth W. and John W. Was 
rector of Trinity church, Lander, 
Wyo., 1897-99; assistant minister, 

Zion and St. Timothy, New York 
City. 1899-1903; rector of Christ 
Church, Henrietta, Mich., 1903-05; 
St. Paul's church, Hamilton. Mont., 
1905-11; All Saints' Church, Red- 
ding, Cal., 1911-15; Missionary of 
Holy Innocents' Church, Lahaina, 
Maui, since 1915. Member of Red- 
ding Lodge No. 254, F. & A. M. ; 
Shasta Chapter No. 9, R. A. M.; 
Redding Commandery No. 50, K. 
T. ; Islam Temple, A. A. O. N. M. 
S.. San Francisco; Redding Lodge 
No. 1073, B. P. O. E. 

CODY, FRANK JAY, newspaper 
publisher, Hilo, Hawaii; born at 
Eau Claire, Wis., March 3, 1878; 
son of John Edward and Cora He- 
lene Cody; grammar school educa- 
tion; married Willamette Miller in 
Portland, Ore., June 10, 1917; one 
child, Rolland Jay Samuel. Grad- 
uate apprentice in printing, 1897; 
publisher East Side News (Min- 
neapolis) and "Rushing the Klon- 
dike" (book), 1897-8; foreman Ho- 
nolulu Republican, 1900; newspaper 
work Japan, China and Philippines, 
1901-2; civil service, craftsman in- 
structor Bureau of Printing, Ma- 
nila, (devised perpetual inventory 
and cost card system universally 
adopted by government bureaus, 
Manila and Washington), 1902-06; 
traveled India, Egypt, Palestine 
and Europe, 1907; erected shingle 
mill, Bellingham, Wash. (failed 
panic of 1907), 1908; printer, 1908- 
18; manager Hawaii Post-Herald, 
Hilo. since 1918. Was secty. San 
Diego Typographical Union, 1911- 
15; delegate International Typo- 
graphical Union convention, Los 
Angeles, 1915; president Allied 
Printing Trades Council, San Diego, 
1915; master Blackmer Lodge F. 
& A. M. and pres. Masonic Board 
of Relief, San Diego, 1915. Dele- 
gate Civic Convention, Maui, 1919; 
Worthy Patron, O. E. S., Hilo, 1920; 
charter member and vice-pres. Hilo 
Ad Club, 1919, pres. 1920; director 
Board of Trade of Hilo and chair- 
man Civic Convention committee, 
1920; director and chairman com- 
merce committee, 1921; charter 
member Hawaii Auto Club, director 
1920. vice-pres. and director, 1921; 
charter member and sergeant-at- 
arms Rotary Club of Hilo, 1921; 
rep. to Nat. Council, Boy Scouts of 
America; chairman Hilo com. of ar- 
rangements, convention of Press 
Congress of the World; chairman 
com. to organize Hawaii Territorial 
Press Assn. ; pres. Hawaii Banana 
Growers' Assn.; chairman 1921 Cel- 
ebrations committee, Fourth of 
July, Hilo; member B P. O. E. 






COHEN, HERBERT, architect 
and consulting engineer, Honolulu; 
born Pottsville, Pa., Sept. 11, 1882; 
son of Samuel and Betty (Kayton) 
Cohen; married Irma Spitzer, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. 
Spitzer of Honolulu, at Chicago, 
Aug. 19, 1908; two children: Mar- 
gery Joy and Robert James. Edu- 
cated Chicago public schools, grad- 
uated University of Chicago, B. A., 
1902. Structural engineer and ar- 
chitectural draftsman and supt. of 
construction, Chicago, 1902-07; en- 
tered govt. service as supt. of con- 
struction, U. S. public buildings; 
supt. of const, federal bldgs., Kan- 
sas, Missouri, Louisiana and South 
Dakota, 1907-14; appointed supt. 
of const, federal bldg., Hilo, Ha- 
waii, 1914; when U. S. entered 
war, took charge of planning and 
design of aviation station, Luke 
Field, Oahu, and directed its trans- 
formation from a sugar cane field 
to up-to-date seaplane and air- 
plane station; at close of war 
entered private practise as archi- 
tect and consulting engineer. Mem- 
ber Huron Lodge, No. 26, A. F. & 
A. M., Huron, So. Dak.; Society 
Constructors of Federal Bldgs.; 
Honolulu Chapter, Amer. Assn. of 
Engs., University Club. 

COHEN, JOEL C., theatrical and 
amusement financier, Honolulu; 
born at Buffalo, N. Y., June 12, 
1862; son of Charles and Clemen- 
tine (Von Lichtenstein) Cohen; 
educated in public and high 
schools of Berlin, Wisconsin, grad- 
uating 1879; married Ethel M. 
Ruth of California in 1895. Spent 
several years traveling throughout 
Europe following graduation from 
high school; entered in the com- 
mercial field and was prominent in 
republican politics in Northern 
Wisconsin; removed to Hawaii in 
1898 at the time of the raising of 
the Stars and Stripes, the annex- 
ation to the United States as a ter- 
ritory. Became interested in pro- 
fessional theatricals in Honolulu 
and started the Orpheum theatre 
which was destroyed by fire in 
1913; organized and is president of 
the Consolidated Amusement Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu, which controls di- 
rectly or indirectly almost every 
theatre in the Territory. Was 
elected Representative to the Ter- 
ritorial Legislature, 1909; candi- 
date for Mayor of Honolulu, 1915 
and 1917, being defeated in both 
elections. Member of Commercial, 
Rotary and Ad Clubs of Honolulu; 
member of B. P. O. E., Phoenix 
Lodge, Eagles and Honolulu Cham- 
ber of Commerce. 

Justice of Supreme Court of Ha- 
waii, Honolulu; born Aug. 31, 1875, 
at Mansfield, Coos County, Oregon; 
son of John Stephen and Mary E. 
(Moore) Coke; descendant of 
Rich'd Cooke, Devonshire, England, 
who located in Henrico County, 
Virginia, about 1632; paternal 
great-grandfather, William Cocke, 
officer in Revolutionary War and 
member United States Senate from 
Tennessee when that state organ- 
ized, succeeded in 1797 by Andrew 
Jackson, again appointed 1799, 
serving to 1805, buried on banks of 
Tombigbee river, Mississippi, under 
tombstone erected by that state. 
Married Effie B. Riley in Honolulu, 
March 11, 1913; three children, by 
former marriage: Philip L-, Dixie 
C., James H. Educated in Oregon 
and California. Commenced prac- 
tise of law in partnership with 
John S. Coke, Marshfield, Ore.. 
1896-98; elected County Attorney, 
County of Maui, Hawaii, Nov. 8, 
1908; to Territorial Senate, Nov. 5, 
1912-Jan. 23, 1916; appointed Third 
Judge, First Circuit Court, Terri- 
tory of Hawaii, March 23, 1916; 
appointed by President Wilson Jus- 
tice of Supreme Court, Territory of 
Hawaii, Jan. 8, 1917; appointed 
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 
of Hawaii, March 7, 1918-March 7, 
1922. Member and past exalted 
ruler B. P. O. E., No. 616, Hono- 
lulu; 32nd degree Mason; Shriner. 


plantation overseer, Laie, Oahu; 
born in Nephi, Utah, Nov. 25, 1867; 
son of William and Emma (Jen- 
kins) Cole; grammar school edu- 
cation; married Ellen Chase, at 
Manti, Utah, May 4, 1898; seven 
children: Wilford Chase, Ralph, 
Florence, Glenn, Emma, Ellen, Wil- 
liam. Engaged in farming and 
stock raising, Utah, 1888-1898; em- 
ployed as head overseer, Laie Plan- 
tation, Oahu, 1898-1901; returned to 
stock raising and farming business 
in Utah, 1901-08; head overseer, 
Laie Plantation, since 1908. 

engineer, Paia, Maui; born at Fort 
Fairfield, Maine, Nov. 19, 1883; son 
of Henry C. and Elizabeth (Slo- 
comb) Collins; educated University 
of Maine, B.S., 1905; married Ethel 
Kittredge in Boston, Mass., Oct. 30, 
1909; three children: Mary Kitt- 
redge, Harriet Patricia and Walter 
Kittredge. Was with Santa Fe R. 
R., 1905; Western Pacific R. R., 
1906; engineer for Maui Agricul- 
tural Co., Paia, 1906-10; engineer 
for Maui Agricultural Co., Hawaiian 
Commercial & Sugar Co., and Ka- 






hului R. R., 1910-18; manager Pio- 
need Mill Company, Ltd., since 
May, 1918. Member University 
Club, Hawaii Polo and Racing 
Clubs; Maui County Fair & Racing 
Assn., and Maui Chamber of Com- 

gineer, Honolulu; born May 16, 
1889, at Los Gatos, Cal.; son of 
Oliver and Sophie C. (Lyon) Col- 
lins; educated in grammar and 
high schools, Los Gatos, Cal., Uni- 
versity of California, B. S., Col- 
lege of Mining, May, 1911; married 
Geraldine Frances Neumann of 
San Francisco in Salt Lake City, 
Oct. 17, 1912. Began professional 
career with Utah Copper Co., Gar- 
field, Utah, June- Sept. 1911; Ameri- 
can Smelting & Refining Co., Sept. 
1911-March 1913; assistant en- 
gineer Waiahole Water Co., Ltd. 
(Honolulu), April, 1913-Jan. 1914; 
assistant engineer City and County 
of Honolulu, Jan. 1914-Jan. 1916; 
City and County Engineer of Ho- 
nolulu Jan. 1916-Oct. 1917; super- 
intendent land department. B. P. 
Bishop Estate, since Oct. 1917. 


businessman, Hilo, Hawaii; born 
Sydney, Australia, Aug. 8, 1889; son 
of Thomas Henry and Marion Jo- 
hanna Collins; married Alona Eu- 
genia Whisler, at Wailuku, Maui, 
July 15, 1916; two children: Marion 
Etta and Ruth Whisler. Attended 
public schools, Sydney. Arrived 
Honolulu, May 29, 1907, and began 
work as iffice boy Ewa Planta- 
tion Co., and later promoted to 
clerk; clerk T. H- Davies & Co., 
Honolulu, 1912-13; asst. bookkeep- 
er, Wailuku Sugar Co., Maui, 1913- 
1916; head bookkeeper, Hamakua 
Mill Co., Hawaii, 1916-18; head 
bookkeeper, Kaiwiki Sugar Co., Ha- 
waii, 1918; cashier, Security Trust 
Co., Hilo, Hawaii, 1918-21; treas., 
same since 1921. Secy. Hilo Gas 
Co. since 1919; secy. Security 
Building & Loan Assn. since 1919; 
elected secy. -treas. Hawaii Post- 
Herald, Ltd., vJan. 1921; secy-treas. 
Hilo Tennis Club since 1919. Mem- 
ber Hilo Board of Trade, Hilo 
Yacht Club and Masonic Lodge. 


physician and surgeon, Hilo, Ha- 
waii; born in Washington, Tenn., 
Aug. 13, 1877; son of Richard W. 
and Mary Louisa (Paine) Colville; 
education, Chattanooga high school, 
1894; Chattanooga Normal college, 
B.S., 1898; Univ. Tennessee, Chem. 
M., 1899; Chattanooga Medical Col- 
lege, M. D., 1903; Tulane Univ.. 
M.D., 1904; married Gladys Agnes 

Brause (deceased) at Chattanooga, 
Jan. 10, 1905; married Mrs. Paula 
Rosalie Steele, at Tucson, Ariz., 
April 25, 1919. Was resident physi- 
cian at Baroness Erlanger Hosp., 
1904-05; practised medicine at Mid- 
dlesborough, Ky., 1905-07; prac- 
tised medicine and served as editor 
Oklahoma State Medical Journal, 
Oklahoma City, Okla., 1907-019; 
practised medicine, Hilo, T. H. 
1909-17; in U. S. Army, 1918-20; 
resumed practise at Hilo, Nov., 
1920. Served as enlisted man in 
U. S. Army during war with Spain, 
April 1898-July, 1899; commissioned 
captain, M.R.C., Sept. 12, 1917, and 
called to active service Jan. 12, 
1918; promoted to major, May 7. 
1918; honorably discharged Sept. 
12, 1920. Member American Le- 
gion, Phi Chi fraternity, F. & A. 
M., K. of P., and O. O. O. Lodges. 

CONEY, JOHN H., lawyer. Lihue, 
Kauai; born at Hilo, Hawaii, June 
9, 1864; son of John Harvey and 
Laura (Amis) Coney; educated in 
private schools, Honolulu; married 
Mary E. Kelly at Covington, Ky.. 
Jan. 1889; children: John H. (de- 
ceased), Wm. A., George M., Cath- 
erine A., Alexander H., Edward C. 
(Deceased) and Clarissa P. Fol- 
lowing school employed with Lucas 
Bros, mill, B. F. Dillingham & Co., 
Ltd.; went to Ohio and was ma- 
chinist apprentice, Columbus Ma- 
chine Co; received diploma 1883; 
mechanical engineering in Ohio, 
1883-90; returned to Hawaii with 
Board of Public Works and later 
Hawaiian Hardware Co., 1890-93; 
became construction engineer for 
G. N. Wilcox, Kauai, 1893. Was 
deputy sheriff, Kauai county, 1893- 
4; sheriff, 1894-1906; elected repre- 
sentative to Territorial Legislature, 
1907-11; senator, 1913-17. Is a Ma- 
son, Shriner, member Chiefs of 
Hawaii, Kamehameha Lodge, Kauai 
Chamber of Commerce, Honolulu 
Ad Club and Pacific Club. 


city official, Honolulu; born April 
29, 1876, in San Francisco, Cal.; 
son of David and Anna Martin 
(Hawkins) Conkling. Educated St. 
Ignatius College, Lincoln Grammar 
School and Commercial High 
School, San Francisco. Began busi- 
ness career with San Francisco 
Law Library as assistant librarian, 
Dec. 1, 1895; joined staff of Bulle- 
tin (Honolulu) Nov. 1, 1897; with 
Honolulu Republican 1900; Bulle- 
tin 1900-03; Inter-Island Steam 
Navigation Co., Jan., 1903-Oct. 30, 
1905; H. Hackfeld & Co., Kailua, 
Hawaii, Nov. 1, 1905-Nov. 30, 1906; 






chief clerk Executive Department 
Territory of Hawaii, Dec. 1, 1906- 
June 30, 1909; treasurer, Territory 
of Hawaii, July 1, 1909-Oct. 30, 
1914; elected treasurer City and 
County of Honolulu, Nov. 1914, re- 
elected, 1917- Was instrumental in 
organizing Honolulu Stock and 
Bond Exchange, 1900, and was first 
secretary. Member Healani Boat 
Club, Pacific Club, Elk, Mason. 

estate, Honolulu; born in Honolulu, 
Dec. 23, 1851, son of Amos Starr and 
Juliette (Montague) Cooke, early 
missionaries to Hawaiian Islands. 
Educated Oahu College (Honolulu), 
and University of Michigan. Mar- 
ried Lilanet Lidgate in Hilo, Hawaii, 
November 6, 1879; two daughters: 
Margaret Montague, Juliette Annis 
(Melanphy). Started in firm of Cas- 
tle & Cooke, Honolulu, 1875; man- 
ager Pacific Navigation Co., 1878- 
1887, island coasting and in foreign 
trade to South Sea Islands; started 
and organized Hawaiian Fertilizer 
Co. of Honolulu, 1889, selling out in 
1898; purchased property of Bruce 
Cartwright in Palolo Valley, Oahu, 
and organized Palolo Land & Im- 
provement Co., Ltd., 1899; has con- 
ducted a general real estate busi- 
ness in Honolulu since. Served in 
the Citizens' and National Guards 
under the Provisional Government 
and Republic of Hawaii, 1893-1899. 
Member of the Sons of the American 


banker. Honolulu; born in Honolulu. 
April 17, 1876; son of Charles M. and 
Anna (Rice) Cooke; married Lily 
Love, daughter of Robert Love of 
Honolulu, August 11, 1898; children: 
Dorothea, Martha, Anna, Clarence, 
Jr., Harrison, Alice, Robert and 
John. Graduate of Punahou Col- 
lege, Honolulu, 1894, and Yale (did 
not graduate). Began business ca- 
reer in Honolulu with Hawaiian 
Safe Deposit & Trust Co., Ltd., 1897; 
Bank of Hawaii Jan. 1, 1898; presi- 
dent of the Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., 
since 1S09. Has been identified with 
Hawaiian industries and is an offi- 
cer or director of the Hawaiian 
Trust Co., Ltd., the Hawaiian Elec- 
tric Co., Ltd., Ewa Plantation, Wai- 
alua Plantation, Charles M. Cooke, 
Ltd., C. Brewer & Co., Ltd., Lihue 
Plantation Co., Wailuku Sugar Co., 
and a number of other enterprises. 
Was a member of the 1913, 1915 and 
1917 sessions of the Territorial Leg- 
islature and accomplished good re- 
sults on the Financial Committee 
of the lower house. Elected to 
House of Representatives 1920; 

served special session 1920 and 
regular session 1921. Member of 
the Pacific, University and Coun- 
try Clubs of Honolulu. 


zoologist, Honolulu; born in Ho- 
nolulu, Dec. 20, 1874; son of 
Charles Montague and Anna Char- 
lotte (Rice) Cooke; educated in 
Honolulu and at Yale University, 
A. B. 1897; Ph. D. degree 1901; 
married Eliza Lefferts of Flatbush, 
N. Y., April 25, 1901. Curator Pul- 
monata, Bishop Museum, Hono- 
lulu since 1902. Member Washing- 
ton Academy of Sciences, Malacol- 
ogical Society of London and mem- 
ber of the University Club of Ho- 
nolulu. Republican. 

er, Kaunakakai, Molokai; borri in 
Honolulu, H. I., December 2, 1881; 
son of Charles Montague and Anna 
Charlotte (Rice) Cooke; both par- 
ents children of missionaries to 
Hawaiian Islands; educated at Yale 
University, B.A., 1905; married 
Sophie Boyd Judd, daughter of late 
Chief Justice A. F. Judd, in Hono- 
lulu, April 4, 1906; six children, 
Dora, George Paul, Jr., Francis 
Judd, Thomas Hastings, Stephen 
Montague, Phoebe. Stock and bond 
clerk, Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., 
1805-08; bookkeeper American 
Sugar Co., Ltd., and Molokai 
Ranch, April, 1908-Dec., 1908; man- 
ager A. S. Co., Ltd. and Molokai 
Ranch, 1908-Jan. 1, 1918; president 
American Sugar Co., Ltd., since 
1918. Representative for Maui 
County to Territorial Legislature, 
1911-13; senator from Maui Coun- 
ty, 1917-19. Member Y. M. C. A., 
Maui Chamber of Commerce, Maui 
Aid Assn.. Queen's Hospital Corpo- 
ration, Hawaiian Board, University 
and Commercial Clubs, president 
Hawaii Tuna Club, 1917. 

COOKE, RICHARD A., business- 
man. Honolulu; born Jan. 24, 1884, 
in Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands; son 
of Charles M. and Anna Charlotte 
(Rice) Cooke; educated at Oahu 
College, Honolulu; Hotchkiss 
School, Conn. ; Yale University, 
B.A. 1906. Married Dagmar Soren- 
son in Honolulu Nov. 12, 1907; four 
children: Anna Karen, Alice Mon- 
tague, Richard Alexander, Jr., and 
Dagmar Sorenson. Began business 
career in offices of C. Brewer & 
Co., Ltd.. Honolulu, Oct. 1, 1906; 
joined The Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., 
1907; became treasurer of The 
Chas. M. Cooke, Ltd., 1909; returned 
to C. Brewer & Co., in executive 
capacity, 1918, later elected vice- 






president and manager. Is pres. 
Hawaiian Electric Co., Ltd., and a 
director or officer in various other 
enterprises; is member of Child 
Welfare Board and the board of 
trustees of Mid -Pacific Institute. 
Member Oahu Country Club, Uni- 
versity Club and Chamber of Com- 
merce of Honolulu. 


accountant, Honolulu; born at Bed- 
ford, Iowa, Dec. 8, 1880; son of 
Lafe and Addie (Wilson) Coombs; 
graduated from high school, May 
31, 1897; married Genevra E. V. 
Hooyer in Honolulu, July 26, 1906. 
Came to Honolulu first on way to 
Philippines as State Volunteer, 
1899; returning to Honolulu, 1901; 
chairman G. O. P. of Honolulu, 1914- 
15-16. Member of Commercial and 
Country Clubs; Hawaiian Histori- 
cal Society; Past Master Scottish 
Rite Bodies of Honolulu; Master 
Honolulu Consistory; 32 degree 
Knight Commander Court of Honor; 
Knight Templar; Royal Jester; 
Shriner; Chiefs of Hawaii. 


physician and surgeon, Honolulu; 
born at Babylon, New York, Nov. 
19, 1864; son of Rev. Chas. White 
and Frances (Duyckinck) Cooper; 
descendant of the great philanthro- 
pist, Peter Cooper, founder of 
Cooper Inst., New York City, and 
related to James Fennimore Cooper, 
the novelist. Educated at Wallkill 
Academy (Middletown, N. Y.); 
Williston Seminary (Easthampton, 
Mass.); University of Missouri 
Medical Dept., M. D-, 1889. Mar- 
ried Katheriiie Christie McGrew in 
Honolulu, March 24, 1897. Prac- 
tising physician and surgeon, Butte, 
Montana, 1889-91; removed to Ho- 
nolulu, 1891. Member Territorial 
Board of Health, 1900-05; as presi- 
dent of the board in 1904 inaugu- 
rated the plan for establishing a 
Federal Experiment Hospital in 
Hawaii for furthering the research 
work for a cure of leprosy; ap- 
peared before the Public Health 
Service Convention, Washington, D. 
C., with the plan which resulted in 
an appropriation by Congress of 
$100,000 for equipment and $50,000 
annually for maintenance. Com- 
missioner of Public Health, 1904; 
ex-member Board of Medical Exam- 
iners; commissioner Insanity Com- 
mission; chief surgeon, Oahu Rail- 
way and Land Co. Regimental 
surgeon Hawaiian troops under 
Provisional Government, 1893; for 
Republic of Hawaii, 1895-98; com- 
missioned Surgeon General with 
rank of Lieut. Colonel, National 

Guard of Hawaii; completed course 
in the first class of the Field Serv- 
ice School for Medical Officers, Ft. 
Leavenworth, Kan., 1912; commis- 
sioned major, M. R. C., U. S. Army, 
Dec. 15, 1917; Lt.-Col., Oct. 10, 1918; 
Colonel M. R. C., Dec. 1919; dis- 
charged from active service, U. S. 
Army, July 30, 1919. Member of 
Pacific, University (ex-president), 
Oahu Country, Oahu Polo and Rac- 
ing, Rotary and Ad Clubs of Hono- 
lulu; Fellow American Medical 
Assn.; member and ex-president 
Hawaiian Medical Society; mem- 
ber of Assn. of Pacific Coast R. R. 
Surgeons; Past Potentate Aloha 
Temple; Knights Templar; 1st Ex- 
alted Ruler, B. P. O. E., No. 616, 


treas. and office manager Pan- 
Pacific Traders, Ltd., Honolulu; 
born Toledo, Iowa, Sept. 1, 1866; 
son of Charles E. and Martha E. 
(Quintard) Cooper; married Kath- 
erine E. Arb, at Denver, Colo., 
June 4, 1900; one child, Zenaide K. 
Educated at Leander Clark College, 
Toledo, Iowa; graduate Tama 
County Iowa Normal Inst., 1887; 
holds life diploma, teacher, for Iowa. 
Prin. high school, Toledo, Iowa, 
1891-99; supt. schools, Rising City, 
Neb., 1899-1900; with U. S. Quar- 
termaster Dept., Honolulu, 1900-02; 
U. S. Customs service, Honolulu, 
1902-20; treas. and office manager, 
Pan-Pacific Traders, Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, since 1920. Served in Cuban 
campaign with 49th Reg. Iowa Natl. 
Guard, 1898, as commisisoned offi- 
cer. Member Masonic and Elks 
Lodges; Outrigger Canoe Club, 
American and Hawaiian Philatelic 
Societies, Sons of Veterans. 

COOPER, HENRY E., lawyer, re- 
tired, Honolulu; born at New Al- 
bany. Ind., Aug. 28, 1857; son of 
William Giles Cooper; educated 
common schools of Boston; LL. B., 
Boston University, 1878; married 
Mary E. Porter, of San Diego, 
Calif., Oct. 2, 1883. Admitted to 
bar, Suffolk Co., Mass., 1878; 
came to Honolulu, 1890; chairman 
committee of safety, Hawaiian 
Revolution. Jan. 14-17, 1893; on 
Jan. 17, 1893, read proclamation 
abrogating monarchial government 
in Hawaiian Islands and estab- 
lishing provisional government; 
member Advisory Council, Provi- 
sional Government, Jan-Mar., 1893; 
circuit court judge, 1st Circuit, 
Hawaiian Islands, 1893-95; minister 
of foreign affairs, 1895-99; acting 
president Republic of Hawaii, Jan. 
9-Mar., 1898; minister of Public 
Instruction, June 1896 -Mar. 1899; 






attorney general Hawaii from Mar. 
1899 to June, 1900; minister of the 
interior ad interim, 4 terms; min- 
ister of finance ad interim, three 
terms; president Board of Health, 
March 1899 to Jan. 5, 1900; ap- 
pointed first secretary, Hawaiian 
Territory, June 14, 1900; Repub- 

keeper and cashier, Waianae Co., 
Waianae, Oahu; born San Diego, 
Calif., Oct. 28, 1889; son of Henry 
E. and Mary E. (Porter) Cooper. 
Graduated Oahu College, Honolulu, 
1908, and spent one year at Col- 
lege of Hawaii, 1908-09. Engineer- 
ing, construction work. Fort Ruger, 
Honolulu. 1909; clerk and teller. 
Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., 1911-17; 
with Pioneer Mill Co., Lahaina, 
Maui, 1920; appointed present po- 
sition 1920; war service, enlisted 
319th Engrs., San Francisco, Jan. 
1918; trained Camp Fremont, Calif., 
one year's service in France; dis- 
charged, Sept. 21, 1919. Member 
Commercial Club, Hawn. Lodge 
No. 21, F. & A. M. 

Y. M. C. A. secretary, Hilo, Ha- 
waii; born at Spokane, Wash.. 
Apr. 3. 1886; son of William Allen and 
Eliza G. (Coffin) Corey; married 
Pearl E. Waters, July 4, 1915. at 
Santa Clara, Cal. ; two children: 
Madeline Belle and Douglas Qua id. 
Attended University of Calif.. 1913 
and 1914; membership secy., Berke- 
ley Y. M. C. A., 1913-'l5; boys' 
work. Santa Clara Co., Cal., 1916; 
asst. gen. secy. Oakland Y . M . C . 

A, 1917-18; dist. social director 
Army & Navy Y. M. C. A., Hono- 
lulu, 1919; organizer and first secy. 
Hilo Y. M. C. A., 1920. Before 
entering Santa Barbara high school 
in 1908 had six years' varied busi- 
ness experience, including electrical 
work in mines of Brit. Columbia. 
Manager 1920 Financial Campaign 
for $50,000, Hawaii Island Welfare 
Bureau. Member Hilo Ad Club, 
Yacht Club, Board of Trade. 

CORREA, ANTONIO G., lawyer, 

Hilo, Hawaii; born at Funchal, Ma- 
deira, May 13, 1871; son of Antonio 

B. and Maria A. Perreira; adopted 
by M. G. and Albertina S. Correa; 
educated in public and private 
schools of Hawaii and San Fran- 
cisco ; studied law in office of the 
late Paul Neumann; married Julia 
Sylva in Honolulu, Sept. 18, 1909; 
three children: Antone C., Priscilla 
M. and Matilda S. Came to Ha- 
waii, 1879; naturalized, 1890; ad- 

mitted to practise law district 
courts of Hawaii. April 19, 1892; 
all courts of Hawaii. Feb. 4, 1896; 
U. S. district courts in Hawaii, 
Feb. 21. 1921; all courts state of 
California, Jan. 21. 1907; deputy 
county attorney. County of Ha- 
waii since Jan. 1, 1919. Member 
Ancient Order of Foresters and Or- 
der of Owls. 

CORREA, FRANK M., merchant, 
Honolulu; born at Kula, Maui, T. 
H-, November 16, 1890; son of 
Frank G. and Marion (Mederios) 
Correa; married Nathalie Rodri- 
gues in Honolulu, June 10, 1914; 
four children: Melvin, George, 
Francis, Nathalie. Educated in 
public schools and St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu. Began career as 
bookkeeper and cashier Oahu Ice 
and Electric Company at age of 
18; was forced to retire a year 
later on account of poor health; 
occupied similar positions with 
Maui Auto Co., Maui, and Pioneer 
Store, Wailuku, Maui, two years; 
manager of Pioneer Store four 
years; started dry goods business 
in Honolulu in partnership with J. 
V. Fernandes, October 2, 1916; pur- 
chased interest in Whitney and 
Marsh, Ltd., dry goods business, 
May 1, 1918; purchased his part- 
ner's interest Sept., 1918; incorpo- 
rated Home of Linens, Ltd., Dec., 
1918, becoming controlling stock- 
holder, vice-president and man- 
ager. Member Chamber of Com- 
merce of Honolulu, Board of Retail 
Trades, Ad Club, Foresters, San 
Antonio Society, St. Louis College 
Alumni, Columbus Welfare Club. 


postmaster, Wailuku, Maui; born 
Kohala, Hawaii. April 2, 1886; son 
of Manuel and Emilia (Nevis) 
Costa; married Laura Lewis, at 
Wailuku, May 6, 1912. Attended 
St. Ann School, Kohala and fin- 
ished commercial course, Honolulu 
Y. M. C. A. Began as clerk, Ko- 
hala Sugar Co. store, Hawaii; 
timekeeper, Kohala Plantation; 
clerk, Henry May & Co., Honolulu; 
office assistant, Metropolitan Meat 
Market, Honolulu; bookkeeper, Pu- 
unene Store, Kahului, Maui, 1909- 
1911; asst. postmaster, Kahului, 
1911-13; postmaster Wailuku, since 
1913- Was sgt. in 3d Inf., N. G. H., 
honorably discharged, 1917; master 
of exchequer, Aloha Lodge, No. 3, 
K. of P., 1920-21; terrtl. secy, for 
Natl. League of Postmasters of 
America; member Maui Chamber 
of Commerce, Maui Co. Fair & 
Racing Assn., Maui Gun Club, St. 
Antonio Society. 









nessman, Wailea, Hawaii; born in 
Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Azo- 
res, Aug. 20, 1887; son of Antonio 
Souza and Marie Neves (Ribeiro) 
Costa; educated public schools of 
Honomu and Puhakupuka. Hawaii; 
was clerk, Honohina store, Hawaii, 
1901-03; in newspaper work, Hawaii 
Herald, Hilo; A Setta. Hilo; O Re- 
porter. Oakland, Calif., 1903-08; in 
office of LeBlond & Smith, attor- 
neys, and Portuguese- Spanish inter- 
preter, 4th Circuit Court, Hilo, 
1910-12; U. S. storekeeper-gauger, 
Hilo, 1913-17, and deputy internal 
revenue collector, in charge, Hilo, 
1917-19; president and mgr. Wailea 
Milling Co., Ltd., Hakalau, Hawaii, 
since Aug. 1, 1919. Member Francis 
Council No. 573, Y. M. I, Hilo, and 
has held every office in same; mem- 
ber Sociedade Lusitana, B. de Ha- 
waii, Honolulu. 

COYNE, ARTHUR, merchant, 
Honolulu; born London, Ont-, Can- 
ada March 21, 1867; son of Thos. 
G. and Elizabeth (Peel) Coyne; 
grandfather founded American 
branch of family, coming from 
London Cury. Ireland, 1812; mothers 
people originally from Belfast. Ire- 
land; married Sarah Amelia Bruns 
(deceased) at Honolulu; married 
Grace Yale Dickey, at Honolulu, 
March 23, 1918. Educated in pub- 
lic schools, London, Ont.: began 
business career with furniture man- 
ufacturer, London, Ont.; entered 
Canadian Army, 1884, serving 
through Riel Rebellion, 1885, as 
member 32d Huron Vols.; arrived 
Honolulu, 1889, and re-entered fur- 
niture business with J. Hopp & Co.; 
resumed military service at out- 
break Hawaiian Revolution, 1693, 
as 1st Lieut, under Provisional 
Govt.; promoted Capt-, 1896, and 
retired in that grade, 1898. Re- 
entered military service in Nation- 
al Guard of Hawaii, 1903; Lieut. - 
Col., 1907, and Colonel, 1913, and re- 
tired at own request. May 9, 1914; 
holds certificate of eligibility as 
Colonel, U. S. Vols., dated April 25, 
1916; was four times shooting mem- 
ber of Hawaii Shooting Team at 
national shoots, and two other times 
coach and captain respectively; en- 
tered business for himself, Coyne 
Furniture Co. (pres.), 1899. Ap- 
pointed capt. Orel. Section. Officers' 
Res. Corps, U. S. A., Sept. 4, 1917, 
and called active service Jan. 17, 
1918. Served during war at Camps 
Shelby, Meigs and Kendrick. Dis- 
charged Jan. 16, 1919. Appointed 
capt. Ord. Section, O. R. C., April 
11, 1919. 

tect and builder, Honolulu: born 
April 28, 1864 at Toronto, Canada; 
son of John and Annie (Cristie) 
Craig; married Annie Cox, June 
2, 1884, at Hamilton. Canada; two 
children; Edna May (Knudsen) 
and Nina Grace (McCorriston). 
Educated, Central Grammar School 
(Toronto), Collegiate Institute of 
Hamilton; entered business in Los 
Angeles, Calif., 1886; removed to 
Honolulu. 1889; has designed and 
constructed many of Honolulu's 
large business blocks, schools and 
residences; holds interests in sev- 
eral plantations; former member 
Board of Immigration and Board 
of License Commissioners; Mason. 

mologist, Honolulu; born March 7, 
1889, at Sonora, Mexico; son of 
Matthew and Harriet Crawford; 
married Leona Mudgett, June 25, 
1914, at Claremont, Calif.; two chil- 
dren: James and Joan. Educated 
Pomona College, 1911; Stanford 
University, 1912; Cornell. 1913. 
Made two special trips of investi- 
gation into Mexico, 1909 and 1910; 
manager Cooperative Fruit Market- 
ing Co., Eastern Mexico, 1913-14; 
teacher, Pomona College, California, 
1914-17; professor at University of 
Hawaii since 1917; is engaged in 
welfare and juvenile employment 
activities with Hawaiian Pineapple 
Company, Honolulu. Was athletic 
coach at College of Hawaii, 1917- 
1919, turning out champion foot- 
ball team of Territory in 1919; 
member advisory board Hawaiian 
Amateur Athletic L T nion and has 
officiated in many local games and 
sports. Member University Club, 
American Assn. for Advancement 
of Science; Sigma Xi (science fra- 

Lihue. Kauai; born Sullivan Co., 
Ind., Jan. 2, 1871. Educated gram- 
mar and high schools, Danville, 
Ind.: Wabash College, Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. With banking firm of 
Parker, Crabb & Co.. Danville, 
1892-1901; mgr. Lihue Branch of 
The Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., since 
its organization, 1903. Postmaster, 
Lihue, 1902-18. 


insurance, Honolulu: born in Wa- 
terville, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1875; son of 
Jeremiah and Margaret (Herlehy) 
Creedon; educated public schools 
of New York and California, also 
business colleges in Sacramento 
and Stockton, Calif. Married Mil- 
lie Medeiros in Honolulu. Oct. 30, 






1905; children: Catherine Elizabeth, 
John Patrick, Margaret Mary, Mary 
Cecilia, Helen Francis, Agnes Ger- 
trude. Employed in law office of 
Johnson, Linforth & Whittaker, 
San Francisco, 1895-1900; with Ha- 
waiian Trust .Co., 1900-05; private 
secretary to Governor George R. 
Carter, 1905-08; mgr. insurance 
dept., Hawaiian Trust Co., 1908-18; 
same, B. F. Dillingham Co., 1918 to 
date. Is president Honolulu branch 
of Holy Name Society, past presi- 
dent and council deputy, Damien 
Council 563 Y. M. I., past president 
Divis. 1 Honolulu A. O. H.; mem- 
ber B. P. O. E., president Co- 
lumbus Welfare Club. 


warehouse supt., Makaweli, Kauai; 
born Bridgeport, Conn., Feb. 3, 
1890; son of Edward A. and M. 
Louise (Nicholls) Creevey; mar- 
ried Julia Haley at Honolulu, April 
23, 1915; two children: Ruth Louise 
and Carol Robbins. Educated in 
grammar schools of Bridgeport and 
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; spent five 
years at Real Gymnasium, Glau- 
chau, Saxony, Germany; graduated 
Yarmouth Academy, Yarmouth, 
Nova Scotia, 1909. Was chief clerk 
at American Consulate, St. Mi- 
chaels, Azores, 1910-11; surveyor 
in Canadian Northwest and Cali- 
fornia, 1911-14; shop instructor, 
Terr. Normal School, Honolulu, 
1914-15; Industrial Supervisor, 
Kauai schools, 1915-20; with Ha- 
waiian Sug- Co., as warehouse supt. 
since June, 1920. Member Kauai 
Chamber of Commerce, National 
Geographical Society, American 
Meteor Society; secy. Kauai Soccer 
League, member Kauai Council, 
Boy Scouts of America (secy.-treas. 

ister, Wailuku, Maui ; born Oak- 
ville, Pa., June 11, 1881; son of 
Jacob Walter and Anna M. 
(Weaver) Crider; married Margaret 
Clara Anderson, at Fortuna, Cal., 
Jan. 4, 1911; four children: Paul, 
Lloyd, Virginia and Vernon. Univ. 
of Cal., B.L., 1914; Pacific School 
of Religion, B-D., 1915. Minister 
Community Church, Scotia, Cal., 
1915-18; Presbyterian Church, 
Placerville, Cal., 1919; Wailuku 
Union Church, 1919 to date. 

yer, Honolulu; born at Hudson, 
Ohio, Feb. 13, 1889; son of Rev. 
Albert Barnes and Mary Wilhel- 
mina (Linsley) Cristy; educated at 
Brown University, A.B., 1909; 
Brown Glee Club, 1906-09; diver 
Brown swiming team, 1908-09; in- 

structor in mathematics and me- 
chanical drawing at Williston Sem- 
inary, Easthampton, Mass., 1909-11. 
Harvard Law School, LL. B., cum 
laude, 1914; assoc. editor Harvard 
Law Review, 1913-14. Married Jes- 
samine J. Bowman of Chicago, in 
Honolulu, 1914; appointed first 
Carol Linsley and Jessamine Pren- 
tice. Began practise of law with 
Frear, Prosser, Anderson & Marx, 
Honolulu, 1914; appointed first 
deputy city and county attorney 
for Honolulu, 1815; re-appointed 
1917- June 30, 1919; member of law 
partnership Brown, Cristy & Davis 
since October, 1919; secretary of 
Bar Association of Hawaii, 1915- 
21; elected representative 4th Dis- 
trict, Honolulu, 1920, Territorial 
Legislature. Member of Phi Beta 
Kappa and Phi Gamma Delta fra- 

yer. Wailuku, Maui; born at Mont- 
gomery, Alabama, Oct. 15, 1891; son 
of William F. and Annie Crockett; 
graduated from University of Mich- 
igan, A. B. 1916, J. D. 1917; was 
one of asst. editors of Michigan 
Law Review, 1916-17; engaged in 
law practise at Wailuku, Maui, 
since. Appointed deputy county 
attorney. County of Maui, July 1, 
1919, serving to date; active service 
U. S. Army with Co. F, 2nd Ha- 
waiian Inf., June 1, 1918; commis- 
sioned 2nd lieut. Sept. 10, 1918, 
serving with 25th Inf. at Nogales, 
Ariz. Member Court Valley Isle 
9239, Foresters. 

yer, Wailuku, Maui, T. H.; born at 
Wytheville, Va., July 12, 1860; son 
of Samuel and Lydia (Brown) 
Crockett; educated in public 
schools, Wytheville, Va. ; Centen- 
ary Biblical Institute, Baltimore, 
Md-; University of Michigan, Law 
School, LL. B., 1888; married Annie 
V. Ryder, Dec. 24, 1890, at Wash- 
ington, D. C.; children: Wendell 
Francis, Grace Crockett. In prac- 
tise of law, Montgomery, Ala., 
1888-1900; lecturer on commercial 
law for B. T. Washington, 1889; 
state agent for Southern Cotton 
States Exposition, Atlanta, Ga., 
1895; assistant passenger dept-, So. 
Pac. Company, Alabama, 1900; came 
to Hawaii with large party of la- 
borers, Jan., 1901; employed by Ha- 
waiian Commercial and Sugar Co., 
1901-03; located on Maui in prac- 
tise of law, 1903; has served on 
Board of Registration, as district 
magistrate of Wailuku, as deputy 
county attorney, member of House 
of Representatives, T. H., 1915 ses- 









mgr.. Honolulu; born Washington, 
D. C., May 9, 1887; son of S. B. 
and J. May (Gardner) Cronk; edu- 
cated himself through home study; 
married Leslie E. Studebaker at 
Honolulu, Jan. 14, 1918; two chil- 
dren: Otho Neilson, Jr., and Peggie 
Virginia. Has been in automobile 
business continuously since 1907, 
and sales mgr. Royal Hawaiian 
Sales Co. since Nov. 1920; served 
during war as captain, U. S. Army; 
member Masonic Lodge, Shrine 
and Elks. 

ty sheriff, Wailuku. Maui; born in 
Wailuku, Aug. 4, 1881; son of John 
Matthews and Mary Crowell; edu- 
cation. Wailuku schools, Royal 
school, Kamehameha primary 
school, St. Louis College, graduat- 
ing 1898; married Esther Wainee, 
at Wailuku, June 1, 1908; children: 
Clement, Jr., and John M. After 
leaving school employed by O . R . 
& L. Co. in car and wharf building, 
and later as car inspector; with 
Kahului R. R. Co. for period as 
car inspector and scow builder; en- 
tered Maui county police dept. as 
special officer, 1906. later as lieut. 
of police and clerk to sheriff; elect- 
ed deputy sheriff, Wailuku, 1908, 
and appointed sheriff, Maui County 
for unexpired term, 1910; elected 
sheriff 1911, 1913, 1915, 1917, 1919. 
1921; was formerly member Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii; member Maui 
County Fair & Racing Assn.; com- 
missioner Lahainaluna school, 
Maui; served as chairman. Maui 
Draft Board during war. Member 
Court Valley Island No. 9329 A. O. F. 

manager Waialua Agri. Co., Waia- 
lua, Oahu; born Feb. 24, 1873, at 
Banffshire, Scotland; son of James 
and Jessie (Edward) Cruickshank; 
educated public school; married Ag- 
nes B. Bannerman in Aberdeen. 
Scotland, April 17, 1903; three chil- 
dren: George Bruce, James and 
Keith. Was born and raised on a 
farm and engaged in agricultural 
work with his father until 1899; 
came to the Hawaiian islands and 
engaged in plantation work under 
the late C. C. Kennedy at Waiakea, 
Hawaii; removed to Waialua, Oahu, 
June, 1903, as section overseer, Wai- 
alua Agr. Co., Ltd.; head overseer. 
1909; appointed asst. manager 1919. 


businessman, Honolulu; born Wil- 
son County, Kansas, May 30, 1887; 
son of A. M. and Cornelia (Rag- 
lane) Cryderman; educated gram- 

mar and high schools, Neodesha, 
Kans., and Baker Univ., Baldwin, 
Kans., 1908; married Oletha C. 
Hunt, of Kansas City, Mo., at Fort 
Riley, Kans., June, 1917. Began 
business career in 1908, as owner 
and mgr. of furniture business, also 
a music company and an amuse- 
ment company, Excelsior Springs, 
Mo.; owner and mgr. of Cryder- 
man Realty & Investment Co., 
main office, Kansas City, Mo., 1910- 
14; mgr. and principal owner San- 
itary Manufacturing Co.. also offi- 
cer of Morrison Investment Co., of 
Kansas City, Mo., up to beginning 
of war with Germany, 1917; served 
in U. S. Army from May, 1917, to 
Jan. 1920; organized, vice.-pres. 
and mgr. Royal Hawaiian Fruit 
Co.. Ltd., Honolulu. Feb. 1920, suc- 
ceeding firm of Kelly & Munro. 
Came to Hawaii as Capt., Q. M. C. 
following service at Camps Funs- 
ton, Kearney, Johnson, Newport 
News, Washington, D. C., and Phil- 
adelphia. Is Major U. S. R. C. and 
York Rite Mason; member Univer- 
sity Club, Honolulu. 

CURRY, GEORGE S., lawyer. 
Honolulu; born Jan. 17, 1878, in 
Washington, D. C.; son of Samuel 
T. and Amanda (Kemble) Curry; 
married Gertrude E. M. Thomsen 
in Philadelphia. Pa., Aug. 4. 1904; 
two children: Dorothy and Ruth. 
Educated in public schools and 
business colleges of Philadelphia. 
Inspector, U. S. Immigration Serv- 
ice, Honolulu, 1905-10; referee in 
bankruptcy, 1912-14; U. S. Com- 
missioner, Dist. of Hawaii, since 
1914. Member Le Progres de 
1'Oceanie, F. & A. M. (past master), 
Oahu Country and Outrigger 
Canoe Clubs. 

engineer, Honolulu; born at San 
Jose, Cal., April 30, 1890; son of 
Emanuel and Theresa (Pircher) 
Cykler; educated primary and high 
schools of San Jose, Cal., Univer- 
sity of California, C. E.. 1910; mar- 
ried Beatrice Elizabeth Freuler of 
Berkeley, Cal., Sept. 30, 1913; one 
child, John Freuler. Began pro- 
fessional career with H. J. Brun- 
nier, prominent consulting engineer 
of San Francisco, and was asso- 
ciated with him in a number of 
large projects, notable amony 
which were the U. S. Farm Lands 
Co., at Chowchilla, Cal., a 200,000 
acre project, the Sharon Farms 
Co., Sharon, Cal., a 30.000 acre pro- 
ject. Shredded Wheat factory, Oak 
land, Cal., Santa Cruz wharf, a 
2800 -foot structure, San Francisco 
Civic Center Library, a $1,000.000 






structure and some $4,000.000 
worth of buildings, bridges, etc.; 
chief engineer, Lord-Young En- 
gineering Co.. Ltd., Honolulu, Sept. 
1915 -June, 1918; chief engineer, 
Hawaiian Contracting Co.. Ltd. and 
Hawaiian Dredging Co., Ltd , since 
1918. Member and founder Theta 
Xi Fraternity. U. of C. ; honorary 
fraternities for scholarship, Tau 
Beta Pi and Sigma Xi; Union 
League, University and Rotary 
Clubs of San Francisco; Commer- 
cial Club and University Club, Ho- 
nolulu; American Society of Civil 
Engineers; has contributed a num- 
ber of articles to engineering 


DAINGERFIELD, L. H., meteor- 
ologist, born in St. Charles 
County, Mo., February 24, 1873; 
son of Lawrence B. and Lucy V. 
(Hite) Daingerfield; married Fran- 
cis V. McNamara, at North Platte, 
Neb., June 19, 1901. Graduated 
from N. W. Mo. College, 1895, Ph. 
B., with highest scholarship 
honors; teacher from 1895 to 1^98; 
has been an official of the Ij. S. 
Weather Bureau from March, 1898, 
to date; has been stationed at 
Weather Bureau offices in Wash- 
ington. D. C. ; North Platte, Neb.; 
Denver and Grand Junction and 
Pueblo. Colo.; Taylor, Tex.; St. 
Louis, Mo.; Cheyenne, Wyo., and 
Honolulu, Hawaii. In charge of 
climatological work in Territory of 
Hawaii last three years. Has 
written many scientific papers and 
numerous nature articles, including 
results of detailed study of eth- 
nology of Maya Indians, Yucatan. 
Member A. F. & A. M., W. O. W., 
Royal Highlanders, Sons of Amer. 
Revolution (historian), Ad Club, 
Trail and Mountain Club (director 
and ex-president). Delegate, First 
Pan-Pacific Scientific Congress, 
member National Geographic and 
American Meteorological societies. 

DALY, JOHN F., postmaster, 
Hilo, Hawaii; born Bradford, Eng., 
Sept. 29, 1887; son of John and 
Agnes (Goldsbury) Daly; education, 
public schools and St. Beade's Col- 
lege, Eng.; married Clara Mac- 
Gregor in Honolulu, July 5, 1919; 
one child, Mary. Worked in Eng- 
land with father, hotel business, 
six years, coming to U. S. in 1906; 
before entering postal service in 
1912 was asst. cashier Southern 
Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.; asst. post- 
master, Schofleld Barracks, two and 
one-half years and transferred to 
Honolulu as chief clerk, 1915; supt. 
of mails, Honolulu, 1917-19; post- 

master, Hilo, since 1919. Member 
B. P. O. E. ; pres. Hilo basketball 
league, vice-pres. Hilo football 
league; deputy commissioner, Boy 
Scouts of America, Kilauea Coun- 
cil, Hilo. 

rector welfare work, Makaweli, 
Kauai; born at Forest Lake, Minn., 
Aug. 16. 1894; son of Henry Ernest 
and Hadwig M. Damkroger; mar- 
ried Harriet Mary Firestein, at Ta- 
coma, Wash., Dec. 22, 1917; one 
child: Ernest Lester. Grammar 
and high school education, Santa 
Cruz, Cal. ; graduated Springfield 
College, Mass., degree of B.H., 
1917. Left college just before close 
of senior year to attend 1st R. O. 
T. C. at Presidio, San Francisco, 
and commissioned second lieut., in- 
fantry; served 21 months with 91st 
Division, overseas nine months; reg- 
imental athletic and entertainment 
officer, 361st Inf., and asst. division 
athletic and entertainment officer 
after armistice; in charge welfare 
work of Hawaiian Sugar Co., 
Makaweli, since 1919; secretary of 
Kauai Public School Athletic 

sistant secretary and manager 
stock and bond department. Bishop 
Trust Co., Honolulu; born nt Ho- 
nolulu. Jan. 14, 1893; son of 
Francis Williams and Mary (Hap- 
per) Damon; educated Punahou 
Preparatory School. 1907; Oahu Col- 
lege, 1911; Harvard, 1915; clerk 
Audit Company of Hawaii, 1915- 
1916; manager real estate dept. 
Guardian Trust Co., Honolulu, 
1916-20; assistant secretary and 
manager stock and bond dept., 
Bishop Trust Co., Ltd., since 1920. 
Attended first Officers' Training 
Camp, Schofield Barracks, 1917, 
being commissioned first lieutenant 
and assigned to 1st Infantry, U. 
S. A.; asst. to chief of staff, Ha- 
waiian Dept.; first lieut. 32nd Inf., 
discharged December 4, 1918; ad- 
jutant American Legion. Member 
Ad Club, American Legion, Uni- 
versity Club, American Officers of 
Great War. 

DAMON, ROXOR, banker. Hono- 
lulu; born April 21, 1878 in Hono- 
lulu, Kingdom of Hawaii; son of 
Edward Chenery and Cornelia 
(Beckwith) Damon; descendant of 
John Damon, Kent, England, who 
settled in Scituate, Mass., in 1629, 
and John Mosely, Lancashire, Eng- 
land, who settled at Dorchester, 
Mass., 1631; grandson of Rev. Sam- 
uel Chenery Damon, D.D., chap- 






lain, Seamen's Chapel, Honolulu, 
1841-82, editor "The Friend" 1843- 
1882. Married Julia Dwight Law- 
rence of Sheboygan, Wis., in Ho- 
nolulu, Jan. 8, 1908; two children: 
Wayne and Kathrah. Educated in 
schools of Honolulu, attended Oahu 
College, Honolulu. Began business 
career in Honolulu postoffice in 
1894; with Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., 
Aug., 1898; elected secretary and 
assistant cashier, Jan. 26, 1905; 
cashier, Jan. 13, 1909; vice-presi- 
dent, Jan. 27, 1921. Member Com- 
mercial, Oahu Country Clubs, Ha- 
waiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M., 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 

tired banker, Honolulu: born in 
Honolulu, March 13, 1845; son of 
Rev. Samuel Chenery and Julia 
Sherman (Mills) Damon; married 
Harriet M. Baldwin in Honolulu, 
Sept. 5, 1872; four children, Samuel 
Edward, Mary M., Henry F., 
Douglas W. Descendant of John 
Damon of Reading, England, who 
settled in Reading, Mass., in 1632; 
Rev. Samuel Chenery Damon was 
one of the pioneer missionaries 
to Hawaii, being chaplain of the 
Seamen's Institute, 1841-82, foun- 
der and editor of "The Friend," 
1843-85. Received education at 
Punahou Preparatory school and 
Punahou Academy (Honolulu) ; be- 
came associated with Charles R. 
Bishop in the banking business in 
1870; admitted to partnership, 
Bishop & Co., 1881. Appointed 
member privy council. Kingdom of 
Hawaii by King Kalakaua, August 
12, 1884: "minister of Finance July 
22, 1889-June 17, 1890, May 29, 
1893-July 20, 1897, August 12, 1897- 
November 13, 1889, December 21, 
1899- June 14, 1900; minister of in- 
terior, ad interim, April 28, 1899- 
June 13, 1899, May 18. 1900-June 14, 
1900; member of advisory council 
of Republic of Hawaii under Presi- 
dent Dole. Member Society Beaux 
Arts, Paris; Royal Society of Arts, 
London; Hawaiian Historical So- 
ciety; Pacific Club (Honolulu); 
decorated with order Golden Trea- 
sure, Japan; Knight Order Christ. 
Portugal; Victoria Jubilee medal; 
owner of celebrated Moanalua Gar- 
dens, near Honolulu. 

DANFORD, WILLIAM, assistant 
plantation manager, Kekaha Sugar 
Company, Kekaha, Kauai; born 
Jan. 28th, 1878, at Dublin, Ireland; 
son of William and Lady Anna 
(Herron) Danford; married Jean 
Harwood of San Francisco at Ke- 
kupua, Kauai, July 6th, 1903; two 
children: Wm. Harwood and Alys 

L. Danford. Received high school 
education in native country. Was 
sugar boiler for 11 years with 
Hawaiian Sugar Co., Makaweli, 
Kauai; head overseer, Mana sec- 
tion, Kekaha Sugar Co., 1907-08; 
asst. mgr. Kekaha Sugar Co. since 


business man, Waimea, Kauai; 
born in Arbroath, Forfarshire, 
Scotland. Nov. 28, 1882; son of 
Robert and Margaret (Douglas) 
Davidson; grammar school educa- 
tion in San Francisco, Calif.; mar- 
ried Agnes Dee Mason, in Hono- 
lulu, Aug. 11, 1909; three children: 
Dorothy, Douglas Mason, Alexa. Be- 
gan business career as cash boy, 
Taft & Pennoyer, Oakland, Calif., 
July, 1894; with O'Connor, Moffatt 
& Co.. eight years; came to Hawaii, 
June, 1906, and accepted position 
with Ewa Plantation store, until 
Jan., 1917; asst. mgr., grocery 
dept., T. H. Davies & Co., Hono- 
lulu, 1917-20; mgr., C. B. Hof- 
gaard & Co., Ltd., Waimea, Kauai, 
since May, 1920. Member Hawaii- 
an Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M., Ho- 
nolulu Commandery and Aloha 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 


newspaperman; born Cork, Ire- 
land, 1858; son of Henry and Ma- 
rion (Saunders) Davies; migrated 
with family in 1858 to Australia, 
educated at Scots College, Univer- 
sity of Melbourne; married Agnes 
Ruth Edwards, daughter of Maj. 
Edwin Edwards, Royal Fusilliers 
(Black Watch, Crimea War), 1895. 
Studied chemistry and music. M. 
P. S. Great Britain and Ireland, 
1879; reporter Wilcannia Times, 
1880; followed chemistry Hong 
Kong, China, 1881-82; joined French 
expeditionary forces, Tonquin 
against Black Flags 1883; engaged 
in theatrical profession, 1885-95; 
entered copra and banana business, 
South Seas. 1895: came to Hawaii 
1902; solicitor for Pacific Commer- 
cial Advertiser, 1906; soda water 
business, North Kohala, 1907-1914; 
admitted to practise law in district 
courts of Territory, 1914; district 
magistrate. South Kohala, 1915- 
17; editor Hawaii Independent, 
1917; reporter Hawaii Post-Herald, 
1918-19; reporter and city editor 
Hilo Daily Tribune, 1920. Manager 
Hilo Tribune Publishing Co., Ltd., 

DAVIES, T. CLIVE, sugar fac- 
tor, Honolulu; born in Honolulu, 
Hawaii, Sept. 28, 1871; son of 
Theophilus Harris and Mary Ellen 









(Cocking) Da vies; father settled 
in Honolulu in 1857 and was as- 
sociated with firm of Janion, Green 
& Co., later taking over business 
which has been continued since as 
Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd.; edu- 
cated at St. Alban's College (Ho- 
nolulu) to 1886, Uppingham School 
(England) to 1899 and Massachu- 
setts Institute of Technology, S. B. 
degree 1894; married Edith Marion 
Pox at Wimbledon, England, July 
12, 1898; five children: Muriel. 
Gwendolen. Lorna, Harold and 
Geoffrey. Became associated with 
his father's firm. Theo. H. Davies 
& Co., Ltd., upon entering busi- 
ness career and is at present 
managing director. 

DAVIS, BASIL DUKE, electrical 
and mechanical engr., Hilo, Hawaii; 
born Louisville, Ky., Nov. 18, 1880; 
son of "William J. and Frances 
(Cunningham) Davis; education. 
Harvard Univ., electl. and mechl. 
engring., 1908; in charge construc- 
tion for General Electric Co., trav- 
eling from Schenectady office, 1908- 
12; engr. and supt. of construction, 
New York and Honduras Rosario 
Mining Co.'s mill and cyanide plant 
and hydro-electric plants, San 
Juancito. Honduras, C. A.. 1912-15; 
genl. supt. for C. H. Will, con- 
tractor, Hilo. 1916-19; genl. supt. 
of design and building construction, 
Hawaiian Contracting Co., Hilo, 
since 1919. 

DAVIS, CHARLES S., lawyer, 
Honolulu; born at St. John, N. B., 
Nov. 8, 1889; son of George A. and 
Elizabeth (Crawford) Davis; edu- 
cated at Punahou Preparatory. 
Oahu College (Honolulu); Cornell. 
Harvard and Leland Stanford 
Junior universities, A.B. and J.D. 
Practising law in Honolulu; ap- 
pointed Deputy City and County 
Attorney, Honolulu, 1917; member 
law firm Brown, Christy and Davis. 
Member Elks, University Club, 
Myrtle Boat Club, Outrigger Canoe 


clergyman, Honolulu; born in Nor- 
wood, Mass., Jan. 21, 1881; son of 
Stillman Clough and Eva (Newell) 
Davis ; married Alice Mary Newell, 
at Chelsea, Mass., Dec. 25, 1908; 
one child, Wilbert Newell. Re- 
ceived early education in public 
schools Cambridge, Mass.; theologi- 
cal training at Bible Teachers' 
Training School, New York City, 
1907; post graduate work Roches- 
ter Theological Seminary, 1909-10. 
Was assistant pastor, First Presby- 
terian Church, Rochester, N. Y., 

1908-10; chaplain and teacher of 
Bible, Berry Schools, Rome, Ga., 
1911-15; director community serv- 
ice, Bible Teachers Training 
School, New York City, 1916-19; 
pastor Community Church, Doug- 
laston (L. I.), N. Y., 1919; dean 
Christian Workers' Institute, Ho- 
nolulu, since 1920. During interim 
between completion preparatory 
schooling and professional training- 
engaged in business five years at 
Boston, Mass. 

tect, Honolulu: born Butte Co 
Cal.. Aug. 5, 1884; son of Edward 
and Alice (Moore) Davis; married 
Alma Loise Hill, Apr. 16, 1910, at 
San Francisco; one child, Betty 
Lou. Graduated Wilmerding 

School of Industrial Arts, at San 
Francisco, 1904; with leading 
architectural firms of San Fran- 
cisco, 1911; member firm of Ripley 
& Davis, Honolulu; member Com- 
mercial Club, Oahu Country Club, 
Masonic Lodge. 

versity president. Honolulu; born 
Oct. 1. 1878, at Southwick. Hamp- 
den County, Mass.; son of William 
Kendrick and Nellie May (Rogers) 
Dean; descendant of Puritan stock 
that settled at Plymouth in 1637; 
married Leora Elvena Parmelee at 
New Haven, Conn.. Aug. 11, 1904; 
three children: Sylvia, Lyman Ar- 
nold and Pierson Goddard. Edu- 
cated at Dedham (Mass.) high 
school to 1896; Harvard, 1896-1900 
A.B.; Yale, 1900-02, Ph. D. Begun 
professional career at Sheffield 
Scientific School of Yale, Sept., 
1902-07; expert in charge wood 
chemistry U. S. Forest service, 
1905-07; in charge chemical labo- 
ratory A. D. Little (Boston) 1907- 
1908; asst. professor Industrial 
Chemistry Sheffield Scientific 
School, 1908-14; president College 
of Hawaii, 1914-1920; University 
of Hawaii since 1920; during 1904- 
1905 was research assistant Car- 
negie Institution of Washington. 
Chosen executive officer of Terri- 
torial Food Comm.. 1917. Member 
University Club, Honolulu; Grad- 
uates Club, New Haven; Sigma 
Xi (president Yale Chapter, 1913- 
1914) ; Kappa Gamma Chi (Har- 
vard), Phi Sigma Kappa (Yale), 
Fellow American Assn. Advance- 
ment of Science, American Chemi- 
cal Society, Hawn. Chemists' Assn. 

DEAS, MANUEL A., JR., school 
prin., Haiku, Maui; born Feb. 2, 
1890, at Kukuihaele, Hawaii; son 
of Manuel A. and Mary (de Lima) 





m a? 




Deas; married Mary cle Rego, at 
Hilo, Hawaii, Oct. 19, 1907; seven 
children: Caroline, Walter, Hilda, 
Herman, Arthur, Nora and Ray- 
mond. Graduated Terr. Normal 
school. 1907; grammar grade certifi- 
cate. 1921. Teacher Papaikou school. 
1907-10; teacher, Honokaa. Sept.- 
Dec., 1910; teacher Paauilo, 1911- 
1912; principal. Pahala, Jan. -Aug., 
1913; chief mail clerk, civil serv- 
ice appointment. 1913-15; teacher. 
Paauhau, Jan. -Sept., 1915; teacher, 
Honokaa, 1915-16; with Hawaii 
Post-Herald and Hilo Tribune, 
1916-17; teacher, Camp 10, Maui, 
1917-19; prin. Kaupakalua, Maui, 
1919 to date. Is ajso in charge 
Haleakala Exper. Sta. Has poultry 
ranch and is author of many 
photoplays and songs. In N. G. H. 
five years. Member Foresters, 
Moose, St. Antonio Society and 
Lusitana Society. 


Honolulu; born at McKinney, Col- 
lin county, Texas, Dec. 19, 1857; 
son of Barnabus Dexter and Mary 
(Cole) De Bolt: married Lily B. 
Wilson in Honolulu. Dec. 22, 1904; 
one child, John Thomas, Jr. Edu- 
cated in primary schools, studied 
high school and scientific course 
while working on farm, teaching 
school and keeping books; studied 
law in office of O. Jacobs, ex-chief 
justice of Washington Territory, 
Seattle, in 1884; admitted to bar 
1887; practised law in Seattle, 1887- 
1896; located in Honolulu to prac- 
tise law, 1896; appointed first judge 
1st Circuit Court, Territory of Ha- 
waii, Sept. 27, 1902; associate jus- 
tice Supreme Court. T. H., Jan., 
1911-March, 1914; private practise; 
appointed second judge, 1st Circuit 
Court, Terr, of Haw., October, 1918. 

house broker and attorney, Hono- 
lulu; born Oct. 28. 1868, at North 
Greenbush. N. Y. ; son of Isaac 
Henry and Catherine (Van Allen) 
De Freest; married May 8, 1901, 
Addie Helene Farmer at Honolulu ; 
three children: Katherine I., Grace 
H.. and Elizabeth M. ; ancestors on 
both sides of family came to Amer- 
ica from Holland in 1800. Educated, 
preparatory schools, De Freest- 
ville, N. Y. ; Union Classical Insti- 
tute and Union College, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. Began business career 
as traveling salesman; customs 
broker and attorney, Honolulu, 
since 1900. Member Oahu Coun- 
try, Commercial, Rotary and Out- 
rigger Clubs, Masonic and Elks' 
lodges. Chamber of Commerce of 


C. E., Hilea, Hawaii; bom Nov. 22, 
1859, on Island of Reunion. Indian 
Ocean; son of Pierre C. August 
and Sophie Henriette Florentine 
(D'Agayi de la Nux; father a civil 
engineer, surveyed and mapped 
most of Oahu and Kauai, and built 
Anahola ditch, Kauai; mother was 
daughter of Count D'Agay; is 
nephew of French poet Charles 
Marie Rene Le Conte de Lisle. 
Grammar and high school educa- 
tion, and training as civil engineer; 
married Annie S. Rickard at Ho- 
nokaa, Hawaii, Aug. 7, 1886; four 
children: Sophie Henriette. Pierre 
Albert. Zalida Yiolette, Evelyn 
Jeanette. Left Reunion in 1871 
and spent four years in New Cale- 
donia, S. Pacific Ocean; lived 
short time in Australia, two years 
in California; has been connected 
with sugar industry of Hawaii 42 
years; was at Paauhau Plantation, 
Hawaii, 18 years; McBryde Plan- 
tation, Kauai, six years, Hutchin- 
son Plantation, Hawaii. 14 years; 
is section supt. Hilea, Hawaii. 
Member and held all offices K. of 
P., charter member Maile No. 4. 


railway superintendent; born at 
Dayton, Ky., April 16, 1875; son of 
Barckley S. and Florence (Barnes) 
Denison; married Lydia Mae Ver- 
milyea. at Vancouver, B. C.. May, 
1897: four children: Florence Ruth, 
Hazel Mae, Alice Ray, and Marion 
Norwood. Engaged in fruit farm- 
ing, California, 1886-97; railroad 
construction work. Hawaii, 1897- 
99; wharf supt. 1899-08; asst. supt., 
1908-17; supt., 1917-21; with Oahu 
Railway & Land Co. continuously 
since 1897. Member and governor 
Commercial Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Masonic Lodge, 32d degree, 
Scottish Rite. Shriners, Aloha Tem- 
ple, B. P. O. E. 

ney at law, Hilo, Hawaii; born at 
Napoopoo, S. Kona, Hawaii, Jan. 
L'l'. 1887; son of Stephen Langhern 
and Mary Kaakopua (Kekumano) 
Desha; married Agnes Monks 
Ready at Nashua, N. H., Jan. 17, 
1910; two children: Evelyn Corn- 
well and Jacqueline Langhern. 
Graduate of Kamehameha Manual 
Training School, 1903; Punahou 
Academy, 1906; Harvard Univer- 
sity, A. B., 1912; George Washing- 
ton University Law School, 1914- 
17. Was secretary to Hon. J. K. 
Kalanianaole, Delegate to Congress 
from Hawaii,. 1912-17; conducted 
Congressional party of 125 people 









to Hawaii, 1915; in law office of 
Thompson & Cathcart, Honolulu, 
1917-.19; admitted to practice all 
courts of Territory July 3, 1918; 
United States District Court, July 
12, 1918; deputy city and county 
attorney, City and County of Ho- 
nolulu, January- June, 1919; asso- 
ciated with Stephen L. Desha, Jr., 
in practise of law at Hilo, under 
firm name of Desha & Desha, since 
July 15, 1919. Appointed second 
district magistrate, S. Hilo, April 
28, 1920. Was member Harvard 
University baseball team, 1911-12. 
Member Harvard Varsity Club, 
Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Phi Delta 
Phi Law Fraternity, Order of 
Kamehameha, Court Lunalilo 6600, 
A. O. F. ; secretary Chiefs of Ha- 
waii; Myrtle Boat Club, Hilo Yacht 
Club, Hawaii Bar Association. Re- 

DESHA, STEPHEN L., Sr., cler- 
gyman, Hilo, Hawaii; born at La- 
haina, Maui, July 11, 1859, descend- 
ant of the noted Desha family of 
Kentucky; son of John Rollin 
Langhern and Eliza (Brewer) De- 
sha; educated in the Hawaiian 
schools, Royal School and North 
Pacific Institute, Honolulu; mar- 
ried Mary K. Kekumano at Napoo - 
poo, S. Kona, Hawaii, Dec. 31, 1884; 
three children: Stephen L. Jr., John 
R. and Elizabeth Desha (Brown). 
Pastor of Napoopoo Church, 1884- 
89; pastor of Haili Church of Hilo, 
Hawaii, 1889. Was supervisor of 
the County of Hawaii when the 
county government was inaugurat- 
ed, 1905; elected to the third Board 
of Supervisors, 1909. Editor and 
business manager Hawaiian news- 
paper "Ka Hoku o Hawaii," since 
1907; delegate from Hawaii to the 
second International Congregational 
Council, Boston, Mass., Sept. 20-29, 
1899; elected to the Senate, Terri- 
tory of Hawaii, 1913-17, 1919-23. Is 
an orator and authority on Ha- 
waiian legends. Member Kameha- 
meha, Kauikeaouli and Hawaii Po- 
noi Lodges, Chiefs of Hawaii. Re- 

Jr., lawyer, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Napoopoo, Hawaii, Nov. 26, 1885; 
son of Stephen Langhern and Mary 
Kaakopua (Kekumano) Desha; 
education, Kamehameha Schools 
and Oahu College, Honolulu; George 
Washington Univ., Washington, D 
C., B.L. 1917; taught in public 
schools, 1906-10; clerk in District 
Court, South Hilo, Hawaii, 1910-13; 
attended college 1913-17; law prac- 
tise, Hilo. Hawaii, since; now asso- 
ciated with brother John R. Desha, 

under firm name, Desha and De- 
sha. Secretary, Republican Com- 
mittee, County of Hawaii; member 
Hilo Board of Trade, director and 
treas. Hilo Y. M. C. A.; member 
Hilo Yacht Club, Kilauea Lodge 
No. 330, F. & A. M. 


insurance, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
San Francisco, Aug. 30, 1894; son 
of Charles Reigley and Helen Jes- 
sie (Bowie) Detrick; education, 
public and private schools, San 
Francisco; two years in Lowell 
Polytechnic and Drew's high 
schools; College of Commerce, Univ. 
Calif. Was clerk with railroad 
commission of California, 1916-17; 
with S. F. Call, reporter, one year, 
entering insurance business, San 
Francisco, 1918; manager of insur- 
ance dept., Security Trust Co., 
Hilo, 1920. Enlisted in army, 1916, 
at time of Mexican trouble but dis- 
charged three months later, physi- 
cal reasons; Pacific Coast cham- 
pion. Junior singles and doubles 
(tennis) 1913; mixed doubles cham- 
pion, Pacific Coast, 1916; Calif. 
State doubles champion, 1918; Ha- 
waiian singles and doubles cham- 
pion, Hawaiian Centennial, 1920. 
Republican. In May, 1918, in 
charge S. F. headquarters of 
Francis J. Heney when candidate 
for governor. Is pres. Hilo Tennis 
Club. Member Beta Theta frater- 
nity. Elks, Hilo Yacht and Auto 

vision head luna, Makaweli, Kauai; 
born at Lihue, Kauai, May 26, 1881; 
son of W. E. H. and Sarah B. (Fre- 
denberg) Deverill; educated Puna- 
hou Academy, Honolulu; married 
Barbara Ella Lee, at Hanalei, Ka- 
uai, Nov. 14, 1915; children: Ed- 
ward Gervas K. and Herbert Spen- 
cer. After leaving school employed 
by Pearson & Potter Co., Honolulu; 
with Inter-Island Steam Nav. Co., 
1!>02-04; deputy tax assessor and 
collector for Hanalei dist., 1904-10; 
head luna, division 1, Hawaiian 
Sug. Co., Makaweli, since 1910. 

chant, Hilo, Hawaii; born in Kings- 
ton, N. Y., March 7, 1869; son of 
Alexander Elting and Lucinda A. 
(Matson) Deyo; married Esther V. 
Du Bois, Dec. 26, 1894, in Kingston, 
N. Y., one child, Albert B. D. Edu- 
cated public schools of Roundout, 
N. Y., Kingston Academy, Kingston, 
N. Y., Valparaiso Business Insti- 
tute, Valparaiso, Indiana. 1889; in- 
structor at Spencer's Business Col- 
lege, Kingston, 1890; chief steward 






on passenger steamer "Wm. F. 
Romer" of Romer & Tremper line, 
N. Y., 1891-93; member of firm 
Henkel & Deyo, shoe dealers, 
Kingston, N. Y., 1894-99: manager 
of Pepeekeo stores and postmaster, 
Pepeekeo, Hawaii, 1900-08; mana- 
ger Hilo branch of the Honolulu 
stationery house. Wall, Nichols Co., 
Ltd.. 1909-10; asst. manager of E. 
H. Moses store, Hilo, 1911-16; sec. 
and treas., Moses Stationery Co., 
Ltd., since 1916. Was secy.-treas., 
Board of Trade, Hilo, 1910-16; has 
been member of N. G. H., Co. D, 
1st Reg. Hawn. Inf., since 1915; 
became Battalion Adjt. with rank 
of 1st Lieut, from Feb. 1917-Oct. 
1917, when promoted to Regimental 
Adjt. with rank of Captain. At 
time of induction into Federal serv- 
ice held same office and rank. Was 
honorably discharged from service 
Oct. 18, 1918, account physical dis- 
ability. Member Hawaii Chapter 
No. 1, Order of Eastern Star, mem- 
ber Kilauea Lodge No. 330. F. & 
A. M.; Elks, Hilo Yacht Club. 
Spent 1919 and 1920 in California 
regaining health. 


lawyer, Lihue, Kauai; born White- 
hall, 111., March 26, 1868; son of 
Charles Henry and Anne Elizabeth 
(Alexander) Dickey; grandson of 
Col. T. Lyle Dickey, chief justice 
Supreme Court of 111., and of Rev. 
William P. Alexander, early mis- 
sionary to the Hawaiian Islands: 
received A. B., Yale. 1891; student 
Yale Law School, 1891-92; Chicago 
College of Law, L.L.B., 1894. Prac- 
tised law, Chicago, 1893-95; ap- 
pointed by President Taft, judge 
Circuit Court, 5th Circuit, Kauai 
County, Terr, of Hawaii, July 13, 
1912, serving to Nov. 30, 1919. Re- 
publican. Member Amer. Bar 
Assn.; Bar Assn. of Hawaii; Ha- 
waiian Historical Society; Sons of 
Amer. Revolution; University Club; 
Hawaiian Mission Children's Soci- 

versity professor, Honolulu ; born 
February 11, 1878, in Honolulu; son 
of Charles Thomas and Sarah 
Louise (Thompson) Dillingham. 
descendant of John Dillingham, 
England, who settled in Brews- 
ter. Mass., about 1690. Mar- 
ried Martha Emily MacElwain, May 
23, 1902, at Durham, New Bruns- 
wick, Canada; one child, Eleanor 
F. Educated public schools, Wor- 
cester, Mass.; Worcester Polytech- 
nic Institute, B. S., 1901; Yale Uni- 
versity, M. A., 1916; Harvard, no 
degree. Began as asst. instructor 

of chemistry, Bussy Institute of 
Harvard University, 1901-05; in- 
structor, agricultural chemistry, 
1905-08; asst. chemist, Hawaiian 
Sugar Planters' Assn. Experiment 
Station, Honolulu, 1908-09; profes- 
sor of chemistry, University of Ha- 
waii, since 1909. Has contributed 
miscellaneous papers to various sci- 
entific publications specializing in 
agricultural and physiological 
chemistry and sugar technology. 
Member American Chemical Soci- 
ety, National Geographic Society, 
Harvard Club of Hawaii, Hawaii 
Chemists' Assn.. Outrigger Canoe 
Club. Manoa Improvement Club, 
Men's League Central Union 
Church, Y. M. C. A., Oahu Coun- 
try Club and Honolulu Rotary Club. 


railway official and finan- 
cier, Honolulu; born in Honolulu, 
Oct. 9, 1881; son of Benjamin 
Franklin (railroad promoter) and 
Emma Louise (Smith) Dillingham; 
grandson of Rev. Lowell Smith, 
American missionary to Hawaiian 
Islands; married Margaret Bayard 
Smith, daughter of Bayard Thorn- 
ton Smith of San Francisco, Calif., 
Feb. 24, 1908; children: Walter 
Hyde, Harold Garfielcl, Jr., John 
Henley and Bayard Harrison. Edu- 
cated, Punahou Preparatory and 
Oahu College, Honolulu, Oakland 
High School. Calif., Harvard Uni- 
versity, A. B., 1904 (captain 'var- 
sity crew 1904). Began business 
career in Honolulu with Oahu Rail- 
way & Land Co., Nov., 1904; cash- 
ier O. R. & L. Co., Nov., 1904 Aug., 
1909; asst. treasurer Aug., 1909 
April, 1918; treasurer since 1918; 
director since 1913; asst. treasurer 
B. F. Dillingham Co. Aug., 1909 
April, 1918; and director since Dec. 
22, 1906; president and manager 
since April, 1918. Is vice-president 
and director McBryde Sugar Co., 
Kauai Railway Co., Kauai Electric 
Co., and Kauai Fruit & Land Co. 
Director and vice-president Army 
National Bank, Schofield Barracks; 
secretary Hawaiian Contracting 
Co.; director Honolulu Y. M. C. 
A. Entered active service U. S. 
Army July 25, 1918, rank of cap- 
tain, Q. M. C., stationed at Camp 
Shelly, Miss., and later in office of 
Quartermaster General in Washing- 
ton, D. C.; discharged at Washing- 
ton, Dec. 16, 1918. Was director- 
general Honolulu Floral Parade 
1910: First Lieutenant, 1st Co., C. 
A. C., N. G. H. ; resigned when 
company was disbanded to accept 
commission of captain, Q. M. Sec- 
tion, Officers' Reserve Corps, LT. 






S. A. Clubs: Harvard of N. Y., 
Varsity Club and Owl Club (Cam- 
bridge, Mass.), Institute of 1770. 
D. K. E. of Harvard, Hasty Pud- 
ding Club, Hawaii Polo & Racing. 
University. Oahu Country. 


railroad president and financier. Ho- 
nolulu; born in Honolulu, April 5, 
1S75; son of Benj. Franklin and 
Emma Louise ( Smith) Dillingham; 
grandson of Rev. Lowell Smith, an 
American missionary to Hawaii; 
educated. Punahou School (Hono- 
lulu), Newton High School (Mass.) 
and Harvard University; married 
Louise Olga Gaylord at Florence, 
Italy, May 2. 1910; two children: 
Lowell Smith and Benj. Franklin II. 
Began as clerk in office of Oahu 
Railroad and Land Co., Honolulu, 
1893-98; Harvard, 1898-1900; mana- 
ger Dowsett Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 
1900-02; organized and was manager 
and treasurer, Hawaiian Dredging 
Co., Ltd., opened and developed Hilo, 
Kahului, Honolulu and Pearl har- 
bors and as joint contractor built 
Pearl harbor dry dock, 1902 -; 
became treasurer and financial di- 
rector, B. F. Dillingham Co., Ltd., 
and O. R. & L. Co., 1904; president 
O. R. & L. Co., 1918; is trustee 
Oahu College, Mills College (Calif.), 
Honolulu Military Academy, Palama 
Settlement Assn., Associated Char- 
ities, Leahi Home, Honolulu City 
Planning Comm.; is director Bank 
of Hawaii, Ltd., Olaa Sugar Co., 
Oahu Sugar Co., Puna Sugar Co., 
California Feed Co., Waiahole Wa- 
ter Co., Woodlawn Dairy & Stock 
Co., and other Honolulu enterprises; 

was member Conservation Comm. ; 
Board of Health during epidemic 
of cholera plague and chairman 
committee on mosquito campaign; 
was member of company of sharp- 
shooters; capt. of mounted reserve 
under Republic of Hawaii; active 
service U . S. army, Q. M. dept. 
stationed at "Washington, D. C., rank 
of major, 1918-19; appointed by Gov. 
McCarthy chairman Hawaiian emer- 
gency labor comm. to urge congress 
to permit importation of labor to 
Hawaii to relieve shortage, 1921. 
Member Harvard Club and India 
House, N. Y., Bohemian Club, S. F., 
San Mateo Polo Club, Hawaii Polo 
and Racing Assn., Pacific, Univer- 
sity, Commercial and Oahu Country 
clubs of Honolulu, Republican. 

nessman, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
New Orleans, La., June 30, 1857; 
son of Edward and Percy (Rich- 
ards) Dillon; grammar school edu- 
cation; married Pua Macy, Apr. 9, 

1893 at Laupahoehoe, Hawaii; two 
children. Henry, Robert B. ; mar- 
ried Amelia Kealoha Nov. 11, 1918. 
Did carpentering and ranch work 
for five years during early man- 
hood; was purser and freight clerk 
on vessels out of San Francisco, 1883- 
91; came to Hilo as agt. for Capt. 
Wm. Matson, 1891; bookkeeper and 
storekeeper. Pepeekeo Sug. Co., 
1891-1908; followed various occupa- 
tions in Calif. 1909-15; with Vol- 
cano Stables & Transp. Co., Hilo, 
1916-17; positions as storekeeper 
for Pacific Sug. Mill, Honokaa Sug. 
Co., Hutchinson Sug. Co.. Hawaii, 
1917-21; since Mar. 1. 1921, in- 
come tax deputy, Hilo tax office. 
Was chairman, board of election 
inspectors, Honomu precinct, 12 
years, and delegate to numerous 
Republican conventions. 

chant, Wailuku, Maui; born in 
Switzerland; son of Jacob J. and 
Josephine (Monin) Disteli; educa- 
tion, two years in college in Switz- 
erland, one year in business col- 
lege, Thonon-les-Bains, France; 
married Angella Gilliland, at Hono- 
lulu, Apr. 30, 1907; one child, Louis, 
died 1913 at age of five years. Came 
to America, 1903; chief steward at 
numerous American hotels, includ- 
ing Maryland Hotel, Pasadena, 
Nat Goodwin's and Baron Long's, 
Santa Monica; Ship Cafe, Venice; 
Lake Hotel, Yellowstone Park; Al- 
exander Young Hotel, Honolulu; 
Grand Hotel, Wailuku; later receiv- 
er and manager of Grand Hotel; 
manager Maui Dry Goods & Gro- 
cery Co., Ltd. Member Fraternal 
Order of Eagles, Maui County Fair 
& Racing Assn. 

lawyer. Lihue, Kauai; born Hono- 
lulu, Oct. 25, 1873; son of George 
Hathaway and Clara Maria (Row- 
ell) Dole; grandson of Daniel Dole, 
first principal Punahou Academy, 
Honolulu; father was first mgr. 
Makee Sugar Co.'s plantation, Ka- 
paa, Kauai; educated Stanford 
Univ., 1899; passed California state 
bar examination, 1901. Began prac- 
tise with law firm, Kinney, Bal- 
lou & McClanahan, Honolulu, 1901- 
03; private practise Honolulu, 1905; 
Lihue, 1906, to date; has specialized 
in "Water Rights" and "Estates." 
dist. magistrate, Kauai, 1907-16; 
editor and mgr. "The Garden Isl- 
and" (weekly) Lihue, 1909-10; 
chairman tax appeal court, 4th 
Taxation Divis., 1910-17; sgt. Co. 
K, 2nd Inf. N. G. H.; enlisted in 
3d U. S. Engs., 1917, and stationed 
on Oahu during enlistment period, 






1917-19; resumed law practise, Li- 
hue. 1919; in charge U. S. census, 
Kauai, 1920; drew homestead, Wai- 
lua section, Kauai, 1920. Member 
Beta Theta Pi and Phi Delta Phi 
fraternities, Stanford Union and 
Alumni Assn., Kauai Historical So- 
ciety. Bar Assn. of Hawaii, Na- 
tional Geographic Assn. 

DOLE, JAMES D., pres. and mgr. 
Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu; born Sept. 27, 1877, in Bos- 
ton. Mass.; son of Charles Fletcher 
and Frances (Drummond) Dole. 
Married Belle Dickey of Honolulu 
Nov. 22, 1906; children: Richard 
Alexander, James Drummond. Jr., 
Elizabeth, 'Charles Herbert, Barbara. 
Descendant of Richard Dole of Eng- 
land, who settled at Old Newbury, 
Mass., founding the American 
branch of the family, which took a 
prominent part in the Revolutionary 
War; both grandfathers, James 
Drummond and Nathan Dole, were 
prominent Congregational clergy- 
men, latter being secretary of 
American Board of Foreign Mis- 
sions. Received early education in 
private and public grammar schools 
of Jamica Plain, Boston, Roxbury 
Latin School, Boston, and graduated 
from Harvard with degree of A. B., 
1899; arrived in Honolulu Nov. 16, 
1S99; Dec. 4, 1801, incorporated the 
Hawaiian Pineapple Co., of which 
concern he is president and general 
manager; instrumental in developing 
the pineapple industry of the isl- 
ands and identified with its growth 
which is illustrated by fact that in 
1903 output of business was 1800 
cases, while the 1920 pack amounted 
to 1,774,703 cases. Former member 
Territorial Board of Agriculture and 
Forestry; appointed Chairman Ter- 
ritorial Food Commission, 1917. 
Member University, Commercial, 
Oahu Country, Rotary, Harvard and 
Ad Clubs. 


ex-governor of the Territory of 
Hawaii; born in Honolulu April 
23, 1844; son of Daniel and Emily 
(Ballard) Dole (American mission- 
aries) ; married Anna P. Gate of 
Castine, Me., May 19, 1873. Edu- 
cated, Oahu College, Hawaii, and 
Williams College, Mass.; studied 
law in Boston; admitted to the 
bar there; engaged in practise in 
Honolulu ; member legislature, 
Kingdom of Hawaii, 1884-66; a 
leader in reform movement of 
1887; associate justice of Supreme 
Court, 1887-93; placed at head of 
provisional government 1893; was 
President Republic of Hawaii 1894- 
1900. When President Cleveland. 

Dec., 1893, through Minister Wil- 
lis, demanded that he should re- 
linquish to Queen Liliuokalani her 
constitutional authority, he replied, 
denying Cleveland's right to inter- 
fere; was strong advocate of an- 
nexation of Hawaii to U. S. and in 
Jan., 1898, visited U. S. in that be- 
half; governor of Territory of Ha- 
waii, 1900-03; U. S. district judge, 
Territory of Hawaii district, 1903- 
16; appointed by President McKin- 
ley, member commission to rec- 
ommend to Congress legislation 
concerning Hawaiian Islands. Pres- 
ident Bar Association of Hawaii. 

versity professor, Honolulu; born 
Fredericktown, Pa., June 11, 1867; 
son of A. P. and Helen ( Shape) 
Donaghho; married Lila Vogel, 
Honolulu, July 27. 1910; three chil- 
dren: Helen, Charles. Walter. Edu- 
cated high school, Parkersburg. W. 
Va. ; graduated Marietta College, 
Ohio, 1889; student at Cornell 
Univ. summer 1894; Univ. of Chi- 
cago, summer 1896; Stanford Univ., 
part time, 1897-1900. Student in 
law office, Parkersburg, W. Va., 
1889-92; science teacher, Parkers- 
burg high school, 1892-93; physics 
and chemistry teacher, Academy of 
Marietta College, 1893-97; photo- 
grapher, Palo Alto, Calif.. 1898- 
1904; prin. high school. Willows. 
Calif., 1904; teacher mathematics. 
Honolulu high school. 1904-08; prof, 
mathematics, College of Hawaii 
(now Univ. of Hawaii), since 1908. 


chemist, Kekaha, Kauai: born in 
Glasgow, Scotland, 1874; son of 
George and Agnes (Wilson) Don- 
ald; education, Scotch grammar 
schools, Royal Technical College, 
Glasgow, graduating. 1897; fellow 
of Institute of Chemistry; married 
Violet C. Fursey, in Honokaa. Ha- 
waii, April 15th. 1911; three chil- 
dren: Elizabeth. Ruth. Margaret. 
Came to Hawaii in 1897. spending 
first four years at Makaweli Plan- 
tation, Kauai, in several positions; 
employed as chemist and chief 
sugar maker, McBryde Plantation, 
Kauai, 1901-07; similarly employed 
at Honokaa Plantation, Hawaii, 
1907-14, and at Kekaha Plantation 
since 1914. 

DOTY, JACOB LAMB, Episcopal 
priest, Hilo, Hawaii; born Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., May 11, 1869; son of 
Clarence and Amanda Wallace 
(Lamb) Doty; married Maeva 
Raoul, at Maiao. Society Islands, 
Feb. 22, 1895; six children: Wai- 






lace, Edouard Raoul, Louise, Chris- 
tian, Marion and Wilhelmina. Ed- 
ucated Hickle Academy, Spencer - 
ian Commercial College, Columbian 
Law School of Washington, D. C. 
Entered American Consular Serv- 
ice, 1887, resigned 1901; mgr. J. 
Pinet & Co., shipping and com- 
mission merchants, San Francisco, 
1901; vice-pres. and gen. mgr. The 
Moore-Doty Co., of Tahiti, 1903; 
pres. Berlin Realty Co., Los An- 
geles, 1909; pres. Mojave River 
Land & Water Co., Los Angeles, 
1912; ordained deacon Episcopal 
Church, 1913; ordained priest, 
1916; curate St. Paul's Cathedral, 
Los Angeles, 1913; rector, Trinity 
Church, Los Angeles, 1914-18; rec- 
tor, Church of the Holy Apostles, 
Hilo. 1918 to date. Was vice- 
consul St. Georges, Bermuda, Feb. 
11, 1887; consul at Tahiti, Jan. 23, 
1888; designated consul general, 
1901. With U. S. Army intelli- 
gence dept. during great war. 
Mason, member Sons of the Revo- 
lution, Ad Club, Rotary Club of 

DOTY, RALPH EARL, agricul- 
turist. Honolulu; born Hastings, 
Neb., Dec. 3, 1891; son of Homer 
A. and Maud (Hileman) Doty; mar- 
ried Bessie L. Perkins, in San 
Francisco, Jan. 14, 1919; one child, 
Edna Ruth. Educated, San Jose, 
Calif., high school 1910; College of 
Agriculture, Univ. Calif., B. S. in 
agriculture, "with honors, 1915. Mgr. 
Ranch-Hillside Water Co., Calif., 
May-Nov., 1915; asst. in pineapple 
investigations, H. S. P. A., Hono- 
lulu. Dec., 1915 Aug., 1917; mgr. 
S. Calif. Dist. Vegetable Growers' 
Assn., Los Angeles, Jan. -Aug. 1919; 
with H. S. P. A., investigating cane 
diseases since Sept., 1919; addition- 
al pineapple investigations since 
Jan. 1, 1921. Commissioned June. 

1917, 1st lieut. Inf. Reserve Corps; 
active duty, Sept. 10, 1917; 1st lieut. 
32nd Inf., Schofleld Barracks, Nov., 
1917-Aug., 1918; capt. 32nd Inf., 
Camp Kearney, Calif.. Aug. -Dec., 

1918. Is member Alpha Zeta (agri- 
cultural fraternity). 


real estate broker, Honolulu; born 
Jan. 3, 1875, in Honolulu; son of 
James Isaac and Annie (Ragsdale) 
Dowsett; married Hazel Barbara 
Bailey of San Jose. Cal.. Sent. 21. 
1912. Educated Atkinson's and Fort 
Street Schools, Honolulu: St. 
Matthew's Military Academy and 
Heald's Business College. Califor- 
nia; Phillips' Academy, Andover, 
Mass.; Yale Law School. 1904. Be- 

gan business career with his father 
in Honolulu; clerk Hawaiian Trust 
Co., Ltd., 1900-01; treasurer The 
Dowsett Co., Ltd., 1905-07: engaged 
in real estate business in Honolulu 
1908-15; secretary, treasurer and 
manager of Territorial Investment 
Co., Ltd., 1915-16; secretary, treas- 
urer and manager of The Dowsett 
Co., Ltd., since 1916. Member Ho- 
nolulu Ad Club, Oahu Country, Pa- 
cific and University Clubs of Ho- 
nolulu. Republican. 

DOWSETT, JOHN M., sugar fac- 
tor, Honolulu: born in Honolulu, 
Oct. 24, 1862; son of Samuel Henry 
and Mary (McKibbin) Dowsett: ed- 
ucated at St. Alban's college. Hono- 
lulu, and high school, Brussels, Bel- 
gium; married Wilhelmine Wide- 
mann, April 30, 1SS8 in Honolulu; 
three children: Herbert M., Frank L. 
and Alice A. Began business ca- 
reer in offices of Bank of Bishop & 
Co., Honolulu, 1879-1895; fire in- 
surance agent and sugar agent, 
Honolulu, since 1895; is vice- presi- 
dent of Waianae Co., a sugar plan- 
tation; 1st vice-pres., Inter-Island 
Steam. Navigation Co., Ltd. and 
interested in other Honolulu enter- 
prises: served as senator in the 
Territorial Legislature, 1905-1909; 
has served continuously for past ten 
years as member of Board of Agri- 
culture and Forestry and member 
Board of Prison Inspectors for First 
Judicial Circuit, Territory of Ha- 
waii. Member Pacific Club and 
Oahu Country Club. 

ping agent, Honolulu; born at 
Farmingdale, Maine, Sept. 3, 1877; 
son of John Henry and Louise 
(Lancaster) Drew; educated in 
grammar and high school to 1895; 
Dartmouth College, B. S. 1900; 
married Hazel Jones in San Fran- 
cisco, Calif., June 28, 1911. Began 
in the employ of Matson Naviga- 
tion Co., as purser on S. S. Hilo- 
nian, Dec. 1907; purser on S. S. 
Wilhelmina, Matson line, 1910-13; 
became manager of the Hilo branch 
of Matson Nav. Co., 1913-14; claim 
agent, Matson Nav. Co., headquar- 
ters with Castle & Cooke. Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu, 1914-16; entered employ of 
Castle & Cooke, Ltd., 1916, becom- 
ing director of the shipping depart- 
ment and assistant secretary in 
January, 1921. 

er, county supervisor. Hana, Maui; 
born in Porto Santo, Madeira 
Islands, March 3, 1878; son of 
Joseph J. Drummond; married 
Casimira Allencastre, at Hana, Jan. 









1899; six children: Henry, Beat- 
rice, Frederick, Joseph, Romao, 
Casimira. Educated St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu. After leaving 
school, kept store for his father, 
J. J. Drummond, for two years, and 
then took up a homestead at Nahi- 
ku, Maui, 1897; has been in cattle 
grazing business since that time. 
Owned a butcher shop at Wailuku, 
1905-06; appointed supervisor by 
Governor W. F. Frear, 1911. 

DUKER W. F. VAN H., chemist, 
Honolulu; born July 14, 1879, at 
Hilversun, Holland; son of W. F. 
Van H. and Joh. (de Ridder) Duker; 
married Huibertina Schuyten, at 
Harlem, Holland, March 10, 1904; 
four children: Sam, Katie, Berta. 
Fred. Graduated Coll. of Industrial 
Chemistry and Sugar Technolosrv. 
Amsterdam, 1902; worked Wefer- 
lingen, Germany, 1902-03: beet su- 
gar factories, Mich., Colo., and Cal.. 
1903-07; cane sugar mills Kukui- 
haele, Hawaii, 1908-10: Kilauea. 
Kauai, 1910-11: Hilo Suear Co.. 
Hawaii, 1911-17; Honolulu Iron 
Works Co., 1917-19: consulting 
chemist, T. H. Davies & Co.. and 
F. A. Schaefer & Co.. since 1919. 

DUNCAN, GEORGE, mechanical 
engr., Olaa, Hawaii; born in Banff - 
shire. Scotland, July 21. 1882; son 
of John and Christina (Watt) Dun- 
can; education, public schools, 
Banff shire; engineering training at 
Gordon's College, Aberdeen, Scot- 
land. Married Oma Little, at Olaa, 
Hawaii, Apr. 6, 1914; one child, 
Martha Gilberta. Worked as ma- 
chinist at Liverpool and Glasgow 
for two years after finishing train- 
ing. Was asst. engr. Olaa Sug. Co., 
1905-08; chief engr., Olaa Sug. Co., 


merchant, Kahului, Maui; born 
April 7, 1879, at Moberly, Mo.; son 
of Richard Montgomery and Mar- 
garet Catharine (Tate) Duncan; 
descendant of William Duncan 
(1726-1801), planter of Culpeper 
Co., Va., who migrated from Scot- 
hind about 1750 and served in 8th 
Va. Regt. of Amer. Revolution. 
Married Sadie Verona Fox, at Oak- 
land, Calif., May 6, 1900; one child, 
Muriel Verona. Educated Oakland 
grammar and high schools; busi- 
ness and industrial course, 1896; 
extended course, highest honors, 
1897. Began business as asst. to 
father in mercantile establishment, 
1898; took over business for him- 
self, 1903-10; with El Monte Fruit 
& Packing Co., Watsonville, Calif., 
1907-08; with San Francisco Board 
of Trade, 1910; arrived Honolulu, 

Nov. 1, 1910; mgr. mdse. dept. Ka- 
hului R. R. Co. since 1911. Mem- 
ber M. G. Co., N. G. H., 1916; di- 
rector Oakland Chamber of Com- 
merce, 1904; pres. Alameda County 
Grocers' Assn., 1905; vice-pres. and 
director Calif. State Grocers' Assn., 
1906-07; Past Master and trustee 
Maui Lodge No. 472, F. & A. M.; 
32nd Degree Mason and Shriner; 
trustee Maui Chap. No. 5, Eastern 
Star; member National Masonic 
Research Society, National Geo- 
graphic Society, W. O. W., Maui 
Chamber of Commerce, Maui Co 
Fair & Racing Assn. 

chant and master machinist, Hono- 
lulu; born at Ashley, Luzern coun- 
ty, Penn., Sept. 29, 1872; son of 
Francis Alex, and Nancy Elizabeth 
(Waters) Durant; educated at Met- 
calf (Canada) high school; married 
Amanda Christine Danielson in 
Honolulu March 1, 1902; three 
children: Chadwick W., Bertha E., 
Elbridge A. Began as timekeeper 
working up to master machinist in 
his father's pump factory, 1886-92; 
engineer, bridge and building dept. 
of So. Pacific R. R., 1892-1900; 
came to Honolulu 1900; engineer, 
Oahu R. & L. Co., and later master 
machinist. Honolulu Fire Depart- 
ment; organized and was manager 
Durant-Irvine Co., 1914-1918, re- 
signed; manager Emrneluth & Co., 
Ltd., 1918-1921; returned as mana- 
ger Durant-Irvine Co., Ltd., 1921. 
Member Masonic lodge, Odd Fel- 
lows, Ad Club, Commercial Club, 
Rotary Club and Hawaiian Engi- 
neering Assn. 



manager Hawaiian interest, Cali- 
fornia Packing Corporation, Hono- 
lulu; born Los Angeles, Calif., May 
3, 1886; son of Alfred Warner and 
Anna (Alward) Eames; married 
Carrie McLean, Oct. 7, 1913, at Ho- 
nolulu; three children: Alfred 
Warner, Jr., Janet Audrey and 
Francis Alward. Educated Cornell 
Univ., A.B., 1911. Employed for 
year with Griffin & Skelley Co., 
cannery, Oakland, Calif.; with Ha- 
waiian Islands Packing Co., Ltd., 
Wahiawa, Oahu, first as cannery 
supt., then manager, and then as 
president and gen. manager, 1912- 
16; has held present position since 
1917. Member and treasurer Re- 
publican Terr. Central Committee, 
1914-16; member Local Draft Board 
No. 2, Honolulu, during period of 
war; member Country Club, Uni- 
versity Club, Commercial Club, Ro- 






tary Club, Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, 
F. & A. M., Aloha Temple Mystic 

ECKART, CHARLES F., planta- 
tion consultant. Honolulu, Hawaii; 
born June 18, 1875, at Marysville. 
Cal. ; son of William Roberts and 
Harriet Louise (Gorham) Eckhart; 
educated in public schools, San 
Francisco, and University of Cali- 
fornia, degree M. S. 1905; married 
Edith Morgan Clay, March 1. 1904, 
in Honolulu: children: Charles Gor- 
ham, Robert Carlisle and Thomas 
Gordon. Began professional career 
as chemist. Paauhau Sugar Planta- 
tion Co., Hawaii, 1895; chemist, ex- 
periment station of Hawaiian Sugar 
Planters' Association 1896-1900; di- 
rector agricultural and chemistry, 
1901-08; general director, same, 
1909-13; manager Olaa Sugar Co., 
Ltd., Hawaii, 1913-20: consulting 
director, Olaa Sugar Co., Ltd., and 
plantation consultant, since 1920. 
Regent of College of Hawaii short 
term during organization. Member 
of Pacific Club, Hawaiian Chemist 
Association, Hawaiian Engineering 
Association; Fellow American Geo- 
graphical Society; Gamma Eta 
Kappa, Sigma Chi, Skull and Keys 
fraternities; Fellow American As- 
sociation for the Advancement of 

Honolulu; born at Charleston, S. C.; 
son of John Evans and Josephine 
(Seabrook) Edings. Circuit judge, 
3rd Circuit Court, Territory of Ha- 
waii; judge 2nd Circuit Court, T. H. ; 
appointed judge 1st Circuit Court, 
March 7, 1918; appointed associate 
justice, Supreme Court, Territory 
of Hawaii, Sept. 26, 1918. 

EDWARDS, ERIC H., ranch mgr. 
Waiohinu, Kau, Hawaii; born in 
New Zealand, Jan. 13, 1882; son 
of Edward Henry and Ada Ed- 
wards; married Kate Young, at 
Honolulu, May 19, 1915. Educated 
St. Louis College, Mauritius. Ranch- 
er, Queensland, to 1900; arrived 
Hawaii, Nov. 9, 1901; interested 
with father in vanilla culture; in 
charge of Papa Ranch, S. Kona, 
1903-06; asst. supt. American - 
Hawn. Mahogany Lumber Co., 
1906-1907; left that position June, 
1906, to take up management of 
Waiohinu Agricultural and Graz- 
ing Co. ranch. Naturalized, Kai- 
lua, Hawaii, May 16, 1910; mem- 
ber B. P. O. E. ; local council Boy 
Scouts of America; British Club. 

EFFINGER, JOHN, merchant, 
Honolulu; born April 1, 1861, at 
Peru, Miami County, Indiana; son 
of Robert Patterson and Frances 
Ann (Barbour) Ef finger; married 
Alice Foster Flanders in Portland, 
Ore., June 17, 1887; five children, 
Dorothy, Eleanor, Caroline Louise, 
Alice and George Flanders. Edu- 
cated in Peru (Indiana) and Butler 
University (Indiana), 1882; settled 
in Portland, Ore., 1883, and engaged 
in the transfer and express busi- 
ness; mercantile business, Port- 
land, 1883-92; accountant with 
Lewis & Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 1892- 
1910; engaged in business alone 
since; owner Merchants' Exchange 
Shipping News Service, Guide Pub- 
lishing Co., Hawaii & South Seas 
Curio Co., with concessions Alex- 
ander Young and Moana hotels, 
Honolulu. Was Commissioner from 
Hawaii to P. P. I. E., San Fran- 
cisco, 1915; member Hawaii Milk 
Commission; member Commission, 
Home for Feeble-Minded; U. S. 
Federal Court Jury Commissioner; 
treasurer Democratic Territorial 
Committee since 1902; delegate 
from Hawaii to Democratic Na- 
tional Conventions, Baltimore, 1912, 
and San Francisco, 1920; served 
National Guard, Co. K, 1st Regi- 
ment, Oregon, 1882-86, and N. G. 
of Hawaii, 1893-97; member Sigma 
Chi Fraternity, Society Sons of 
American Revolution, Hawaii 
Alumni Chapter Sigma Chi, Asso- 
ciated Charities. Clubs: Oahu 
Country, Commercial, Hawaii 
Yacht, St. Andrews, League of 
Democratic, Chamber of Commerce 
(some time chairman Board of Re- 
tail Trades). Resides Alexander 
Young Hotel, Honolulu, and 1512 
Arch St., Berkeley, Cal. 

tomologist. Honolulu, Hawaii; 
born in San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 
24, 1862; son of Adolphus and 
Louisa Maria (Macfarlane) Ehr- 
horn ; educated, Germany, 1871-8; 
Grenchen, Switzerland, 1878-9; 
Brighton (Eng.) ;College 1879-80; 
special student entomology, Stan- 
ford University, 1891. Asst. ento- 
mologist and deputy quarantine 
officer State Board Horticulture, 
Cal., 1890-91: county entomologist 
and horticulture commr., Santa 
Clara County, Cal.. 1892-09; 1st 
deputy state commr. horticulture 
and horticultural quarantine officer, 
Cal., 1904-09; supt. entomology of 
Board of Agriculture and Forestry 
of Hawaii since October 1, 1909. 
Chief of Division of Plant Inspec- 
tion, Board of Agriculture and For- 
estry, 1916; collaborator Federal 









Horticulture Board, Washington, D. 
C.; agent for Territorial Board of 
Health. Member Association Eco- 
nomic Entomologists, Entomology 
Society of America, Hawaiian Ento- 
mology Society, Academy of Natur- 
al Sciences of California; Fellow 
A. A. A. S., member Commercial 
Club, Elks, Masons, Shriners. 


automobile salesman, Honolulu; 
born Ewa, Oahu. Aug. 16, 1892; 
son of Carl E. and Sophie Elvina 
Ekluncl; educated Central Grammar 
School and St. Louis College, Ho- 
nolulu; married Grace Arline Ed- 
wards, Dec. 9, 1919, at Honolulu; 
after leaving school followed trade 
of machinist, serving apprentice- 
ship with Catton. Neill & Co., Ho- 
nolulu, asst. mill engr., McBryde 
Sug. Co., Eleele, Kauai, two years; 
asst, engr. three years with Mar- 
coni Wireless Telegraph Co., Ka- 
huku Station, being in charge of 
same one and one-half years under 
U. S. Navy Dept. during war with 
Germany; held rank of chief petty 
officer in U. S. Naval Reserve ; 
since 1919 with von Hamm-Young 
Co., in auto sales dept. and at 
present mgr. Kauai Branch of same 

erinary surgeon, Hilo; born in Man- 
chester, England, July 8, 1872; son 
of John and Margaret (Beaty) El- 
liot; educated at King William's 
College, Isle of Man; Grosvenor 
College, Carlisle; graduated, Edin- 
burgh, 1894; member of Royal Col- 
lege of Veterinary Surgeons. Came 
to Hawaii and established practise 
of veterinary surgery, 1895. Presi- 
dent three terms, Hilo Board of 
Trade, 1911-13; chairman, Haw;iii 
County Fair, 1916; chairman, Ha- 
waii County Investigation Com- 
mission, 1913-14; chairman, Indus- 
trial Accident Board of County of 
Hawaii since its organization; mem- 
ber of Territorial Board of Veter- 
inary Examiners, 1911; deputy Ter- 
ritorial Veterinarian since 1908. Is 
a director of Hilo Library. Natur- 
alized American citizen, 1906. 

Paauhau, Hawaii; born in Garner, 
Iowa, Feb. 4, 1894; son of Harris 
Stump and Katherine (Gates) El- 
liott; educated Santa Cruz high 
school, California, 1915; College of 
Pacific, one year; College of Ha- 
waii, half year in 1916; married 
Winifred Sutton at San Jose, Calif. 
Sept. 5, 1916. Was night chemist 
with Waialua Agr. Co., Oahu. 1917; 
chief chemist, Hakalau Sug. Co., 

Hawaii. 1918-19; boiling house 
supt., Paauhau, Hawaii, since 1920. 
Member F. & A. M., No. 38, Santa 
Cruz, Calif.; B. P. O. E., No. 759, 


civil engineer and surveyor, re- 
tired, Honolulu; born July 13, 1843 
at Lahainaluna, County of Maui. 
Hawaii; son of Rev. John S. and 
Ursula (Newell) Emerson; married 
Dorothea Lamb, Feb. 17, 1898 in 
Honolulu; one child. Oliver Hudles- 
ton Emerson; descendant of Mich- 
ael Emerson of Lincoln, England, 
who came to America in 1650 and 
settled at Rowley, Essex Co.. Mass., 
and of Samuel Emerson, a delegate 
to the Constitutional Convention 
1778. Educated Punahou school. 
Honolulu, Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, S. B., 1874. Began 
professional career in Newton. 
Mass.; returned to Honolulu in Ha- 
waiian government survey, 1877- 
1903, with the exception of six 
months European trip; surveyor for 
court of land registration 1903; 
retired on account of ill health 
shortly afterwards. Author of va- 
rious papers of Hawn. anticiuarian 
matters; member Nat. Geographic 
Soc. of America, Polynesian Soc. of 
New Zealand. Social Science Assn. 
of Honolulu, Hawn. Historical Soc., 
Hawn. Mission Children's Society; 
owner of a famous collection of 
land and sea shells gathered in 
Hawaii, Switzerland. and other 
countries, many of which were col- 
lected personally. 


business secretary Y. M. C. A., 
Honolulu; born Minneapolis, Minn., 
Feb. 11, 1884; son of Nehemiah H. 
and Luella R. (Green) Emmans; 
educated, grammar, high school, 
and two years at University of 
Minnesota. Married Ella Rosa- 
mond John, at Victoria, B. C., Sept. 
1, 1913; one child, Rosamond Mary. 
Leaving university work in 1907, 
traveled throughout United States 
and Europe, and came to Hawaii 
first in 1908; returned to Hono- 
lulu, 1910, and entered Y. M. C. A. 
work the following year. Member 
Commercial Club, Rotary Club, 
Lodge le Progres cle 1'Oceanie, F. 
& A. M. 


architect, Honolulu: born Nov. 10. 
1868, Fitchburg, Mass.; son of Wil- 
liam Childs and Georsrianna CLeav- 
itte) Emory; married Winifred A. 
Pike, at Haverhill. N. H.. Aug. 30, 
1893; two children: William Clos- 
son and Kenneth Pike. Attended 






Fitchburg high school. Mass. Inst. 
Technology (one year). Came to 
Hawaii, 1898 ; employed by private 
parties and territorial government 
until 1908; partnership with 
Marshal H. Webb, architecture, 
1908 to date. Member American 
Inst. of Architects, Oahu Countrv 
Club, Commercial Club. Ad Club. 
B. P. O. E., 616 (charter and life 

countant, Wailuku, Maui; born in 
Racine. Minn., Dec. 5, 1881; son 
of Richard F. and Charlotte (Bart- 
lette) Engle; education, Mt. Ver- 
non (Mass) high school. 1898-1902; 
married Edna Mae Lee, at Maltby, 
Wash., Nov. 18, 1911; children 
Walter Johnson and Charlotte 
Winifred. Was bookkeeper, Paia, 
Maui, store, 1903-06, and at La- 
haina Natl. Bank, Maui, 1906-07; 
clerk, Paia Store, 1908-10; chief 
clerk, Office of Public Lands and 
sub-agent, 5th Land Dist., 1910-18; 
treasurer, County of Maui, 1919-21. 
Member Aloha Lodge No. 3, K. of 
P.; Honolulu Ad Club; Maui Coun- 
ty Fair & Racing Assn. ; Maui 
Chamber of Commerce. 

way superintendent. Lihue. Kauai: 
born Louisville, Ky., Sept. 23, 1891; 
son of Albert arid Anna (McCon- 
nell) Engelhard; married Muriel 
Hind, at Honolulu, Apr. 20, 1918; 
one child, Adrian Albert. With 
Bell Coggeshall Box & Lumber 
Co., Louisville, Ky., 1907-12; Com- 
monwealth Steel Co., St. Louis, 
Mo., special apprentice in steel 
foundry, 1912-15; salesman, Cat- 
ton, Neill & Co., Honolulu, 1915, 
and Standard Oil Co., Honolulu, 
1916-17; U. S. Army, Honolulu and 
San Diego, 1917-19; salesman, 
American Factors, Ltd., Oil Dept., 
1920; supt. Ahukini Terminal Ry. 
Co., Ltd., Kauai, since 1920. Was 
commissioned second lieut. R. C.. 
June, 1917; attended first R. O. T. 
C., Schofleld Barracks, 1917; with 
32d Inf., U. S. A., Nov., 1917-Oct., 
191S; 46th M. G- Battn., Oct., 1918- 
Feb., 1919; 44th U. S. Inf.. Feb.. 
1919-May 1919; discharged as first 
lieut. R. C. Was major of infantry. 
N. G. H., March-Aug. 1920, resign- 
ing to go Kauai. 


clergyman, Honolulu; born at Mor- 
ristown, New Jersey, Dec. 6, 1874; 
son of Rev. Albert and Sarah (Pin- 
ney) Erdman; father was pastor of 
South Street Presbyterian Church 
for 38 years at Morristown and was 
veteran of civil war; grandfather 

Rev. John Book Pinney, D. D., was 
missionary to West Africa and 
served as acting governor of Liberia 
during 70's; educated public schools, 
Morristown ; graduated from 
Princeton University, B. A. 1896; 
graduated from McCormick Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1899; married 
Marion Dillingham in Honolulu, 
Aug. 10, 1904; five children: Har- 
old Randolph, Emma Louise, Doro- 
thy. Jean and Marjorie. Ordained to 
ministry. -1899; came to Honolulu 
and was in charge Palama chapel 
and assistant pastor Central Union 
Church, 1900-02; Presbyterian mis- 
sionary to Japan, 1903-07; agent on 
Oahu for Hawaiian Board, 1907- 
1912; supt. Hawaiian dept. of same, 
1912-18; Held secretary, chairman of 
Secretarial Council, superintendent, 
of Sunday school dept. and of Fili- 
pino dept., of the Hawaiian Board 
of Missions, Honolulu, since 1918; 
president of Christian Worker's In- 
stitute, 1920. Member of Univer- 
sity, Oahu Country and Rotary 
clubs of Honolulu. 

Purchasing Agent, County of Ha- 
waii, Hilo, Hawaii; born at Puueo. 
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 29, 1876; son 
of John and Kaanaana (Kualii) 
Ewaliko; grandfather was great 
philosopher during reign of Ka- 
mehameha I; educated St. Mary's 
School, Hilo, and Oahu College, 
Honolulu; married Julia Kahau- 
nani Long at Wailuku, Maui, T. H., 
June 11, 1912; one child: Majorie. 
Delegate to Democratic Convention, 
Baltimore, 1908; chief clerk to 
County Clerk, County of Hawaii, 
six years; elected chairman Board 
of Supervisors, County of Hawaii, 
1913 to 1915; delegate to Interna- 
tional Longshoremen's Assn., 
Seattle, Wash., 1912; appointed by 
American Federation of Labor dis- 
trict organizer for the Territory of 
Hawaii, 1913 to 1921; appointed 
Warden for the County of Hawaii 
jail, 1915 to 1918; appointed mem- 
ber of the Industrial Accident 
Board, Hawaii County, July 15, 
1915 to 1923; appointed by Gov. 
Pinkham member of the Board of 
Appraisers, First Land District, 
Island of Hawaii, for one year; 
elected president of the Hawaiian 
Civic League, Hilo, Hawaii. Mem- 
ber Ancient Order of Foresters, 
Seaside Club, People's Club; mem- 
ber of Executive Board Ka Hale o 
Nalii o Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii; 
member of the Executive Board 
Nest of Owls, Hilo, Hawaii; editor 
the "Life of Hawaii," Hawaiian 
newspaper published in Hilo, Ha- 






waii, 1916; assistant editor "Ka 
Hoku o Hawaii." Hawaiian news- 
paper published in Hilo, Hawaii. 


plantation manager, Waimea, Ka- 
uai; born in Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 
17, 1875; son of George R. and La- 
vinia (Downing) Ewart; educated at 
Punahou School (Honolulu), McGill 
University, Montreal, Canada, B. Sc., 
1900; married Elizabeth Lindsay at 
Waimea, Kauai, July 25, 1904; three 
children: Edith Elizabeth, George 
Robert and Alexander Lindsay. Be- 
gan career with Kilauea Sugar 
Plantation Co., 1900-03; civil en- 
gineer with Department of Public 
Works, Territory of Hawaii, 1903- 
04; head luna, Hawaiian Sugar Co., 
Makaweli, Kauai, 1904-06; manager, 
Gay & Robinson's Sugar Plantation, 
Ma'kaweli, 1906-12; civil engineer- 
ing, mostly for Kekaha Sugar Co., 
1912-14; manager Waimea Sugar 
Mill Co., Waimea, Kauai, since 1914. 
Associate member Canadian Society 
of Civil Engineers. 


manufacturer, Honolulu; born De- 
corah, Iowa, June 22, 1884: son of 
Alfred W. and Mary Faithfull; 
married Mary Noble, at Honolulu. 
Oct. 22. 1913. Grammar and hisrh 
school education. Began as office boy 
and later chief clerk, claims dept., 
general offices, Santa Fe R. R. Co., 
Los Angeles, 1901-11: came to Ho- 
nolulu Jan., 1911, and shortly after- 
ward engaged in confectionery and 
restaurant business. establishing- 
The Sweet Shop; general manager, 
Honolulu Dairymen's Assn., manu- 
facturing ice cream and confec- 
tions and distributors of dairy 
products since Dec.. 1918. Member 
Rotary Club, Honolulu; Mason, 
Knight Templar and Shriner. 

FARRELL, JOHN H., physician 
and surgeon, Honolulu ; born Oct. 
4, 1882, in Winthrop, Buchanan 
County, Iowa; son of Thomas and 
Mary (Hogan) Farrell; educated 
"Winthrop (la.) High School, Uni- 
versity of Iowa, College of Phar- 
macy, 1902, University of Iowa, 
1903, University of Illinois, M.D., 
1907; Chicago, Eye, Ear, Nose and 
Throat College, post graduate, 
1910; began professional career in 
Roosevelt Hospital, Chicago, 1906- 
1907; municipal hospital, Chicago; 
practised at Wailuku, Maui, Terri- 
tory of Hawaii, 1907-11; removed 
to Honolulu Feb. 1, 1911, and spe- 
cialized in treatment of eye, ear, 

nose and throat. Member Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, B. P. O. E., Honolulu 
Lodge No. 616. 


srovernor of Territory of Hawaii. 
Honolulu; born at Orono, Me.. May 
3. 1871; son of Joseph Rider and 
Ellen E. (Holyoke) Fnrrington; 
married Catherine McAlpine Crane 
of San Francisco, in Honolulu, Oct. 
26. 1896: three children: Joseph 
Rider, Ruth and Frances Crane. 
Educated in public schools, Bridg- 
ton Academy (Me.). Brewer High 
School (Me.), and Univ. of Me., B. 
S., 1891. Began as reporter and 
later night editor, Bangor Daily 
News, 1891 ; reporter Kennebec 
Journal. Augusta, Me.; asst. editor 
on publication of Phelps Pub. Co., 
Springfield, Mass.. 1892-93; manag- 
ing editor and one of founders, 
Rockland (Me.) Daily Star; manag- 
ing editor. Pacific Commercial Ad- 
vertiser, and pres. Hawaiian Gazette 
Co.. Honolulu. 1894-96; managing 
editor. Evening Bulletin and pres. 
Bulletin Pub. Co.. Honolulu, 1898- 
1912; on amalgamation of Evening 
Bulletin and Hawaiian Star, July 1, 
1912, became vice-pres. and gen. 
business mgr. Honolulu Star-Bulle- 
tin, Ltd.; appointed governor Terri- 
tory of Hawaii by President Har- 
ding June 2. 1921. confirmed by sen- 
ate June 17. took oath July 5, 1921. 
Was pres. Honolulu Merchants' 
Assn., 1913-14, and instrumental in 
consolidation with reorganized 
Chamber of Commerce: vice-pres. 
Chamber of Commerce, Honolulu. 
1914-15; second vice-pres. 1921. 
Chairman board of regents. College 
of Hawaii two terms, resigning 
1920; member War Relief Commit- 
tee, 1915-17; member Advisory Com- 
mittee, Honolulu Chap. American 
Red Cross; member Citizenship 
Committee, Y. M. C. A.; territorial 
director U. S. Boys' Working Re- 
serve, 1917-18; was one of organ- 
izers of Republican party in Hawaii. 
1898, following annexation, and 
served on Republican Territorial 
Committee, 1906-07: active in inau- 
gurating legislation for establish- 
ment of College (now University) 
of Hawaii, and securing its accep- 
tance by Federal govt. under en- 
dowment for colleges of agriculture 
and mechanic arts (the first college 
in Hawaii to confer collegiate de- 
degrees) ; served on Terr. Board of 
Education two terms, and was 
chairman of Terr. School Fund 
Commission, 1909-11; author "Re- 
view of the Revolt of 1895" (ap- 
pendix to Alexander's History of 
Hawaiian Revolutions) ; chairman 
Hawaiian Islands Executive Com- 






mittee of the Press Conference of 
the World, Honolulu, 1921. Member 
Commercial Club, University Club, 
Oahu Country Club; honorary pres. 
Honolulu Ad Club; past master 
Lodge le Progres de 1'Oceanie, F. 
& A. M. 

FASSOTH, JOHN, Sr., sugar 
planter, Kipahulu, Maui; born in 
Bremen, Germany, September 25, 
1866; son of John and Mary 
(Ensenauer) Fassoth; educated in 
Bremen until 1881; married Anna 
M. Decker at Waimea, Kauai, Oc- 
tober 7, 18S8; seven children: Con- 
aradine H. M., William J., Martin 
J., Joseph B., Hans, John Jr. and 
Paul M. D. Came to the Ha- 
waiian Islands in 1882; began plan- 
tation career with Koloa Sugar Co., 
Kauai, until 1884; chemist, sugar 
boiler, chief engineer and then 
manager and director of Waimea 
Sugar Co., Waimea, Kauai, 1884- 
1914; joined William Williamson 
in the purchase of the Kipahulu 
Sugar Co.. Kipahulu, Maui, Janu- 
ary 1, 1915; has continuously man- 
aged same since, being also vice- 
president and a director. Elected 
Representative to Territorial Leg- 
islature from Kauai, serving 1915 
session; Representative from Maui 
serving in special session 1920 and 
regular session 1921. Member 
Maui Chamber of Commerce and 
Pacific Club in Honolulu. Repub- 

FASSOTH, JOHN, Jr., planta- 
tion asst. head luna. Kipahulu. Maui; 
born at Waimea, Kauai, March 17, 
1899; son of John and Anna M. 
(Decker) Fassoth; educated at 
Punahou School, Honolulu; joined 
the Kipahulu Sugar Co., Maui, as 
timekeeper 1918. 

FASSOTH, JOSEPH B., account- 
ant, Kipahulu, Maui; born at Wai- 
mea, Kauai, October 2, 1891; son 
of John and Anna M. (Decker) 
Fassoth; educated at St. Louis 
College, Honolulu; began as as- 
sistant bookkeeper, Hawaiian Su- 
gar Co., Makaweli, Kauai, 1910-15; 
chief accountant, Kipahulu Sugar 
Co., Kipahulu, Kauai, since 1915; 
served in U. S. Army as sergeant 
Q. M. dept., during period of war; 
has been Scout Master, Boy Scouts 
of America, since organization on 
Maui. Member of American Le- 

FASSOTH, HANS, head luna 
and assistant manager, Kipahulu. 
Maui; born at Waimea, Kauai, 
April 21, 1893; son of John and 

Anna M. (Decker) Fassoth; edu- 
cated at Punahou School, Hono- 
lulu; began career as luna, Ha- 
waiian Sugar Co., Makaweli, Kauai, 
1912-14; head luna and assistant 
manager Kipahulu Sugar Co., Ma- 
ui, since 1914. 

FASSOTH, MARTIN J., chemist 
and sugar boiler, Kipahulu, Maui; 
born at Waimea, Kauai, October 
2. 1890; son of John and Anna M. 
(Decker) Fassoth; educated at St. 
Louis College, Honolulu; began as 
sugar boiler with Waimea Sugar 
Mill Co.. Waimea, Kauai, 1909; 
sugar boiler at Makaweli, Hono- 
kaa, Paauhau and Hutchinson 
plantations until 1916; chemist, 
sugar boiler and superintendent of 
mill, Kipahulu Sugar Co., Maui, 
since 1916. Member of Hawaiian 
Chemists' Association. 

FAYE, HANS PETER, plantation 
manager, Kekaha, Kauai; born in 
Drammen, Norway, Oct. 20, 1859; son 
of Hans Peter and Ida Constance 
(Knudsen) Faye; descendant of 
French family who settled in Nor- 
way about 1690; educated in schools 
of Drammen, Norway; married Mar- 
garet Lindsay of Kauai, December 
21, 1893; eight children. Isabel Bon- 
nar, Hans Peter, Anton Lindsay, 
Ida. Margaret, Eyvind, Alan, Alex- 
ander. Began business career 1875 
as clerk and bookkeeper in paper 
and pulp factory, Norway; came to 
Hawaii 1880 to learn sugar business; 
started as field hand, later became 
luna Paia, Maui; removed to Kauai 
to take charge of cane planting for 
Gay & Robinson at Hanapepe, 1882; 
began well boring at Mana, 1884; 
became cane planter, firm of H. P. 
Faye & Co.; interests of that district 
consolidated as Kekaha Sugar Co., 
1898, and was made manager. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Lodge, No. 21, F. & 
A. M.; Pacific and Commercial clubs. 
Vice-president Kekaha Sugar Co. 
and pres. Waimea Sugar Mill Co. 

mgr., Honolulu; born in Fairbury, 
Nebr., Dec. 1, 1890; son of Charles 
A. and Caroline (Ester) Fehlman; 
education, grammar and high 
schools, and three years at Univ. 
of Nebr. Married Anna Gladys 
Street, in Honolulu, May 7, 1921. 
Began in advertising and sales 
business, 1915, asst. sales man- 
ager Gossard Corset Co., Chicago, 
later Affinity Spark Plug Co., 
Omaha; advertising mgr. Nebr. 
Buick Auto Co., Lincoln, 1917; adv. 
mgr. Honolulu Star-Bulletin since 
1920. Was pursuit pilot. Aviation 
Section, with rating of 2nd lieu- 






tenant during World War. Mem- 
ber University Club, Honolulu; 
Beta Theta Pi fraternity; Masons, 
Scottish Rite. 

ance agent, Honolulu; born Koloa, 
Kauai, April 5, 1889; son of An- 
tonio J. and Caroline Ferreira; 
married Charlotte Young Bennett, 
in Honolulu, April 5, 1916; four 
children: Helen, Dorothy, Patricia, 
Alma. Educated St. Louis College, 
Honolulu; Santa Clara Univ., Santa 
Clara, Cal.. A.B. 1909. Clerk, 
Home Insurance Co. of Hawaii, 
Ltd., 1911-20; asst. treas. and 
underwriter, 1920 to date. Mem- 
ber Commercial Club. 

yer, Hilo, Hawaii; born at Furnas, 
St. Miguel. Azores, June 11. 1876: 
son of Jaciush and Maria J. 
(Souza) Ferry; educated, public 
schools of Hawaii and Santa Clara 
College, Calif.; married Mary Per- 
eira Aguiar, Dec. 16, 1900 at Olaa, 
Hawaii; seven children: George, 
Lucy, Celesheria, Casherina, Cecilia 
and Angelira. Went to Hilo, Ha- 
waii, with parents. 1882, removing 
to Santa Clara, Calif., 1892; re- 
turning to Hawaii, 1896; began in 
employ of Hawaii Board of Regis- 
tration, 1897; teacher, St. Ra- 
phael's School. Koloa, Kauai, 1897- 
99; private secretary to A. C. Can- 
avarro, Portuguese Consul-General, 
Honolulu, 1899; salesman for L. B. 
Kerr, Hilo, 1900; clerk, Olaa store, 
Keaau, Hawaii, same year; studied 
law in office of Lennon & LeBlond, 
Hilo, and correspondence course, 
1901; read law with Samuel K. 
Kaeo, Kauai, and admitted to prac- 
tise in all courts of Territory, 
1904; admitted to Federal court, 
1905; returned to Hilo, 1905; ap- 
pointed temporary district magis- 
trate, Puna, Hawaii, 1910; perma- 
nent appointment same year. Is 
proprietor Ferryville store, Olaa; 
sugar cane planter and stock rais- 
er. Member Hilo lodge No. 825, 
L. O. O. M., Council No. 252, Y. M. 
I., vice-pres. Olaa Athletic Club 

countant, Honolulu; born in Aber- 
deen, Scotland, March 22, 1877; 
son of James and Jane (Hall) 
Fiddes ; educated public school and 
Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen, 
Scotland; married Mary A. Tit- 
comb in Honolulu, Jan. 30, 1902. 
Began career as cashier and book- 
keeper, Dunn and Craigen, Advo- 
cates, Aberdeen, 1893-1899; came 
to Hawaii in March, 1899; book- 

keeper Pacific Hardware Co., Ho- 
nolulu. 1899-1906; general account- 
ant, B. F. Dillingham Co., Ltd.. 
and Oahu R. & L. Co., Honolulu, 
since Nov., 1906; has been secy, 
and treas. Young Brothers, Ltd., 
since incorporation, 1913; secretary 
and auditor Honolulu Welding & 
Machine Co., Ltd.; auditor Kaimu- 
ki Building & Loan Assn., Ltd. 
Served as President Waialae, Kai- 
muki, and Palolo Improvement 
club; Hawn. Assn. Football 
League. Ten years sec. Honolulu 
Cricket Club; foreman Territorial 
Grand Jury. 1915. Member Cham- 
ber of Commerce; Railway Ac- 
counting Officer's Assn. of Amer- 
ica; and charter member Oahu 
Country Club; past chief Honolulu 
Scottish Thistle Club; past exalted 
ruler B. P. O. E. Lodge No. 616 
and district deputy grand exalted 
ruler for the Territory of Hawaii 
since 1918; past commander Hono- 
lulu Comdry. No. 1, Knights 
Templar; trustee, Harmony Lodge 
No. 3, I. O. O. F. ; member Hawn. 
Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M.; St. 
George's Chapter No. 21, Aber- 
deen, Scotland; Polynesia Encamp- 
ment No. 1, I. O. O. F.; 32 Mason 
and Shriner; is vice-pres. Repub- 
lican club. 1st precinct, 4th dis- 
trict, Honolulu. 


railroad mgr., Hilo, Hawaii; born 
Weissenfels, Saxony, Germany, 
Sept. 27, 1864; son of Emil Frederic 
and Hulda (von Wachter) Filler; 
married Anna Julia Lachner, in Se- 
attle, Wash., Aug. 9, 1887; four 
children: Herbert, Harold, Hertha 
and Hester. Educated at Gymna- 
sium, Zeitz, Germany. Came to 
United States, 1880; went to sea 
1880; settled in Seattle, 1886, as 
bookkeeper; came to Honolulu 1894, 
entering employ Oahu Railway & 
Land Co.; cashier Hawaiian Com- 
mercial & Sug. Co., 1898-99; supt. 
Kahului R. R. Co., Maui, 1899-1907; 
supt. of port of Salina Cruz, Mex- 
ico, 1907; supt. Hilo R. R. Co., 1908; 
gen. supt Hilo R. R., 1914; reap- 
pointed gen. supt. Hawaii Consoli- 
dated Ry., Ltd., at time of reorgani- 
zation, 1916; gen. mgr. same, March 
1919. Member International Rotary 
and Rotary Club of Hilo, B. P. O. E., 
and K. of P. 

tect, Honolulu; born Vallejo, Cal., 
Nov. 4, 1883; son of William John 
and Emma (Witts) Fishbourne; 
married Henrietta Pearl Josephson 
at Honolulu, April 6, 1920. Gradu- 
ated Wilmerding School of Indus- 
trial Arts, San Francisco, archi- 









tecture, 1903. Assisted in design- 
ing- many buildings in San Francis- 
co following earthquake of 1906; 
studied architecture in Paris, and 
studied and traveled in France and 
Italy, 1910-12; with two leading 
architectural firms in New York 
City, designing edifices of monu- 
mental character for that city and 
Long Island, 1912-14; arrived Ho- 
nolulu, 1917; member of Ripley & 
Davis, architects. 


business man, Honolulu; born San 
Francisco, Cal., Aug. 22, 1857; son 
of Henry E. and Julia (Dinet) 
Fisher; educated public schools and 
graduated from Heald's Business 
College, San Francisco; married 
Nettie P. Andrew (deceased) in 
Honolulu, Dec. 8, 1885; one daugh- 
ter, Irene (Mrs. Geo. F. Renton, 
Jr.) Began as clerk in brokerage 
houses of San Francisco; bookeeper 
with Bishop & Co. bank in Honolu- 
lu. 1883-99; conducted stock broker- 
age and insurance business, Hono- 
lulu, 1900-02; appointed auditor of 
the Territory of Hawaii, Dec. 6. 
1902-1917; re-entered auction and 
real estate business in association 
with brother, Will E. Fisher, Hono- 
lulu, Sept., 1917; was Lieut. 1st 
Reg. Nat'l Guard of Cal., 1882-83; 
organized Honolulu Rifles, 1883; 
served through various commis- 
sioned grades of National Guard of 
Hawaii, retiring with rank of 
colonel, 1899; reappointed lieuten- 
ant-colonel and paymaster general 
on staff of Gov. W. F. Frear, retir- 
ing in 1914. Member of Commer- 
cial, Elks, Hawaii Tuna and Ad 
Clubs of Honolulu. 

ker, Honolulu; born in Scotland. 
June 2R. 1876; son of James Wil- 
son and Effie (Lundie) Fleming; 
educated public schools and Puna- 
hou school. Honolulu; married M. 
Adele Morgan of Honolulu. Sept. 
2, 1908; two children, Margaret 
Effie and James Morgan. Began in 
different capacities on the Paia 
.plantation, Maui, 1894-1899; entered 
employ Alexander & Baldwin, Ltd., 
Honolulu, serving in various capa- 
cities. 1889-1910; associated with 
the late James F. Morgan (father- 
in-law), 1911 and on his death in 
1912 formed the brokerage corpora- 
tion, James F. Morgan Co., Ltd., 
Honolulu, with A. H. Rice; now 
president Jas. F. Morgan Co., Ltd. 
Is treasurer and director San Car- 
los Milling Co., Ltd.; secretary- 
treasurer and director Hawaiian 
Sumatra Plantation, Ltd.; director 
Selama-Dindings Plantations, Ltd.; 

president Honolulu Stock and Bond 
Exchange, 1916, and part 1917; 
was a member of the Citizens' 
Guard, 1897; Republican. Mem- 
ber Chamber of Commerce of Ho- 
nolulu, Pacific Club, Country Club 
(charter member). Hawaiian His- 
torical Society, Honolulu Polo and 
Racing Assn., Kawainui Club. 

FORBES, DAVID McH., sugar 
mill manager, Waiakea, Hilo, Ha- 
waii; born in Scotland, July 21, 
1863: son of Alexander and Mary 
(McHattie) Forbes; educated in 
common schools and night school, 
Scotland; married Cassie Lougher 
at Waiakea, Hilo, August 7, 1895; 
five children, Blodwen F., Merlyn 
M., Allister M., Dyfrig M.. Betty 
F. Started work in private estate 
nurseries of Moray, Scotland, 1879; 
forests of same estate, 1882; nur- 
series of Dixon & Co., Edinburgh 
1883; foreman forester, estate of 
Fletchers Saltonhall, 1885; went 
to Kukuihaele. Hawaii, 1887, for 
H. W. Purvis; when plantation was 
transferred to Pacific Sugar Mill 
Co., went with that concern as 
timekeeper; became head luna and 
succeeded Von Mergersen as mana- 
gr, 1894; returned to Scotland, 1910, 
returning to Hawaii, at Waiakea in 
1912. Was member of Hamakua 
Roadboard; served as 1st Lieut, in 
army of Provisional Government. 
Is 32 Mason, B. P. O. E.; mem- 
ber of Royal Arboricultural So- 
ciety of Scotland. 

FORBES, THOMAS, Jr., garage 
manager. Hilo, Hawaii; born at 
Kalaupapa, Molokai, Nov. 7, 1888; 
son of Thomas and Amelia (Ka- 
mokoumi) Forbes; education, St. 
Mary's school, Hilo; commercial 
course, San Francisco; married 
Edna Akau, in Hilo, Dec. 21, 1911; 
after leading school followed me- 
chanical work for a.bout 10 yrs., 
working for Waiakea Mill Co., 
Olaa Sug. Co., Hilo R. R. Co., Ho- 
nolulu Iron Works and Volcano 
Garage; began business for self 
and now business mgr. Hawaii 
Garage. Former member Co. D, 
N. G. H. Mason. 


bookkeeper and notary public, Ho- 
nolulu; born Oct. 8, 1866, in Hono- 
lulu; son of Rev. Anderson O. and 
Maria J. (Chamberlain) Forbes; 
married Kate D. Watson at Paia, 
Maui, T. H., June 27, 1901; five 
children: Theodore Watson, Fred- 
erick Blatchford, Marion Chamber- 
lain, Frances Alicia, Katharine Wil- 
helmina. Educated Oahu College, 
Honolulu, graduated 1888. Began 


















career in law office of William O. 
Smith, Honolulu, 1889-1910; since 
1910 with J. B. Atherton Estate, 
Ltd.; for 12 years (1889-1901) as- 
sistant manager Lunalilo Home, 
Honolulu. Charter member Society 
Sons of American Revolution, treas- 
urer for ten years; member Cham- 
ber of Commerce of Honolulu. 

Secretary-Director Pan- Pacific 

Union; born April 3, 1868, in Flor- 
ence, S. C.; son of Frederick Win- 
throp and Mary Mazy (Hume) 
Ford; descendant on mothers side 
from Christopher Gadsen, first gov- 
ernor of South Carolina, delegated 
as signer of Declaration of Inde- 
pendence; descendant of Frederick 
Ford of London, who settled in 
Carolina about 1668 with Royal 
Charter from King James II to a 
large tract of land, arriving in 
Charleston with shipload of white 
servants. Father was large rice 
planter and owner of a thousand 
slaves at time of Civil "War. Edu- 
cated Charleston (S. C.) High 
School and Porter Academy. Began 
career with Charleston News and 
Courier, 1885; associated with Pa- 
trick and John C. Calhoun, Wall 
Street, N. Y., 1886; wrote and pro- 
duced plays in New York, 1893 and 
1900-02; with New York dailies, 
1891-93; Chicago Daily News 1894- 
1895; editor of several monthly 
magazines, New York and Chicago; 
made tours of world beginning in 
1899, for leading American and 
English magazines; located in Ho- 
nolulu in 1907: publisher of Mid- 
Pacific Magazine and Secretary- 
Director of Pan-Pacific Union. He 
has made a scientific study of races 
bordering on Pacific, through 
branches of Pan-Pacific Union. 
Honorary member of Outrigger 
Canoe Club and Hawaiian Trail and 
Mountain Club; recreations, surf 
riding and mountain climbing. 

FOR NESS, FRED, electrical engr. 
Hawaii; born in Allegany, N. Y., 
Jan. 1, 1883; son of Michael and 
Josephine (Giboo) Forness; educa- 
tion, high school, Allegany. N. Y., 
1902; three years at St. Bona ven- 
ture College, N. Y. ; married Char- 
lotte Alexander at Hilo, Hawaii, 
Oct. 24, 1918; one child, Andrei. 
Employed, construction work, Cu- 
ban Telegraph Co., 1904-07; elec- 
trical engr., C. R. I. & P. R. R.. 
1909-11; Mutual Wireless Co., Ho- 
nolulu, 1915-1917; U. S. Navy, 1917- 
19; since May 1, 1919, with Hawi 
Mill & Plantation Co., as supt. one 
of largest electrical systems in 

FORREST, LESLIE, banker, Hilo, 
Hawaii; born in Kirriemuir, Scot- 
land, Aug. 10, 1892; son of William 
and Jessie (McPherson) Forrest; 
education, Scotland public schools; 
Webster's seminary, Kirriemuir; 
married Aileen Lilinoe Gibb, at 
Naalehu, Hawaii, Dec. 14, 1918; 
one child, Eleanor; after completion 
of schooling did clerical work in 
native country, coming to Hawaii 
1911 and securing employment in 
office of Maui Agr. Co., Paia; with 
T. H. Davies & Co., 1914-16; Hutch- 
inson Sug. Co., 1916-19; account- 
ant, First Trust Co., Hilo, 1920; 
cashier People's Bank, Hilo, since 
Jan. 1921. Member of Hilo Yacht 
and Tennis clubs. 


real estate and insurance broker. 
Hilo, Hawaii; born at Kirriemuir, 
Scotland, Oct. 11, 1866: son of 
Robert and Mary (Fraser) Forrest; 
educated at Webster's Seminary 
(Kirriemuir), Dundee High school 
and Madras College, (St. Andrews, 
Scotland), graduated, 1884; mar- 
ried Alexandra Stewart at Grove 
Ranch, Maui, T. H., Dec. 31, 1891; 
children, Margaret S. (Mrs. Lind- 
say), Mary L. and Catherine L. 
Studied law in private law office, 
Scotland, 1884-1889; came to Ha- 
waii April, 1890, and was employed 
on plantations until June, 1911; tax 
assessor of the Island of Hawaii. 
1911-14; entered in the real es- 
tate and brokerage business, Hilo. 
Hawaii. 1914. Member of Kilauea 
Lodge. No. 330, F. & A. M. 

engineer, Paia, Maui; born in Cal- 
ifornia, January 7, 1879; son of 
James C. and Lavinia D. Foss; 
graduated from Stanford Univer- 
sity, A. B., 1903; married Irine V. 
Crook in San Francisco, August 
4, 1909; three children: Harrison, 
William C. and Frank D. Was 
engineer for Maui Agricultural Co., 
Paia, Maui, 1903-07; member of 
faculty of Stanford University, 
1907-18; engineer for Maui Agri- 
culture Co., Hawaiian Commercial 
& Sugar Co., Kahului Railroad Co., 
and East Maui Irrigation Co. since 
1918. Member of Sigma Psi (hono- 
rary scientific fraternity), Ameri- 
can Society of Civil Engineers; 32 
Mason and Shriner. 


chemist and sugar factory supt., 
Paia, Maui; born at Lime Springs, 
Iowa, July 7, 1878; son of John E. 
and Helen J. (Daniels) Foster; 
educated, Lake Charles Congrega- 
tional College, La., literary course. 






B. L. degree, and Audubon Sugar 
School of University of Louisiana; 
married Cora D. Boyum, Jan. 1, 
1901 at Jennings, La.; one child: 
Dorothy E. Chemist at various 
sugar factories in Louisiana, Texas 
and Cuba; came to Hawaii as 
chemist for Maui Agricultural Co. 
remaining in their employ since 
January 1906; was chemist for 
petroleum oil refinery, Custom- 
house chemist for U. S. govern- 
ment, and consulting chemist for 
bagasse paper factory in Louisi- 
ana; has devoted much time while 
in Hawaii to the development of 
resources of the Territory and has 
introduced the manufacture of lime 
from beach sand, the manufacture 
of Portland cement and the manu- 
facture of motor fuel from molas- 
ses, all commercially successful; 
has introduced with some success 
labor saving devices for sugar fac- 
tories. Was acting president Ha- 
waiian Chemists Assn, 1919, pres., 
1920; is a 32 Mason and Shriner, 
an Elk and member of Hawaiian 
Sugar Planter's Assn., Hawaiian 
Engineers' Assn., Chamber of Com- 
merce of Maui, University Club, 
Honolulu, Chemists Club, N. Y., 
and American Chemists Assn. 


harbor master, Honolulu ; born 
March 5, 1868, in Liverpool, Eng- 
land; son of Thomas Yates and 
Ellen (Appleton) Foster; married 
Christine Maud Stevenson in Ho- 
nolulu, Dec. 24, 1899, one child, 
Herbert Robson. Educated Mount 
Pleasant Institute, Liverpool, Eng- 
land. Followed the sea from 1879- 
1898 in all capacities, from boy to 
master. Left R. M. S. Monowai in 
Honolulu, 1898; appointed harbor 
master, October 1, 1911. Member 
Harmony Lodge No. 3, I. O. O. P., 
Healani Boat Club; naturalized 
American citizen in San Francisco, 
1892. Honolulu Lodge 409, A. F. 
& A. M. 


store mgr.. Koloa Kauai; born in 
Norwich, Conn.. May 26, 1880; son 
of E. C. and Mary (Silver) Francis; 
education, grammar school, high 
school and Bristol County Academy, 
Taunton, Mass.; married Bertha 
Jane Justice, at Vernal, Utah, Aug. 
10, 1910. Entered U. S. Army as pri- 
vate, Nov. 30, 1900, and successively 
held rank of cpl., sgt., 1st sgt., 2d 
and 1st lieut., and capt. of cavalry, 
being honorably discharged Oct. 30, 
1920; saw service in Philippine in- 
surrection and Mexican expedition. 
Entered employ of Koloa Sug Co. as 
Koloa store mgr., Dec. 1, 1920. Mem- 

ber Myton Lodge No. 51, I. O. O F, 
Honolulu Consistory No. 1, A. A. 
Scottish Rite, F. M., 32 deg., and 
American Legion. 


judge, Honolulu; born at Columbus, 
Lowndes Co., Miss., April 1, 1892; 
son of Cornell Samuel and Mary 
Wyckoff (Taylor) Franklin; great- 
grandson of Governor Taylor of 
South Carolina and great-great- 
grandson of Col. Thomas Taylor 
who served with distinction under 
Sumter; married Estelle Oldham 
of Oxford, Miss., April, 1918; one 
daughter, Victoria de Graffenreid. 
Educated Franklin Academy, Co- 
lumbus, Miss., 1909, University of 
Mississippi, B.A., 1913, and LL.B. 
1914. Began practise of law in 
Honolulu, Oct. 1914; appointed 
deputy attorney general, Territory 
of Hawaii, 1917; served with the 
First Hawaiian Infantry as First 
Lieutenant during the World War; 
appointed First Judge First Judi- 
cial Circuit, Territory of Hawaii, 
April, 1919. Is a Democrat and a 
member of the Phi Delta Theta 

FRASER, DEXTER, plantation 
mgr., Mahukona, Hawaii; born in 
Fall River Mills, Shasta Co., Calif., 
Dec. 17, 1890; son of Mrs. N. L. D. 
Fraser, of Honolulu; education, 
Punahou preparatory school, 1905 ; 
Oahu College, 1909; College of Ha- 
waii, one year, 1910. With U. S. 
Geol. Survey, 1911-13; employed by 
Hawi Mill Co., Hawaii, 1914-15; 
field supt. Thomas Pineapple Co., 
Oahu, 1916; with Libby, McNeill & 
Libby, Oahu, 1917-18; appointed 
mgr. Kohala Pineapple Co., Ltd., 
1920; served during World War 
with Natl. Guard of Hawaii, July 
17, 1907-Sept. 13, 1918 and with 
24th Co. C, M. G. O. T. S., Han- 
cock, Ga., to Nov. 30, 1918. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & 
A. M. ; Honolulu Chapter No. 1, 
Honolulu Commandery No. 1, Aloha 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 


banker, Honokaa, Hawaii, T. H. ; 
born in Inverness, Scotland, March 
13, 1888; son of Alexander and 
Mary (Mackenzie) Fraser; gram- 
mar and high school education in 
native country; married Jean Eve- 
lyn Pritchard, in Honokaa, Dec. 6, 
1919. Began business career in ac- 
counts dept. of Highland Ry. Co., 
Inverness, Scotland, 1902-1909; was 
with Hakalau Plantation Co.. Ha- 
waii, 1909-11; with First Bank of 
Hilo, Ltd., Honokaa Branch, since 
1911; present position, cashier. 






Served in National Guard of Ha- 
waii and U. S. Army, June 1, 1918 
to July 16, 1919; commissioned 2nd 
Lieut. 'of Infy., U. S. A., Sept. 13, 
1918; had previously been private 
in Queen's Own Volunteer Battn., 
Cameron Highlanders, Inverness, 
Scotland. Member Kilauea Lodge 
No. 330, F. & A. M.; 32d deg. A. 
& A. Scottish Rite; Aloha Temple 

A. A. O. N. M. S. of Honolulu; Hilo 
Lodge No. 759, B. P. O. E. 


advertising counselor, Honolulu: 
born March 24, 1879, at Blue Lake, 
Humboldt Co., Cal. ; son of Albert 
Anderson and Elizabeth (Clark) 
Frazier; married Fannie Letitia Os- 
born in Honolulu, Sept. 30, 1903; 
four children: Elizabeth, Charles 
Russell, Jr., Thomas Osborn, Rich- 
ard Maurice. Educated grammar 
schools and Aydelotte's Business 
College, Oakland, Cal. Began busi- 
ness career with Bergstrom Music 
Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 1898-1900; es- 
tablished advertising agency in Ho- 
nolulu, 1900; pioneer in general ad- 
vertising in the Territory of Ha- 
waii; manager Charles R. Frazier 
Co., general advertising, Honolulu. 
Member Aloha Temple A. A. O. N. 
M. S. ; Honolulu Lodge No. 616, B. 
P. O. E.; Commercial, Oahu Coun- 
try, Rotary and Honolulu Ad Clubs, 
being one of the organizers and 
past president of latter organiza- 

governor of Hawaii, lawyer, Hono- 
lulu; born in Grass Valley, Cal., 
Oct. 29, 1863; son of Walter and 
Fannie E. (Foster) Frear; descend- 
ant, on father's side, of Hughes 
Frere, a French Huguenot who emi- 
grated from Flanders in 1676 to 
New York and was one of twelve 
founders of New Paltz in that 
state; descendant, on mother's side, 
of George Soule, who came over in 
the Mayflower. Educated Oahu 
College (Honolulu) 1881, A. B. Yale, 
1885, LL. B. Yale Law School, 1890 
(awarded Jewell prize for best ex- 
amination at graduation), honorary 
LL. D. Yale, 1910; married Aug. i, 
1893, Mary Emma Dillingham (A. 

B. Wellesley College, author and 
composer of "The Cocoa Palm and 
Other Songs," "My Islands," etc.. 
daughter of Benjamin F. Dilling- 
ham, pioneer railroad builder in 
Hawaii); two daughters: Virginia 
and Margaret. Instructor Greek, 
Mathematics and Politcal Economy, 
Oahu College, Honolulu, 1886-88; 
second judge, First Circuit, Kingdom 
of Hawaii, January 1, 1893; 2nd as- 
sociate justice Supreme Court, Pro- 
visional Government, Hawaii, 

March 7, 1893; 1st associate justice 
Supreme Court, Republic of Ha- 
waii, Jan. 6, 1896: member Ha- 
waiian commission to recommend to 
Congress legislation concerning Ha- 
waii, Aug., 1898; chief justice Su- 
preme Court, Territory of Hawaii, 
June 14, 1900-Aug. 15, 1907; chair- 
man Code Commission, 1903-5; gov- 
ernor Territory of Hawaii, 1907-13. 
Chairman of Hawaiian delegation 
to National Republican Convention, 
1912. Is president of trustees, Men's 
League and deacon of Central 
Union Church; second vice-presi- 
dent, Hawaiian Evangelical Asso- 
ciation; director Associated Chari- 
ties and Palama Settlement; mem- 
ber Territorial Committee, Y. M. C. 
A- and chairman Citizenship Edu- 
cation Committee; president Trail 
and Mountain Club, Pan-Pacific 
Union, Hawaiian Bar Association; 
Hawaiian Historical Society, Hono- 
lulu Social Science Association and 
Yale Alumni Association of Ha- 
waii; director International Insti- 
tute for Girls in Spain; member 
board of trustees, Oahu College; 
chairman joint committee of civic 
organizations on new charter for 
Honolulu; director. Chamber of 
Commerce and chairman legal com- 
mittee; director The Bank of 
Bishop & Co., Ltd., and First Na- 
tional Bank of Hawaii; pres. and 
director Mutual Telephone Co.; 
vice-pres. and director San Carlos 
Milling Co., Ltd.; first vice-pres. 
and director Olaa Sugar Co. and 
McBryde Sugar Co.; second vice- 
pres. and director Kauai Railway 
Co- and Kauai Fruit and Land Co.; 
vice-pres. and director The B. F. 
Dillingham Co., Ltd.; treas., direc- 
tor and trustee for bondholders 
Oahu Railway and Land Co. ; res. 
vice-pres. Aetna Casualty and Lia- 
bility Co. Honorary member of 
Royal Geographical Society of Aus- 
tralasia, member of Daughters and 
Sons of Hawaiian Warriors, Uni- 
versity, Pacific, Commercial and 
Country clubs, and director for Ha- 
waiian Bar Assn. Author of "The 
Evolution of the Hawaiian Judi- 
ciary." "The Development of Ha- 
waiian Statute Law," etc. 

cation engineer, Honolulu; born at 
Ferry, Mich., January 15, 1882; 
education, grammar school, me- 
chanics course, I. C. S., special 
course in mechanics at the Uni- 
versity of Washington; married 
Grace I. Lane in Seattle, Wash., 
April 18, 1901; two children: Ar- 
thur L., Jr., and Dorothy. Began 
career with Seattle Electric Com- 
pany in 1902 to learn trade as 
mechanical engineer; resigned as 






chief engineer to join Standard Oil 
Co. of Calif., as lubrication ex- 
pert; entered U. S. Army, air ser- 
vice, April 1918, as lubrication en- 
gineer, rank of captain; during war 
was lubrication engineer at Brooks 
field, Texas, later appointed con- 
sulting lubrication engineer for the 
manufacturers of Liberty motors, 
also inspecting lubrication engineer 
for the twelve Northern flying 
fields, being honorably discharged 
Jan. 8, 1919; rejoined Standard 
Oil Co., of Calif., later asst. district 
sales manager, Honolulu. Member 
National Society of Stationary En- 
gineers, American Society of Lu- 
brication Engineers, The American 
Geographical Society of New York, 
United Order of Commercial Trav- 
elers, Oahu Country Club, Com- 
mercial Club, Ad Club, Hawaiian 
Engineers' Assn., Chamber of Com- 
merce, B. P. O. Elks, Auto Club 
and is 32 Mason. 

FRENCH, GEORGE K., lawyer, 
Honolulu; born Washington, D. C., 
June 18, 1867; son of Edmund F. 
and Margaret B. French; educated 
common schools, Washington, D. 
C., University of Georgetown, 1883- 
1885; instructor in Latin, Greek and 
French, and director physical cul- 
ture, Shortlidge's prep, school, Me- 
dia, Pa., 1885-6; University of 
Georgetown, law dept. LL.B-, 1889; 
married Stella Mycldleton- Short of 
Putney-on-Thames, London, Eng., 
June 4, 1903. Admitted to Sup. 
Court, Dist. of Col., May 1889; to 
U. S. Sup. Court May, 1892; official 
French translator International Ma- 
rine Conference under auspices of 
Dept. of State, Washington, D. C., 
1889; junior member law firm of 
which Benjamin F . Butler was 
head, 1891-93; prosecuting attorney 
Dist. of Col. during same period; 
geographical work in Ashanti, Da- 
homey, Liberia, Sierra Leone and 
French Senegal, 1895-7; accom- 
panied Major Armitage's column to 
Sokolo, in the Great Bend region of 
Niger; served in British army un- 
der Sir Francis Scott as chief of 
scouts attached to native levies or- 
ganized and commanded by Major 
Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, in the 
fifth Ashanti campaign; returned 
to America, lectured and published 
results of travel and research, 1897; 
practised in San Francisco with D. 
M. Delmas, 1897-9, and delivered 
course of eighteen lectures on Afri- 
can ethnology at Cal. Academy of 
Science; accompanied North Alas- 
ka expeditionary force, under Col. 
P. H. Ray, 8th U. S. Infantry, as 
chief of scouts, leaving San Fran- 
cisco June, 1899, wintering at Fort 
Egbert, America's "farthest north" 

military station; explored and 
mapped that section of Alaska and 
aided in maintaining law and order 
on Yukon before courts were estab- 
lished. Left Alaska, 1903, and lo- 
cated at Nogales, Ariz., on Mexican 
border, and resumed practise of law 
and founded daily newspaper, giv- 
ing that part of Arizona its first 
A. P. news service; member of Ari- 
zona delegation to Washington, D. 
C., 1905-06, successfully opposing 
administration's measure for joint- 
statehood with New Mexico; owned 
and operated Cochran copper mine, 
Ray Dist., Arizona, 1909-14; located 
in Honolulu May, 1915, with 
Thompson and Cathcart, and prac- 
tised alone since Dec., 1916. Elec- 
ted, 1899, Fellow of Royal Geogra- 
phical Society. 

FRICKE, ROBERT, sugar plan- 
tation man, Waipahu, Oahu; born 
Vienenburg, Germany, Dec., 1878; 
son of Herman Fricke; education, 
high school Goslar, Germany. Came 
to Hawaii July 30, 1896; began as 
luna, Waianafi Plantation, Oahu 
1896-97; luna and asst. head luna 
Oahu Sugar Co., 1897-1906; time- 
keeper and section luna, McBryde 
Sugar Co., Kauai, 1906-08; head 
luna for Pacific Sugar Mill, Kuku- 
ihaele, Hawaii, 1909-13; similar 
position, Kilauea Plantation, Kauai, 
1914-16; since 1917 section over- 
seer, at present head luna, Oahu 
Sugar Co. Is member Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21, A. F. & A. M. ; Scot- 
tish Rite Mason and member Aloha 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 

FRIES, AUGUST, chemist, Ho- 
nokaa. Hawaii; born in Germany, 
Dec. 21, 1866. Graduated from col- 
lege, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1886; 
following school worked three years 
in laboratories of Fresenius, Wies- 
baden, and one season in sugar 
beet factory; arrived in Hawaii, 
1889, and engaged by H. P. Bald- 
win as chemist at Hamakuapoko, 
Maui; in 1892 transferred to Maka- 
weli, Kauai, in charge of boiling 
department, in newly erected diffu- 
sion plant of Hawaiian Sug. Co.; in 
charge of two new factories, For- 
mosa, 1909-11; returned to Hawaii 
as chemist in charge boiling dept. 
Pioneer Mill Co., Lahaina, Maui, 
1911; head chemist at Makaweli, 
Kauai, 1918, superintendent in 1919; 
chemist, Honokaa Sug. Co., Hawaii, 
May 1, 1921. Naturalized American 
citizen, 1902. 

surance, Honolulu; born in Salt 
Lake City, Utah, Dec. 13, 1879; son 
of Col. B. A. M. and Jennie (Ander- 
















son) Froiseth; education, Salt Lake 
City grammar and high schools; 
married Anita Fuller Robertson, 
at Oakland, Calif., Feb. 1, 1910. 
Entered Dist. F office of Board of 
Fire Underwriters of the Pacific, 
Salt Lake City, 1898, holding posi- 
tions of clerk, examiner and sur- 
veyor; resigned in 1907 to enter 
employ of California Ins. Co., as 
special agt. in charge of business 
Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and 
Utah, with headquarters at Denver 
and Salt Lake City; became as- 
sociated with Ins. Co. of N. Amer- 
ica, Feb. 1, 1910, as special agt. 
and adjuster in charge business 
Montana, Idaho and Utah, with 
headquarters at Helena; transfer- 
red to Portland, Ore., 1911, in 
charge western Washington, West- 
ern British Columbia, and Oregon; 
resigned, Jan. 1, 1914, to locate in 
San Francisco as an independent 
adjuster of fire losses; came to 
Honolulu, July 1918, to accept posi- 
tion as secy, of Board of Fire 
Underwriters, Terr. Hawaii, and 
to organized Hawaii Rating Bureau; 
is sec. and treas. both these organi- 
zations. Appointed chairman and 
member, Tax Appeal Court, 1st 
Divis., Terr. Hawaii, 1921; honor- 
ary member Fire Underwriters 
Assn. of Pacific; member Rotary 
Club, Chamber of Commerce, Com- 
mercial Club, Oahu Country Club. 


architectural and structural engi- 
neer, Honolulu: born Alma, Wis., 
Feb. 18, 1879; son of Rev. Edmund 
F. E. and Caroline (Wedemeyer) 
Furer; married Mary Ellen Braly, 
Honolulu, Sept. 8. 1909; two chil- 
dren: Albert Braly and Frederick 
Harold. Univ. Wis. 1901-02; Mass. 
Inst. Technology, B. S., 1906. With 
Amer. Bridge Co., N. Y. City, 1906; 
draftsman, U. S. Naval Station, 
Key West, Fla.. and Navy Yard, 
N. Y. City, 1907;, engineer asst. 
and draftsman, Dept. Yards and 
Docks, Pearl Harbor, Oahu. 1908- 
11; made first borings for Pearl 
Harbor dry dock, 1908; asst. eng. 
County of Hawaii, 1911-13; office 
eng. Waiahole Water Co., 1913; 
same, Lord-Young Engineering Co., 
1913-14; chief draftsman and eng., 
Dept. Pub. Works, Terr. Hawaii, 
1915-17; organized firm of Harper, 
Furer & Marr, architects and 
structural engineers, Honolulu, 
1917; prof, engineering, College Ha- 
waii, 1918-20; private practise since 
Sept. 1920. Member Hawn. Engi- 
neering Assn., Ad Club, Outrigger 
Canoe Club. 


nancier, Honolulu; born June 5 
1867, at Newburg, N. \., son o 
John and Evelyn (Roberts) Gat, 
married Agnes Carter in Honolulu 
Mav 17, 1892; two children, John 
and Carter. Educated in public 
schools and Siglar's Preparatory 
School (Newburg, N. Y.), Yale Uni- 
versity (Academic) graduated 188S 
Began business career with Gait 
Bros. & Co., Seattle, Wash., 1890, 
correspondent with Pope Manufac- 
turing Co., Hartford, Conn., 1896- 
99; became secretary, 1899; man- 
ager and treasurer Hawaiian Trust 
Co., Honolulu, 1903, and is now 
vice-president and manager; di- 
rector C. Brewer & Co., Ltd., Alex- 
ander & Baldwin, Ltd., Onomea 
Sugar Co., and Hawaiian Agricul- 
tural Co.; was Hawaiian Consul at 
Seattle, Wash., 1893-96; is presi- 
dent Palama Settlement, Honolulu; 
president Associated Charities of 
Hawaii; commander Honolulu Post 
No. 1, American Legion (1920). 
Member Yale Club (New York), 
University Club (New York), Grad- 
uate Club (New Haven, Ct.), Uni- 
versity Club, Pacific, Oahu County 
and Commercial clubs (Honolulu). 
Director Chamber of Commerce, 


farmer, Hilo, Hawaii; born in Torp 
parish, Sweden, Jan. 15, 1863; son 
of Gamaliel Howardson and Anna 
Maria Swenson (Hus) Dahlgren 
(name discarded in favor of Gama- 
lielson) ; received education in com- 
mon schools of Torp, Sweden, busi- 
ness and conveyancing law from 
Sprague Correspondence L a w 
School, completed mechanical-elec- 
trical engineering course, American 
School of Correspondence, 1907. 
Served four years' apprenticeship 
on private farm institution, 1879- 
1883; assistant manager of large 
farm to 1884; assistant manager of 
a business house and farm for one 
year in Torp; served two years in 
Swedish army; came to Hawaii 
1888;; gang overseer, one year and 
section overseer six years for the 
Spreckelsville plantation on Maui; 
entered into contracting, and coffee 
and cane planting in Hilo, 1898- 
1910; since then engaged in poultry 
and dairy farming. Is marketing 
agent and secretary for Glenwood 
Creamery Co., a co-operating or- 
ganization of farmers; also a col- 
laborator with the U. S. Agricul- 
tural Dept.; secretary Rochdale Co- 
operative Assn., Lftd. 








GARCIA, J., hanker and account- 
ant, Wailuku, Maui; born in Wai- 
luku, Jan. 26, 1884; son of Joaquin 
and Mary do (Rego) Garcia. Edu- 
cated, St. Louis College (Honolulu), 
1900; married Minnie Reis, July 21, 
1904, in Wailuku; children: Iren, 
Cyrilla, Carmen. Began business 
career as clerk, Kahului Railroad 
Co., 1900-04;' clerk First Nat'l Bank 
of Wailuku, 1904-08; asst. cashier, 
1908-16; cashier, 1916-17; cashier 
Bank of Maui, Ltd., since consoli- 
dation of First Natl. Bank of Wai- 
luku, Lahaina Natl. Bank and First 
Natl. Bank of Paia, May, 1917. Sec- 
retary-treasurer and managing di- 
rector Maui Dry Goods & Grocery 
Co., Ltd. ; sec'y-treas., Young Men's 
Saving Society, Ltd.; chairman 
Athletic Committee, Maui County 
Fair & Racing Assn. Member Maui 
Chamber of Commerce; Maui 
County Fair & Racing Assn.; An- 
cient Order of Foresters. 

GIACOMETTI, GUIDO. mill supt., 
Olaa, Hawaii; born in Bari, Italy, 
Jan. 24, 1877; son of Giulio and 
Teresa (Molinarello) Giacometti; 
education, Federal Polytechnikum, 
Zurich, Switzerland, deg. of chemi- 
cal engr., 1900; married Catherine 
Verne, (died 1907) at Utrecht, Hol- 
land, in Oct. 1903; spent one year 
in employ of Federal Experiment 
Station, Zurich, after graduation; 
asst. chemist, Waialua Agr. Co., 
Oahu, 1902-04; with Olaa Sug. Co. 
as chemist and later as mill supt. 
since 1904. Past president, Ha- 
waiian Chemists Assn.; member 
Hawaiian Engineering Assn., Hilo 
Rotary Club, Hawaii Automobile 
Club, (governor). 

GIBB, GEORGE, sugar plantation 
manager, Naalehu, Hawaii; born 
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Oct. 7, 
1869; son of James and Jane (Da- 
vidson) Gibb; married Jessie For- 
syth at Honolulu. Sept. 5, 1894; two 
children: Aileen Lilinoe and Esther 
Marion. At age of 12 years left 
Scotland for New Zealand; went to 
Australia, 1887; arrived in Hilo, 
Jan., 1889; entered employ Hilo 
Sugar Co., Feb., 1889; manager 
Maunawili ranch, 1894-03; manager 
Olowalu Co.. 1903-13: manager 
Hutchinson Sugar Co., 1913 to date. 
Member Hilo Board of Trade. 

GIBB, JAMES, sugar plantation 
manager, Aiea, Oahu, T. H. ; born 
Oct. 11, 1865; at Aberdeen, Scot- 
land; son of James and Jane (Da- 
vidson) Gibb; common school ed- 
ucation in Scotland; married Je- 
mima Hutcheon Dec. 7, 1889, at 
Hilo, Hawaii; children: James Al- 
bert, Edwin H., Edith L., Alex. 

Gordon, Florence C. Came to Ha- 
waiian Islands and started to work 
for Mr. Scott at Wainaku, Hilo; 
employed with the Hilo Sugar Co. 
as section and head overseer, March 
1888-1901; became manager of the 
Paauhau plantation, 1901-09; has 
been manager of the Honolulu 
plantation, Aiea, Oahu. T. H., since 
1909. Member Pacific and Oahu 
Country Clubs. 

er, Wailuku, Maui; born at Hilo, 
Hawaii, August 29, 1891; son of 
James and Jemima (Hutcheon) 
Gibb ; educated at Punahou prep, 
school, Oahu College and Stanford 
University, 1915; married Tallulah 
Bair Sinclair at Oakland, Calif., 
July 26, 1916; three children: 
James Malcolm, Tallulah Jean and 
Caroline Elizabeth. Began as as- 
sistant engineer with Honolulu 
Plantation Co., 1915-17; assistant 
superintendent, Honolulu Iron 
Works, 1917-18; U. S. Army, May 

1918, as 2nd Lieut, and later com- 
missioned 1st Lieut; aide to Brig. 
Gen. A. P. Blocksom and later aide 
to Brig. Gen. J. W. Heard until 
discharged, April 18, 1919; chief 
engineer, Wailuku Sugar Co., since 

1919. Was a member of Hawaii 
National Guard 1916-18. Member 
American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, Hawaiian Engineering 


educator, Honolulu; born March 29, 
1856, at Russell, Canada; son of 
John and Marianne (Kelley) Gib- 
son; married Ada Taner Sept. 25, 
1885, at Lihue, Kauai; three chil- 
dren: Francis De Witt, Muriel Le- 
titia, and Juliet Agnes. Educated 
at Trinity College, Toronto; Cooper 
Med. Coll., S. F. Taught in Upper 
Canada College and was prin. Co- 
manche, San Andreas and Turlock 
schools, California, 1870-82; Wai- 
mea school, Kauai, 1884-97; dep- 
uty insp. gen. of schools, 1897; trav- 
eling normal instructor, 1898-1900; 
inspector general, 1900-01; super- 
intendent Boys' Industrial School, 
1901-10; inspector general, 1910-13; 
superintendent of public instruc- 
tion, 1913-14; principal of Liliuo- 
kalani school, 1915; deputy super- 
intendent of public instruction since 
July, 1919. Chairman of board of 
elections at Waimea, 1887-97; cap- 
tain Citizens' Guard. Waimea, 
1895-97; member Honolulu Lodge, 
F. & A. M., Honolulu Chapter, No. 
1, R. A. M.; Hawaiian Historical 
Society, American Association for 
the Advancement of Science, Ho- 
nolulu Ad Club. 






and bond broker, Honolulu; born 
Oct. 27, 1884, in Honolulu; son of 
Walter M. and Mattie Peter 
(Brickwood) Giffard. Educated at 
Oahu College, Honolulu; married 
Julia Mills Damon at Honolulu, 
Nov. 28, 1908; one child, Walter 
Damon. Entered real estate de- 
partment of Henry Waterhouse 
Trust Co. in 1915, soon afterward 
taking- charge of brokerage de- 
partment; in 1910 entered into 
partnership with W. P. Roth, doing 
general brokerage business under 
firm name of Giffard & Roth. In 
1915 joined with H. R. Macfarlane, 
the firm doing business as Giffard 
& Macfarlane. Served as vice 
president and president of Hono- 
lulu Stock and Bond Exchange. 
Member Pacific, Commercial and 
Oahu Country Clubs and is a 


retired capitalist, Honolulu; born 
May 27, 1856, Island of Jersey, 
Great Britain; son of John and 
Elizabeth (Bisson) Giffard; de- 
scendant of John Giffard, Island of 
Jersey, G. B., born 1475. Married 
Martha Petre Brickwood, Hono- 
lulu, June 30, 1881; three children, 
Walter Dudoit (by former mar- 
riage), Jane and Harold B. Edu- 
cated in Island of Jersey; began 
career with Sir John Coode, C. E., 
Island of Jersey, as assistant cash- 
ier; came to Honolulu Oct. 24, 1875, 
as assistant bookkeeper for John 
T. Waterhouse; January, 1877-1909, 
connected with William G. Irwin & 
Co., first as cashier until the com- 
pany incorporated, then as secre- 
tary and treasurer, later vice-pres- 
ident and manager of that corpora- 
tion, also officer and director of 
twelve corporations for which Wm. 
G. Irwin & Co., Ltd., were agents 
until its dissolution. During the 
monarchy was acting Chancellor 
of French Legation, three years; 
acting French Commissioner and 
Consul General, one year; acting 
Commissioner and Consul General 
for Portugal, three months; mem- 
ber of Privy Council at time of 
overthrow of the monarchy; 1903-07, 
chairman of Hawaiian Sugar 
Planters' Experimental Station 
committee; served as co-trustee 
with W. G. Irwin, representing W. 
G. Irwin & Co. until its dissolu- 
tion on the Board of Trustees of 
the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' As- 
sociation; 1903 organized the ento- 
mological division of the H. S. P. A. 
experimental station and the Board 
of Agriculture; 1903-21 served as 
commissioner, and three times pres- 

ident of Board of Agriculture and 
Forestry since its organization, 
1903; member Hawaiian Entomo- 
logical Society, serving as one of 
its organizers, 1905, and as presi- 
dent, 1908; and 1919 served as sec- 
retary and treasurer of Kapiolani 
Park Association, later as a com- 
missioner of Kapiolani Park under 
the Territory; enthuiast in horti- 
culture and forestry; member of 
Pacific and Oahu Country clubs, 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M. 
(treasurer, 1886-98); member and 
served as president, 1906-07, Hono- 
lulu Chamber of Commerce; Shrin- 
er; Fellow Entomological Society of 
London; Fellow American Associa- 
tion for the Advancement of Sci- 
ence; member American Associa- 
tion of Economic Entomologists; 
Entomological Society of America; 
Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Asso- 

GIGNOUX, ALEXIS J., merchant, 
Honolulu; born July 22, 1876, at 
St. Louis, Mo.; son of Alexis and 
Harriet (Lawlor) Gignoux; married 
Jeanette A. Pierce, Feb. 10, 1904, 
in Honolulu, one child, Alexa Jeane; 
educated in private schools of St. 
Louis, St. Louis University, and 
College of Pharmacy; entered phar- 
maceutical profession in St. Louis, 
1892; vice-pres. Benson, Smith & 
Co., Ltd., of Honolulu, 1902-14; 
manager and vice-pres., Hollister 
Drug Co., Ltd., since. President 
Merchants' Assn. of Honolulu 1914; 
member Pharmacy Board and Pub- 
lic Utilities Commission; Commer- 
cial Club and Oahu Country Club. 

school principal, Honolulu; born 
Anderson, Ind., Dec. 10, 1886; son 
of John L. and Amanda (Hersh- 
berger) Givens; married Neva Lil- 
lian Galbreath at Oakland, Calif., 
Dec. 10, 1917; one child, Willard 
Earl, Jr. Graduated Indiana Univ., 
A. B., 1913; Columbia Univ., M. A., 
1915; Union Seminary Diploma, 
1916. Business mgr. of Community 
Chautauquas, New York City of- 
fice, 1916-17; Calif, representative 
of Knox School of Salesmanship, 
1917; educational director. Army 
and Navy Y. M. C. A., U. S. Naval 
Training Camp, Mare Island, Calif., 
1917-19; dist. educational director 
for Army and Navy Y. M. C. A., 
Honolulu, March- Sept., 1919; prin. 
McKinley high school since Sept., 
1919; resigned 1921 to become prin- 
cipal Garfield high school, Oakland, 
Calif. Member National Educa- 
tion Association, Hawaii Education 
Assn., Natl. Association of Sec- 
ondary School Principals, Academy 






of Political and Social Science, Ho- 
nolulu Rotary Club, Masonic lodge, 
Christian church. Republican. 

GOFF, ROY ALLEN, agricultur- 
ist, Hilo, Hawaii; born Nov. 21, 1890, 
at Mapleville, Nebr. ; son of H. W. 
and L. A. Goff; married Mary N. 
Van Arsdall, at Hilo, June 16, 1917; 
graduated Lombard College, Gales- 
burg, 111., 1913; College of Agricul- 
ture, Univ. of Illinois., 1915. Agri- 
culturist Hilo Boarding School, 1915- 
17; supt. Glen wood Experiment Sta- 
tion, U. S. Dept. of Agr., 1917 to 
date; extension agent, U. S. Dept. 
of Agr., 1919 to date. 

GOMEZ, ALFRED, business man, 
Waimea, Hawaii; born in Madeira, 
Portugal, Mar. 21, 1885; son of John 
and Josephine Gomez; grammar 
school education; unmarried. After 
leaving school worked as common 
laborer in sugar cane fields for sev- 
eral years; went to Waimea Stables 
as teamster, 1902, later becoming 
blacksmith helper, then chauffeur, 
and finally foreman and mgr., pres- 
ent position, which he has held since 
May 1, 1918. 

GOMEZ, JOSE, postmaster and 
merchant, Hanapepe, Kauai; born 
Madeira, Portugal, March 24, 1877; 
son of John Gomez; married Helen 
Nunes, at Lihue, Kauai, Aug. 5, 
1900; six children: Jose Jr., Mary, 
John, Francis, Glory, Antone. Edu- 
cated Lihue grammar school. Was 
laborer, Lihue Plantation, 1892- 
1900; clerk in store of J. I. Silva, 
Eleele, Kauai, and later asst, man- 
ager, 1900-07; established Hana- 
pepe store and Gomez garage, 1907, 
in stock company with four others, 
buying them out two years later. 
Has been postmaster since 1914. 
Member Kauai Chamber of Com- 
merce, San Antonio, San Martiiiho 
and Lusitana Societies, Honolulu. 

plantation manager, Waialua, Oahu, 
T. H. ; son of Warren and El- 
len Rebecca (Whitmore) Good- 
ale. Educated in public and 
high schools of Marlborough, 
Mass.; married Emma Marsh 
Whitney in Honolulu Oct. 7, 1884; 
two children, Catherine Warren 
and Holbrook March. Began in 
various capacities on the sugar 
plantation of the Hawaiian Agri- 
cultural Co. at Pahala, Hawaii, June 
1878; manager Onomea Plantation, 
1884-98, and was instrumental in 
the consolidation of the Onomea, 
Papaikou and Paukaa plantations 
into the Onomea Sugar Co., Ltd.; 

manager Waialua Sugar Plantation, 
Waialua, Oahu, since 1898. Took 
an active part in the construction 
of the Wahiawa dam, having been 
identified with the Wahiawa Water 
Co., Ltd., since 1901. Charter mem- 
ber of Kilauea Lodge, F. & A. M., 
Hilo; member Pacific Club, Oahu 
Country Club, Commercial Club 
and Social Science Association of 
Honolulu. Is a Knight Templar 
and Odd Fellow. 


physician, author, Honolulu; born 
Athabascaville, P. Q., Sept. 29, 
1863; son of James and Mariam 
(Emerson) Goodhue; direct de- 
scendant of Benjamin Goodhue, 
senator from Mass, to First Conti- 
nental Congress, who drafted the 
bill for formation of Dist. of Colum- 
bia; mother related to Ralph Wal- 
do Emerson, poet. Married Lulu 
Mae Rosser, Chicago, May 25, 1889; 
two children: Marion S. and Doro- 
thy M. Education: private tutor; 
St. Francis College (McGill Univ.), 
East Farnham high school; Rush 
Med. College, Chicago, M. D., 1892; 
hon. A. M., 1910; hon. LL.D., 1912; 
post-grad. Med. School and Hosp. 
N. Y. Practised Riverside, Cal., 
1892-95; delegate International Con- 
gress on Inebriety, London, 1909; 
appointed by President, delegate to 
Intern'l Congress of Leprosy, 1909, 
and spec. rep. of Hawaii, by Gov- 
ernor Frear same Congress; dele- 
gate Medico-Legal Cong., Brussels, 
1909; acting asst. surg. U. S. Pub. 
Heath and Marine Hosp. Service, 
1900-04; author "Verses from the 
Valley," 1887; "Out of the Pigeon 
Holes," 1899; "Beneath Hawaiian 
Palms and Stars," 1900; "Hawaii 
First," 1902; "Within Hawaiian 
Reefs," 1907; "Songs of the West- 
ern Sea," 1911; "The Adequate 
Care and Punishment of Defective 
and the Insane," 1st and 2d eds., 
1913; "About the Climate of Ha- 
waii," 1914; "Under the Silver 
Moon," 1914-20; "Establishment 
and Maintenance of Racial Charac- 
teristics," 1914; "On the Reserve," 
1920; "Letters of Julius Commedi- 
us Brutus," 1st and 2nd edits., 1913- 
14; "The Leper's Friend," 1913; 
"Some Observations on Childhood," 
1916; "The Victim," 1920; has writ- 
ten more than 85 articles on scien- 
tific and medical subjects; member 
Amer. Med. Assn., 1895-1918; Ha- 
waii Med. Society, Hawaiian His- 
torical Society, Authors' Club, Lon- 
don; Medico-Legal Society, N. Y. ; 
vice-pres. for Hawaii same; cor. 
secy., Civic Improvement Assn., 
Molokai; Masonic order, Amer. 






Assn. for Advancement of Science, 
1912-1915. Republican. Resides, 
Roosevelt, Molokai, and 1635 Good- 
hue Place, Honolulu. 


lawyer and rancher, Makena, Maui; 
born Kahului, Maui, Mar. 16, 1878; 
son of William and Corea (Kaha- 
wai) Goodness; married Helen Ako 
in Wailuku Apr. 3, 1897; educated 
at St. Louis and Oahu Colleges, 
Honolulu; on leaving school, 1897, 
became captain of police, Wailuku; 
worked on sugar plantation, 1901- 
03; second dist. magistrate, Maka- 
wao, Maui, 1903-07; dist. magis- 
trate, same, 1903-07; took up 
ranching, 1916. Appointed member 
Board of Supervisors, County of 
Maui, Nov. 11, 1920. Member 
Knight of Pythias, A. O. F., and 


consulting engineer. Hilo. Hawaii; 
born August 25, 1882, at Bath, Eng- 
land; education, Eton College, Ox- 
ford University, University of Lon- 
don, B. S. (Eng.) 1902; married 
Kamakai Magoon, in Calif., March 
1, 1919; one son: Eaton Arthur. 
Practised profession in India, 
China, South America, and U. S. 
A. ; served in Boer War with Brit- 
ish forces, Imperial Yeomanary and 
Hussars, receiving D. M. C. and 
Queen's Medal; served in World 
War, Capt. Calvary and Engineers, 
wounded and invalided out, re- 
ceiving M. C., Mons Star. General 
Service Medal and Victory Medal; 
Captain of Engineers U. S. Army, 
receiving Victory Medal; retains 
permanent rank of Capt., British 
Army; prof, of Military Science 
& Tactics, Calif. Institute of Tech- 
nology. 1919; consulting engineer, 
Hilo, Hawaii, since. Member En- 
gineers Club and Olympic Club, 
San Francisco; Hawaii Automobile 
Club, Hilo Yacht Club, University 
Club, American Legion, and a 
number of professional societies; 

GRACE, JOHN S., businessman, 
Honolulu; born in Honolulu, March 
14, 1886; son of John C. and Sarah 
Jane (Gillogley) Grace; educated 
at St. Louis College, Honolulu; en- 
tered employ of McBryde planta- 
tion as assistant bookkeeper in 
1903; assistant bookkeeper, Olaa 
Plantation 1907-10; became pur- 
chasing agent, B. F. Dillingham Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu. 1910; bookkeeper 
and purchasing agent, Hawaiian 
Dredging Co., 1910-1920; estab- 
lished firm of Grace Bros., import- 

ers and exporters. Member B. P. 
O. E. and Hawaii Polo & Racing 


superintendent American Railway 
Express Co., Honolulu; born Oct. 
2, 1876, at Bullettsville, Ky. ; son of 
Abraham and Florence Graves; 
married Anna Umpleby, Dec. 18, 
1901, at Topeka, Kans. Educated 
in grammar schools. Salesman 
Standard Oil Co., Kansas and Mis- 
souri, 1895-99; hotel business in 
Kansas and Oklahoma, 1899-1903; 
held various positions with Wells, 
Fargo & Co. Express in Kansas, 
Missouri, New York, California, 
Utah and Hawaii. 1903-18; became 
supt. Hawaiian Islands Division, 
Wells, Fargo & Co., July 4, 1916. 
President Honolulu Rotary Club; 
vice president local council Boy 
Scouts; secretary Commercial Club, 
director Outrigger Canoe Club, di- 
rector Chamber of Commerce; 
member Honolulu Ad Club. 

chant, Honolulu; born at Forfar, 
Scotland, March 2, 1882; son of 
James Scott and Elizabeth (Hay) 
Gray; married Daisy Lishman in 
Honolulu June 24, 1907; one child: 
Percy Lishman Scott. Educated at 
Forfar Academy and Dollar Insti- 
tution, Scotland. With Hakalau 
Plantation Company, Hakalau, Ha- 
waii, 1898-1905; T. H. Davies & 
Co., Ltd, Honolulu, 1905-09; has 
been in business for himself under 
name of H. S. Gray Company, Ho- 
nolulu, since 1909, dealing in ma- 
chine tools, mill supplies, etc Mem- 
ber Oahu Country Club. Commer- 
cial Club, Outrigger Club, Past 
Master Hawaiian Lodsre No. 21, F. 
& A. M.; Past V. M., Honolulu 
Lodge of Perfection, A. A. S. R. . 
past potentate Aloha Temple, A. 
A. O. N. M. S. 


newspaperman, Wailuku, Maui; 
born Elizabeth. N. J., May 26, 1869; 
son of Joseph H. and Martha 
(Ring) Gray; educated Brooklyn 
(N. Y.) Polytechnic. 1887: admit- 
ted member New York bar 1890, 
specializing in conveyancing, sav- 
ings bank law, construction of 
wills and similar practise; married 
Anna K. Bushnell at Cape Vincent, 
N. Y.. June 15, 1893; one child, 
Martha C. J. Gave up law practise 
in 1899 and engaged in Wall Street 
operations; traveled 1897-1903; vis- 
ited Hawaii first in 1901; entered 
newspaper work, Kansas City 
World, 1903; later to World's Fair 






Bulletin, St. Louis; publicity work, 
St. Louis, Portland (Ore.) and 
along Pacific Coast; reporter Doug- 
las (Ariz.) Daily International, 
1907; later editor, in turn, Douglas 
International, Douglas Dispatch. 
Arizona Daily Star, Bisbee Daily 
Review, and associate editor, Ari- 
zona Republic (Phoenix); secy. 
Warren Dist. Commercial Club, re- 
signed; came to Hawaii as city 
editor, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; 
later telegraph and city editor. Ad- 
vertiser; after short time with Hilo 
Tribune accepted editorship Maui 
News (Wailuku), Sept. 1, 1920. Is 
trustee Maui Chamber of Com- 
merce; director Maui Electric Co., 
Ltd.; trustee and secy. Maui Li- 
brary Assn. While in Arizona was 
secy. State Auto Assn., Borderland 
Route Assn., Cochise County Road 
Bonding Assn.; Arizona mgr. of 
El Paso-Phoenix road races. 

GREENE, ERNEST W., mechan- 
ical engineer, Waipahu, Oahu. T. 
H.; born in New York City, March 
23, 1885; son of David and Alice 
(Neal) Greene; married Ethel 
Townsend April 30, 1910, at Jersey 
City, N. J.; one child, Barbara 
Townsend. Graduated in mechan- 
ical engineering. Started in shops 
of Henry R. Worthington, 1905; 
then with Alberger Pump & Con- 
denser Co., 1910; entered employ of 
Catton, Neill & Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 
1914; appointed assistant manager 
of Oahu Sugar Co., Waipahu, Oahu. 
192>0. Member Nutley Lodge, No. 
167, F. & A. M.; Amer. Soc. Me- 
chanical Engineers, Amer. Inst. 
Electrical Engineers, Pacific Club 
and University Club, Honolulu. 


rancher, Kailua, Hawaii; born Ke- 
alakekua, Hawaii, Aug. 26, 1876; 
son of H. N. and E. C. (Hall) 
Greenwell; married Evelyn Violet 
Wallace, Feb. 10, 1910, in Kona, 
Hawaii; five children: Robert Fran- 
cis, Leonard Radcliffe. James Mal- 
laby, Violet Joan, Barbara Eliza- 
beth. Grammar and high school 
education. Began as bookkeeper 
and head luna, Hawaii Tea & Cof- 
fee Co., Kailua, Hawaii, 1896-97; 
has been an extensive rancher, 
principally cattle, Kona district, 
Hawaii, since. 


businessman, Kealakekua, Ha- 
waii; born in Kalukalu, Hawaii, 
June 7, 1869; son of Henry Nicho- 
las and Elizabeth Caroline (Hall) 
Greenwell; educated at home by 
private tutor; married Maud An- 
nandale Brysson Johnstone, in 

Christ Church, Kona, Hawaii, Dec. 
31, 1907; children: Henry Alan, 
Jack Brysson, Elizabeth Alice, 
Maud Millicent, Henry Alan. 
(Henry Alan 1st died Aug. 11, 
1919). Is manager H. N. Green- 
well Estate, Kealakekua. 

ogist, Honolulu; born at Middle - 
ville, Mich., Oct. 15, 1869; son of 
George and Jane (Bross) Gregory; 
married Edna Earle Hope at Den- 
mark, S. C., June 30, 1908; one 
child: Anne Cutts. Graduated at 
Yale, A. B., 1896; Ph. D., 1899; 
asst. in botany, Yale, 1896-98; in- 
structor physiography, 1898-01; 
asst. prof., 1901-04; Silliman prof, 
of geology, Yale, 1904-21; geolo- 
gist, II. S. G. S., since 1899; direc- 
tor Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 
since 1919. Made geological stud- 
ies in Switzerland and Italy, 1900; 
Peruvian expedition, 1912; New 
Zealand and Australia, 1915-16. As- 
sociate editor Amer. Journal of 
Science since 1908; chairman com- 
mittee on Pacific Investigations, 
National Research Council since 
1919; author of geological and geo- 
graphical papers on Connecticut, 
Arizona, Peru, Australia and New 
Zealand; state geologist Connect- 
icut, 1913-21; chairman of commit- 
tee on schools, New Haven, Conn., 
1910-15; was in charge of military 
mapping of Long Island shore and 
prepared book on military geology 
and topography for Council of 
National Defense, 1917-18; super- 
visor of science, committee on Ed- 
ucation and Special Training, War 
Dept., 1918; vice pres. Geological 
Society of Amer., 1919; pres. Assn. 
Amer. Geographers, 1920; member 
Cosmos Club, Washington, Grad- 
uates' Club, New Haven; Univ. 
Club, Honolulu; fellow Geological 
Society of Amer., Amer. Academy 
of Arts and Sciences, Assn. Amer., 
Geography, Washington Academy 
of' Science. 


educator, Honolulu; born Sept. 16, 
1878, at' Richville, N. Y. ; son of 
Thomas Philip and Mary (Davies) 
Griffiths; descendant of Ebenezer 
Griffiths of Wales, who came to 
Richville, N. Y., in 1855. Educated 
at Richville Union school, St. Law- 
rence University, Ph. B., 1897, A. 
M. 1899; Harvard University, A. B. 
1899 ; St. Lawrence University, L. 
H D.,, 1919; principal Richville 
Union School, 1898-99; principal 
Shepard Evening school, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1898-99; master St. 
George's school, Newport, R. I., 



















1899-02; married Helen Alsy Clem- 
ence at Worcester, Mass., June 26, 
1901; one daughter, Eleanor. Pres- 
ident Oahu College, Hawaii, since 
1902. Positions formerly held: Di- 
rector for Hawaii of National Edu- 
cation Association; chairman of 
committee on streets, parks and 
public works and president of Ho- 
nolulu Civic Federation; secretary 
of Armstrong Memorial Commit- 
tee; secretary of Harvard Club of 
Hawaii; chairman of Board of In- 
dustrial Schools, Territory of Ha- 
waii. Author of "The Chinese in 
Hawaii," in a series of Clark Uni- 
versity lectures on China and the 
Far East; "The Japanese Race 
Question in Hawaii" (in pam- 
phlet). Member Beta Theta Pi, 
Phi Beta Kappa, F. & A. M., Uni- 
versity Club, National Education 
Assn., Harvard Teachers' Assn., 
Social Science Assn. 


store mgr., Kealia, Kauai; born in 
Honokaa, Hawaii, Sept. 7, 1886; 
son of C. W. and Ida (Bomke) 
Grote; educated. Hawaii public 
schools, St. Louis College, Hono- 
lulu; Heald's Business College, San 
Francisco; married Helen Louise 
Day, in Honolulu, Feb. 23, 1915; 
two children, Ida May and William 
Henry. Entered business career 
as first asst. bookkeeper, and later 
head bookkeeper, Ewa Plantation 
Store, Oahu, 1906-10; was head 
bookkeeper and cashier for Lihue 
store, Kauai, 1910-1919; appointed 
mgr. Kealia store, Kauai, Nov. 1, 

GUILD, JOHN, businessman, 
Honolulu; born May 11, 1869, in 
Edinburgh, Scotland; son of James 
(a merchant of Edinburgh) and 
Mary (Scott) Guild; married Mary 
Knox in West Indies Aug. 20, 1891; 
four children: Dorothy, Marjorie. 
Douglas Scott and Winifred. Edu- 
cated in high school, Edinburgh. 
Scotland. After leaving school 
went to join relatives in the cane 
sugar industry in the West Indies; 
came to Hawaii in 1897, and for 
short time employed 011 Makaweli 
plantation; joined Alexander & 
Baldwin, then a co-partnership 
(incorporated 1900), since becoming 
a director and secretary of Alex- 
ander & Baldwin. Ltd., Sugar Fac- 
tors, and of all the companies they 
represent; has had quite a share 
in the development of the concern, 
being with it almost from its start 
until the present time; has been 
for many years director and treas- 
urer of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church in Hawaii and the Queen's 

Hospital; was president of Boy 
Scouts, resigning in 1917, but still 
actively interested in boy scout- 
ing. Member of Pacific, Country, 
Commercial Clubs and Honolulu 
Chamber of Commerce. 

sionary, scientist, sociologist, Ho- 
nolulu'; born March 13, 1832, at 
Waimea, Kauai; son of Peter John- 
son and Fanny (Thomas) Gulick; 
married Emily De la Cour Sept. 3, 
1864, at Hongkong, China, who died 
in 1875 without issue; remarried 
Frances A. Stevens May 31, 1880, 
at Osaka, Japan; two children, Ad- 
dison and Louise. Educated Pun- 
ahou Academy, Honolulu; prepara- 
tory department New York Uni- 
versity; Williams College, 1859; 
studied at Union Theological Sem- 
inary, 1859-61; received Ph. D. de- 
gree, Adelbert College of Western 
Reserve University, 1899, and Sc. 
D. from Oberlin College, 1905; mis- 
sionary of the American Board in 
China, 1864-75, and in Japan, 1876- 
99; from 1900-05 resided in Ober- 
lin, Ohio, and there completed sci- 
entific publications; a deep stu- 
dent of evolution and the intimate 
friend of Darwin. Romanes and 
other leaders in this field; author 
of "Evolution, Racial and Habitu- 
dinal," published in 1905 by the 
Carnegie Institute. one of the 
standard works on this subject; 
been a wide contributor to scientific 
journals, but for the past twenty 
years his chief interest has been 
in social problems and the solu- 
tion of the same by the co-opera- 
tion of workers and the world-wide 
federation of nations. 

sionary of the gospel. Honolulu; 
born in Honolulu. Kingdom of Ha- 
waii, Oct. 7, 1830: son of Peter 
Johnson and Fanny Hinckley 
(Thomas) Gulick; married Ann 
Eliza Clark in Honolulu May 19, 
1855. Educated at Punahou School, 
Honolulu; embarked on business 
career with Alvah Kittredge Clark 
in Honolulu about 1850-55; fol- 
lowed the sea for several years, 
running schooners among islands 
of Hawaiian group; as officer of 
first "Morning Star" visited Mar- 
quesas and; Micronesia and Ta- 
hiti, 1857; ordained in 1862 and 
settled as missionary pastor at 
Kau, Hawaii; conducted boarding 
school for Hawaiian girls at Waia- 
lua, Oahu, 1865-70; appointed mis- 
sionary to Japan by American 
Board of Missions, completing 22 
years of missionary service in that 






country in 1893; in missionary field 
work of Hawaiian Board of Mis- 
sions in Territory of Hawaii since 
1894. Clerk of House of Repre- 
sentatives under monarchy, 1850-60. 
Assisted by his wife, wrote "The 
Pilgrims of Hawaii," 1916. 


banker, Hilo, Hawaii; born Middle- 
boro, Mass., Feb. 24, 1866; son of 
Marcus Albert and Ellen Minerva 
(Brightman) Gurney; married Hen- 
rietta Stanton, in New Bedford, 
Mass., Apr. 22, 1891; one child, Ab- 
raham le Baron, born New York, N. 
Y., January 20, 1899. Educated in 
Fall River, Mass., public schools. 
Began career with Haskell & Tripp, 
New Bedford, 1883; arrived Hawaii, 
1898; employed by L. Turner Co., 
Ltd., 1901; clerk Fourth Circuit 
Court. 1904; manager Hilo Branch 
of the Bank of Bishop & Co., Ltd., 
since 1916. 

GURREY, ALFRED R., Jr., art 

dealer, Honolulu; born in Kansas 
Dec. 21, 1874; son of Alfred Rich- 
ard and Margaret (McSherry) Gur- 
rey. Educated at University of 
California, 1908; married Caroline 
Haskins, daughter of Charles Dud- 
ley Haskins of Oakland, Cal., in Ho- 
nolulu June 11, 1904; two children, 
Gwendolyn and Richard. Engaged 
in civil and mining- engineering for 
seven years in California and four 
and a half years in Honolulu; es- 
tablished Gurrey's, Ltd., Honolulu, 
dealers in fine and oriental art, 
1903. Member of University Club 
of Honolulu. 


HAGOOD, RUFUS H., Jr., phy- 
sician, Kealia, Kauai; born Birm- 
ingham, Ala., Nov. 21, 1887; son 
of Rufus H. and America (Walker) 
Hagood; educated in Birmingham 
public schools, Washington and Lee 
Univ.. Jefferson Medical College, 
Philadelphia, M. D., 1911; married 
Anita Pettit, at Philadelphia, Nov. 
15, 1912; three children: Rufus H., 
3d., Charles Pettit, Ruth H. Was 
interne in Pennsylvania Hospital 
1911 and 1912; asst. supt. Eastern 
Oregon State Hosp. for Insane. 
Pendleton, Oregon, 1913-14; in U. 
S. Army Medical Corps 1914-20, 
during which time he served at 
various posts; sanitary inspector, 
port of embarkation, Hoboken, N. 
J., 1918-19; appointed physician 
Makee Sugar Co., Kealia, Kauai, 
Dec. 1, 1920. Graduated Flight Sur- 
geons' School, Medical Research 
Laboratory, Air Service, U. S. A., 
Mineola, Long Island, N. Y. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Medical Society. 


tree surgeon, Honolulu; born at 
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, April 23, 
1863; son of Alvin and Amanda 
Haley; married Laura Robbins at 
Yarmouth, N. S., July 25, 1889; two 
children: Julia and Ruth. Left 
high school at age of 17, spending 
two years on sailing vessels be- 
tween United States and Euro- 
pean ports; left Boston during 
panic of 1907. coming to Honolulu 
May 5, same year. Started prun- 
ing and spraying of trees, Hono- 
lulu, 1910, being the first in Ha- 
waii to devote entire time to that 
work. Has made special study of 
improving the Avocado (alligator 
pear) by budding process, and has 
been quite successful in developing 
budded trees that will bear string- 
less fruit at different seasons. 
Served in Coast Artillery (National 
Guard) in Nova Scotia, 1882-86, 
winning high honors in target 
practise with heavy guns; natur- 
alized in Honolulu, 1911. Member 
Masonic Lodge, Knight Templar 
and Shriner. 

HALL, HENRY, former district 
magistrate, Honokaa. Hawaii; born 
at North Kona. Hawaii, Sept. 16, 
1850; son of Charles and Hannah 
(Rice) Hall: common school edu- 
cation; married Mary Ann Bright, 
Nov. 27, 1870 at North Kona. Fol- 
lowed carpenter trade until 1879; 
luna, Kukuihaele plantation, 1879- 
1885; meat merchant since 1885; 
appointed district magistrate at 
Hamakua, Hawaii, Sept., 1900, by 
Hon. S. B. Dole; served until Octo- 
ber 1919; retired. His father was 
one of early settlers in North 
Kona, 1832, and pioneer coffee 

gineer, Honolulu; born March 6, 
1874, at Summerside, Prince Ed- 
ward Isl., Canada; son of Thomas 
and Catherine (McRae) Hall; edu- 
cated at Summerside until 1891; 
married Alice Templeton in Hono- 
lulu, Nov. 28, 1901; children: Don- 
ald Templeton, Catherine McRae 
and Mary Ellen. Began career 
with the Bath Iron Works, Bath, 
Me., 1891; removed to Honolulu 
and joined the firm of Catton, 
Neill Co., Ltd., as machinist, later 
becoming president and manager, 
1898-1916; asst. mgr. Honolulu Iron 
Works Co., July 1916, manager 
Jan., 1917. vice-president 1920. 
Since Honolulu Iron Works Co. ac- 
quired controlling interest in the 
Eamshaws Docks and Honolulu 
Iron Works, Manila, has been 2nd 
vice-president and managing di- 






rector of Manila concern. Member 
Chamber of Commerce of Honolulu, 
Pacific, Commercial and Oahu 
Country clubs, American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers and Pres. 
Y. M. C. A. of Honolulu. 


immigration inspector and lawyer, 
Honolulu; born Aug. 5, 1856, at 
Ithaca, N. Y. ; son of Wm. and 
Eliza (Gosman) Halsey; married 
Stella Duffield, Nov. 29, 1883, in 
Chicago, 111.; three children: Stella 
D., Richard L. (deceased), and 
Charles Abbott; descendant of 
Thomas Halsey, of London, Eng., 
who came to Lynn, Mass., in 1637, 
and soon after founded South 
Lampton, Long Island, the first 
English town in New York; also 
descendant of Silas Halsey, chair- 
man, committee of safety, for 
South Lampton at the breaking 
out of the Revolution; educated in 
public schools of Ithaca, Prince- 
ton University, A. B. 1878, Colum- 
bia University LL. B. 1880, Chi- 
cago University B. D. 1883, Uni- 
versity of California A. M. 1901. 
Practised law in Chicago and 
later taught in the government 
schools in Japan; missionary work 
in Japan, minister in U. S. Baptist 
church; last pastorate First Bap- 
tist church, Berkeley. Cal., 1899- 
1903; inspector in charge U. S. Im- 
migration Service. District of Ha- 
waii, since 1903. Member Commer- 
cial, Ad, Princeton and University 
of California clubs, and Sons of 
the American Revolution. 

clerk, Hilo, Hawaii; born Waianae, 
Oahu, Sept. 11, 1883; son of Akong 
Gee and Sarah (Kaina) Hapai; 
married Hattie K. Purdy, in Hilo, 
July 14, 1907; seven children: 
Sarah L., Harriet K., Archibald L, 
Paul K., Ishma M., Charles L.. 
William K. Educated at govern- 
ment schools, Hilo Boarding 
School, Kamehameha School, Oahu 
College, finishing commercial 
course latter institution. Began as 
clerk and stenographer, sheriff's 
office, Hilo, under L. A. 'Andrews 
and J. C. Searle, 1903-05; clerk 
to County Atty. Charles Williams, 
Hilo, 1905-08; clerk to County 
Clerk John K. Kai, 1909-10; de- 
feated in election for county clerk, 
1910; clerk and stenographer Hilo 
Mercantile Co., Ltd., 1910-11; asst. 
bookkeeper, Pahoa Lumber Mill, 
Puna, Hawaii, and later stenog- 
rapher and asst. supt., 1912-13; 
clerk and stenographer to Sheriff 
Samuel K. Pua, Hilo, 1913-15; 

elected county clerk. Hawaii Co., 
1915-17; re-elected 1917 and 1919. 
Member registration committee, 
Hawaii, 1917; Ancient Order of 
Foresters (C. R. Jan. -June 1916); 
Seaside Club, Hilo. 

official; born in Hilo, Hawaii, Apr. 
21, 1873; son of George W. A. and 
Harriet Rebecca (Sniffen) Hanai: 
maternal grandfather was Benjamin 
Henry Sniffen, of English descent, 
a Pennsylvanian. who settled on 
the Island of Maui, H. I., in 1846; 
took to wife Kamakanoenoe Nahi- 
nalau, and became a noted land- 
owner of Maui; George W. A. Ha- 
pai, father, was lawyer and judge 
of district court, having held gov- 
ernment office for thirty-six years. 
Graduated from Oahu College, Ho- 
nolulu, H. I., in 1893; following year 
entered service of provisional gov- 
ernment of Hawaii as clerk, and 
subsequently bookkeeper; 1901 be- 
came registrar of public accounts 
for territory of Hawaii, also ex- 
officio bank examiner, still continu- 
ing in that joint capacity; since 
1909 has also been deputy insurance 
commissioner, and in 1917 was ap- 
pointed deputy fire marshal of the 
territory. As registrar of public 
accounts his duties are chiefly in 
the line of finance, in connection 
with all banks, trust and fiduciary 
companies and corporations in the 
Hawaiian Islands; has officiated as 
acting treasurer of the Territory; 
Republican. Member of Hawaiian 
Lodge, F. & A. M. ; Honolulu lodge 
and consistory, A. & A. S. R., and 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 
Known as diligent student and 
clear thinker along lines of practi- 
cal problems ; few men possess a 
broader or more comprehensive 
grasp of the financial and industrial 
system of the Hawaiian Islands or 
a more intelligent and practical 
knowledge of its effect upon the 
common welfare; is keen, studious, 
courageous, far-sighted and of 
sound and self-reliant judgment, 
and has a broad and intelligent 
conception of true mission and re- 
sponsibility of his office. Was mar- 
ried Nov. 14, 1908, to Alice Keona- 
ona, daughter of John Wilson, a 
merchant of Honolulu; they have 
four children: Alice Keonaona, 
Irene lehu, Henry Chase, Jr., and 
Betty Virginia Kamakanoenoe Ha- 
pai. (From the "National Cyclo- 
paedia of American Biography.") 


businessman, Waimea, Kauai; 
born at Lexington, Ind.. Oct. 2. 1863; 
son of Volney Barlow and Mar- 






garet (Reid) Hardy; married Lil- 
lian Keakaikawai Akina at Wai- 
mea, April 2, 1915; children, Vol- 
ney Akina (deceased), Barlow 
Likolau and Kauai Reid. Born on 
farm and received common school 
education; worked at brick mak- 
ing, Minnesota, 1887; rode cattle 
range, Montana, 1888; hunter and 
trapper, Oregon, 1890-93; prospec- 
tor and surveyor, Oregon, 1893-95; 
U. S. Geol. Survey, 1895-98; in gold 
rush to Alaska, 1898, making trip 
from Skagway to St. Michael in 
open boat and 'shooting" Miles 
Canyon, Squaw, White Horse, Five 
Finger, Rink and many other rap- 
ids along that route; with U. S. G. 
S., in western U. S., 1895-1911; 
came to Hawaii in same service, 
1911 ; employed by city of San 
Francisco to gauge water in Hetch 
Hetchy valley, 1914-15; is repre- 
sentative of Day and Night Solar 
Heater Co., of Monrovia, Cal. Was 
chairman of Kauai Branch of 
American Defense Society; mem- 
ber Kauai Chamber of Commerce. 

tractor, Honolulu; born in Snenton, 
Nottingham, England, November 9, 
1859; son of Samuel and Sarah 
Ann (Parker) Harrison; public and 
high school education; married 
Emma Victoria Nott in Honolulu. 
January 29, 1885; children, Mrs. 
Emma Victoria Payne, Mrs. Se- 
lena Margaret Gonsalves, Wilfred 
Ernest, Ethel, Elsie Muriel, Irene 
Elizabeth. Came to Hawaii 1877, 
engaged in erection of sugar mills, 
setting boilers on many planta- 
tions throughout the islands; built 
first furnaces for burning wet 
trash; builder of many large resi- 
dences and business buildings in 
Honolulu and throughout Hawaii 
including American Factors' bldg., 
Judd bldg., E. O. Hall bldg., J. B. 
Castle res., now Elks club and 
others; member Honolulu Rifles 
during the Wilcox and Gibson revo- 
lutions; was arrested and exiled 
from Hawaii during overthrow of 
monarchy 1895-97; was assistant 
foreman Pacific Hose Co. Member 
F. & A. M., 32nd degree; Le Pro- 
gres Lodge No. 371; Past Chan- 
cellor Mystic Lodge, K. of P. ; 
Shriner; British Club (pres. 1914- 
1918) chairman executive, British 
Recruiting Commission, 1917. 


construction supt., Hilo, Hawaii; 
born in Finland, Nov. 30, 1870; mar- 
ried Ida Nagel, Sept. 6, 1899, at San 
Francisco; children: Fred L., Wil- 
liam A., Morton A., Albin A. Left 

Finland when 14 and followed sea 
for eight years; settled at Vallejo, 
Calif., 1892; foreman of dry dock 
construction, Mare Island, Calif., 
1905-10; came to Hawaii, Apr. 6, 
1910, as general foreman, Pearl 
Harbor dry dock, with Francis B. 
Smith; since completion of that 
work has been general supt. of con- 
struction. Member Masonic Lodge, 
Knight Templar and Shriner. 

engineer, Honolulu; born Nov. 28, 
1871 in San Francisco, Calif.; son 
of Edward Erwin and Georgiana 
(Estabrook) Harvey; education, 
schools of San Francisco and Stan- 
ford University, C. E. 1898; mar- 
ried Bina Cannell in Salt Lake 
City, Utah, March 13, 1898; chil- 
dren: Ethel Georgiana and Harold 
Frederick. Began career in mines, 
Utah, 1898-99; accompanied U. S. 
Navy survey, Guam and Midway 
islands, 1900; survey department, 
Territory of Hawaii, 1900-10; with 
Territorial Board of Public Works, 
1910-13; associated in firm, Wright, 
Harvey and Wright, civil engineers 
and surveyors, Honolulu, since 
1913. Member of Hawaiian En- 
gineering Assn. and F. & A. M. 


lawyer (retired), Honolulu; born 
June 7, 1852, at Portsmouth, N. H. ; 
son of Albert Reyter and Margaret 
Rooksby (Harris) Hatch; married 
Alicia Hawes in San Francisco, Oct. 
31, 1888; children, Harriet and 
Alexander Gilchrist. Educated in 
public schools of Portsmouth, N. 
H. ; Bowdoin College, B. A. 1873; 
LL.D. 1917; began professional ca- 
reer in Portsmouth in the law of- 
fice of his father; practised law in 
Honolulu, 1878, and retired in 1911. 
President of Board of Trustees of 
the Queen's Hospital, 1920. 

chant, Paauilo, Hawaii; born at 
Kohala, Hawaii, Sept. 18, 1889; son 
of James C. and Dorcas (Sniffen) 
Hattie; educated, private schools, 
and four years at Oahu College, 
Honolulu; married Lillian Avery, 
in Honolulu, Oct. 21, 1920. Began 
as asst. bookkeeper Pacific Sugar 
Mill, Kukuihaele, Hawaii, 1910-13; 
bookkeeper Honokaa Plantation 
Store, 1913-15; mgr. Pacific Sugar 
Mill store, 1915-17; of Kaiwiki Sug. 
Co. store, Ookala, 1917-18; of 
Hamakua Mill Co. store, Paauilo, 
since May 1, 1919. Was in U- S. 
Army, stationed at Honolulu, from 
July 1, 1918 to Feb. 5, 1919. 





















district magistrate, stock rancher. 
Waiohinu, Hawaii; born in Hono- 
lulu, Feb. 20, 1876; son of Fred- 
erick Harrison and Talula (Lucy) 
Hayselden; educated. Fort Street 
Gov. School, Punahou Preparatory 
School. Oahu College, Honolulu; 
finished special course in latter. 
Junior year, 1893; married Ellen K. 
Gibson at Lahaina, Maui, July 17, 
1900; six children: Glaus H., Ra- 
chel M., Walter L.. Eleanor L., 
James M. and Talula D. After 
leaving school took up general 
ranch work at age of 17 on Lanai 
Ranch, Island of Lanai; in 1897 
planted and cultivated 30-acre tract 
of seed cane for Maunalei Plant. 
Co., same island, and was head 
overseer Maunalei Plant. Co.. 
1899-1900; timekeeper, Hutchinson 
Sug. Plant., Naalehu. Hawaii, 
1900-01; asst. head overseer, same 
plantation. 1901-04; deputy sheriff 
of Kau, Hawaii, 1904-05; practised 
law in dist. courts; dist. magistrate 
of Kau, Hawaii, since Sept. 1, 
1906; was sub land agent for Kau 
from April, 1915 -July, 1919; man- 
ager and owner small stock ranch, 
Kiolakaa, Kau, Hawaii, since 1913; 
was chief registrar and member 
advisory board. West Kau, during 
selective service operations. Mem- 
ber Kilauea Lodge No. 330, F & 
A. M. 

paper publisher, Honolulu; born 
Sept. 5, 1882 at Pomona. Calif.; 
son of Frank Edward and Eliza- 
beth (Morton) Hayward; educated 
in public schools, Los Angeles, 
Calif.; married Lillian Hall, April 
13, 1907 at Independence, Calif.; one 
child: Nevada Elizabeth. Engaged 
in business in San Francisco, Calif., 
1903; mining operations in Cali- 
fornia and Nevada, 1906-08; news- 
paper and publishing business, Al- 
berta, Canada, 1908-09; superin- 
tendent Hawaiian Star Newspaper 
Association, Honolulu, 1910-12; on 
amalgamation of Hawaiian Star 
with Evening Bulletin became su- 
perintendent Honolulu Star-Bulle- 
tin, Ltd., 1912-1921; vice president 
and general business manager 
since July 1, 1921. Commissioner 
for Hawaii, Boy Scouts of America, 
since 1914; Colonel, Adjutant Gen- 
eral of Hawaii, Sept. 4, 1918 -Jan. 
1, 1921; Aide-de-Camp to the Gov- 
ernor of Hawaii. Member Honolu- 
lu Ad Club, Commercial Club, 
Lodge 616 B. P. O. Elks, Lodge Le 
Progres de 1'Ociania F. & A. M., 32 
Mason and member Aloha Temple 
of the Mystic Shrine. 

HE BERT, LUKE, cannery supt., 
Kalaheo, Kauai; born in Louisiana, 
May 4, 1877; son of Elie and Gyluite 
Hebert; married Sophia Smith at 
New Orleans, April 24, 1902; four 
children: Sterling, Luke, Leslie 
and Fredie. Began carpenter's 
trade, 1891; contractor and builder, 
1906-08; sugar boiler in Louisiana 
mills for three months each winter, 
1904-09; head sugar boiler, Maui 
Agr. Co., Paia, Maui, 1909-18; can- 
nery supt. and in charge all con- 
struction work Haiku Fruit and 
Packing Co., 1919-21; supt. of can- 
nery, Kauai Fruit & Land Co., Ltd., 
since March, 1921. 


mechanical engineer, Honolulu, 
New York and Havana, Cuba; born 
in Flemsborg, Denmark (now Ger- 
many), May 25, 1852; son of Chris- 
tian August (eminent physician 
and ranking surgeon in the Dan- 
ish army) and Caroline Amalie 
(Cloos) Hedemann; married Meta 
Marie Magdalena Nissen Oct. 27, 
1877. in Copenhagen; seven chil- 
dren: Ferdinand Frederick Oscar, 
Johannes Christian, Carl Steen 
Kalani, Howard, Edmund, Erling 
Wilhelm and Alice Henrietta So- 
phia (Airs. H. K. Castle). Edu- 
cated in primary school. Nestved, 
Denmark, Herlufsholm Latin 
Academy; educated as mechanical 
engineer at Polytechnic College, 
Copenhagen: passed as first-class 
marine engineer in Copenhagen 
and served the regulation appren- 
ticeship in a machine shop; de- 
signer in office of Burmeister & 
Wain, Copenhagen, 1874-78; 

awarded medal by Mechanics' 
Guild of Copenhagen; arrived in 
Honolulu, 1878; factory manager 
and engineer, Hana plantation, 
Island of Maui, 1878-84; served 
Honolulu Iron Works as draughts- 
man and superintendent, 1884-90; 
assistant manager to 1896; man- 
ager to Jan. 1, 1917; has been third 
vice president and technical di- 
rector Honolulu Iron Works Co. 
since. Was naturalized American 
citizen in 19.03; appointed Consul 
of Denmark in 1909; decorated 
"Knight of Dannebrog" by the King 
of Denmark, March, 1917. Mem- 
ber of American Soc. of Mech. 
Engrs. ; German Sugar Technick- 
ers' Assn.; Engrs.' Club of N. Y.; 
honorary member Hawn. Engineer- 
ing Assn.; Hawaiian Sugar Plant- 
ers' Assn.; American Scandina- 
vian Foundation of N. Y. 







physician, Honolulu; born Hana, 
Maui, Nov. 2, 1879: son of Chris- 
tian J. and Meta (Nissen) Hede- 
mann; married Dorothy Hartwell, 
June 3, 1914. in Honolulu; two 
children: Ferdinand F., Jr., and 
Juliette. Educated Punahou Pre- 
paratory and Oahu College, Hono- 
lulu; Harvard College, 1903; Co- 
lumbia Univ., M. D., 1907; studied 
abroad at Univ. of Vienna two 
years; began practise in Hono- 
lulu, 1909; is associated with Drs. 
Judd and Kilbourne. Member Uni- 
versity Club, Oahu Country Club 
Harvard Club, Hawaiian Historical 

HEEN, AFONG W., architect 
Hilo, Hawaii; born Oct. 23, 1884 at 
Kaanapali, Maui; son of H A 
and Mary (Meheuea) Keen; edu- 
cation, Oahu College 1899-1901, 
Heald's Business College, 1901-02, 
University of California, agricul- 
tural course, 1908-13; married An- 
nie K. Spreen, July 15, 1918 in 
Honolulu. Treasurer and mana- 
ger, Keen Estate, Ltd., 1915; be- 
gan to practise as architect 1916- 
architect for County of Hawaii ' 
since 1920. 

HEEN, WILLIAM H., lawyer 
Honolulu; born March 11, 1883 at 
Olowalu, Maui; son of H A and 
Mary (Meheula) Keen; married 
Mercy K. Akau at Hilo, Hawaii 
Aug. 26, 1911; children, Dorothy 
and John by former wife, and Wil- 
liam, Jr., Curtis, Muriel and Doug- 
las by present wife. Educated lo- 
lani School (Honolulu), 1890-95- 
Oahu College (Honolulu) 1896-1902 : 
University of California, 1902-1904; 
admitted to bar. Territory of Ha- 
waii, Jan. 16, 1905; deputy county 
attorney, County of Hawai'i, Dec i 
1909 to Oct. 31, 1915; deputy at- 
torney general, Territory of Ha- 
waii, Nov. 1, 1915-17; appointed 
third judge First Circuit Court, 
Territory of Hawaii, by President 
Wilson, Feb. 14, 1917- June 30, 1919; 
elected city and county attorney, 
Honolulu, 1919, commencing term 
July 1, 1919. President Keen Es- 
tates, Ltd.; was active in prose- 
cution of "graft" cases, County 
of Hawaii, in 1913. Member Ho- 
nolulu Ad Club, Hawaiian Civic 
Club, and Honolulu Automobile 


merchant, Honolulu; born Sac- 
ramento, Calif., Nov. 2. 1884; 
son of William F. and Belle 
(Chance) Heilbron; education, Ho- 
nolulu high school, 1899; St. Louis 

College, 1901; married Minnie An- 
drews, in Honolulu, Sept. 6, 1906; 
two children, William and Hazel; 
Began as bookkeeper, Alexander 
Young Hotel, Honolulu, 1901-08; 
mgr. Regal Shoe Store, Honolulu, 
1908-09; mgr. Jos. Schwartz, Ltd., 
1909-10; deputy collector U. S. In- 
ternal Revenue, 1910-14; corporater, 
pres. and mgr. Honolulu Jewelry & 
Supply Co., Ltd, 1914. Was cap- 
tain of Healani Yacht and Boat 
Club two terms, 1906 and 1910; 
member Hawaiian Lodge No. 21 
F. & A. M., Honolulu Lodge No. 
616, B. P. O. E.; Honolulu Automo- 
bile Club, Healani Yacht and Boat 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
Chicago, 111., Jan. 29, 1884; son of 
Charles G. and Fannie (Kellogg) 
Heiser; married Margaret Watkins 
in Los Gatos, Cal., Sept. 21, 1909; 
two children: Barbara and Sher- 
wood. Educated in public schools 
of Alameda, Cal., leaving school 
quite early in life to begin work in 
office of Shaw & Douglas, mining 
brokers; entered employ J. Barth 
& Co., stock and bond brokers of 
San Francisco, 1908; came to Ho- 
nolulu in 1910 as representative of 
Trent Trust Co. on Honolulu Stock 
and Bond Exchange; is treasurer, 
assistant manager and director of 
Trent Trust Co.. Ltd. Has spe- 
cialized in financial matters and 
investments and has occasionally 
contributed to investment thought 
through medium of TrenTrusTics. 
President Honolulu Stock and 
Bond Exchange, 1920; member 
Commercial Club, Country, Rotary, 
Ad and Outrigger clubs, Chamber 
of Commerce, F. & A. M. and Aloha 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., Hono- 

lo, Hawaii; born Antwerp, Bel- 
gium, Jan. 30, 1866; son of John 
Baptiste and Rosalie (Groeninckx) 
Helbush ; married Mary Mattos, 
Dec. 1890; Dagmar Anderson, Oct. 
1908; ten children: Andrew P., 
Ernest E., George H., Henry W., 
by first marriage; Rose L., Violet 
D., Frederick L., Eugene A., Elodie 
K., Hilda P.. by second marriage. 
Graduated Royal Athenaeum, Ant- 
werp, 1884. Law office, Antwerp. 
1884-87; traveled Canada, L T nited 
States, Panama, Peru, Chile, 1887- 
89; arrived Hawaii, Aug. 1889; 
overseer Hawaii plantations, 1889- 
95; express business for himself, 
Hilo. later general mdse. business, 
firm of Potemkin and Helbush, 
1895-1909; with Hilo R. R. Co., 






now Hawaii Con. Ry. Co. since 
1909. Has been interested for 
several years in cooperative- assns., 
and in 1919 became pres. of Roch- 
dale Cooperative Assn. Practises 
and teaches drugless healing and 
is great believer in Theosophy. 
Member Hilo K. of P. Lodge, Owls 
Lodge. Hilo. 

yer, Honolulu; born June 12, 1875 
at Manchester, Vermont; son of 
Lewis Hunt and Maria (Reed) 
Hemenway; descendant of Ralph 
Hemenway of Yorkeshire, England, 
who settled at Roxbury, Mass , 
1632-34; educated at Burr & Bur- 
ton Seminary (Manchester, Vt. > 
and Yale Univ., A. B. 1897; married 
Jane Munson Colburn at Man- 
chester Center, Vt., July 25, 1901; 
one child, Charles Reed, Jr. Be- 
gan practise of law in Honolulu, 
1901; admitted to bar, courts of 
Hawaii, May 1908 ; attorney general, 
Territory of Hawaii, 1908-10 l;r-v 
practise, 1910-15; associated with 
Alexander & Baldwin. Ltd.. sugar 
factors, Honolulu, since 1915 and is 
vice-president and assistant mana- 
ger. Has been regent College of 
Hawaii (now university) since 1910; 
trustee Leahi Home since 1916; 
vice-president and director of 
American Factors, Ltd., 1918-. 
Member Bar Association of Hawaii 
(pres. 1913-14), University Club 
(pres. 1913-14), Oahu Country Club 
and Social Science Assn of Ho- 

tion manager, Hilo, Hawaii; born 
Aberdeenshire. Scotland, Jan. 11, 
1876; son of John and Ann (Ogs- 
ton) Henderson; educated in Aber- 
deenshire schools; married Lydia 
Lei Macy in Hilo. Oct. 23, 1909; 
three children: Lei, James and 
Helen Lamb. Came to Hawaii in 
1900 and began as blacksmith at 
Wainaku, Hawaii, remaining six 
years; team luna, Hakalau, 1906- 
10; head luna. Hawaii Mill Co., 
1910-12; appointed mgr. same, to 
succeed W. H. C. Campbell, re- 
signed, Oct. 1, 1912; purchased Ha- 
waii Mill Co. from its owners, H. 
Hackfeld & Co., Ltd., Sept., 1915, 
and has since been owner and genl. 
mgr. Appointed member Fair 
Commission of Hawaii June 26, 
1917; chief registrar, 8th precinct, 
1st Representative Dist., July 21, 
1917; member Hawaiian Promotion 
Committee (Hawaii Tourist Bu- 
reau) 1917-21; was member and 
secy, of Hawaii Draft Board, Di- 
vision 1 ; fire w T arden Hilo Dist. 

Life member and Past Exalted 
Ruler B. P. O. E. No. 759, Hilo; 
treas. Kilauea Lodge No. 330, F. 
& A. M. ; member Aloha Temple, 
Mystic Shrine; Commercial Club, 
Honolulu; Hilo Yacht Club. 

HENKE, LOUIS A., professor of 
agriculture; born May 13, 1889, at 
Lowell, Wis. ; son of William and 
Mathilde (Kamp) Henke. Grad- 
uated in Beaver Dam, Wis., high 
school, 1907; Univ. Wis., B. S., 1912. 
Director of Agriculture, Elbow 
Lake, Minn., 1912-16; professor of 
agriculture. Univ. Hawaii, since 
1916; began service in U. S. Army 
at Fort Armstrong, Hawaii, July 
5, 1918, but discharged after few 
days account of physical disability; 
served as chairman livestock sec- 
tion, Hawaii Territorial Fair. 1918 
and 1919. 


assessor, small farmer. Haiku, 
Maui; born in Berlin, Germany, 
July 14, 1854; son of William and 
Henrietta (Escher) Hennmg; edu- 
cated in grammar and special 
school for builders, schools of na- 
tive country; married Bertha Stark, 
in Honolulu. April 11, 1887; eight 
children: Emma, Louis, Willie, 
Bernhard, Dollie, Maui, Helen and 
Freddie. Left Germany when about 
27 years old intending to go to 
Valparaiso, Chile, but came to Ho- 
nolulu instead; engaged in various 
capacities on sugar plantations, 
specializing in sugar boiling; lo- 
cated at Lahaina, Maui, as sugar 
boiler, 1895-1913, except one year 
at Spreckelsville, Maui; took up 
homestead at Haiku engaging in 
pineapple planting and chicken 
raising. Has held numerous gov- 
ernment positions; was elected 
supervisor from Lahaina Dist. at 
beginning of county govt., and first 
chairman of Maui Board of Super- 
visors. Member Mystic Lodge K. of 
P., B. P. O. E. No. 616, Honolulu; 
Masonic Lodge, Maui; Scottish 
Rite, 32 deg., Honolulu Consistory 
and Aloha Temple, Shrine. 

ist. Honolulu; born in New York 
City Aug. 15, 1865; son of Dr. A. J. 
and Elizabeth (Cohen) Henriques. 
Educated in the public schools of 
New York City; married Lucy 
Kalanikiekie Davis in Honolulu, 
June 10, 1898. At age of twenty 
entered in road contracting busi- 
ness in New York; came to Ha- 
waii in 1896, since engaging in the 
buying and selling of real estate 
and as trustee for several estates. 
Has been a collector of Hawaiian 





If 5- 














curios and compiler of unwritten 
historical facts relative to ancient 
Hawaii. Member of public lands 
commission, National Geographic 
Society, Honolulu Chamber of 
Commerce, Ad Club, secretary Ha- 
waiian Historical Society; trustee 
of Chiefs of Hawaii; chairman of 
Kamehameha Day celebration com- 


attorney at law, notary, homestead- 
er, Kapaa, Kauai; born in Funchal, 
Portugal, March 1, 1892; son of 
Manuel Souza and Maria Vieira 
(Souza) Henriques; educated in 
schools of native country, including 
College of N. S. Good Hope, where 
he studied languages and sciences; 
married Lulu Souza at Waialua, 
Oahu, Aug. 22, 1908; five children; 
Margaret, William, Flora, Albert, 
Alice. Arrived in Hawaii June 29, 
1907, and began work in mill of 
Waialua Agricultural Co., Waialua, 
Oahu, and later in Gonsalves & Co. 
store at that place; moved to Ho- 
nolulu and became collector for 
Gonsalves & Co.; established col- 
lection agency, Kauai, 1916, taking 
up study of law by correspondence 
meanwhile; graduted Blackstone In- 
stitute of Illinois, March 23, 1920; 
appointed second dist. magistrate 
of Kawaihau, Kauai, Nov. 12, 1918; 
is secy, of Democratic Club of Ka- 
waihau Dist-; member Santo An- 
tonio Society and Lusitana Society. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born at Downey, 
Calif., November 24, 1889; son of 
Geo. Marshall and Leanora (Me- 
dor) Henshaw; educated at Stan- 
ford University, A. B. 1912; mar- 
ried Rose Herbert, daughter of Dr. 
Herbert of Honolulu, June 14, 1917; 
one son, Herbert. Admitted to the 
bar, Calif., 1916; became associa- 
ted with law firm. Holmes and 
Olson, Honolulu, November 1916- 
May 1917; served as First Lt. and 
later as Captain of Infantry, U. 
S. Army, during World War, being 
honorably discharged April, 1919; 
associated with law firm, Robert- 
son and Olson, April-August, 1919; 
became trust officer. Bishop Trust 
Co., Ltd., August 1919; treasurer 
and director, July 1920; secretary 
and director, October 1920; direc- 
tor of Army National Bank of 
Schofield Barracks. Member Uni- 
versity Club (member board of 

HERBERT, GEORGE, physician 
and surgeon, Honolulu; born Jan. 4, 
1859, at Eleypore, India; son of 
Charles (General in British Army) 

and Sophie Geraldine Herbert; 
married Kate Lee Makee, daughter 
of Capt. James Makee (deceased), 
June 14, 1880, at Ulupalakua, Maui. 
Educated at Wellington College, 
England; London University, Col- 
lege and Hospital, 1884; member of 
Royal College of Surgeons, London, 
and College of Physicians, Edin- 
burgh; has prasticed his profes- 
sion in Honolulu since 1885; was a 
Government physician for a num- 
ber of years; superintendent Oahu 
Insane Asylum, 1893-19>01; chair- 
man of Board of Medical Exam- 
iners, 1905-16; enjoys large gen- 
eral practice with two associates. 
Member Pacific, University and 
Country Clubs, Honolulu Council 
No. 1, Chiefs of Hawaii, and Ha- 
waiian Territorial Medical Asso- 

tist, Honolulu: born April 29, 1870 
in Chatham, Kent County, Canada; 
son of Peter and Angaline (Ban- 
ning) High; married Lucy Roth in 
Honolulu Dec. 17, 1904. Educated 
at Chatham Collegiate Institute, 
Philadelphia Dental College, 1892. 
Occupied various positions in New 
York and Philadelphia in connec- 
tion with profession, 1892-96; prac- 
ticed dentistry in Honolulu since 
1896. Member of Board of Dental 
Examiners (holding all offices at 
various times) ; charter member of 
B. P. O. E., No. 616 (Honolulu) ; 
Mason, Knight Templar. Shriner. 
member Pacific Club, one of found- 
ers and original directors Oahu 
Country Club, Dental Society of 


engineer, Honolulu; born at Ab- 
beville, South Carolina, August 24, 
1882; son of John Livingston and 
Lulah (Riley) Hill; educated at 
Clemson College (A. & M. of S. 
Carolina), electrical and mechani- 
cal engineering, 1904; married Ruth 
Elizabeth Hilen at Auburn, Wash- 
ington, July 5, 1913; one child, 
Ruth Carolina. Electrical ma- 
chinist, LT. S. Naval Station, Port 
Royal, S. C., 1904-05; testing dept., 
Western Electric Co., Chicago, 111., 
1905; engineering dept.. Western 
Electric Co., New York City, 1906- 
07: electrical engineer, Charleston 
Navy Yard, S. Carolina, 1908-12; 
master electrician, Pearl Harbor 
Navy Yard, Oahu, T. H., 1912-13; 
manager, Oahu Ice & Electric Co., 
Honolulu, since 1914. Was secre- 
tary, Charleston Branch, National 
Assn. Master Workmen of Amer- 
ica, 1912; enlisted N. C. H.. C. 






A. C., 1916; private, sergeant, 1st 
lieut., captain. Member Commer- 
cial, Rotary clubs and Chamber 
of Commerce. 

nut planter, Lihue. Kauai; born Pa- 
peete, Tahiti, July 5, 1874; son of 
Maj. Frederic Jesse and Arei (Du- 
tailles) Hills; married Eleanor 
Genevieve O'Connell, at Lihue, 
Kauai, Feb. 19, 1902. Education, 
French Academy, Papeete, Tahiti; 
grammar school and business 
course at Los Angeles, Calif.; 
studied cocoanut and vanilla busi- 
ness, Tahiti, 1894-1895; engaged in 
soda water busness with father at 
Riverside, Calif.; with father in 
same business, Honolulu, 1898-1900; 
manager Lihue Ice & Electric Co., 
Lihue, Kauai since. Has engaged 
in cocoanut planting on Kauai and 
sent first shipment of copra from 
islands, 1905. Was member Nation- 
al Guard of California three years, 
and served as captain in Lihue Co. 
of Kauai Regiment, N. G. H. 

clerk, Kailua, Hawaii; born in Ta- 
hiti, Sept. 11, 1872; son of Fred- 
erick Jesse and Nuu (Arei) Hills; 
grammar school education; married 
Lizzie L. Swiggett, at Los Angeles, 
Calif., April 25, 1896; two children: 
Marguerite N. (Mrs. A. S. Lee) and 
Eleanor A. (Mrs. O. T. Shonk) ; 
was engaged in manufacture of 
soda water at Honolulu from 1888 
to 1914; mgr. Honolulu Public 
Baths, 1914-15; on Honolulu police 
force, 1915-17; appointed clerk 
Third Circuit Court, Kailua, 1917. 

HIND, JOHN, sugar planter and 
plantation manager, Hawi, Hawaii; 
born Aug. 2, 1858, at Jarrow-on- 
Tyne, Eng. ; son of Robert Robson 
and Mary (Urwin) Hind; received 
common school education; married 
Ella Renton (deceased) in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 1885; married Alice 
Renton in Kohala, Hawaii, 1889; 
children, Robert Renton, John 
Henry, Oswald Arthur, Muriel, 
James Urwin. Manager Hawi Mill 
and Plantation Co. since 1884; is 
pres. following corporations: Hawi 
Mill and Plantation Co.. Ltd-, Ko- 
hala Ditch Co., Hawaii Railway 
Co. (Mahukona), Kehena Ditch Co., 
Capt. Cook Coffee Co., Hind Plan- 
tation Co.; pres. Puakea Plantation 
Co. and Homestead Plantation Co. 
Member Honolulu Lodge No. 409, 
F. & A. M., Commercial Club, Oahu 
Country Club, Pacific Club. 

HIND, JOHN HENRY, asst. mgr. 
Hawi Mill & Plantation Co., Hawi, 

Hawaii; born Kohala, Hawaii, 
June 20, 1890; son of John and 
Alice M. (Renton) Hind; married 
Gladys L. Grose at Montpelier, O., 
Nov. 12, 1913; three children: John 
Henry, Jr., George Wilson, James 
Renton. Educated Punahou Acad., 
Honolulu. Asst. supt. Hawi Mill 
and Plantation Co., 1910; supt. 
same, 1916; asst. mgr. 1920 to date. 
Member F. & A. M. and B. P. O. E. 

HIND, ROBERT, rancher and 
senator; Kamuela, Hawaii; born 
Jan. 7, 1865 in Honolulu; son of 
Robert Robson and Mary (Urwin) 
Hind; educated in public schools, 
Kohala, Hawaii, and Trinity 
School, San Francisco; married 
Hannah Peirce Low, in Honolulu. 
Apr. 26, 1892; five children: Rob- 
ert Leighton, Margaret Martha, 
Mona Clematina, Erma, Robson 
Urwin. Began business career as 
live stock luna on the Hawi plan- 
tation, Kohala, Hawaii, 1886; man- 
ager Puuwaawaa ranch, Hawaii, 
1904, and later became owner of 
the same; has fine herd of pure 
bred Holsteins; elected senator, 
Territorial Legislature, 1916; re- 
elected 1920. Member Pacific Club, 
Oahu Country Club and Commer- 
cial Club, Honolulu; Bohemian 
Club, San Francisco. 


real estate, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Hilo, Hawaii, Sept. 4, 1868; son 
of David Howard and Almeda E. 
(Widger) Hitchcock; educated in 
private schools of Hawaii; mar- 
ried Margaret Murphy, Hilo, May 
16, 1901; descendant of first mis- 
sionaries on island of Molokai; 
entered business as operator in 
Telephone Co., Hilo, later in charge 
of telephone office at Honokaa ; clerk 
and assistant bookkeeper in gen- 
eral store in Hilo; deputy clerk 
and later clerk of Fourth Circuit 
Court, Hilo; deputy tax assessor, 
Hamakua and later at Hilo; with 
Hilo Railroad on construction work, 
1910-1912; manager of real estate 
department, First Trust Co. of 
Hilo, Ltd. since 1917. 


landscape painter, Honolulu; born 
May 15, 1861, in Hilo, Hawaii; son 
of David Howard and Almeda 
(Widger) Hitchcock; married Hes- 
ter Judd Dickson June 16, 1898, in 
Honolulu; four children. Howard, 
Harvey, Joshua Dickson and Helen. 
Educated at Punahou Academy 
(Honolulu), Oberlin College, Ober- 
lin, O. ; studied art at the National 
Academy of Design, N. Y. ; and 
Juliene Academy, Paris; studied 






under Virgil Williams in San 
Francisco School of Art, 1885-86. 
Has painted a number of historic- 
ally correct volcano pictures for 
the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, and 
many pictures of Hawaiian scenes 
are to be found in public and pri- 
vate collections in the United 
States, England and Germany; ex- 
hibitor in Paris salon, 1893; Alas- 
ka-Yukon exposition, 1907, etc. 
Gold medal winner; for several 
years president Kilohana Art 
League; member Salmagundi Club, 
New York; Oahu Country Club, 
University Club, Commercial Club, 
Chamber of Commerce, le Progres 
Lodge, F. & A. M. Director of in- 
struction, Hawaiian Academy of 


judge, Lihue, Kauai; born in Aal- 
borg, Denmark, Sept. 4, 1868; son 
of Jacob Peter and Louise Vilhel- 
mina Jansen Tjaden (van Rosen- 
daal) Hjorth; married Mary Louise 
May at Lihue, Feb. 15, 1902; five 
children: John Thomas, Eric Ed- 
ward Hjalmar, Christian Herbert 
Alexander, Francis Reginald, Gwen- 
dolyn. Educated in private schools, 
business college, Royal Naval Ca- 
det School, and private navigation 
school in Denmark. Went to sea 
in 1884-1893; bookkeeper (Meyer 
& Kruse) Kekaha Plantation, 1893- 
97; chief officer of Inter-Island 
Steam Nav. Co. vessels, 1897-1900; 
bookkeeper Hanamaulu Plantation, 
1900-11; foreman and agent, Ha- 
waiian Dredging Co., at Honolulu 
and Castner, Oahu, 1911; clerk. 
Constructing Quartermaster Dept., 
Schofield Barracks, Oahu, 1912-13; 
bookkeeper Nawiliwili Garage, and 
wharfinger, Nawiliwili, Kauai, 
1914-17. Admitted to practise law 
in all District Courts of Hawaii, 
Aug., 1916; dist. mag., Lihue Dist., 
Kauai, since Sept. 1, 1916; book- 
keeper, Kapaia Store, 1917-18; 
asst. bookkeeper, Lihue Plantation 
Co., since Aug., 1918. First lieut. 
Officers' Reserve Corps, N. G. H., 
since 1917. Member Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M.; Har- 
mony Lodge No. 3. I. O. O. F. 


civil engineer, Lihue, Kauai; born 
in Iowa City, Iowa, Feb. 24, 1880; 
son of Dr. C. M. and Mary L. 
(Parker) Hobby. Educated at Uni- 
versity of Iowa, 1905; married Lin- 
nie E. Coon in Des Moines, Iowa, 
June 14, 1911; two children, Ruth 
Annis and William Mead. Entered 
employ of Steen & Hobby, engi- 
neers and surveyors, Las Cruces, 

N. M., on leaving college, 1905-06; 
engineer with Cuba Eastern R. R., 
Guantanamo, Cuba, 1906-07; engi- 
neer Central division of Isthmian 
Canal Commission, 1907-14; en- 
tered employ of Department of 
Public Works, Territory of Ha- 
waii, engaged in reclamation work 
in Hilo, 1914-16; transferred to 
Honolulu, 1916; acting superin- 
tendent of public works, Territory 
of Hawaii, 1917-18; civil en- 
gineer, Lihue Plantation, Lihue, 
Kauai, since. Was sergeant 1st 
Sep. Co. Engineers, N. G. H., until 
discharged, 1917. Member Sojourn- 
ers' Lodg^e, A. F. & A. M.; Canal 
Zone Chapter, No. 1, R. A. M. ; Ca- 
nal Zone Council No. 1, R. & S. M. 


physician and surgeon, Honolulu; 
born in Lucan, Ontario, Canada, 
Jan. 10, 1876; son of William A. 
and Annie (Webb) Hodgins; mar- 
ried Elinor Porter in Denver, Colo.. 
Nov. 3, 1911; three children, Arthur 
Gordon, Jr., William Porter, James 
Stanley. Educated in Lucan High 
School, Toronto University Medi- 
cal College, M. D., 1896. Began 
practice in Oil Springs, Ontario, 
Canada, 1896-99; removed to Ho- 
nolulu, Hawaii, 1899; practicing 
physician and surgeon since. Mem- 
ber University, Pacific, Polo and 
Oahu Country Clubs; Past Poten- 
tate Mystic Shrine, Aloha Temple 
(1912), past president Hawaiian 
Territorial Medical Society (1907). 


merchant and district magistrate, 
Waimea, Kauai, T. H. : born Oct. 
3. 1859, at Skien. Norway; son of 
Gerhard Didrik (Skien) and 
Dikka (Blom) Hofgaard; educated 
in high school and at business col- 
lege; married Marie Mahlum in 
Waimea, November 14. 1889; chil- 
dren: Gertrude. Gerhard, Esther 
and Didrik. Began as clerk in 
Christiania, Norway. 1875-79; at- 
tended business college, 1879-1881; 
left Norway, 1881. arriving in Ha- 
waii January, 1882; clerked in C. 
H. Dickey's stores on Maui; went 
to Kauai in 1885, founding the firm 
of C. B. Hofgaard & Co.; withdrew 
from active management in 1897; 
has been president of company 
since incorporation. Is treasurer 
of Waimea Stables. President of 
Board of Trustees of Waimea 
Foreign Church, and a trustee in 
Sam Mahelona Hospital. Is Dis- 
trict Magistrate for Waimea. 
Member Kauai Chamber of Com- 
merce, Masons, Knights of Pythias 
and Eastern Star. 






nessman, Lihue, Kauai; born in 
Lihue, Dec. 7, 1895; son of John 
Ashton Hogg; married Verna Beryl 
Foster, at Baker, Oregon, Aug. 10, 
1914; three children, John Ashton, 
Oliver Perry, Thomas Vernon. Ed- 
ucated, Lihue private school, Ore- 
gon Agricultural College, Corvallis, 
Ore. Began as mechanic in auto- 
mobile shops. Baker, Ore., 1914; 
manager, 1916; foreman and shop 
supt., same, 1916-19: has been mgr. 
Kauai Garage since March 1919. 
Member Woodmen of the World, 
Odd Fellows, Sigma Chapter of 
Theta Chi fraternity. 

HOLLINGER, BEN, businessman 
and city and county supervisor; 
Honolulu; born in Honolulu, April 
15, 1889; son of Thomas Hollinger; 
educated at St. Louis College; 
married Louise Bushnell of Hono- 
lulu, September 23, 1910: children: 
Louise Mae, Ben, Jr. and Stepheny 
Carol. Began business career with 
the contracting firm of Lord & 
Belser; in 1908 went with J. J. 
Belser and W. H. Hoogs, who in- 
corporated the Honolulu Construc- 
tion & Draying Co., Ltd.; elected 
member, Board of Supervisors; 
City and County of Honolulu, term 
1915-1916; re-elected 1917-1918 and 
1919-1923 terms; chairman, finance 
and public expenditures committee; 
member of committee on parks, 
playgrounds and public buildings 
and committee on civil service, po- 
lice, etc.; instrumental in estab- 
lishing the first public zoo in Ho- 
nolulu and responsible for the first 
childrens' playgrounds of which 
there are now many; president and 
general manager, Honolulu Rubber 
Works, Ltd., Ben Hollinger & Co., 
Ltd., and Bethel Service Station ; 
vice-president and managing di- 
rector, Fennessy-Wilson, Ltd. Mem- 
ber Commercial Club of Honolulu, 
Rotary Club, Automobile Club, Or- 
der of Chiefs of Hawaii, Elks, For- 
esters, Y. M. I., and Chamber of 
Commerce of Honolulu. Takes an 
active interest in general sports 
and serves as an official at swim- 
ming meets, baseball games, boat 
races, etc. 

sician, Honolulu; born at Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Dec. 13, 1878; son of 
Harry and Mary (Thomas) Holl- 
mann. Educated at Temple Uni- 
versity, Phila., and Medico-Chir- 
urgical College, M. D., 1898; mar- 
ried Amelia Duncalfe at Richmond, 
Ky., 1900. Instructor in pathology 
and bacteriology, Medico-Chi. Coll., 
1898-1906; physician to Bureau of 

Health, Philadelphia, 1903-06; vis- 
iting ear, nose and throat surgeon, 
Philadelphia General Hospital, 1905- 
06; assistant Medical Superintend- 
ent Leper Settlement, 1906-07; U. 
S. leprosy investigation station, 
1907; director Leprosy Investiga- 
tion Station, 1917-18; was among 
first scientists to grow oi'ganism 
that causes leprosy; first to culti- 
vate germ that causes disease 
known as "rat leprosy"; first to 
conceive the curative value of 
chaulmoogric fatty acids in lep- 
rosy; the first to use it success- 
fully in the treatment of Iepros5 r in 
Hawaii; has written many articles 
on leprosy, published by U. S. P. 
H. Service. Past District Deputy 
Grand Sire, I. O. O. F., for Ha- 
waii; Past Grand, Harmony Lodge, 
I. O. O. F. ; Past Chief Patriarch, 
Polynesian Encampment, I. O. O. 
F. ; Past Worthy Patron, Lei Aloha 
Chapter, O. E. S.; member Aloha 
Temple. 32nd degree Mason; hon- 
orary member Sons and Daughters 
of Hawaiian Warriors. 

chant. Hilo. Hawaii; born in Stowe, 
Vt., Apr. 1859; son of Joseph and 
Esther (Moody) Holmes; married 
Mary McGowan, at Oakland, Calif., 
Sept. 12, 1894. Spent young man- 
hood in Wisconsin, going to S. 
Dakota in 1887; came to Hilo, en- 
gaging in business in 1891, and has 
remained in same work since that 
year; founder of first independent 
department store in the islands. 
Was president Hilo Board of 
Trade three years; is a Mason and 
an Elk. 


lawyer, Kohala, Hawaii; born in 
Honolulu, June 14, 1865; son of 
Herman Augustus Frederick and 
Nahina (Kehuni) Holstein: father 
came from Denmark to Hawaii, 1850. 
Education, English grammar school, 
Wailuku, and Royal School, Hono- 
lulu; admitted to bar, 1887, and has 
since practised at Kohala, Hawaii; 
for past 16 years has been cane 
planter in addition to professional 
work; elected to Hawaiian Senate, 
1896-98; member House of Repre- 
sentatives, 1905, 1907, 1909 , 1911, 
1913, 1915, 1917, 1919, 1921, and 
Speaker of the House since 1907; 
chairman Republican Territorial 
Conventions, 1902, 1904, 1910; Re- 
publican National Committeeman, 
1910-12; member Kamehameha 
Lodge and Chiefs of Hawaii. 

HOLT, HARRY H., businessman, 
Wailuku, Maui; born in Honolulu 









Jan. 3, 1888; son of John D. and 
Emma (Daniels) Holt; married An- 
nie Meyer (deceased), at Honolulu, 
Sept. 3, 1908; one child: Emma K. 
Educated in Honolulu schools, leav- 
ing high school in junior year. 
Clerk and stenographer, U. S. 
lighthouse inspector's office, Ho- 
nolulu, 1905-07; reporter, circuit 
court, 2nd jud. circuit Wailuku, 
Maui, 1907-08; chief deputy U. S. 
marshal, Honolulu, part of timie 
marshal pro tern., 1908-14; cashier, 
Schuman Carriage Co., Honolulu, 
1915-18; salesman, Union Oil Co., 
San Francisco, 1918-19; mgr. Royal 
Hawaiian Sales Co., Maui branch, 
since 1919;. Member Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M., reach- 
ing office of senior warden; Shrin- 
er, former recorder Aloha Temple. 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
Bremerhaven, Germany, Nov. 28, 
1879; son of George and Helene 
(Siebe) Hons. Educated at high 
school, Geestemuende, Germany, 
1894; married Marie H. Chilling- 
worth in Honolulu July 8, 1907; one 
child, Ferdinand C. On graduating 
from school served three years' ap- 
prenticeship in Hamburg. Ger- 
many; came to Hawaii in 1898, en- 
tering the employ of Kahului Rail- 
road Co. as station agent at Wai- 
luku and successively as time- 
keeper, asst. bookkeeper, bookkeep- 
er, general freight and passenger 
agent and manager of merchandise 
dept. ; removed to Honolulu, 1909, 
as manager of ship chandlery de- 
partment of Inter-Island Steam 
Nav. Co. Member Oahu Country 
Club; Lodge Maui, A. F. & A. M*., 
No. 984; G. L. S., Aloha Temple; K. 
of P., Aloha Lodge No. 3; B. P. O. 
E., Lodge No. 616; on Board of 
Governors, Commercial Club, was 
secretary-treasurer and auditor three 

HOPE, HUGO KNUT, doctor of 
optometry, Honolulu; born in Bos- 
ton, Mass., Nov. 21, 1872; son of 
Joseph and Victoria Augusta 
(Akerhielm) Hope; married Queenie 
Margaret Eyre, New York City, 
Feb. 22, 1903; three children: Rob- 
ert B., Queenie Victoria, Rose Van- 
couver. Received grammar, high 
school and college education, Bre- 
men, Germany; entered Goettingen 
Univ. for study of medicine; also 
attended universities of Vienna, 
Upsala (Sweden) and Copenhagen 
(Denmark) ; special course in op- 
tometry with R. M. Lockwood, New 
York City; post graduate work, 
California College of Optometry. 
Has practiced in New York, Eng- 

land, Scotland, Australia and Can- 
ada and in Hawaii since 1914. Is 
interested in manufacture of lenses 
and frames and conducts shop in 
connection with practise of profes- 
sion. Vice-pres. and member of 
board of examiners in optometry, 
Terr. Hawaii. Member F. & A. M., 
Pyramid Lodge, New York City. 

tor, Honolulu; born Halaula, N. 
Kohala, Hawaii, Aug. 20, 1877; son 
of Charles Louis and Abigail (Ai- 
wohi) Hopkins; educated, St. Louis 
College, Honolulu. Began as clerk 
with Mutual Telephone Co 1892- 
1896; port steward and pay master 
Wilder S. S. Co., 1896-1905; chief 
clerk to county treasurer, 1905-08; 
deputy tax assessor and bookkeeper 
for Honolulu Tax Office, 1909-17: 
appointed auditor Territory of Ha- 
waii, July 1, 1917; appointed April 
30, 1913, a member of commission 
to adjudicate claims for loss of 
property destroyed by order of 
board of health; appointed member 
of Delinquent Tax Commission, Oct. 

24, 1917, for counties of Hawaii, 
Maui and Kauai. Member Chiefs 
of Hawaii, Chapter No. 1 ; Hawaii 
Chapter No. 1, Order of Kamehame- 
ha; director St. Louis College Alum- 
ni and treasurer building commit- 
tee; member Columbus Welfare 
Club; "National Council, B. S. A. 


newspaper publisher, Lihue, Kauai; 
born in Mendocino Co., Cal., April 
22, 1880; son of John T. and Helen 
(Griff itts) Hopper; married Ger- 
trude Keeney at Guadalupe, Cal., 
July 2, 1900; three children; Thel- 
ma, Kenneth, Glenn. Became mgr. 
Los Alamos Central, weekly news- 
paper, Santa Barbara Co., Cal., 
1899; founded Guadalupe Moon, 
same county, and sold out in 1901; 
came to Honolulu in 1901; with 
mechanical dept. Hawaiian Gazette 
Co., Ltd., 1901-09; moved to Kauai, 
1910: soon afterward became secy, 
and mgr. Garden Island Pub. Co., 
Ltd., later becoming managing ed- 
itor The Garden Island. Is vice- 
pres. Kauai Chamber of Commerce; 
pres. Lihue Tennis Assn.; member 
Kauai Council, Boy Scouts of 
America ; county committee Kauai 
Y. M. C. A.; Past Noble Grand, 
Excelsior Lodge No. 1, I. O. O. F., 

HORE, EDWARD, Waialua, 
Oahu; born Gillingham, Eng., April 

25, 1857; son of William Thomas 
and Elizabeth (Kelly) Hore; mar- 
ried Kualii. Mokumaia, Oct. 13, 

















1891, at Waialua; five children; 
Abel Harry P., William Thomas 
K., Elizabeth Sophie K., Victoria 
Albertina K. and Edward, de- 
ceased. Arrived Hawaii, June 1872, 
with Bishop Willis; appointed 
teacher at lolani College; in 
charge of English Mission School, 
Waialua, Oahu, 1875-78; recalled 
to Honolulu, 1878, and appointed 
vice-principal of lolani College; 
severed connections with Angli- 
can Mission, and appointed by 
Honolulu Board of Education, prin- 
cipal of Hauula English School, 
April 16, 1881; transferred to 
Kaneohe, August 17, 1883; to 
Waianae, August 19, 1887; to Wa- 
ialua, August 7, 1889; appointed 
district magistrate, W T aialua, June 
13, 1893; deputy tax assessor and 
collector for Waialua, January, 
1889. Was reappointed district 
magistrate at Waialua, serving 
there since June 13, 1893. Has 
been licensed to practise law in the 
district courts of the Territory of 
Hawaii since 1903. Naturalized 
an American citizen, 1903. 

HORNER, ALBERT, agricultur- 
ist, Honolulu; born in Alameda 
County, Cal. Aug. 7, 1863; son of 
John Mears and Elizabeth (Imlay) 
Horner; common school education; 
married Florence Winter in Ho- 
nolulu, Jan. 20, 1891; three sons, 
Albert, Willia.m Foster, John Mears. 
Came to Hawaiian Islands with 
parents 1879; engaged with father 
in cultivation of sugar cane at 
Spreckelsville, Maui, until 1882, 
then started the Kukaiau Planta- 
tion, district of Hamakua, Hawaii; 
engaged in different capacities on 
the plantation and as general 
manager to 1911; one of the or- 
ganizers, Hawaiian Canneries Co., 
Ltd., (organized 1913), and presi- 
dent and general manager since or- 
ganization; inventor of number of 
agricultural implements for culti- 
vation of sugar cane in general 
use throughout the world, including 
a wire rope transportation system 
for transporting cane from fields 
to mill, in use on several Hawaiian 
plantations; elected to Hawaiian 
legislature, sessions 1890 and 1892; 
has held many public appointive 
positions of trust during the mon- 
archial, provisional and republican 
governments; was chairman Ha- 
waiian Loan Fund Commission, dis- 
bursing $600,000 fund; commis- 
sioned captain Officers Reserve 
Corps, Quartermaster Section, U. 
S. Army, June 1, 1917; appointed 
Territorrial Sugar Expert as advis- 
er to homesteaders for better land 

cultivation, July 1, 1919. Member 
of Masonic order, B. P. O. Elks, 
Pacific and Country clubs and Ho- 
nolulu Chamber of Commerce. 

HORNER, ALBERT, Jr., cannery 
superintendent, Kapaa, Kauai; 
born Oct. 28, 1891, at Kukaiau, Ha- 
waii; son of Albert and Florence 
(Winter) Horner; educated at St. 
Matthews Military Academy and 
Cornell University; was prominent 
in music circles in Cornell, direc- 
ting and composing; began in the 
fruit canning business with Cal. 
Canneries Co. during the season 
following; supt. Hawaiian Canner- 
ies Co., Ltd., and manager of Ha- 
waiian Canneries Company, Ltd., 
cannery at Kapaa, Kauai, since 
1914; served in U. S. army during 
World War. Member of University 
Club, Honolulu; Kauai Chamber of 
Commerce; Chi Phi Fraternity, 
Quill & Dagger. American Legion. 
Is a keen hunter and musician. 

HORNER, ROBERT, business 
man, Honolulu; born at Ala- 
meda, Calif.; son of John Mears 
and Elizabeth (Imlay) Horner; 
father was one of the early 
pioneers to California during the 
gold rush there and one of the first 
agriculturists of that state, later 
becoming prominent in the cultiva- 
tion of sugar cane in Hawaii. Ed- 
ucated privately and in the public 
schools of California and Punahou . 
School (Honolulu) ; married Amy 
Adele Blacon of Alameda, Cal., in 
1897. Began career in the cultiva- 
tion of sugar cane with father, de- 
veloping the extensive Horner 
ranch interests on the Island of 
Hawaii; became stockholder in 
several of the largest and success- 
ful sugar plantations in the Terri- 
tory of Hawaii; removed to Hono- 
lulu in 1912 and in 1914 was elected 
a member of the Board of Super- 
visors for the City and County of 
Honolulu; during the term as su- 
pervisor was chairman of Police 
Committee, member of water and 
sewer committee and the play- 
grounds committee. Is treasurer, 
Hawaiian Fruit Packers, Ltd., and 
proprietor of Bethel Amusement 
Hall. Member of the Commercial 
Club, B. P. O. Elks, Honolulu. Is 
an enthusiast on horse racing. 


banker, Kealia, Kauai; born at 
Kukaiau, Hawaii, Oct. 23, 1895; son 
of Albert and Florence (Winter) 
Horner; educated St. Matthews 
Military Academy, 1913; Leland 
Stanford University, A. B., 1917. 
Entered first officers' training camp 






at Presidio, San Francisco, May, 
1917; commissioned 2nd Lieut., 
Aug., 1917; assigned to Camp Lew- 
is., Washington, Co. B. 347 M. G. 
Bn., overseas service with 91st 
Div., June, 1918, and made aide to 
Gen. J. B. McDonald, Sept.. 1918; 
promoted to 1st Lieut. Nov.. 1918, 
and discharged June, 1919; joined 
Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., Lihue 
Branch, Kauai; later asst. cashier 
and cashier Kapaa Branch, Bank 
of Hawaii, 1920. Military record in- 
cludes battles of Argonne, Sept. 25 
to Oct. 4, 1918, and Lys-Schelt Oct. 
29 to Nov. 11, 1918; member Kauai 
Chamber of Commerce, American 
Legion, Sigma Chi Fraternity. 


industrial service. Pepeekeo, Ha- 
waii; born Feb. 18, 1885, at But- 
ler, Missouri; son of John and 
Anna Houston; graduated from 
the University of Oklahoma, in 
chemistry, 1913, also receiving 
teachers high-school life certifi- 
cate; married Miss Jenkins of 
Rochy, Okla., May 12, 1907; one 
child, Iris. "Was a teacher of 
chemistry and toxicology, later 
manager and proprietor of a drug 
store; engaged as lease man for 
an oil company, stock broker and 
traveling salesman; U.S. Army 
over-sea service in Mesopotamia 
and Persia, on the Persian line of 
communication and later in Egypt 
and Palistine; has traveled Japan, 
China, Philippines, Straits Set- 
tlements, Ceylon, India and Europe; 
now in charge of industrial service 
at Pepeekeo, Hawaii. Member of 
Board of Examiners for Teachers 
Certificates; member of Masonic 
Lodge No. 31, India Consistory 
No. 2, and India Temple of the 
Mystic Shrine. 

HOW ELL, HUGH, civil engineer, 
Wailuku, Maui; born in Eugene, 
Oregon, Sept. 10, 1867; son of John 
G. Howell; married Sarah Aukai 
Kapu at Nahiku, Maui, in 1897; 
six children: Ethel (Mrs. Robt. W. 
Campbell), Tom, Hugh, Helen, 
William and Bruce. Educated in 
Oakland grammar and high schools, 
Univ. of Cal., B. S., civil and me- 
chanical engineering, 1890. With 
engineering dept., S. P. R. R., 1890- 
94; civil eng., H. C. & S. Co., and 
Wailuku Sug. Co., Maui, 1894-96; 
eng. Terr. Pub. Works Dept., 1896- 
03; county eng., Maui Co., 1903-11; 
consulting civil eng. and general 
contractor, 1911-21; member Maui 
Loan Fund Commission, 1910; pri- 
vate wharf and landing commission, 
1909; member Lodge 616, B. P. O. 
E., since 1902; Aloha Lodge, K. P.. 

since 1909; Past Master, Lodge 
Maui, No. 472, F. & A. M.; ven- 
erable master, lao Lodge of Perfec- 
tion, Kahului, 1915; Honolulu Con- 
sistory, A. A. S. R. ; Noble, Aloha 
Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. ; charter 
member Maui Chamber of Com- 
merce; University Club, Honolulu, 
since 1908. Beta Theta Pi Fra- 

yer, Honolulu; born Jan. 29, 1871, at 
Eshcol, Perry County, Pa.; son of 
Benjamin Grove and Naomi Jane 
(Cormany) Huber; married Cora A. 
Birdsell June 29, 1905, at Tama, 
Iowa; no children. Educated in 
public schools, Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege, Annville, Pa., B. S., 1892; prin- 
cipal of Tama (Iowa) High School, 
1892-93; superintendent of schools, 
Tama, 1893-96; member law firm. 
Willett & Huber, Tama, 1896-1900; 
practiced alone, 1901-16; U. S. Dis- 
trict Attorney, Honolulu, since 1916. 
Was Mayor of Tama (Iowa) four 
years; prosecuting attorney, Tama 
County, six years. Is past Chan- 
cellor Commander K. of P.; Past 
Worshipful Master, A. F. & A. M.; 
member I. O. O. F. 

HUDDY, WILLIAM, dist magis- 
trate, Hanalei, Kauai; born Hono- 
lulu, March 17, 1855; son of Wil- 
liam Huddy; married Elizabeth 
Kahele. May 22, 1875, at Moloaa, 
Kauai; ten children: George, 
Lydia, James, Herman, Mary Ann. 
Sarah, Josephine, Ezra, Violet, 
Alexandra. Grammar school edu- 
cation. Butcher, cowboy, 1874-1911; 
commissioner of private ways and 
water rights, July 5, 1888; pound 
master, Kilauea, Kauai; road super- 
visor, Hanalei dist., 1909-11; dist. 
magistrate, since Jan. 1911. Mem- 
ber Kamualii Chap. No. 3, Order 
of Kamehameha. 


master car builder, Honolulu; born 
in Ireland, Oct. 25, 1860; son of 
William (Cal. pioneer) and Ann 
(Collins) Hughes. Educated in 
common school and was taught nav- 
igation by J. P. Holland, inventor 
of the submarine, who then was a 
Christian Brother; married Katie 
Matthews, April.. 1888, in San Fran- 
cisco; four children, Wm. Charles. 
John Gerald, Irene Kathleen and 
Jerome O'Neill. Started work in 
1873 as apprentice to boat and ship 
building; made first voyoge to sea 
in 1879, Liverpool to Burmah; made 
subsequent voyages as carpenter, 
first, second and third officer on 
steam and sailing ships to East 
Indies, Australia, North and South 



SK m* 

ill fr m 







America; arrived in San Francisco 
in 1885; quit the sea and secured 
position with San Francisco Bridge 
Co., then the largest railroad con- 
tractors on Pacific Coast; later was 
one of their foreman, building 
wharves, bridges, cars and steam 
shovels; engaged by Mr. Benjamin 
F. Dillingham for the Oahu Rail- 
way in August, 1889; has built and 
designed cars for the Oahu and 
Hilo railroads since. Member of 
Territorial Legislature in 1907; 
served in Citizens' Guard during 
revolution. Trustee Palama Set- 
tlement. Member Commercial and 
Ad Clubs, Young Men's Institute 
(Catholic society, of which he is 
one of organizers), Elks, and Chiefs 
of Hawaii. 

ness man, Honolulu; born March 3, 
1884, at Middleburgh, N. Y. ; son of 
Vivian Arlington and Clara Belle 
(Stahl) Humphrey. Educated in 
the grammar and high schools of 
San Francisco, Cal.; married Reta 
Wallace Cousens in Honolulu June 
30, 1913; children: George Ross- 
man, Jr., Richard Wilmot. Began 
business career as junior clerk 
(1899) with the Hartford Fire Ins. 
Co., San Francisco, Cal., remain- 
ing with the firm until the San 
Francisco fire, 1906; assisted ad- 
justers on the fire losses 18 
months; special agent of London 
Assurance Corp., San Francisco and 
vicinity, eight months; special 
agent covering additional territory, 
Northern Assurance Co.; engaged 
by The von Hamm-Young Co., Ho- 
nolulu, to organize an underwrit- 
ing department Oct., 1908; mana- 
ger of the Hilo branch of The von 
Hamm-Young Co., Ltd., 1917; man- 
ager of American -Hawaiian Motors 
Co., Ltd., Honolulu, since January. 
1918. Was a volunteer in the cit- 
izens' guard at the time of the San 
Francisco fire. His grandfather 
was Judge Philip Couchman Hum- 
phrey of New York and veteran of 
the Civil War. 

HUSTACE, FRANK, retired, Ho- 
nolulu; born Aug. 25, 1862, at Maka- 
wao, Maui, Hawaii; son of Charles 
and Louise Frances (Bolles) Hus- 

tace; married Mellie Elizabeth 
Ward in Honolulu Sept. 29, 1886; 

five children: Frank Ward, Thomas 
Foster, Curtis Ward, Chas. Henry, 
Harold Perry. Educated in Hono- 
lulu; began business career in 1877 
in employ of Dickson Photo Gal- 
lery, Honolulu; associated with C. 
P. Ward in draying business 1879; 
following death of Mr. Ward, 1883, 

continued under various names un- 
til 1916, retired. Member Hono- 
lulu Stock Exchange, 1900-03; 
chief engineer Honolulu Fire De- 
partment, inaugurated paid depart- 
ment 1893 at overthrow of mon- 
archy. Member 1st Co. sharp- 
shooters in 1895; member Mystic 
Lodge K. of P.; Society of May- 
flower Descendants, State of New 


sugar pltn. mgr., Papaaloa, Hawaii; 
born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept. 
13, 1872; son of James and Marga- 
ret (Steuart) Hutchinson; edu- 
cated at Royal high school, Edin- 
burgh, N. B. ; married Jean Clapp- 
erton in Honolulu October 17, 1910. 
Entered business in Scotland. 1890- 
94; came to Hawaii, 1894; mgr. 
Laupahoehoe Sugar Co. Member 
Kilauea Lodge No. 330, F. & A. M. 

missioner, B. S. A., Wailuku, Maui, 
T. H. ; born in San Francisco, 
Calif., Feb. 11, 1872; son of 
James Henry and Caroline A. 
(Marshall) Hutton; educated in 
grammar schools of San Francisco, 
Alameda and Oakland; one child, 
Verna May, adopted. Worked as 
draftsman, San Francisco and 
Oakland, 1887-1891; secy. Boys' 
\Vork, Y. M. C. A.. Oakland, Stock- 
ton and Eureka, Calif., 1891-97, and 
San Francisco, 1898-1912, in insti- 
tutional church work, Columbia 
Park Boys Club, supt. public play- 
grounds, South Park Boys Club, 
and Juvenile Court Officer and 
Probation and Parole Officer, Su- 
perior Court. Came to Hawaii, 
1912, and employed by city detec- 
tive office three years; liquor in- 
spector, two years ; executive, B. 
S. A., Honolulu Council, 1918-20; 
commissioner, Maui Council, B. S. 
A.. since Nov., 1920. Member 
Loyal Order Moose, Ad Club, Ro- 
tary Club, Trail and Mountain 


clergyman, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Demarest, N. J., April 21, 1876; son 
of Peter E. and Leah E. (Bogert) 
Huyler; married Helen Stewart at 
Auburn, N. Y., June 21, 1911; two 
children: Mary Elizabeth (died 
1915) and Margaret. Graduated at 
New York University, 1898; Au- 
burn Theological Seminary, 1901; 
for past 20 years has been in charge 
of various churches in Kansas, 
New York and Hawaii. Member Psi 
Upsilon Fraternity. 






retary of Hawaii and managing 
trustee and treasurer Liliuokalani 
Trust, Honolulu; born Dec. 13, 
1855 at Waimea, Hawaii; son of J. 
W. and Lahapa (Nalanipo) laukea; 
married Charlotte Kahaloipua 
Hanks in Honolulu 1877; two chil- 
dren, Frederick Hanks Nalaniahi, 
Lorna Kahilipuaokalani (Mrs. Ed- 
ward B. Watson of East Milton, 
Mass). Educated at lolani College 
(Honolulu). Was reared by uncle, 
attendant of King Kamehameha IV, 
was protege of king, also of Kameh- 
hameha V and King Kalakaua, at- 
tached to royal household of king- 
dom until overthrow of monarchy 
in 1893; chief secretary of Foreign 
Affairs 1880 ; special envoy to Coro- 
nation of Czar of Russia 1883; visit- 
ed courts of Europe as Envoy Ex- 
traordinary and Minister Plenipo- 
tentiary, thence to India and Japan; 
in latter country made labor agree- 
ment with Kingdom of Hawaii; 
Collector General of Customs 1SS4; 
Chamberlain and Crown Land 
Agent and Commissioner, 1886; in 
charge royal party to Queen Vic- 
toria's jubilee 1887; to London with 
Embassy from Republic of Hawaii 
to Diamond Jubilee Queen Victoria 
1897; accompanied President and 
Mrs. Dole to Washington as secre- 
tary and attache 1898; elected tax- 
assessor for County of Oahu 1904; 
elected County Sheriff 1906; elected 
Territorial Senator 1912; appointed 
secretary Territory of Hawaii 1917. 
Decorations: Grand Cross an 1 Cor- 
don of St. Stanislaus (conferred by 
Emperor of Rusisa 1883), Otncer of 
French Legion of Honor (conferred 
by President Grevy), Grand Offi- 
cer's Cross of the Crown of Italy. 
Grand Cross and Ribbon Order of 
Takovo (Servia), Jubilee Medal of 
Queen Victoria (1887 and 1897), 
Grand Officer of Rising Sun of Ja- 
pan, Grand Hier Order of St Boli- 
var, Venezuela, Knight Commander 
of Swedish Order of St. Olaf, nearly 
all of Hawaiian orders and decora- 
tions instituted in Hawaii by King 
Kalakaua. Member Chamber of 
Commerce of Honolulu, Pacific 
Club, Oahu Country Club and Ho- 
nolulu Golf Club. 

IRWIN, FRED, physician and 
sm-geon, Olaa, Hawaii; born in 
Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Nov. 28, 
1875; son of Robert G. and Isabel 
Irwin; education, McGill Univer- 
sity, Montreal, Canada, M. D., 1902; 
married Florence MacKenzie, at 
Hilo, Hawaii, Nov. 7, 1906. Plan- 

tation physician and surgeon, Olaa 
Sugar Co., since 1906. 

IRWIN, HARRY, lawyer, Hono- 
lulu; born at Shelburne, Shel- 
burne County, Nova Scotia, Dec. 
21, 1874; son of Robert Gore and 
Isabelle (Archer) Irwin; married 
Ruth Guard of Hilo, Hawaii, Aug. 
19, 1907; two children: Ruth Guard 
and Frederick Gore. Educated in 
grammar, high and normal schools 
of Nova Scotia, Boston University 
Law School and Dalhousie Univer- 
sity, Halifax, N. S., LL.B., 1898. Ad- 
mitted to the bar in Hawaii, July 
1904; practiced in Hilo as Andrews 
& Irwin, later annulling the part- 
nership but continuing practice 
alone until June. 1916; removed to 
Honolulu to form partnership with 
late Judge Humphreys, 1916; ap- 
pointed First District Magistrate, 
Honolulu. 1917-1918; appointed 
Deputy Attorney General of Ha- 
waii, June, 1918; appointed Attor- 
ney General. Sept. 1918; appointed 
chairman of the Farm Loan Board 
of Hawaii, July, 1919; appointed 
member of the Commission to pro- 
mote uniformity of legislation in 
the United States, April, 1920; 
member of Legislative Committee 
of Hawaii which went to Washing- 
ton, D. C., in 1920 for the purpose 
of advocating certain amendments 
to Hawaiian Organic Act. Was 
volunteer in "Strathcona Horse" in 
South African War 1899-1901, be- 
ing discharged as sergeant; was 
delegate to Democratic National 
Committee at Baltimore, 1912; can- 
didate of Democratic party for 
county attorney, County of Hawaii, 
1908 and 1910; member National 
Press Club. Washington, D. C., 
University Club. Honolulu. 

ISOBE, TERUAKI, banker, Ho- 
nolulu; born in Japan Dec. 3, 1877. 
Educated Kobe Commercial School, 
Japan; married Chiyo Teshima in 
Japan, Nov... 1907; three children: 
Teruyasu, Tanio, Meizo. Has been 
connected with the Yokohama 
Specie Bank, Ltd., since 1898, and 
was appointed manager of Hono- 
lulu office in February, 1920. 


cian, Honolulu ; born at West 
Point, Troup County, Ga., Oct. 28, 
1X78; son of Arthur O. and Alice 
(Zachry) Jackson; grandson of 
Major Wyche Sanford Jackson; 
educated grammar and high schools 
of West Point, Ga.. Alabama Poly- 
technic Institute, B. S. 1901, M. S. 
1902; medical student University 









of North Carolina 1905-07, and 
University of Pa., 1907-1909; M. D., 
U. of Pa., 1909; certificate in 
Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 
Univ. of Pa., 1912; interne Phil- 
adelphia General Hospital, Oct. 
1909-Apr. 1911; resident physician 
Pennsylvania State Sanitarium for 
tuberculosis, Feb. -May 1912; resi- 
dent physician Queen's Hospital, 
Honolulu, July 1912- Jan. 1914; 
married Margaret Christy Tupper 
in Honolulu, Nov. 20, 1914; three 
children: Alice R., Margaret C. 
and Nancy Lee. Medical practise 
in Honolulu since 1914; joined with 
Drs. G. F. Straub, G. C. Milnor, 
H. Clarke and E. A. Fennel to es- 
tablish ."The Clinic," Honolulu; 
January 1, 1921. Was visiting 
physician to Queen's Hospital, 
1915; Palama Settlement 1914-18; 
Mid-Pacific Institute; commis- 
sioned captain American Red 
Cross service in Siberia, Nov. 
1918-Dec. 1919, commanding officer 
Amer. Red Cross hospital at Bu- 
chedu. Manchuria and at Omsk, 
Siberia; physician in charge allied 
anti-typhus expedition in Siberia 
and decorated by all Russia govern- 
ment with order of St. Anne, 3rd 
degree; fellow American Medical 
Assn. and American Assn. for the 
Advancement of Science. Mem- 
ber of Honolulu Chamber of Com- 
merce, Ad Club, director Y. M. C. 
A., director Pan Pacific Union, 
Medical Society of Hawaii (pres. 
1920), Public Questions Club, F. 
& A. M. (Died in a Philadelphia 
hospital, Oct. 5, 1921.) 


merchant, Honolulu; born at Haiku, 
Maui, Nov. 6, 1881; son of John 
and Sophie (Nelson) Jacobson; 
married Marie Canario at Honolulu 
Feb. 2, 1909. Educated at St. Louis 
College, Honolulu. Employed with 
W. W. Dimond & Co.. Hawn. 
Elect. Co., Lewers & Cooke, Hono- 
lulu; learned shoe business with M. 
Mclnerney, Ltd.. opening business 
under name of Jacobson Bros., 
1911; incorporated 1912; is pres. 
and mgr. Jacobson Bros., Ltd. 
Member Honolulu Chamber of 


volcanologist, U. S. Weather Bu- 
reau, Volcano House, Hawaii; born 
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 24, 1871; 
son of Thomas Augustus and Anna 
Louisa (Lawrence) Jaggar. Gradu- 
ated Harvard, A. B., 1893; A. M., 
1894; Ph.D., 1897. Studied in Mun- 
ich and Heidelberg Univs. ; instruc- 
tor geology, 1895-1903; asst. prof. 

1903-06, Harvard; prof, and head 
dept. geology, Mass. Inst. Technol- 
ogy, 1904-12; research prof. 1912- 
17; volcanologist of Weather Bu- 
reau since 1919; asst .geol. U. S. 
G. S., in charge of work S. Dak., 
Ariz., Mass., 1898-1904; conducted 
volcano expeditions to Martinique 
1902; Vesuvius, 1906; Aleutian Isls., 
1907; Hawaii and Japan, 1908;' 
Costa Rica, 1910; Sakurajima, 1914; 
New Zealand, 1920; estab. Volcano 
Experiment Stat., Hawaii, under 
Mass. Inst. of Technology and Ha- 
waiian Volcano Research Assn., 
(since taken over by U. S. Weather 
Bureau), 1911; director Hawaiian 
Volcano Observatory, fellow Amer. 
Acad. Arts and Sciences, Geol. 
Society of America, Amer. Geo- 
graphical Society, Washington 
Acad. of Science; contributor to re- 
ports U. S. G. S., and U. S. 
Weather Bureau and to scientific 
journals; has written and published 
since 1912 the monthly bulletin of 
the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory; 
his two principal volcanologic arti- 
cles in Amer. Journal of Science, 
Sept., 1917, and Bulletin Seismo- 
logical Society of America, Dec., 


businessman, Honolulu; born at 
Boston, Mass., Mar. 16, 1882; son 
of W. C. and M. E. (Cheney) 
James; educated at Chauncy Hall, 
Boston, 1889-1899, Stanford Uni- 
versity, 1900-1904; married F. E. 
Starbuck at Palo Alto, Calif., 
1905; three children; Edith Grace, 
Marjorie Pauline, Carlton Star- 
buck. Began as an asst. in the 
Chemistry Dept., Stanford Univ.; 
asst. chemist, Board of Health, 
San Francisco, 1905; salesman, Los 
Angeles, Calif., 1906; draughts- 
man Southern Pacific R. R. Co., 
San Francisco, 1907; chemist 
Pacific Guano & Fertilizer Co., 
Honolulu, 1908-13; Supt., same, 
1914-1917; mgr. since 1917. Au- 
thor of Technical on Phosphates, 
in journals of American Chemi- 
cal Society; patentee of phosphate 
fertilizer; received 2nd prize award 
photograph portrait exhibit, Ha- 
waiian Territorial Fair, 1919. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Chemists Association 
(executive committee 1908, pres. 
1909-1910), Hawaiian Lodge, No. 
21, F. & A. M., American Chem- 
ical Society, Automobile Club, Ad 
Club and Outrigger Canoe Club. 


business man, Honolulu; born in 
San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 31, 1888; 
son of Dr. William F. and Sarah 
Ellen James; married Frances Lu- 









cia Josephson at Grenfell, N. S. 
-, W., Australia, April 3, 1914; two 
children: Francis Joseph P. and 
Margaret Helen. Graduated Mc- 
Kinley high school, Honolulu, 1909. 
With the Waterhouse Co., Hono- 
lulu, 1909-15; became partner with 
Max Greenbaugh in mnfg. agcy. 
business under name Greenbaugh, 
James & Co., 1916; vice pres. firm 
on incorporation, 1917; manager 
Pan-Pacific Traders, Ltd., 1919; 
pres. and mgr. since 1920. Was in 
N. G. H., 1908-17; member first of- 
ficers' training camp, Schofield 
Barracks, Oahu, 1917; U. S. army, 
including training at officers' 
school, Camp Pike. Ark., 1917-18; 
member Honolulu Chamber of 
Commerce, Amer. Defense Society; 
Masonic Lodge, 32nd degree Scot- 
tish Rite Mason, Commercial Club. 


physician, Honolulu; born in Dar- 
whar, Brit. India, Nov. 11, 1860; 
son of Francis and Sophie (Beau- 
mont) James; married Sarah Ellen 
Robinson at San Antonio, Tex., 
June 16, 1886; six children: Will- 
iam Walter, Frank Leicester, Carrie 
Ellen, Sophie Ethel, Naomi, Ruth. 
Educated at Honiton College, Eng. ; 
St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Med. 
School, Eng., 1884; Tulane Med. 
Univ., La., M. D., 1893; came to 
America, 1884; practised med,, San 
Antonio, 1893-99; joined Roosevelt's 
Rough Riders (1st Vol. Cavalry). 
outbreak Spanish war, 1898, serving 
as pvt., Troop K, throughout cam- 
paign (including- engagements of 
Las Guasimas and San Juan Hill; 
contract surg. U. S. Army, Nov. 
1899; duty Phil. Isls.; commissioned 
capt. and asst, surg., Feb., 1901; 
dischgd. Feb., 1903; act. asst, surg. 
U. S. Pub. Health Service, June, 
1903; ordered to Honolulu and has 
served to present time in that ca- 
pacity. Member Hawaiian Med. 


high sheriff of Hawaii, Honolulu; 
born Aug. 22, 1877; son of William 
H. and Emma (Stevens) Jarrett; 
married Mary H. K. Clark in Ho- 
nolulu; children: Emma, Jane. 
William and Alexander. Educated 
at St. Louis College, Honolulu; 
deputy sheriff of Honolulu for one 
term of two years; sheriff of City 
and County of Honolulu for three 
terms; high sheriff of the Terri- 
tory of Hawaii since June 1, 1914. 

cian. Holualoa, Hawaii, T. H.; 
born at Weiser, Idaho, Feb. 3, 1881; 
son of Solomon and Sarah Eliza- 

beth Jeffreys; educated, high 
school, Weiser, Idaho; Missouri 
State University, 1899-1903; Rush 
Medical College, M. D. 1905; served 
internships in Childrens Free and 
Knowlton General hospitals, Mil- 
waukee and the Policlinic Hospital, 
Chicago; married Maud Jeffrey in 
Chicago, 111., Aug. 23, 1906; two 
children: Solomon and Barbara 
Jean. Served during war as medi- 
cal member draft board, West Ha- 
waii; member American Medical 
Assn., F. &. A. M. and I. O. O. F. 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
Tonga, Firienclly Islands, October 
12, 1884; son of Christian and Lucia 
(Foster) Jenkins; married Nellie 
Armes McNab at Honolulu, October 
19, 1911; two children, Isabelle 
Helen and Robert Christian. Re- 
ceived education at lolani College, 
Honolulu, and Honolulu High 
School. Began with Catton, Neill 
Co., Ltd.. 1898-02; Lord & Belser, 
1903-06; Hawaiian Fertilizer Co., 
Ltd. 1907, bookkeeper, cashier 1909, 
superintendent of plant 1916, Hono- 
lulu manager and treasurer Sep- 
tember 1918. Member of Chamber 
of Commerce, Commercial Club, 
Oahu Country Club, Honolulu Lodge 
No. 409, F. & A. M., secretary two 
years, master 1914; Honolulu Chap. 
No. 1, R. A. M.; Honolulu Com- 
mandary K. T.; Rotary Club, Ha- 
waiian Sugar Planters' Assn.; Out- 
rigger Canoe Club, Manoa Improve- 
ment Club. 


high school principal; born Edgar- 
town, Mass.. Dec. 17. 1866; son of 
Capt. Jared and Helen (Clark) 
Jernegan ; married Elizabeth Viola 
Foley, at Honolulu, Oct. 20, 1920. 
Graduated Brown Univ. A.B., 1889; 
Newton Theol. Inst. 1892. Instruct- 
or in Latin and Greek, Phillips 
Academy, Andover, Mass., 1889- 
1890; pastorate, Middletown, Conn., 
1892-95; DeLand. Fla. 1895-96; Eu- 
ropean travel and study, 1897-1901; 
teacher, Bureau of Education. Ma- 
nila, P. I., 1901-10; deputy supt. of 
schools, 1901-03; teacher Philip- 
pine history, Philippine Normal 
School, 1903-09; instructor in co- 
lonial history. Junior College of 
Liberal Arts, 1909-10; teacher, San 
Jose High School, 1911; prin. Hilo 
High School, 1911-21; principal Mc- 
Kinley High School, Honolulu, since 
1921. * Author of "A Short His- 
tory of the Philippines," "The 
Philippine Citizen" and other 
text books. Member Phi Beta 
Kappa Fraternity, Rotary Club, 









Hilo; Kilauea Council Boy Scouts 
of America. 

JOHNSON, HORACE, vice-presi- 
dent, C. Brewer & Co., Honolulu; 
born Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 12, 
1878; son of Harrison G. and Har- 
riet (Peabody) Johnson; married 
Edna Anderson at Honolulu, Dec. 
22. 1903; three children: Ralph 
Blake, Paul Anderson and Evelyn. 
Educated high schools of Abilene, 
Kans., and Newburyport, Mass., 
Mass. Inst. of Technology (Chem- 
istry) class 1901. Chemist Waia- 
lua*Agri. Co., 1900-10; chemist Pe- 
peekeo Sug Co., 1911; supervising 
chemist, C. Brewer & Co., 1912-19; 
elected vice-pres. and director, C. 
Brewer & Co., Oct. 1919, to date. 
Member Honolulu Lodge 409, F. & 
A. M.; Amer. Chemical Society; 
Hawaiian Chemical Society; Hawn. 
Engineering Society. 


railway manager and civil engi- 
neer, Honolulu; born in Newbury- 
port, Mass., April 8, 1875; son of 
Harrison Gray and Harriet (Pea- 
body) Johnson; married Zoe Lucile 
Watkins Oct. 4, 1914, in Kingman, 
Ariz.; no issue. Education, gram- 
mar and high schools, Denver, 
Colo.; studied engineering under 
George A. Laird, member Ameri- 
can Inst. of M. E., and J. P. Rohrer, 
member American Society of C. E. 
Began professional career in mine 
developing in Colorado, 1896-99; 
asst. engineer in charge of con- 
struction, Honolulu Rapid Transit 
& Land Co., 1900-06; asst. engineer 
construction of plant and distrib- 
uting system for Honolulu Gas Co., 
Ltd., 1906-07; asst. engineer Koo- 
lau R. R. Co., Oahu, 1907; asst. city 
and county engineer of Honolulu, 
1907-08; junior engineer U. S. Army 
engineers in charge of construction 
Diamond Head 12-inch mortar bat- 
tery, 1908-09; engineer of construc- 
tion and maintenance of way, Hon. 
Rapid Transit & Land Co., 1909-12; 
engineer Loan Fund Commission 
of Oahu in charge of highway con- 
struction of belt road, 1912-13; en- 
gineer of construction and mainte- 
nance of way of H. R. T. & L. Co., 
1913-17; manager of H. R. T. & L. 
Co. since 1918. Officer of 1st Reg- 
iment Hawaiian Infantry, National 
Guard, 1916-17; member American 
Soc. of Civil Engineers, Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M., and Com- 
mercial Club (past governor). 

lulu; born Feb. 11, 1879, at Wilton, 
Iowa; son of Wilbur H. and Fanny 
(McNaghton) Johnson; married 

Ada Williamson in San Francisco 
Sept. 6, 1910. Vice pres., treas. and 
mgr. H. F. Wichman & Co., Ltd., 
Honolulu, having been associated 
with that firm since 1897. Was 
major of infantry, U. S. Army, in 
1918-19; member former Territorial 
board of immigration, labor and 
statistics; member Chamber of 
Commerce, past master Oceanic 
Lodge, F. & A. M., 1908; past chan- 
cellor William McKinley Lodge, K. 
of P., 1906: member Pacific Club, 
Rotary Club, Commercial Club, 
Oahu Country Club, Honolulu Au- 
tomobile Club, Outrigger Club and 
Mystic Shrine. 


secretary, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu, Feb. 16, 1875; son of William 
and Margaret (Cattanacht John- 
son; education, Honolulu public and 
high schools; married Elizabeth 
Morrison, at Los Angeles, Aug. 8, 
1918; one child, Norman Fraser. 
After finishing school engaged in 
clerical work in Honolulu about 10 
years; went to Ewa Plantation 
office as bookkeeper, 1899, remain- 
ing until 1907; bookkeeper. The 
von Hamm-Young Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu 1907-1910; secretary and office 
executive same since 1910. Member 
Chamber of Commerce, Commercial 
Club, Oahu Country Club, Lodge Le 
Progres, Masonic Order. Repub- 

planter, Ookala, Hawaii; born July 
25, 1882, in Aberdeen, Scotland; son 
of Robert and Isabella (Walker) 
Johnston; married Jeannie A. T. 
Milne, Oct. 13, 1914, in Honolulu; 
two children: Edwin M. and Har- 
vey. Common school education; 
followed farming for seven years; 
became interested in the sugar in- 
dustry at Ookala, Hawaii, 1903, and 
since 1913 has been manager of the 
Kaiwiki Sugar Co., Ltd. Is a Mason. 


tax accountant, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu, Aug. 26, 1882; son of 
Wilson F. and Caroline P. (Swain) 
Johnstone; married Sue A. Ross, 
at Santa Rosa, Calif., Sept. 27, 
1920; two children: Ralph Wilson 
and Ernest A. (by previous mar- 
riage). Educated Calif, pub. schools, 
Calif. School of Mechanical Arts, 
Oahu College, Honolulu. Deputy 
Collector of Internal Revenue, Ho- 
nolulu, 1903-1907; chief deputy col- 
lector, 1908-17; Acting Collector, 
Aug.-Dec. 1917. Member firm Cam- 
eron & Johnstone, Public Account- 
ants, Federal Tax Service, Hono- 






lulu, since Dec. 31. 1917. Member 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, A. F. & 
A. M.; Lodge No. 616, B. P. O. E. ; 
Rotary Club, Pacific Club, Oahu 
Country Club, Commercial Club. 


agriculturist, Wahiawa, Oahu; born 
May 12, 1892, at Vorden, Calif.; 
son of William and Catherine (Jan- 
sen) Jongeneel; educated Univer- 
sity of California, B. S., 1917; mar- 
ried Helen Grieve McLean, at Ho- 
nolulu, Feb. 25, 1919; one child, 
James William. Entered employ 
of Calif. Packing Corp. in 1917, and 
became section foreman on planta- 
tion; was appointed asst. supt. 
April, 1919, and plantation supt. 
Jan. 1921. Member Honolulu Auto 
Club, Manoa Tennis Club, Alpha 
Zeta fraternity. 


business man, Honolulu; born in 
luton, Bedfordshire, Eng., Aug. 23. 
18-42; son of Gustavus and Hannah 
(Waller) Jordan. Educated in 
grammar school, Bridgeport, Dorset- 
shire; married Marie C. C. Rode, 
daughter of one of the early mis- 
sionaries, at Nundah, Queensland, 
May 15, 1861; five children, Lily 
G., Maud E., Sidney R., Victoria 
R., Arthur E. Went to Queensland 
in 1861, pastoral pursuits, after 
which for several years managed 
the largest boot factory and im- 
porting- business in the southern 
hemisphere (Brisbane), 1872-89, 
building three factories, the last a 
five-story building; removed to 
Honolulu in 1896 and has since 
been established in general busi- 
ness. Was appointed justice of the 
peace in Queensland, Australia, for 
several years. Has taken an active, 
leading part in cricket in Honolulu 
for many years and is an enthusi- 
ast in all outdoor sports. Mason, 
charter member Oahu Country 
Club and Commercial Club. 

and hydraulic engineer, Honolulu; 
born in Denmark Sept. 12, 1866; 
son of Jorgen and Mette (Jorgen- 
sen) Jorgensen. Educated in Latin 
School of Myborg, University of 
Copenhagen and the Danish Army 
School for Officers, graduating 
1888, with commission of lieutenant 
and serving one year; married 
Hyla Brand Coonley in San Fran- 
cisco Dec. 12, 1916. Began in en- 
gineering work in the United States 
in 1889; commissioned Major of 
Engineers, O. R. C., U. S. A., June 
19, 1917; joined Volunteer Engi- 
neering Corps, U. S. Army, during 
Spanish-American war; came to 

Hawaii and engaged in engineer- 
ing work on the great irrigation 
aqueducts of Koolau on the Island 
of Maui, and Kohala, Island of 
Hawaii; chief engineer on upper 
and lower Hamakua ditches on 
Hawaii; contracted to build Waia- 
hole tunnel, an aqueduct of great 
importance to Honolulu, in 1914, 
and one of the greatest engineering 
feats accomplished in the Territory 
of Hawaii believed made speed 
record for boring rock. Was mem- 
ber of the Water Commission of 
the City and County of Honolulu; 
has traveled extensively in United 
States and Europe and spent some 
time studying the famous tunnel- 
ing system in the Swiss Alps. Ma- 
jor of Engineers during war at 
Washington, D. C.; Camp Hum- 
phreys, Va. ; Camp Lee. Va., and 
Camp Shelby, Miss. Resumed prac- 
tise of consulting civil and hydrau- 
lic engineer at Honolulu. Member 
Chamber of Commerce. Pacific. 
Commercial, Country and Honolulu 
Ad Clubs; Shriners and Elks. 

yer, Honolulu; born Dec. 20, 1874, in 
Honolulu; son of Albert Francis 
(justice of Supreme Court of Ha- 
waii 1874-1900) and Agnes Hall 
(Boyd) Judd; grandson of G. P. 
Judd, M. D., medical missionary to 
Hawaii, 1828, and adviser to King 
Kamehameha III, 1842-53. Educa- 
ted, Oahu College, Honolulu, 1892; 
Yale College, B. A. 1897; Yale Law 
School, LL.B. 1900; married Made- 
line Perry Hartwell. July 21, 1899, 
in Honolulu; three children: Ber- 
nice, Dorothy and Albert Francis. 
Practised law in Honolulu, 1899-14; 
trustee under will of Bernice P. 
Bishop, the endowment of Kameha- 
meha School and trustee of Bernice 
P. Bishop Museum and Charles R. 
Bishop Trust since 1908; served as 
U. S. Commissioner of U. S. Dis- 
trict Court of Hawaii; police mag- 
istrate of Honolulu; member of 
commission compiling laws of Ha- 
waii, 1905; went to Manila for Ha- 
waiian Sugar Planters' Assn. to 
gain consent of Philippine govern- 
ment allowing Filipino emigration 
to Hawaii and brought first Ilo- 
cano laborers to Hawaii, 1906; trus- 
tee Oahu College since 1901; sena- 
tor to Hawaiian Legislature and 
chairman judiciary committee, ses- 
sions 1911 and 1913; volunteered 
services to Territorial Board of 
Health as district inspector during 
cholera epidemic, 1895, bubonic 
plague, being captain in charge 900 
quarantine guards, 1900, and mem- 
ber citizen's yellow fever mosquito 
committee, 1911; served in revolu- 









tionary army which abrogated mon- 
archy in Hawaii, enlisting before 
overthrow was accomplished, Jan. 
17, 1893; captain, Officers' Reserve, 
Q. M. C., U. S. Army, resigning 
1918 to serve as supervisor of Ex- 
aminers Postal Censorship in Ho- 
nolulu during war. Member Social 
Science Club, LTniversity Club (past 
president), University Club at Ma- 
nila, Oahu Country Club, Hawaii 
Polo and Racing Club and B. P. 
O. E. No. 616 (first secretary). 


forester, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu, July 11, 1881; son of Albert 
Francis (Chief Justice Supreme 
Court of Hawaii 1881-1900) and 
Agnes Hall (Boyd) .Tudd; grand- 
son of G. P. Judd, M. D., mission- 
ary to Hawaii and aid to King 
Kamehameha III in establishing 
substantial government; educated 
Punahou preparatory school and 
Oahu College (Honolulu), Yale 
University A. B. 1905, Yale Forest 
School, M. F. 1907; married Louise 
Luquiens of New Haven, Conn., 
June 11, 1910: one child, Emma. 
Became associated with U. S. For- 
est Service in Wyoming, California 
and Washington July 1907-Dec. 
1908; assistant chief of silviculture, 
U. S. F. S., Portland, Ore., Dec. 
1908- Jan., 1910; assistant district 
forester, Portland, Oregon, 1910-11; 
commissioner of Public Lands and 
president Board of Agriculture and 
Forestry, Territory of Hawaii, July, 
1911- Jan. 1915; superintendent of 
forestry and executive officer Board 
of Agriculture and Forestry, T. H., 
since Jan. 1915. Was messenger 
Citizens' Guard, revolution 1895, 
trooper Mounted Reserve, Republic 
of Hawaii, 1898. Member of Elihu 
Club (Yale), Alpha Delta Phi and 
Sigma Xi fraternities, Yale Forest 
Club (president 1906), Society 
American Foresters, University 
Club (Honolulu). Has contributed 
largely to scientific periodicals. 

ter of the gospel, Honolulu; born 
March 15, 1880, in Rensselaer, 
Rensselaer County, New York; son 
of Albert Francis (Chief Justice of 
Hawaii, 1881-1900) and Agnes Hall 
(Boyd) Judd; married Martha S. 
Case in Los Angeles, Cal , Nov. 3, 
1909; two children, David Stuart 
and Frank Case; descendant of 
Thomas Judd of Yorkshire, Eng- 
land, who settled in Cambridge, 
Mass., 1634, and grandson of Dr. 
Gerrit P. Judd, prominent in the 
early government of Hawaii and 
adviser to Kamehameha III. Edu- 

ca-ted Punahou Preparatory School, 
1886-93, and Oahu College (Hono- 
lulu), 1893-97; Yale University, A. 
B., 1901; Auburn Theological Sem- 
inary (New York), 1906. Pastor 
at Allanstand, N. C., 1906-08; su- 
perintendent of Sunday schools, 
Hawaii, 1908-10; pastor Kahului 
Union Church (Maui), 1910-13; su- 
perintendent of Sunday schools, 
Honolulu, since 1913; acting secre- 
tary of Hawaiian Board of Mis- 
sions, 1915-16; corresponding sec- 
retary since; chaplain 1st Ha- 
waiian Infantry, National Guard, 
since Oct., 1919. Member Sons of 
American Revolution, Hawaiian 
Historical Society, Honolulu Golf 
and Outrigger Clubs. 

geon, Honolulu; born May 20, 1876, 
in Honolulu; son of Albert Francis 
and Agnes Hall (Boyd) Judd; 
grandson of Dr. G. P. Judd, well 
known in the history of Hawaii. 
Educated Oahu College, Yale Uni- 
versity, B. A., 1897; Columbia Uni- 
versity, M. D., 1901; interne New 
York Hospital, New York City; 
special course New York Post 
Graduate Medical School, 1902-03; 
practise in Honolulu since Octo- 
ber, 1903; married Louise Marshall 
in San Francisco Feb. 29, 1908; two 
children, James Robert, Jr., and 
Alice Louise. Is a contributor of 
numerous articles to surgical jour- 
nals; ex-member Board of Health; 
ex-member Territorial Board of 
Examiners; ex-trustee Honolulu 
School for Boys. Was a surgical 
assistant of Red Cross, Spanish- 
American war, 1898; surgeon Amer- 
ican Ambulance, France, July, 1915- 
October, 1916; chief surgeon Juilly 
Hospital, France, November, 1915- 
July, 1916; received the decoration 
of the Legion of Honor from the 
French Republic July 14. 1920. 
Member University and Country 
Clubs, Hawaiian Territorial Med- 
ical Society, American Medical As- 
sociation and a Fellow American 
College of Surgeons. 

chant, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu. Hawaii, March 20, 1887; son 
of Albert Francis and Agnes Hall 
(Boyd) Judd; married Florence 
Hackett, daughter of John B. 
Hackett of Honolulu March 6,1909; 
children: Helen Florence, Agnes 
Elizabeth II, Sophie Janet. Law- 
rence McCully, Jr., and Emilie Bell. 
Educated Punahou Preparatory 
School and Oahu College (Hono- 
lulu) 1905; Hotchkiss School and 










University of Pennsyvania, 1909. 
Beg-an business career with the 
Carnegie Steel Co., Pittsburg, Pa.; 
salesman for Whiting Paper Co., 
New York, 1906-09; buyer for 
Alexander & Baldwin, Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, 1909-14; manager grocery de- 
partment, Theo. H. Davies & Co , 
Ltd., Honolulu, since 1914. Was 
treasurer Republican County Com- 
mittee and member Executive Com- 
mittee, Republican party; Major 
1st Hawaiian Inf., N. G., and Cap- 
tain commanding machine gun 
company and detailed aide cle camp 
to the Brigadier General command- 
ing the 1st brigade. N. G. H. Served 
in U. S. Army as Major of Infantry 
during past emergency, later 
Colonel National Guard of Hawaii, 
commanding all troops N. G. H. 
Elected Senator 3rd Senatorial dis- 
trict, T. H., 1920-24. Member Com- 
mercial Club (president, 1916), Ma- 
son, Shriner, member and director 
Chamber of Commerce of Honolulu, 
member Outrigger and Country 


school principal, Hamakuapoko, 
Maui; born April 7, 1895, at Beth- 
lehem, Conn.; son of Leverett 
Pierce and Caroline Bird (Hart) 
Judd; educated at Clark College 
and Indiana University; engaged in 
citizenship work, Island of Maui; 
principal Maui High School. 


KAAE, WILLIAM F., county 
clerk, Wailuku, Maui; born Lahaina, 
Maui, Sept. 5, 1870; son of Junius 
and Kukakina Kaae; education, St. 
Louis College, Honolulu, 1890; mar- 
ried Alice Shaw, at Lahaina, 1901; 
one child, William I. Was clerk, 
Union Ice Works, Honolulu, for 
some years after leaving school; 
copyist. Bureau of Conveyances, 
Honolulu, 1892-93; secy, for Queen 
Liliuokalani, 1893-95; teacher, Ro- 
man Catholic mission, Lahaina, 
1896-97; timekeeper, Pioneer Mill 
Co., Lahaina, 1898-1901; elected 
clerk, County of Maui, 1905, and 
reelected for every subsequent term. 
Was chairman Maui Draft Board 
during war period; member Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii, 1905-15, being 
honorably discharged as captain 
and placed on reserve list. 

cator, Honolulu; born May 18, 1883, 
at Honolulu; son of John Olioli and 
Lokalia Kaukino; married Sarah 
Kalaiwaa at Lahaina, Maui, T. H.. 
August 31, 1913; one child: John 

Hokii Kukino. Finished grammar 
school in 1901 and entered Territorial 
Normal School, receiving diplo- 
ma in 1903; English course at San 
Jose Summer School, 19'OS. Taught 
in public schools of Oahu, 1903 to 
1913; became supervising principal 
Lahaina, Lanai and Molokai, 1913; 
principal Kalihi-kai grammar 
school since 1914. 


lawyer, Lihue, Kauai; born in La- 
haina, Maui, March 16, 1853; son of 
Kanohoua and Kaleo. Widower. 
One child living, Rhocla K. Rose. 
Educated in lolani College, Hono- 
lulu. Worked at printer's trade 
from time he left school to 1888; 
admitted to Hawaii bar, 1888; went 
to Kauai, 1889, to engage in prac- 
tise of law. Elected to special leg- 
islature of Republic of Hawaii, 
1895; general session of legislature, 
1896 and 1898; elected county at- 
torney of Kauai, 1903, ten days be- 
fore county law was declared in- 
valid. Again elected, 1907, which 
position he still holds. 

KAI, JOHN K., businessman and 
politician, Hilo. Hawaii; born in 
Hilo, Hawaii, April 14, 1878; son 
of John and Kanealoha Kai; edu- 
cated at St. Mary's school in Hilo 
until 14 years of age; married 
Annie Akamu in Hilo, December 
22, 1903; children: Ernest, Akamu, 
John, Paul Albert and Buster. Be- 
gan career in the transportation 
business with father, 1892-1902; 
deputy county clerk, County of 
Hawaii, 1905-15; campaign mana- 
ger for the Republican Party in 
Hilo, 1908; territorial and county 
committeeman, 1908; one of the 
organizers of the National Guard 
iii' Hilo, 1907; real estate business, 
1910-15; established automobile ga- 
rage business in Hilo, 1916; incor- 
porated as Peoples Garage, Ltd., 
June 1, 1920, becoming its presi- 
dent, and manager of automobile 
service. Member of A. O. O. F. 
No. 1854, Kamehameha lodge and 
Hilo Board of Trade. 


delegate to Congress, Honolulu; 
born at Koloa, island of Kauai, 
March 26, 1871; son of High Chief 
D. Kahalepouli and Princess Ke- 
kaulike, cousin of the late King 
Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani, 
monarchs of the then Kingdom of 
Hawaii, and nephew of Queen Ka- 
piolani, consort of Kalakaua; cre- 
ated Prince, by royal proclamation, 
1884; educated in Honolulu, the 
United States and England; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Kahanu, daughter 






of a chief of the island of Maui, 
October 8, 1896. Was employed in 
office of minister of the interior 
and in the custom house under 
the monarchy. Delegate to Con- 
gress from Hawaii, 1903-1921; ap- 
pointed member of Hawaiian 
Homes Commission by Governor 
Farrington, to carry out the re- 
habilitation program passed by 
Congress, 1921. Member Chiefs of 
Hawaii, Order of Kamehameha, 
Court Lunalilo. Commercial Club, 
Country Club, Oahu Polo & Racing 
Club. Republican. 


city and county clerk, Honolulu; 
born in Honolulu, Jan. 31, 1874; 
son of David and Hattie (Mahoe) 
Kalauokalani; educated, St. Louis 
College and Oahu College, Honolu- 
lu; married Sarah Pokini, Nov. 28, 
1899, in Honolulu; attended Na- 
tional University, Washington, D. 
C., taking a law course. Was ap- 
pointed secretary to Robert W. 
Wilcox, delegate to Congress, 1900- 
01-02; elected clerk to Territorial 
House of Representatives, 1905 ses- 
sion; elected county clerk, County 
of Oahu, 1905 and 1907, at which 
time city and county governments 
consolidated; reelected city and 
county clerk each succeeding term 
since. Appointed member of Na- 
val Militia Board, by Governor 
Pinkham, May 1915, for four year 
term. Member St. Louis College 
Alumni, Order of Kamehameha, 
Court Lunalilo, Chiefs of Hawaii, 
Puea Assn., and Puhonua Assn. 

gyman, Kailua, Hawaii; born in 
Kamaili, Puna, Hawaii, Feb. 14, 
1897; son of Rev. William Kamau! 
Educated Christian Workers' Inst., 
Honolulu, 1919; appointed to Haili 
church, Hilo, a s asst. pastor June, 
1918; asst. pastor, Ewa, Oahu, June, 
1919; pastor Hawn. Congregational 
Church, Kailua, Oct., 1919, to date. 
Appointed minister Mokuaikaua 
and Helani Churches, in addition 
to regular pastorate, July, 1920. 


lawyer, Kapaa-Lihue, Kauai; born 
at Honuaula, Maui, Oct. 9, 1860; 
son of Alexander and Kanuha 
(Kaialiilii) Miller. Educated at 
Royal School, Honolulu, 1877; mar- 
ried Esther Kamakolu at Kapaa, 
Kauai, July 5, 1903; two adopted 
children, Esther Nuihaku and 
James Neenee. Studied law with 
Judge Edward Preston and acted 
as clerk, 1877; admitted to prac- 

tice of law Supreme Court of Ha- 
waii, 1884; practiced law in Hono- 
lulu, 1884; removed to Lihue, 
Kauai, 1903. Appointed clerk of 
Kauai County, 1906; elected and re- 
elected each succeeding term since; 
one of committee of 21 which pre- 
sented memorial to Mr. Blount, 
Cleveland's representative for re- 
instatement of Queen Liliuokalani 
to throne, 1893. Served as volunteer 
in Queen's Own (volunteer com- 
pany), 1886; made First Lieutenant 
same organization, serving until 
1887. Member K. P., C. E. E., Ka- 
mehameha Order; Court Waialeale, 
A. O. F. ; Kauai Chamber of Com- 
merce; Republican Central Com- 
mittee; Ka Hale of Na 'lii o Ha- 
waii; Kauai Historical Society; 
member and secretary U. S. Selec- 
tive Draft Board, 1917. 

and supervisor, Hilo, Hawaii; born 
in Kau, Hawaii, November 16, 
1868; son of James and Annie 
(Manohealii) Kauhane; educated, 
Hilo Boarding School and Kame- 
hameha School. Honolulu; married 
Emma Ululani Martin in Hilo, 
April 19, 1916; six children: Naomi, 
Violet, Sam, Ginger, Honey and 
Ruth (by former marriage). Fol- 
lowing graduation from school was 
in the blacksmithing department 
of Honolulu Iron Works for six 
months. Attended industrial school 
on Kauai, six months. Assisted 
his father for several months when 
he was elected to Hawaiian Sen- 
ate, 1894. Manager, Waiohinu 
Agriculture and Grazing Co., Kau, 
Hawaii, 1894-1908: elected super- 
visor, from Kau District, County 
of Hawaii, 1909; reelected each 
succeeding term since; chairman 
Board of Supervisors since 1915. 
Member of Hawaii Loan Fund 
Commission. Mason. 


contractor, attorney-at-law, Kapaa, 
Kauai; born in Kapaa, Kauai, Aug. 
22, 1885; son of John Matthew and 
Julia Maria (Davis) Kealoha; edu- 
cation, Kapaa public school, manual 
training course, Kamehameha 
school, Honolulu. After leaving 
school worked at painting two 
years, as butcher one year, jailor 
at Kapaa three years. Was teach- 
er at Kaumana, Hilo, Hawaii, six 
months and road clerk, Hilo, six 
months; road inspector one year, 
road supervisor two years, super- 
visor one and one-half years; re- 
turned to Kauai, 1916, and engaged 
in contracting business since; elec- 
ted territorial senator from Kauai, 






1920-24 term. Was member Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii, 1908-12; member 
Order of Kamehameha, A. O. F., 
Kawaihau Improvement Club (sec- 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born July 
28, 1882, at Buffalo, N. Y.; son of 
William Martin and Louisa S. (Ri- 
pont) Keller; married Lora T. Kee- 
gan Oct. 20, 1908, at Brooklyn, N. 
Y. Educated at Cornell Univ., C. 
E. ; Mass. Inst. of Technology, M. 
S. ; National Univ. of Law School, 
LL.B.; Harvard, S. M. C. E. ; asst. 
eng. C. C. C. & St. L. R. R. eight 
months after graduation from Cor- 
nell; prior to graduation had two 
years' railroad engineering with N. 
Y. C. R. R. ; junior eng. reconstruc- 
tion Washington Barracks of Army 
War College, most of time being in 
charge, 1904-06; asst. mgr. Ala- 
bama Marble Co., Gantts Quarry, 
Ala., 1906-08; eng. of const. Car- 
borundum Co., 1908-09; since 1909 
professor of civil engineering, Col- 
lege and University of Hawaii. 
Commissioned capt. engrs., Re- 
serve Corps, June 13, 1917; active 
service, June, 1918; trained Camp 
Lee, Camp Humphreys; transfd. 
material sect., office director gen'l. 
mil. rys. ; transferred equipment 
sect., troop division, office chief of 
engrs.; dischgd. July 23, 1919; re- 
commissioned capt. reserve corps, 
Nov., 1919. Was asst. eng. on 
const. Hilo R. R. ; member terri- 
torial board of health two terms; 
member sanitary commission; com- 
mission to frame code of sanitary 
regulations for Hawaii, between 
1911-16; member board of three 
engs. for design of sewer system, 
City of Honolulu, 1920; at present 
member city planning commission. 
Member Commercial Club, Sigma 
Nu fraternity. 

KEMP, SAMUEL B., associate 
justice, Honolulu; born Dec. 26, 
1871, at Austin, Texas; son of 
James B. and Eliza S. (Woodward) 
Kemp; married May S. Hope Dec. 
30, 19fl4, at Caldwell, Texas; one 
daughter. Educated public schools 
of Texas, Agricultural and Me- 
chanical College of Texas, Univer- 
sity of Texas, LL.B., 1900. Began 
practice of law at Austin, Texas, 
1900; county judge. Coke County, 
Texas, 1914-16; assistant U. S. At- 
torney in Honolulu, 1916-1917; cir- 
cuit judge, First Circuit, Territory 
of Hawaii, 1917-1918; appointed 
associate justice of the Supreme 
Court of the Territory of Hawaii, 
March 7, 1918. 

KENNEDY, JAMES, merchant, 
Waialua, Oahu; born Kirriemuir, 
Scotland, Dec. 4, 1856; son of John 
and Isabella (Morrison) Kennedy; 
married Jemima MacKenzie Buick, 
second daughter of Alexander 
Buick, Old Montrose, Scotland, 
Nov. 27, 1878; three children: Isa- 
bella, Alexander, James. Educated, 
Free Church School, Webster's 
Seminary, Scotland. Served ap- 
prentice to grocery business with 
James Low, Dundee, Scotland, ris- 
ing to position of manager of prin- 
cipal branch; before coming to Ha- 
waii was manager of Globe Market, 
Dundee; arrived in Hawaii, Dec. 
1895, and was manager of various 
plantation stores, including Paia 
and Lahaina, Maui, Paauhau and 
Kohala, Hawaii; and since 1913 
has managed the mercantile stores 
of the Waialua Agricultural Co., 
Waialua, Oahu. 

KENNEDY, JAMES A., steam- 
ship official, Honolulu; born in 
Scotland, Nov. 28, 1852; son of 
James and Jessie (Clark) Kennedy; 
received common school education 
in Scotland; married Minnie C. 
Kirkland in Honolulu, Nov. 8, 
1881; three children: James Der- 
went, Stanley Carmichael and Jes- 
sie Kirkland. On leaving school 
went to work in Kirriemuir, Scot- 
land, at the age of 15, removing to 
Edinburgh in 1870; came to the 
United States in 1874, settling in 
San Francisco: came to Honolulu 
18"80, and was for 20 years associ- 
ated with the Honolulu Iron 
Works; became interested in inter- 
island navigation and is president 
and general manager, Inter-Island 
Steam Navigation Co. 

ating mgr., Inter-Island Steam Nav. 
Co., Honolulu; born in Honolulu 
July 7, 1890; son of James A. and 
Minnie C. Kennedy; married Mar- 
tha Davenport at Chattanooga, 
Tenn., Dec. 3, 1919. Educated at 
Oahu College, Honolulu; Stanford 
Univ., A. B., 1912; with Inter- 
Island Steam Nav. Co. since grad- 
uating. Joined Naval Aviation 
service in August, 1917; received 
pilot's license and commission as 
lieut., Jan., 1918; stationed Pensa- 
cola, Fla., and Washington D. C.; 
overseas July, 1918, serving as first 
pilot, H-16 flying boats, attached 
to U. S. N. air station, Killing- 
holme, on duty North Sea; received 
Silver Star from Navy Dept. for 
meritorious work overseas as first 
pilot; relieved from act. duty in 
aviation Feb. 24, 1919. Member 
University Club, Oahu Country Club. 







lawyer, businessman, farmer, Waia- 
kea, Hawaii; born Wahiawa, Koloa, 
Kauai, Nov. 27, 1864; son of Dang 
Pan and Ellen Kahailiopua (Dair- 
um) Keola; educated, Royal School; 
Oahu College, Honolulu, 1886-1892; 
married Lilly Keliikauila Kapaeha- 
ole (deceased) at Halawa, Molokai, 
May 4, 1893; married Rita Morris 
Alana on Island of Maui, 1904; 
three children, Mrs. Edith D. Wil- 
mington, of Wailuku; Mrs. Violet 
K. Lanham, of Honolulu, children 
first marriage; and Adele. Taught 
at lolani College, Honolulu, 1881; 
reporter Evening Bulletin, Honolulu 
1882 and 1883-86; Pacific Commer- 
cial Advertiser, Honolulu, 1883 and 
1887-1894; temporary editor Ha- 
waiian newspaper Kuokoa, 1894; 
clerk E. O. Hall & Son, Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu, 1890; reporter Post Herald, 
Hilo, 1919-20; same Hilo Tribune, 
1920-21; clerk Crown Lands Bu- 
reau, 1894; Honolulu Postoffice, 
1894-95; clerk Second Judicial Cir- 
cuit Court, 1898-1901; Maui cor- 
respondent Evening Bulletin. 1898- 
1912; deputy tax assessor, Wailu- 
ku, Maui, 1900-14; clerk, Maui Co. 
Engineer Dept., 1915; deputy audi- 
tor, Maui Co., 1916; clerk Senate 
Education Committee, 1917-19; was 
quartermaster and lieutenant. 
Queen's Own Guards, Honolulu, 
1885-88; sgt- Co. G, N. G. H., Ho- 
nolulu, 1892-98; capt. Co. I, N. G. 
H., Wailuku, 1900-02; pres. Wailuku 
Improvement Assn., 1910; secy. 
Exec. Committee, Republican party 
of Maui, 1900-04; member Ha- 
waiian Historical Society, 1919; 
pres. Waiakea Homesteaders' Im- 
provement and Social Club, Hilo. 
Clerk House of Representatives, 
Republic of Hawaii, special session 
of 1895, and regular sessions of 
1896 and 1898. 


architect, Honolulu; born at Port 
Ewen. New York, Sept. 11, 1863; 
son of William Henry (marine 
architect) and Mary (Tronson) 
Kerr. Educated Kingston Acad- 
emy, New York, and private archi- 
tectural school; married Jennie R. 
Paris in San Francisco Sept. 15, 
1891; three children, Harold Liv- 
ingston, Catherine Lewers and 
Eleanor Irving. Practicing archi- 
tect in California, 1887-90; in 
Washington State two years; in 
Portland, Ore., 1892-98; since then 
practiced architecture in Honolulu. 
Member of Commercial, Rotary, 
Engineers' Clubs of Honolulu, and 
Chamber of Commerce. 

cian, Honolulu; born in Elgin, 111., 

June 6, 1877; son of Edwin A. and 
Louise (Kilbourne) Kilbourne. Ed- 
ucated Northwestern University 
Medical School, M. D., 1899; U. S. 
Army Medical School, 1903; mar- 
ried Alberta I. Marshall in Chicago, 
111., June 8, 1899; three children, 
Janet Louise, Kathryn and Edwin 
Dearborn, Jr. Clinical instructor 
in pediatrics, Northwestern Uni- 
versity Medical School, 1901-02; 
bacteriologist, Chicago Health De- 
partment, 1899-1902; 1st Lieut. U. 
S. Army Medical Corps, 1902-07; 
Captain U. S. Army Medical Corps, 
1907-14; member U. S. Army Board 
for study of tropical diseases, Ma- 
nila, P. I., 1909-10;; resigned from 
army, 1914, to practice profession 
in Honolulu; has been attending 
physician and surgeon to Queen's 
Hospital; was president Medical 
Society of Hawaii, 1915-16; chair- 
man Medical Advisory Board dur- 
ing great war. Author of various 
articles on tropical and military 
medicine. Member of Territorial 
Board of Medical Examiners, 1915; 
Terr. Board of Health since 1920; 
major N. G. H., 1914-15. Member 
University, Oahu Country and Ha- 
waii Polo and Racing clubs; Nu 
Sigma Nu (Zeta Chapter), Ameri- 
can Medical Association, Medical 
Society of Hawaii and Association 
of Military Surgeons of U. S. 


Y. M. C. A. secy., Honolulu; born 
Winfield, Mo., Aug. 25, 1885: son of 
David T. and Julia C. (Magruder) 
Killam; education, Winfield gram- 
mar school and high school, Wil- 
liam Jewell College, A. B., 1908; 
Brown University, M. A., 1911; 
married Sadie L. Craig, at Colum- 
bia, Mo.. Aug. 20, 1912; two chil- 
dren: Robert Craig, Douglass 
Lloyd. Was director of religious 
work. Providence (R. I.) Y. M. C. 
A., 1908-1910; student secy. Univ. 
of Missouri. 1910-1912; asst. gen- 
eral secy., Honolulu Y. M. C. A., 
1912-1920; territorial secy. and 
general secy. Honolulu Y. M. C. A. 
since Sept., 1920. Member Cham- 
ber of Commerce, University Club, 
Rotary Club, Ad Club, Sigma Nu 

man, Honolulu; born in Newton, 
Mass., Jan. 29, 1875; son of George 
F. and Ellen C. (Pulsifer) Kim- 
ball. Educated in schools of New- 
ton, Mass.; married Juliet M. King 
of Honolulu, Dec. 1, 1902; two chil- 
dren, George Pulsifer and Richard 
King. Began business career in 
wholesale paper business, Boston, 
Mass.; was salesman for leather 


















concern, Boston; came to Hawaii 
and was employed by Wilder & Co. 
in lumber department; manager 
Haleiwa Hotel, Oahu, .1909-17; les- 
see and manager Halekulani Hotel, 
Waikiki, since 1917. Member Oahu 
Country, Honolulu Ad and Hono- 
lulu Automobile Clubs and Cham- 
ber of Commerce of Honolulu. 

surance. Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu. Jan. 29, 1874; son of Walter 
Brash and Mary Ann (Brash) 
King (adopted by John Lewis 
King) ; education, Hawaii public 
schools; Kamehameha school, 1891; 
Oswego State Normal School, 1895; 
Pratt Institute. 1899-1900. Married 
Emmaline L. King, in Honolulu, 
July 26, 1915. Was principal Waia- 
hole school, Oahu, 1895-99; instruc- 
tor, Kamehameha school, Honolu- 
lu, 1900-02; inspector of schools, 
Terr. Hawaii, 1902-13; agent New 
York Life Ins. Co. since 1913. Is 
well known composer of Hawaiian 
music; publisher King's Book cf 
Hawaiian Melodies. Republican; 
senator from Oahu, 1918-22; mem- 
ber Kilauea Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 
330; Order of Kamehameha No. 1; 
Hawaiian Civic Club; Commercial 
Club, Honolulu. 


businessman, Honolulu; born Ho- 
nolulu, June 5, 1883; son of Thomas 
James and Josephine (Wunden- 
berg) King; educated Honolulu 
high school, 1902. Began work as 
clerk, California Feed Co., Ltd., 
1902, serving in various capacities 
and now pres. and mgr. Member 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. 
M.; Beretania Tennis Club, Myrtle 
Boat Club. Honolulu Automobile 
Club, Oahu Country Club. Repub- 

nessman. Honolulu; born Oakland, 
Calif., Nov. 1, 1875; son of Thomas 
James and Josephine (Wunden- 
berg) King; married Ada Isabel 
Newbegin, in Mill Valley, Calif., 
June 14, 1911; two children: Thom- 
as and Edith. Attended Fort Street 
School, Honolulu; Heald's Business 
College, San Francisco. Clerk, 
Hawn. Hardware Co., 1895-96; 
mgr. Pacific Cycle & Mfg. Co.. Ho- 
nolulu, 1896-98; asst. bookkeeper 
Hawn, Elec. Co., Honolulu, 1898- 
1900; deputy tax assessor, Hono- 
lulu. 1901-12; treasurer Calif. Feed 
Co., Ltd., since 1912. Is also treas. 
and mgr. Kauai Honey Co. and 
mgr. Title Ins. & Trust Co., Hono- 
lulu. Was member Sharpshooters 
Co. at time of overthrow of monar- 

chy. Member Myrtle Boat Club, 
Oahu Country Club, Hawaii Yacht 
Club, Chamber of Commerce. 


salesman. Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Oct. 14, 
1882; son of Joseph R. and Mary 
B. (Dakin) Kinney; education, 
Yarmouth grammar school, Acacia 
Villa high school. 1898; married 
Lillian G. Malleson in New York 
City, Sept. 18, 1901; one child, Pa- 
tricia Constance; telegraph opera- 
tor and reporter, commercial rews 
dept. of W. U. Telegraph Co., New 
York, 1899-1901; foreign repre- 
sentative, American De Forrest 
Wireless Co., 1901-05; salesman 
American Mors Motor Co., 1905- 
08; asst. supt. of construction, Pa- 
cific Telegraph & Telephone Co., 
Los Angeles and vicinity, 1908-12; 
auto salesman, So. Calif, and 
Northern Mexico, 1912-15; sales- 
man The Waterhouse Co., Ltd., 
Honolulu, 1915-20; mgr. Hilo 
Branch, The Waterhouse Co., Ltd., 
since Jan. 1, 1921. Was member 
N. Y. Natl. Guard, 1898-99; mem- 
ber Hilo Yacht Club. 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born in 
Honokaa, Hawaii, March 27, 1881; 
son of Mathias and Calena (Wil- 
helm) Kirchhoff. Educated Uni- 
versity of California, B. S., Civil 
Engineering, 1908; married Ber- 
nice H. Kelley at Berkeley, Gal., 
May 4, 1915. Employed by Terri- 
torial Department of Public Works, 
Honolulu, 1899-1904 a s rodman, in- 
strument man, assistant engineer; 
after leaving college, draughtsman 
with Southern Pacific Company. 
Portland, Ore., 1908-09; inspector 
on construction for John Galen 
Howard, architect, Berkeley, Gal.: 
draughtsman and transit man, Dan- 
iels & Osmont, San Francisco, 1909- 
10; insp. on construction Agricul- 
ture Hall, U. of C., Berkeley, 1911; 
assistant engineer, Dept. Public 
Works, Terr, of Hawaii, 1911-14; 
transferred to City and County of 
Honolulu Water Works Dept. 1914; 
appointed general manager of the 
water works and sewer dept., 1917- 
1919; civil engineer, Hawaiian 
Dredging and Hawaiian Contract- 
ing Co.s since. Member 1st Co., C. 
A. C., N. G. H., 1916-17; member 
Hawaiian Engineering Association, 
American Association of Engineer- 
ing, University of California Club. 


missionary, Honolulu; born in Au- 
dubon, Iowa, 1872; son of William 
A. and Ellen (Holl) Klinefelter; 






married Blanche Palmer at Well- 
man, Iowa, 1898; five children: 
Lenore, James, Robert, Philip, Eliz- 
abeth. Graduated Northern Iowa 
Normal College, Garner, Iowa, 1895; 
Moody Bible Inst., Chicago, 1896- 
97. With C. R. I. & P. Ry., Cedar 
Rapids. Iowa, 1898-1900; asst. cash- 
ier, Cover Banking Co., Keswick, 
Iowa. 1901-02; same, First Natl. 
Bank, Okeene, Okla., 1903-04; min- 
ister, Methodist Church, Watonga, 
Okla., 1904; missionary, Philippine 
Islands, 1905-17; Army and Navy 
Y. M. C. A., San Diego and San 
Francisco, 1918; acting supt. Meth- 
odist Mission, Honolulu, 1919-21. 
Member F. & A. M., Honolulu Ad 
Club; Luzon Chapter No. 1, Ma- 
nila, Philippine Islands; Honolulu 
Commandery No. 1, Knights Tem- 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born Feb. 
27, 1847, at Newburgh, near Cleve- 
land, Ohio; son of Ferdinand and 
Charlotte (Ehinger) Kluegel. Ed- 
ucated Cleveland High School and 
Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., 
C. E., 1867; married Mary Taylor 
in San Rafael, Cal., June 24, 1874; 
four children: George Taylor, 
Harry Allardt, May T. and Alice 
B. Began as draughtsman U. S. 
Surveyor General's Office, San 
Francisco; engineer of numerous 
enterprises on the Pacific Coast, 
1868-88, including river and tide 
land surveys, reclamation of over- 
flowed lands, irrigation projects 
and surveys for water supply of 
San Francisco, locating engineer 
on Pacjfic Line of Mexican Central 
Railway, and on Northern Pacific 
Railroad, and on location, con- 
struction and maintenance of sev- 
eral minor railways. Came to Ha- 
waii Oct., 1888. Chief engineer 
Oahu Railway & Land Co., and 
Hilo Railroad Co., 1888-1906; engi- 
neer of Oahu Plantation at its in- 
ception; engineer Kauai Electric 
Co., 1905. Assistant Superintendent 
Public Works, 1907-09; chief engi- 
neer Hilo Railroad, Hamakua Ex- 
tension 1 , 1909-13. Inspecting and 
consulting engineer Waiahole Wa- 
ter Co., 1913-16; inspector Hilo 
breakwater and Kahului break- 
water, 1917-18; chief engineer Oahu 
Railway & Land Co., 1918 to date. 
Member American Society of Civil 
Engineers, American Association 
for the Advancement of Science; 
Honolulu Ad Club. 


insurance manager, Honolulu ; born 
in Albion, Mich.. March 19. 1880; 
son of C. H. and Flora (Frear) 

Knickerbocker; married Charlicia 
May Bewley, at Sheridan, Oreg., 
April 7, 1919; one child, Nancy. 
Graduate of Albion high school, 
1898 Albion College, 1905; foot ball 
coach, Ferris Institute, Big Rapids, 
Mich.. 1904; attended summer 
schools at Chatauqua. N. Y. and 
Harvard University; instructor in 
senior chemistry and english also 
director of athletics, Michigan Mili- 
tary Academy, 1905-06; english in- 
structor and director of athletics, 
Detroit University School, 1906-09; 
insurance business, Chicago. 111., 
1909; proprietor and manager gen- 
eral insurance business and real es- 
tate in Willamette valley, Oreg., 
1910-18; mgr. insurance depart- 
ment The von Hamm- Young Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu, since 1918. Served at 
Santiago, Cuba, 1898, with 33d 
Michigan Volunteer Infantry; 
studied cornet while at Albion Col- 
lege, and was member 3d Regi- 
ment Band at Saginaw, Mich. Gov- 
ernor Honolulu Automobile Club, 
president Hawaii Automobile Un- 
derwriters' Assn. ; Delta Tau Delta 
Fraternity; 32 Mason, Shriner. 

gar planter, Kekaha, Kauai; born 
in Kekaha May 28, 1869; son of 
Valdemar and Annie (Sinclair) 
Knudsen; grandson of Capt. Fran- 
cis Sinclair, R. N., and Knud Knud- 
sen, Pres. of Norway, 1814-18; mar- 
ried Margaret Laura Russell at 
Stockton, Cal., Aug. 17, 1898; one 
child, Ruth. Educated in grammar 
school, Auckland, N. Z., Vienna, 
Austria; Berlin, Germany; Chaun- 
cey Hall, Boston; Mass. Inst. of 
Technology. 1892. Was mgr. of 
Knudsen Estate, 1892-1900; forest 
and fire warden, Kauai, 1900; with 
hydrographic survey, 1909-10; dean 
of Krotona 1st., Los Angeles, 1913- 
17. Represented Hawaii at Irriga- 
tion Congress, 1909-10; national lec- 
turer on psychology, Theosophical 
Society, 1900-17; chairman terri- 
torial and federal commission, A.- 
Y.-P. Exposition, Seattle, 1908-09; 
member Kauai road board, 1902-04; 
Kauai County supervisor, 1906-08; 
member University Club, Honolulu; 
Celtic Club, Los Angeles; Theo- 
sophical Society. 


rancher, Kekaha, Kauai; born in 
Waiawa, Kauai, July 29, 1872; son 
of Valdemar and Annie McHutch- 
eson (Sinclair) Knudsen; married 
Cecilie Alexandra 1'Orange at 
Christiania, Norway, Sept. 18, 1905; 
four children: Alexandra Lilikoi, 
Valdemar 1'Orange, Anne Cecilie 
and Elizabeth. Educated at Mason's 






School, Auckland, N. Z.; Vienna, 
Vustria; Berlin, Germany; Chaun- 
cey Hall, Boston; Harvard, 1894; 
raduated from law school, 1897. 
Entered law office of John Murray 
Marshall, 1897; admitted Mass, bar, 
898; returned to Hawaii, 1900; ad- 
nitted to bar but did not practise; 
became mgr. Knudsen Bros.' ranch; 
vice-speaker, Terr. House of Rep- 
resentatives, 1903; speaker, 1905; 
senator from Kauai, 1907-09; chair- 
man judiciary committee, pres. of 
Senate, 1911 and 1913 sessions; 
school commissioner from Kauai, 
1915-20. Member Choate Chap., 
Phi Delta Phi; University Club, 
Pacific Club, Oahu Country Club, 
Waimea Literary Club, Bar Assn. 
of Hawaii. 


architect, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Chicago, 111., Feb. 2, 1886; son of 
Harold E. and Birgithe (Berg) 
Knudsen; educated at Salt Lake 
City high school, class of 1903. 
After leaving school began work 
and study of architecture in of- 
fices, Salt Lake City; employed in 
various architects' offices in New 
York, Chicago, Montreal, San Fran- 
cisco and Salt Lake City; came to 
Hawaii and was with Dept. of 
Public Works and later Construc- 
tion Q. M., U. S. Army, 1915-1918; 
practising architect in Hilo since. 

planter, Holualoa, Hawaii; born at 
Iwateken, Japan, December 24, 
1878; educated at Northwest Mis- 
sion school, Sendai; graduated from 
Technical College, Tokio; appointed 
architect at Yamagata Prefectural 
office following graduation; came 
to Hawaii, 1901; surveyor .nd stu- 
dent of sugar industry; with Lau- 
pahoehoe Sugar Co., 15 years; pur- 
chased Kona Development Co., Ltd., 
and West Hawaii Railway Co., Ltd., 
1915, of which he is president and 

culturist, Haiku, Maui; born in San 
Francisco, Cal., May 6, 1870; son 
of Frederick Herman and Johan- 
nah (Kindervater) Krauss. Edu- 
cated at Stanford University, 1894; 
University of California, 19<01; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Hilmer at Petaluma, 
Calif., Oct. 20, 1897; four children: 
Dorothy H., Beatrice H., Freder- 
ick H., Noel H. Superintendent of 
Seed Growing, Sunset Seed & Plant 
Co., Menlo Park, Cal., 1899; in 
charge of field experiments, in- 
structor in plant propagation, Uni- 
versity of California, 1901; agricul- 
tural instructoi-, Kamehameha 

Schools, Honolulu, 1906; agrono- 
mist Hawaiian Agricultural Ex- 
periment Station, 1912; professor 
agronomy, College of Hawaii, 1915; 
superintendent agricultural exten- 
sion, U. S. Dept. Agriculture, Haiku, 
Maui. Owner New Era Homestead 
Farms, Haiku, Maui, also acting 
county agricultural agent for Maui, 
1917. Was commissioned by U. S. 
Dept. of Agriculture to investigate 
rice and cotton industries of Japan 
and China, 1909; appointed seed 
collector for Territorial Board of 
Agriculture and Forestry while on 
this commission. Author of many 
agricultural bulletins and articles; 
specialty, breeding of field crops, 
especially legumes. Member Ter- 
ritorial Milk Commission; chairman 
Tax Appeal Court for Second Judi- 
cial Circuit. Fellow American As- 
sociation for Advancement of Sci- 
ence; American Society of Agron- 
omy; American Soc. Farm Manage- 

KUMALAE, JONAH, business 
man, Honolulu; born in Honolulu. 
Oct. 13, 1874; son of Moses and 
Eliza Keleiwaiwaiole (Manuia) Ke- 
liiaa; grammar school education; 
married Lena Ahana, at Honolulu, 
May 28, 1901; eight children: Lena 
K., Jonah, Thelma, Carita K., Al- 
fred K., Clarence, Elizabeth K., 
Eleanor. Taught school at Kona, 
Hawaii, 1894-95; farming and con- 
tracting, 1895-97; employed as clerk 
to registrai of conveyances, 1897- 
1900; bookkeeper and cashier for 
W. C. Achi & Co., 1900-03. He then 
engaged in manufacture of ukuleles 
and Hawaiian curios, taro planting 
in 1917, and poi manufacturing in 
1920, all three of which industries 
he now carries on. Was a member 
of the territorial legislature. '.900- 
04, and again 1918-20; food oorn- 
missioner, lt>18; elected member of 
board of supervisors, Honoiul.a. 
1919, for four-year term. Director 
Hawaii Land Co.. Ltd.. 1900-03; 
president, Hawaiian Civic Club 
(1920). Democrat. 


tax assessor, W T ailuku, Maui; born 
in Honolulu, Sept. 8, 1876; son of 
Kaulei and Victoria Poomanu 
(Palau) Kunewa; educated Maui 
public schools; St. Louis College, 
Honolulu; married Mary Hoffman 
of Wailuku, Maui. in Honolulu, 
Aug. 31, 1918. Clerk, registry of 
conveyances, and later Oahu prison, 
1896-98; asst. bookkeeper, Honolu- 
lu Plantation Co., Oahu, 1898-1903; 
deputy tax assessor, Ewa and 
Waianae, Oahu, 1903-08; assessor 
second tax division. Maui, since 









1908. Member Maui Chamber of 
Commerce; Maui County Fair & 
Racing Assn.; pastmaster Maui 
Lodge No. 472, F. & A. M.; 

gyman, Hana, Maui; born in 
Hampsted, N. H., in 1886; son of 
Thorndike P. and Martha E. (Mar- 
ble) Lake; married Laura Fanny 
Davenport at New York City, 1899. 
Graduated at Phillips Academy, 
Andover, Mass., 1892; Dartmouth 
College, B. L., 1896; Bangor Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1899. In Con- 
gregational ministry, New Eng- 
land, 1899-1915; missionary of Ha- 
waiian Board, located at Hana, 
Maui, 1915, to date. Member Will- 
iam Parkman Lodge, A. F. & A. M., 
Winchester, Mass. 

sion agent, Hilo, Hawaii; born Lon- 
don, Eng., Jan. 7, 1877; son of 
Henry and Emily (Joyner) Lamb; 
educated in public schools of Eng- 
land; married Cornelia A. Gesell 
(deceased 1914) in Honolulu, 1913; 
one child, Robert Louis; married 
Mrs. Laura Lou Thompson, in 
Hilo, Aug. 12, 1919. Served 11 
years in banking business in Lon- 
don, with National Bank of New 
Zealand and Capital and Counties 
Bank; came to Hawaii in 1906, be- 
ing employed by Henry May & 
Co., Honolulu, and later with Ho- 
nokaa Sug. Co. and Fred L. Wal- 
dron, Ltd., Honolulu and Hilo; 
opened branch of Fred L. Waldron, 
Ltd., in Hilo, Jan. 1918, having pre- 
viously been in charge of their 
steamship business; started com- 
mission business for self Oct. 1920. 
Member Kilauea Lodge of Masons, 
Hilo; Hilo Lodge of Elks; Repub- 

LANE, JOHN CAREY, ex-mayor 
of Honolulu; born in Makao, Oahu. 
T. H., July 23, 1872; son of Wil- 
liam Carey and Kahoailimoku (Nu- 
hi) Lane; educated in school con- 
ducted by Judge Edward Hore at 
Hauula. Oahu, and St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu. Began career with 
Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co.. 
Honolulu, as ship's purser, 1889- 
90; clerk, road dept., under Ha- 
waiian monarchy, 1890-93; was con- 
fined for several months under 
charge of treason against provi- 
sional government, 1893; engaged 
in farming near Honolulu, 1893- 
1900; re-entered employ of Inter- 
Island S. N. Co. 1900; candidate 

for mayor of Honolulu, being de- 
feated by seven votes, 1908; candi- 
date for mayoralty and again de- 
feated by 52 votes 1910; elected 
mayor of Honolulu by overwhelm- 
ing majority, 1914-16. Was sena- 
tor Territorial legislature, 1905-07 
sessions and introduced bill es- 
tablishing city and county govern- 
ment for Honolulu and the muni- 
cipal act giving Honolulu its first 
charter; was special delegate to 
Republican national convention, 
Chicago, 1908; and with associates 
was instrumental in increasing Ha- 
waii's convention delegates from 
two to six, although these were 
reduced to previous number at 1912 
convention through opposition of 
Roosevelt forces. Member Ter. 
Board of Health, 1904-05; member 
Honolulu Ad Club, Chiefs of Ha- 
waii, Order of Kamehameha, Court 
Lunalilo No. 6600, A. O. F., Daugh- 
ters and Sons of Warriors of Ha- 


merchant, Honolulu; born Sept. 30, 
1863, in Tilsit, East Prussia; son 
of August Frederich and Emilie 
(Kascheike) Lange; married Alys 
Maud Danford in Honolulu June 21, 
1900; three children, Nora Emilie, 
Elfrida Kate, Anna Geraldina. Ed- 
ucated at Real Gymnasium (Tilsit); 
commenced business career with 
William Makrocki (Tilsit), 1880-82; 
Manasse Werner (Posen, Germany), 
1883; G. London (Hamburg, Ger- 
many), 1884; A. W. Jones (Wans- 
beck, Germany), 1885; Cassius M. 
Paine (Milwaukee, Wis.), 1885-86; 
L. Bartlett & Son (Milwaukee, 
Wis.), 1886-89; Ed. Hoffschlaeger 
& Co. (Honolulu), since 1889; man- 
ager Hoffschlaeger Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, since incorporation. Was Bel- 
gian vice-consul for Hawaii 1899- 
1915. Member Commercial Club, 
Honolulu Lodge No. 509, F. & A. M., 
National Arts Club (New York), 
Honolulu Chamber of Commerce. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born May 2, 1872, 
in England; son of William and 
Margaret Blair (Deuchar) Lar- 
nach; married Inez Perry in Hono- 
lulu Dec. 25, 1895; one child, Don- 
ald W. P. Early education and 
training in England, Stanford Uni- 
versity, LL.B., 1907. Came to Ha- 
waii in 1889 and entered the em- 
ploy of T. H. Davies & Co., later 
with W. W. Dimond & Co. as a 
salesman until 1904; studied law in 
Stanford University, 1904-07; ap- 
pointed Deputy Attorney General, 
Territory of Hawaii, 1908; entered 
private practice of law, 1909; ap- 



K is 



i: fc 





pointed second district magistrate 
of City and County of Honolulu, 
1911. Is a Mason and member of 
Phi Delta Phi fraternity and Order 
of Coif at Stanford. 

draulic engineer, Honolulu; born 
at Lincoln, Illinois, August 20, 
1876; son of Winfleld Scott and 
Rose E. (Kirkpatrick) Larrison; 
educated public schools and Uni- 
versity of Illinois, 1901; married 
Martha Warner Lacey of Havana, 
Illinois, October 10, 1906 at Manila, 
P. I. Began railroad and hydrau- 
lic engineering work on Mexican 
border, Philippine islands and Ha- 
waii; was Captain of Engineers, 
U. S. Army, Oct. 1917-Jan. 1919. 
Member American Society of Civil 
Engineers, American Association 
of Engineers and University Club. 

LARSEN, DAVID L., sugar 
plantation manager, Kilauea, 
Kauai; born Sept. 18, 1886, in 
Stockholm, Sweden; son of Emil 
and Marie (Freeman) Larsen; mar- 
ried Katharine Wood of California 
March 31, 1917; three children: In- 
grid, David Wood and Katharine. 
Came to America, 1892; attended 
grammar school at Peekskill, N. Y., 
and Bridgeport, Conn.; Bridgeport 
high school; graduated Mass. Ag- 
ricultural College, Amherst, Mass., 
B. S., 1908; joined H. S. P. A. Ex- 
periment Station, Honolulu, as 
plant pathologist, 1908; agricul- 
tural dept., same institution, 1915; 
chief agriculturist, 1916; special re- 
search work pertaining to prac- 
tises that may increase yield and 
decrease cost of production of su- 
gar plantations of Hawaii; mgr. 
of Kiluaea Sug. Plantation Co. 
since Jan. 1, 1918. Member Kappa 
Sigma fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi 
Society, Hawaiian Chemists' Assn. 
and Commercial Club of Honolulu. 


railway mgr., Port Allen, Kauai; 
born at Portland, Me., June 5, 
1860; son of George W. and Helen 
Elizabeth (Greene) Leavitt; high 
school education; married Mable 
L. Hastie, at Eleele, Kauai, Aug. 
5, 1914; went to sea, Sept. 1878, 
and was sailor in merchant service 
until Dec. 1883; with Pacific Steam 
Whaling Co., San Francisco as 
master 'of steamers and port super- 
intendent, 1884-1908; with Ameri- 
can Hawaiian S. S. Co. 1909-11: 
with Alexander & Baldwin, in 
charge at Port Allen, since June 

er, Kapaa, Kauai, T. H. ; born 
Sept. 18, 1881 at Midland, Mich.; 
son of James William and Mary- 
Jane Lee; educated, Midland high 
school, class of 1900, and Interna- 
tional Business College, Saginaw, 
Mich., 1902; married Emma Caro- 
lyn Whitehead in Honolulu, July 
20, 1915; one son, Robert Vincent 
Lee. Began business career with 
the Millard Palmer Stationery Co., 
Grand Rapids, Mich., 1903; with 
Sanborn Vail Stationery Co. San 
Francisco and later five years with 
The Calkins Co., Los Angeles, 1904- 
14; came to Honolulu, 1914, as 
representative of the Mutual 
Agency bringing one of the first 
big serial film productions, "The 
Million Dollar Mystery"; owned 
and operated in association with 
A. L. MacKaye the first glass 
bottom boats when the Coral Gar- 
dens resort was opened; entered 
the banking business and opened 
the first branch of the Peoples' 
Bank, Ltd., at Kealakekua, Kona 
district, Hawaii, later becoming 
manager of The Bank of Kauai, 
Ltd. Was secretary, Kona Im- 
provement Club, 1919-20; secretary 
and treasurer, Kona Garage, 1917- 
20. Is member Hilo Lodge B. P. 
O. E. 

LENNOX, JOHN, merchant, Ewa, 
Hawaii; born Bannock-burn, Scot- 
land, Sept. 23, 1877; son of Adam 
and Stewart (Robertson) Lennox; 
married Anne Mae Cook, in Hono- 
lulu, May 5, 1903; two children: 
Colin Gordon and Duncan Stewart. 
Educated Saint Ninian's public 
school, Stirlingshire, Scotland. With 
Charles Jenner & Co., Edinburgh 
silk merchants, 1896-99; with Theo. 
H. Davies & Co., dry goods dept., 
1899-1901; store mgr. Hawaiian 
Mercantile Co., Kohala, Hawaii, 
1901-02; same, McBryde Sug. Co., 
Eleele, Kauai, 1902-09; mgr. L. 
Turner Co., Hilo, (later Hilo Em- 
porium) 1909-10; pres. & mgr. N. 
S. Sachs Dry Goods Co., Honolulu, 
1910-18; cashier American Ha- 
waiian Motors Co., Ltd., 1918-19; 
mgr. mdse. dept. Ewa Plantation 
Co., Oahu, 1919 to date. Was mem- 
ber Queen's Royal Volunteer Bri- 
gade, Edinburgh, 1896-99; secy. 
Honolulu Merchants' Assn., 1911, 
until merged into Chamber of 
Commerce. Member Commercial 
Club, British Club, Ad Club, Out- 
rigger Canoe Club, British Benevo- 
lent Society. 

LEWERS, ROBERT, merchant, 
Honolulu ; born in New York City, 
N. Y., March 15, 1836: son of Will- 






iam and Mary (Lowe) Lewers; 
common school education; married 
Catherine R. Carter in Honolulu 
July 16, 1867; two children, William 
Henry and Harriet Layman. Came 
to Honolulu around the Horn in 
the ship Raduga in 1856; started 
in Honolulu as a carpenter; entered 
the employ of Lewers & Dickson. 
lumber merchants, in 1860; was 
taken into the firm with the late 
C. M. Cooke in 1877, which later 
changed its name to Lewers & 
Cooke; together with F. J. Lowrey, 
purchased the entire business of 
Lewers & Cooke in 1894, and which 
is at the present time grown to 
great proportions, dealing in lum- 
ber, hardware, paints and oils, etc., 
both wholesale and retail. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Lodge, F. & A. M., 
Excelsior Lodge, I. O. O. F. 

LEWIS, ABRAHAM, Jr., attorney 
and financial agent, Honolulu ; born 
July 14, 1873, in California; son of 
Abraham and Arzelia (Martin) 
Lewis; A.B. Stanford University 
1895; LL.B. Hastings College of 
Law, 1897; married Alice Hall 
Jones, daughter of P. C. Jones of 
Honolulu, April 26, 1896; children: 
Marion, Dudley and Elizabeth. 
Earliest paternal ancestor settled 
in Schenectady, N. Y. ; maternal 
grandfather was prominently iden- 
tified with the Mexican war and 
held rank of Captain, both parents 
arriving in California prior to 
1847. Law practice with Chicker- 
ing, Thomas & Gregory of San 
Francisco: member law firm of 
Smith & Lewis, Honolulu, later be- 
coming vice-president, manager 
and director Bank of Hawaii, Ltd; 
member law firm Thompson, Cath- 
cart & L^wis since 1920. Appoint- 
ed Treasurer, Territory of Hawaii, 
Sept. 1920. Is director Halawa 
Plantation; has been identified with 
public activities as follows: Presi- 
dent Board of Trustees, Library of 
Hawaii; chairman Advisory Land 
Law Commission; president As- 
sociattd Charities of Honolulu; 
chairman Building Committee new 
Central Union Church; president 
Chamber of Commerce of Hono- 
lulu (1920); chairman Joint Legis- 
lative Committee of Planters' As- 
sociation and Chamber of Com- 
merce; trustee Honolulu School 
for Poys; member and chairman 
Finance Committee House of Rep- 
resentatives 1919 session Legisla- 
ture of Hawaii; member Phi Delta 
Phi, Zeta Psi, Social Science Club, 
Honolulu, Past Eminent Comman- 
der Honolulu Commandry Knights 
Templar, Past Master Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21 F. & A. M., Pacific, 

University and Oahu Country 

plantation supt., Kukaiau, Ha- 
waii; born Paauilo, Hawaii, Jan. 
6, 1887; son of Anthony and Flora 
(Ludgate) Lidgate. Educated, 

Oahu College, 1908; married Mar- 
garet Stewart Lennox, at Paauilo, 
Dec. 28, 1912. Worked for Ha- 
makua. Mill Co. as overseer, 1908- 
12; head overseer, Kukaiau Plan- 
tation Co., 1912-19 and mgr. since 
1919, the plantation being run as 
a section of Hamakua Mill Co, 
and the cane ground at Paauilo 
sinca 1918. 

countant, Kohala Sugar Co., Koha- 
la, Hawaii; born Glasgow, Scot- 
land, March 12, 1869; son of James 
and Agnes Simpson (Holtum) Lil- 
lie; married Florence Stewart Row- 
ley, at Honolulu, June 28, 1902 ; four 
children: A. Muriel. Thomas R. 
Holtum, Frederick F. R. and Flor- 
ence A. R. Educated Glasgow 
Academy and Glasgow Univ., M.A., 
1888; LL.B., 1891; awarded Andrew 
Cunningham scholarship as most 
distinguished graduate in law of 
year. Admitted to practice as law 
agent, Scotland, 1893; practiced as 
solicitor, Glasgow, 1893-1900; in 
Australia, 1900-01; with Bishop & 
Co., Honolulu. 1901-06; cashier and 
bookkeeper, Kohala Sugar Co., July 
1, 1906, to date. Naturalized Dec. 
30, 1911. Was secy. Glasgow Lib- 
eral Club, 1893-1900; secy. National 
Rifle Club, Scotland, six years; 
gunner with Royal Naval Artillery 
Volunteers, Clyde Brigade, four 
years; on board H. M. S. Ajax at 
Jubilee Review at Spithead. July, 
1887; held commission in 1st Lan- 
ark Rifle Volunteers, now 5th Scot- 
tish Rifles, 1893-1900; on guard of 
honor outside Buckingham Palace 
Gate, Diamond Jubilee, June 21, 
1897. Former member Clyde Canoe 
Club, Palette Club, Glasgow; 32nd 
Degree Mason and Shriner; mem- 
ber American Meteorological So- 
ciety; American Assn. for Advance- 
ment of Science; Aero Club of Ha- 

LIND, JOHN, ranch mgr.. Hue- 
hue, Hawaii; born Cobbinshaw, 
Midlothian, Scotland, Nov. 18, 1880; 
son of James and Agnes (Rae) 
Lind; married Helen Crichton, at 
Innerleithen, Scotland, June 8, 
1906; two children: James and 
John Crichton. Educated Scotland 
public schools. Worked- on various 
farms in native country, coming to 
Hawaii in 1910; asst. mgr. S. M. 



A. LEWIS. Jr. 



Damon ranch, Moanalua, Oahu, 
1910-17; asst. mgr. and bookkeeper, 
Puuwaawaa ranch, Hawaii, 1917- 
20; manager The John A. Maguire 
Est., Ltd., since Jan., 1920. Mem- 
ber Honolulu Lodge No. 409, F. & 
A. M. ; British Club, Honolulu. 


merchant, Honolulu; born in New 
York City Jan. 2, 1871; son of Fer- 
dinand and Theresa Edith (Trav- 
ener) Lindeman; married Agnes J. 
Colman in Honolulu Feb. 27, 1900; 
three children: Agnes Theone, 
Edith Adele, Philip Ferdinand. Ed- 
ucated at St. Xavier's College, Cin- 
cinnati, O. Traveled as dry goods 
salesman for J. J. Pfister Knitting 
Co., San Francisco, beginning 1888, 
and for H. Hackfield & Co., Hono- 
lulu, 1899-1917; later was mgr. dry 
goods dept. H. Hackfield & Co., 
1917-18, and in 1918 became mgr. 
the Liberty House, Honolulu. Mem- 
ber B. P. O. E., Ad Club, Commer- 
cial Club, Rotary Club, Chamber of 


lawyer, Honolulu; born in Fife- 
shire, Scotland, Oct. 29, 1871; son 
of Alexander and Isabel (Bonnar) 
Lindsay. Educated public schools 
of Hawaii and University of Mich- 
igan, LL.B., 1902; married Fanny 
Louise Young in Vicksburg, Mich., 
Sept. 13, 1906; two children, Betty 
and Richard. Began professional 
career in Honolulu, practicing law. 
1902-03; appointed District Mag- 
istrate, Honolulu, 1903-05; appoint- 
ed Judge of Circuit Court, 1905-10; 
resumed private practice with firm 
of Judd & Lindsay, 1910; Attorney 
General, Territory of Hawaii, 1910- 
13; resumed private practice, 1913; 
partnership with E. A. Mott- Smith 
since 1917. Member Phi Delta Phi 
fraternity and University Club of 


banker, Kahului, Maui; born in 
Kirriemuir, Scotland, June 23, 1870; 
son of James and Betsy (Colville) 
Lindsay. Educated in common 
schools and private seminary, Scot- 
land; married Clara Fowler Greg- 
ory, Paia, Maui, 1895; four children, 
Olive Douglas, Dorothy Colville, 
Elizabeth Clare, Ruth Charlotte; 
married Esther Linsley Shepherd, 
North Haven, Conn., 1917. Spent 
six years in large mercantile es- 
tablishment, Scotland; came to 
Hawaii, 1890; employed on Paia 
Plantation; appointed manager 
after amalgamation of Paia Plan- 
tation and Haiku Sugar Co., 1906; 
organized and became manager of 

Baldwin National Bank, Kahului, 
Maui; organized and became cash- 
ier and manager of The Baldwin 
Bank, Ltd., successors to Baldwin 
National Bank of Kahului, 1921; 
President of Nahiku Rubber Co., 
Ltd.; Vice President and Manag- 
ing Director Maui Telephone Co.; 
Director Maui Soda and Ice Works, 
Ltd.; member Liquor License Com- 
mission, County of Maui; chairman 
of Lahainaluna School Commis- 
sion; member Board of Public In- 
struction, Territory of Hawaii; 
treasurer Maui County Fair Asso- 
elation; deputy collector customs, 
Kahului; U. S. immigration in- 
spector for Maui. Was three years 
in 42nd Royal Highlanders, Scot- 
land; Lt. Col. 3rd Reg., N. G. H.; 
trustee of Chamber of Commerce. 
Member Commercial Club, Hono- 
lulu; K. of P., Royal Society of 
Arts, England; 32nd K. C. C. H. 
Mason and Shriner. 

LISTER, ROBERT, industrial 
manager, Kohala, Hawaii, T. H. ; 
born at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 
April 16, 1850; son of James and 
Elizabeth Lister; , educated in the 
public schools; married Sarah R. 
Goff of Hamilton, Ontario, April 
9, 1872; two children: E. W. and 
Archie E. Began as an apprentice 
in the machine trade, in Canada ; 
instrumental in fitting up the Lusk 
Canning Co., in Oakland, Calif., 
1889; superintendent, King Morse 
Canning Co., San Francisco; later 
constructed the Woodstock Fruit 
Cannery at Sydney, Australia; re- 
turned to California and construc- 
ted the San Leandro Cannery for 
King Morse; removed to Honolulu, 
1901; and was superintendent of 
the Thomas Pineapple Co., later 
becoming builder and manager of 
the Kohala Pineapple Co., at Ma- 
hukona, Hawaii. Member of Elks 
club in Honolulu. 

ness man, Honolulu; born at Quin- 
cy, Ohio, June 20, 1876; son of 
Samuel L. and Candace; married 
Anna Rouwenhorst Aug. 8, 1904, at 
Honolulu; five children, Donald, 
Magrieta, Paul Maynard, David 
Livingstone and Stanley, Jr. Grad- 
uated at Oberlin College, A. B., 
1902; Columbia University, M. A., 
1907. Instructor, registrar and busi- 
ness agent Kamehameha Schools, 
Honolulu, 1902-12; bookkeeper, 
secretary and treasurer Haiku 
Fruit and Packing Co., Haiku, 
Maui, 1912-15; principal Punahou 
Boarding School, Honolulu, 1915- 
16; real estate business with Ha- 
waiian Trust Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 






- ^ 





1916-20; vice pres. and manager of 
Milton Realty Co., Ltd., since 1920. 
Musical director of Central Union 
Church, Honolulu, 1903-12 and 
since 1915; secretary Philharmonic 
Society, Honolulu, since 1918. Was 
member Coast Artillery Company, 
National Guard of Hawaii; mem- 
ber Commercial Club, Honolulu. 


secy. Territorial Committee, Y. M. 
C. A., Honolulu; born Minneapolis, 
Minn., Oct. 26, 1887; son of Albert 
S. and Alice M. (Forward) Loomis; 
married Alice E. Richardson, in 
Honolulu, July 31, 1912; four chil- 
dren: Herbert Richardson, Alice 
Nevius, John Forward and Elliott 
Richardson. Educated public 

schools, St. Louis; manual train- 
ing school; Univ. Missouri. B.S. in 
Ed., 1911. Was secy, of boys' 
work, Honolulu Y. M. C. A., July 
1911-May 1916; county secy., Ka- 
uai Y. M. C. A., May, 1916-May, 
1918; educational secy. Army & 
Navy Y. M. C. A., Honolulu, May, 
1918-March, 1919; industrial secy. 
Territorial Y. M. C. A. and secy. 
Citizenship Education Committee, 
since March, 1919. Organized and 
was principal of first Boys' Vaca- 
tion School, Honolulu; has organ- 
ized clubs and night schools on va- 
rious plantations of the Territory 
and in Honolulu. Member Pi Kap- 
pa Alpha Fraternity. 


civil engineer, Honolulu; born in 
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 5, 1884; son of 
Carlton Edward and Altie (Backus) 
Loomis; educated, grammar and 
high schools, Lincoln, Neb., and 
University of Nebraska ; married 
Isabelle McCorriston, in Honolulu, 
Sept. 29, 1914; two children. Jane 
and John Edward. Began in en- 
gineering dept., City of Lincoln, 
during college course, 1901-05; in- 
strument man for Tri- State Irriga- 
tion & Land Co., Wyoming, 1906; 
draftsman for C. B. & Q. R. R., 
Lincoln, 1907; asst. city and county 
engr., Honolulu, 1908; surveyor, 
Territorial Survey Dept., Hawaii, 
1909; construction engr. for Stone 
& Webster Engineering Corpora- 
tion, Seattle, Wash., 1909-11; con- 
tracting business. Bend., Ore., 1912; 
engr. with B. P. Bishop Estate, Ho- 
nolulu, since 1912. Member Phi 
Delta Theta Fraternity, University 
Club, Honolulu. 

apple planter and educator, Hono- 
lulu; born in Knox County, Tenn., 
Dec. 24, 1848 ; son of Samuel W. 
and Sara A. (Pryor) Looney. Ed- 

ucated U. S. Grant University, 
Athens, Tenn., 1883, Ph. B., A. M. 
In Cursu, 1886; Ph. D., pro merito 
(received same degree from Port- 
land University, Portland (Ore.). 
Member faculty, Alma Mater, U. 
S. Grant L'niversity, Athens, Tenn., 
1883-86; elected professor lan- 
guages, Blandville College, Bland- 
ville, Ky., 1886-89; appointed Com- 
missioner World's Exposition at 
Paris, France, representing state of 
Oregon, 1889; elected professor of 
mathematics, Portland University, 
1890-95; in charge of dept. of sci- 
ence, Portland High School, 1895- 
1900; appointed instructor of school 
at Lahainaluna by Dept. of Educa- 
tion. Territory of Hawaii, 1900- 
1903; became interested in pine- 
apple business and has been suc- 
cessful planter since 1904; appoint- 
ed principal Kaaawa Public School 
in addition to business duties. Has 
written literary papers on Yellow- 
stone Park. Yosemite Valley. As- 
cension of Mt. Aetna, Sicily, poem 
on Thanksgiving History for 115 
years and others. Master Mason 
and Odd Fellow. 

eral contractor. Honolulu: born in 
Canada. April 8, 1868; son of Ed- 
mund and Virginia Lord; educated 
thru home study and practical ex- 
perience; married May McNally 
of Marion. Ohio, May 17, 1898; 
three children: George Marion, Al- 
bert Edmond and Virginia. After 
engaging for ten years with pub- 
lic works in various states of the 
United States, came to Hawaii in 
May 1900. Was superintendent of 
sewer construction with the con- 
tracting firm of Vincent & Belser, 
Honolulu, for a few months. Spent 
several months in the employ of 
the Territorial Government on con- 
struction work and in 1901 went 
into the contracting business for 
himself. Has been a successful 
contractor on general construction 
work throughout the islands for 
both public and private interests. 
Is a Mason, an Elk and member 
of the Oahu Country Club and 
Commercial Club. 

mill superintendent, Puunene. Maui, 
T. H.; born at Bonvilstone, Wales, 
Great Britan, Dec. 22, 1876; son of 
Robert and Elizabeth Lougher; 
educated in public schools; married 
Lillian Adele Murray in Honolulu, 
July 25, 1907; two children; Irma 
Eleanor and Alwyn Patricia. Start- 
ed career assisting his father on 
the farm; came to Hawaii, May 
1895; overseer with Waiakea Mill 






and Plantation Co., Hilo, Hawaii, 
two years; in charge of boiling 
house for Nuilii Mill and Planta- 
tion Co., Kohala, Hawaii, five 
years; is now superintendent of 
the sugar factory of the Hawaiian 
Commercial & Sugar Co., at Pun- 
nene, Maui, having been with that 
plantation since 1902. Is member 
of Lodge Maui 472, F. & A. M.; 
Lodge 616, B. P. O. E., Honolulu; 
Aloha Lodge No. 3, K. of P., Maui. 

fee planter, Paauilo, Hawaii; born 
in San Francisco, Jan. 18, 1864; 
son of Morris and Theresa (Gun- 
ther) Louisson; education, primary 
work at St. Albans college, Hono- 
lulu; six years' schooling in Ger- 
many. Began business in San 
Francisco with uncle in firm of 
Lachman & Co., remaining two 
years; father was partner in Grin- 
baum & Co., Honolulu, 1885-88; 
mercantile business. New York, 
1888-95; returned to Hawaii, 1897, 
entering farming and growing busi- 
ness with brother Henry, of San 
Francisco, in Hamakua Dist., Ha- 
waii, in which business is still en- 
gaged. Has been a consistent 
fighter for protection of American 
coffee growers, having appeared 
before Congressional committees 
visiting Hawaii and also in Wash- 
ington in 1908; in 1916 as Inde- 
pendent Republican, was defeated 
for office of Delegate to Congress 
from Hawaii; was member Hama- 
kua Dist. draft board during period 
of selective service operations. 
Member Elks, Knights of Pythias, 


shipper, Honolulu; born at Hono- 
lulu Oct. 26, 1864; son of John S. 
and Martha (Fuller) Low; married 
Elizabeth Napoleon at Honolulu 
Oct. 11, 1887; eight children: An- 
nabelle Dole, Caroline' Robinson, 
Elizabeth Jessamine, Laura Louise, 
E. Woods, Eben Fuller, John San- 
ford Dole. Educated at public 
school, Waimea, Hawaii and 
lolani College, Honolulu. Entered 
employ T. H. Davies & Co. as of- 
fice boy in 1881; asst. cashier, 1884; 
cashier and plantation accountant, 
1887; manager Kohala ranch, 1890- 
93, serving same time as deputy 
tax assessor, N. Kohala; entered 
partnership with Robert Hind and 
started Puuwaawaa ranch, Hawaii, 
1893; disposed of interests to Mr. 
Hind, 1893; manager Humuula 
ranch, 1908-10; came to Honolulu 
and started shipping business with 
Miller Salvage Co., 1909, buying 
out their interests two years later. 

Established Oahu Shipping Co. 
with J. B. Castle, 1913, buying Mr. 
Castle out in 1917. Member Board 
of Supervisors, Honolulu, 1911-13; 
same. 1919 to date; member Hono- 
lulu Yacht and Boat Club, 1886-90, 
rowing in number of boat and 
canoe races during those years; 
made several cruises to South 
Seas; sent Hawaiian cowboys to 
Cheyenne roundup, 1908; served as 
volunteer, Honolulu Rifles, 1886- 
90; member Hawaiian Civic Club, 
Ad Club and Commercial Club, Ho- 

LOW, APAU PAUL, civil engi- 
neer, Wailuku, Maui; born in Ho- 
nolulu July 22, 1891; son of Yee 
Sing Low and Ho Shee Low; mar- 
ried Annie V. Tong at Honolulu 
Aug. 22, 1916. Graduated McKin- 
ley high school, Honolulu, 1910; 
Stanford Univ. A. B., 1914; Univ. 
Illinois, 1915. Inspector Hilo break- 
water, U. S. Engs., 1915-16; asst. 
county engr., Maui, 1916-18; coun- 
ty eng., Maui, 1918 to date; is also 
Maui Loan fund engineer. Member 
Chinese Univ. Club of Hawaii, 
Aloha Temple, Lodge Maui, 472 
(senior deacon); lao Lodge of Per- 
fection (junior warden); Halea- 
kala Chapter of Rose Croix (ex- 

chant, Honolulu; born in Honolulu 
June 6, 1885; son of Frederick Jew- 
ett and Cherilla (Storrs) Lowrey; 
married Lelia Parsons in Santa 
Rosa, Cal., Feb. 15, 1911; five chil- 
dren: Frederick Parsons, John 
Jewett, Dwight Happer, Kathleen, 
Lillian Storrs. Educated at Pun- 
ahou School (Honolulu), 1894- 
1903; Harvard, 1904-07, A. B. 1908. 
Began business career with Lewers 
& Cooke, Ltd., lumber and building 
material merchants, Honolulu; 
treasurer Lewers & Cooke, Ltd. 
Member Oahu Liquor License 
Commission, 1912-1918, chairman 
1914-16; elected- representative 
from 4th District, Territorial Leg- 
islature, 1921. Member University 
Club and Oahu Country Club, Ho- 


merchant, Honolulu; born Oct. 18, 
1858 at Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., 
Mass.; son of Frederick Canfield 
and Alice L. (Moore) Lowrey; 
descendant of long line of mili- 
tary officers of Revolutionary War, 
including Col. Samuel Canfield, 
Captains Daniel Jewett, Abijah 
Moore and Joseph Highley; edu- 
cated in public schools of Pitts- 
field and business college in Cal- 






A. P. Lo\V 












ifornia; married Cherilla L. Storrs 
in Honolulu. Jan. 17. 1884 (died 
Jan. 9, 1918); four children: Fred- 
erick D wight, Sherwood Moore, 
Helen Storrs (deceased), Alan 
Jewett. Married Maud Gregory 
Phillips. in Washington. D. C.. 
June 9, 1921. Began business ca- 
reer in San Francisco, Cal.. and 
in Honolulu with Lewers & Dick- 
son, in 1879; later with Lewers 
& Cooke, hardware and lumber 
merchants; became president of 
Lewers & Cooke. Ltd., when the 
latter institution incorporated, Jan. 

I, 1901. Is also president of the 
Oahu Sugar Co., the Waiahole Wa- 
ter Co., the Oahu Cemetery Assn.. 
and the Hawaiian Board of Mis- 
sions, and is vice-president of the 
Honolulu Gas Co., Ltd. Has served 
as chairman. Board of Prison In- 
spectors; member, Board of Health 
during plague epidemic; sergeant 
and later captain, Citizen's Guard; 
president of Queen's Hospital; and 
is now serving as trustee. Central 
Union Church, trustee Y. M. C. A. 
and Y. W. C. A. and a director of 
American Factors, Ltd. Member 
and ex-president. Social Science 
Assn.. ex-president Chamber of 
Commerce of Honolulu., member of 
Pacific, Commercial and Oahu 
Country clubs. 


treasurer American Factors. Ltd.. 
Honolulu; born in Honolulu. Feb. 

II, 1887; son of Frederick J. and 
Cherilla L. (Storrs) Lowrey; edu- 
cated at Punahou preparatory and 
Oahu college. Honolulu, and Hotch- 
kiss, 1906; Harvard 1906-07, Bryant 
& Stratton's Commercial school. 
Boston, 1907-08; married Ida Kopke 
in Honolulu, Nov. 14. 1911: four 
children; Jane. Robert S.. Margaret 
C., and Martha. Began business 
career with the hardware and lum- 
ber firm of Lewers & Cooke, Ltd., 
Honolulu, as bill clerk, 1908; was 
cashier and in charge of stocks 
and bonds, Guardian Trust Co., 
Ltd., 1911-1915; treasurer of Lew- 
ers & Cooke, Ltd., 1915-18. Served 
as captain in Hawaiian National 
Guard from 1914, being called into 
active service June 1, 1918, and 
commissioned major, Sept. 4, 1918; 
honorably discharged Feb. 1919. 
Was cashier, American Factors, 
Ltd., Honolulu, 1919-20; asst. man- 
ager, San Francisco office of same 
firm, Feb. -May 1920 and treasurer 
since May 1920. Was a messenger 
in Citizen's Guard during revolu- 
tion of 1895; treasurer of Mid-Pa- 
cific Carnival, 1915, secretary 1916. 
Member of Chamber of Commerce 
of Honolulu (director and treas- 

urer 1921), Fox Club (Cambridge, 
Mass.), Pacific Club. 

LOWSON, GEORGE, banker. 

Hilo, Hawaii; born in Kirriemuir, 
Scotland, Feb. 16. 1887; son of Geo. 
and Helen (Boagg) Lowson; re- 
ceived education in grammar school 
and Webster's Seminary, Kirrie- 
muir; was law apprentice in native 
town, 1902-1907, and later employed 
in law office at Edinburgh, 1907- 
10; arrived in Hawaii 1910, taking 
position with the First Bank of 
Hilo. Ltd. : made mgr. Kohala 
branch of same in 1914, and asst. 
cashier at head office, Hilo, 1915. 
Naturalized as American citizen, 
1915. Member Hilo Lodge No. 759, 
B. P. O. E., exalted ruler 1920. 

LUCAS, JOHN, contractor, Ho- 
nolulu; born Nov. 10. 1857, in Ho- 
nolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii; son of 
George and Sarah (Williams) Lu- 
cas; married Lydy E. Foster in 
Honolulu Feb. 3, 1885; two chil- 
dren: Sarah E. and Harry F. Edu- 
cated Fort Street School (Hono- 
lulu), 1865-73, College of Oahu, 
1873-74. Served with father as 
carpenter from IS 74 to time of lat- 
ter's death, 1892: followed general 
contracting and milling since; 
formed Honolulu Planing Mill, Ltd.. 
and elected president and manager 
in 1911. Member first board of su- 
pervisors, County of Oahu. 19-05-07; 
member first Board of Liquor Li- 
cense Commissioners, Oahu; elect- 
ed Nov. 3, 1920, member of Sen- 
ate, 3rd Senatorial district, Island 
of Oahu, four years. Member Com- 
mercial Club. Chamber of Com- 
merce, Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. 
& A. M.. Knights Templar, Shrine. 
Honolulu Lodge No. 616, B. P. O. 
E., Harmony Lodge. I. O. O. F., 
Chiefs of Hawaii. 

LUCAS, RAYMOND A., retired. 
Hilo, Hawaii; born in Hartford, 
Conn.. May 30, 1866; son of Philip 
and Anna (Martin) Lucas; edu- 
cated in public schools of Hartford; 
married at Kohala, Hawaii, May 
7. 1888; three children, Lucille, 
Anna and Raymond P. Left home. 
1880, on whaling expedition, return- 
ing from which he shipped to East 
Indies 1881-84; on returning to 
New York, shipped around Cape 
Horn to San Francisco. 1884; 
worked in San Francisco, 1884-86; 
came to Hawaii and worked on 
Kohala Plantation, 1886-89; sugar 
boiler at Hawi Mill, 1889-91, during 
which time he erected first wire 
landing on Hawaii; employed at 
Kukuihaele, 1892-95; at Honomu 
Plantation, 1895-98; entered real 






estate busines in Hilo, 1898; erect- 
ed fish markets at Waiakea for 
Japanese Fishing Co. Member Tax 
Appeal Board, South Hilo; Hilo 
Lodge, No. 759, B. P. O. E. 


banker, Wailuku, Island of Maui; 
born at Shelbyville, 111., Oct. 28. 
1863; son of Charles Dexter and 
Lucia Russell (Smith) Lufkin. Ed- 
ucated State Normal University, 
Normal, 111.; graduated from Shat- 
tuck Military Academy, Faribault, 
Minn., 1884; married Julia Helen 
Gilmore in Faribault, Minn.; one 
child, Frank Addison. Began ca- 
reer in shoe business, Faribault, 
Minn.; removed to Elk Point, S. D., 
and employed by Citizens' Bank, 
1889-98; removed to Honolulu as 
supt. of Money Order System of 
Island Postoffices, later became as- 
sociated with First American Bank 
of Hawaii, Ltd.; organized First 
National Bank of Wailuku, 1901, 
the Lahaina National Bank, 1906, 
the First Bank of Paia, 1913, serv- 
ing as manager and cashier of these 
banks; amalgamated same banks 
into the Bank of Maui, Ltd., with 
branches at Lahaina and Paia, May 
1, 1917; vice president and mana- 
ger of Bank of Maui, Ltd. Mem- 
ber B. P. O. Elks, Masons, Shrine, 
and Knights of Pythias. Repub- 

LUFKIN, FRANK N., banker, 
Lahaina, Island of Maui, Hawaii; 
born April 13, 1860, at Shelbyville, 
111.; son of Charles Dexter and 
Lucia Russell (Smith) Lufkin. Ed- 
ucated in high school, Illinois State 
Normal at Normal, 111., 1880; Uni- 
versity of Michigan, B. A., 1884; 
entered the real estate and loan 
business at Olathe, Kas., 1886-92; 
with the Mexican Central Railway 
and other transportation companies 
in Mexico City. 1892-1900; secre- 
tary and treasurer Mexican- 
American S. S. Co., New Orleans, 
1900-05; division auditor, United 
Fruit Co., in Costa Rica and Guat- 
emala, C. A., 1905-15; cashier, La- 
haina branch, Bank of Maui, Ltd., 
since 1916. Auditor Bank of Maui, 
Ltd., 1920. 


librarian Public Archives, Hono- 
lulu; born April 9, 1857, in New 
York City; son of John Ryer and 
Elizabeth Salter (Ward) Lydecker. 
Educated in ward schools of New 
York City and College of City of 
New York. Began business career 
as assistant secretary to Hon. 
Thomas L. James, postmaster of 
New York, 1875-80; clerk U. S. 

Engineer's Office, Chicago, 1880-82; 
recorder U. S. Coast and Geodetic 
Survey, 1882-85; on voyage in bark 
Annie Stafford of Nova Scotia to 
India and return as passenger for 
health, 1885-86; in mercantile line, 
New York, 1887-95; visited Hono- 
lulu Aug. 6, 1896; with Oahu Rail- 
way & Land Co., as clerk and gen- 
eral freight agent, 1896-99; with 
E. O. Hall & Son and Theo. H. Da- 
vies & Co., 1899-1902; territorial 
meteorologist, 1903-04; Librarian 
Public Archives since May 11, 1905. 
Member Holland Society of New 
York City, Hawaiian Historical So- 
ciety; was charter member Hono- 
lulu Commercial Club; member 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M. 
Honolulu Chapter No. 1, R. A. M. 
Honolulu Commandery No. 1, K. T. 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 
Honolulu Lodge No. 616, B. P. O. 

minister, Lihue, Kauai; born in 
Canada, December 12, 1854; son of 
William and Ann (Blezard) Lyd- 
gate; educated at Punahou; To- 
ronto University; Free Church Col- 
lege, Edinburgh, Scotland; Berlin 
University, Germany, B. A., M. A. ; 
Yale, B. D. ; married Helen Elwell 
in Honolulu Jan. 11, 1898; four 
children, John Mortimer, Homer, 
Percy, William Anthony. Was first 
assistant on Government Survey, 
1869; independent surveyor, 1873- 
1875; manager Laupahoehoe Sugar 
Co., 1880-88; in charge of church, 
State of Washington, 1891-94; pas- 
tor Lihue Union Church and Koloa 
Church and agent of Hawaiian 
Board, 1896 to 1919. Was manag- 
ing director, McBryde Sugar Co., 
for several years. Is editor of 
"Garden Island." 


superintendent Inter-Island Steam 
Navigation Company drydock, Ho- 
nolulu; born in Nova Scotia June 
27, 1862; son of James and Mary 
Ann Lyle; married Margaret M. 
Williams in Nova Scotia, 1883; one 
child, Edith D. Attended schools at 
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia; 
spent two years as shipwright on 
Pacific Coast and 23 years in 
charge of marine railway, Hono- 
lulu; has lived in Honolulu 39 
years. President Mutual Building 
& Loan Co. ; president Peoples 
theater; director Milton Realty Co., 
Ltd.; vice president Caldwell Co., 
Ltd., all of Honolulu; member 
Myrtle Boat Club. Hawaii Yacht 
Club. Masonic Lodge, Odd Fellows, 
Rebekah Lodge, Commercial Club, 












Ad Club, Automobile Club, Hono- 

LYMAN, DAVID B. K., teacher, 
Kohala, Hawaii; born Hilo, Ha- 
waii, Dec. 3, 1876; son of Rufus A. 
and Rebecca (Hualani) Lyman; 
married Charlotte Armstrong, at 
Stockton, Calif., Oct. 30, 1907; six 
children: Ruth, Evangeline. David, 
Robert, Maile, Samuel. Educated 
Hawaii public schools, Punahou 
preparatory, Atkinson's Business 
College, Sacramento, Calif. Worked 
on father's farm, 1895-6; clerk, Hilo 
postofflce, 1896-98; asst. to sub- 
land agent, Hilo, and asst. to Ter- 
ritorial Survey Office, 1898-1900; 
religious work, California, Oregon, 
Washington, 1900-1907; at Koloa, 
Kauai, 1907-1913; Kohala, Hawaii, 
since. Took up teaching in con- 
nection with other work, 1916. Has 
studied social conditions in Chi- 
cago, New York and London. W T as 
member Co. G., N. G. H., during 
plague epidemic. Trustee, Kohala 
Girls' School; deputy commissioner. 
Boy Scouts of America. 


planter, Kapoho, Hawaii; born in 
Hilo, Hawaii, Dec. 18, 1872; son of 
Rufus A. and Rebecca A. (Brick- 
wood) Lyman; grandson of David 
B. and Sarah Joiner Lyman, mis- 
sionaries to Hawaii. 1831; educated 
at Oberlin College, A.B., 1894; Cor- 
nell Univ. (special agriculture), 
1892-93; married Frances Holland 
Thompson, in Honolulu, Sept. 5, 
1917; one child, Frances Joiner. 
Deputy tax assessor and collector, 
Puna dist., Hawaii. 1896-1915; su- 
pervisor, Haw r aii county, 1912-15; 
cane planter since 1907; postmas- 
ter, Kapoho, Hawaii, since 1912; 
member road board, 1896-1908; 
member board of registration 1898; 
board of fence commissioners, 1917; 
delegate to Republican convention, 
Chicago, 1916; member territorial 
legislature, 1919-21, special session 
1920; member legislative commis- 
sion to Washington, D. C., 1920. 
Member Seaside Club. Hawaii Pub- 
licity Commission. Yacht Club, Hi- 
lo; Oahu Country Club, Honolulu. 


educator, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Hilo, Dec. 16, 1866; son of F. S. and 
B. C. Lyman; married Nettie E. 
Hammond in Honolulu in July, 
1897; two children, Kathryn I. and 
Orlando H. Graduated Oahu Col- 
lege, Honolulu, 1888; Pratt Inst., 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1892; Mich, State 
Auto School, 1918; teacher, Kame- 
hameha School, Honolulu, 1888-89 
and 1893-97; principal Hilo Board- 

ing School, Hilo, since 1897. Dur- 
ing leave of absence in 19'08 was 
member of faculty of Hampton 
Inst., Hampton, Va., teaching agri- 
culture and doing survey work; 
auto course at Mich., State Auto 
School taken during leave in 1917; 
upon return to Hilo introduced 
auto course in mechanic arts dept. 
of Hilo Boarding School. Direc- 
tor Hilo Electric Light Co. since 
1914. Was private in Co. A, Hono- 
lulu Rifles, 1889, and served during 
Wilcox revolution, 1893. Member 
Masonic Lodge, Hilo Yacht Club. 

LYMAN, NORMAN K., Territor- 
ial Representative, Hilo, T. H. ; 
born in Hilo, Hawaii, March 28, 
1879; son of Rufus A. and Re- 
becca A. (Brickwood) Lyman; 
grandparents were missionaries 
and founders of present Hilo 
Boarding School; educated in Hilo 
and Honokaa public schools and 
Punahou; married Emmeline K. 
Brown in Hilo, January 24, 1903; 
no children. On leaving school 
went to Puna Hawaii, 1893; book- 
keeper, A. G. Curtis, commission 
merchant, Hilo, 1897; was clerk 
to sheriff of Hawaii, road overseer, 
South Hilo, timekeeper, Hawaiian 
Mahogany Co., and supervisor from 
Puna district two terms; elected 
Representative to Territorial legis- 
lature each term since 1911; was 
one of the pioneer advocates of 
concrete roads in Hawaii. First 
Lieut., N. G. H. Member A. O. F. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born Aug. 22, 
1882, at Clarinda, Page County, 
Iowa; son of Richard Henry and 
Sarah (Bagnall) Lymer; married 
California Lucas Aug. 6, 1913, at 
Honolulu; no children. Educated 
at Amity College (Iowa), A. B. ; 
Harvard University Law School, 
LL.B., 1907; practicing attorney in 
Colorado, 1908; came to Honolulu, 
1909, and practiced with law firm 
of Kinney. Ballou, Prosser & An- 
derson; deputy attorney general, 
Territory of Hawaii, Jan., 1910- 
Oct., 1910; district magistrate, Ho- 
nolulu, Oct., 1910-1911; special at- 
torney to Board of Health during 
yellow fever scare, Aug. -Dec., 1912; 
assistant county attorney, Hono- 
lulu, April, 1915-Aug., 1915; private 
practice since. Has represented 
many of the largest interests of 
Territory and performed praise- 
worthy work on behalf of the Ter- 
ritory while in attorney general's 
office, representing Board of Health 
and on the bench. Member Ameri- 
can Bar Association, University 
Club, Harvard Club of Hawaii, Ha- 






waiian Historical Society, Aero 
Club of Hawaii. Is widely read 
and close student of Napoleonia. 

and mgr. The Lynch Co., Inc., Ho- 
nolulu; born in Mendocino Co., Cal., 
Sept. 24, 1879; son of Thomas and 
Mary E. (McManus) Lynch; mar- 
ried Charlotte Merchant at Hono- 
lulu Dec. 12, 1914. Grammar school 
education. Apprentice machinist 
Union Iron Works Co., San Fran- 
cisco, 1895-1900; came to Hawaii, 
1900 and employed by Wilder S. S. 
Co. as asst. and chief engr. on their 
various steamers until 1906; mill 
engr. Hawi Mill and Plantation 
Co., Hawaii, 1907; brought S. S. 
Mauna Kea to Islands as chief 
engr. for I.-I. S. N. Co., 1908; mgr. 
The Bird Archer Co., Honolulu, 
1909-10; formed The Lynch Co., 
3911, engaging in the handling of 
mill supplies, machinery, fire 
equipment, etc. Member Marine 
Engineers' Beneficial Assn., Elks, 
Commercial Club. Republican. 

nist and plant pathologist, Hono- 
lulu; born in Hastings, Minn., Oct. 
14, 1879; son of William Henry 
and Mary (McCarriel) Lyon; de- 
scendant through both parents of 
old colonial families; married 
Maude Fletcher in Minneapolis July 
19, 1905. Graduated at Hastings 
high school, 1896; Univ. Minn., B. 
S., 1900; M. S., 1901; Ph. D., 1903. 
Instructor in botany, Univ. Minn., 
1900-05; asst. prof., 1905-07; asst. 
pathologist, H. S. P. A. Experi- 
ment Station, Honolulu, 1907-09; 
now head of dept. of botany and 
forestry at same station, also in 
charge of field and laboratory in- 
vestigations of problems relating 
to pineapple industry. Conducted 
investigations on sugar cane, pine- 
apple and forestry in Fiji, Aus- 
tralia, Java, Federated Malay 
States, Philippine Islands (1910- 
1911), Cuba, Jamaica, Canal Zone, 
nnd Southern United States (1919- 
1920). Has published numerous 
papers in various scientific jour- 
nals dealing with researches in 
plant pathology, plant embryology 
and evolution of plants. Fellow 
Amer. Assn. for Advancement of 
Science; member Amer. Genetic 
Assn., Amer. Farm Society. 



postmaster, Honolulu; born in St. 
Louis, Mo., April 9, 1879; son of 
David Hastings and Mary Evans 

(Smith) MacAdam. Educated St. 
Louis High School (St. Louis Mo.), 
Washington University and St. 
Louis School of Fine Arts; mar- 
ried Adah Cecilia Ellis, New York 
City, May 29, 1911; one child, Da- 
vid Hastings, Jr. Reporter on St. 
Louis papers; newspaper corre- 
spondent at Washington for St. 
Louis Republic; magazine writer 
and in the postoffice department at 
Washington; appointed postmaster 
of Honolulu April 15, 1917. 

MACAU LAY, JOHN R., master 

mariner and pilot, Honolulu; born 
in Stornoway, Scotland, Feb. 4, 
1854; son of John and Margaret 
(Mackenzie) Macaulay; grammar 
school education; married Jane Hill 
Oct. 10, 1881, at Liverpool, Eng. ; 
six children: Annie Laurie, Jean 
Hill, John Robert, Jessie Rogers, 
Eloise Ethel, Aulay Donald. Made 
first voyage in ship "Tamerlane," 
engaged in China tea trade, 1868; 
arrived in Honolulu as chief offi- 
cer American ship. "Paul Revere," 
1883; with Inter-Island Steam 
Nav. Co., 1883-93; in service Ha- 
waiian govt. and Terr, of Hawii 
most of lime as pilot for Honolulu, 
1893 to June 30, 1919, when he re- 
tired. Was chief officer "Clau- 
dine," which took Hawaiian Com- 
missioners to mainland to negotiate 
for annexation to L T . S. ; command- 
er of Hawaiian revenue cutter "Le- 
hua," 1895, in search for filibuster 
then being fitted out at Victoria, 
B. C.; holds letter given him by 
J. B. Castle, then collector general 
of customs, dated July 9, 1895, giv- 
ing highest praise for services. 
Served continually as Honolulu 
pilot after 1895. Was agent and 
surveyor, Amer. Bureau of Ship- 
ping, New York. 1900. Holds let- 
ter from Ter. board of harbor 
commissioners expressing highest 
praise for valuable services ren- 
dered. Oldest son, John R., Jr., 
served during war as chief eng. U. 
S. A. T. Naragansett. 

perintendent of Public Instruction, 
Territory of Hawaii, Honolulu; 
born July 7, 1887, at Huron, S. D. ; 
son of William Frank and Matilda 
(Vaughan) MacCaughey. Educated 
Cornell University, B. S. A., 1908; 
advanced work University of Chi- 
cago, 1916; married Janet Harriet 
Brooker of Newburgh, N. Y., in 
Honolulu, Nov. 21, 1909; four chil- 
dren, Hamilton, Matilda, Horace 
and Patricia. Student assistant 
(Cornell), 1905-08; teacher natural 
sciences Territorial Normal, 1908- 









10; asst. prof. bot. and hort., Col- 
lege of Hawaii, 1910-13; prof, of 
bot., same, 1913-19; Supt. of Pub. 
Inst., T. H., since April, 1919. 
Teacher nat. history and field biol- 
ogy, Chautauqua Institution Sum- 
mer Schools, 1906-18. Visiting 
prof., Univ. of Cal., summer session, 
1911; Cornell University, summer 
session, 1912; transcontinental 
tours lecturing on Hawaii, summers 
of 1912-18; state director for Ha- 
waii National Education Associa- 
tion, editor "Hawaii Educational 
Review," author number educa- 
tional and scientific works. V. -Pres., 
Y. M. C. A.; pres. Hon. Ad Club; 
member Honolulu Cham, of Comm., 
Rotary Club; chairman local com- 
mittee Pan-Pacific Educational 
Conference; director Pan-Pacific 
Union; member Hawaiian Board, 
chairman Publications Committee; 
member Executive Committee Anti- 
Saloon League; special field com- 
missioner Hawaii Boy Scouts of 
America. Fellow Amer. Assn. for 
the Advancement of Science; life 
member National Geographic So- 
ciety; member Sigma XI, Commer- 
cial Club (Honolulu), Mason, Cen- 
tral Union Church. 


insurance mgr., Honolulu; born in 
Glasgow, Scotland, Sept. 20, 1881; 
son of William and Jane (Murray) 
Macconel; educated, Allen Glen's 
Grammar School, Glasgow; Wigton 
Academy, Cumberland, Eng. Mar- 
ried Margaret Kennedy, in Hono- 
lulu, Oct. 12, 1909; two children, 
Dermont Norbert and Robert Law- 
rence. Began as clerk, United King- 
dom Provident Institution (life in- 
surance), Glasgow branch; clerk, 
London & Lancashire Fire Insur- 
ance Co., Glasgow branch, 1903-05; 
in charge loss dept., same office, 
1905-06; came to Honolulu in May, 
1906; shortly afterward joined In- 
surance Dept. of Bishop Co., 1906- 
10, resigned; bought interest in 
American-Hawaiian Paper Co., Ltd., 
selling out in 1911; treasurer Bishop 
Insurance Agency, Ltd., 1911-18; 
appointed mgr. Insurance Dept., 
American Factors, Ltd,. Nov. 1, 1918. 
Formerly member M. G. Co., Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii and pres. Hawaii 
Rating Bureau; member Oahu 
Country Club, Commercial Club, 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M. 


educator, Lahaina, Maui; born in 
Sherbrooke. Nova Scotia, Canada, 
Oct. 4, 1862; son of John Angus 
and Hannah (Clarke) MacDonald. 
Educated Cornell University, M. E., 
1896; married Margaret R. Burton 

at Waialua, Oahu, Aug. 31, 1901; 
one child, James Angus. Taught 
shop work in Clarkson School of 
Technology, Potsdam, New York, 
1896; taught shop work, mechan- 
ical and architectural drawing, 
Kam,ehameha School, Honolulu!, 
1897; principal of Lahainaluna 
School, Maui, since 1903. 


stock and bond broker, Honolulu; 
born March 23, 1876, in Honolulu; 
son of Henry Richard and Emma 
(Widemann) Macfarlane. Edu- 
cated Fort Street School and St. 
Albans College, Honolulu; married 
Mary Lowrie Dunn, Honolulu, Dec. 

6, 1906; one daughter, Jean Mary. 
Entered business in 1903 as cashier 
Union Feed Co.; treasurer Mac- 
farlane & Co., 1907-10; cashier 
Libby, McNeill & Libby of Hono- 
lulu, 1912-14; partnership in brok- 
erage firm, Giffard & Macfarlane, 
since 1915; executive sec. Hawaii 
Chapter American Red Cross, 1911- 
21. Member Pacific, Oahu Coun- 
try and Oahu Polo Clubs. 

fee planter, Kealakekua, Hawaii; 
born in Melbourne, Australia, Jan. 
17. 1865; son of Walter and Anna 
Macfarlane; education, private 
schooling; Edinburgh Collegiate 
and Edinburgh Univ. Became 
bookkeeper, Hawi Plantation, Ko- 
hala, Hawaii, 1901; mgr. Puuwa- 
awaa Ranch, Hawaii, 1902-03; made 
mgr. Hind Estate, Kona, Hawaii, 
1903 and on amalgamation of Hind 
Estate and Capt. Cook Coffee Co. 
Ltd., 1909 became mgr. of new 
organization. Member Honolulu 
Country Club, Commercial Club, 
British Club, Hilo Yacht and Auto- 
mobile Club. 

riculturist, Honolulu; born Dec. 18, 
1886, at Silver Reef, Utah; son of 
John Morton and Nora (Andrus) 
Macfarlane; married Daisy Dean 
Marsh at Kingfisher, Okla., June 

7, 1917; two children, Wallace 
Marsh and Mary Dean. Educated 
Univ. of Utah Preparatory School, 
1906; Univ. of Utah, B. S., 1910; 
fellow Univ. of Illinois, 1912-15; 
Univ. of Illinois, M. S., 1913; Univ. 
of Illinois, Ph. D., 1915, majoring 
agricultural chemistry; asst. chem- 
ist, Utah Agricultural College, 1910- 
12; Fellow in Agronomy, Univ. of 
Illinois, 1912-15; experiment sta- 
tion chemist, Agricultural College 
of Oklahoma, 1915-17; agronomist, 
Univ. of Arizona, 1917; U. S. Army 
as reserch chemist, gas warfare, 
American University, Washington, 






D. C., 1917-19; chemist U. S. Ex- 
periment Station. Honolulu, 1919: 
agricultural adviser, Hawaiian Fer- 
tilizer Co., Ltd., Honolulu, since 
1920. Papers, "Products of Evap- 
oration of Great Salt Lake," Sci- 
ence, 1910; "Durability of Lime 
Carbonates in Soils," Thesis, Univ. 
of Illinois, 1915. Member Ameri- 
can Chemical Society, American 
Society of Agronomy, National 
Geographic Society, Oklahoma 
Academy of Science, Utah Academy 
of Science, Phi Delta Theta frat. 

insurance, Honolulu; born in Pee- 
blesshire, Scotland, June 15, 1879: 
son of Malcolm Taylor and Jane 
(Young) Macintyre. Educated Bon- 
nington Park High School. Peebles, 
Scotland; married Florence Hall, 
daughter of W. W. Hall, Hono- 
lulu, March 10, 1909; children. Cor- 
nelia, Jean Elizabeth, Margery and 
Neil. Served apprenticeship. Bank 
of Scotland, Peebles, Scotland; 
came to Honolulu in 1900 ; in charge 
of savings bank dept. of Bishop & 
Co. one year; entered insurance 
business with Bishop & Co.; sec. 
and treas. Bishop Insurance Agen- 
cy, Ltd., to Aug., 1911; Honolulu 
manager of Sun Life Assurance 
Co. of Canada since. Represented 
interest of W. W. Hall in firm of 

E. O. Hall & Son, Ltd., as auditor 
and director, 1909-10. Member 
Commercial Club, Automobile and 
Manoa Improvement Clubs; mem- 
ber Industrial Accident Board; in- 
spector for Masonic district of Ha- 
waii and of the Grand Lodge. F. & 
A. M. of California. 

MacPHEE, ANGUS, rancher, 
Wailuku, Maui; born Cheyenne, 
^Yyoming, Aug. 9, 1876; son of Don- 
ald and Katherine (MacKechnie) 
MacPhee; grammar school educa- 
tion. Wyoming; married Catherine 
Denishman, at Paia, Maui, March 
12, 1916. Was born and raised on 
cattle ranch; went to Chicago as 
"broncho Buster" for Buffalo Bill. 
1893; with govt. relief expedition to 
Alaska, 1897-98; served with U. S. 
Quartermaster dept., Philippine Is.. 
1898-1901; returned to Alaska, 1901, 
and from there to Wyoming, where 
he ranched from 1902-07; since 1907 
independent rancher. Island of Maui. 
Member of Masonic Order. 

MADDEN, EDWARD, railway 
mgr., Mahukona. Hawaii; born in 
England, Sept. 8, 1866; married 
Mary E. Alexander, at Kohala, 
Hawaii, March 27, 1894; two chil- 
dren: Violet Grace and John 
Alexander. Arrived in Hawaii. 

1885, entering sugar plantation 
work; sugar boiler for Kukaiau 
Mill Co., 1887-1890; manager of 
same company. 1890-1912; manager 
of Hawaii Railway Co., Ltd., since 
1913. Member Hilo Lodge No. 
759, B. P. O. E. ; Kilauea Lodge 
No. 330, F. & A. M., 32 Mason. 

MAGOON, JOHN H., treasurer 
and manager of the Consolidated 
Amusement Co.. Ltd.. Honolulu; 
born in Honolulu. April 28, 1889; 
son of John Alfred and Emmaline 
Marie (Afong) Magoon: educated 
at the Central grammar school 
and Punahou school in Honolulu; 
married Juliet Yivian Carroll in 
Honolulu, Dec. 3. 1913: two chil- 
dren: Juliet and John Henry. After 
leaving school entered his father's 
law office in Honolulu for several 
months; was manager American 
Sanitary Laundry in Honolulu until 
1910; became manager of the Ho- 
nolulu Amusement Co. which was 
later incorporated into the Consoli- 
dated Amusement Co.. Ltd.. of 
which be became treasurer and 
manager. Is interested with his 
brothers, Alfred K., Eaton H. and 
Marmion M. Magoon, in the rtrm 
of Magoon Bros, and also the 
Magoon Trust Estate. Member of 
Commercial Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce; Hawaiian Civic Club (pres. 
1920); Court Lunalilo 6600, A. O. 
F. ; 32 Mason and Shriner. 

yer. Honolulu: born in Honolulu, 
August 28, 1892: son of John Alfred 
and Emmaline Marie (Afong) Ma- 
goon; educated at Punahou school. 
Honolulu, and two years at the 
University of Hawaii; graduated 
from Hasting College of the Law, 
Univ. of Calif., degree LL.B. 1920. 
Married Genevieve Sicotte at San 
Jose, Calif., Aug. 4, 1917. Admitted 
to bar. Territory of Hawaii. 1921, 
and has since been associated with 
law firm, Robertson, Castle & Ol- 
son. Is director of Consolidated 
Amusement Co., Ltd., and American 
Sanitary Laundry; member of firm. 
Magoon Bros, and trustee of Ma- 
goon Trust Estate. Member Oahu 
Country Club, Hawaiian Civic Club 
and Olympic Club, San Francisco. 

ness agent, Honolulu; born in Ho- 
nolulu, February 13, 1896; son of 
John Alfred and Emmaline Marie 
(Afong) Magoon; educated at Pu- 
nahou school in Honolulu and at 
Manzanite Hall, Palo Alto, Calif., 
until 1916. Married Helen Holt in 
Honolulu, March 15, 1917; one son, 
Marmion M., Jr. Soon after finishing 





B ?, 
-+ y\ 





school he became engaged in the 
active management of the extensive 
realty holdings and operations of 
the firm of Magoon Bros, in which 
his brothers, John H., Alfred K. 
and Eaton H. are also equally in- 
terested. Is manager and trustee 
of the Magoon Trust Estate, direc- 
tor of the Consolidated Amusement 
Co., Ltd., and director of the Amer- 
ican Sanitary Laundry Co. Mem- 
ber of Lodge Le Progres de 
1'Oceanie 371 F. & A. M., 32 Scot- 
ish Rite, Knight Templar and 
Shriner. Also member of the 
Olympic Club, San Francisco, and 
of the Oahu Country Club, the 
Hawaiian Civic Club. 

MAGOON, ALFRED K., industri- 
al manager, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu, August 15, 1890; son of 
John Alfred and Emmaline Marie 
(Afong) Magoon; educated at Pun- 
ahou school in Honolulu; married 
Ruth Dorothy Lindley in Hono- 
lulu, February 4, 1914; two chil- 
dren: John Alfred and George Al- 
len. Began as an assistant in va- 
rious capacities with the American 
Sanitary Laundry, one of the first 
and today the largest modern 
laundry in the Territory of Ha- 
waii, established in 1900 by his 
father. Succeeded his brother, 
John H. Magoon, as manager of 
the American Sanitary Laundry in 
1911. Was a candidate in the pri- 
mary election for supervisor. City 
and County of Honolulu, 1919. Is 
a director of the Consolidated 
Amusement Co., Ltd., a trustee of 
the Magoon Trust Estate and in- 
terested equally with his brothers 
in Magoon Brothers. Member of the 
Commercial Club, Rotary Club, Ha- 
waiian Civic Club and is a Mason 
and Knight Templar. 

MAKEKAU, DAVID H., lawyer 
Kamuela, Hawaii; born at Laha- 
ina, Maui, Dec. 25, 1889; son of 
R. H. and Mileka Makekau; edu- 
cated at Kamehameha manual 
training school, Honolulu; married 
Angeline Mileina Mahelona at Ku- 
kuihaele, Hamakua, Hawaii, March 
25, 1916; children: Nancy, Mileina, 
Emma and Hannah. Appointed 
deputy sheriff for the District of 
Hamakua, Hawaii county, 1911-12; 
captain of police, same district, 
1913-15; guard, Insane Asylum, 
1917-18; appointed dist. magistrate, 
S. Kohala, Hawaii, Mar. 18, 1919. 

engineer, Honolulu; born Portland, 
Oregon, Sept. 25, 1892; son of 
John C. and Maud (Buzzell) Mann. 

Educated Holladay grammar school, 
Washington high school, Portland; 
Oreg. State College, Corvallis, B. 
S. in mech. eng., 1912; Univ. Wis- 
consin, hydraulic eng., 1913; fore- 
man Star Sand Co., Portland, June- 
Sept., 1912; office engr. Everglades 
Sug. & Land Co.. Miami, Fla., 
1913-14; office engr. Hillsboro Land 
Co., West Palm Beach, Fla., Feb. 
-June, 1914; office engr. Palm 
Beach Farms Co., Lake Worth, 
Fla., 1914-15; asst. engr. Dept. Pub. 
Works, T. of H., Hilo, Hawaii, Feb. 
-July, 1916; asst. govt. surveyor, 
Survey Dept., T. of H., 1916-17; 
asst. county engr., Hawaii Co., 
Hilo, 1917-18; office engr. U. S. G. 
S., water resources branch, Hono- 
lulu, Feb. -June, 1918; engr. B. P. 
Bishop Estate, Honolulu, general 
land surveying, in charge of field 
party, Feb. 1919 to date. Army 
service during war as 1st Lieut. 
Engrs., U. S. A. Reserve Corps, 
1916-18. Similar commission held 
since Mar. 17, 1919. Has studied 
Hawaiian language, and has good 
conversational knowledge of it. 
Member Washington Lodge 46, F. 
& A. M., Portland, Ore.; Lake 
Worth Chap. 24, R. A. M., Palm 
Beach, Fla.; Honolulu Consistory 
1, Scottish Rite, Honolulu; Islam 
Shrine, San Francisco; Miami, 
Florida lodge 948, B. P. O. E. ; 
University Club, Ad Club, Hilo 
Yacht Club, Phi Delta Theta frat. 

MANN, WILLIAM, dentist. Ho- 
nolulu; born in Dan, Ky., Mar. 21, 
1890; son of Harrison and Mahala 
(Davis) Mann; education, Ky. pub. 
schools, Hazel Green (Ky.) Acade- 
my; Business School of Univ. of 
Ky. ; Agricultural School of Gains- 
ville, Fla.; Univ. of Louisville Den- 
tal College, D. D. S., 1914, honor 
graduate. Married Lottie Ellen Gil- 
liam, May 30,1907, at Orlando, Fla.; 
children: Alline and Billie Ray. 
Taught in pub. schools of Ky., 
Fla., and N. Mex. ; practised den- 
tistry, Morehead, Ky., 1915-16; 
first lieut. U. S. Army, 1916; pro- 
moted major, 1917; resigned as ma- 
jor, dental corps, May 16, 1921, be- 
ginning practise in Honolulu. Was 
for three years camp dental sur- 
geon, Camp Taylor, Ky. 

nessman, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Everest, Kans., Feb. 2, 1890; son 
of Peter John and Frances Marak; 
at age of four emigrated with par- 
ents to Oklahoma and Indian Ter- 
ritories; grammar school and busi- 
ness college education; completed 









commercial course, St. Benedict's 
College, Atchison, Kans., 1909. For 
short time after completing school 
farmed with father in Oklahoma; 
became bookkeeper and cashier, 
Sturm Clothing Co., Oklahoma 
City. 1910; later became asst. au- 
ditor, Oklahoma Fire Ins. Co.; en- 
tered hotel business at Colorado 
Springs, Colo., 1913; insurance 
business, California, several years; 
joined Hawaiian Insurance & 
Guaranty Co. and First Trust Co. 
of Hilo, Jan., 1920. Is mgr. and 
director of former company and 
mgr. Insurance Dept. of latter. 
With Headquarters Co., 12th U. S. 
Inf., 8th Division, during world 
war, 1918-19; member and officer 
American Legion, Post No. 3, Hilo; 
member Elks' Lodge No. 322, San 
Luis Obispo, Calif., and secy. Ro- 
tary Club, Hilo. 

chant, Honolulu; born Nov. 8, 1881, 
at Kau, Hawaii; son of F. D. A. 
Marquez; married Leonora Kama- 
nele Rosewarne, Feb. 9, 1909, at 
Honolulu; one child, Charles N., 
Jr. Educated St. Louis College, 
Honolulu; Royal School, Hono- 
lulu High School and Heald's 
Business College, San Francisco, 
Cal. Entered business in employ 
of Oahu Railroad & Land Co., 
Honolulu, and then served suc- 
cessively with Robt. Grieve Pub. 
Co., C. J. Hutchins, Honolulu (in- 
surance) ; employed in Bank of Ha- 
waii, Ltd., four years; entered 
mercantile business on own ac- 
count as president of the Office 
Supply Co., Ltd., Honolulu; is pres- 
ident Honolulu Paper Co., Ltd., and 
Oahu Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.; di- 
rector Bergstrom Music Co., Ltd., 
and Hilo Stationery Co., Ltd. Mem- 
ber Territorial Legislature, 1917, 
being chairman Educational Com- 
mittee. Member Hawaiian Lodge 
No. 21, F. & A. M.; Royal Arch 
Mason, Honolulu Chapter No. 1; 
Past Eminent Commander Hono- 
lul Commandery No. 1, Knights 
Templar; 32nd degree Scottish Rite 
Mason and Noble of the Mystic 
Shrine, Aloha Temple; member 
Oahu Country Club, Commercial 
Club, Chamber of Commerce, life 
member Queen's Hospital and 
member of Order of Kamehameha, 
Chapter, No. 1 and Independent 
Order of Foresters, Court Lunalilo, 
No. 6600. 

MARSTON, EDGAR S., jeweler, 
Honolulu; born at Newburyport, 
Mass., May 16, 1879; son of George 
H. and Lucy (Blake) Marston; 

educated in the public and high 
schools of Newburyport; married 
Harriet Warren at Newburyport, 
Mass., Nov. 20, 1900; four children: 
Ethel F., Edgar B., Warren and 
Stanley S. Began as an appren- 
tice in jewelry business with W. 
P. Jones in Newburyport, one of 
the oldest jewelry firms in the 
United States. With other large 
jewelry firms and manufacturers 
in Newburyport, Boston, Provi- 
dence, Los Angeles and San Diego 
for several years. Removed to 
Honolulu in May, 1916 and was 
with the jewelry firm of H. F. 
Wichman Co., until 1918. Became 
manager of Detor & Elie, jewelry 
store, Honolulu. August 1918. 
Opened jewelry business, Marston 
& Co., in Honolulu, September 1921. 
Is a Mason, Knight Templar, 
Shriner. Elk and member of Ho- 
nolulu Ad Club and Outrigger 


yer, Honolulu; born in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., June 20, 1870; son of 
David and Margaret W. (Houston) 
Marx; married Mary Eloise Castle, 
daughter of Alfred Castle, oldest 
son of Samuel Northrup Castle, in 
Honolulu, Nov. 28, 1900; two chil- 
dren, Benjamin Lodge Marx, Jr. 
and Drusilla Marx. Private secre- 
tary to President Sanford B. Dole 
and secretary Executive Council, 
Republic of Hawaii, 1894-98; secre- 
tary of commission to draft Organ- 
ic Act 1898; admitted to bar 1899, 
and formed partnership with Fran- 
cis M. Hatch, same year; has prac- 
tised law since under various part- 
nerships; member of firm, Frear, 
Prosser, Anderson and Marx; pro- 
minent in musical circles of Ho- 
nolulu; president of Honolulu Art 
Society and of Hawaiian Academy 
of Design; member of Company B, 
National Guard, .. during Hawaiian 
revolution- of 1895 and' member of 
Mounted Reserve; commissioned 
by War Dept,, member of Local 
Draft Board No. 2, Honolulu, dur- 
ing war. Member of Pacific, Com- 
mercial, Hawaii Polo & Racing, 
Oahu Country clubs, Beretania and 
Neighborhood Tennis clubs, Ha- 
waiian Historical Society, Ameri- 
can and Honolulu Bar associations, 
Honolulu Lodge No. 409, F. & A. M. 


hardware, Honolulu ; born in Iowa, 
1880; son of Clifton E. and Hattie 
J. (Knight) Mayne; education, Salt 
Lake high school; San Diego Busi- 
ness College; Missouri School of 
Mines (two years) ; married Mary 
Byrne, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 






1903; one child, Phil C. Left school 
1901 and engaged in zinc and lead 
mining and milling at Joplin, Mo., 
for two years; concentrating zinc. 
Park City, Utah, four years; came 
to Hawaii, 1908, starting with E. O. 
Hall & Son. Ltd.. Feb. 15 of that 
year; joined firm of The Lynch Co., 
Honolulu, May 1921. Member 7th 
Calif. Inf., 1898; transferred to Utah 
Battery and served nine months in 
Philippines, being invalided home. 
Member B. P. O. Elks. 

chemical engineer. Honolulu; born 
Sept. 28, 1880 at San Francisco; 
son of William I. and Mary D. 
(Reed) McAllep. Univ. Southern 
Cal., 1902. With Western Sug. Re- 
fining Co. and Union Iron Works 
and various beet sugar companies. 
1902-1915; asst., acting and associ- 
ate sugar technologist, H. S. P. A.. 
Honolulu, 1915-20; sugar technolo- 
gist, same, since 1920. Lecturer, 
sugar technology, Univ. Hawaii, 
1919 to date. Vice-pres. Hawn. 
Chemists Awsn., 1920-21; member 
Sigma Chi Fraternity, Amer. Chem. 
Society, Hawn. Engineering Assn., 
University Club. Los Angeles; 
Commercial Club, Honolulu; B. P. 
O. E. and F. & A. M. 


promoter, advertising and sales 
specialist, son of James Garrow 
and Virginia R. E. L. (nee Aimes) 
McAlpine, born at New Haven. 
Conn. Dec. 3, 1884; received gram- 
mar and high school education at 
Bakersfield and Gilroy. Calif., also 
commercial training at Pacific 
Coast Business College, of San 
Jose, Calif.; established residence 
at Honolulu, May 23, 1917; married 
Adelaide Georga Stone McCann, 
at Honolulu, May 20. 1920; two 
children, Shirley Florence, by for- 
mer marriage and Lois Adelaide, 
by adoption; specialist in gas en- 
gine and automobile repairs and 
construction, 1902-06; organizer 
and mgr. Automobile Relief Ser- 
vice, during period following earth- 
quake and fire at San Francisco, 
Calif., 1906; mgr. mechanical dept. 
Pacific Garage Co., San Francisco, 
Calif., 1907; mgr. McAlpine Ga- 
rage, San Francisco, Calif.. 1907-08; 
sales promotion, Hudson. Hupmo- 
bile, Oakland and Locomobile 
automobiles., San Francisco, Calif., 
1908-13; asst. mgr. factory branch, 
Stevens Duryea Automobile Co., at 
San Francisco, Calif., 1913-14; genl. 
sales mgr. Cuyler Lee (Packard 
and Maxwell Automobile Agencies), 
San Francisco, Calif., 1914-17; mgr. 
automobile clept.. Schuman Car- 

riage Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 1917-18; 
promoter and mgr. The Pond Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu, 1918-19-20; mgr. 
International Investment Co. (Hart- 
ford Oil Co.) Honolulu, 1920; pres. 
International Investment Co., Ltd., 
(Hawaiian Texas Oil Co., Ltd.) 
Honolulu. 1920; sales promotion 
and advertising. Hawaiian Mutual 
Agencies, Ltd., Honolulu, 1920-21; 
Hawaiian Fruit Products Company, 
Ltd., stock sales, Honolulu, 1921. 
Member. Aero Club of America, 
New York, Commercial Club. Ad 
Club, B. P. O. Elks, Honolulu Auto- 
mobile Club, Central Union Church 
Honolulu, T. H. 

cier, Honolulu; born in Indiana, 
Indiana Co., Pa., Sept. 2.0, 1855; son 
of Thomas McCartney and Eliza- 
beth Ann (Newman) McCandless; 
descendant of pioneer settlers of 
Western Pennsylvania. Educated 
in public schools of Indiana Co., 
Pa., and Volcano, W. Va.; married 
Lillian Frederica Hargear of New 
York City Nov. 7, 1910; no chil- 
dren. Began business career with 
father in West Virginia oil fields, 
learning to drill wells; was in 
Leadville, Colo., 1879-80; went to 
San Francisoo, Cal., Nov., 1880, 
later coming to Honolulu on S. S. 
City of New York, Dec., 1880; in 
following year, 1881, on arrival of 
brothers John A. and Lincoln L. 
McCandless, formed firm of Mc- 
Candless Bros., artesian well drill- 
ers; since then have drilled over 
600 wells, making it possible to 
operate Ewa, Oahu, Kahuku and 
Waialua plantations; on guarantee 
of McCandless Bros, to find water 
in sufficient quantity for irriga- 
tion purposes Ewa Plantation was 
organized, this being the first 
plantation in Hawaii to install 
pumping plants for irrigation pur- 
poses from artesian wells. Was 
corporal of Sharpshooters Company 
under provisional government and 
Republic of Hawaii. Member Pa- 
cific, Commercial, Outrigger Canoe 
and Country Clubs of Honolulu and 
Bohemian and Union League Clubs 
of San Francisco, Cal. Member all 
Masonic orders, both York and 
Scottish Rite and Ancient Arabic 
Order Nobles of Mystic Shrine for 
North America. Has crossed the 
Pacific Ocean between San Fran- 
risco and Honolulu 75 times; made 
one round trip across the Atlantic 
Ocean. 1900-01. 

McCANDLESS, JOHN A., finan- 
cier. Honolulu; born in Penn., June 
11, 1853; son of Thomas M. and 
Eliza (Newman) McCandless; pub- 






lie school education; married Ella 
Thompson of Parkersburg, W. Va., 
Sept. 4, 1877. Went to Honolulu, 
1881, and engaged in drilling for 
artesian wells; later made exten- 
sive investments; member McCand- 
less Bros., vice president Pioneer 
Mill Co., vice president Oahu Su- 
gar Co., president Home Insur- 
ance Co., etc. Was member of 
committee of 13 that revolution- 
ized the monarchy, 1893; member 
Provisional Government during its 
entire existence; member Senate, 
1894-98; first superintendent of 
public works under territorial gov- 
ernment; Republican, Mason, mem- 
ber of Commercial and Country 


rancher, financier and junior mem- 
ber of the firm of McCandless 
Bros. ; son of Thomas McCartney 
and Elizabeth (Newman) McCand- 
less; descendant of pioneers who 
settled in western Pennsylvania 
before the Revolutionary war. Ed- 
ucated in the public schools of 
Pennsylvania and West Virginia; 
married Elizabeth Janet Cart- 
wright of New York May 24, 1904; 
one child, Elizabeth Loy. Went to 
Leadville, Colo., at the age of 20 
years to prospect; came to Hawaii 
in 1882, joining brothers John A. 
and James S.; organized firm of 
McCandless Bros., which company 
guaranteed water in abundance 
for irrigation purposes, thus mak- 
ing it possible for the starting of 
many enterprises, particularly rice 
and sugar plantations. Has taken 
an active part in public affairs 
during the monarchy, provisional 
government, Republic of Hawaii 
and since the annexation of Ha- 
waii to the United States; served 
in the Legislature of 1898-1906; 
repeatedly a candidate for Delegate 
to Congress; advocated changes in 
the land laws, government aid for 
homesteaders, making of Hono- 
lulu a free port, etc., etc. Member 
of Oahu Country and Commercial 


ex-governor Territory of Hawaii, 
Honolulu; born Aug. 4, 1861, in 
Boston, Mass.; son of Charles and 
Joana (McCarthy) McCarthy; mar- 
ried Margaret Teresa Morgan, in 
Honolulu, Jan. 16, 1889; five chil- 
dren: Eileen, Louise, Pearl, Vir- 
ginia, Margaret. Educated gram- 
mar and high schools of San Fran- 
cisco, and became associated with 
wholesale fruit house that city, 
1881; sent to Honolulu to represent 

firm, arriving March 11, 1881; has 
been in various lines of business 
in Honolulu since that time. Treas. 
Territory of Hawaii, Oct. 31, 1914- 
June 22, 1918; appointed Governor, 
Territory of Hawaii, by President 
Woodrow Wilson, taking office 
June 22, 1918. Appointed by Ho- 
nolulu Chamber of Commerce as 
Washington, D. C.. representative, 
to begin June 1, 1921. Was member 
House of Nobles, Kingdom of Ha- 
waii, 1890; secy. Legislature 1892; 
senator, Territorial Legislature, 
1907-11; treas. City and County of 
Honolulu, 1912-14. Was captain 
Honolulu Rifles, 1888, and captain, 
major and lieut.-col. National 
Guard of Hawaii, resigning Oct. 
1902. Member Board of Harbor 
Commissioners from its establish- 
ment, July 1, 1911, to June 22, 1918. 
Is president, Pan-Pacific Union, 
Honolulu. Member K. of P., past 
supreme chancellor; I. O. O. F., past 
grand; Fraternal Order Eagles, 
past pres. ; B. P. O. E., past exalted 
ruler. Member Oahu Country Club, 
Myrtle Boat Club, Ad Club. 


merchant, Honolulu; born March 
8, 1860, in Marion county, Mo.; son 
of Robert Watson and Martha Jane 
(Davis) McChesney; great great- 
grandfather came from Scotland in 
1732 and settled in New York state; 
father served through Civil War in 
36th Iowa Infantry, afterwards ed- 
ited and published Batesville Re- 
publican (Arkansas), during re- 
construction period, 1868-72; re- 
ceived early education in public 
schools of Batesville, Ark.; married 
Alice M. Clark April 6, 1892, in 
Honolulu: three children, Ruth 
Florence, Martha Louise and Lil- 
lian. Entered newspaper office of 
father and served five years at 
printing trade; 1878 attended Ar- 
kansas State University; assistant 
postmaster of home town, 1879-82; 
came to Honolulu in 1883, taking 
position with firm of M. W. Mc- 
Chesney & Sons, grocers; in 1906 
established present firm, McChes- 
ney Coffee Co.; member Knights 
of" Pythias, C. C., 1891; was presi- 
dent Civic Federation of Honolulu, 

er, Honolulu; born July 24, 1884, in 
Honolulu; son of Daniel and Jane 
(Johnson) McCorriston. Educated 
St. Louis College, Honolulu, grad- 
uating 1901. With Bank of Hawaii, 
Ltd., since 1901; appointed cashier, 
Jan., 1921. Member Oahu Country, 
Hawaii Polo and Racing, Outrigger 
and Healani Boat Clubs. 






physician, Honolulu; born in Cam- 
bridge, Province of New Bruns- 
wick, Canada, May 4, 1853; son of 
Lewis and Martha (Titus) McDon- 
ald; educated public schools New 
Brunswick, Kent's Hill, Maine; 
Colby College (Maine) A. B. 1880; 
Cooper Medical College (now medi- 
cal department Stanford Univer- 
sity, Cal.), degree M. D. 1884; 
post-graduate studies, lectures and 
clinics, New York and London, 
1892-93; Colby College, degree A. 
M. 1895; married Clara Rebecca 
Hutchins in San Francisco, Nov. 
27, 1887. Practised profession in 
San Francisco 1886-1900; patholo- 
gist to Board of Health, Territory 
of Hawaii 1901-10; visiting phy- 
sician Queen's Hospital (Honolulu), 
1904-18; private practise in Hono- 
lulu. Director U. S. Leprosy In- 
vestigation Station since 1918; at- 
tending physician to Kalihi (lep- 
rosy) Hospital. Member San Fran- 
cisco Medical Society 1887-1900; 
Medical Society of California 1888- 
1900; Fellow American Medical 
Association since 1888; Medical 
Society of Hawaii since 1900. 

business man and magistrate, Ko- 
hala, Hawaii; born in Honolulu 
Jan. 24, 1866; son of George and 
Isabel Paul McDougall; married 
Louisa Kaikainalii Kimokeo at 
Kohala, June, 1885; two children: 
Albert K. and Walter W. Attend- 
ed Oahu College, 1879-83. Head 
overseer of Kohala Sug. Co., 1886- 
1892; head overseer of Union Mill 
Co., Kohala, 1893-1903; with Ko- 
hala Club and Transpt. Co., Ltd., 
since 1904. Has been tax assessor, 
N. Kohala, for 15 years; second 
district magistrate, 10 years. 
Treasurer Kohala Civic League, 
member Kilauea Masonic Lodere. 
No. 330: Shriner: member Hilo 
Elks' Lodge 759. 

tionary engineer, Lahaina, Maui; 
born at Kohala, Hawaii, Nov. 6, 
1890; son of William Paul McDou- 
gall; married Katherine Raupp at 
Honolulu Jan. 21, 1913; one child, 
Paul Anthony. Educated Oahu 
College, Honolulu, leaving after 
sophomore year, 1907. Began ca- 
reer with Union Mill Co., Kohala, 
Hawaii, as machinists' helper, June 
1907-Nov., 1908; served apprentice- 
ship at Honolulu Iron Works four 
years; night engineer for Pioneer 
Mill Co., Maui, Oct., 1912-April. 
1914; chief engineer Baldwin Pack- 
ers, Maui, since 1914. Invented t:u> 
shredder, shelling machine and 

crushed pineapple pump, which are 
now in use in the Baldwin can- 
nery. Member Myrtle Boat Club. 


businessman, Honolulu: born in 
Honolulu Nov. 11, 1890; son of 
Henry Goulden and Alphonsine 
(Mottett) McGrew; married Mar- 
garet Frances Restarick in Hono- 
lulu Nov. 11, 1913; two children: 
Reynold Restarick and Margaret 
May. Educated Oahu College, Ho- 
nolulu, and Lycee Carnot, Paris, 
France. With Alexander & Bald- 
win, Ltd., Honolulu, 1910-18; pres. 
and mgr. Acetylene Light & Agen- 
cy Co. (now Hawaiian Gas Prod- 
ucts, Ltd..) since March 1, 1919. 
Was treas. and director Pacific In- 
vestment Co., Ltd., 1917-19; pres. 
same. 1920; vice pres., 1921. Sec- 
ond lieut. N. G. H. for several 
years; called into federal service 
June 1, 1918, promoted to first lieut. 
and transferred to Quartermaster 
Corps, Oct., 1918; first lieut. Quar- 
tei-master Reserve Corps. Member 
Pacific Club, secy, and gov., 1917- 
19: member Oahu Country Club, 
Chamber of Commerce, Honolulu. 

Love's Biscuit & Bread Co., Hono- 
lulu; born in Monticello, Cal., Oct. 
19, 1886; son of George Simon and 
Alice M. (Clark) McKenzie; mar- 
ried Fanny Isabell Hoogs in Hono- 
lulu Nov. 7, 1915; three children: 
George Stanley, Jr., Walter Love, 
Norma Louise, and by former mar- 
riage, Alice Naville. Attended 
Monticello and Napa, Cal., high 
schools and business college. Pri- 
vate secy, to Congressman Duncan 
E. McKinlay, Washington, D. C., 
1905-06; with McKinlay-Perkins 
Co. of Oakland, wholesale paint and 
varnish business, 1906-10; with 
Bass-Heuter Paint Co., 1910-14; 
mgr. Love's Bakery, now Love's 
Biscuit & Bread Co., since May 1. 
1914. Was member Co. H, 5th Cal. 
Regiment; member Rotary Club 
(past pres.); director Chamber of 
Commerce; vice pres. Ad Club; 
chairman Hawaii Tourist Bureau; 
chairman Retail Board of Trades; 
governor Commercial Club; gov- 
ernor Auto Club. Member B. P. O. 
E., Honolulu Lodge 409, F. & A. M., 
Oahu Country Club, Outrigger Ca- 
noe Club. Myrtle Boat Club. 


bookkeeper, Kealakekua, Hawaii; 
born at Coaticook, Canada, Feb. 12, 
1882; son of Rev. Ronald and Bes- 
sie (Goodhue) McKillop; married 
Elma Leo England, at Healdsburg. 
Calif., Nov. 29, 1906. Educated, 
public schools Mumford, N. Y., and 






Chehalis, Wash.; Albany College, 
Oregon; Willamette Univ. and Cap- 
ital City Business College, Salem, 
Ore. Began as stenographer and 
bookkeeper, Ashland Fruit & Prod- 
uce Assn., one year; bill clerk, 
timekeeper, stenographer and book- 
keeper, consecutively, Weed Lum- 
ber Co., Weed, Calif., four years; 
head bookkeeper and cashier, Dia- 
mond Match Co., branch, Wood- 
land, Calif., five years; bookkeeper 
and cashier, Captain Cook Coffee 
Co., Ltd., Kealakekua, Hawaii, 
since May 1915. Treas. Kona Im- 
provement Club, two years; elected 
secy, same, Feb. 1921. 

McLENNAN, JOHN A., manager 
Niulii Mill and Plantation, Kohala, 
Hawaii; born Nov. 4, 1865, in Pic- 
ton County, Nova Scotia; son of 
Alexander and Catherine (Adam- 
son) McLennan; married Alice V. 
Horner at Paauilo, Hawaii, Jan. 
11, 1899; one child, Ronald Homer 
McLennan. Manager Kukaiau Plan- 
tation, 1912-19; manager Niulii 
Plantation since Feb. 15, 1919. 

paperman and homesteader, Waia- 
kea, Hilo, Hawaii; born in Wyan- 
dotte, Kans., Feb. 3, 1882; educa- 
tion, Kansas schools, college pre- 
paratory work under private teach- 
er and home study; special student 
for three years in social science 
course, Univ. California, class of 
1911; after serving apprenticeship 
of several years as printer, solici- 
tor, and reporter on newspapers of 
Kansas, Oklahoma and other mid- 
dle western and western states, 
came to Hawaii, 1904; for three 
years circulation and advertising 
manager, Honolulu Bulletin; after 
leaving Univ. of California, re- 
turned to Honolulu Bulletin in gen- 
eral business and promotion work, 
in charge of circulation contests 
and special editions; remained with 
Bulletin until summer of 1912, then 
becoming member of reportorial 
staff of San Francisco Chronicle; 
became editor Hilo Tribune, 1916; 
reporter Star-Bulletin, 1917, and 
Advertiser, 1918; since 1919 resi- 
dent at Waiakea and engaged in 
general newspaper promotion work. 
Early in summer of 1918 passed 
and accepted for entrance in offi- 
cers' training school, Camp Pike, 
Ark., but not ordered to mainland 
until late in October, induction and 
entrainment orders being received 
in San Francisco two days after 
armistice was signed. 

MEDEIROS, FRANK, merchan- 
dise jobber, Wailuku, Maui; born 

at San Miguel, Azores Islands, 
January 17, 1877; son of Manuel 
Jose and Maria Quiteria Medeiros; 
educated in common school and by 
private teacher; married Alexand- 
rina Almeida at Kuau, Maui, Janu- 
ary 17, 1903; children: Manuel, 
Violet, Margaret, Frank, Alex- 
andrina, Hilda and Mary Pauline. 
Began as yard boy and as an as- 
sistant on tax books for W. F. Fen- 
nel, old Grove Ranch and as store 
clerk, T. H. Davies & Co.'s branch 
store, Paia, Maui; after working on 
Paia plantation for two years and 
returning as clerk to same store for 
about eight years was engaged by 
J. P. Cooke, as warehouse and 
office man, for Alexander & 
Baldwin at Kahului, Maui; en- 
gaged as warehouse superintend- 
ent for the Kahului store about 
eight years; became manager of 
Maui Dry Goods & Grocery Co., 
Ltd., at Wailuku, Maui, 1906-1920; 
is now manager of the jobbing de- 
partment at Kahului, Maui. Mem- 
ber of Court Valley Island, A. O. 
F. (Past Chief Ranger). 

chant, Honolulu; born Waialua, 
Oahu, Hawaii, July 10, 1883; son 
of John A. and Concicao (Salgada) 
Medeiros. Educated St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu; married Helen 
Gueirra Feb. 17, 1916. Engaged in 
general merchandise business, Wa- 
ialua, Oahu, T. H., 1904-12; pur- 
chased store of L. B. Kerr, Hono- 
lulu; incorporated business under 
name of Ideal Clothing Co., Ltd., 
1912; increased capital to $1<00,000 
and leased corner Fort and Hotel 
streets, Honolulu, for annex to 
main store, 1920; is pres. and man- 
ager Ideal Clothing Co., Ltd. Mem- 
ber Chamber of Commerce, Order 
of Owls, Outrigger Club, Santa 
Antonio Society, Commercial Club, 
Honolulu Golf Club. 


merchant, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Edinburgh, Scotland, March 12, 
1883; son of J. H. and Louise 
(Cairns-Currie) Meinke; educated 
at Commercial High School, Bre- 
men, Germany; married in Shang- 
hai, wife deceased; one son, Wer- 
ner. Began in shipping and chart- 
ing business, Bergen, Norway and 
London, England; general import- 
ing business, Shanghai, China; 
with government, arms and am- 
munition, Peking, China; also as- 
sessor, German Consular Court, 
Shanghai; mining, Ipoh, Federate 
Malay States; prospecting, Tavoy, 
British Burma, Banjermassin and 









Borneo. Was a volunteer in caval- 
ry, 19th Dragoons, Germany. 

boiler, Eleele, Kauai: born August 
24, 1866 at Ascension, Louisiana; 
son of Aristide and Cecelia (Lan- 
clry) Melancon ; public school edu- 
cation; married Lydia LaBlanc at 
Donaldsonville, La., May 29, 1895; 
children: Mickelle, George, Lydia. 
Lindon, Milo and Rita. Apprentice 
sugar boiler at Ascension, La., seven 
years; chief sugar boiler for firm, 
Millikin and Farnwell Co., New 
Orleans, 19 years; for O. M. Pow- 
ell of Chicago, in Mexico, five 
years ; chief sugar boiler, McBryde 
Sugar Co., Kauai, T. H., since 1914. 
Was member of Moose lodge and 
Knights of Honor, New Orleans. 


contractor, Wailuku, Maui; born in 
Northport, Wis., Apr. 21, 1878; ed- 
ucated in grammar and high 
schools of Illinois; married Ethel 
I. Smith, at Hamakuapoko, Maui, 
Nov. 9, 1910. Served in U. S. Army 
during Spanish-American War, 
1898; member Lodge Maui, No. 472, 
F. & A. M. 

aging supt. Kauai Electric Co., Ltd.. 
Hanalei, Kauai; born in Italy, 
April 7, 1874; son of Joseph and 
Delfina (Molinari) Menefoglio; 
married Arioli Delfina at Honolulu 
Dec. 16, 1901. Educated in Tech- 
nical College of Como, Italy. Prac- 
ticed engineering in Europe five 
years and then came to the United 
States; arrived in Honolulu, Jan., 
1900; engaged for three years in 
plantation engineering work, Oahu, 
Maui, Hawaii; with Hawaiian 
Electric Co. (supt.) to Aug., 1910; 
managing supt. Kauai Electric Co., 
consulting engineer for McBryde 
Sug. Co. since. Consulting engi- 
neer for Hawaiian Sug. Co., Maka- 
weli, Kauai, since Feb., 1920. Coun- 
ty supervisor from Hanalei dist., 
Kauai, 1912, to date. Member of 
Knights of Pythias, Mason, Shriner. 

physician and surgeon, Waipahu, 
Oahu; born in Ste. Croix, Switzer- 
land, Dec. 9, 1888; son of Leon and 
Helen (Paillard) Mermod. Grad- 
uated College of Geneva, A. B., 
1907; Universities of Bern and Ge- 
neva, M. D., 1913. Student at Univ. 
of Pa., Philadelphia, 1913-14; in- 
terneship, German Hosp., San 
Francisco, 1914-15; resident surg. 
French Hosp., San Francisco, 1915- 
16; resident surg. Benjamin Frank- 

lin Hosp., San Francisco, 1916-17; 
resident phys. and surg., Queen's 
Hosp., Honolulu, 1917-19; phys. and 
surg. Oahu Sug. Co., Waipahu, 
Oahu, Oct., 1919. to date. Member 
Med. Society of Hawaii, University 


business man. Honolulu; born at 
Fitchburg, Mass.; son of David H. 
and Dora R. (Hayes) Merriam. 
Educated in grammar and high 
schools of Fitchburg. Began ca- 
reer as asst. recorder of deeds. 
Fitchburg, Mass., 1893 to 1900; was 
clerk and deputy registrar. Bureau 
of Conveyances, Honolulu, 1900- 
1905: registrar, 1905-1918; mgr. of 
the Land Department of C. Brewer 
& Co., Ltd.. since. Member B. P. 
O. Elks, Ad Club, Oahu Country 
Club and Commercial Club, Hono- 

and mining engineer and lawyer; 
born in Jefferson County, Kansas, 
March 4, 1875; son of Eli W. and 
Marguerette Miner (Jones) Metz- 
ger; married Alice Marion Weight 
June 29, 1911, at Hilo, Hawaii; four 
children, Jefferson Eli, Doris Mar- 
guerette, Helen Victory and Frank- 
lin Miner. Educated public and 
private schools, one year Wash- 
burn College, and unfinished senior 
year Indiana Law School. Began 
in 1895 in Kansas, real estate and 
grain dealer, later printing and 
newspaper, theatrical, bookkeep- 
ing, engineering contracting, min- 
ing, railroad operating, engineer- 
ing and law practice; U. S. volun- 
teer engineer, Spanish-American 
war; resided in several states, prin- 
cipally in Hawaii, since 1899; two 
years well drilling contracting, Ha- 
waii; four years superintendent 
Hilo Railroad Co.; four years build- 
ing Hilo Harbor breakwater un- 
der contracts with United States. 
Public service: justice of peace 
city attorney, Meriden, Kansas; 
president Board of Trade of Hilo; 
Senator, Hawaii Legislature, 1913- 
15: district magistrate, Hilo; treas- 
urer and insurance commissioner. 
Territory of Hawaii, also member 
several public commissions. Mem- 
ber several technical societies, 
Chiefs of Hawaii, 32nd degree Ma- 
son and Shriner. Past Exalted 
Ruler Hilo B. P. O. Elks. 

riculturist, Lihue, Kauai: born in 
Stonington, 111., Jan. 16, 1893; son 
of James ,1. and Bertha (Wilson) 
Midkiff; married Floye Henderson 






at Decatur, 111., June 29, 1917; one 
child, Martha Jean. Educated at 
grammar school, Stonington, 111.; 
Biggsville Township High School, 
Knox College and University of 
Illinois, B. S. ; M. S. Univ. of Ha- 
waii, 1921. Sent to Kealakekua, 
Hawaii, as county agent Terr. Food 
Commission and U. S. Food Ad- 
ministrator for county of Hawaii, 
1917; asst. prof, of agriculture, 
University of Hawaii, 1919-20; 
asst. agriculturist Exp. Sta,. H. 
S. P. A.. Kauai. since 1920. Editor 
Farm Page, Honolulu Star-Bulletin 
since 1919. Member Beta Theta Pi 
fraternity and Alpha Zeta Honor- 
ary Agricultural fraternity. 

MILTON, JACK, real estate and 
insurance, Honolulu; born in Rus- 
sell County, Kentucky, Oct. 14, 1875; 
son of William H. and Sarah (Rex- 
road) Milton; educated in public 
schools of Kentucky; married Jes- 
sie Hunt at Hartwell, Kans., May 9, 
1906. After leaving school followed 
ranching in Kentucky for 22 years; 
removed to Grand Junction, Colo- 
rado, and engaged in merchandise 
business 3 years; came to Hawaii in 
1908 and became associated with 
the Home Insurance Co., Ltd., 1908- 
10; with Trent Trust Co., Ltd., Ho- 
nolulu, real estate dept., 1911-17; or- 
ganized Milton Realty Co., 1917, and 
has been president since its incor- 
poration. Was a candidate for the 
Territorial Senate in 1918; Demo- 
crat. Member of Commercial Club, 
Ad Club and Chamber of Commerce 
of Honolulu. 

plantation manager, Papaikou, Ha- 
waii; born in Kincardineshire, 
Scotland, December 21, 1859; son 
of Francis and Julia (Troup) Moir; 
educated in common : country 
school; married Louisa Silver, July 
20, 1889, in Hilo, Hawaii; children: 
Frances Julia, Louisa Agnes, John 
Troup, Wm. W. Goodale, and Hec- 
tor McDonald. Began at an early 
age working on a farm, then spent 
five years on a railroad in Scot- 
land; worked on his fathers farm, 
1880-1887; left Glasgow for Ha- 
waii in 1888 and located in Hilo; 
spent fourteen months as luna for 
Waiakea Mill Co. ; team luna for 
Hilo Sugar Co., 1889-1891; luna, 
section overseer and head over- 
seer for Onomea Sugai Co., 1891- 
1896; manager of Onomea Sugar 
Co. since November, 1898. Was 
chairman Hilo Road Board, 1904- 
05; chairman Board of Liquor Com. 
since 1907; a commissioner of pub- 
lic instruction, 1909-1913; supervi- 
sor from Hilo district, County of 

Hawaii, and served as chairman of 
the first board of supervisors, 1905- 
1907. Is an Elk, pastmaster of 
Masonic Blue Lodge, Shriner and 
member of Scottish Rite bodies, 
K. C. C. H. 

torney at law, Honolulu; born 
June 13, 1854, in Honolulu; son of 
Marcus Gumming and Elizabeth 
Jane (Dowsett) Monsarrat; father 
came to Honolulu in 1850; descen- 
dant on father's side of Nicholas 
Monsarrat of Dublin. Ireland, who 
went to Ireland from France in 
1755; descendant on mother's side 
of Captain Samuel James Dowsett, 
who was born in Rochester, Kent, 
England, and was a commander in 
H. M. Colonial Service, and after 
resigning from the service sailed 
from Sydney N. S. W. as master 
and owner of the Brig Wellington 
on April 8, 1828, and arrived in 
Honolulu the same year; married 
Carrie Capitola Tuttle, in Honolu- 
lu, Feb. 11, 1907; educated. Epis- 
copal grammar school, Oahu Col- 
lege, Honolulu; Kilkenny College, 
Ireland, 1871-1873: private tuition 
in French language, Brussels. Bel- 
gium, 1873; Harvard University 
Law School, class of 1878, LL. B. 
In office of Ely and Smith, New 
York City, 1878-1879; admitted to 
bar of Supreme Court, Hawaiian 
Islands, August 22. 1879; practised 
law in Honolulu: admitted to bar 
of District Court United States, 
August 13, 1900; appointed dis- 
trict magistrate of Honolulu. May 
8, 1911, serving until May 31, 1917. 
Author of Autoists' Blue Book 
(1916); drew will of Queen Dowa- 
ger Emma Kaleleonalani, also of 
Princess Likelike, both admitted to 
probate, former contested by Prince 
Albert Kunuiakea without success. 
Secretary Legislative Assembly, 
sessions of -1880; deputy attorney 
general, 1880. Examiner of titles 
for the Land Court: member Oahu 
Country Club, Outrigger Canoe 
Club, Harvard Club of Hawaii, 
Harvard Law School Association, 
British Club, Hawaiian Lodge No. 
21, F. & A. M., master 1886-1887, 
and assisted in conferring Mark 
Master's degree on King Kalakaua 
at lolani Palace, now the Capitol, 
in 1887. 

Pahala, Hawaii; born Honolulu, 
Aug. 27, 1861; son of Marcus Cuni- 
ming and Elizabeth Jane (Dowsett) 
Monsarrat; educated in private 
schools, St. Albans School and 
Punahou School, Honolulu, 1876; 
married Clarissa Amo ' Coney, at 





Honolulu, June 12, 1883; married 
Abigail Kiniakua, at Hilo, April 19, 
1915; children: by first wife, Mar- 
cus Melville (deceased) ; by second 
wife, Kathleen Kahoiwaiomanoa. 
Samuel Avery Kauluhinano, Faxson 
Bishop Kamale, Abigail Kukailani. 
Was ^employed on Dowsett ranches 
1676-77; Grove Ranch Plantation, 
Maui, 1877-78: clerk with C. Brewer 
& Co., Honolulu, 1878-1883, being 
transferred from office to manager- 
ship of Kapapala Ranch, Kau, Ha- 
waii, Dec. 22, 1883; claims to be 
oldest employee, having been 43 
years in service of firm of C. 
Brewer & Co. ; was member first 
Territorial Legislature, 1901, being 
elected from 2nd Dist. to represent 

veyor, Honolulu; born Honolulu. 
March 29, 1857; son of Marcus 
Gumming and Elizabeth Jane 
(Dowsett) Monsarrat; grandparents 
on mother's side settled in Hono- 
lulu. 1828; mother born in Hono- 
lulu. 1832, and died in Honolulu 
1920: father born in Dublin, Ire- 
land, but was one of Hawaii's early 
settlers and was collector of cus- 
toms, Honolulu, for many years. 
Married Florence Ellen Luce, at 
Honolulu. June 1. 1882 (divorced) ; 
three children: Kathleen Douglas, 
Mildred Myrtle (deceased), Ethel 
Florence. Education. Oahu Col- 
lege. 1866-70 and 1872-73, and at 
St. Albans, 1870-71; first business 
venture in employ of James I. 
Dowsett, uncle, and from 1873-77 
in govt. survey. Since 1877 in pri- 
vate practice, at present associated 
with Wright, Harvey & Wright, 
surveyors and civil engineers. Dur- 
ing long and active career has per- 
sonally surveyed and mapped a 
large portion of Hawaiian Islands; 
since 1902 commissioner of bound- 
aries for 1st and 2nd judicial cir- 
cuits; was crown surveyor from 
1878 to time crown lands were ta- 
ken over by present government. 

steader. Haiku. Maui; born in 
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 30, 1883; son 
of Joseph Chew and Josephine 
Bickham (Close) Moore. Educated 
Manual Training High School and 
University of Pennsylvania; mar- 
ried Mary Caldwell McCarron in 
Philadelphia May 18, 1911; three 
children. Wade Caldwell, Benjamin 
Joseph, Ethel Mary. Entered dairy 
business near Philadelphia, 1908; 
manager of estate in Maryland, 
1910; orchardist, Maryland, 1911: 
orchardist. Front Royald Remount 
Depot, U. S. A., Va.. 1912; came to 

Hawaii. 1913; principal Kanehoe 
School; organized and acted as 
agent for Kula Farmers' Co- Op- 
erative Assn., 1914; extension work, 
U. S. Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion, 1915; took over Haiku home- 
stead, 1917. Secretary Haiku Farm- 
ers' Association, 1917; storekeeper, 
Pauwela Pineapple Co., 1919 to 


physician and surgeon, Honolulu; 
born Aug. 16. 1877. at Newton. 
Mass. ; son of Charles Hardy and 
Eunice (Davis) Morgan; married 
Elsie Edna Johnson at Media, 
Penn., Dec. 20, 1911; three children, 
James Albert, Jr.. Wm. Brewster, 
Andrew Lane. Educated at Little 
Blue School, Farmington. Me.. Al- 
len's English and Classical School. 
West Newton. Mass., Cambridge 
Latin School, Cambridge. Mass.. 
Phillips Exeter Academy. Temple 
University, Medical dept., M.D., 
1910: resident physician Philadel- 
phia General Hospital 1910-11; 
general practice to June 1913; came 
to Honolulu and specialized in onh- 
thalmology and oto-laryngology. Vis- 
iting ophthalmologist and oto-la- 
ryngologist to Queen's and Chil- 
dren's Hospitals, Mid-Pacific Insti- 
tute, Castle Home and Lunalilo 
Home; Lieut, medical corps U. S. 
Navy, nine months during great 
war. Member University and Oa- 
hu Country Clubs. American Medi- 
cal Association. American Academy 
of Ophthalmology and Oto-laryn- 
gology, Pacific Coast Oto-ophthal- 
mological Assn.. American Society 
for the advancement of Science, 
Massachusetts Societv of Ma vf low- 
er Descendants. F. & A. M.. Con- 
sulting ophthalmologist nnd oto- 
laryngologist to U. S. Public Health 

businessman, Honolulu; born Car- 
diff, Wales, Nov. 28, 1890; son of 
Richard and Julia Moore (Ten- 
nant) Morgan; married Rosamond 
Swanzy. in Honolulu, April 6, 
1918; one child, Francis Swanzy. 
Education: Harvard Univ., A.B., 
1911; post graduate term at Univ. 
Calif., 1917. Came to Hawaii and 
engaged in field and office work, 
Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd., 
1912-1918; served in U. S. Army 
1918-19; with firm of Theo. H. 
Davies & Co., Ltd. since 1919. One 
of organizers and pres. Auto Serv- 
ice & Supply Co., Ltd., and the 
Graystone Garage. Commissioned 
second lieutenant of Infantry, Aug. 
25, 1918; assigned as bayonet in- 









structor. Camp Grant, 111.; dis- 
charged Dec. 2, 1918. Formerly 
scoutmaster, Troop 5, B.S.A., Ho- 
nolulu. Member University Club, 
Pacific Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce. Commercial Club, Harvard 
Club of Hawaii. 


cashier, Bank of Kauai, Ltd., 
Kapaa, Kauai; born in Santa Pau- 
la, Cal., Sept. 2, 1892; son of Frank 
A. and Kate (Balcom) Morgan; 
married Ethel S. Monroe at Hono- 
lulu June 23, 1920. Graduated Red- 
lands, Cal., high school; one year, 
Univ. of Redlands. Bookkeeper and 
asst. teller, Redlands Natl. Bank, 
1914-17: asst. cashier People's 
Bank, Ltd., Hilo, Hawaii, 1917-20; 
cashier, 1920. Was second lieut. 1st 
Hawn. Inf., 1918-19, stationed at 
Fort Shafter, Oahu. First com- 
mander Hilo Post No. 3, American 
Legion, 1919-20; commander Kauai 
Post No. 2, 1921; secy. Boy Scouts 
of America, Kauai Council. Mem- 
ber B. P. O. E. No. 759, Hilo; Hilo 
Yacht Club, Hilo Ad Club, Kauai 
Chamber of Commerce. 

MORI, IGA, physician, Honolulu; 
born Feb. 11, 1864 at Ishikawa, 
Japan; son of Yuma Oguri and 
Take Goto Oguri: educated Naval 
Medical College, Tokio, Japan, 1888, 
and Cooper Medical College, Calif., 
1891; married Yaye Nagakawa in 
Tokio, Japan, Jan. 1889; two chil- 
dren: Motokazu Mori (surgeon) 
and Mrs. F. Sano (Yoshiki Mori). 
Physician of Bureau of Immigra- 
tion, Kingdom of Hawaii, 1892- 
1893; chief surgeon, 1st Corps of 
the Red Cross of Japan, China- 
Japanese War, 1894-1895; post- 
graduate course at University Hos- 
pital in London, Eng., 1898; post- 
graduate course at Post -Graduate 
Medical School in New York City, 
1904; private practise since. Was 
supt. of Japanese Charity Hospi- 
tal, Honolulu; pres. of the Jap- 
anese Benevolent Society of Ha- 
waii; pres. of the Japanese Medi- 
cal Association of Hawaii. Is 
trustee of Japanese Hospital; trus- 
tee of the Pan-Pacific Union; vice- 
chairman, committee of manage- 
ment of Nuuanu Y. M. C. A. 
Member of Medical Society of 

cian, Honolulu; born in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., June 5, 1877; son of 
Captain John Campbell and Myra 
E. (Lincoln) Morong. Educated 
University of Washington (three 
years) and medical dept. University 
of California, M. D., 1901. Married 

Elizabeth A. Hannigan in San 
Francisco, Nov. 26, 1902; two chil- 
dren, Frederic Lincoln and Myra E. 
Served one year in German hos- 
pital, San Francisco, 1901-02; prac- 
ticed medicine in San Francisco, 
1902-06; lost everything in San 
Francisco fire and came to Hono- 
lulu; received appointment (tem- 
porary) as A. A. Surgeon, Public 
Health Service, 1906; physician at 
Kahuku plantation, 1907-10; prac- 
tise in Honolulu since. Is staff phy- 
sician Queen's Hospital; Territo- 
rial Surgeon, Nat. Guard Hawaii. 
Member American Medical Assn., 
Medical Society of Hawaii, Naval 
Order, Foresters, and B. P. O. E. 


merchant, Laupahoehoe, Hawaii ; 
born Hebron, Nova Scotia, Nov. 
18, 1881; son of George and Ade- 
laide (Crosby) Moses; married Oli- 
via Branco at Laupahoehoe, Apr. 
14, 1917; two children: George 
Francis and John Robert. Gradu- 
ated Hebron high school, N. S., and 
attended Acadia Univ., Wolfville, 
N. S. Began as clerk, Paauilo 
store, Hawaii, 1902-04; storekeeper 
Papaaloa store. Hawaii, 1904-07; 
insurance business, Hilo, 1907-08; 
partnership with E. W. Barnard, 
mdse. business, 1909-20; acquired 
business July 1. 1920. 


merchant, Hilo, Hawaii: born in 
California, Oct. 12, 1880; son of 
Fred and Mary (Reader) Moses; 
married Clare L. Fassett, at Hilo, 
Jan. 8, 1906. Came to Hawaii 
in 1898 to enter coffee business at 
Olaa, Island of Hawaii, where he 
remained for 1% years, going into 
stationery business for himself 
Aug. 4, 1901. Member Kilauea 
Lodge of Masons, Hilo. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu, May 12, 1873; son of Dr. J. 
and Ellen Dominis (Paty) Moss- 
Smith; at age of five was taken 
to Boston, Mass, and educated at 
Chauncey Hall until 1890; studied 
at Harvard for short period, re- 
turning to Honolulu account fath- 
er's death ; married Anna Eliza- 
beth Paty in Honolulu, August 
1896; two children. Following the 
settlement of father's affairs, en- 
tered law offices of A. S. Hart- 
well and later with Kinney and 
Ballou, 1897-1898; admitted to 
practise of law, March 1898; prac- 
tised law alone in Honolulu, 1898- 
1917; law partnership with Alex- 
ander Lindsay, Jr., since 1917. Was 
appointed member Board of Im- 



m K 




I. \.MKS I 1 . M01K5AN 



migration, 1898, later serving as 
member Board of Health and on 
other civic commissions. Elected 
member Board of Supervisors, City 
and County of Honolulu, serving 
two years term, 1917-19. Member 
Hawaiian Bar Assn., Oahu Country 
Club, Commercial Club, Chamber of 
Commerce of Honolulu, University 
Club and Social Science Club. 

chant, Wailuku, Maui County, T. H., 
born in Funchal, Madeira, July 12, 
1878; son of Antonio Joao and Maria 
Sylvina (Caires) Moura; educated 
at Bishop school, Honolulu, Paia 
school and Spreckelsville school, 
Maui; married Maria Vincent in 
Wailuku. Maui, July 30, 1898; three 
children: Nettie, George and Irene. 
Became assistant mill engineer of 
Pioneer Mill. Lahaina; was there- 
after successively assistant mill en- 
gineer Spreckelsville mill; assistant 
pump engineer Puunene; engineer 
Kihei; manager Moura & Co., Ltd.; 
president and manager Maui Garage 
& Transportation Co., Ltd. ; now 
owner Moura Garage, Wailuku, 
Maui. Is vice-president Maui Dry 
Goods & Grocery Co., Ltd.; vice- 
president Young Men's Savings As- 
sociation. Member Court Valley 
Island, No. 9239, A. O. F. (P. C. R.) ; 
Wailuku Lodge No 875, L. O. O. M. 
(P. D.) ; Aloha Lodge No. 3, K. of P. 
(M. of F.); Valley Isle Circle, No. 
276, C. of F. ; Maui Chamber of Com- 
merce; Maui County Fair & Racing 
Assn.; Maui Gun Club; Maui Bowl- 
ing Club. 

mologist, Honolulu; born London, 
Eng., Apr. 24, 1873; son of Joseph 
Alexander and Annie Marie (Lem- 
priere) Muir; married Margaret 
Annie Sharp at Brockenhurst, 
Eng., April, 1918. Educated in pri- 
vate schools. Has traveled exten- 
sively throughout the world; spent 
about 10 years in Africa; with H. 
S. P. A. Experiment Station since 
1905; most of time since joining 
this institution spent in traveling 
in Pacific lands in search of bene- 
ficial insects; chief work on leaf 
hopper (Perkinsiella saccharicida), 
cane borer (Rhabdocuemis obscura) 
and Anomala orientalis. Member 
various scientific societies. 

gineer, Honolulu; born in Falkirk, 
Scotland, Oct. 20, 1853; son of John 
and Janet (Scott) Muirhead; edu- 
cated in Scotland; married Janet 
Scott in Honolulu, 1898; three chil- 
dren: Thomas J. S., John S. and 
Walter S. Served apprenticeship 

with A. & J. Inglis, engineers and 
ship builders, Glasgow, Scotland; 
joined Peninsular & Oriental 
Steamship Co., Southampton, 1873- 
1886; spent two years on S. S. Aus- 
tralia; engineer in plantation mills, 
Hawaii, 1888-1903; superintending 
engineer. Inter-Island Steam Navi- 
gation Co., Ltd., Honolulu, since. 
Member Masonic Lodge Golden 
Gate No. 30, San Francisco. 

MULLER, RUDOLF, accountant, 
Ewa, Oahu; born Heidelberg, Ger- 
many, March 9, 1877; son of Hein- 
rich and Fanny (Clement) Muller; 
married Agnes Carroll of Honolulu 
April, 1904; one child: Sascha Mu- 
riel. Education, Royal High School. 
Wiesbaden, Germany, 1894; studied 
sugar chemistry at Fresenius La- 
boratory, Wiesbaden, until spring 
of 1895. Began work at Hawn. 
Sug. Co.'s mill, Makaweli, Kauai, 
as night chemist, Jan. 1, 1896; later 
learned sugar boiling, general field 
work and bookkeeping; bookkeeper, 
mdse. dept., H. Hackfeld & Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu, 1898-1904; employed 
on Maui, 1904-06; became Ameri- 
can citizen March, 1906. On June 1, 
1906, went to office of Ewa Planta- 
tion Co., Oahu, as statistician and 
asst. bookkeeper. Has had charge 
of office since July, 1913. Secy. Re- 
publican Precinct Club, Ewa, for 
many years; inspector of elections 
three terms; member Honolulu 
Lodge No. 616, B. P. O. E., Hono- 
lulu Automobile Club. 

M UN DON, GEORGE, Pahoa, Ha- 
waii; born at Koloa, Kauai, May 
24, 1859; son of James and Martha 
(Kapule) Mundon; education, pub- 
lic schools, Koloa, Kauai, and Pun- 
ahou School, Honolulu, 1879. 
Worked in father's blacksmith shop 
at Koloa, 1879-81; was in contract- 
ing business, Kauai, 1881-1908; re- 
moved to Puna, Hawaii, and start- 
ed Hawaiian Mahogany Lumber 
Company, as manager, 1908-10; 
owner Central Meat Market, Hilo, 
1910-12; deputy tax assessor, Puna 
dist., Hawaii, since 1915. Cane 
planter at Pahoa, Puna, since 1916. 


ranch mgr., Keomuku, Lanai, T. H. ; 
born Clevedon, Auckland, N .Z., 
May 10, 1866; son of George and 
Janet Munro. Married Jane 
Wright Tait, June 18, 1892, at 
Auckland; five children: James 
Tait, Jeanie Margaret, Alexandrina 
Janet, Georgina Isabella and Ruby 
Catherine. Associated with father 
on farm until 1890, arriving Hono- 
lulu Dec. 13 of that year; travelled 
around islands, as far as Midway 









Island, with H. C. Palmer collect- 
ing bird specimens for private mu- 
seum, England, 1891-92; foreman 
Gay & Robinson's ranch, Makaweli, 
Kauai, 1892-1899; mgr. Amer. Sug. 
Co., Ltd., Molokai Ranch, Molokai, 
T. H., 1899-1906; farmer New Zea- 
land, 1907-11; mgr. Lanai Com- 
pany, Ltd., Lanai Ranch, T. H., 
since Apr. 1911. Has specialized in 
experimental study in pasture im- 
provement; associated with natural 
history investigations and museums 
since early youth, discovering new 
species in bird, insect, and plant 
life; member New Zealand Insti- 
tute 1889-1909, and appointed asso- 
ciate in ornithology, Bishop Mu- 
seum 1920; postmaster Keomuku 
since 1911; forester and fire war- 
den, Molokai and Lanai. 

accountant, Paia, Maui; born Croy- 
don, Eng., June 12, 1860; son of 
Patrick and Janet (Bell) Murdoch; 
married May Baldwin, at Haiku. 
Maui, Aug. 20, 1898; four children: 
Lois Bell, Walter Baldwin, Clare 
Gregory, Colin Crawford. Educat- 
ed Flounder's College, Yorkshire; 
Glasgow Univ., Scotland; Licen- 
tiate of College of Preceptors, Lon- 
don. Private tutor, 1882-90; head 
bookkeeper, Ewa Plantation, Oahu, 
1891-1903; auditor, Alexander & 
Baldwin, Ltd., 1903 to date. First 
became interested in pineapple cul- 
ture, 1891, being an officer in the 
Pearl City Fruit Co., which was the 
first company in Hawaii to venture 
into the cultivation of pineapples 
without irrigation. Member Uni- 
versity Club, Honolulu. 


lawyer, Wailuku, Maui; born in 
Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 5, 1871; son 
of Eugene Ferris and Margaret 
(Howe) Murphy; education, public 
schools, Jersey City; Columbia Uni- 
versity, New York City; married 
Olive Gibbs, in Honolulu, Apr. 16, 
1915; children: Patricia Anne and 
Margaret Elizabeth. Admitted to 
practise, New Jersey, Feb. 1898; in 
Hawaii, July 1910, where he has 
practised since. Served in Spanish - 
American war; also in Indian cam- 
paigns against Moqui, Wapii and 
Shumapovi tribes; master in chan- 
cery of New Jersey. 

MURPHY, FRED, educator, Wai- 
luku, Maui; born at Cosumne, Cal., 
Jan. 27, 1897; son of William and 
Amelia (Schenck) Murphy. Edu- 
cated in California schools; arrived 
in Hawaii September, 1916, and was 
assigned as principal Kaupakulua 
school; supervising principal Wai- 

luku, Maui, since September, 1919. 
Served in United States Army, July, 
1918-March, 1919, medical corps at 
Schofield Barracks. Member Ma- 
sonic Lodge, Maui, A. and A. S. R. 


collector of customs, Honolulu; 
born in Oakland, Calif., Sept. 24, 
1878; son of B. and Mary (Cullen) 
Murray; education. St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu, 1895; married El- 
len Aurelia Holt in Honolulu Sept. 
28, 1904. Served three-year appren- 
ticeship as wood worker and later 
was clerk in U. S. postal savings 
dept., Territorial dept. of pub. 
works, and was chief clerk to Sher- 
iff of Oahu for two years; engaged 
in blacksmithing business for him- 
self for two years, then joined 
Schuman Carriage Co. in charge 
auto repair shop; after four years 
joined Associated Garage as mgr. 
for two years, returning to Schu- 
man Carriage Co. for three years; 
was construction supt. with Lord- 
Young Engineering Co., Honolulu, 
year and half; from 1916-18 mgr. 
Honolulu water works dept. Served 
during Spanish war with 1st Ne- 
braska Inf.; appointed captain, 
Reserve Corps, 1917 and called to 
active service; promoted to major. 
1918; designated in command of 
Motor Transport Office. Honolulu; 
discharged July 1919. Republican. 
Member board of supervisors, Ho- 
nolulu, 1912-14; nominated July 1, 
1921, by President Harding as col- 
lector of customs, Honolulu; mem- 
ber B. P. O. E. No. 616 (past ex- 
alted ruler) ; Blue Lodge, F. & A. 
M., Scottish Rite, Shriner; Com- 
mercial Club, Honolulu. 

MURRAY, THOMAS, engineer, 
Paauhau, Hawaii; born in Scot- 
land, Nov. 15, 1864; son of Alex- 
ander and Jane (Moir) Murray; 
educated in grammar schools of 
native country; married Harriet 
Nahiwa in Paauhau, Oct. 6, 1894; 
nine children: William (deceased), 
Edna, Berlinda Kuulei, Clara Lei- 
lehua, Robert Burns, Charles Lov- 
stad, Thomas Nahiwa, Wilhelmina, 
Louise Lilinoe. Engaged in farm- 
ing, Scotland, until 1888; came to 
Hawaii and began as stableman, 
Paauhau Sug. Plantation Co-; held 
various positions in railroading and 
mechanical work, same company, 
until 1891; asst. engineer Paauhau 
Sug. Plantation Co., 1891-97; ma- 
chine shops of O. R. & L. Co., 
1897-1900; toolmaker, Honolulu 
Iron Works Co., 1900; chief en- 
gineer, Paauhau Sug. Plantation Co. 
since Sept. 1901. Is one of the 
oldest employees of Paauhau. 







proprietor, lawyer, manufacturers' 
agent, Waimea, Hawaii: born Wai- 
mea, Dec. 9, 1884; son of Joseph 
Nahiwa and Jane Davis (Spencer) 
Nahiwa; educated at Kamehameha 
School, graduated 1902; Territorial 
Normal School, grad. 1906. Began 
teaching school at Laupahoehoe, 
and later Kaapahu, Hawaii, 1906; 
was principal Alae School, Kona, 
1907, and principal and supt. Kali- 
hi Boys' Home for Non -Leprous 
Children, 1908; married Esther 
Purely, at Paauhau, Aug. 29, 1909 
(divorced, 1920). Asst. teacher 
Paauilo school, 1909; principal 
Makapala school, Kohala, 1910-18; 
quit teaching in 1919 and bought 
Waimea hotel, making specialty of 
tourist trade. Is representative of 
number of mainland firms as sales 
agent; has been interested in mov- 
ing picture exhibitions for number 
of years; active in National Guard 
and Boy Scout activities; admitted 
to practise, district court, 1921. 


plantation manager, Honokaa, Ha- 
waii; born in Thibodaux, La 
Fourche Par, Louisiana, August 
22, 1883; son of Lovincy and Mary 
(Lasseigne) Naquin; father's fam- 
ily settled in Louisiana, 1775; edu- 
cated at Louisiana State Univer- 
sity, B. S., 1907; Audubon Sugar 
School, New Orleans, La.; married 
Ethel Ambrosia Keating in Hono- 
lulu, October 6. 1915; three chil- 
dren : Walter Pierre, Howard and 
Majorie Ethel. Was chemist Au- 
dubon Sugar School, 1907-08; field 
chemist and agriculturist, Olaa 
Sugar Co., Hawaii, 1908-11; assist- 
ant agriculturist, H. S. P. A. Ex- 
periment Station, Honolulu, 1911- 
14; agriculturist, H. S. P. A., 1911- 
16; manager Honokaa Sugar Co., 
Pacific Sugar Mill Co., and super- 
intendent Hawaiian Irrigation Co. 
since 1916. 


newspaper editor, Honolulu ; born 
at Bayside, Calif., Nov. 2, 1889; son 
of James Yenning and Edith (Mit- 
chell) Nellist; received education 
in public schools of California; 
married Minnie Louise Teal, in 
Eureka, Calif., Jan 16. 1912. En- 
tered newspaper work in Eureka, 
Calif., June 1908, as reporter on 
Humboldt Times, later becoming 
city editor and then managing 
editor of Eureka Herald. Did edi- 

torial work in San Francisco, and 
during 1913-14 worked as inde- 
pendent advertising salesman in 
Washington; joined Portland (Ore.) 
Telegram in 1915 as telegraph edi- 
tor; in Sept. 1917 entered service 
of Associated Press as night mgr., 
Seattle, Wash., being transferred 
to Western Division headquarters, 
San Francisco, Jan. 1918; trans- 
ferred to Honolulu to organize As- 
sociated Press service in Hawaii 
in June 1918; joined staff Honolu- 
lu Star-Bulletin, Sept. 1919 as edi- 
torial writer; appointed editor in 
Dec. 1920; managing editor, July 
1921. Is Honolulu correspondent for 
Chicago Tribune. Member Hono- 
lulu Lodge of Elks, Lodge Le 
Progres, F. & A. M., and Scot- 
tish Rite Bodies. 


school principal, Honolulu; born at 
Longmont, Colo., Dec. 12, 1887; son 
of John N. and Ida C. (Solomon) 
Nelson. Graduated Colorado Col- 
lege, A. B., 1910. Chemist, Lone- 
land Beet Sug. Factory, Colo., 1910- 
11; instructor science dept., Mills 
School, Honolulu, 1911-16; prin., 
1916-17; with machine gun com- 
pany, 13th U. S. Inf., 1918-19; re- 
turned to Honolulu, April, 1919, and 
resumed principalship Mills School. 
Member Honolulu Ad Club, Manoa 
Tennis Club (captain), Outrigger 
Canoe Club, Hawaii Teachers' 
Assn., Beta Theta Pi fraternity. 
Amateur photographer of merit. 

paperman, Honolulu; born in Chi- 
cago. 111., June 10, 1893; son of 
Mathew and Mary Anna Ness; 
education, Chicago schools, finish- 
ing 1907; married Jeanette Ann 
Camara, in Honolulu, June 8,, 
1916; one child, John Franklin. 
Was clerk, purchasing agent's of- 
fice, C. R. I. & P. Ry., Chicago, 1907- 
09; passenger agt.. Terminal Ry., 
St. Louis, Mo., 1913-14; on staff 
of Paradise of Pacific, Honolulu, 
1914; reporter, Honolulu Advertis- 
er, 1915; has held positions of 
automobile editor and advertising 
mgr., and now asst. mgr., Adver- 
tising Pub. Co., Ltd. Served with 
U. S. Marines in Nicaraguan revo- 
lution of 1909, 1910. Member Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii since 1915, now 
commanding Co. E., 1st Hawn. Inf., 
with rank of captain. Member 
Elks, K. of P., Ad Club, Automo- 
bile Club. 


architect, Honolulu; born in Bos- 
ton April 23, 1846; son of Levi and 









Sara Ann (Ball) Newcomb; at age 
of 16 left Ogdensburg, N. Y., Acad- 
emy and entered father's office to 
study architecture; partner in firm 
of L. Newcomb & Son, Portland, 
Me., 1866-68; moved with firm to 
Boston, practising there 1868- 
76; had previously made two trips 
to Europe to study architecture; 
took over firm as E. A. P. New- 
comb, architect, 1876, and contin- 
ued there until 1901. In Honolulu 
since 1901. Has designed numer- 
ous large buildings throughout the 
United States, including college 
buildings at Bowdoin, Tufts and 
Harvard and the Carpenter Me- 
morial Library, Manchester, N. H. 
Is composer of music and verse and 
wrote opera which played three 
months on New England circuit. 
Contributor of small poems to Bos- 
ton Transcript, New York Inde- 
pendent and Life. Member Cecilia 
Music Club, Harvard Music So- 
ciety before coming to Hawaii; 
member Kilohana Art League, Ho- 

NEWCOMB, HARRY B., insur- 
ance, Honolulu; born Jan. 15, 1885, 
at Humeston, Iowa; son of Sutton 
P. and Alice (Arnold) Newcomb. 
Father was Captain under Garfield 
of an Ohio company in Federal 
Army, Civil war; third cousin of 
Prof. Simon Newcomb, famous as- 
tronomer. Educated West Des 
Moines High School, 1903; married 
Emily Caroline Gruesser May 16, 
1916, in Cincinnati, Ohio; children, 
Robert Arnold, Henry William. 
Traveling salesman, mining opera- 
tor, Arizona; cement contractor, 
Cal. ; real estate salesman, Henry 
Waterhouse Trust Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, 1913-1916 and insurance 
salesman, Hawaiian Trust Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu, since 1916. Mem- 
ber National Guard of Hawaii, 
1918-19; member Hawaiian Lodge 
No. 21, A. F. & A. M., B. P. O. E. 
616, Commercial and Ad Clubs, Y. 
M. C. A. Amateur chess enthu- 

NEWTON, LEE, automobile busi- 
ness, Honolulu; born in Vacaville, 
Calif., Aug. 14, 1890; son of T. F. 
and Caroline (Vorhees) Newton; 
education, grammar schools of Mis- 
souri and special course in compo- 
sition and newspaper work ; mar- 
ried Genevieve Snitger, Dec. 25, 
1914, at Los Angeles. Employed six 
years in newspaper work, including 
four years as reporter and two 
years in circulation and advertising 
business; engaged in real estate and 
insurance business; arrived in Ho- 

nolulu, 1915, and engaged for few 
months in insurance and publicity 
business, later entering automobile 
field; was pres. and mgr. Newton 
Auto Exchange, Ltd., Honolulu. 
Member Masonic Lodge No. 21, 
Chamber of Commerce, Commercial 
Club, Rotary Club, Ad Club, Oahu 
Country Club. 

ist, Aiea, Oahu, T. H. ; born at 
Sydney, Australia, June 6, 1891; 
son of Donald Francis and Alice 
E. Nicholson; educated at Central 
grammar and Punahou schools, 
Bethany College and University of 
Hawaii, B. S. (sugar technology) 
1917; married Clarine L. Marshall 
at Honolulu, August 31, 1920. Was 
sugar chemist for Hawaiian Agri- 
cultural Co., Pahala, Hawaii, 1916; 
analytical chemist, Hawaiian Fer- 
tilizer Co., Honolulu, part of 1917. 
Has been sugar chemist for Ho- 
nolulu Plantation Co. at Aiea, 
Oahu, since 1918 and acting super- 
intendent in 1921. 

surance, Honolulu, T. H. ; born at 
Waterloo, Iowa, Nov. 8, 1872; son 
of Ernest V. and Caroline (Bacon) 
Norton; educated primary schools. 
Boston, Mass., and Bishop's Col- 
lege School, Lennoxville, Province 
of Quebec, Canada; married Emily 
Ada Cross in Honolulu, April 5, 
1915. After two years with Jac- 
card Jewelry Co., Kansas City, Mo., 
came to Honolulu, 1894; employed 
in money order dept.. Honolulu 
postoffice under Republic of Ha- 
waii, 1894-96; secretary Honolulu 
Dairymen's Assn., 1896-97; private 
secretary for B. F. Dillingham, 
Honolulu, 1897-1901; life insurance 
business with C. J. Hutchins, Ho- 
nolulu, 1906-08; appointed train- 
master's clerk, Southern Pacific R. 
R. in Mexico (West Coast Lines), 
remaining there until line was 
completed from Guaymas to Guad- 
alajara; returning to Honolulu, en- 
gaged in advertising work with 
Honolulu newspapers until 1915; 
manager of life insurance depart- 
ment B. F. Dillingham Co., Ltd., 
Honolulu, since 1915. Member Citi- 
zens' Guard of Honolulu, 1894, serv- 
ing through revolution of 1895 as 
first lieutenant, in Mounted Re- 
serve until 1900. Member Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M., B. P. O. E.. 
Honolulu Lodge No. 616. 

NOTT, JAMES, merchant, Hono- 
lulu; born Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 
29, 1863; son of James and Eliza- 
beth (Cromh) Nott; married Mar- 
garet Ellen O'Neill (deceased) at 


















Honolulu, January 29, 1886; four 
children: James S., Bert S., 
Harold C. and Mrs. Roscoe L. 
Crawford. Left school at age of 
14; worked with father in stove 
and house goods business, Brook- 
lyn, until family moved to Hono- 
lulu via Isthmus of Panama, 1881; 
worked with John Samuel Nott 
similar business Honolulu, 1881- 
90; engaged in business on own 
account, sheet metal works, plumb- 
ing and plumbing supplies, since 
1890. Was a member of Co. B, 
Citizens Guard, 1895; Annexation 
Club, executive committee Ameri- 
can League and president 3rd pre- 
cinct club, American Union Party, 
1893. Member Chamber of Com- 
merce of Honolulu and Ad Club. 

gar factor, Honolulu; born in Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Jan. 18, 1875; son of 
Joseph S. and Mary Davis (Allen) 
Nowell. Educated at Winchester 
(Mass.) High School, Massachu- 
setts Agricultural College (Am- 
herst) and Harvard University; 
married Ruth Moore Taplin in Ho- 
nolulu Feb. 2, 1899; three children, 
Nelson T., Elizabeth H. and Jackson 
M. Commenced business career 
with Metropolitan Park Commis- 
sion, Boston, Sept., 1896; settled in 
Hawaii in April, 1898; overseer 
Onomea Sugar Co., April, 1898- 
Nov., 1898; bookkeeper Hawaiian 
Agricultural Co., Dec., 1898-Oct., 
1900; liquidating clerk custom 
house, Honolulu, Nov., 1900-July, 
1902; head bookkeeper Waialua 
Agricultural Co., Aug. 1902; mana- 
ger Wahiawa Water Co., Ltd., 
Sept., 1906-May, 1907; bookkeeper 
Wailuku Sugar Co., May, 1908- 
Nov., 19fl9; secretary and manager 
Sugar Factors Co., Ltd., since Dec. 
1, 1909. Member University Club 
(treasurer past ten years), Oahu 
Country Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Hawaiian Sugar Planters' 
Assn., Harvard Club of Hawaii, 
Outrigger Canoe Club, Manoa Im- 
provement Club. 


Honolulu; born at Mare Island. 
Calif., Nov. 2, 1889; son of John 
and Katherine (Hayes) O'Brien; 
education, California grammar and 
high schools, Univ. of Calif., LL.B., 
1913. Has followed practice of law 
in Honolulu since graduation. 
Served in France with 91st Divi- 
sion during World War; appointed 
member of Bar Examiners of Ter- 
ritory of Hawaii, June 1920; mem- 

ber Phi Alpha Delta -law fraternity, 
Elks, Oahu Country Club. 

OHRT, FREDERICK, civil en- 
gineer, Honolulu; born at Spreck- 
lesville, Maui; son of Peter G. and 
Bessie Ohrt; educated at St. Louis 
College, Honolulu, and Cornell Uni- 
versity, C. E. 1911. Married Des- 
mond Kelly in Honolulu, June 3, 
1916. Began as civil engineer with 
Madeira Mamore Railroad, South 
America, 1911-1913; engineer, Wai- 
ahole Water Co., Hawaiian islands, 
Jan. -Oct. 1913; asst. engr., City and 
County of Honolulu, 1913-1917; 
sanitary engineer, Territorial Board 
of Health, Oct. 1917-July 1918; 
with public health service, Boston, 
Mass., July 1918- Jan. 1919; re- 
turned to Honolulu as sanitary en- 
gineer, Board of Health, Jan.- 
Aug. 1919; asst. engineer, City and 
County of Honolulu, Aug. 1919- 
March, 1920; city and county en- 
gineer since March 1920. Member 
City Planning Commission. Mem- 
ber Rotary Club, University Club, 
Oahu Country Club and Phi Gam- 
ma Delta fraternity. 

OKI, TETSUJIRO, businessman 
Honolulu; born in Nagoya, Japan, 
March, 1885; son of Sasuke and 
Kana Oki; education, Tokyo Com- 
mercial College, 1909; following 
graduation entered employ of 
Toyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental S. S. 
Co.) at Yokohama; transferred to 
San Francisco office in June, 1917, 
and to Honolulu office as asst. 
mgr. in June. 1918, when office 
was established. 

OLSON, CLARENCE H., lawyer, 
Honolulu ; born at Venango, Kas., 
April 19, 1882; son of Henry H. 
and Amelia (Nelson) Olson; edu- 
cated Marguerite High School, 
Marguerite, Kas.; Bethany College, 
Linesburg, Kas., A. B. 1900; post- 
graduate work, Yale; Harvard Law 
School, LL.B., 1904; married Bella 
B. Lewin in San Luis Obispo, Cal., 
Oct. 3, 1915. Lecturer of admir- 
alty law at Harvard University 
Law School, 1904-05; practised law 
in Honolulu since 1905; was for 
two years in the law offices of 
Smith & Lewis; thereafter as a 
partner in the law firm of Holmes 
& Stanley, later Holmes, Stanley 
& Olson, Holmes & Olson and 
Castle, Robertson & Olson. Was 
deputy county attorney for the 
City and County of Honolulu; a 
men jer of the Commission for the 
Teri-.ory of Hawaii to promote 
uniformity of legislation in the 
U. S. Member of the Pacific, Uni- 
versity, Commercial and Country 






Clubs of Honolulu. (Died Sept. 5, 
1921 during compilation of this 


store mgr., Kukuihaele, Hawaii; 
born in Lisbon, Portugal. Aug. 28, 
1898; son of A. M. and E. L. M. 
(Osorio) Osorio; student two years 
at Hilo high school; married Eliza 
Leialoha Kamakawiwoole at Paau- 
hau, Hawaii, April 2, 1921. Left 
school in Oct., 1917, to take posi- 
tion with Hawaii Consolidated Ry. 
Co.; employed by Hilo Sug. Co., 
1918-20; asst. storekeeper, Hono- 
kaa Sug. Co., Hawaii. Jan. to Oct , 
1920; transferred to Kukuihaele as 
mgr. Pacific Sugar Mill Store, in 
Oct., 1920. 

yer, Hilo, Hawaii; born Honolulu. 
May 5, 1890; son of J. A. M. and 
Maria M. M. Osorio. Educated St. 
Mary's School, Hilo; St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu; Central Normal 
College, Danville, Ind., A.B., 1909; 
Indiana Univ., LL.B. Is attorney 
of record; district magistrate, 
South Hilo, since 1918; U. S. Com- 
missioner since 1916. Is director, 
The People's Bank, Ltd., Hilo; Se- 
curity Trust Co., Ltd., Hilo; presi- 
dent. Homesteaders' Protective 
Assn. of Hawaii, Ltd. Member K. 
of P.; Hilo Lodge, P. C. C.; Mauna 
Kea Lodge, A. O. F. (Dist. Chief 
Ranger of Hawaii). 

sician and surgeon, Hilo; born 
July 11, 1887 at Honolulu; son 
of J. A. M. Osorio and Marie 
M. M. Osorio. Graduated from St. 
Louis College, Honolulu, Med. Dept. 
University of Louisville, Ky., 1916. 
House Surgeon, St. Alexis Hospital, 
Cleveland, Ohio, 1916-17; commis- 
sioned lieutenant, M. R. C., Sept. 
1917; called to active service June, 
1918; served with Evacuation Hos- 
pital as surgeon in France and 
Germany, 1918-19; participated in 
St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne 
drives. Discharged September, 
1919. Member B. P. O. E. Louis- 
ville, No. 8; Phi Beta Pi Med. fra- 
ternity; A. O. F. Hilo, Academy of 
Medicine, Cleveland; American Le- 
gion and several other societies. 


secretary, Honolulu; born Honolulu, 
July 2, 1885; son of Peter and Ma- 
ria (Ramona) O' Sullivan; educated 
St. Louis College, Honolulu, 1902; 
married Maud Eliza Cushingham, at 
Honolulu, June 1, 1909; one son: 
H. C. Kaiwalani. Following grad- 
uation was stenographer to law 

firm of Atkinson & Judd (later 
Atkinson, Judd & Mott- Smith) 
1902-05; appointed clerk in office 
of Secy, of Hawaii, Mar. 15, 1905, 
becoming first asst. clerk Aug. 1, 
1905, and chief clerk early in 1910; 
appointed private secy, to Gov. W. 
F. Frear, Mar. 31, 1910, serving six 
months; appointed secy, to Pub. 
Utilities commission, July 1, 1913, 
and served until Aug. 26, 1917; 
member first officers' training camp 
Schofield Barracks. Oahu, and com- 
missioned 1st Lieut. R. C., Inf. 
Section, Nov. 24, 1917; assigned to 
2nd U. S. Inf., and served at Fort 
Shatter, Oahu, Camp Fremont, 
Calif., and Camp Dodge, Iowa; dis- 
charged at Camp Dodge, Feb. 8, 
1919; reinstated as secy. Pub. Util- 
ties commission, Apr. 1, 1919. Was 
member of Natl. Guard from 1903 
to entrance into regular army, 
reaching rank of captain. Member 
Rifle Team of same, 1913 and 1915 
tournaments; elected first dept. adj. 
American Legion; member Healani 
Yacht and Boat Club, Columbus 
Welfare Club, Damien Council No. 
563 Y. M. I., served as president; 
St. Louis College Alumni Assn., 
served as secy. 

OTSUKA, N. KUMAO, editor, 
Wailuku, Maui; born in Marugame 
City, Japan, March 21, 1865; son of 
Mukakusai and Kayo (Saito) Otsu- 
ka; descendant of Samurai family, 
father having been governor of Ma- 
rugame Province, Japan; educated 
in Japanese government school, 
Osaka College and Tokyo Imperial 
University; unmarried; has adopt- 
ed one son, Masashi. Came to the 
United States, 1890, traveling; ar- 
rived in Honolulu, 1900; served as 
interpreter, U. S. Immigration Bu- 
reau, 1901-1903; removed to Wai- 
luku, Maui, 1905, and has since 
been official Japanese court inter- 
preter; started "The Maui Rec- 
ord," a Japanese newspaper in Wai- 
luku, 1916. Member Maui Chamber 
of Commerce. 

estant Episcopal priest, school prin- 
cipal, Honolulu; born June 13, 1889, 
Pasadena, Cal.; son of Rev. -Gilbert 
A. and Minnie James Ottmann; 
married Daisy Anderson King, 
June 14, 1916, at Sewanee, Tenn.; 
one child, Barrington. Before en- 
tering high school had considerable 
experience in railroad and electri- 
cal business; Sewanee Military 
Academy, 1910; Univ. of South, 
Sewanee, 1915; two years in theo- 
logical department of latter insti- 
tution; rector Church of Holy Com- 
forter, Atlanta, 1916-17; secreta- 






rial work with Episcopal church, 
Colorado, 1917; rector Trinity 
Church, Trinidad, Colo.. 1917-18; 
chaplain, rank first lieutenant, 
aviation section, Fort Sill, Okla., 
1918-19; rector Grace Church, Lex- 
ington, N. C., 1919; principal lolani 
School for Boys, Honolulu, since 
November, 1919. Headed Boy Scout 
movement, Lexington, and was in 
charge of Victory Loan campaign, 
same place; charter member Lex- 
ington Post, American Legion; 
member Honolulu Ad Club. 

linda and Herman. Engaged in 
mercantile business with L. Turner, 
E. N. Holmes, J. Vierrea and J. 
G. Serrao at Hilo, Hawaii, until 
1917; with Maui Dry Goods and 
Grocery Co., Ltd., and Central 
Store, Ltd., 1917-18; admitted to 
practise law in District Court of 
Territory of Hawaii, 1918; appoint- 
ed district magistrate for district 
of Makawao, County of Maui, 
March 20, 1919. Served as road 
clerk for district of North and 
South Hilo, Hawaii, 1913-1915. 
Member San Antonio Society, and 
past Chief Ranger of A. O. F. 


supervisor, Honolulu; born Nov. 27, 
1874 at Ponta Delgada, San Mig- 
uel, Azores; son of Jose Caetano 
and Ignez Candida (Mattos) Pa- 
checo; educated at Waialua, Oahu, 
Catholic school; married Julia Frei- 
tas in Honolulu, Mar. 23. 1895; 
three children, Agnes, Joseph, Wil- 
helmina. Came to Hawaii 1883, 
and worked in cane fields during 
school vacations; is bookbinder by 
occupation; supervisor, City and 
County of Honolulu, 1913-1~4 and 
1919-23; senator. Territorial Legis- 
lature, 1917-19; served as private 
in Co. C, N. G. H., 1893-95, honor- 
ably discharged after serving in 
suppression of rebellion against Re- 
public of Hawaii in Jan. 1895; was 
chairman Honolulu Charter Con- 
vention, Sept. -Nov. 1915; chairman 
Democratic Territorial Central 
Committee, 1912-15; delegate Balti- 
more Democratic Natl. Convention, 
1914, and St! Louis 1916; member 
Court Camoes No. 8110. A. O. F., 
past chief ranger, delegate to sub- 
sidiary high court conventions, San 
Francisco 1902 and 1904; deputy 
high chief ranger, trustee subsid- 
iary high, Pacific Coast Jurisdic- 
tion, A. O. F., 1902-04; organized 
Camoes Circle No. 240, Companions 
of the Forest, 1905; installed Mauna 
Kea Circle No. 252, C. O. F., Hilo, 
Hawaii, 1907; pres. San Antonio 
Portuguese Benevolent Society of 
Hawaii, Oct. 1904-06 and 1910-13- 
15; dist. chief ranger, Dist. Court 
of Hawaii, A. O. F., term of 1919- 
20; chairman Foresters' Building 


district magistrate, Makawao, Maui; 
born in 1877 at St. Miguel; son of 
Jacintho S. and Sarah Pacheco; 
educated in the public school; mar- 
ried Mary Ventura, Sept. 3, 1905 
at Honakaa, Hawaii; six children; 
Leonard, Olivia, Hilda, Albert, Ma- 

PAHAU, ROBERT K., agricul- 
turist, Honolulu; born in Honolulu 
Feb. 18. 1894; son of Robert K. and 
Mary (Bridges) Pahau. Grad- 
uated Honolulu School for Boys, 
1914; College of Hawaii, B. S., 
1918. Shortly after graduation en- 
tered H. S. P. A. as asst. agricul- 
turist; U. S. Army service, 1918- 
19; asst. agriculturist H. S. P. A. 
since Jan. 20, 1919. 

PALMER, ALBERT W., minis- 
ter, Honolulu; born Kansas City, 
Mo., May 18, 1879; son of Albert 
W. and Deborah A. (Brininstool) 
Palmer; married Sara Antoinette 
Wedd, in Rochester, N. Y., June 6, 
1904; three children: Helen Mur- 
ray, Margaret Wedd, Philip Went- 
worth. Educated Santa Barbara 
high school, Cal., 1896; University 
California, B. L., 1901; Yale Uni- 
versity, B. D., 1904. Ordained as 
assistant pastor, First Congregation- 
al Church, Redlands, Cal., 1904-07; 
Plymouth Church, Oakland, Cal., 
1907-17; instructor in pastoral and 
social problems at Pacific Theo- 
logical Seminary, Berkeley, 1911- 
17; member board of playground 
directors, Oakland, 1911-17; min- 
ister, Central Union Church, Hono- 
lulu, since Dec. 1, 1917. Was in 
Army Y. M. C. A. service in main- 
^and cantonments, August-Decem- 
ber, 1917, and June-October, 1918; 
overseas Y. M. C. A. service with 
A. E. F. in Siberia, July-October, 

1919. Trustee Oahu College, Hono- 
lulu, since 1918; president Hono- 
lulu Inter-Church Federation for 

1920. Author of "The Mountain 
Trail and Its Message," The Pil- 
grim Press, Boston, 1911; "The 
Drift Toward Religion," The Pil- 
grim Press, 1914; weekly contribu- 
tion, "The Newspaper Pulpit," to 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin; member 
Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, Ro- 
tary Club, University Club, Ad 
Club, Hawaiian Board of Missions. 







deputy tax assessor, Honolulu; 
born at Woodstock, Vt., Dec. 7, 
1855; son of Augustus and Ann 
Maria (Pratt) Palmer; married 
Hanna Smithies, Honolulu, Nov. 8, 
1883. Grammar school education; 
as pharmacist came to Honolulu 
Sept., 1878, to enter employ of Dr. 
A. McWayne; with Capt. H. P. 
Benson, purchased McWayne drug 
business, 1881; sold out to Hollis- 
ter & Co., and with E. A. Kilbourn 
opened drug store at location now 
occupied by C. J. Day & Co., 1883; 
this business later purchased by 
Benson, Smith & Co. Took up 
planting- contract with Wailuku 
Sug. Co., 1882; cashier Hawaiian 
Sug. Co., Makaweli, Kauai, 1891- 
1906; present position 1906 to date. 
Past Master Lodge le Progres de 
1'Oceanie No. 371, F. & A. M.; P. 
H. P. Honolulu Chapter No. 1 Royal 
Arch Masons. 

chant, Honolulu, Hawaii; born 
March 2, 1873, at Waiehu, Maui, 
Hawaii; son of Thomas Hudson 
and Catherine (Lewers) Paris; 
married Margaret Marie Schmidt 
in Honolulu June 2, 1898; five chil- 
dren. For twenty-seven and a half 
years with the firm of E. O. Hall 
& Son of Honolulu in the several 
capacities as auditor, secretary- 
treasurer and for twelve years 
general manager until resigna- 
tion in 1918; treasurer and general 
manager, Schuman Carriage Co., 
Ltd., automobile and general sup- 
ply merchants, Honolulu. In 1918 
was chairman of the Territorial 
Fair Commission and for several 
intermittent years a member of the 
Board of Directors of the Honolulu 
Chamber of Commerce; past pres- 
ident Commercial Club of Hono- 
lulu; Past Master Honolulu Lodge 
No. 409, F. & A. M.; chairman of 
the Board of Trustees of that 
lodge; several years trustee Hono- 
lulu Lodge of Elks No. 616. (Ed. 
Note: Died March 25, 1921, during 
compilation of this book.) 


clergyman, Honolulu; born in Nu- 
kuhiwa, Marquesas islands, Mar. 2. 
1834; son of Benjamin Wyman and 
Mary Elizabeth (Barker) Parker; 
educated at Punahou and Royal 
schools, Honolulu. Teacher, La- 
hainaluna school. Maui, 1860-61; 
ordained June 28, 1863, when he 
became pastor Kawaiahao Church, 
Honolulu, which position he filled 
until Jan. 27, 1918 55 years; has 
been engaged in compiling a dic- 
tionary of the Hawaiian langu- 

age since 1915. Was member Ka- 
mehameha V's Constitutional Con- 
vention, 1864, representing District 
of Kohala, Hawaii; editor Lahui 
Hawaii, 1876-77; Kuokoa, 1878-91. 


merchant, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Kilmarnock, Scotland; son of James 
and Elizabeth (Robertson) Parker; 
married Catherine Doig in Hono- 
lulu Sept. 11, 1912. Educated 
in Glasgow high school, Glas- 
gow, Scotland. In iron and steel 
business, Glasgow, 1903-10; asst. 
storekeeper, Hakalau Plantation 
Co., Hawaii, 1911-15; manager Ha- 
makua -Mill Co.'s store, Paauilo, 
Hawaii, 1915-19; manager Fred L. 
Waldron, Ltd., Hilo, Hawaii, since 

yer, Hilo, Hawaii; born in Man- 
kato, Minn., Jan. 18, 1872; son of 
S. de Witt and Frances Howell 
(White) Parsons; grandson of Hon. 
Albert S. White, U. S. Senator 
from Ind. (1839-45), and U. S. Dis- 
trict Judge, 1864; great-grandson of 
Thomas Mann Randolph, the third 
of that name of Tuckahoe Manor, 
Va. Educated Univ. Mich., LL.B., 
1893; clerk War Dept. Washing- 
ton, 1890-91; practiced law, firm 
of Parsons & Wedekind, San Diego, 
Cal., 1894-95; practiced alone, Los 
Angeles, 1895-98; removed to Hilo, 
1898; dist. magistrate* N: Hilo, 
1899-1900; member law firm of 
Smith & Parsons, Hilo, 1900-04; 
appointed by President Roosevelt 
to succeed Hon. Gilbert F. Little 
as judge of Circuit Court, Fourth 
Circuit^ June, 1904; reappointed, 
serving 12 years; commissioner of 
boundaries. Fourth Circuit. 1906- 
1911. Charter member Univ. Mich. 
Chap. Delta Chi farternity; mem- 
ber board of trustees, Hilo Pub. 
Library; member University Club, 
Honolulu; Hilo Yacht Club; Ha- 
waiian Society, S. A. R.; Amer. 
Acad. Political and Social Science; 
Amer. Bar Assn., National Council, 
National Economic League; mem- 
ber of and counsel for Island of 
Hawaii Vigilance Corps of Amer. 
Defense Society, 1917-18; associate 
member Legal Advisory Board, 4th 
Judicial Circuit, 1918; counsel for 
and chairman of home service 
committee, Hawaii Chapter, Amer. 
Red Cross. Republican. 

PATTEN, HAROLD V., banker, 
Hilo, Hawaii; born at Yarmouth, 
Nova Scotia, Canada, Jan. 21, 1867; 
son of William Harris and Eleanor 
(Saunders) Patten; common school 
education in Yarmouth, Nova Sco- 






tia; married Caroline Austin Macy 
at Hakalau, Hawaii, July 15, 1893; 
children, Eleanor and Gilbert. Clerk 
and bookkeeper, Hilea Plantation. 
Hakalau Plantation Co., 1891-1906; 
became connected with the First 
Bank of Hilo, Ltd., 1906; cashier 
of the First Bank of Hilo, Ltd., 
since 1906. Is secretary of the First 
Trust Co. of Hilo, Ltd., and the 
Hawaiian Insurance & Guaranty- 
Co., Ltd.; treasurer of the Ha- 
waii Telephone Co., and the Hilo 
Electric Light Co., Ltd. Is a 32nd 
degree Mason and an Elk. 

PATTERSON, FRED, lawyer, Hi- 
lo, Hawaii; born at Fort Bidwell, 
Modoc County, Calif., Jan. 15, 1889; 
son of Thomas Jefferson and Eda 
(Tonningsen) Patterson; educated 
Ontario high school, Ontario, Ore- 
gon, 1909; University of Calif., 
LL.B. 1913. Practiced law with 
Henry H. Davis, San Francisco, 
1913-1916; law practice, Lihue, Ka- 
uai, T. H., 1916-17; law partner- 
ship with Senator James W. Rus- 
sell, Hilo, Hawaii, since Feb. 1919. 
Served as captain of infantry, U. 
S. Army, during World War. Is 
pres. Bank of Kauai, Ltd. ; secty., 
Securities Trading Corp. ; secty., 
Commercial Trust Co., Ltd.; secty. 
American Trading Co., Ltd.; direc- 
tor, Security Building and Loan 
Assn. President of Hilo Baseball 
League; member Phi Alpha Delta 
(legal fraternity) ; Lodge Le Prog- 
res de TOceania, 371, F. & A. M. ; 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 


physician, Kilauea, Kauai; born at 
Marion, Iowa, July 27, 1885; son 
of Henry S. and Emma F. (Doran) 
Patterson; educated in grammar 
and high schools, Des Moines, 
Iowa; Denver & Gross Medical 
School, M. D. 1909, Denver, Colo.; 
married Mabel L. Larson at Fort 
Shafter, Honolulu, Dec. 21, 1918; 
one son, Richard L. Interne, St. 
Anthony's Hospital, Denver, Colo.; 
came to Hawaii, 1910; with Ter- 
ritorial Board of Health, 1916- 
1918; major Medical Corps, U. S. 
Army, stationed at Schofield Bar- 
racks, Oahu, June 1918 -Aug. 1919; 
physician and surgeon foV Kilauea 
Sugar Co., Kauai, since 1920. 

and street railway president, Ho- 
nolulu; born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Feb. 25, 1860; son of Alfred Phineas 
(member old Trinity church quar- 
tette choir, New York City before 
Civil War) and Harriet Newell 
(Tenney^ Peck; great-grandson of 
Capt. Phineas Peck of Norwich, 

Conn., in battle of Saratoga, etc., 
in Revolutionary War, and descen- 
dant of Henry Peck of original 
New Haven colony. Educated pri- 
vate and public schools, Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Northwestern College, Wa- 
tertown, Wis.. graduate of high 
school. Milwaukee, Wis., class of 
1879; married Elizabeth Locke (of 
Glens Falls, N. Y.) at Merchant- 
ville, N. J., Feb. 14, 1901; one son, 
Newton Tenney. Taught in Mil- 
waukee high and public schools, 
1879-80; teacher German-English 
Academy and German-American 
Normal College, Milwaukee, 1881- 
82; employed in railroad land busi- 
ness, Chicago, 1882-89; as manager 
Kenova Assn., established, named 
and developed the town of Kenova, 
W. Va., and an addition to Iron- 
ton, Ohio, 1889-1901; located in Ho- 
nolulu in 1901 as treasurer, S. N. 
Castle Estate, Ltd., and of the 
Rapid Transit system; president 
Honolulu Rapid Transit & Land 
Co. since 1904; cashier First Nat. 
Bank of Hawaii 1905. later vice- 
president and president since 1915 ; 
president First American Savings 
& Trust Co.; former director and 
auditor Castle & Cooke, Ltd., Al- 
exander & Baldwin, Ltd. and of the 
Hawaiian Fibre Co. Was city 
councilman Kenova, W. Va. ; mem- 
ber board of health, Wayne Co., 
W. Va.; received tentative ap- 
poirtment as captain W. Va. Vol- 
unteers, Spanish American War, 
1898, subject to expected third 
call which was not made; was 
chairman Republican W. Va. Dist. 
Judicial Convention; member 4th 
Dist. W. Va. Congressional com- 
mittee; master of Masonic Lodge, 
Kenova; and was president Cen- 
tury Literary Club of Ironton, Ohio. 
Member of Pacific, Commercial, 
Country, Social Science, Rotary 
and Ad clubs of Honolulu; treas- 
urer and director Hawaiian Volca- 
no Research Assn.; former trus- 
tee Queen's Hospital; chairman 
Seaman's Institute Com., Episco- 
palian warden, treasurer St. An- 
drew's Cathedral parish since 1901; 
delegate to Episcopal general con- 
vention, Richmond, 1907; trustee 
Y. W. C. A.; was chairman central 
committee for Hawaii in the 
Liberty Loan campaigns; was 
member tax commission of Hawaii, 
1908; is vice-president for Hawaii 
of the American Bankers' Associa- 
tion and first president of the 
Philharmonic Society of Honolulu. 

versity professor, Honolulu; born 
Jan. 20, 1890, at Marblehead, Mass.; 
son of Edwin Everett and Edith 









(Bartlett) Pecker. Educated Bos- 
ton University, A. B., 1912; grad- 
uate student Sorbonne, Paris, 1912- 
13; assistant professor Romance 
Languages, Pomona College, Cali- 
fornia, 1914-18; professor of Ro- 
mance Languages, University of 
Hawaii, since 1919. Traveled in 
Europe in 1912, 1913, 1914 and 
1920; traveled in Mexico in 1919. 
Was instructor in Military French 
at Y. M. C. A., Camp Kearney, 
California, 1918. Member of Beta 
Theta Pi Fraternity. 

PEDRO, THOMAS, Jr., lawyer, 
stenographer, notary public, auc- 
tioneer, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Honolulu, Mar. 17, 1889; son of 
Thomas Pedro; educated, St. Louis 
College, Honolulu, 1909; married 
Annie Apana, in Honolulu, Aug. 2, 
1915; three children: Mary McCol- 
gan. Thos. McColgan, and Charles 
Cox. Began as overseer Kahului 
R. R. Co., Maui, 1909-11; law clerk 
and stenographer and later postof- 
fice clerk, Honolulu, 1911-13; be- 
cause of ill health became letter 
carrier, 1913-16; appointed asst. 
clerk, 4th Circuit Court, Hilo, July 
3, 1916; admitted to practice all 
dist. courts of Territory, Mar. 13, 
1918; began active practice of law, 
Sept. 1, 1920. Was member Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii; member and di- 
rector Hawaiian Civic Club; mem- 
ber St. Louis College Alumni Assn.; 
member and officer, A. O. F. Is in- 
terested in fishing business and 
automobile business, Hilo, Hawaii. 


entomologist, Honolulu; born Aug. 
12, 1886, Los Angeles, Calif.; son 
of William Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Hampton) Pemberton; married 
Una Craig, at San Rafael, Calif., 
June 19, 1911; one child: Virginia. 
Educated, Los Angeles and San 
Francisco; graduated Stanford 
Univ., A. B., May 1911; entered 
service U. S. Bureau of Ento- 
mology, Tulare, Cal., citrus dist., 
as expert and agent for Bureau, 
July 1, 1911; appointment changed 
to scientific assistant, July 1, 1912, 
under which title served in Cal. 
citrus dists., Washington, D. C. 
and Hawaii; has made close inves- 
tigation of citrus fruit insects, as 
follows: mediterranean fruit fly, 
1911-12; fruit and melon fly, 1913- 
16; parasites for fruit fly, 1916-17; 
appointed in charge fruit fly in- 
vestigations, Hawaii, Jan. 1916. 
Served in U. S. Inf.. July 1918- 
Feb. 1919; asst. entomologist, H. 
S. P. A. Experiment Stat., Hono- 
lulu, Feb. 1, 1919 to date. Conduct- 
ed detailed study of sugar cane 

leaf-hopper and control methods, 
1919-20; sent abroad to Fiji Islands 
and Australia to investigate foreign 
beneficial insects for introduction 
to Hawaii, July, 1920, the foreign 
work, including forest seed intro- 
ductions, extending to the present. 
Member Amer. Assn. of Economic 
Entomologists, pres. Hawaiian En- 
tomological Society, 1918. 


sugar plantation manager, Wailuku, 
Maui; born in San Francisco, Cal., 
Dec. 2, 1877; son of De Blois 
Pearce and Eliza Otis (Turner) 
Penhallow. Educated at Mt. Ta- 
malpais Military Academy (Cal.), 
Stanford University; married Ma- 
rion Reynolds in Honolulu Feb. 24, 
1903; four children: David Pearce, 
Richard, Henry Chadsey, Charles 
Folsom. Entered office of C. Brew- 
er & Co.. Honolulu, on leaving col- 
lege, 1899-1901; assistant cashier 
Hawaiian Trust Co., 1901-02; book- 
keeper Wailuku Sugar Co., Maui, 
1902-05; overseer, 1905-07; assist- 
ant manager, 1907-08; manager 
Wailuku Sugar Co. since 1998. Was 
senator from Maui, 1913-15 session 
of Territorial Legislature. Mem- 
ber L T niversity, Oahu Country and 
Honolulu Ad clubs; Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M.; Hono- 
lulu Chapter No. 1, R. A. M.; Ho- 
nolulu Commandery No. 1, K. T. ; 
Aloha Temple. A. A. O. N. M. S.; 
Maui County Fair and Racing 
Assn., Maui Chamber of Commerce, 
and Hawaiian Chapter, Sons of 
American Revolution. 


photographer, Honolulu, T. H. ; born 
in San Francisco, Cal., January 20, 
1878; son of Charles Bottrel and 
Clara (Fawcett) Perkins; educated 
at Polytechnic High School, San 
Francisco. Entered business with 
Goodall, Perkins & Co., steamship 
agents, San Francisco. 1895-1900; 
came to Honolulu, entering employ 
Vincent & Belser, contractors, 1900- 
1901; owner and manager photo- 
graphic studio since April 1901. 
Member N. G. H. 1914 and 1915. 
Member Commercial, Oahu Country, 
Rotary, Outrigger and Automobile 
clubs; past master Honolulu Lodge 
No. 409, F. & A. M.; member Hono- 
lulu Commandery No., 1, K. T. ; 
Honolulu Consistory No. 1, and 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 

PERRY, ANTONIO, lawyer, Ho- 
nolulu; born Jan. 5, 1871, at Hono- 
lulu; son of Jason and Anna (Hen- 
riques) Perry; married Eugenia 
May Vanderburgh at San Francis- 
co Jan. 9, 1912; two children: Eu- 




W 9. 






genia Jacqueline and Gail Antonia. 
Educated at old Fort Street School, 
St. Albans College and Punahou 
College; studied law in office of 

A. S. Hartwell, 1891; admitted to 
bar in 1893; district magistrate for 
Honolulu,, 1894-96; circuit judge 
First Circuit, 1896-1900; associate 
justice Supreme Court, 1900-04 and 
1909-14. Member 1 Oahu Country 
Club, Hawaiian Historical Society, 
Bar Association of Hawaii. 

PERRY, HERBERT DE L., assist- 
ant manager the Liberty House 
Honolulu; born Pawnee City, Neb., 
Nov. 30, 1885; son of Arthur W. 
and Nellie (Ansley) Perry; mar- 
ried Georgia Armstrong, in Hono- 
lulu, Oct. 3, 1916; one child, Arm- 
strong. Educated high school, also 
Economist Training School of New 
York City. With small dry goods 
house, Michigan, 1903-08; in win- 
dow decorating dept. Marshall 
Field & Co., Chicago, 1908-09; on 
road as asst. to Hart, Schafner & 
Marx salesman. 1909; in dry goods 
business Cheboygan, Mich., 1909- 
12 ; studied advertising in New 
York City, 1912-13; took charge 
of advertising for B. F. Ehlers & 
Co., Honolulu, remaining in that 
position until changed to the Lib- 
erty House Aug., 1918, when he 
was made asst. mgr., which posi- 
tion he has held since. Member 

B. P. O. E. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born in San 
Francisco, Cal., Dec. 15, 1877; son 
of Julius Albert and Marie A. (Hil- 
derbrandt) Peters. Educated Stan- 
ford University, 1895-97; Hasting's 
College of Law, 1897-1900; LL.D., 
University of California, 1900; ad- 
mitted to practice State of Cali- 
fornia April 29, 1899; married Mary 
Mapuana Smith Sept. 20, 1904, in 
Honolulu; three children: Mapuana 
S., Emil C., Jr., and Elsa H. As- 
sociated with Denson, Oatman & 
Benson, attorneys, San Francisco; 
came to Honolulu Oct. 21, 1900; ad- 
mitted to the bar, Territory of Ha- 
waii, Nov. 22, 1900; deputy attor- 
ney general, Feb. 1, 1903-Novem- 
ber 21, 1905; attorney general of 
Hawaii Nov. 21, 1905-Aug. 15, 1907; 
judge advocate general, National 
Guard of Hawaii, Nov. 21, 1905- 
April 17, 1914. Member of Com- 
mercial, University and Oahu Coun- 
try clubs, B. P. O. E. and A. F. & 
A. M. 


custom broker. Honolulu; born 
Feb. 20, 1878, at Koleakea, Oahu 

Hawaii; son of Icabod Bartlett and 
Henrietta Copeland (Austin) Pe- 
terson; married Harriet. Hiilani 
Jones at Honolulu Sept. 28, 1904; 
five children, David Reuben, Mel- 
ville Ulualoha, King George Koni, 
Richard Kanoelani and Moana 
Audrey; descendant of "Silver- 
Head" Thos. Clark, an English nil- 
grim, who took part in the orieinal 
landing at Plymouth Rock. Educat- 
ed at Fort Street School and St. 
Louis College, Honolulu: entered 
business with firm of "Wall Nichols 
Co., 1896-99: with McBryde plan- 
tation, 1899-1900; with Hind, Rolph 
& Co., 1901-05, and with Harry 
Johnson, customs broker, 1905-07; 
own business since Julv. 1912. 
President and treasurer of Ameri- 
can Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd. 
since July, 1920. 

PETRIE, LESTER, master me- 
chanic, Honolulu; born in San Fran- 
cisco, Jan. 26, 1878; son of Adam 
and Clara (Sutton) Petrie; married 
Mary K. Crewes, in Honolulu, Jan. 
25, 1912; children: Lester Herbert, 
Mary Ramona, Wesley Harold. 
After completing schooling com- 
menced work for Oahu Railway & 
Land Co., Honolulu, 1894, and has 
been with them in various positions 
since that date. Is member of 
Board of Supervisors. Honolulu, 
now serving third term, having been 
elected in 1912, 1917 and 1919; chair- 
man, Oahu Loan Fund Commission; 
was member Honolulu Park Com- 
mission; former member Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii. Past potentate. 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. ; 
past master Hawaiian Lodge No. 
21, F. & A. M.; Past D. D. Y. S., 
I. O. O. F., in Hawaii; member Ho- 
nolulu Lodge No. 616, B. P. O. E. 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
San Francisco, Cal., July 24. 1876; 
son of Adam and Clara (Sutton) 
Petrie; educated in Honolulu grade 
and high schools; married Eva 
MacGregor in San Rafael, Calif., 
Dec. 12, 1910. Entered employ of 
Castle & Cooke. Ltd., Honolulu, 
Feb. 13, 1893, and was appointed 
secy, of the corporation Dec. 27, 
1906. Member Territorial House of 
Representatives, 1917. Was private 
in Hawaii National Guard, retiring 
with rank of capt., 1893-99. Mem- 
ber Commercial and Oahu Country 
Clubs; Excelsior Lodge No. 1, I. 
O. O. F., Honolulu bodies Ancient 
and Accepted Scottish Rite Ma- 
sonry; 32d degree; Aloha Temple, 
A. A. O. N. M. S. ; past master and 
treasurer, Honolulu Lodge No. 409. 
F. & A. M. 






tor, Honolulu; born in Beatrice, 
Neb., Jan. 1, 1887; son of John 
Thomas and Mary (Tice) Phillips; 
married Mary Blythe Hart at 
San Francisco Oct. 29, 1911; 
three children: John Kerner, 
Thomas Newton, Jean Mary. 
Graduate Beatrice (Neb.) High 
School and Business College; rail- 
road clerk and stenographer, Rock 
Island Lines, Fairbury, Neb., and 
Davenport, la., 1905-08; joint fa- 
cility accountant, same, Central 
district, Davenport, la., and Chica- 
go, 1908-09; division accountant, 
Santa Fe R. R., Needles, Cal., 1910; 
traveling accountant, S. P. R. R., 
with headquarters in San Francis- 
co, 1911-13; special accountant and 
confidential auditor, S. P. Allied 
properties (lumber, coal, oil, steam- 
ship, refrigerator car lines, land 
companies, etc.), headquarters San 
Francisco, 1913-16; auditor of dis- 
bursements, Oahu Railway & Land 
Co., Honolulu, March, 1916-Dec., 
1917; active service, U. S. Army, 
Dec., 1917-March, 1919; senior ac- 
countant Audit Company of Ha- 
waii, to Jan. 1, 1920; anditor Public 
Utilities Commission since Jan. 1, 
1920. Instructor of accountancy, 
University of Hawaii, 1921. While 
in army served as captain, 
Quartermaster's Corps; in finance 
dept., Honolulu; asst. to Camp 
Quartermaster, Camp McClellan, 
Ala.; also served in the sub- 
sistence and transportation branch- 
es and as executive officer. 
Holds rank of major, Reserve 
Corps. Member Honolulu Post No. 
1, American Legion (executive 
committee) ; chairman department 
committees on citizen employment 
and foreign language press, Amer- 
ican Legion. Member Rotary Club, 
Commercial Club, Blue Lodge 
Chapter, Commandery, F. & A. M.; 
member Aloha Temple of the 
Shrine; American Acad. of Polit- 
ical and Social Science. 

Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co., 
Ltd., Hilo, Hawaii; born at Belize, 
British Honduras, July 18, 1875; 
son of John and Margaret Hunter 
(Tait) Phillips; educated in the 
Boys' High School, Tauranga, New 
Zealand; married Florence Edna 
(Rickard) Edwards in Hilo, Ha- 
waii. March 26, 1908; one child, 
Margurite Cecile. Began career 
with Macky-Logan Steen & Co., 
wholesale dry goods, Auckland, N. 
Z., 1890-94; came to Hawaiian 
Islands, 1894, and entered employ 
of Hawaiian Sugar Co., Makaweli, 

1894-1895; with Theo. H. Davies ifc 
Co., Honolulu 1895-99: in the em- 
ploy of the Wilder S. S. Co. until 
merged with the Inter- Island 
Steam Nav. Co., Honolulu, July, 
1905; purser and freight clerk on 
various steamers until 1908; purser 
of the S. S. Mauna Kea, 1908-16; 
appointed agent in Hilo for the 
Inter-Island Steam Nav. Co., Ltd., 
Dec., 1916. Member of Knights of 
Pythias; Honolulu Lodge No. 409, 
F. & A. M. ; Honolulu Chapter, R. 

A. M.; Knights Templar, Aloha 
Temple A. A. O. N. M. S., Com- 
mercial Club (Honolulu), Hilo 
Yacht and Hilo Rotary clubs. 


physician, Honolulu; born in Low- 
ell, Incl., Jan. 23, 1892; son of Cass 
D. and Minnie (Trump) Pinker- 
ton; married Marion Chapin at Ho- 
nolulu July 11, 1919; one child: 
Miarion Joy. Attended Univv of 
Chicago, 1908 and 1909; graduated 
at Chicago College of Medicine and 
Surgery, M. D., 1914. Post grad- 
uate of Francis E. Willard Hospi- 
tal, Chicago; (specialty work) Illi- 
nois Charitable Eye and Ear In- 
firmary, Chicago, 1915-16. Major 
in Med. Corps, U. S. A., in charge 
eye, ear, nose and throat service, 
Hawaiian Dept., 1917-19. Is major, 
M. R. C. Member Commercial 
Club University Club, Oahu Coun- 
try Club, F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., 

B. P. O. E., Aloha Temple Mystic 
Shrine, Honolulu bodies A. A. S. R. 

PITTAM. CHARLES C., rancher, 
Schofield Barracks, Oahu, T. H.; 
manager of the Kemoo Farm. 

trical engineer, Hilo. Hawaii; born 
at Athena, Oreg., Oct. 30. 1889; son 
of Alfred Walker and Susan May 
(Wise) Plankinton; married Eliza- 
beth Nunns Clark, in New York 
City, June 8, 1916; two children; 
John Clark and Elizabeth Sleight. 
Educated public and high school, 
Dallas, Oreg.; graduated Oregon 
State College, B. S. in electl. en- 
gineering, 1910; began professional 
career with General Electric Co., 
Schenectady, N. Y., 1910; electrical 
eng. with same company, San 
Francisco. 1911-13; electrical eng. 
Catton, Neill & Co., Honolulu, 1913- 
16: mgr. Hilo Electric Light Co., 
since 1916; director Hilo Electric 
Light Co., since Jan. 1, 1921; trea- 
surer and director of Hilo Board 
of Trade. Member of Hilo Rotary 
Club, Hilo Yacht Club, Automobile 
Club, Hilo Ad Club and director 
Hawaii Island Welfare Bureau. 











clergyman, Wailuku, Maui; born 
at Robinson, 111., Jan. 19, 1870; son 
of George Washington and Eliza- 
beth Maria (Stiles) Pleasant; mar- 
ried Frances Rebecca Gilson of 
Grove City, Pa., Dec. 21, 1909. Ed- 
ucated at Union Christian College. 
Merom, Ind., A. B., 1900; principal 
high school, Palestine, 111.. 1900-03; 
Oberlin Theological Seminary, 1903- 
06; graduate student of Union 
Theological Seminary, New York 
City, and in Columbia University, 
1906-07; Oberlin Theological Sem- 
inary, degree B. D., 1906. Pastor 
First Cong. Church, Lakota, N. D., 
1907-09: First Cone. Church at 
Ballantine, Mont., 1909-15; Kahu- 
lui Union Church, Kahului, Maui, 
1915-19; agt. Hawaiian Board for 
Maui Co., and secretary-treasurer 
Maui Aid Assn.. 1919 to date. 


irrigation expert. Haiku, Maui, born 
at Lahainaluna, Lahaina, Maui, Jan. 
12, 1856; son of John Fawcett and 
Maria Kapule (Whitney) Pogue; 
father a missionary to Hawaii, 
mother first white girl born in Ha- 
waii; educated at Oahu College, 
Honolulu, and Marietta College, 
Ohio, 1879; married Emma Vic- 
toria Saffery, at Wailuku, Maui, 
May 2, 1880; fourteen children. 
Eclmond S., William F.. John F., 
Sam W., Hervy W., C. Coville, 
Marie E., Charles A., May L.. 
Ruth E., Henry B.. Fred McC.. J. 
Pauahi, F. Kahunani. Began busi- 
ness career at Paliuli, Maui, with 
H. P. Baldwin and S. T. Alexander; 
head overseer, Haiku Sugar Co.; 
manager Rose ranch, Ulupalakua; 
manager Haleakala Ranch Co.; 
manager Kihei Plantation Co.; su- 
perintendent Hawaiian Commercial 
& Sugar Co.'s ditches in Koolau 
district; manager East Maui Irri- 
gation Co.; also interested in gen- 
eral ranching with late S. G. Wil- 
der at Keauhou, Hawaii. Mem- 
ber Territorial Legislature. 1888; 
chairman Board of Supervisors, 
County of Maui, 1908-12; chairman 
Maui Loan Fund Commission from 
1911. Postmaster at Huelo, Maui, 
1906-13; member Constitutional 
Convention, Republic Hawaii; chair- 
man Maui County Farm and Sani- 
tarium since 1910. 


merchant, Honolulu; born in Essen, 
Germany, July 27, 1881; son of J. 
H. and M. C. (Wasmuth) Pohl- 
mann; educated. Essen Gymnas- 
ium, 1898; Maschinen Bauschule, 
Dnesburg, M.E., 1902; married 

Floi-a Ann Sigel, in Berkeley, Cal., 
April 28, 1915; engineer in office 
and shop. F. A. Krupp Co., Essen, 
1902-08; came to America Oct., 
1908; with Natl. Union Fire Ins. 
Co., Pittsburg, as statistician, Nov. 
1908-April 1909; with Westinghouse 
Electric Co., Pittsburg, as mechani- 
cian, May, 1909-April, 1910; since 
Oct., 1910, in Hawaii and now im- 
porter of machinery and special- 
ties. Member Ad Club. Commercial 
Club and Chamber of Commerce of 


lawyer, Honolulu; born at Canyon 
City, Ore., April 14, 1869; son of 
Thomas W. and Margaret (Pipkin) 
Poindexter. Educated in public 
schools of Montana, Ohio Wesleyan 
University, Washington University 
(St. Louis, Mo.), LL.B., 1892; mar- 
ried Margaret Conger at Dillon, 
Mont., April 22, 1897; children: 
Everton G., Helen. Admitted to 
bar of Montana Dec. 5, 1892; prac- 
ticed law at Dillon, Mont.; elected 
county attorney of Beaverhead 
County, Mont, (three terms), Jan., 
1897- Jan., 1903; judge district court 
of Fifth Judicial District of Mon- 
tana (court of ereneral iurisdiction). 
1909-12; appointed Attorney Gen- 
eral of Montana, June 1, 1915-Jan. 
1, 1917; appointed by President 
Wilson U. S. District Judge, Ter- 
ritory of Hawaii, qualifying May 
14, 1917. Is 32nd degree Mason, 
Shriner and Elk. 

LIAS, hotel manager, Honolulu; 
born at Roxton Falls, Prov. of 
Quebec, Jan. 22, 1869; son of Her- 
man and Virginia (Phoeneuf) Poir- 
ier; educated Seminary St. Charles 
Borromee, Sherbrooke, Canada, 
graduating June 1887 with highest 
honor; began business career as 
clerk with LaBanque Nationale, 
Sherbrooke, Canada, Sept. 1887; 
paying and receiving teller. La- 
Banque Nationale, Ottawa, Canada. 
1887-93; associated with his uncle 
in the hotel business at Colusa, 
Colusa County, Calif., 1893-10; en- 
gaged in the apartment house 
business San Francisco, Calif., 
1910-11; sold out and engaged in 
real estate business at Los Angeles 
and San Diego, Calif.; came to 
Honolulu Dec. 23, 1912 and accept- 
ed position with Young Hotel; 
chief clerk, Moana Hotel, 1913- 
1917; manager of the Moana and 
Seaside hotels, Waikiki, since 1917. 
Member, Commercial Club of Ho- 
nolulu, Mason, Odd Fellow and 






nessman and promoter, Honolulu; 
born in Medina, Ohio, Feb. 2, 1870; 
son of Chauncey N. Pond, D.D., 
and Harriet P. (Perkins) Pond; 
educated in schools of Chicago, 
Berea, Ohio, and Oberlin, Ohio; 
graduate of Oberlin College, de- 
gree A. B., 1892; studied one year 
later in O. T. S., Oberlin; married 
Edith O. Eldredge, Nov. 26, 1900 
in Chicago, 111. ; children, Eldredge 
B. and Richard C. Came to Ha- 
waii 1896 and became a luna on 
the Ewa Plantation until March 
1897; with Castle & Cooke, Ltd., as 
store cashier 1897-98; in real es- 
tate business, McClellan & Pond, 
selling new residential section, Col- 
lege Hills 1900-03; with Water- 
house Trust Co., 1903-04; conduc- 
ted a dairy business, the Pond 
Dairy, 1904-11; filled and opened 
Beachwalk Tract, beginning the 
opening of Waikiki back from the 
beach, 1911-13; bought and opened 
up Royal Grove Tract 1914; start- 
ed Kemoo Farms 1914; pioneered 
the pure milk campaign in Hono- 
lulu, voluntarily testing cows for 
tuberculosis and clearing herd of 
diseased animals; started the Pond 
Company, Limited, of which he is 
now president and manager. 

ernment official, Honolulu; born in 
Bath, Me., Feb. 1, 1874; son of 
Frank Hooper and Elizabeth Sewall 
(Chaney) Poor. Educated in pub- 
lic schools of San Francisco and 
Honolulu; married Louisa Anna 
Thompson in Honolulu June 11, 
1893; three children: Clarence Hag- 
lund, Ebed Murphy, Martha Elea- 
nor Leinaala. Entered employ 
of Inter-Island S. N. Co., as- 
sistant to port purser, 1889-92; 
purser on S. S. Iwalani, Mikahala, 
W. G. Hall, 1892-94; employed by 
Wilder Steamship Co., purser of 
Hawaii and other ships, including 
Kinau, 1894-98; was assigned to 
shore duty in charge of freight and 
passenger departments and as as- 
sistant manager of chip chandlery 
dept.; when Inter-Island and 
Wilder Stemship Cos. consolidated 
was again in charge of passenger 
and freight depts. and assistant to 
vice president, 1898-1906; elected 
secretary of Honolulu Harbor No. 
54, Amer. Assn. Masters, Mates and 
Pilots, 1906-13; assistant supt. of 
Territorial Marketing Div., 1913; 
appointed chief clerk Board of Har- 
bor Commissioners, 1913. Charter 
member American League, member 
Citizens' Guard during 1895, Har- 
mony Lodge No. 3, and Polynesia 
Encampment, both I. O. O. F. 

culturist, Honolulu; born Feb. 17, 
1873, at Decatur, 111.; son of Willis 
and Lucena A. Pope; married Delia 
Blanch Romick at Pomona, Cal., 
July 12, 1906; three children: 
George, Linneus, Horace. Edu- 
cated Kansas State Agri. College, 
B. S. in Agri., 1898; Univ. of Cal., 
M. S. in Agronomy, 1916; whole- 
sale fruit salesman, Topeka, Kans., 
1899; supt. orchards, Catalpa Knob 
fruit farm, Eureka, Kans., 1900; 
horticulturist, Natl. Farm School, 
Doylestown, Pa., 1901-02; instruc- 
tor in agriculture, Territorial Nor- 
mal School, Honolulu, 1902-04; vice 
principal and director of science 
dept., same school, 1905-08; acting 
dean, College of Hawaii, Honolulu, 
1908-09; supt. pub. instruction. 
Territory of Hawaii, 1910-14; citrus 
fruit grower, San Dimas, Cal., 1914- 
15; head div. aerl. botanv. TTniv. 
Farm School, Davis, Cal., 1916-20; 
horticulturist, U. S. Agr. Exper. 
Sta., 1920 to date. Made study of 
relief map work, Hawaii, receiving 
gold medal at Alaska-Yukon-Pa- 
cific Exposition for relief maps ex- 
hibited. Was director National 
Educational Assn. for Hawaii, 
1911-12. Member Masonic Lodge. 


hospital supt., Honolulu; born Oak- 
land, Calif., Aug. 30, 1862; son of 
George Clinton and Almena Chee- 
ver (Cutter) Potter; married Edith 
Irmgard Macfarlane in Honolulu, 
Apr. 16, 1906. Education: Oakland 
schools to 1876, Emerson Institute, 
Washington. D. C., (Young's) to 
1880. Began business career in Ha- 
waiian Islands, cane planting, with 
Makee Sugar Co., Kauai, 1880-87; 
Waihee Sugar Co., Maui, 1887-89; 
secy. Board of Health, 1889-92; 
asst. secy. Board of Education, 
1892-93; secy. Foreign Office, Re- 
public of Hawaii, 1893-1900; secy. 
Hawaiian Commission to Paris Ex- 
position, 1900; with Glaus Spreck- 
els & Co., Honolulu, 1901; vice- 
pres. and cashier. Bank of Hono- 
lulu (successors to Glaus Spreckels 
& Co.) to 1920; supt. Queen's Hos- 
pital, Honolulu, since 1920; was 
1st Lieut. Honolulu Rifles, 1889; 
ordnance officer. General Staff, N. 
G. H. and A. D. C. to Pres. Dole 
to date of annexation, 1900, rank 
of major; scoutmaster B. S. A., 
Troop I, Honolulu, since 1911. 
Member Pacific Club, Oahu Coun- 
try Club, Hawaii Polo & Racing 
Assn., Honolulu Lodge F. & A. M., 
director Prot. Episcopal Church. 


Adujtant General, Territory of Ha- 






waii; born Manchester, N. H., 
June 16, 1878; son of James and 
Mary (Gough) Potter; educated, 
Fresno high school, Stanford Uni- 
versity (two years); married Cath- 
erine Teresa Egan, in San Fran- 
cisco, Nov. 15. 1905. Enlisted in 
Stanford Co., 1st Calif. U. S. Vol- 
unteer Inf., serving 1898-99; 1st 
lieut., 1st Inf., U. S. A., 1900; cap- 
tain Q. M. C., U. S. A., 1919-20; 
major of Inf., U. S. Reserve Corps, 
1917-19; lieut.-col. 1st Hawn. Inf., 
Nov. 1920-Feb. 1921; appointed by 
President, Adjutant General, Terri- 
tory of Hawaii, Feb. 15, 1921. Was 
a public school teacher and supt. 
1901-05; vice-pres. and nigr. Pot- 
ter Stoll Co., 1905-10; pres. Cali- 
fornia and Lake Improvement 
Assn., 1910. Holds medals as fol- 
lows: Spanish- American War, 
Philippine Insurrection, Philippine 
Congressional, World War. Mem- 
ber University Club. 


sugar chemist. Puunene. Maui: 
born in Rensselaer, N. Y., Sept. 26, 
1886; son of Robert James and Sar- 
ah H. (Easter) Pratt; married Hel- 
en Charlotte Kitchen in Honolulu 
Nov. 8, 1916. Attended Punahou 
Preparatory School, Oahu College, 
1905; Stanford Univ., A. B., 1909; 
asst. chemist H. C. & S. Co., 
Puunene, 1909-11; chemist Pepee- 
keo Sug. Co., Hawaii, 1911-14; act- 
ing instructor, sugar chemistry, 
College of Hawaii, 1912-13; act- 
ing chemist, Hawaiian Agr. Co., 
during 1913 and 1914; chief chemist 
of H. C. & S. Co., 1914 to date. 
Was in 3rd Inf., N. G. H., one and 
a half years. Member Hawaiian 
Chemists' Assn. (director several 
years) ; member Hawaiian Engi- 
neering Assn., Aloha Lodge No. 3, 
K. of P. (past chancellor, 1919); 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. 
Shrine; Honolulu Consistory and 
Kahului bodies, A. & A. Scottish 
Rite (Wise Master) ; Lodge Maui 
No. 472, F. & A. M. (past master, 
1919) Member Phi Lambda Ppsi- 
lon and Mim Kaph Mim. 

service, Honokaa, Hawaii; born in 
Masahm township, Ottawa, Cana- 
da, April 10. 1860; son of James 
and Eliza (Stinson) Pritchard; ed- 
ucated in public schools of Cana- 
da; married Margaret Morrison in 
Vancouver, B. C., May 11, 1894 (de- 
ceased) ; three children: Arthur, 
(deceased) Jean and Margaret. Be- 
gan business career with Canadian 
Pacific R. R.. constructing tele- 
graph service, 1886-1888; with Bell 
Telephone Co., San Francisco, 1888- 

1889; with Mutual Telephone Co., 
Honolulu, 1890-1895; with Kona- 
Kau Telephone Co., Hawaii. 1895- 
1900; manager Hamakua and South 
Kohala Tel. Co., 1900-13; on con- 
solidation of Hawaii Tel. compa- 
nies, became superintendent of Ha- 
makua and South Kohala branch. 
Was school agent, Kau district, 
1897-1900. Member Hawaii Board 
of Supervisors, 1913-15; member 
B. P. O. E. No. 759; Kilauea lodge 
No. 330 F. & A. M.; Aloha Temple 
A. A. O. N. M. S. of Honolulu; 
Maile Lodge No. 4, K. of P., Ho- 
nokaa; Excelsior lodge No. 1, I. O. 
O. F. ; P. C. P. Polynesian Encamp- 
ment 1893. 

yer, Honolulu; born in Buffalo, N. 
Y., April 17, 1868; son of Henry 
Wilbur and Anna (Fay) Prosser; 
married Blanche Thatcher in Los 
Angeles April 21, 1902. Educated 
in public and high schools of 
Brooklyn, N. Y., and Columbia Law 
School, New York City. Admitted 
to New York bar Feb. 14, 1890; ad- 
mitted to Hawaii bar May 31, 1898; 
assistant attorney general, 1905, 
and deputy attorney general, 
1906-07, Territory of Hawaii; com- 
menced law practice in Honolulu 
as partner of W. A. Kinney, B. L. 
Marx and R. B. Anderson in Sep- 
tember, 1907; at present member of 
firm of Frear. Prosser, Anderson 
& Marxc Was commissioner of 
public instruction, 1909; served 
1917-18 as representative and liai- 
son officer. Amer. Red Cross, at 
general headquarters, France, with 
rank of major and deputy commis- 
sioner. Chairman and charter 
member Roosevelt Memorial Assn.: 
chrmn. National Ren. Wa.vs and 
Means Com. Member TTniversitv 
Club, Oahu Country Club, Hawaii 
Racing and Polo Assn., B. P. O. E. 
and Hawaiian Historical Society. 

PUA, SAMUEL K., sheriff, Ha- 
waii county, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Honolulu. Hawaiian Islands, Oct. 
27, 1867; son of David William and 
Mary (Nahakuelua) Pua; educated 
in the Royal School, Honolulu; 
married Adelaide K. Wiltse in Ho- 
nolulu, Dec. 25, 1889 (died Sept. 
1919); one child. Ruby K. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth K. Waiolaina, Feb. 
14, 1920. Began career as a com- 
positor on newspaper, Honolulu; 
being against the Provisional Gov- 
ernment at the time of the over- 
throw of the Monarchy, was ar- 
rested with others, including Queen 
Liliuokalani, for high treason; 
went to farming on the Parker 









Ranch, Hawaii. 1898-1905; studied 
law and was admitted to District 
Courts of Hawaii, 1901; elected 
county clerk, West Hawaii county, 
served 14 days, the county act be- 
ing held unconstitutional by Su- 
preme Court; practised law at 
Kona, Hawaii, 1903-05; elected 
county clerk of Hawaii county, 
Nov., 1908, and re-elected each 
election since. Was elected to 
House of Representatives from 
Fifth District, 1892, serving until 
overthrow of Monarchy. Member 
of Kamehameha Lodge, Kauikeaouli 
Lodge, Hawaii Ponoi and Court 
Mauna Kea, Ancient Order of For- 

PULLAR, WILLIAM, plantation 
mgr., Honomu, Hawaii; born in 
Forfar, Scotland, Feb. 7th, 1863; 
son of Joseph and Sarah (Whyte) 
Pullar; public school education; 
married Helen T. Mitchell, in Ho- 
nolulu, Oct. 12, 1899. Farmed with 
father for several years after 
leaving school; arrived in Hono- 
lulu Sept. 3, 1887, and worked as 
team overseer, Papaikou Planta- 
tion, Hawaii; team overseer and 
head overseer, Pepeekeo Sugar Co., 
Hawaii, 1889-1898; mgr. Honomu 
Sug. Co.. Hawaii, since Oct. 1, 
1898; is vice-pres. First Bank of 
Hilo, Ltd., and of First Trust Co. 
of Hilo, Ltd. Director Hilo Electric 
Co., Ltd., and of Hawaiian Guaran- 
ty and Ins. Co., Hilo. 

tired. Honolulu: born East Indies, 
Feb. 11, 1856; son of Robert R. and 
Annie Silburn (Marshall) Purvis; 
married Mary McBryde, at Hono- 
lulu, April 7, 1891; two children: 
Robert McB. and Alice Silburn. 
Education: schools in Brussels, 
Belgium and England. Was in 
business and banking offices, Lon- 
don, Eng., 1873-77; came to Hono- 
lulu Dec. 13, 1877, and engaged in 
cane planting, Kauai. 1878-1882; 
head luna and bookkeeper, Kilauea 
Sug. Co., Kauai. 1881-83; book- 
keeper and secretary to G. N. Wil- 
cox, Lihue, Kauai. 1883-1916; di- 
rector and secy. Kauai Telephone 
Co., 1886-1916; auditor Hawn. Sug. 
Co., Makaweli, Kauai, 1894-1896; 
has been a director. McBryde Sug. 
Co., Eleele. Kauai. since 1900. Was 
clerk, Kauai Circuit Court, Jan. 
1885-June, 1899 and June, 1905-July, 
1910 ; member Lihue Road Board 
and Road Supervisor, Jan., 1888- 
June, 1906: clerk to sheriff of 
Kauai, 1890-1905; acting sheriff, 
Kauai, short periods in 1887, 1888 
and 1891; licensed to practise in 
District Courts of Territory, 1906- 

1916. Served in London Scottish 
Regt., London. 1874-1877. 

PUTMAN, FRANK L.. physician 
and surgeon, Honolulu; born in 
Colusa, Cal.. Oct. 7, 1873; son of 
F. M. and Martha Jane (Alexan- 
der) Putman; graduated University 
of California medical department, 
1902; married Violet Damon in Ho- 
nolulu, Nov. 23, 1909. Medical 
practise, Lihui, Kauai, and Honolu- 
lu since 1903. Was major. Medical 
Corps, 4th Regt. N. G. H. ; major, 
Medical Officers' Reserve Corps, 
V. S. Army; promoted to rank of 
It. colonel and command of de- 
partment hospital. Honolulu. Fel- 
low American College of Surgeons; 
fellow American Medical Associa- 
tion. Associated in practise with 
Dr. A. G. Hodgins, Honolulu. 


yer, Honolulu; born at Elkader. 
Iowa, Nov. 20, 1877; son of Robert 
and Sarah (Carroll) Quinn; com- 
mon and high school education, 
Elkader, Iowa; married Lulu Mc- 
Wayne in Honolulu, T. H., March 
29, 1911; five children, Irma, Mu- 
riel, Edwina, Lawrence and Mary. 
Began professional career as as- 
sistant clerk, First Circuit Court, 
Honolulu, T. H.; studied law under 
Hon. W. J. Robinson six years; ad- 
mitted to practise law before the 
Supreme Court of the Territory of 
Hawaii, June 1, 1908; admitted to 
U. S. District Courts, District of 
Hawaii, June 1, 1908; practised law 
in Honolulu. 1908-1916; appointed 
judge Circuit Court, Fourth Ju- 
dicial Circuit, Territory of Hawaii, 
by President Woodrow Wilson, 
April 4, 1916. Is a Democrat and 
youngest of fourteen children. 


ment worker, Honolulu; born De- 
cember 21, 1870, in Hyderabad, In- 
dia; son of James and Elizabeth 
(Baker) Rath; married Ragna Ka- 
therine Helsher. Oct. 15, 1904, at 
Concord, Mass.; five children: 
James A., Jr., Ragna Elizabeth, 
Henry Vincent. Margaret Evelyn 
and Robert Helsher. Educated mili- 
tary and private schools of India, 
graduate of Y. M. C. A. College, 
Springfield, Mass., degree B.H., 
June, 1904: was member revenue 
police, India, 1888-92; commissar- 
iat, transport and supply dept., 
British Army until 1900; asst. secy. 
Y. M. C. A.,' Bombay, in 1901; stu- 









dent 1901-04; took up present work 
in 1905, reorganizing the Palama 
Mission, Honolulu, and converting 
it into the Palama Settlement; es- 
tablished organized District Nurs- 
ing in Honolulu. Member Rotary 
Automobile and Country clubs of 
Honolulu; Hawaiian Historical So- 
ciety; Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. 
& A. M. ; Scottish Rite Bodies and 
Public Question Club. 


bookkeeper, Puunene, Maui; born 
in Kirriemuir, Scotland, Dec. 1, 
1890; son of John and Mary (Ir- 
vine) Rattray; high school educa- 
tion, Scotland; after leaving school 
was five years with Bank of Scot- 
land, in various departments; in 
office of Hawaiian Commercial & 
Sugar Co., since 1912; at present 
cashier and bookkeeper, notary 


lawyer, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu, Sept. 4, 1877; son of Thomas 
TV. and Marian S. (Evans) Raw- 
lins; educated at Oahu College 
(Honolulu) class of 1898; Yale Uni- 
versity LL.B. 1901; married Jane 
S. Somers at Bridgeport, Conn., 
March 19, 1902; one daughter, Eliz- 
abeth French. Practised law in 
Honolulu since Aug. 8, 1901; ref- 
eree in bankruptcy, 1901-04; deputy 
high sheriff, Territory of Hawaii, 
1904-05; second district magistrate, 
Honolulu, 1904; Hawaiian commis- 
sioner to Jamestown Exposition, 
Va., 1907; assistant U. S. District 
Attorney for Hawaii, 1907-12; repre- 
sentative to Territorial House of 
Representatives 1907, 1915, 1919 be- 
ing chairman on Judiciary Commit- 
tee session of 1907 and 1915 and 
chairman Public Lands Committee 
session 1919. Member University, 
Country and Yale clubs of Hono- 
lulu; Hawaiian Historical Society; 
past master Hawaiian Lodge 21, 
F. & A. M.; Hawaiian Consistory, 
Aloha Temple Mystic Shrine; 
Chiefs of Hawaii. Member of Leg- 
islative Committee to Washington 
appointed by Gov. Chas. McCarthy 
to present to Congress matters of 
legislation for Territory and chang- 
es in Organic Act, 1919. 


educator, Kauai; born Oct. 8, 1887, 
at Cambridge, Mass.; son of Charles 
F. and Addie (Stanley) Raymond, 
of English stock. Married Rebecca 
Elsie Copp at Wailuku, Maui, April 
3, 1918; one child: George Gordon. 
Educated grammar schools, Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; Rindge Technical 
School, and Tufts College. Began 

in government service as mechani- 
cal draftsman, Watertown Arsenal, 
Mass.;' later taught in public 
schools, Cambridge, Mass.; teacher 
Territorial Normal School, Hono- 
lulu, 1910-11; supervising princi- 
pal Lahaina, Molokai and Lanai 
districts, 1911-13; inspector general 
Territorial schools, 1913-17; super- 
vising principal of Maui County 
schools, 1917-18; served Mass. Vol- 
unteer Militia 1904-07; National 
Guard of Hawaii, 1913-18; active 
service, Reg. Adtj., 2nd Hawn. Inf., 
U. S. A., Schoneld Barracks, July- 
Oct. 1918; 1st lieut., 1st Hawn. Inf. 
U. S. A., Jan. 1919; discharged 
Aug. 1919; principal, Kapaa School. 
Kauai, since Sept. 1919. 1st Lt. 
U. S. R. C., Inf. Sec. Member Uni- 
versity Club, Y. M. C. A., Omicron 
Delta fraternity, N. E. A., A. O. F. 

RAYMOND, JAMES H., physi- 
cian and surgeon, Ulupalokua, 
Maui; born Nov. 23, 1866, at Charl- 
ton, N. Y. ; son of Samuel B. and 
Louisa Raymond; educated in gram- 
mar school and Saratoga Institute, 
N. Y., graduated Rush Medical Col- 
lege, Chicago, 1893; married Phoebe 
K. Dowsett in Honolulu, July 30,' 
1898; one son, James Harvey. Ho- 
tel business, New York City and 
Saratoga; practising physician and 
surgeon, Chicago and Honolulu, 
since 1893; for the past twenty 
years has engaged in cattle ranch- 
ing, Raymond Ranch, Maui. 

REED, ELISHA J., bank and 
vault engineer, Honolulu; born at 
Jackson, Mich., July 27, 1870; son of 
John and Elizabeth (Smith) Reed; 
educated in schools of Denver, Col.; 
married Alberta Moore at Darien, 
Conn., July 23, 1921. Spent six years 
as an apprentice die and tool- 
maker; was engaged in the salmon 
industry in Alaska, 1895-1905; has 
been connected with bank and vault 
engineering since; came to Hono- 
lulu first in 1914 to install entire 
vault and office equipment for Ha- 
waiian Trust Co., Ltd., and later 
became associated with the Water- 
house Co., Ltd., in charge of de- 
signing, planning and installing of 
bank and office equipment. Is chair- 
man of membership committee of 
Y. M. C. A. and member of Rotary, 
Automobile and Outrigger clubs and 
the Masonic order. 

RENTON, ALLAN, secretary and 
treasurer Hawaiian Gas Products, 
Ltd., Honolulu; born March 27, 
1894, at Kohala, Hawaii; son of 
George F. and Kate (Lewis) Ren- 
ton. Graduate Oahu College, Ho- 












nolulu; Univ. Wis., B. A., 1917. At- 
tended first R. O. T. C.. Schofield 
Barracks, Oahu, 1917; commis- 
sioned second lieut., assigned ma- 
chine gun company, 1st U. S. Inf., 
stationed at Camp Lewis and Camp 
Perry; secretary and treasurer of 
Acetylene Light & Agency Co. 
(now Hawaiian Gas Products, Ltd.). 
Member Masonic Lodge, Honolulu; 
Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Uni- 
versity Club, Oahu Country Club. 

RENTON, GEORGE F., Sr., re- 
tired sugar plantation manager, 
Honolulu, T. H. ; was born at Utsa- 
lady, State of Washington, May 
16, 1863; son of James and Mary 
(Brennan) Renton; educated at St. 
Alban's School and Oahu College, 
Honolulu; married Kate Lewis, 
daughter of James E. Lewis of 
Madison, Ind. ; children, George F. 
Jr., James Lewis and Allan West. 
Began career in the Union Mill 
Co. under direction of his father, 
Kohala, Hawaii, June 1, 1878; 
manager of the Kohala Sugar Co., 
May 1894, to December 1, 1898; 
manager of the Ewa Plantation 
Co., Ewa, Oanu 1898-1920; retired 
Jan. 1, 1921. Was manager in the 
sugar business from 1885 until re- 
tirement. Served as chairman of 
Exemption Board, 5th District, Ha- 
waii Draft for National Army. 
Member of the Pacific and Oahu 
Country clubs, Chamber of Com- 
merce of Honolulu; chairman, Ho- 
nolulu Branch, National Security 
League, and is a Knight Templar 
and a Shriner. 

gar plantation manager, Ewa, 
Oahu; born in Hamakua, Hawaii, 
April 1, 1887; son of George F. and 
Kate (Lewis) Renton; married 
Irene Fisher at Honolulu, Septem- 
ber, 1910. Educated at Punahou 
Preparatory and Oahu College, 
Honolulu; Sheffield Scientific 
School, Yale Univ., 1909. Sugar 
plantation positions, both field and 
factory, since 1909; manager Ewa 
Plantation Co., and Apokaa Sugar 
Co., Ltd., since Jan., 1921. Is Ma- 
son, Shriner, member Hawaiian 
Engineering Assn., Rotary Club, 
Commercial Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce, University Club, Amer. 
Chem. Society. 

supt., Ewa, Oahu; born in Hama- 
kua, Hawaii, Jan. 22, 1889; son of 
George F. and Kate (Lewis) Ren- 
ton; married Meda Menardi in Ho- 
nolulu Sept. 16, 1920. Graduated at 
Oahu College. 1908: Cornell Univ. 
1912, degree M. E. ; machinist, 1912; 

night eng. Ewa Plantation Co., 
1913; shop foreman, same, 1914-15; 
chief eng., 1915-18; capt. U. S. In- 
fantry, 1918-19; mill supt., Ewa 
Plantation Co., 1920 to date. Mem- 
ber Amer. Society of Mechanical 
Engs. ; Masonic Lodge, Shriner; 
member Commercial Club, Univer- 
sity Club, Honolulu; Hawaiian En- 
gineers' Assn.; Cornell Club of Ha- 

Honolulu; born in Lihue, Kauai, 
July 25, 1878; son of William Hyde 
and Mary (Waterhouse) Rice. Ed- 
ucated at Punahou (Honolulu), 
Mt. Tamalpais Military Academy, 
Stanford University; married Eliz- 
abeth Smith Forrest in Oakland, 
Cal., May 25, 1905; two children: 
Harriet Elizabeth and Arthur Hyde. 
Was overseer on Kealia plantation 
on leaving school, 1900; timekeeper, 
Koloa plantation, 1901-02; book- 
keeper, Lihue ranch, 1902-12; treas- 
urer, County of Kauai, 1905-12; 
formed brokerage corporation of 
James F. Morgan & Co., Ltd., with 
J. T. Fleming in 1912, of which he 
is now treasurer. Secretary San 
Carlos Milling Co.; vice president 
Hawaiian Sumatra Plantation Co.; 
director Waterhouse Investment 
Co. Is president Board of Agricul- 
ture and Forestry. Member Pa- 
cific, University, Commercial and 
Oahu Country clubs; Hawaii Polo 
and Racing Association; Hui Nalu 
and Chamber of Commerce. 

gar planter and rancher, Lihue, 
Kauai; born in Honolulu Sept. 12, 
3876; son of William Hyde and 
Mary (Waterhouse) Rice. Edu- 
cated at Oahu College and Heald's 
Business College (S. F.) ; married 
Grace King in Honolulu June 20, 
1899; two children: Edith Josephine 
and Juliet Atwood. Is manager of 
Kipu plantation; manager of Lihue 
ranch; president of Lihue Ice & 
Electric Power Co., the Garden Isl- 
and Publishing Co., Kauai Honey 
Co.; vice president of Lihue Plan- 
tation Co., Koloa Sugar Co., Prince- 
ville Plantation Co, Waiahi Electric 
Co., Kauai Telephonic Co., Ha- 
waiian Canneries Co. ; director 
of Makee Sugar Co., Ahukini 
Terminal & Railway Co., East 
Kauai Water Co., Waterhouse 
Investment Co. Was member of 
House of Reoresentatives. Terri- 
torial Legislature, 1905-07-09-11; 
Territorial Senate, 1913-15-19-21; 
delegate to Republican National 
Convention, Chicago, 1912; mem- 
ber Republican National Commit- 
tee, 1912-16. Member National Re- 












publican Club (New York); Ameri- 
can Remount Association (Wash- 
ington, D. C.); Pacific Club, Chiefs 
of Hawaii, Oahu Country and Ha- 
waii Polo and Racing clubs; cap- 
tain of Kauai Polo team since 1902 
and is a keen sportsman. 

RICE, HAROLD W., rancher, 
Paia, Maui, T. H. ; born at Waikiki, 
Honolulu, Nov. 10, 1883; son of 
William Hyde and Mary (Water- 
house) Rice. Educated in Hono- 
lulu High School; Lawrenceville 
Academy (Lawrenceville, N. J.) ; 
Princeton University three months; 
business college, San Francisco 
(one year) ; married Charlotte M. 
Baldwin at Spreckelsville, Maui, 
Dec. 7, 1907; two children, Char- 
lotte Emily and Harold Frederick. 
Began career with Koloa Planta- 
tion, 1904; after three months at 
business college was employed by 
H. C. & S. Co., 1906-07; division 
luna, Maui Agricultural Co., 1907- 
09; assistant manager, 1909-16; 
purchased the Cornwell ranch, 1916, 
and has managed this since that 
date; elected senator to Territo- 
rial Legislature four ye_ars, 1918. 
Was lieutenant and captain of 
Machine Gun Company, 3rd Reg., N. 
G. H., one year. Member Pacific, 
Hawaii Polo and Racing, Oahu 
Country and Honolulu Ad clubs; 
Maui Chamber of Commerce and 
Commercial Club, Honolulu. 

RICE, MILTON, physician, Hilo, 
Hawaii; born Washington Co., Wis., 
Feb. 24, 1864; son of Philip and 
Elizabeth (Gross) Rice; married 
Laura Cone, at Marion, Iowa, June 
11, 1885; four children: Mildred, 
Paul, Frederick and Robert. Edu- 
cated Hahnemann and Hering Med. 
Colleges, Chicago, M.D., graduating 
1895. Entered practise, Cedar Rap- 
ids, Iowa, 1895-99; arrived Hawaii, 
practising, Hilo, 1899-1905; practised, 
Milwaukee, Wis., 1905-13; in Hilo 
since 1913. Has written many med- 
ical papers for medical journals. 
Was member Medical Examining 
Board, Wisconsin. 1912-13; pres. 
Hilo Board of Trade; pres. County 
Fair Assn., pres. Trustees Hoolulu 
park, Hilo; pres. Board of Trustees, 
Hilo Public Library; member 
American Institution of Homeopa- 
thy; county physician, Hawaii 

torney at law, Lihue, Kauai; born 
at Lihue, Kauai, July 22, 1886; son 
of William Hyde and Mary 
(Waterhouse) Rice; married Flora 
Benton at Coronado, Cal., Sept. 12, 
1911. Attended Oahu College one 

year, 1906; Anderson Academy, 
Irviiigtoii, Cal., 1904-07; Heald's 
Business College, San Francisco, 
1907; Univ. Chicago Law School 
(special student). 1914-16. Over- 
seer, timekeeper, field boss, Koloa 
Sug. Co., Koloa, Kauai, 1907-10; 
clerk, Fifth Circuit Court, Lihue, 
1910-13; attorney in district courts 
and insurance agent, 1913-14; ad- 
mitted to bar of Supreme Court, 
Hawaii, 1916, and opened office at 
Lihue. Attended R. O. T. C., Scho- 
field Barracks, 1917, commissioned 
first lieut.. Inf. R. C., and attached 
25th Inf.; aide to Brig. Gen. A. P. 
Blocksom, May-Sept., 1918; pro- 
moted to captain of inf., U. S. A., 
Sept., 1918, stationed Hawn. Dept. 
Hdqts., Sept.. 1918: captain 47th 
M. G. Bn., 16th Div., Camp Kear- 
ney, Cal., Oct. -Dec., 1918; reopened 
office in 1919. Member of Phi 
Delta Phi fraternity (law); Ameri- 
can Legion (commander Kauai post 
No. 2, 1920). 

iff, Kauai; born at Lihue, Kauai, 
June 24, 1874; son of William Hyde 
and Mary (Waterhouse) Rice. Ed- 
ucated public schools, Colorado 
Springs, Colo., and Oahu College, 
Honolulu; married Mary Agnes 
Girvin in Honolulu June 8, 1897; 
children: William Harrison Paul 
Girvin, Richard Hans, Mary Doro- 
thea Isenberg, Helen Flora. Man- 
ager of Lihue ranch, 1894-97; owner 
Lihue Hotel since 1894; manager 
Lihue Livery Stables, 1897-1903; 
deputy sheriff of Kauai County, 
April 2, 1900-Juiie 30. 1905; elected 
sheriff of County of Kauai, July 1, 
19'05; re-elected each succeeding 
term since; chairman Selective 
Draft Committee for County of 
Kauai, 1917; member Republican 
Central Committee, 1904-12; mem- 
ber of Kauai Republican County 
Committee, 1912-16; member Ha- 
waii Promotion Committee and Ha- 
waii Tourist Bureau since 1916. 
Member of Hawaiian Historical So- 
ciety and Kauai Historical Society, 
Kauai Chamber of Commerce and 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M. 

and sugar planter, Lihue, Kauai; 
born at Punahou. Honolulu, July 
23, 1846; son of William Harrison 
Rice and Mary (Hyde) Rice; who 
arrived in Hawaii in 1841. grand- 
son of Joseph Hyde, who was one 
of the first missionaries to the 
Indians near Buffalo, New York; 
educated at boarding school of Rev. 
Daniel Dole, at Koloa, Kauai; 
Oahu College, Honolulu, and Brat- 
on's College, Oakland, Calif. (1863- 






64); married Mary Water-house at 
Honolulu, October 17, 1872; chil- 
dren: William Henry, Charles At- 
wood, Arthur Hyde, Mary E. (Mrs. 
W. H. Scott), Anna C. (Mrs. Ralph 
L. Wilcox), Harold Waterhouse, 
Philip L. and Emily D (Mrs. L. L. 
Sexton). Manager of ranch at Li- 
hue Plantation under Mr. Paul Is- 
enberg, Sr., 1867-69: president Ho- 
nolulu Stockyards Company, 1900- 
1905; director of Lihue Plantation, 
1900-1917. Was youngest member 
of House of Representatives under 
King Kamehameha V, 1870-72; was 
also a member of House of Repre- 
sentatives in 1873, 1882 pt., 1887, 
1888 and 1890; and a member of 
the Senate in 1895, 1896, 1897 and 
1898; was one of the 13 commit- 
teemen who waited on King Kala- 
kaua, giving him 24 hours to sign 
the Constitution; was appointed 
Governor of Kauai by Queen Liliu- 
okalani and served until after the 
revolution of 1893; has always been 
a fancier and breeder of fine live 
stock; is owner of Kipu Planta- 
tion (otherwise known as Lihue 
Ranch, but never a part of Lihue 
Plantation) ; now retired from ac- 
tive business, his interests being 
cared for and managed by his son, 
Charles A. Rice. 


banking and advertising, Honolulu; 
born Kansas City, Mo., Apr. 27, 
1892; son of A. B! and M. I. Rich- 
ards; education, Univ. of Missouri, 
A. B. 1916, Bachelor of Journalism, 
1917. Married Catherine Hay 
Jones, Nov. 24, 1918, at Great Neck, 
Long Island, N. Y. Joined adver- 
tising dept. Honolulu Star-Bulle- 
tin, 1917, resigning to enter war ser- 
vice; lieut. in U. S. Navy Supply 
Corps, 1918-19; returned to Hono- 
lulu, remaining with Honolulu Star- 
bulletin until Apr. 1, 1920, when he 
became mgr. service dept. Bank of 
Hawaii, Ltd., Honolulu; made asst. 
cashier, same, Jan. 1, 1921. Is vice- 
commander, American Legion, Ho- 
nolulu Post No. 1; member Uni- 
versity Club, Commercial Club, 
Oahu Country Club, Outrigger Ca- 
noe Club. 

urer Hawaiian Board of Missions, 
Honolulu; born March 29, 1869, at 
Montclair, N. J.; son of Joseph H. 
and Frances (Baker) Richards; 
married Mary C. Atherton June 29, 
1892, at Honolulu; four children: 
Ruth, Joseph Atherton, Herbert M. 
and Mary Theodora. Educated at 
Adelphia Academy, Brooklyn; Wes- 
leyan University, A. B., 1888; M. 
A., 1892; Columbia Law School, 

one year, 1889. Taught in Kame- 
hameha School, Honolulu, 1889-93; 
principal Kamehameha School for 
Boys, 1894-99; field secretary for 
Hawaiian Board, 1899-1900; treas- 
urer Hawaiian Board since 1900; 
promoter and first president Boys' 
Clubs of Honolulu; first president 
Anti- Saloon League; publisher of 
"The Friend," "Ka Hoaloha," "Yau 
Bo" and "Ang Abyan" ; compiled 
and edited book of songs, "Leo 
Hoonani"; founded Honolulu Bible 
Training School, 1906; first treas- 
urer Mid-Pacific Institute and 
trustee since organization; past 
secretary Social Science Club. 

STER, sugar chemist, Kilauea, Ka- 
uai; born in Gilbert, LI.. Oct. 31, 
1888; son of Samuel Louis ond Mol- 
lie Quintette Richardson; education, 
Gilbert, La., public schools; Louisi- 
ana State Univ., 1912; married Le- 
ona DeEava Atkinson, in Salinas, 
Calif., Dec. 16, 1917; children: Paul 
Randolph, Ralph Raymond. Stella 
Quintette. Worked during grind- 
ing seasons, Louisiana cane mills, 
1912-16; employed in Porto Rican 
mills 1913; toured Northwestern 
states to study agricultural prac- 
tises and methods summer of 1915; 
in cane mills of Cuba, 1915 and 
1917; Spreckels Sugar Co. 1917; 
came to Hawaii in 1918 and has 
since been sugar chemist. Kilauea 
Sugar Plantation Co. In 1920 
completed correspondence course in 
modern business given by Alexan- 
der Hamilton Institute of New 
York. Was active in church and 
Sunday school work in native 
state; is member Hawaiian Chem- 
ists Assn.; Louisiana Engineers, 
Chemist & Sugar Makers Assn. 
previous to coming to Hawaii. 

RICHLEY, ANTHONY, architect 
and supt. bldg. construction, Hono- 
lulu; born Fayette, N. Y., Jan. 9, 
1844; son of Joseph H. and Susan 
(Adams) Richley; married Marga- 
rette A. Little, May 24, 1890, at Spo- 
kane, Wash. While high school 
student entered Civil War, in 75th 
N. Y. Vol. Inf.; served to close of 
war, participating in 42 skirmishes 
and battles; wounded April 5, 1863, 
in charge at Pleasant Hill, La. ; 
studied architecture and construc- 
tion with L. D. Cleveland, Chicago; 
asst. construction supt. of Palace 
and Baldwin Hotels, San Francisco, 
1X72-76; supt. of building construc- 
tion, "Lucky" Baldwin's, S. Calif, 
ranch, 1876-79; U. S. Quarter- 
master Dept-, Arizona, 1879-87; 
joined firm of Reid Bros., archi- 
tects, 1888; construction engineer- 





* K 













ing work on many large buildings 
in Calif., including Coronado Hotel; 
Spokane, Wash.; Portland, Ore., 
including plant of "Morning Ore- 
gonian"; practised constructing en- 
gineer alone, having the erection 
of several large packing and cold 
storage plants, Portland and Ta- 
coma, Wash; with U. S. Corps of 
Engs. which built all government 
lighthouses for Hawaii, 1907-12; 
with Dept. Public Works, as supt. 
bldg. construction since 1912. Mem- 
ber Geo- H. Thomas Post, S. F.; 
Elks, Chamber of Commerce, Auto 
Club, Ad Club, Veterans Foreign 
Wars. (Ed. note: Died April 28, 
1921, and buried with military hon- 
ors, given firing squad by Gen. 
Morton, U. S. A.) 

Eleele, Kauai; born in Budapest, 
Hungary, Dec. 17, 1892; son of 
Stephan and Francesca (Santha) 
Richter; education, grammar and 
high schools, Budapest; college 
course in the Polytechnicum of 
Budapest; immigrated to America 
in 1912, and worked in various ca- 
pacities, mostly chemical business, 
in New York. Michigan, Califor- 
nia; arrived in Hawaii in 1914, be- 
coming asst. chemist Waialua Agr. 
Co., Oahu; moved to Kauai in 
1916 and has been chemist for Mc- 
Bryde Sug. Co. since. 


deputy sheriff, Hamakua, Hawaii; 
born in Waimea, S. Kohala, Ha- 
waii. Sept. 14, 1873: son of Wil- 
liam Henry and Nora (Treloar) 
Rickard; educated Punahou school. 
Honolulu, 1882-83: Atkinson 

school, 1883-87; private school, 
Tavistock, Devonshire, Eng., 1887- 
1892. Employed in office of Day- 
ton & Hall, hardware firm, Port- 
land, Ore., 1893-95; freight clerk 
and cane weigher, Paauhau Sug. 
Co., Hawaii, 1895-97; elected 
deputy sheriff, Hamakua, 1897, but 
resigned during second term and 
began raising coffee and conduct- 
ing ranch business. Was with U. S. 
Geological Survey, 1912-13; ap- 
pointed deputy sheriff, Hamakua, 
April 2, 1913. Was member of 
Oregon National Guard, Portland, 
1893-95; member Elks Lodge No. 
759, Hilo; K. of P. Lodge No. 4, 
Honokaa, Hawaii. 


architect, Honolulu; born Feb. 13, 
1849, in Peru, Oxford County, Me.; 
son of James and Syrena (Briggs) 
Ripley; married Loda M. Rose at 
Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 31, 1873; 
six children: James Porter, Edward 

Fickett, Bliss Clark, Lilla May, 
Iwalani Syrena, Gertrude Kula- 
manu. Educated in public and 
high schools, private instruction in 
drawing and architecture. Began 
professional career in Chattanoo- 
ga (Tenn.) in 1871 with William K. 
Ripley as Ripley & Co.; later re- 
moved to Nashville, Tenn., and to 
Los Angeles, 1875-1890; came to 
Honolulu, 1890; located five years 
in Manila, P. I., and four in Oak- 
land, Cal.. returning to the Islands 
in 1910 and resuming the practice 
of his profession in Honolulu. Was 
Commissioner of Patents for Pro- 
visional Government of Hawaii: 
commissioned captain in Citizens' 
Guard during revolution and over- 
throw of Monarchy. Member of 
F. & A. M. 


businessman, Honolulu ; born May 
5, 1874, at Chatham, Columbia 
County, New York; son of Philip 
W. and Mary (Clark) Rivenburgh; 
married Eleanor MacLennan, daugh- 
ter of the late Dr. Donald MacLen- 
nan, in San Francisco, March 29, 
1906; one child, Bertram Gardenier, 
Jr. Educated primary and high 
schools of Chatham, Rennselaer 
Polytechnic Institute and George 
Washington University; traveled 
extensively in the South Seas be- 
fore locating in Hawaii; was secre- 
tary to the Mayor of Honolulu 
1909-13; superintendent Kapiolani 
Park, Honolulu, 1913-1915; commis- 
sioner to the Panama-Pacific Inter- 
national Exposition, San Francisco, 
during 1915; appointed commission- 
er public lands, Territory of Ha- 
waii, March 4, 1916 -March, 1918. 
Member University Club, Honolulu. 

ROACH, J. WARREN, banker, 
Kealakekua, Hawaii; born Aurora, 
Neb., Apr. 21, 1900; son of John 
J. and Anna (Wempen) Roach; un- 
married. Education, Redlands 
(Calif.) high school, 1918; Univ. of 
Redlands, ex-1922; began career as 
clerk and teller, First National 
Bank, Redlands, Calif.; asst. cash- 
ier, People's Bank, Ltd., Hilo, Ha- 
waii, and has been manager of 
Kona branch since March, 1921. 
Was member Student Armv Train- 
ing Corps at Univ. of Redlands; 
honorably discharged Dec., 1918. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born in Honolu- 
lu, Sept. 3, 1867; son of Geo. Morri- 
son and Sarah (Humphreys) Robert- 
son. Educated schools of Hono- 
lulu and Oakland, Cal; Yale Uni- 
versity, LL.B. cum laude, 1893; 
married Ululani McQuaid of Hono- 






lulu May 29, 1907. Admitted to 
bar, Supreme Court of Hawaii, July 
14, 1893; Supreme Court of U. S.. 
Feb. 20, 1899; U. S. Circuit Court 
of Appeals, 9th Circuit, Oct. 31. 
1893. Was captain Co. B, Hono- 
lulu Rifles, 1890; delegate to Ha- 
waiian Constitutional Convention, 
1894; on Governor Dole's staff, rank 
of captain and judge advocate 
Hawaiian Military Commission for 
trial of state prisoners, 1895; deputy 
attorney general, Republic of Ha- 
waii 1898; member House of Rep- 
resentatives (Hawaii), 1896, 1898; 
House of Representatives, Ter. of 
Hawaii, 1901; appointed U. S. 
District Judge, Territory of Ha- 
waii, Jan. 25, 1910; appointed 
Chief Justice Supreme Court, T. 
H, March 7, 1911; reappointed 
April 4. 1916; resigned Dec. 31. 
1917; law practise, Robertson, Cas- 
tle & Olson since. Delegate Repub- 
lican National Convention Chicago. 
1904-08; Hawaiian member, Re- 
publican National Committee, 1904- 
I'O. President Bar Association of 
Hawaii, 1904-05. Member of Pa- 
cific, Country and Commercial 
clubs of Honolulu. 

Makaweli, Kauai; born in Canter- 
bury, N. Z., October 17, 1853; son of 
Charles Barrington and Helen (Sin- 
clair) Robinson; educated at home 
and at the Boston (Mass.) Law 
School; married Alice Gay, June. 
1885; five children, Sinclair, Aylmer 
Francis, Selwyn Aubrey, Eleanor 
and Lester Beauclerk. Admitted to 
the bar in the eastern law courts, 
1875; afterward traveled extensive- 
ly in Europe and the Orient; on re- 
turning to Hawaii, in 1880 with his 
cousin Francis Gay, formed the co- 
partnership of Gay and Robinson; 
in 1889, with Sir William Renny 
Watson of Scotland, organized pres- 
ent sugar plantation at Makaweli 
whereby Hawaiian Sugar Co. culti- 
vates under lease from Gay and 
Robinson about 6000 acres of land, 
which together with 2000 acres cul- 
tivated by Gay and Robinson, forms 
the Makaweli Sugar Plantation; to 
effect this, water for irrigation was 
brought from headwaters of Olo- 
kele and Koula' Valleys, this being 
one of the greatest engineering 
achievements in the Hawaiian Isl- 
ands; owns exclusively the island 
of Niihau where much attention is 
devoted to raising of pure-bred 
sheep and cattle, some of the finest 
strains of Merino sheep and short- 
horn cattle being imported from the 
United States, Australia and New 
Zealand; in 1884 imported pure- 
bred Arab horses from Arabia, 

whose descendants are still raised 
on Niihau and Makaweli. Has al- 
ways taken an active interest in 
church and missionary work both 
in Hawaii and abroad. 


rancher. Makaweli, Kauai, T. H. ; 
born at Makaweli, Kauai, May 6. 
1888; son of Aubrey and Alice 
(Gay) Robinson. Was educated 
at St. Matthew's Military School, 
Burlingame, Calif., and Harvard 
Univ., A. B., 1910. On returning 
to Hawaii, commenced work with 
Waipahu Plantation (Oahu Sugar 
Co.) 1911; became manager of the 
Gay and Robinson ranch at Ma- 
kaweli, 1912, and a partner in the 
firm of Gay and Robinson, 1916. 

ness agent, Honolulu; born Sept. 
22, 1880, in Honolulu; son of Mark 
Prever and Sophia Louise (Camp- 
bell) Robinson; married Lilla May 
Ripley in Honolulu Feb. 26, 1907. 
Educated at Punahou Preparatory 
School and Oahu College (Hono- 
lulu) ; graduate of latter institu- 
tion with class of 1901. Began 
business career with father in his 
private office in 1901; trustee Es- 
tate James Robinson since April, 
1915. Member Commercial, Pa- 
cific and Ad Clubs; member of 
Queen's Hospital Association, Ha- 
waiian Volcano Research Associa- 
tion, Chamber of Commerce. 

Polk-Husted Directory Co., Honolu- 
lu; born in St. Paul, Minn., Sept, 3, 
1870; son of Rufus C. and Lucy 
Cecilia (Walling) Robinson; mar- 
ried Bertha Foster Dexter, in Ho- 
nolulu, July 16, 1910; educated 
grammar schools of St. Paul; en- 
tered employ of R. L. Polk & Co., 
directory publishers, 1899; came 
to Hawaii in 1906 as mgr. Polk- 
Husted Directory Co., which posi- 
tion he still holds. Member B. P. 
O. E., Chamber of Commerce, Ro- 
tary Club, Ad Club. 


agriculturist, Makaweli, Kauai. T. 
H.; was born at Makaweli, Kauai, 
August 14, 1892; son of Aubrey and 
Alice (Gay) Robinson. Received 
education at Berkeley High School, 
Berkeley, Cal., Volkmann's School. 
Boston, Mass., and Harvard Uni- 
versity. A. B. 1916. Entered busi- 
ness as bookkeeper, Gay and Rob- 
inson, Makaweli, 1916, becoming as- 
sistant manager of Gay and Robin- 
son at Makaweli, and manager of 
the island of Niihau, 1917. 









planter, Makaweli, Kauai; born at 
Makaweli, Kauai, May 1, 1886; son 
of Aubrey and Alice (Gay), Robin- 
son; educated St. Matthews Mili- 
tary School, Burlingame, Cal., and 
Harvard University, A. B. 1910. 
Married Ethel I. Glade in Califor- 
nia, Aug. 8, 1917. Entered business 
with Oahu Sugar Co., 1911; became 
manager of Gay & Robinson sugar 
plantation, Makaweli, 1912; was 
made partner in firm of Gay & 
Robinson, Dec. 1916. 

yer, Honolulu; born March 9, 1868, 
in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, 
Ohio; son of Charles Henry and 
Mary Ellen (Robertson) Robinson; 
married Mary Rebekah Morss Nov. 
7, 1900, in Honolulu; three chil- 
dren: Isabel Morss, William Joseph, 
Paul Robert. Educated Brothers 
of St. Mary (Cleveland), 1874-75; 
grammar, St. Ignatius' College (San 
Francisco), 1879-82; began career 
with Estee & Boalt (San Francis- 
co), 1882-89; clerk and student 
with J. C. Martin, Oakland (Cal.), 
1889-98; admitted to bar Jan. 13, 
1891; member firm of Martin & 
Robinson (Oakland), 1898; Robin- 
son & Miller (Oakland), 1898-1900; 
U. S. Commissioner U. S. District 
Court, Hawaii, 1900-02; circuit 
judge, 1st Circuit, Hawaii, 1902-14; 
practiced law in Honolulu 1915 and 
1916, then made manager of law 
and abstract department, Trent 
Trust Co., Ltd., Honolulu; since 
Jan. 1, 1918, engaged in general 
practice of law at Honolulu. Mem- 
ber B. P. O. E. 616, Hawaiian Tribe 
No. 1, Improved O. R. M., Damien 
Council No. 563, Y. M. I. 


Honolulu; born in Honolulu Sept. 
24, 1867; son of George Thomas and 
Hannah (Previer) Robinson; mar- 
ried Ellen Ferreira at Wailuku, 
Maui, June 25, 1891; eleven chil- 
dren: Eva. Hannah, Anson. Oriet. 
Naomi, Alma, Lawrence, William, 
Wilhelmina, Ululani, Arnett. Left 
school in 1882, worked in Hono- 
lulu business houses as clerk: clerk 
to tax assessor. Maui. 1899: den- 
uty tax assessor, Wailuku district, 
1889-1900; tax assessor, Second 
Taxation Division, 1900-08. Mem- 
ber Terr. Senate, sessions of 1909, 
1911, 1915, 1917. 

Boy Scout executive, Honolulu; 
born Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 28, 
1885; son of George and Agnes 
(Shelley) Robley; grammar school 

education; married Alice Miriam 
Willis, in Honolulu, March 8, 1919; 
two children, Florence Louise and 
Frances Millard. Was professional 
athlete, doing theatrical work, 1904- 
11; electrical inspector Southern 
Calif. Edison Co., Oct. 1911-14; be- 
came extension secy, for Honolulu 
Y. M. C. A., Jan., 1914, and in 1916 
was made executive secy. Honolulu 
Boys' Clubs; executive, Hawaii Boy 
Scouts, Jan. 1, 1921. Member of the 
Honolulu Ad Club, Rotary Club and 
F. & A. M. 


treas. Hawaiian Tuna Packing 
Corp, Ltd., Honolulu; born in Col- 
lingwood, Ont., Canada, Dec. 26, 
1868; son of Rev. R. and Anna 
(MacLean) Rodgers; married Mar- 
garet Eraser 1 at Salt Sake City 
May 8, 1900; one child, Melvin 
Bruce. Graduate of Collegiate 
Inst., Collingwood, Ont. In sta- 
tionery business, Owen Sound, Ont., 
1888-89; Pioneer Iron Mining Co., 
Ely, Minn., 1890; Iron Belt Mining 
Co., Iron Belt, Wisconsin, 1891-95; 
supt. quartz mining property, Alas- 
ka, 1895-96; engineer, miner and 
bookkeeper, Mercur, Utah, 1896-98; 
enlisted in Utah Light Artillery, 
Battery C, serving until mustered 
out, Dec., 1898; with DeLamar 
Mines, Mercur;, Utah, 1899-1900; 
supt. Bingham Consolidated Mines, 
Utah, 1901-05; field work, 1905-08, 
from Montana to Mexico; fruit 
and farming business, Oregon, 1909- 
17; survey of rice growing, Cali- 
fornia, 1917; with Hawaiian Tuna 
Packing Corp., Ltd., 1917, to date. 
Served as justice of peace in Wis- 
consin, 1894. 


physician, Honolulu; born in Green- 
field, Ohio, Feb. 14, 1864; son of 
Thomas Dixon and Jane Elizabeth 
(Beatty) Rogers; married Janet 
Smalley Sept. 18, 1889, in Green- 
field, Ohio; no issue. Educated 
district school, Salem Academy; 
Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati, 
Ohio, M. D., 1891. Began practice 
of Medicine at Washington, Ohio, 
1891-93; at Greenfield, Ohio, 1893- 
99; special course in Royal Oph- 
thalmic and ' Central London (ear, 
nose and throat), London, 1899- 
1900; began practice of eye, ear, 
nose and throat in Honolulu, Nov., 
1900; post graduate course, Man- 
hattan Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 
Hospital, N. Y., 1904; post grad- 
uate course in Post Graduate Hos- 
pital, N. Y., and eye, ear, nose and 
throat in Vienna, 1909-10; post 
graduate course in Chicago Poly- 









clinic Hospital, 
nose and throat 
lective service, 
Board, 1917-18. 
Club, Hawaiian 
(sec. and treas. 
pres., 1910-11). 

1916. Eye, ear, 
consultant for se- 
Medical Advisory 

Member Country 

Medical Society 

of latter, 1908-09; 

sician and surgeon, Hilo, Hawaii; 
born Fredricksburg, Ind., Dec. 15, 
1888; son of Thomas and Frances 
(Adams) Roll; married Elvira Oso- 
rio, at Hilo, Aug. 3, 1911; two 
children: Carroll Osorio and Elois 
Bernice. Graduated Valparaiso 
Univ., Ind., 1906; Central Normal 
College, Danville, Ind., 1908; Zane- 
rian Art College, 1909; Univ. Louis- 
ville, Ky., M. D., 1916. Has prac- 
tised medicine and surgery, Hilo, 
since. Was principal Warren Bus. 
College, Warren, Pa., 1909; Kane 
Bus. College, Kane. Pa., 1910; Mc- 
Cann's Bus. College, Pa., 1911. 
Member Masonic Lodge, No. 457, 
Fredericksburg, Ind., Phi Beta Pi 

yer and trust officer, Hilo, Hawaii; 
born Fargo, N. D.. Nov. 28. 1886: 
son of Rollin Thomas and Ella 
(McClanathan) Rolph; married Ca- 
rol Low, in Honolulu, Sept. 4, 1915; 
two children: Samuel Smith, Jr., 
and Donald. Graduated Cornell 
Univ., A.B., 1908; Cornell Univ. 
Law School, LL.B., 1910. Admitted 
to bar, New York, 1910; admitted 
to bar Hawaii, 1910, practising at 
Kealakekua and Hilo, Hawaii, 
1910-12; asst. cashier First Bank 
of Hilo, 1912-15; resumed practise 
of law. Carlsmith & Rolnh. 1915- 
1921; deputy county atty., Hawaii, 
1915-18; became manager of The 
First Trust Co. of Hilo, Ltd., in 
May, 1921. Member Univ. Club. Ho- 
nolulu; Phi Delta Phi fraternity, 
Hilo Yacht Club, Rotary Club, Ki- 
lauea Lodge No. 330, F. & A. M., 
Hilo Lodge No. 759, B. P. O. E. 
(past exalted ruler). 

sity professor, Honolulu; born in 
Muldoon, Tex., July 7, 1882; son of 
Bernard and Caroline (Perlitz) 
Romberg; married Margaret King 
at Cuero, Tex., Dec. 26, 1908; two 
children, Frederick and Helen. 
Graduated Univ. Texas, A. B., 1910; 
Harvard, A. M., 1913; Harvard, 
Ph. D., 1915. Phi Beta Kappa. 
Bayard Cutting Fellow for Re- 
search in Physics, 1914-15; in- 
structor in mathematics, Univ. of 
Texas, 1910-11; taught physics, 
Harvard, 1914-15; professor of 
physics, College (now University) 

of Hawaii, 1915 to date. Author of 
number of papers on seismology. 
Member Amer. Physical Society. 

iff, Honolulu; born in Honolulu. 
Nov. 4, 1873; son of Charles Henry 
and Mary A. (Silva) Rose; edu- 
cated privately and attended Catho- 
lic school at Ahuimanu, Oahu, 
afterward going to St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu; married Rosie M. 
Senna of Kohala, Hawaii, Jan. 12, 
1899. Began as office boy with 
Wilder Steamship Company, Ho- 
nolulu, 1889; became passenger 
agent of this company, holding this 
position after the company's con- 
solidation with the Inter-Island 
Steam Navigation Company; ap- 
pointed chief clerk of the police 
department of the County of Oahu, 
now City and County of Honolulu, 
by Sheriff Curtis P. laukea in 1907; 
elected deputy sheriff in 1908 and 
re-elected for two succeeding 
terms; appointed sheriff in 1914 to 
fill out the unexpired term of Sher- 
iff Wm. P. Jarrett who was ad- 
vanced to high sheriff of the Ter- 
ritory of Hawaii; elected to con- 
tinue in this office and that of 
chief of police shortly after the ap- 
pointment; re-elected each suc- 
ceeding term since. Is a Democrat; 
member of the St. Louis College 
Alumni Association; Court Luna- 
lilo No. 6600, A. O. F.; Phoenix 
Lodge, Order of Kamehameha. 
Chiefs of Hawaii, and Ad Club. 

plumber, Hilo, Hawaii; born in Hilo, 
Hawaii, Feb. 14, 1873; son of Wil- 
liam Leonard and Kanaina (Ka- 
umu) Rose; married Harriet 
Blanche McGuire in Hilo, Feb. 6. 
1898; four children: Leonard. 
Blanche. Elenore and Anna Rose. 
On leaving school learned tinning, 
coppersmithing and plumbing trades 
with father, 1891; on his father's 
death took over the business and 
has been established at the same 
place since that date. Is a mem- 
ber of Republican County and Ter- 
ritorial Central Committees. Was 
one of the founders of the National 
Guard in Hilo and served two years 
as a private. Member House of 
Representatives from 1st Rep. Dist., 
1919. Member Hilo Yacht and Boat 
Club and Knights of Kamehameha. 


businessman, Honolulu; born Aug. 
24, 1875. in Honolulu; son of 
George James and Henrietta Ella 
(Smith) Ross; married Bernice 
Adele Woodall Kopke in Honolulu 
Jan. 16, 1905; one child: Ernest 






Alexander. Educated Punahou Pre- 
paratary School and Oahu College, 
Honolulu, 1894; entered employ of 

0. R. & L. Co. July 1, 1894; C. 
Brewer & Co., Ltd., Honolulu, Jan. 

1, 1895, as shipping clerk, book- 
keeper; director and treasurer Aug. 
28, 1912-April 15, 1918; director and 
secretary since April 15, 1918. Is 
secretary and director Hawaiian 
Agricultural Co; Onomea, Pepee- 
keo, Honomu, Wailuku, Hilo and 
Olowalu Sugar companies; Kuhua, 
Moaula, Waikapu and Paukaa Ag- 
ricultural companies. Member Ma- 
noa Tennis Club. Outrigger Club, 
Oahu Country Club, Chamber of 
Commerce, Y. M. C. A. 

ROSS, GEORGE, banker, Koha- 
la, Hawaii; born in Inverness, 
Scotland, Jan. 6, 1891; son of Fin- 
iay and Margaret (Maclntyre) 
Ross; education, Inverness high 
school; married Ruth Davis, at Ko- 
hala, July 13. 1917; two children: 
Margaret Ruth and Catherine Alice. 
Began as clerk with Highland 
Railway Co., Inverness, 1906-1913; 
bookkeeper. First Bank of Hilo, 
Ltd., Hilo, Hawaii, 1913-15; mgr. 
Kohala Branch, First Bank of Hilo, 
Ltd., since 1915. Was captain in 
National Guard of Hawaii, 1916-17; 
is treas. Kohala Girls' School; 
secy. Kohala Pineapple Co., Ltd.; 
secty.-treas. Kohala Ranch Co., 
Ltd.; Pres. Kohala Civic Club, 
1921; pres. North Kohala Baseball 
Assn., 1921. Is a 32 Mason and 
member B. P. O. E. 

ROSS, HOMER L., judge, Hilo, 
Hawaii; born at East Liverpool, 
Ohio, Oct., 4, 1867; son of La- 
chlin and Mary (McPherson) Ross; 
attended University of Wooster, 
Wooster, Ohio, 1884-87; graduated 
from Iowa State University, de- 
gree LL. B. 1897; married Lotta 
M. Richards at Indianola, Iowa, 
December 24, 1900; children: Mar- 
garet M. and Homer R. Prac- 
tised law at Indianola, 1897-1902; 
removed to Hilo, Hawaii, establish- 
ing law practise there, 1902; ap- 
pointed by President Harding, 
judge of Circuit Court, Fourth 
Judicial Circuit, Territory of Ha- 
waii, qualified and took up duties 
of office August 25, 1921. Was ap- 
pointed by Governor McCarthy, 
member Board of Child Welfare, 
1919, and at present serving as ex- 
officio member; served as member 
legal advisory Draft Board for 8th 
Dist. of Hawaii and as chairman 
Hawaii Chapter American Red 
Cross, period of war; vice-presi- 
dent Hilo Board of Trade, 1920-21. 

Member First Foreign Church of 
Hilo and is a 32 Mason. 

sician and surgeon, Paia, Maui, 
T. H. ; born in Reedsville, Pa., 
Sept. 13, 1887; son of S. H. and 
Mary (Lowder) Rothrock; educa- 
tion, Reedsville high school, Penn- 
sylvania State College, Univ. of 
Pennsylvania, M .D. 1912; married 
Frances Kinney in Honolulu, Dec. 
15, 1915; children, Arthur and 
Mary. Was interne, Queen's hos- 
pital, Honolulu, 1912-1914; has 
practised in Paia, Maui since 1916. 
Mason, 32; member Phi Rho Sig- 
ma medical fraternity, Hawaii 
Medical society 

tel manager, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
Greece, May 17, 1872; son of Peter 
C. and Veneta (Camarinos) Rouma- 
nis; high school education in Spar- 
ta, Greece; went to New York, 1893; 
employed in the candy business at 
Elmira, N. Y., 1895-1900; came to 
Hawaiian Islands and was employed 
by Geo. Andrews in fruit business, 
Honolulu, 1900-1903; employed by 
George Lycurgus, Union Grill, Ho- 
nolulu, until 1913; became manager 
of the Hilo Hotel, Hilo, Hawaii, in 
1913. Member of the Hilo Board of 
Trade; member of Knights of Py- 

ish Consul, Honolulu; also Acting 
Consul for Italy; born, June 22, 
1879, at Reading, Berkshire, Eng- 
land; son of Dr. W. A. S. and S. 
A. (Spicer) Royds; married Doris 
M. Todd, at Haslemere, Surrey, 
England, Oct. 15, 1914; two chil- 
dren: Mary Virginia and John 
Wilmot Massy. Educated St. John's 
College, Cambridge Univ., B.A., 1900, 
M.A., 1920; entered British Consu- 
lar Service (Japan Establishment) 
by competitive examination, 1902, 
as student interpreter in Tokio; 
private e" retary to British Ambas- 
sador, ? Claude MacDonald, To- 
kio, 1906, acting vice-consul at Ha- 
kodate and at Seoul, Korea, 1910- 
12; acting consul at Tainan, For- 
mosa; Cf-^mulpo, Korea; and Shi- 
monosek, .908-12; vice-consul. Ma- 
nila, 191..,; acting consul general, 
Manila, 1912, 1913; on special war 
service at Norfolk and Newport 
News, Va., February, 1915, to May, 
1917; acting consul general, Seoul. 
1918, 1919; appointed consul at Ho- 
nolulu, August 17, 1919. Honorary 
pres., British Club; hon. vice-pres. 
Veterans of the Grand Army of the 
British Empire in Hawaii; member 
Pacific Club. 







mill engineer, Hawi, Hawg.ii; born 
in Hammerstein, Germany, Nov. 

11, 1877; son of Jbhann and 
Mathilda Ruething Bechert; step- 
father Herman Bechert; edu- 
cated, German school in Germany, 
until 1886; arrived at Lihue, Kauai, 
1887, and attended German school 
there until 1892; with Lihue Plan- 
tation, 1892-1898; began as appren- 
tice Honolulu Iron Works, 1899, 
and worked way up to foreman 
machine shop, 1914-1917; became 
chief engineer, Hawi Mill & Plan- 
tation Co. Naturalized as Ameri- 
can citizen, Oct. 4, 1902; served as 
private, Company F, Natl. Guard 
of Hawaii, 1899-1901. Is member 
Hawaiian Engineering Assn., Mys- 
tic Lodge No. 2, K. of P., Phoenix 
Lodge; Past Sachem, Hawaiian 
Tribe No. 1. 

RUDDLE, ALBERT, automobile 
business, Hilo, Hawaii; born in 
London, Eng., Oct. 5, 1885; son of 
W. H. J. and C. E- (Thorp) Rud- 
dle; educated, Watford Grammar 
School, Hertfordshire; Taunton 
College, Somerset; Pitman's Com- 
mercial College, London. Married 
Annabelle Low, at Honolulu, June 
29, 1912; one child, Albert Low. 
Began as auto mechanic for Na- 
piers, London ; with London & 
Northwestern R. R., and Doyle's 
Engineering School, 1900-05; dem- 
onstrator for French & British 
Motor Car Co., Toronto and Mont- 
real, Canada; tester, Napier Works, 
Boston, and Packard Co., New 
York, 1906 and 1907; foreman of 
Standard Motor Car Repair Shop, 
San Francisco, 1907-10, during 
which period drove racing Stevens, 
Thomas and Fords through Cali- 
fornia; came to Hawaii, July, 1910, 
as shop foreman Volcano Stables 
& Transportaiton Co., Hilo; put in 
charge of sales and repair depart- 
ments same firm in 1915; made 
asst. mgr. in 1918 and mgr. of firm 
in 1919. Member Kilauea Lodge 
No. 330, F. & A. M., B. P. O. 
Elks, Hilo 759 (Exalted Ruler); 
member Aloha Shrine, Hilo Yacht 
Club, Rotary Club, Automobile 
Club (director). 

Hawaii; born New York City, Apr. 

12, 1882; son of John Laurence and 
Frances (Ward) Russell; educated 
at Albany, N. Y. high school, Union 
University and Albany Law School, 
LL.B., 1905; married Eunice Coth- 
ren Pratt in Honolulu, May 29, 
1914; one child, James Ward, Jr. 
Practised law in New York, 1905- 
1911; came to Hawaii 1912, becom- 

ing associated with firm of Thomp- 
son, Wilder, Watson & Lymer, Ho- 
nolulu. 1913; removed to Hilo, and 
has practised law there since 1913. 
Formed law co-partnership of 
Russell & Patterson, 1919; elected 
senator, Terr. Hawaii, 1918; con- 
nected with various financial and 
other business interests, being 
pres. Security Trust Co., Hilo; 
pres. Commercial Trust Co., Hono- 
lulu; pres. Hawaii Bank of Com- 
merce, Honolulu; pres. Securities 
Trading Corporation, Ltd., Hilo; 
pres. Hawaii Drug Co., Hilo; pres. 
Post-Herald, Ltd., publishers of 
afternoon daily: vice-pres. Hilo 
Gas Co., director Bank of Kauai, 
Ltd., Kapaa, and of Security Bldg. 
& Loan Assn., Hilo; took active 
part in organization of these cor- 
porations; was vice-pres. Hilo 
Board of Trade, 1919. Is pres. Bar 
Assn., 4th Circuit; member Amer- 
ican Bar Assn., Delta Chi frater- 
nity, Hilo Yacht Club, and Uni- 
versity Club, Honolulu. 

tle rancher, Hanalei, Kauai; born 
at Hyde Park, Mass., Aug. 30, 1877; 
son of John William B. and Mary 
Jane (Foss) Sanborn; educated 
high school, Hyde Park, and Bur- 
dette Business College in Boston; 
married Lena Deverill at Hanalei, 
Kauai, Sept. 27, 1906; four chil- 
dren: Helen, John W., Percy D., 
Walter F. Jr. Played professional 
baseball 1898-1901; luna on Mc- 
Bryde Plantation, 1901-04; employed 
in Public Works Dept., Territory of 
Hawaii, 1904-05; made manager 
Princeville Plantation, 1905; direct- 
or in Princeville Plantation Co., 
Hanalei Land Co., Kalihikai Land 
Co., 1916-18; deputy tax assessor 
and collector since May 16, 1918, 
for Hanalei District. Member F. & 
A. M., No. 409, and B. P. O. E. 
No. 616. Is a member of the Kauai 
advisory board, the Bank of Ha- 
waii, Ltd. 

ist, Honolulu; born Salem, Or., Feb. 
15, 1881 ; son of Henry H. and Martha 
(Claggett) Savage; married Myrtle 
Sutton, on Island of Maui, Aug. 11, 
1909. Graduated Stanford, A. B., 
1905. Chief chemist Hawn. Com. & 
Sug. Co.. Puunene, Maui, 1906-14; 
chemist Hawn. Pineapple Co., Ltd., 
1914, to date. Member Exec. Com- 
mittee, same, 1917 to date. Author 
of numerous papers relating to 
sugar chemistry, published in var- 
ious technical periodicals. Member 
University Club, Commercial Club. 









Manoa Tennis Club, Honolulu Lodge 
No. 409 F. & A. M. 


physician, Puunene, Maui; born in 
San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 11. 1874; 
son of Ebenezer Davis and Lavinia 
(Trowbridge) Sawyer; educated at 
University of California, A.B. 1896; 
Cooper Medical College, M.D. 1900; 
married Flora N. MacSwain in San 
Francisco, Cal., Nov. 1, 1912; three 
children: Frank Elliott, Cara Wini- 
fred, and Gordon Trowbridge. Was 
interne at St. Luke's Hospital, San 
Francisco, 1900-01; interne, San 
Francisco Emergency Hospital, 
1901-02; assistant in Medical Clinic, 
Med. Dept., University of Califor- 
nia; in children's clinic of Cooper 
Medical College and in surgical 
clinic of San Francisco Polyclinic, 
1902-03; resident physician Queen's 
Hospital, Honolulu, 1903-06; physi- 
cian and surgeon, Hawaiian Com- 
mercial & Sugar Co., Puunene, 
Maui, since 1906. Member Univer- 
sity Club of Honolulu, Omega Up- 
silon Phi, medical fraternity; Ha- 
waiian Medical Association; Amer- 
ican Medical Association. 

president F. A. Schaefer & Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu; born Jan. 19, 1888, 
in Honolulu; son of Frederick Au- 
gust and Elizabeth (Robertson) 
Schaefer; married Lydia Brown 
Gibbons in San Francisco Aug. 27, 
1909 ; two daughters. Lvdia Macv 
and Barbara Corinne. Educated in 
private and grammar schools of 
Honolulu; one and one-half years 
at Lawrenceville, N. J., and six 
months' business course at Throop 
Institute, Pasadena, Cal. Entered 
employ of F. A. Schaefer & Co., 
Ltd., 1907, of which firm he is now 
vice president. Major of infantry, 
Officers' Reserve Corp, U. S. Army. 
Member Pacific. Oahu Country, 
Myrtle Boat and Aero clubs. 


missionary, Honolulu; born Holm- 
del, N. J., Aug. 5, 1882; son of Ed- 
gar and Lydia (Craig) Schenck; 
married Dorothy Robinson at Ox- 
ford, Ohio, Dec. 31, 1908; four chil- 
dren: Edgar Craig, John Norman, 
Andrew Robinson, Dorothy. Edu- 
cated Princeton L T niversity, A. B., 
1903; Auburn Theological Semi- 
nary, 1906. Missionary in moun- 
tains North Carolina, 1906-10; pas- 
tor Presbyterian Church. Waterloo, 
N. Y., 1910-15; Secretary Chinese 
Department Board of Hawaiian 
Evangelical Association since 1915. 


physician, Honolulu; born Hono- 
lulu, Sept. 22, 1887; son of John 
Henry and Doris Schnack; married 
Adele Field Sherman, Oct. 29, 1919, 
at Cambridge, Mass. Oahu Col- 
lege, 1906; Stanford Univ., A.B., 
1910; Yale Graduate School, A.M., 
1911; Johns Hopkins Med. School, 
M.D., 1915. Hospital work, 1915-18; 
Medical Corps, U. S. Army, 1918- 
20; practised medicine, Honolulu, 
since April 1920. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born December 
16, 1883, in Honolulu; son of John 
Henry and Dora (Brandt) Schnack. 
Married Mary Medora Pearson in 
Oakland, California, August 26, 
1916; three children: George Ferdi- 
nand, Harold Clifford and Anabel. 
Educated at St. Louis College (Ho- 
nolulu) to 1898, Progymnasium, 
Nienburg, Germany, to 1900; Oahu 
College (Honolulu) graduate 1904; 
Stanford University A.B. 1908; 
University of Chicago Law School, 
J.D. 1910; also University of Cali- 
fornia and Columbia. Began prac- 
tice of profession in office of E. C. 
Peters, Honolulu, July 1910; opened 
office for practice of law May 1, 
1913; published "The Aloha Guide", 
the standard handbook of Hono- 
lulu and the Hawaiian Islands 
March, 1915. Member and Past 
Master (1918) Honolulu Lodge No. 
409, F. & A. M., Scottish Rite, Bar 
Association of Hawaii, Hawaiian 
Historical Society and Myrtle Boat 
Club (president 1915-17). 


banker, Waipahu, Oahu ; born Dec. 
5, 1885, at Bergen, Norway; son 
of Fredrik Christian Torp and 
Edle Margarete (Holm -Brock) 
Schoenberg; educated at Hambro 
School and Hambro College, Ber- 
gen, Norway; married Jennie Wil- 
helmina Hansen of Wailuku, Maui, 
July 28, 1910; two sons, Erling and 
Eyvinn. Emigrated to Hawaii by 
way of England, Egypt, Siam to 
Hongkong, China, as sailor, re- 
maining in Hongkong until June, 
1906; proceeded to Hawaii as third 
mate on Norwegian S. S. ; employed 
in mill at Makeweli, Kauai; re- 
moved to Waimea, Kauai, later, 
acting postmaster temporarily; 
bookkeeper, H. Hackfeld & Co., 
Ltd., Lahaina branch, Maui, 1907- 
09; assistant cashier and resident 
manager Lahaina National Bank, 
Lahaina, 1909-16; clerk of the Cir- 
cuit Court, Second Circuit, Wai- 
luku, Maui, 1916-1918; cashier and 
manager. The Bank of Hawaii., Ltd, 
Waipahu Branch, since January 






1918; appointed second lieut., Co. 
B, Third Reg., N. G. H. Member 
Honolulu Auto Club. 


electrical engineer. Ewa, Oahu; 
born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, 
July 24.. 1878; son of Lewis N. and 
Mary S. (Pickles) Schofleld; edu- 
cated in grammar schools, night 
study and correspondence courses; 
began practical work in electricity 
at age of 16; married Emma 
Weaver in Honolulu, Dec. 19, 1918. 
Was chief electrician, Economic 
Reduction Co., Cripple Creek, 1902- 
1905; general electrician, Denver, 
Colo., 1905-08; pres. and mgr. 
Schofleld Electric Co., Denver, 
Colo., 1908-16; came to Hawaii in 
Dec.. 1916, and was engaged in a 
number of large wiring jobs, in- 
cluding Young Hotel, Hawaiian 
Motors building. Young Hotel 
laundry, Moana Hotel addition and 
U. S. Ordnance depot, Kalihi, Ho- 
nolulu; chief electrician, Ewa 
Plantation Co., since Aug., 1919; 
was with 2nd U. S. Vol. Cavalry 
(Torrey Rough Riders) in Spanish- 
American war, 1898; father natur- 
alized in 1888. 


salesmanager, Honolulu; born in 
Alameda, Calif., Sept. 21, 1885; son 
of William F. ; received education 
grammar schools and business col- 
lege at Alameda, Calif. Took up 
insurance business at age of 17 
with San Francisco agent of Ger- 
man American, German Alliance, 
New Hampshire and Phoenix Com- 
panies; later joined staff San Fran- 
cisco Call; after earthquake of 
1906 became affiliated with Schmidt 
Lithograph Co., of Oakland, coming 
later to Honolulu to represent that 
firm; salesmanager Fred L. Wal- 
dron, Ltd., since February, 1921. 
Served three years in Natl. Guard 
of Hawaii; secy. Honolulu Ad Club, 
Past President Alameda Parlor, 
No. 47, Native Sons of the Golden 


physician and surgeon, Honolulu; 
born Nov. 22, 1866, at Rushville, 
Brown County, Ohio; son of John 
Jacob and Mary (Kreaner) Schwal- 
lie; married Matilda E. Wills at 
Pahala, Hawaii, Nov. 18, 1901; five 
children: Leonie, Cornelius, Noe- 
lani, Hortense and Wilhelmina. Ed- 
ucated Russelville high school, 
Central Normal College, Danville, 
Ind., 1883-5. Medical College of 
Ohio, M.D., 1889; physician to Co- 
lumbus State Hospital for the In- 
sane, Columbus, Ohio, 1890-97; 

practiced in San Francisco 1897- 
98; came to Honolulu 1898: deuutv 
assessor, Island of Hawaii 1904-13; 
enlisted in the Hospital Corps dur- 
ing the war with Spain and 
reached the grade of sergeant; su- 
perintendent of the Oahu Insane 
Asylum. Member United Spanish 
War Veterans, department surgeon 
of U. S. W. V., Department of Ha- 
waii; Elks. 


educator, Honolulu, born Faquier, 
Virginia, August 21, 1843; son of 
John and Margaret (McCarrell) 
Scott; grandfather, Frank Scott, 
served seven years in Revolution- 
ary war; educated Urania College, 
Kentucky, and University of Vir- 
ginia. Engaged by the Japanese 
government in the educational de- 
partment, 1871-1881; organized the 
first Normal School in Japan pre- 
paratory to starting a system of 
public schools in that empire; was 
decorated by the Meiji emperor with 
the Order of the Rising Sun of the 
fourth class for his work in Japan; 
just before the death of the em- 
peror he had conferred upon him a 
second decoration of a higher de- 
gree, said to be the last one to 
which he put his sign manual. 
Principal of the old Honolulu, now 
McKinley High School until 1919; 
retired. Contributed many papers 
to various journals and to the So- 
cial Science Club of Honolulu re- 
garding Japan and the Japanese. 
Author of "Judicial Control of the 
Legislature." Member of Univer- 
sity and Social Science clubs of 

nery supt., Lahaina, Maui; born at 
San Rafael, Cal., Oct. 9, 1889; son 
of Robert and Henrietta (.Sho- 
berg) Scott; married Harriet Eliz- 
abeth Apo at Paia, Maui, Nov. 21, 
1914; three children: Marjorie 
Hazel, Norman Sidney, Henrietta 
Natalie. Graduated from grammar 
school of San Rafael, Cal. Ma- 
chinist apprentice, Kilauea Planta- 
tion Co., Kauai, 1905-08; same, 
Catton, McNeil & Co., Honolulu, 
1908-09; machinist Hawaiian Com- 
mercial & Sug. Co., Puuiiene, Maui, 
1909-13; machinist, Maui Agricul- 
tural Co., Paia, 1913-14; asst. ma- 
chinist, Haiku Fruit & Packing 
Co., Haiku, Maui, June-Nov., 1914; 
chief eng., 1914-18; asst. machin- 
ist, Amer. Can. Co., Haiku, 1918- 
19; supt. of cannery, Baldwin 
Packers, Lahaina, since 1919. Mem- 
ber Knights of Pythias, Maui Co. 
Fair and Racing Assn. 






SEARBY, WILLIAM, engineer, 
Honolulu; born in Bath, Eng., Jan. 
17, 1872; son of George and Eliza- 
beth (Atkinson) Searby. Educated 
at Dulwich College, Eng.; married 
Clara Marinda Sawyer in San 
Francisco, Cal., Nov. 5, 1892; one 
child, Margaret Lavinia. Began 
career with Alameda Sugar Co , 
Alameda, Cal.. 1890-97: head fore- 
man, Union Sugar Co., Santa Bar- 
bara, Cal., 1897-1900; head sugar 
boiler, Hawaiian Commercial & 
Sugar Co., Puunene, Maui, 1900-07; 
superintendent of manufacture and 
machinery, 1907-18; consulting en- 
gineer American Factors, Ltd., 
1918-1919; assistant manager and 
vice president same since 1920. 
Invented Multiple Effect Evapo- 
rator, 1910; cane shredding ma- 
chine and process of milling, 1914; 
cane shredding machine and proc- 
ess of diffusion, 1915; cane lev- 
eler, 1917; conducted first demon- 
stration in Hawaii, proving com- 
mercial white sugar could be made 
by use of small quantities of veg- 
etable charcoal without conven- 
tional methods, 1915. Member of 
American Soc. Mechanical Engi- 
neers, American Chemical Society, 
Hawaiian Engineers' Assn., Ha- 
waiian Chemists' Assn., Honolulu 
Ad Club, Neighborhood Tennis 
Club, Athletic Club, Honolulu 
Chamber of Commerce, Pacific 
Club, Lodge Maui No. 984, A. F. & 
A. M., lao Lodge of Perfection, 
Haleakala Chapter Rose Croix, 
Honolulu Consistory No. 1, and 
Aloha Temple, Mystic Shrine. 

cultural and industrial chemist, Ho- 
nolulu; born May 12, 1873, at 
Stockton, Calif.; son of Thomas, 
Jr., and Albina Ann (Farrington) 
Sedgwick ; grandson of Thomas 
Sedgwick, who came from Bolton, 
Eng., and settled in New York 
State, 1812. Received special in- 
struction. Institution for Deaf and 
Blind, Berkeley, Calif. ; Boone's 
Academy, Berkeley, Calif.; Univ. 
of California. B. S., 1896. Married 
Grace Darrow, daughter of Lew 
E. Darrow, of Jamestown, N. Y., 
in Honolulu, June 24, 1901; one 
child. Thomas Darrow. Began in 
U. S. Agricultural Exper. Station, 
Ponoma, Calif., 1896; instituted ag- 
ricultural dept., Kamehameha Man- 
ual School, Honolulu, 1898; special 
agent, U. S. Agr. Expt. Station. 
Honolulu. 1901: sugar expert, W. 
R. Grace & Co.'s plantation, Car- 
tavio, Peru, 1903-06; organized and 
directed sugar exper. station for 
Peruvian gov., Lima, Peru, 1906-8; 

technical work, chiefly for Public 
Wks. Dept., Territory of Hawaii, 
1909-18. Author of many papers 
on agricultural and industrial sub- 
jects: appointed by Spanish Gov., 
Hon. Vice-Consul, Honolulu, July, 
1913; acting consul for Spain, Ho- 
nolulu, 1914-15 and 1917-21, resign- 
ing to fulfill engagement of several 
months as consulting sugar expert, 
W. R. Grace & Co.'s sugar estates, 
Peru. Member Chi Phi fraternity 
and Hon. Lodge 409, F. <Sr A. M. 

yer, Honolulu ; born at Hanapepe, 
Kauai, Hawaii, November 18, 1890; 
son of Chung Sing and Char (Shee) 
Seto; educated in public schools of 
Hanapepe and Mills School, Honolu- 
lu; San Rafael high school, San 
Rafael, Cal., 1908-1910; Cass Techni- 
cal high school, Detroit, Mich., 1910- 
1911; University of Michigan, de- 
partment of arts and science, 1911- 
1913; Detroit College of Law, 1913- 
1916, LL.B. Married Mamie Loretta 
O'Connor of Detroit, Mich., at Ho- 
nolulu, August 1, 1919. Admitted to 
Supreme Court of Hawaii, Novem- 
ber 8, 1916; associated in practise 
with George K. French and H. W. 
Wong, attorneys at Honolulu; among 
the few citizens of Chinese descent 
to be admitted to practise before 
American courts. Volunteered for 
service in the U. S. Army in the 
world war August. 1917; member of 
first Officers Training Camp at 
Schofield Barracks, Oahu; served in 
the Selective Draft of Hawaii's 
young manhood for military ser- 
vice and the U. S. Q. M. C., and 
was honorably discharged Febru- 
ary 1919. Member of Union Lodge 
of Strict Observance No. 3, F. & A. 
M., Detroit, Mich., Scottish Rite 
Bodies of Honolulu; American Le- 
gion; Ad Club; Chinese University 
Club; Bar Assn. of Hawaii. 

cian, Hilo, Hawaii; born in Indi- 
anola, Iowa, December 23, 1879; son 
of Traverse Miller and Mary Ma- 
tilda (Hill) Sexton; educated Uni- 
versity Washington, Seattle. 1904- 
06; University of California, M. D., 
1907; married Emily Dorothea Rice, 
at Lihue, Kauai, October 26, 1910; 
two children, Leo Lloyd Jr., Harold 
Miller. Interne, Southern Pacific 
R. R. Hospital, Sacramento, Cal., 
1907; interne and later resident phy- 
sician, Queen's Hospital, Honolulu, 
1908-09; head Anti-Tuberculosis 
Bureau, T. H., 1909; appointed act- 
ing assistant surgeon U. S. P. H. S., 
Honolulu, appointed pathologist and 
bacteriologist, Board of Health; en- 
tered private practise at Hilo, Ha- 






waii, 1910. Is acting assistant sur- 
geon, U. S. P. H. service; territor- 
ial government physician; physician 
Puumaile Home for care and treat- 
ment pulmonary tuberculosis. Ma- 
jor, Medical Corps, N. G. H. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Medical Society, F. 
& A. M., Shriner. 


business agt., Wailuku, Maui; born 
Niulii, Hawaii, Jan. 13, 1884; son of 
James T. and Sarah (Hussey) Shaw; 
married Helen Leinaala Watson, at 
Hilo, Hawaii, Aug. 24, 1914; five 
children: Alma Leinaala, Helen No- 
elani. Hazel Leocadia, James Thom- 
as, Sarah Elizabeth. Educated St. 
Louis College, Honolulu. Bookkeep- 
er, Spreckelsville Store, Puunene, 
Maui, 1904-06; in auditor's office, 
S. P. Co., San Francisco, 1907-10; 
asst. bookkeeper, S. N. Wood Co., 
San Francisco, 1910-11; bookkeeper, 
Kohler and Chase, San Francisco, 
1911-12; asst. bookkeeper, Hawaii 
Consolidated Ry. Co.. Hilo. 1912-13; 
asst. bookkeeper, Hilo Sug Co., 
1913-19; business agt., Hilo and 
Wailuku, 1919 to date. Is agent 
for N. Y. Life Ins. Co., Maui Rep- 
resentative for J. R. Watkins Co., 
San Francisco; manager Interna- 
tional Investment Co., Ltd., Maui 
branch. Served as member of 
board of appraisers, Hawaii Coun- 
ty, 1919-20; former board of prison 
inspectors, 4th Jud. Circuit. 


physician, Honolulu; born Lebanon, 
Del., Feb. 23, 1874; son of James 
Henry and Mary Jane (Jester) 
Shepherd; married Logan Hocker 
Warner, at LaFollette, Tenn., June 
3, 1903; three children: Logan 
Mary, Carolyn Warner and Eliza- 
beth Morrison. Graduated Dela- 
ware City high school, Delaware 
College, Univ. Penn., med. dept., 
M. D., 1899; internship, U. S. M. H. 
S., Stapleton, Staten Island, N. Y., 
1899-1900; phys. and surg., LaFol- 
lette Coal, Iron & Ry. Co., Tenn., 
1900-1905; local surg. Southern Ry. 
Co. same period; practised Wil- 
mington, Del., 1905-10; was on 
medical and surgical staff, Dela- 
ware hospital; visiting physician 
children's hospital, Wilmington. 
Del.; medical referee Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. of N. Y.; came to Hono- 
lulu, Oct. 1910 engaging in private 
practise to date and holding posi- 
tion as health officer for the terri- 
tory until 1912. Capt. Med. Corps, 
U. S. A. Oct. 1918-Aug. 1919. 
President Med. Society of Hawaii, 
1917. Member Medical Club of 
Philadelphia, University Club, Ho- 

nolulu, Oahu Country 
Medical Assn. 

Club, Amer. 

ister, Honolulu; born Sept. 2, 1871, 
at Cleveland, Ohio; son of Charles 
M. and Elizabeth (McChesney) 
Sherman; married Edith Emogene 
Freeman, at Pasadena, Calif., April 
17, 1907; three children: Charlotte, 
Harold and Eleanor. Educated 
Cleveland public schools, Y. M. C. 
A. college, Chicago; Hanover (Ind.) 
college; Chicago Univ. English Di- 
vinity school, and Chicago Theolog- 
ical Seminary. Pres. Sherman Stere- 
optican Co., 1905-1908; dept. secy. 
Chicago Y. M. C. A., 1900-1904; or- 
dained, Chicago Congregational 
Assn., 1907; asst. min. 1st Cong. 
Church. Pasadena, Calif., 1906; 
min. First Cong. Church, Brook- 
field, 111., 1907-1910: min. First 
Cong. Church, Corvallis, Oreg., 1911- 
1918; assoc. min. Central Union 
Church, Honolulu, since Dec. 1920. 
Army Y. M. C. A. secy, during 
World War. Member Masonic Lodge, 
Odd Fellows, Phi Delta Theta fra- 
ternity. Pres. Honolulu Alumni 
Chap.' of Phi Delta Theta. 

cier, Honolulu: born Cheyenne, 
Wyo., Aug. 10, 1876; son of John 
K. and Mattie M. Shingle; married 
Muriel Campbell, daughter of James 
Campbell, one of Hawaii's busi- 
ness pioneers, in Honolulu, 1907; 
educated in public schools of Chey- 
enne; entered editorial department, 
Cheyenne Tribune, of which his 
father was publisher; became state 
house and railroad reporter, Den- 
ver (Colo.) Republican, 1893-96; 
came to Honolulu as city editor of 
Hawaiian Star. 1896; appointed by 
President Dole of the then Re- 
public of Hawaii as representative 
of Hawaii at Trans-Mississippi 
Exposition, Omaha, Neb., 1898; 
served few months on reportorial 
staff, Pacific Commercial Adver- 
tiser, Honolulu; joined firm of 
Henry Waterhouse & Co., Ltd., 
1899, and following organization of 
the Henry Waterhouse Trust Co., 
Ltd., in 1902, became its secretary; 
on death of Mr. Waterhouse was 
elected president. Elected Repre- 
sentative to Territorial Legisla- 
ture from fourth district, 1909, and 
was chairman of committee on 
agriculture, forestry and immigra- 
tion and member finance commit- 
tee; elected treasurer, City and 
County of Honolulu in 1911 for 
two years' term; appointed super- 
visor, City and County of Hono- 
lulu, by Mayor Lane, June 2, 1915 
to succeed Jas. C. Quinn, deceased, 






serving until elected Senator to 
Territorial Legislature for four 
years from fourth and fifth dis- 
tricts, November, 1916, and was 
chosen chairman of the Ways and 
Means Committee; at Republican 
National Convention in Chicago, 
1920, was chosen Republican Na- 
tional Committeemen to represent 
Hawaii for the ensuing four years. 
Member of Pacific, Commercial, 
Oahu Country, Outrigger, Automo- 
bile, Ad and Hawaii Polo Racing 
clubs, Masons, Shriners, Elks, 
Knights of Pythias, Eagles and 
Chiefs of Hawaii. Plays polo and 
is a shooting and fishing enthu- 


tax assessor, Hilo, Hawaii; born at 
Waiohinu, Kau district, Hawaii, 
Dec. 15, 1857; son of William Cor- 
nelius and Jane (Stobie) Shipman; 
educated, Knox Academy, Gales- 
burg, 111.; Williston Seminary, East 
Hampton, Mass.; Amherst College, 
A. B. 1879. Married Hannah Nae- 
ole, at Kau, Hawaii, Nov. 5, 1893; 
children: John, Frank and Jane; 
married Mary K. Lo, May 7, 1908. 
Attended St. Louis Law School, 
Sept., 1879-Jan., 1881; manager of 
lumber business, Hilo, Hawaii, 
1881-85; started and is still owner 
of cattle ranch, Kau, Hawaii, 1885; 
deputy tax assessor, District of 
Kau, Hawaii, 1889-93; county super- 
visor, County of Hawaii, July 1, 
1905-Jan. 1, 1911; tax assessor, 
Third Division, since Dec. 15, 1914. 
Member of Seaside Club, People's 
Club, and B. P. O. E. 

chant, Eleele, Kauai; born Ponta 
Delgada, San Miguel, Azores, Por- 
tugal, Oct. 15, 1868; son of Jose Ig- 
nacio and Angelcia de J. (Gomes) 
Silva; married Maria Martins Gou- 
veia, Eleele, Dec. 5, 1903. Educated 
Laupahoehoe school, .Hawaii; St. 
Louis College, Honolulu. Clerk, P. 
A. Dias store, Kapaau, Kohala, Ha- 
waii, 1885-87; clerk, A. Enos & Co., 
Wailuku. Maui. 1887-90: salesman 
Gonsalves & Co., Island of Maui, 
1890-93; traveling photographer, 
Gonsalves & Silva, Honolulu, 1893- 
94; estab. business of Frias & Silva, 
Eleele, 1894; bought out partner, Jos. 
Frias, 1896; manager and proprietor 
Eleele Store since 1896; postmaster 
1898 to Nov. 1906, since which time 
his wife has held that office; rep. 
Terr, Legislature, 1907-08. Treas. 
Kauai Chamber of Commerce, mem- 
ber Portuguese Benevolent Society, 
St. Antonio Society. 

magistrate, Laupahoehoe, Hawaii; 
born Lapahoehoe, Nov. 28, 1873; 
son of John Alver and Hana 
(Paele) Simmons; educated public 
schools and at St. Louis College, 
Honolulu; married Maria K. Ka- 
manonui (deceased), at Kihalni, 
Hawaii; married Annie I. Makaike, 
at Honolulu, Apr. 13, 1909; six 
children: Annie, Henry, Hannah 
Eva, Theodore Roosevelt, Alice 
Kuualoha, Victoria Kawaipuilani. 
Began as machinist apprentice, Ho- 
nolulu Iron Works, 1890-91; em- 
ployed as engineer helper when 
Ewa Mill was first put up under 
contract by the Union Iron Works; 
employed at Laupahoehoe Sugar 
Co. mill as engineer helper, and 
held similar positions later at Ha- 
kalau, Pepeekeo, and again at Lau- 
pahoehoe. Was captain of police. 
N. Hilo, 1903-05, during which per- 
iod he served for a time as acting 
deputy sheriff; later served as 
supt. of Laupahoehoe water works, 
road overseer and police captain at 
various times. Was appointed 
deputy sheriff, N. Hilo. 1911. hold- 
ing this position until appointed 
dist. magistrate of that district, 
1918, which position he now holds 
under reappointment; also was 
clerk to County Treasurer office. 
County of Hawaii, during mobiliza- 
tion of Hawaiian Infantry, 1919; 
attorney at law since 1917. Vice- 
pres. Papaaloa Mercantile Store, 
and member board of directors; 
pres. N. Hilo Improvement and So- 
cial Club; Ancient Order of For- 
esters, Owls, Chiefs. 


superintendent of Honolulu Iron 
Works Co., Honolulu; born in Auck- 
land, N. Z., May 12, 1883; son of 
Theo. A. and Ellen F. (Empson) 
Simpson; married Dorothy Podmore 
at Honolulu, Aug. 30, 1918. High 
school and technical education. 
Served apprenticeship with Catton, 
Neill & Co., 1897-1904; machine 
shop foreman, same, 1904-06; mas- 
ter mechanic of Hawaiian Commer- 
cial & Sugar Co., Puunene, Maui, 
1906-08; chief engineer Waianae 
Co., 1908-17; superintendent Hono- 
lulu Iron Works Co. since 1917. 
Member Commercial Club, Harmo- 
ny Lodge, I. O. O. F. ; Hawaiian 
Lodge, No. 21, F. & A. M. ; Aloha 
Temple Shrine. 

principal, Lihue, Kauai; born in 
Washington, Ga., Mar. 29, 1870; 
son of Franklin Troup and Mary 
(Hester) Simpson; education, Ers- 
kine College, Due West, S. C., grad- 






















uating 1890, and following year took 
special work in biology, chemistry 
and Latin at Univ. of Georgia; 
married Susie Felder, in Hender- 
son, Ga., Aug. 12, 1894; six chil- 
dren: Emma, Mary, Joseph, Her- 
bert, Allis, Hazel. Has been en- 
gaged in school work entire time 
since graduation. Was principal 
hi^h school, Lincolnton, Ga,, 1893- 
95- at Cordele, Ga., 1895-97; at 
Yale, Ala., 1897-99; supt. city 
schools, Phoenix, Ala., 1899-1903; 
supervising principal of public 
schools, Province of Leyte, Philip- 
pine Islands, 1904-10. School work 
in Terr. Hawaii as follows: vice- 
principal, Kapaa, Kauai, 1910-11; 
manual training, same, 1911-13; 
principal Ewa, 1913-19; principal 
Lihue grammar school, since 1919. 
Member Masonic Lodge, Hawaiian 
No. 21; Republican. 


physician, Honolulu; born Jan. 20, 
1871, in New York City, N. Y.; son 
of Archibald and Mary (Mclnnes) 
Sinclair, who located in New York 
from Glasgow, Scotland, in 1869; 
married Flora Margaret Perry at 
Honolulu Jan. 1, 1900; one child. 
Miriam Elinor. Educated Oahu 
College (Honolulu) 1889; Glasgow 
University, M. B. and C. M., 1894; 
commenced professional career in 
Yaxley, England, Nov., 189 l -March. 
1897; city physician, Honolulu. 
March I/ 1901-March, 1908; bac- 
teriologist and pathologist. Board 
of Health, Territory of Hawaii; 
formerly director anti-tuberculosis 
bureau; acting asst. surgeon. 
United States Public Health Serv- 
ice, 1901-19: medical superintend- 
ent Leahi Home (tubercular"), Ho- 
nolulu, since March 1, 1902. Is 
specialist on tuberculosis. Charter 
member American Association of 
Immunologists Oimted to 100 mem- 
bers chosen for original work) ; 
Lodge No. 2, K. of P. (district dep- 
uty supreme chancellor, 1900-04) , 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 1, A. F. & A. 
M.; A. A. O. N. M. S. ; University 
Club, Hawaii Territorial Medical 
Society, American Medical Asso- 
ciation; member American Con- 
gress on Internal Medicine; has 
contributed a number of valuable 
scientific and medical articles to 
leading medical journals. 

sistant manager, Grove Farm Plan- 
tation, Lihue, Kauai; born in Eng- 
land Sept. 18, 1876; came to live 
in the United States in 188:- son 
of Dr. H. C. and Annie (Ellery) 
Sloggett; married Etta Wilcox, 
daughter of Hon. S. AY. Wilcox of 

Lihue, Kauai, June 3, 1904; five 
children: Richard, Margaret, Doro- 
thea, Edith and Arthur. Attended 
grammar schools in various states 
of the mainland, and University of 
the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Worked 
in the salmon industry, Puget 
Sound dist., Wash., 1893; came to 
Hawaii, 1896; took up plantation 
work, Lihue Plantation, 1900-08; 
Maui Agricultural Co., Paia, Maui, 
1908-20; associated with Mr. G. N. 
Wilcox on Grove Farm Plantation, 
Lihue, since Sept., 1920; is mgr., 
Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hos- 
pital, Kealia, Kauai; treasurer Ka- 
uai Telephonic Co., secretary Lihue 
Ice & Electric Power Co, Ltd.; 
treas., Garden Island Publishing 
Co.; and treas., Lihue Hospital. 
Served as captain Co. M, 3rd Reg. 
Hawaiian Infy., National Guard, 
April 19, 1917. Member Pacific 
Club, Honolulu; Masonic Lodge No. 
472, Kahului, Maui; 32d degree 
Mason and member of Aloha Tem- 
ple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 

SMITH, ARTHUR G., lawyer, 

Honolulu; born at Tenant's Har- 
bor, Maine, January 3, 1882; son 
of James M. and Annie S. Smith; 
educated at Colby College, Water- 
ville, Me., 1900-02; Harvard Uni- 
versity, A. B. 1905; Harvard Law 
School, B. L. 1908; married Helen 
Chase Fessenden in Boston, Mass., 
April 28, 1910. On leaving law 
school, entered law offices of Myers 
& Brooks, Boston, 1908-1910; with 
Kinney, Ballou, Prosser & Ander- 
son, Honolulu, six months; ap- 
pointed deputy attorney general. 
Territory of Hawaii, Nov. 1910; at- 
torney general. 1918; became mem- 
ber of law firm, Peters & Smith, 
Honolulu, in 1918. Member Oahu 
Country Club (president and direc- 
tor), University Club, Outrigger 
Canoe Club, American Society for 
Psychical Research. Member Yes- 
try of St. Andrew's Cathedral; mem- 
ber board of directors and chan- 
cellor of Protestant Episcopal 
Church in Hawaiian Islands; vice- 
chairman, board of regents, Uni- 
versity of Hawaii. 


sugar chemist, Kailua, Hawaii; 
born Honolulu, Dec. 5, 1888; son of 
Henry William and Mary Ann 
(Weight) Schmidt; educated at 
Punahou Preparatory School and 
Honolulu High School. Was asst. 
chemist, Ewa Plantation Co., Oahu, 
1906-13; chemist Waiakea Mill Co., 
1913-18; served in Co. M, 1st Hawn. 
Inf., U. S. A., at Schofield Bar- 
racks, July 1918-Jan. 1919; chemist, 
Kona Development Co., Kona, Ha- 






waii, since 1919. Member B. P. O. 
Elks, Hilo Lodge No. 759; Hawn. 
Chemist Assn., Kilauea Council, 
Boy Scouts of America, and the 
American Legion. 

er and minister, Honolulu; born 
Laie, Oahu, Apr. 21, 1886; son of 
Joseph F. and Julina (Lambson) 
Smith; married Mary H. Smith, 
Dec. 15, 1910, at Salt Lake City; 
three children: Eloise, Elias Wes- 
ley, Donald Eugene. Attended 
Utah Univ. 1902 and 1903; Latter 
Day Saints College, 1904 and 1905. 
In U. S. postal service, 1906; or- 
dained, 1907; minister, Island of 
Hawaii, 1907-09: Kauai, 1909-10; 
associated with three brothers in 
farming and dairying. Utah, spe- 
cializing in blooded Jersey herds. 
1910-14; minister, Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 
Districts of Venice, Ocean Park, 
Santa Monica. Sawtelle and Culver 
City, CM., 1914-19: ordained pres. 
Latter-D^y Saints, Hawn. Mission. 
1919. Charter member Brentwood 
Country Club. Santa Monica. Cal. : 
member Southern Cal. Automobile 

tal surgeon. Honolulu; born in San 
Jose, Calif.. Sept. 20. 1891; son of 
Donald Cameron and Margaret Ann 
(Scanlon) Smith; education, gram- 
mar and high schools, San Jose; 
took pre-medical course, Santa 
Clara Univ. and graduated from 
San Francisco College of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, D. D. S., 1915; 
married Lillian Donnelly, in San 
Francisco, July 3, 1921. Prac- 
tised profession in San Francisco, 
1915-17; commissioned first lieut. 
U. S. Army, July 1917; discharged 
Sept. 1919; began practise, Hilo, 
Hawaii, Oct. 1919: moved to Ho- 
nolulu. Mar. 1921; took three 
months post-graduate work in Cal- 
ifornia, and opened offices, Honolu- 
lu, July 1921. During period in 
army served at Angel Island Hosp., 
San Francisco; Camp Kearny, Cal.; 
Vancouver Bks., Washington; Trip- 
ler General Hospital, Honolulu. 
Holds commission as captain Re- 
serve Corps. Member Elks Lodge, 
Psi Omega national dental frater- 
nity, Union League Club of San 
Francisco, past commander Hilo 
Post No. 3 American Legion. 

SMITH. JARED GAGE, agricul- 
turist, Napoopoo, Hawaii; born in 
Scottsburgh, N. Y., Sept. 13, 1866; 
son of Prosper Adams and Delia 
(Spencer) Smith; married Grace 

Werner at Coolabah, N. S. W., May 
15, 1894; children: Charles Werner 
Spencer. Educated public schools, 
Lincoln, Neb., University of Ne- 
braska, B. Sc., 1888, M. A. 1892, 
Sigma XI. Began career as asst. 
agriculturist Neb. Agri. Exp. Sta., 
1888-90: traveled in Europe. Aus- 
tralia, Mexico, 1890-91; Neb. State 
Bd. Agr., 1892; asso. botanist Shaw 
School of Botany, St. Louis, 1892- 
93; bot. asst., Mo. Bot. Gardens, 
St. Louis, 1893-95; U. S. Dept. Agr., 
Washington, asst. chief, Div. 
Agrostology, 1895-99; asst. Div. 
Bot., 1899-1900; chief, Section Seed 
and Plant Introduction, 1900-01; or- 
ganized Hawaii Agr. Exp. Sta , 
Honolulu, and spec. agt. in charge, 
1901-08 (resigned); tobacco plant- 
er, Kona, 1908-13; ed. staff P. C. 
Advertiser, Honolulu, 1913-16; 
prof. Agr. College, Hawaii, 1915-16; 
tobacco planter. Kona, since 1917. 
Member American Defense Society, 
1918; Draft Board and Selective 
Draft, South Kona, 1918. Has 
written many agricultural bulletins 
published in Washington and Ho- 

yer, Hilo, Hawaii: born New Ha- 
ven. Conn., Feb. 20, 1866; son of 
William C. and Minerva A. (Mon- 
son) Smith; married Elvira M. 
Richardson, in Hilo, March 1. 1904. 
Educated Dickenson Academy, 
Deerfield, Mass.; Amherst, A. B., 
1890; A. M., 1893. Editor Hilo 
Tribune and Hawaii Herald, Hilo. 
1897-1902; studied law in private 
law office, Hilo, and admitted to 
practise in Supreme Court of Ha- 
waii, 1902; practised law, Hilo, 
later going to Columbia Univ. for 
special law course, 1904-06; admit- 
ted to Supreme Court of United 
States, 1909. Author of a mono- 
graph on Polynesian languages, 
published 1893; has been a com- 
missioner of public instruction 
since 1912; chairman local Draft 
Board, Hilo, 1917-18. Member 
American Bar Assn., Bar Assn. of 
4th Circuit, Hawaii; University 
Club, Hilo Yacht Club, K. of P., 
Phi Delta Theta, Phi Beta Kappa. 

yer, Honolulu; born Aug. 4, 1848, 
at Koloa, Island of Kauai, Hawaii- 
an Islands; son of James William 
and Melicent (Knapp) Smith; mar- 
ried Mary Abbey Hobron, March 
23, 1876, at Honolulu; five children: 
Clarence Hobron, Ethel Frances, 
Pauline Melicent. Anna Katherine, 
Lorrin Knapp. Educated, Rev. D. 
Dole's school, Koloa, Punahou 






School and Massachusetts Agricul- 
tural College; commenced profes- 
sional career in law offices of 
Judge Alfred S. Hartwell; served 
as sheriff of Kauai, 1870-72; sheriff 
of Maui, 1872-74; appointed attor- 
ney general and president Board 
of Health. 1893-99; served 20 years 
intermittently in Hawaiian Legisla- 
ture, 1878-1912: president Bishop 
Trust Co., Ltd., of Honolulu. Mem- 
ber Pacific, University and Oahu 
Country Clubs of Honolulu. 

nessman, Honolulu; born April 22, 
1882, Washington, D. C.; son of 
Benjamin S. and Mary G (Moore) 
Smoot; married Mary C. Henry, 
Washington, Nov. 29, 1905; four 
children: Christy K-, Richard 
Henry, John van Der Poole, Robert 
Moore. Educated Washington pub- 
lic schools and Columbia Univ.; 
entered employ Amer. Bicycle Co., 
salesman, 1899; Pope Mfg. Co., 
1901; General Elec. Co., 1902; Natl. 
Elec. Supply Co., 1904; Angier Auto 
Supply Co., Boston, 1905; Goodyear 
Tire & Rubber Co., 1907; mgr. Mit- 
chell Auto Co., 1908; Chancellor & 
Lyons Co., Pacific Coast salesman, 
1912; Associated Garage, Honolulu, 
1912; mgr. auto supply and tire 
depts. Schuman Carriage Co., Ho- 
nolulu, 1913-16; pres. Smoot & 
Steinhauser, Ltd., Honolulu, 1916; 
mgr. Kahuku Plantation store, 
1920; manufacturers' agent, Hono- 
lulu, since.. Served Naval Militia. 
Natl. Guard of Hawaii; capt. U. S. 
Army, serving with Infantry during 
war. Member Commercial Club, 
Outrigger Canoe Club, American 
Legion. Lodge le Progres de 1'Oce- 
anie F. & A. M. Is captain Re- 
serve Corps, U. S. Army. 


banking, Kohala, Hawaii; born in 
Kilauea, Kauai, Aug. 24, 1894; son 
of Harry Russel and Jennie K. 
Smythe; education, public and pri- 
vate schools, Kauni; was with 
Maui Agricultural Co., Paia. Maui. 
in various capacities from 1911 
to 1918; served in U. S. Army, 
1918-19; mgr. real estate dept.. 
Security Trust Co., of Hilo, Oct. 
1919 to May 1920; appointed asst. 
cashier. Peoples Bank Ltd., Hilo, 
May 1920, which position now holds. 
During army service held commis- 
sion ns 2nd and 1st lieut. Treas- 
urer, Kohala Civic League. 

SOGA, YASUTARO, newspaper 
publisher, Honolulu; born March 
19, 1873, in Tokyo, Japan; son of 
Kisaburo and Kura (Hoshina) 
Soga; educated at Tokyo Phar- 

macy School and English Law In- 
stitute, Japan; married Sei Tan- 
izawa in Japan; one son, Shigeo. 
Began in the employ of a silk ex- 
porting firm in Yokohama, Japan, 
three years; clerk and later mana- 
ger of stores operated by C. Shio- 
zawa, at Waianae and Waipahu, 
island of Oahu, and at Kaunaka- 
kai, island of Molokai, 1896-1899; 
asst. editor, Hawaii Shimpo, Ho- 
nolulu, 1899-1906; editor, Yamato 
Shinbun, the name of this news- 
paper being changed later to Nip- 
pu Jiji; became president and edi- 
tor of the Nippu Jiji. As the 
result of the stand taken by the 
Nippu Jiji during Japanese labor- 
ers' strike on the island of Oahu 
in 1909 and 1910, was imprisoned 
with three other Japanese leaders, 
March 1910; pardoned by Gov. 
Walter F. Frear, July 4, 1910; fol- 
lowing the pardon returned to 
Japan for a six months visit; at- 
tended Panama Pacific Exposition, 
San Francisco, 1915; visited Japan 
in September of the same year to 
see the coronation of the present 
emperor; returned to Honolulu. 
Feb. 1916; inaugurated the English 
section of the Nippu Jiji, Jan. 1919, 
the first among Japanese news- 
papers outside of Japan to publish 
a full page daily in the English 
language. Member of Board of 
Instruction, Local Boards for Divi- 
sions 1 & 2, during the European 
war; member of the Executive 
Committee of Pan-Pacific Publicity 
Council; International Publicity 
Committee of the Pan-Pacific Edu- 
cational Conference; member of 
the Associated Press; director of 
the Prince Fushimi Educational 
Fund Committee. Member of Ho- 
nolulu Ad Club and the Honolu- 
lu Golf Club. 

nessman, Honolulu; born at Ply- 
mouth, England, Nov. 17th, 1846; 
son of Thomas Harris and Mary 
(Kipling) Soper; came to U. S. in 
childhood; educated Normal Uni- 
versity, Bloomington, 111., 1857-61; 
married Mary Wundenberg of Val- 
lejo, Cal., Sept. 11, 1871; children, 
John F. (deceased). Will H., Jos- 
ephine M., Blanche E., Ruth C. 
Was miner, prospector, farmer, and 
plantation manager, 1863-84; pres. 
Hawaiian News Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, since 1886. Marshal, Hawaiian 
Kingdom, 1884-6, 1888-90; comdr.- 
in-chief military forces, Provisional 
Govt. of Hawaii, Jan. 17. 1893; 
adj. -gen., chief of staff, 1894-1907; 
retired April 2, 1907, with rank of 
Brig. Gen. N. G. of Hawaii, by 
authority of War Dept., Washing- 








ton. Is honorary vice-pres. Societe 
des Sauveteurs clu Dernier adieu; 
received diploma and croix Rosette, 
1894. Mason, Republican. Member 
Honolulu Ad Club. 


chant, Honolulu; born Middletown, 
Cal., June 6, 1874; son of J. H. and 
Mary E. Soper; married Alice M. 
Gaskell-Luce, at Honolulu, 1905. 
Attended grammar schools, Honolu- 
lu; Stanford Univ. 1894-97. Em- 
ployed by Lewers & Cooke, Ltd., 
Honolulu, 1893; Catton, Neill & Co., 
Ltd., Honolulu, 1898-1908; with Ha- 
waiian News Co. since 1908; treas- 
urer and manager, 1919, to date. 
Member Nat. Guard Hawaii, 1893- 
94, 1897-99; 1st Hawn. Artillery, 
N. G. H., 1918; served on Hono- 
lulu draft board under Selective 
Service Act, 1917-18. Member 
Chamber of Commerce. 


banker, retired, Honolulu; born 
June 3, 1854, in Honolulu; son of 
Josiah Chapman and Elizabeth 
(Irwin) Spalding; married Marie 
Kahler Long in Oakland, Cal., June 
7, 1880; six children, Irwin, Ray- 
mond, Edith, Ethel, Alice, Helen. 
Educated Brewster's school (Ho- 
nolulu), Salem (Mass.) grammar 
and high schools. Began business 
career with Salem (Mass.) Five 
Cents Bank; pay-clerk U. S. N., 
Mare Island (Cal.) 1872-78: U. S. 
Flagship Pensacola 1878-79; pur- 
chasing pay office, San Francisco, 
1880-84; asst. bookkeeper W. G. 
Irwin & Co. (Honolulu), 1884; 
cashier Glaus Spreckels & Co., Ho- 
nolulu, 1885-1910; president Bank 
of Honolulu, Ltd.. 1910-19; presi- 
dent Olowalu Co.. vice-president 
Pioneer Mill Co.; director Hawaii 
Consolidated Railway: secretary 
and director Waimanalo Sugar 
Co.; treasurer and director William 
G. Irwin Estate Company; trustee 
William G. Irwin Charity Foundn- 
tion; trustee Hawaiian Lodge No. 
21. F. & A. M.; trustee Scottish 
Rite Masons; Master Hawaiian 
Lodge No. 21; High Priest Hono- 
lulu Royal Arch Chapter; 32 c Ma- 
son, Knight Templar, Aloha Temple 
A. A. O. N. M. S.; president Ho- 
nolulu Chamber of Commerce, 1912; 
president Oahu Country Club. 1916- 
17; president Pacific Club, 1919-20. 


lawyer, Honolulu: born Nov. 22, 
1879, at Makawao, Maui; son of 
James Gordon and Isabel (Thomas) 
Spencer; educated Oahu College, 
Honolulu; Harvard, 1903; Yale Law 
School, LL.B., 1908; following 


graduation admitted to Connecticut 
bar; returned Honolulu, admitted 
Hawaii bar, July 14, 1908; U. S. 
Dist. Court, July 16, 1908. Has 
practised law in Honolulu since 
that time. Was referee in bank- 
ruptcy, 1908-09: apDointed U. S. 
Commissioner, 1909. 


county auditor, Hilo, Hawaii; born 
in Waimea, Hawaii, July 18, 1875; 
son of Ashford and Puakalehua 
(Auwae) Spencer; graduated from 
Kamehameha Schools, Honolulu, 
1893: married Alice Kinimaka in 
Honolulu July 5, 1895; five chil- 
dren: Jeanette. Harry, Alice, Edith 
and John Kinohou. Began busi- 
ness career as clerk in Territorial 
land office, Honolulu, 1893-95; dep- 
uty sheriff, Waimea, Hawaii, 1895- 
97; bookkeeper Henry Waterhouse 
Co., Honolulu, 1897-02; bookkeeper 
Parker Ranch, Wn.imea, Hawaii, 
1902-12; deputy county clerk, 
County of Hawaii, 1912-1914; spe- 
cial auditor County of Hawaii, 
1914-15; elected county auditor, 
1915, and has been auditor since. 
Is a notary public and was admit- 
ted to practise law in the District 
Courts. Past Master Kilauea 
Lodge No. 330, F. & A. M., 1919; 
member A. O. F., A. & A. S. R., 
Aloha Temple, Mystic Shrine. 

SPICER, HARRY E., business- 
man, Honolulu; born in Fenton, 
Mich., Aug. 28, 1878; son of Thomas 
J. and Sarah Louise (Roberts) 
Spicer; educated in public and 
high schools of Manistee, Mich. On 
leaving school went to work for 
book and stationery store Manis- 
tee, Mich., 1893-98; served through 
Spanish-American War, 1896-99; 
employed by J. W. Slater, home 
furnisher, Traverse City, Mich., 
1899-1902; manager and buyer for 
J. Wilhelm, Traverse City, 1903; 
manager and buyer, Boston Store, 
Traverse City, 1903-05; manager 
and buyer carpet department Kil- 
patrick Furniture Co., Denver, 
Colo., 1906; with Copper Queen 
Con. Mining Co., Douglas, Ariz., 
1906-10; manager J. Hopp & Co., 
furniture, Honolulu, T. H., 1910. 
Member 34th Regiment, Michigan 
N. G., during Spanish -American 
War. Member B. P. O. E., Oahu 
Country, Commercial and Ad 
Clubs, Chamber of Commerce. 

chemist, Waimea, Kauai; born at 
Lihue, Kauai; son of Edward and 
Henrietta Spillner; educated, St. 
Louis College, Honolulu, two and 
one-half years. Started working in 





a V 





Lihue sugar mill; later became 
night sugar boiler and night chem- 
ist. Is head chemist and sugar 
boiler, Waimea Sugar Co., Kauai. 


TAS, businessman, Hilo, Hawaii; 
born in Madeira, Portugal, Dec. 19, 
1876; son of John de F. and Maria 
(Menezes) Spinola; education, St. 
Mary's school, Hilo, 1896; married 
Mary Alice Carvalho de Mello, in 
Hilo, Nov. 26, 1910: children, Mi- 
chael Henry, Stanislaus Rosario, 
Cyril Anthony, Mary Agnes Lau- 
retta, Cornelius Jerome, Eleanor 
Valentina. Taught school four 
years at Papaikou before entering 
regular business career: bookkeep- 
er with First Bank of Hilo, 1900- 
06, promoted to asst. cashier, serv- 
ing from 1906-12; started co-part- 
nership with Judge W. S. Wise, 
real estate and insurance, 1913, 
dissolving in 1914; since that date 
in similar business for himself. 
Helped organize People's Bank, 
Ltd., and Kaiwiki Milling Co., Hilo, 
also Waiakea Homesteaders' Assn.; 
is secy, and director Peoples' Bank 
and Security Trust Co., Ltd. ; secy. 
Waiakea Homesteaders' Trustees. 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
Budapest, Hungary, Mar. 11, 1854; 
son of Leopold and Rosica (Freund) 
Spitz; educated, Budapest public 
schools; married Bernice K. Dwight, 
in Honolulu, Jan. 18th, 1919; one 
child, Charles William, Jr. Came to 
Hawaii in 1880 and was first em- 
ployed at Kilauea Plantation, Kauai, 
remaining there until 1883 when he 
went to Hana, Maui, as clerk in genl. 
mdse. store. After two years started 
out for himself. Opened store in 
Nawiliwili, Kauai, in October, 1886, 
and remained in business there un- 
til 1918. In 1899 started first whole- 
sale liquor store on Kauai, which he 
maintained until advent of prohibi- 
tion; in 1912 branched out into auto- 
mobile business, and became stock- 
holder in Royal Hawaiian Sales Co.. 
Honolulu, in 1918, which year he 
moved to Honolulu. Is member 
Commercial Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce. Ad Club, Automobile Club, 
Harmony Lodge, I. O. O. F. ; is treas. 
Royal Hawaiian Sales Co. and pres. 
Nawiliwili Garage; director Reliance 
Trailer and Truck Co., San Fran- 

Honolulu; born Chicago, Jan. 10, 
1891; son of Joseph and Eda Spit- 
zer; married Violet Prager, at Ho- 
nolulu, June 16. 1917. Became as- 
sociated with father in manage- 

ment of The Hub, retail clothing 
business, Honolulu, Jan., 1907, suc- 
ceeding to full management at 
death of father, 1913. Member 
B. P. O. E. 

Honolulu; formerly deputy attorney 
general, Territory of Hawaii; dep- 
uty city and county attorney, Ho- 
nolulu, since July 1, 1919. Was cap- 
tain of infantry during world war. 
Married Mildred Ayer in Honolulu. 
March 3, 1918; two children, Robert 
A. and Richard G. Member of Ma- 
sons, Elks and Odd Fellows. 

yer, Honolulu; born May 12, 1883, 
at Somerville, Tenn. ; son of Charles 
Ashley and Laura (Blakeley) Stain - 
back; educated public and private 
schools, Somerville and Bellbuckle. 
Tenn.; A.B. Princeton 1907, cum 
laude, special honors in department 
of politics and economics; J.D. L T ni- 
versity of Chicago 1912, cum laude. 
Entered professional career in Ho- 
nolulu 1912; attorney general Ter- 
ritory of Hawaii April 1914-1917. 
Major, U. S. Army 1917-1919. Mem- 
ber Ter. Food Board 1919, Public 
Utility Commission 1919, Univer- 
sity, Outrigger Canoe and Oahu 
Country Clubs. 

Honolulu; born in Dublin, Ireland, 
March 5, 1872; son of James 
Charles and Katharine (Lucas) 
Stanley; married Juanita Danford, 
Oct. 20, 1896. in Honolulu; chil- 
dren: Chas. Desmond, Eileen, Der- 
mot and Brian Henry. Educated 
at Dover College (Dover. Eng.), 
Rathmires School (Dublin), Trin- 
ity College (Dublin), and there at- 
tended Arts and Laws School 1SS9- 
93. Studied law in office of A. S. 
Hartwell, Honolulu, May 1893- 
March 1895; admitted to practice 
in Supreme Court 1895; partner- 
ship Hartwell, Thurston and Stan- 
ley 1895-96; partnership Thurston 
and Stanley 1896-97; judge Circuit 
Court, Oct. 1897-July 1900; associat- 
ed in partnership with Henry 
Holmes, first as Holmes and Stan- 
ley and later as Holmes, Stanley 
and Olson 1900-15; as Stanley and 
Wilder until 1916; practiced alone 
until May 1, 1920, when formed 
partnership of Smith, Warren and 
Stanley. Member Pacific. Univer- 
sity and Country clubs, past mas- 
ter Honolulu Lodge F. & A. M., 
past commander Templar Degree, 
Aloha Shrine and Chiefs of Hawaii. 


sugar plantation asst. mgr.. La- 






haina, Maui; born Stetten, Ger- 
many, Sept. 6, 1869; son of August 
and Johanna (Smith) Stark; mar- 
ried Annie Elizabeth Doherty, at 
San Francisco, Nov. 18, 1911. Re- 
ceived early education in Lihue, 
Kauai, going from there as small 
boy to Naalehu, Hawaii, where he 
began work on plantation; learned 
sugar boiling, Kahuku, Oahu, later 
moving to Pioneer Mill to accept 
position as asst. sugar boiler. At 
various times held positions of 
field luna, section luna, and in 1905 
appointed asst. mgr. Has also 
acted as mgr. at various periods. 
With Pioneer Mill Co. 25 years. 
Member Wailuku Aloha Lodge No. 
3, Knights of Pythias. Recognized 
authorty on cane growing and soils. 

estate, Honolulu; born in Provi- 
dence, R. I., Aug. 16, 1872; son of 
Hardin and Alrnira Melissa (Wil- 
bur) Steere; descendant of John 
Steere of Ockley, England, who lo- 
cated in Rhode Island in 1659; 
married Charlotte Doyle lies in 
Providence, Oct. 17, 1898; two chil- 
dren, Charlotte Elizabeth and Fred- 
erick Eugene, Jr. Educated pri- 
mary schools, Johnston, R. I., and 
Brown University, graduated 1894; 
entered employ Mutual Life Insur- 
ance Co. of N. Y. 1894: located in 
Honolulu 1898 in employ of Lewers 
& Cooke, Ltd., 1902-03; Allen & 
Robinson during 1903 and becoming 
associated with Water-house Trust 
Co. in 1903, remaining with this 
company since in charge of realty 
department. Member Industrial 
Accident Board (Oahu) and Board 
of Appraisers (Oahu) ; member and 
one of founders of University 
Club, charter member Country 
Club, member Commercial Club. 

STEIN ER, JAMES, real estate, 
Honolulu; born in Mirschikau, Pil- 
sen, Czecho Slovakia, July 24, 1860; 
son of Benedict and Ester 
(Schwarzkopf) Steiner; educated 
at State High School, Pilsen, Cze- 
cho Slovakia; married Roas Scharz 
in Prague, Austria, October 20, 
1889; four children, Harry, Lionel, 
Walter and Ernest Steiner. Re- 
ceived business training at Frank- 
fort-on-Main, Germany, 1876; came 
to United States 1881, making short 
stay in New York and St. Louis; 
came to Hawaii via San Francisco, 
1882, entering employ of H. J. Hart, 
confectioner and caterer, with 
whom he soon became partner; be- 
came managing partner of business 
on death of Mr. Hart, 1888; retired 
from Hart & Co. 1899, founding 
Island Curio Co.; retired from this 

business 1914 to devote his time to 
management of his property hold- 
ings and island investments. Be- 
came American citizen 1900. Mem- 
ber Honolulu Lodge No. 409, F. & 
A. M., Mystic Lodge No. 2, K. P., 
and Chamber of Commerce of Ho- 


newspaperman. Hilo, Hawaii; born 
Queensland, Australia, Feb. 24, 
1872; son of James Bristow and 
Marie Frances (Egan) Stevenson; 
married Teresa M. Clonan, at Ho- 
nolulu, July 27, 1911; two children: 
Maile Frances Margaret and Lei- 
lani Noreen. Educated Sydney 
grammar school and St. Ignatius 
College, Sydney. With Bank of 
New South Wales, 1889-96; Colo- 
nial Sug. Refining Co., in charge 
Navoli Estate, Fiji, 1897-1904; Ho- 
nomu Sug. Co., Hawaii; H. C. & 
S. Co., Maui; Olaa Sug. Co., Ha- 
waii; Pacific Sug. Mill, Hawaii, and 
Hawaiian Sug. Co., Kauai, as over- 
seer, timekeeper, office work, etc., 
1904-08. Since 1908 in newspaper 
work. Has been editor Hilo Trib- 
une, Hawaii Herald, Maui News, 
Hawaii Post -Herald. Was also 
sporting editor Honolulu Evening 
Bulletin, Pacific Commercial Adver- 
tiser, and marine reporter on Ha- 
waiian Star; court reporter Hono- 
lulu Star-Bulletin. Contributor to 
various periodicals of Hawaii and 
Australia. At present editor Hilo 
Daily Tribune's "All Hawaii" page, 
giving news of entire county. Mem- 
ber Maui Lodge No. 472. F. & A. M. 
Was secy. Hilo Board of Trade, 
1917. Republican. 

STEWART, BURT C., law ste- 
nographer, Hilo, Hawaii; born Ba- 
tavia, N. Y., March 8, 1874; son 
of Willard Nelson and Mary Mar- 
garet (Klock) Stewart; education, 
Union School and Gloversville 
Business College, Gloversville, N. 
Y. ; married Keola Kama, at Hilo, 
Feb. 17, 1910. Was law stenogra- 
pher at Gloversville for a number 
of years up to 1904; enlisted in 
U. S. Cavalry and served in Phil- 
ippines, 1904-07; stenographer, 
chief clerk, Philippine Ry., 1907- 
08; arrived in Honolulu in 1908; 
filled various positions, 1909-14, in 
Honolulu and Hilo; clerk in Hilo 
Tax Office, 1915-17. Was secy., 
1918-19, of following organizations: 
Hilo Board of Trade, Hawaii Pub- 
licity Commission, Hawaii Automo- 
bile Club, Hawaii Island Welfare 
Bureau, Kilauea Council Boy 
Scouts. Was secy. Eighth Annual 
Civic Convention, Hilo, Sept. 23-27, 
1920. Member Hilo Yacht Club. 










civil engineer, Honolulu; born No- 
ble Co., Ind., Oct. 23, 1885; son of 
E. P. and Ellen (Stangland) Stew- 
art; married Dorothy Langstaff 
Rood, at Portland, Oreg., Nov. 30, 
1916; two children: James Ernest 
and Edwin Allison. Graduated 
Iowa State College, B. S. C. E., 
1911. Principal asst. in field party, 
U. S. General Land office, work in 
Northern Idaho, summers of 1911 
and 1912; computer, field office, U. 
S. Reclam. Service, Payette-Boise 
project, Idaho, winter of 1911-12: 
jun. eng. U. S. G. S., 1912-16; field 
work in Oregon and Wash., 1912- 
14; office work. Washington, D. C., 
1915-16; asst. eng. U. S. G. S., 
1916-19; office and field work, Oreg. 
and Wash., 1916-18; office work, 
Honolulu, 1918-19; dist. engr. U. S. 
G. S., also chief hydrographer and 
engr., Terr. Hawaii, 1919 to date. 
Member Univ. Club and Amer. 
Association of Engineers. 


accountant. Kailua, Hawaii; born in 
Honolulu, July 31, 1887; son of Oli- 
ver K. and Nancy (Malteno) Still- 
man; education. Oahu College, Ho- 
nolulu; married Aileen Ruth Ma- 
guire, at Huehue, Hawaii. Dec. 27, 
1917, children: Thelma, Ruth, Mary 
Aileen. Postmaster, Kohala, Ha- 
waii, 1908-12; spent four years as 
asst. bookkeeper, Hawi Mill & Plan- 
tation Co., Ltd., and two years as 
asst. to John A. Maguire on his 
ranch at Huehue; following Mr. Ma- 
guire's death was mgr. of estate for 
nine months; is now accountant for 
Jas. Frank Woods and the Puu- 
waawaa Ranch, Hawaii. Member 
Kilauea Lodge No. 330, Hilo. Is 32 
deg. Mason, Shriner. 


secretary, Honolulu; born Athena, 
Ore., July 21, 1889; son of Ezekiel 
Henderson and Aurilla (Fletcher) 
Stone; both parents were among 
early pioneers to Oregon, crossing 
plains as children in emigrant 
trains; education, grammar and 
high schools of Ore. and Wash.; 
Pearsons Academy. Walla Walla, 
Wash., 1908; Whitman College, 
Walla Walla, A.B. English, cum 
laude, 1912; shorthand course, 
Phillips Commercial school, Hono- 
lulu, 1920-21; married Julia Russell 
Peabody in Honolulu, June 22, 
1916; one child. Harold Franklin. 
Was raised on farm and from age 
of 11 to 22 made a "hand" every 
summer in wheat fields of North- 
west; principal of schools, John 
Day, Ore., 1912-1913; English in- 
structor, Mills School, Honolulu, 

1913-15; reporter, Honolulu Star- 
Bulletin, 1915-18; secy, to Governor 
of Hawaii since June, 1918; taught 
in Y. M. C. A. night schools, 1915- 
19; is correspondent for Phila. 
Public Ledger and other mainland 
publications. Member Honolulu Ad 
Club, Manoa Tennis Club, Press 
Club, Phi Delta Theta fraternity. 
Was member 1st Co., C. A. C., 
Natl. Guard of Hawaii. 1916-17. 


physician, Honolulu; born Kansas 
City, Mo., Mar. 6, 1891; son of W. 
S. and Jodie E. (Dillingham) 
Strode; married Pauline Schaefer, 
at Petersburg, Va., Dec. 8, 1917; 
one child: Evelyn Marguerite. 
Graduated Oak Grove, Mo., high 
school, 1909; Warrensburg State 
Normal school, 1909-11; Washing- 
ton Univ., St. Louis, Mo., M.D., 
1915; Army Medical School, honor 
graduate, 1918. Was surgical in- 
terne, Barnes Hosp., St. Louis, 
1915-16; interne, Queen's Hosp., 
Honolulu, 1916-17; commissioned 1st 
lieut. Med. Res. Corps, Sept. 7, 
1917; stationed Base Hospital, 
Camp Taylor, Ky., Feb. 1918 -May 
1919; discharged May 1919. Mem- 
ber Board Med. Examiners, Ha- 
waii, 1920; visiting surgeon, Queen's 
Hosp., 1920; secy. Med. Society 
Hawaii. 1921; A. A. Surgeon, U. S. 
Pub. Health Service, Honolulu, 
1921. Member Univ. Club. B. P. 
O. E., Med. Society of Hawaii, 
Amer. Med. Assn., American Le- 
gion, Ad Club, Phi Beta Pi, Alpha 
Omega Alpha. 


businessman, Hilo, Hawaii; born 
Blumfield, Mich., June 8, 1866; son 
of Charles Dietrich and Caroline 
(Rademacher) Supe; educated in 
district school and grammar and 
high schools Bay City, Mich.; mar- 
ried Maggie Kama in Hilo, July 
5, 1907; five children: Jessie, Gus- 
tavus, Margaret, Lena, Juanita. Be- 
gan business with father in whole- 
sale groceries. Bay City, Mich., 
1885-88; removed to Sault Ma- 
rie, Mich., and engaged in grocery 
business, 1888-96; came to Hawaii- 
an Islands and started a coffee 
plantation at Olaa, Hawaii, selling 
out to Olaa Sugar Co., 1899; 
started sugar cane plantation, sell- 
ing out in 1913; taught school, Ka- 
lapana, Hawaii, 1913-15; deputy tax 
assessor, South Hilo dist., 19i5-21, 
resigning to join repair dept. Vol- 
cano Garage. Was road supervisor 
for Puna dist.. Hawaii, 1905-06; su- 
pervisor, Puna dist., 1907-08; dele- 
gate to Nat'l. Democratic Conven- 
tion, San Francisco, 1920; is di- 






rector of Hilo Electric Light Co. 
Member Hilo Lodge No. 759, B. P. 
O. E. 

yer, Honolulu; born in Hartford, 
Mich., September 15, 1882; son of 
Warner P. Sutton, consul general 
to Mexico, secretary Pan-American 
Conference, and Lois May (Andrus) 
Sutton; married Alice Benton Car- 
penter in Cleveland, Ohio, August 
12, 1908; children: Edwin White, 
Jr., Richard Carpenter, Henry. Ed- 
ucated Oberlin Academy, Univer- 
sity of Michigan, graduate 1904, law 
department, degree LL. B. Prac- 
ticed law in Honolulu August, 1906- 
1917; deputy attorney general of 
Hawaiian Territory 1908-1912; as- 
sociated with law firm Smith. War- 
ren and Hemenway 1912-1913; 
member law firm Smith, Warren, 
Hemenway and Sutton 1913-1914; 
member law firm Smith, Warren 
and Sutton 1914-1917; manager, di- 
rector and vice-president Bishop 
Trust Compny, Ltd., since Feb. 15, 
1917. Member Coast Artillery, N. 
G. H. 1st Co. (sgt.) 1916-1917. 
Judge advocate (major) N. G. H. 
1919-1920. Member of Oahu Coun- 
try Club (director 1912, 1920, presi- 
dent 1916), University Club (secre- 
tary 1912-1914), Hawaiian Polo and 
Racing Club (secretary 1921), Bar 
Association of Hawaii (secretary 
1912-16, treasurer 1916-21) and 
Chamber of Commerce (treasurer 
1918). Trustee Hilo Boarding 
School. Trustee and Treasurer Ha- 
waiian Academy of Design. 

ernment official, Wailuku, Maui; 
born at Waikapu, Maui, May 26, 
1886; son of Frank and Ellen (Cur- 
tis) Sylva; educated Kamehameha 
Schools, Honolulu; married Chris- 
tina Eckarjt at Wailuku, Maui, 
Sept. 16, 1912; three children: 
Irene, Frank Curtis and Olga. En- 
tered employ of Wailuku Sugar 
Co., Waikapu, Maui, 1908-11 as 
luna; on police force, Wailuku, 
1911-14; appointed inspector of 
Weights and Measures and clerk 
to sheriff, Wailuku, Maui, 1914. 
Was private, Hospital Corps, N. 
G. H., sergeant, Co. D. and second 
lieut. Co. A, Third Inf., N. G. H. 
Member A. O. F. 

tal surgeon, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu Apr. 8, 1896; married 
Martha Cochrane in San Francisco, 
Cal., Jan. 24, 1920; one child, Fran- 
cis Patrick. Educated Central 
Grammar School. 1910: McKinlev 
High School, 1914; University of 

California, 1917, D.D.S. Graduated 
from University of California Col- 
lege of Dentistry 1917; practiced in 
California until Sept. 1917; entered 
U. S. Army Sept. 1917, pvt. 91st 
Division, Camp Lewis, Wash.; 1st 
lieut. May, 1918; captain Mar. 
1919; served in France and Bel- 
gium; discharged May, 1919; re- 
turned to Honolulu and has been 
in private practice since June, 1919. 
Awarded Belgian War Cross Dec. 
1918 at Preoven, Belgium. Trustee 
Frederick Funston Post 94, Veter- 
ans of Foreign Wars ; American 


executive secy., Hawaiian Pineapple 
Packers' Assn., Honolulu; born San 
Jose, Calif., April 15, 1874; son of 
George Washington and Jennie 
Maria (Brierly) Tarleton; married 
Frances Belle Dutot, in San Fran- 
cisco, Dec. 28, 1899; two children; 
Colby Dutot and Frances Erma. 
Grammar school and business col- 
lege education. Worked on father's 
fruit farm, San Jose, Calif., to 1897, 
when he visited Hawaii; returned 
following year and entered employ 
O. R. & L. Co., remaining to 1915; 
with Honolulu Construction and 
Draying Co., 1916-18; executive 
secy. Hawaiian Pineapple Packers' 
Assn.. 1918 to date. Was demobili- 
zation secy, for Y. M. C. A. at Ho- 
nolulu while local troops were be- 
ing mustered out of service, early 
part of 1919. Member Rotary Club 
(secy.); Commercial Club (direct- 
or) ; director Y. M. C. A. 

ger Haiku Fruit & Packing Co., 
Haiku, Maui; born in Azores 
Islands April 11, 1875; married 
Julia M. Akana, who died Nov. 22, 
1918; married Mathilda Silva Sept. 
6, 1920, at Paia, Maui; nine chil- 
dren (by first wife) : Lilly, Tony, 
Cyrus, Julia, Emma, Hannah, Ern- 
est, Frederick, Edna Ruth. Gram- 
mar school education. Truant of- 
ficer at Makawao, Maui; school 
teacher at Haiku and Kaupakulua; 
attorney at law, licensed at Wai- 
luku, Maui, 1898; clerk Second Cir- 
cuit Court, Wailuku, 1898; post- 
master, Makawaoi, 1900-11; dep- 
uty tax collector, Makawao, 1902- 
11; held last two positions while 
practicing law. Manager of Maui 
Pineapple Co., 1914-1918; assistant 
mgr. and secy. Haiku Fruit & 
Packing Co., 1918-19; secy., direc- 
tor and mgr. same, 1919 to date. 
Elected to Terr. House of Repre- 






sentatives, 1911; re-elected five 
consecutive terms; elected to Sen- 
ate, 1920, for four years. Owner of 
Kamaole ranch, Kula, Maui. Mem- 
ber Pacific Club; Maui Chamber of 


newspaperman. Honolulu: born at 
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 18, 1872; son 
of George A. A. and Melissa 
(Pierce) Taylor; educated, public 
schools, Leadville, Colo., and at St. 
Mark's Episconal school. S^lt Lake 
City, until 1891; m^rr'ed Emma 
Metcalf Davison at Honolulu. Nov. 
3, 1902. Began in offices of Union 
Pacific Ry., Salt Lake City; with 
survey party, Salt Lake -Los An- 
geles railroad route, 1893; made 
bicycle trip across Rockies. Amer- 
ican League Wheelman, 1894; sec- 
retary. National Silver Party con- 
vention, St. Louis, July 1896; asst. 
secy., Silver Party committee, 
"Washington. during Bryan-Mc- 
Kinley campaign, 1896; joined Cu- 
ban cause against Spain under Gen. 
Havana and deported to U. S. after 
release gained by Consul-Gen. Fitz- 
hugh Lee; following employment in 
patent attorney's office for short 
time became secretary to L. A. 
Thurston, Hawaiian Annexation 
Commissioner, Washington, D. C.. 
1897-98; came to Honolulu, Aug. 
1898 and was secy, to Judge W. F. 
Frear, then of U. S. Senatorial 
Comm. to prepare basis for Organic 
Act; has been associated with rep- 
ortorial staff, Honolulu Advertiser, 
since Nov. 16, 1899 except when he 
served as chief of detectives, Ho- 
nolulu, 1907-08, representative of 
Hawaiian Promotion Committee at 
San Francisco and supervising con- 
struction of Hawaii's building 
at P. P. Exposition, 1913-14, and 
secretary Hawaiian Promotion Com- 
mittee, Honolulu 1915-17. 


consulting civil engineer, Honolulu: 
born in Waiaha, Kona, Hawaii, 
March 19, 1859; son of Rev. Town- 
send Elijah and Persis Goodale 
(Thurston) Taylor; married Ethel 
May Webster, October 31, 1894, Los 
Angeles, Cal. ; one son, Thurston 
W. Educated Golden Gate Academy, 
Washington College and U. of Cal. 
Started with South Pac. Coast R. R., 
1877-79; in state engineering de- 
partment, 1880-81; assistant engi- 
neer Pomona Land and Water Co. 
1883; private practise Pomona, Cal., 
1886; city engineer Pomona, 1887-88; 
public and private practise in 
Southern California, 1888-1896; con- 
sulting engineer, Eddy, New Mex- 
ico, 1896-98; chief engineer Hono- 

lulu Sugar Co., and consulting en- 
gineer Kekaha Sugar Co., 1898-99; 
survey soundings and dredging of 
outer harbor, Honolulu, Department 
of Public Works, 1903-04; prelimin- 
ary surveys, location and construc- 
tion of Waihee Canal, Maui, (cap. 
45,000,000 gal. 24 hrs.. total cost 
$180,000) 1904-07; engineer Nuuanu 
Dam and Nuuanu Pipe line, Depart- 
ment of Public Works, 1907-08; pre- 
liminary surveys Kahua Irrigation 
System, Hawaii, 1909; location and 
construction of Kahua Ditch, (cap. 
50,000,000 gal. 24 hrs). 1910; consult- 
ing engineer Hawaii Railway, Ltd., 
relocation 20 miles, 1911; engineer 
Hilo R. R., Hawaii, location Ookala 
to Paauilo (6 miles), Waiakea to 
U. S. breakwater, Kuhio Bay, Kau- 
leau extension, Puna (2 miles), 1912- 
13; consulting engineer Kewalo re- 
clamation suit. Circuit Court, T. H., 
1914; surveys and soundings of Pu- 
naluu Harbor, Oahu, and maps of 
Punaluu and Kahana Harbors, Oahu, 
for aid to navigation, 1914-15; pre- 
liminary surveys and investigations 
and report of the available water 
supply for the City of Honolulu, 
Honolulu Water Commission, 1916; 
drainage system and road improve- 
ment, Makiki, Honolulu, 1917. Was 
delegate to International Engineer- 
ing Congress, S. F., Cal., and to 
Pan-American Rd. Congress, Oak- 
land, Cal., 1915. Member Amer. Soc. 
of C. E., Hawaiian Engineering As- 
sociation, Honolulu Chamber of 
Commerce, Commercial Club, life 
member Cousins Society, Honolulu, 
and I. O. O. F., Pomona, Cal., Lodge 
No. 246. 


merchant, Honolulu; born Plain- 
field, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1859; son of 
Lucian Pomeroy and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Davies) Tenney; married 
Rose Williams Makee, of Honolulu, 
Mar. 5, 1889; two children: Wilhel- 
mina and Vernon Edwaru. Educa- 
ted public schools, New York and 
Wisconsin. Arrived Honolulu, 

June 26, 1877; worked on sugar 
plantations. Island of Hawaii, 1877- 
80; entered employ Castle & Cooke, 
Dec. 6. 1880; secy, and director 
upon incorporation, 1895; vice-pres. 
and mgr. Castle & Cooke, Ltd., 
1903-16; pres. and mgr. since 1916. 
Served as pres. three terms, and is 
a trustee, Hawaiian Sugar Plant- 
ers' Assn.; director Sugar Factors 
Co., Ltd., serving as pres. three 
terms. Pres. Honolulu Chamber of 
Commerce, 1904-05; is President 
and director of Ewa Plantation 
Co., Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.; 
Kohala Sugar Co., Apokaa Sugar 
Co., Theo. H. Davies & Co., Ltd., 






and Matson Navigation Co., of San 
Francisco. Was member of Ad- 
visory Council during reign of Pro- 
visional Government of Hawaii. 
Member Pacific Club, Commercial 
Club and Oahu Country Club, Ho- 
nolulu; Pacific Union, San Fran- 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
Jackson, Mich., Feb. 8, 1872; son of 
Leonard E. and Fannie M. (Fletch- 
er) Thayer; married Hazel E. Hair 
of Carthage, Mo., Oct. 8, 1907. Ed- 
ucated public schools Fort Wayne, 
Ind., Howe School, Howe, Ind. ; 
Purdue Univ., Lafayette, Ind., and 
Univ. of Michigan, graduated as 
mechanical engineer. Began ca- 
reer as apprentice machinist with 
Wabash R. R., 1895; with Wabash, 
Missouri Pacific & Kansas City 
Southern Railroads until 1911, ris- 
ing through the several grades to 
the position of master mechanic. 
Came to Honolulu Oct. 3, 1911, to 
enter business with father in Thay- 
er Piano Co., Ltd.; since father's 
death, March 11, 1917, has been 
manager of this business. Member 
College Fraternity, Sigma Phi, 
Univ. of Michigan, Mason and 
Shriner, Chamber of Commerce, 
Commercial and Rotary clubs. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born Sept. 15, 
1873, at Jackson. Jackson County, 
Mich.; son of Leonard E. and Fan- 
nie (Fletcher) Thayer; married 
Rhoda Green in Honolulu June 30, 
1908; descendant of Thomas Thayer 
of Braintree, Essex County, Eng- 
land, who settled in Braintree, 
Mass., in 1630, and founded a fam- 
ily that played a prominent part 
in early American history. Pre- 
pared for college in the public 
schools of Fort Wayne, Ind., and 
at Howe school, Howe, Ind., enter- 
ing Hobart College in 1891, grad- 
uated University of Michigan, de- 
gree of A. B. 1895; LL.B. 1896; 
newspaper work in Salt Lake City, 
San Francisco and Honolulu 1896- 
Oct. 1900; practiced law in Hono- 
lulu since; connected with various 
business interests, being secretary 
and treasurer, Consolidated Soda 
Works, 1905-16; secretary Thayer 
Piano Co. since 1910; director, The 
Sumitomo Bank of Hawaii, Ltd.; 
attorney general of Hawaii, 1912- 
14, and secretary of Hawaii, 1914- 
17; published "A Digest of the De- 
cisions of the Supreme Court of 
Hawaii," June. 1916; author of 
many stories of Hawaiian life pub- 
lished in various periodicals. Mem- 
ber Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & 

A. M., Hawaiian Historical Society, 
American Bar Assn., Hawaiian Bar 
Assn., University, Oahu Country 
and Outrigger clubs. 


stock and bond broker. Honolulu; 
born July 24, 1892, at Vincennes, 
Indiana; son of Mifflin K. and 
Nora E. (Glass) Thomas; edu- 
cated at grammar and high school, 
Vincennes, Indiana, to 1910; Vin- 
cennes University, 1910-1911; Indi- 
ana University, A. B., dept. of 
journalism, 1915; married Ruth 
Virginia Reives, at Anderson, In- 
diana, July 7, 1917; one son, Miff- 
lin Kennedy, II. Began as re- 
porter, St. Petersburg Daily Times, 
St. Petersburg, Florida, 1911-1912; 
removed to Honolulu July 29, 1915, 
in Y. M. C. A. work; director of 
education, Y. M. C. A. schools, 
Honolulu, 1916-1920; became mana- 
ger, stock & bond dept., Trent 
Trust Co., Ltd., Honolulu, July 
1920. Active as scoutmaster, Boy 
Scouts of America, for five years, 
and was organizer of the first 
troop of boys of Japanese paren- 
tage under the Stars and Stripes; 
appointed deputy commissioner 
Boy Scouts of America, 1918; 
served as first It., National Guard, 
Hawaii, 1918-1919; member Draft 
Board of Education, conducting 
schools for preparing drafted men 
for the service, 1918. Member of 
F. & A. M., Christian Church 
(treasurer); assistant treasurer of 
Mid-Pacific Institute, Press Club 
and Public Question Club. 


lawyer, Honolulu; born in Duluth, 
Minn., Aug. 16, 1875; son of Capt. 
William A. and Caroline A. 
Thompson; educated public schools 
of Minnesota; Chicago College of 
Law, 1895-98; married Alice Roth 
of Honolulu June 20, 1910. Enlist- 
ed as volunteer in Spanish-Ameri- 
can War, 1898, serving to the end 
of the war; admitted to practise 
law in Territory of Hawaii, 1900; 
formed law partnership with the 
late Judge A. S. Humphreys; was 
member law firm, Thompson and 
demons, Honolulu; later succeeded 
by Thompson and Cathcart; is 
member law firm Thompson, Cath- 
cart and Lewis, Honolulu; member 
of the Pacific, Commercial, Oahu 
Country, Hawaii Polo & Racing and 
Ad Clubs of Honolulu. District 
Deputy, B. P. O. Elks; Past Mas- 
ter, Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & 
A. M.; Shriner; member Honolulu 
Chamber of Commerce and member 
and twice president of Bar Asso- 
ciation of Hawaii. 






judge, Kailua, Hawaii, born in Wa- 
tertown, Tenn., November 14, 1864; 
son of William Dillard and Parme- 
lia (Murray) Thompson; educated 
at Masonic Normal School, Alex- 
andria, Tenn., B. S., 1889; Southern 
Law School, Nashville, Tenn. ; mar- 
ried Leona May Denton, in Nash- 
ville, Tenn., April 20, 1909. Worked 
his way through school, beginning 
practise of law in Nashville, Tenn., 
1894; was assistant attorney gener- 
al for County of Davidson, Tennes- 
see, 1905, also from 1908-10; served 
as special judge in Tennessee 
courts; came to Hawaii, 1914, serv- 
ing as assistant U. S. District At- 
torney until 1915; practised law un- 
til appointed judge of Third Circuit 
Court, Territory of Hawaii, 1916. 
Was Grand Treasurer of Grand 
Lodge, I. O. O. F., Tennessee, 1909- 
14; was supreme president, Knights 
& Ladies of America, 1905-06. Mem- 
ber I. O. O. F., Knights of Pythias, 
Order of Sailors, North American 
Union, Foresters. 

plantation manager; born at Dun- 
fermline, Scotland, April 9, 1878; 
son of James B. and Margaret 
(Benne) Thomson; married Edith 
Cumming at Honolulu, T. H., June, 
1908; children: Douglas Buchanan 
and Edith Winifred. Educated at 
Harris Academy. Dundee, Scotland. 
Began career on sugar plantation 
at Spreckelsville, Maui, Hawaiian 
Islands, under management of W. 
J. Lowrie, which later changed to 
H. P. Baldwin; first employed at 
cubbing cane, then as luna and 
later assistant manager; manager 
Oahu Sugar Co., Waipahu, Oahu, 
since June 1, 1918. Has been an 
American citizen since 1901; cap- 
tain in Hawaiian National Guard, 
1916. Member B. P. O. Elks, Ma- 
son and Shriner. Republican. 


bookseller, publisher and research- 
er, Honolulu; born May 27, 1842, 
Newcastle, N. S. W., Australia; 
son of Thomas Augustine and 
Elizabeth W. (McPhail) Thrum; 
great-grandson of John Thrum, 
who was with Captain Cook on dis- 
covering the continent of Austra- 
lia; married Anna Laura Brown 
in San Francisco, Jan. 11, 1865; 
four children: Geo. Ernest A. (de- 
ceased), F. Wm., David F., and 
Ella L. Educated in Australia and 
Honolulu, followed by a commer- 
cial and navigation course; began 
business career in the store of 
John T. Waterhouse, 1855; went 
to sea on a whaler, 1856; clerk in 

store in Honolulu and Hilo, 1859- 
67; spent five years in sugar in- 
dustry on Kohala Plantation, Ha- 
waii; succeeded Black & Auld in 
the stationery and news business, 
1870; later engaging in printing 
and binding; publisher "Saturday 
Press," 1881-86; with J. J. Wil- 
liams launched "Paradise of the 
Pacific," 1888; since 1875 publisher 
Hawaiian Annual: was registrar 
of conveyances. 1888-1904; in 1913 
incorporated and was vice-pres. 
Thrum's, Ltd. Since 1904 has 
spent time in research work, tour- 
ing the four principal islands, lo- 
cating ancient heiaus and heiau 
sites, listing 517; has been engaged 
in revising and editing for the 
Bishop Museum the valuable "For- 
nander Collection" of Hawaiian 
folk lore; has recently completed 
a work on "Ancient Hawaiian 
Mythology," the first complete 
treatment of the subject, and list- 
ing over 400 gods and goddesses of 
the race; published 1907 "Hawaii- 
an Folk Tales," "Stories of the 
Menehunes," the "Brownies of Ha- 
waii." Member of Excelsior Lodge, 
I. O. O. F., charter member Ha- 
waiian Historical Society; was one 
of six organizers of Honolulu Li- 
brary and Readinar Rooms Associa- 
tion in 1879. Permanent member 
Bishop Museum staff since 1921. 


chief engineer, Honolulu Fire 
Dept., Honolulu; born Nov. 21, 
1870, at Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; 
son of William and Laliah (Corn- 
ing) Thurston: married Helen 
Catherine Kahanuulani Meek, June 
28, 1899; four children: Elizabeth 
Kilohana, Paul Josiah, Lucy Puni- 
wai, Clara Catherine; descendant 
of Robert Thurston of Yarmouth, 
who was a soldier in a British reg- 
iment during the Revolutionary 
War, and who in 1784 settled with 
other loyalists at Shelburne, Nova 
Scotia. Educated in Yarmouth 
Seminary; followed the sea for 
several years, holding various posi- 
tions on sailing vessels and steam- 
ers; entered Customs Service at 
Honolulu and in 1897 entered Ho- 
nolulu Fire Department; chief en- 
gineer since June 15, 1901. Mem- 
ber Mystic Lodge No. 2, K. of P.; 
Lodge le Progres de 1'Oce-inie No. 
371, F. and A. M.; Honolulu Chap- 
ter No. 1, R. A. M.; Honolulu Com- 
mandery No. 1, K. T. ; Aloha Tem- 
ple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 

and publisher, Honolulu; born Ho- 
nolulu, July 31, 1858; son of Asa 
G. and Sarah (Andrews) Thurston; 






married Harriet Potter, Apr. 5, 
1894. at St. Joseph, Mich. ; three 
children: Robert Shipman, Mar- 
garet Carter, Lorrin Potter. Educa- 
ted Oahu College, Honolulu; Co- 
lumbia Law School, N. Y., 1880-81; 
previous to study at Columbia had 
been law student. 1876; deputy at- 
torney general of Hawaii, 1878; 
admitted to bar of all courts in 
Hawaii. 1878; sugar plantation 
overseer and bookkeeper, 1878-79. 
Practised law in Hawaii. 1881- 
1900; sugar plantation and railway 
promoter, 1899-1915; publisher, 
1900-21; pres. Advertiser Pub. Co., 
Ltd., publishers of the Honolulu 
Advertiser. Was member House of 
Representatives, Hawaiian Legisla- 
ture, 1886; Minister Interior, 1887- 
1890; House of Nobles, 1892; Annex- 
ation Commission, 1893 and 1898; 
envoy extraordinary and minister 
plenipotentiary to Washington, 
1893-95; to Portugal, 1894; member 
Board of Health. 1887-90; Board of 
Immigration, 1887-1890; Board of 
Agriculture, Honolulu Water Com- 
mission, 1915. Was private in Ho- 
nolulu Rifles and Hawaiian Guard, 
1877-79. Member Myrtle Boat Club, 
University Club, Commercial Club. 
Social Science Club, Hawaiian Vol- 
cano Research Assn. 

Fire Dept., Hilo. Hawaii; born in 
Kealakekua. S. Kona, Hawaii, Oc- 
tober 1, 1856; son of Alfred Alexan- 
der and Ellen (Woods) Todd; edu- 
cated in public schools of Hawaii; 
married Sarah Cook, in Kealake- 
kua June 25, 1877; nine children, 
William J., Eva Ellen, Thomas Al- 
fred, George Leilehua, James Blain, 
Sarah Susan, John Cook, Elven 
Raymond, Oliver Clarence. Learned 
tanning business, harness and sad- 
dle making with F. S. Lyman, Hilo, 
1873-76; in tanning business with 
father in S. Kona, 1876-79; went to 
Honolulu as carpenter with George 
Lucas, 1879-81; returned to Hilo 
as manager of tannery for F. S. 
Lyman in 1881; later carpenter for 
C. R. Blacow for six years; fore- 
man, harness and saddle business 
of B. F. Schoen, for 21 years; en- 
gaged in harness business for him- 
self since. Was chairman, Board 
of Supervisors, Hawaii County, 
1907-08; member Board of Super- 
visors, Hawaii County, 1915-18. 
Has been member of Hilo Fire 
Dept. since 1889, chief since 1915. 

TOWSE, ED., printer, business- 
man, lecturer and author, Honolu- 
lu; born Lubec, Me., Sept. 10, 1867; 
son of Walter W. and Clara C. 
(Miller) Towse; educated in public 

schools and university extension 
course and law course: married 
Catherine Bon at Cheyenne, Wyo., 
Sept. 20. 1899. Newspaper work, 
Honolulu, 1883-1900; acquired Mer- 
cantile Printing Co.. Ltd., Hono- 
lulu. 1900, of which he is pres. 
and manager; enthusiastic sup- 
porter of all moral and civic im- 
provements; organized American 
Union Party in Hawaii, 1895, later 
assisted in organization of Repub- 
lican Party; representative to Ter- 
ritorial Legislature, 1911-13; mem- 
ber Hawaii National Guard, 1894- 
1901, retiring as capt.; executive 
secy. Civic Federation. 1903; officer 
Board of Health during plague, 
1900. Is 32 Mason; past master 
Lodge Le Progres De 1'Oceanie 
371, F. & A. M. ; Shriner; member 
Knights of Pythias; Hawaiian His- 
torical Society, Ad Club, Chamber 
of Commerce, Rotary Club; direc- 
tor Y. M. C. A., and chairman Boy 
Scout executive comm. Is licensed 
to practise law in Hawaii courts. 

TRENT, RICHARD H., president 
and manager Trent Trust Co., Ltd., 
Honolulu; born at Somerville, Fay- 
ette County, Tenn.. Sept. 14, 1867; 
son of William C lough and Mary 
Virgin (Bonner) Trent; married 
Marcia Potter Ireland in Honolulu. 
Sept. 16, 1919. After attending 
school until twelve years of age en- 
tered offices of Somerville Falcon, 
weekly newspaper, as "devil," be- 
coming foreman of same office when 
14 years old; followed the printing 
trade several years until he became 
bookkeeper at Memphis. Tenn., in 
1885; removed to Honolulu and 
worked as printer with Evening 
Bulletin, 1901; bookkeeper and 
treasurer, Henry Waterhouse & Co., 
1901-1904, and Henry Waterhouse 
Trust Co., Ltd.. 1904-1907; organized 
Trent Trust Co., Ltd.. in 1907 with 
paid-in capital of $50,000; capital. 
surplus and undivided profits since 
growing to $235,000. with aggregate 
resources of $900,000. The corpora- 
tion is publisher of TrenTrusTics, a 
financial journal much in demand by 
investors and others interested in 
Hawaiian industries and securities. 
Was first treasurer of County of 
Oahu and twice reelected, serving 
three terms, 1905-1910; president of 
Honolulu Y. M. C. A., 1908-1915; 
member Territorial Board of Public 
Lands, 1910-1914. Is a Democrat 
and prominent in party circles. 
Member Board of Regents. Univer- 
sity of Hawaii; trustee, B. P. Bishop 
Estate and Kamehameha Schools; 
member Commercial Club and Oahu 
Country Club; 32 Mason, Shriner, 
I. O. O". F. and K. P. 







physician, Honolulu; born May 7. 
1873 at Fort Fetterman, Wyoming; 
son of Frederich Eugene and Du- 
tilly Frances (Sickles) Trotter; 
educated public schools in Van- 
couver, Washington Military Acad- 
emy, Portland, Ore., Stanford Uni- 
versity, one year; University of 
Oregon, one year; University of 
Virginia, two years, graduated M. 
D. 1895; married Harriet Everett 
Barling, August 9, 1901 at Cien- 
fuegos, Cuba; children: Frederick 
Eugene Jr.. Marion Everett, John 
Barrea Sickels and Nancy Everett. 
Interne in hospitals. New York, 
until beginning of Spanish-Ameri- 
can War; served with a Medical 
Company, U. S. Army, until 1899; 
U. S. public health service, main- 
land United States and Cuba, 
eleven years; came to Hawaii as 
chief quarantine officer, Mar. 1912- 
Sept. 1920; appointed president 
Board of Health, Territory of Ha- 
waii, Sept. 1919. Member Loyal 
Legion; charter member Tropical 
Medical Society; American Medical 
Assn; as pres. of Board of Health 
is member Chamber of Commerce 
of Honolulu. 

banker, Hilo, Hawaii; born John- 
son City, Tenn., Mar. 4, 1890; son 
of W. A. and Maud Taylor (Austin) 
Truslow; married Nora Isabelle 
Bryson Johnstone, at Kealakekua, 
Hawaii, Aug. 19, 1915; two chil- 
dren: Herbert Bryson and Patricia 
Maud. Educated high school, Red- 
lands, Cal.; bookkeeper Parker 
Ranch, Kamuela, Hawaii, 1911-12; 
accountant, The Hilo Breakwater 
Co., Hilo, 1912-13; cashier, Kona 
Branch. First Bank of Hilo. Ltd.. 
Kealakekua, 1913-17; cashier, The 
People's Bank. Ltd.. Hilo. 1917-21: 
vice-pres. and mgr. 1921; treas. 
Security Trust Co.. Ltd.. Hilo. 1917- 
21; vice-pres. and mgr. 1921. Treas. 
and director, Plantation Securities 
Co., Ltd.. Hawaii Drusr Co.. Ltd.. 
Hawaii Garage. Ltd., Hilo Gas Co., 
Ltd., Securities Trading Corp., Ltd., 
Security Bldg., and Loan Assn., all 
of Hilo; vice-pres. The Bank of 
Kauai. Ltd., Lihue, and Hawaii 
Post-Herald, Ltd., Hilo; director 
Home Ins. Co. of Hawaii, Ltd. ; 
treas. Wailea Milling Co., Ltd.; 
vice-pres. Commercial Trust Co., 
Ltd.. Honolulu. Chairman. Hilo 
Chap. Amer. Red Cross; member 
Hilo Lodge No. 759 B. P. O. E.. 
Hilo Yacht Club, Hilo Board of 
Trade, Kona Improvement Club, 
Oahu Country Club, Honolulu 
Commercial Club, Hilo Tennis Club. 


electrical engineer, Kohala, Ha- 
waii; born in Aberdeen. Scotland. 
Aug. 25, 1858; son of George Prest- 
ly and Jessie (McKay) Tulloch; 
education, public school, Aberdeen, 
and private school, London; mar- 
ried Clara Louisa Wing at Kohala, 
June 4, 1889. Served as sailor ap- 
prentice on Aberdeen White Star 
Line sailing ships, 1869-72; ran 
away in Sydney, 1872, and sailed 
on Australian coast two years 
as acting second officer of sailing 
vessels between New Castle and 
Port Walaroo, S. Australia; joined 
Murrundi Sheep Station as bound- 
ary rider for two years and on 
Feb. 10, 1876, left for San Fran- 
cisco as sailor on British ship East 
Croft; with whaling expeditions in 
Arctic Ocean two years; joined Pa- 
cific Coast Steam Navigation Co., 
for one year, 1877-78; then took up 
telegraph and telephone engineer- 
ing, first with Western Union Tele- 
graph Co., San Francisco, 1878-79, 
then with Pacific Bell & Sunset 
Telephone-Telegraph Co.. 1879-1885; 
arrived Hilo, Sept. 9, 1885, as mgr. 
Hilo-Hawaii Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co., remaining with that 
company until May 1887; built Ko- 
hala Telephone Co. plant and op- 
ened exchange; was mgr. and 
secy. -treas. to Jan. 1, 1920. when 
Mutual Telephone Co., of Honolulu, 
acquired plant; since that date 
supt. of Hawaii Telephone Co., Hilo 
(Kohala branch). Retired August 
1921, after 36 years' active telephone 
service. Was chairman of board 
of registration, West Hawaii, for 
14 years; commissioner of private 
ways and water rights; president 
of tax appeal court. West Hawaii, 
until 1910. Past chancellor K. of 
P. Lodge, Kohala; member Hono- 
lulu Lodge No. 409, F. & A. M., 
Shriner; Elks, No. 759, Hilo. 


business mgr., Honolulu; born in 
Linneus. Mo.. Aug. 5, 1886; son of 
James M. and Hannah (Martin) 
Turner; educated, Brookfield, Mo., 
high school; Kirksville, Mo., Nor- 
mal school; early life spent on 
father's farm in Missouri; married 
Gertrude Scanlon, at St. Joseph. 
Mo.. Jan. 11, 1910. Was floor mgr., 
Richardson Dry Goods Co., St. 
Joseph, 1908-12; specialty sales- 
man for Ferguson -McKirmey Dry 
Goods Co., covering states of Kan- 
sas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, 1912-15; 
similar work for Carlton Dry Goods 
Co., covering Missouri and Arkan- 
sas, 1915-16; traveled through Cali- 
fornia, Arizona, New Mexico and 
Mexico for Cooper, Coate & Casey 









Dry Goods Co., 1916-19, and was 
appointed mgr. Honolulu office of 
same Jan. 10, 1919. Member Com- 
mercial Club, Ad Club, B. P. O. E. 

sician. Waimea, Kauai; born Boone 
Co., Mo., July 21, 1871; son of Sam- 
uel M. and Sallie A. (Bass) Tuttle; 
married Evelyn L. Blood, at Ma- 
nila, P. I., Oct. 29, 1903; one child: 
Lawrence S. Graduated from Wash- 
ington Univ., St. Louis, M.D., 1894. 
Was interne at Insane Asylum, St. 
Louis; Hospital Soldiers' and Sail- 
ors' Home, Quincy, 111.; also at Fe- 
male Hosp., St. Louis, 1894-96; con- 
tract surgeon, U. S. Army, 1901-07; 
1st lieut. M. R. C., U. S. Army, 
1908-12; plantation and practise, 
Terr, of Hawaii, 1912, to date. Saw 
army service in Philippines, United 
States and Hawaii. Member F. & 
A. M.. Temple Lodge No. 7, Astoria, 
Ore.; B. P. O. E. No. 616. 


banker and retired U. S. Army cap- 
tain. Honolulu; born at Baltimore, 
Maryland, February 3, 1880; son of 
T. Frank and Sarah (Foxwell) Ty- 
ler; educated at U. S. Military 
Academy. West Point, class of 1903; 
married Emeleen Magoon in Hono- 
lulu, Dec. 3, 1913; one child, Eme- 
leen Genevieve. Lieutenant and 
captain, U. S. Army. 1903-1916; re- 
tired with rank of captain account 
physical disability, 1916; joined 
Bishop & Co., Honolulu, 1916-17: 
manager Schofleld Barracks branch 
of Bishop & Co., 1917; cashier and 
manager. Army National Bank of 
Schofleld Barracks, 1917-18; served 
with U. S. Army, 1918-1919; assist- 
ant manager and general sales man- 
ager, The Pond Co., Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, 1919-Mar. 1921; assistant cash- 
ier, The Bank of Bishop & Co., 
Ltd., since Aug. 1921. Member Ma- 
sonic order and Elks, Commercial 
and Rotary clubs of Honolulu. 


UAHINUI, JOSEPH N., supervi- 
sor, Kaunakakai, Molokai, T. H. ; 
born at Punakou, Molokai, June 17. 
1859; son of Pooku and Kamakele 
(Kikoo) Uahinui; educated at Ka- 
unakakai school, Molokai; Kamo- 
iliili school, Honolulu; Lahainaluna 
school, Maui. Married Hannah Mua 
Meahale at Kaunakakai, Dec. 25, 
1898; children: Rebecca Kaliko, Lily 
Kaonohi, Rebecca Uluwehi, Joseph 
Kanaiaupuni. Teacher, Kaunakakai 
Hawaiian school, 1880-1883 ; resigned 
when English school was estab- 
lished and engaged in ranching. 
1884; practised law in District Court 

of Molokai since 1898; appointed 
police officer at Kaunakakai, 1907- 
1915; elected supervisor for Island 
of Molokai, 1915 to date. Was 
lighthouse keeper, Kaunakakai har- 
bor, 1901-1907; superintendent of 
Sunday schools in Molokai, 1910- 
1914 and since 1919; vice-president 
of Molokai Civic organization since 
1919. Member Puuhonua Society. 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu Aug. 27, 1884; son of Ed- 
gar Russel and Edith Emily < Way) 
Underwood; married Aileen Simp- 
son in Honolulu, Feb. 2, 1909; one 
child: Arthur Way. Educated 
grammar school, San Francisco, 
and Seattle high school, Seattle; 
two years University of Washing- 
ton. Began business career with 
Lewers & Cooke, Ltd., Honolulu, 
1901-17; treas. and mgr. Allen & 
Robinson, Ltd., lumber merchants, 
1917 to date. Member Commercial, 
Country, and Rotary clubs; Ha- 
waiian Lodge No. 21 F. & A. M., 
Honolulu Chapter, No. 1. R. A. M.. 
Honolulu Commanderv No. 1. K. T.. 
Honolulu Lodge of Perfection No. 
1, Aloha Temple A. A. O. N. M. S. 
of Honolulu. Royal Order of Jes- 
ters, Aloha Court No. 1. 


plantation manager. Olowalu, Maui; 
born in Garvock, Kincardine, Scot- 
land. April 6, 1866; son of James 
and Forbes (Peter) Valentine; edu- 
cated at Peterculter Public School 
near Aberdeen, Scotland; married 
Margaret J. Davidson in San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., Nov. 24, 1911; one child, 
Alexander D. On leaving school 
worked on farm under his father, 
1881-91, being practically in charge 
for five years: came to Hawaii 
1891, worked as luna with Hilo Su- 
gar Co., 1891, becoming division 
luna, 1899: appointed head luna of 
same plantation, 1901; became man- 
ager of Olowalu Plantation in 1915. 
Is member of F. & A. M. and 
B. P. O. E. lodges in Hilo, Hawaii. 


Catholic priest, Honolulu; born in 
Belgium, April 9, 1863; son of Jo- 
seph Antony and Felicitas (Mer- 
tens) Franckx. Educated in high 
school and theological seminary, 
Belgium, and at age of 21 was sent 
to France where he held position of 
professor of humanities for three 
years; ordained priest Dec. 23, 1888; 
arrived Honolulu, Aug. 3, 1889, and 
assigned to Cathedral; secretary of 






Catholic Mission and pastor of St. 
Augustine Chapel, Waikiki, Honolu- 
lu; has served as volunteer fire- 
man, chaplain of National Guard 
of Hawaii, and chaplain of Regular 
Army during World War; for sev- 
eral years was member and chair- 
man, Board of Industrial Schools of 
the Territory; is chaplain and 
treasurer of Young Men's Institute, 
member of American Legion, and 
visiting chaplain Oahu Prison. 
Naturalized American citizen, 1903. 

VANEK, MILO, life insurance, 
Honolulu ; born in Cedar Rapids, 
Iowa, Aug. 15, 1893; son of Frank 
and Elizabeth Vanek; education Ce- 
dar Rapids high school, 1913; Coe 
College, 1917; married Sylvia L. 
Safranek, in Honolulu, Aug. 11, 
1920; one child: Robert Wallace. 
After leaving college entered Y. M. 
C. A. work, coming to Honolulu in 
that service; enlisted in Officers' 
Training Camp, Schofield Barracks, 
1918, and discharged from army ser- 
vice following year; entered insur- 
ance dept., Henry Waterhouse Trust 
Co., Honolulu. Is member Ad Club 
of Honolulu, being chairman civic 
affairs committee; member physical 
and foreign work committees, Y. 
M. C. A.; member board of govern- 
ors, Hawaiian A. A. U., Masons, 
Elks, American Legion. 


banker, Pahala, Hawaii; born Hilo, 
Hawaii, Sept. 15, 1895; son of Wil- 
liam and Kattie (Dunn) Vannatta; 
grammar and high school educa- 
tion, Hilo; began in office of 
Waiakea Mill Co., May 1914-Oct. 
1915; office of Hilo Emporium, 
Ltd., Oct. 1915-Mar. 1916; with 
First Bank of Hilo, Ltd., from 
March 1916- July 1917; enlisted U. 
S. Army air service, Nov. 13, 1917, 
New York City; trained at Kelly 
Field, Texas; sailed for France, 
Jan. 13, 1918; served at First Air 
Depot Zone of Advance, Lorraine, 
France; since return has been asst. 
cashier Kau Branch of First Bank 
of Hilo, Ltd. Member Hilo Yacht 
Club; Hilo Post No. 3, The Amer- 
ican Legion; Kilauea Lodge No. 
330, F. & A. M. ; Hilo Lodge No. 
759, B. P. O. E. 


railway official, Honolulu; born La 
Crosse, Wisconsin, July 20, 1868; 
son of James Taylor and Elizabeth 
(Wells) Van Valkenburg; the Van 
Valkenburg family having emigrat- 
ed from Holland about 1615; mar- 
ried Mary Frances Paty in Hono- 
lulu Sept. 21, 1894; one child: John 

Paty. Educated in La Crosse. 
Wis. ; entered railroad business as 
office boy for chief engineer C. B. 
& N. R. R. Co., in La Crosse, 
1885; followed that and general 
lines until 1890; bookkeeper with 
various wholesale houses and sugar 
plantations in Hawaii; became as- 
sociated with The B. F. Dillingham 
Co., Ltd., Honolulu, as secretary 
and director in 1899 ; retaining this 
office he also assumed that of sec- 
retary and director of the Oahu 
Railway & Land Co. (Dillingham 
enterprise) in 1900 and later be- 
came manager of the Land Depart- 
ment of O. R. & L. Co.; became 
president and manas-insr director 
Kunia Development Co., Ltd.. July 
19, 1909. Member Commercial, 
Oahu Country, and Ad clubs. 


lawyer and judge U. S. District 
Court, Honolulu; was born near Jef- 
ferson, Marion county, Texas, De- 
cember 2, 1867; son of George T. 
and Tippah (Lary) Vaughan; mar- 
ried Pearl Lockett in Cass County, 
Texas, November 21. 1888; three 
children: Aileen, Robert Louis and 
Jean; descendant of John Vaughan 
who left England and settled at 
Jamestown (Va.) in 1685. Educated 
in common schools of Linden, Cass 
county, Texas and studied law in 
father's office; taught school for a 
short period, began practise of law 
at Texarkana, Texas, in 1886; ap- 
pointed city attorney, Texarkana, 
1890, elected in 1891, re-elected 1893 
and again in 1895; elected county 
atty., Bowie County, Texas, 1898, 
re-elected in 1900, 1902 and 1904; 
elected district attorney for seven 
counties in Northeastern Texas- in 
1906, re-elected in 1908; elected to 
Texas State Senate 1910 and to 63rd 
Congress in 1912; moved to Hono- 
lulu September 21, 1915, as Assist- 
ant U. S. Attorney for Hawaii; ap- 
pointed U. S. Attorney for Hawaii, 
December 1915 and U. S. District 
Judge April 4, 1916. Member Scot- 
tish Rite Masons, 32d degree, Shrine, 
B. P. O. E. No. 616. 


agriculturist and chemist, Hono- 
lulu; born New Iberia, La., April 
10, 1881; son of Jules G. and Jos- 
ephine (Trahan) Verret; married 
Mary Bernardine McDonough at 
New Orleans, Oct. 10, 1906; two 
children: Kuulei Anna and Joseph 
Arthur. Graduated Univ. La.. B. S. 
1904. In charge experimental fields 
and mill of Audubon Sug. School, 
New Orleans, 1904-06; chemist, Ho- 
nolulu Plantation Co.. Oahu. 1906- 
16; assoc. agriculturist, H. S. P. A. 






experiment station 1916-18; agri- 
culturist same. 1918, to date. Mem- 
ber Elks Lodge, Outrigger Canoe 
Club. Honolulu. 


consul of Norway and accountant, 
Honolulu; born Aug. 10, 1861, in 
Porsgrund, Norway; son of John 
Anton and Marianne Henriette Wil- 
helmina (Flood) Vetlesen; father 
prominent physician, mother's fath- 
er wealthy merchant and shipown- 
er of Porsgrund. Married Lucy 
Talula Gibson Hayselden at Lahai- 
na, Maui, Nov. 7, 1899 (divorced 
1904); two children: Walter M. and 
Anton Frederic. Educated in Civic 
School, Porsgrund. graduated June 
1876. Began business career as 
clerk with M. C. Schnitler, Chris- 
tiania, Norway, 1876-80; emigrated 
to Hawaii, 1880, arriving via Cape 
Horn May 13, 1881; employed on 
plantations in Hawaii two years; 
with J. W. Girvin, Wailuku, Maui, 
bookkeeper and salesman Novem- 
ber 1, 1883; bookkeeper Kahului 
store to May, 1894; manager same 
until October, 1894; manager Ha- 
waiian Hardware Co., Honolulu. 
1896-99; paymaster and bookkeeper 
Maunalei Plantation, Lanai, May 
1899- June 1901; Mutual Telephone 
Co., June 1904-Oct. 1920. Commis- 
sioner Agriculture. Maui, 1890-94; 
deputy collector of customs, La- 
haina, November 1901- July 1903; 
postmaster, Lanai, 1899-1901; acting 
consular agent U. S., Kahului 1891- 
94; consul of Norway, appointed 
Dec. 19, 1913. Member Oahu Liquor 
License Commission May 14, 1914- 
June 30, 1917. Member Pacific 
Club, secretary Maui Polo and 
Racing Assn. 1887-94; director Ha- 
waii Yacht Club, acting treasurer 
Hawaii Tuna Club, master Hawaii- 
an Lodge F. & A. M. 1910, High 
Priest Honolulu Chapter R. A. M., 
1912, Eminent Commander, Hono- 
lulu Commanderv K. T. 1917. repre- 
sentative of Grand Encampment. 
K. T.: member Hawaiian Historical 
Society. National Geoeranhic Soci- 
ety, American -Scandinavian Foun- 
dation, Shriner. 


editor and publisher, Wailuku, Isl- 
land of Maui; born in Porsgrund, 
Norway, November 24. 1869; son of 
Johan Anton and Marian Henrietta 
Wilhelmina (Flood) Vetlesen; edu- 
cation, first private tuition, then 
Porsgrund College, graduated 1885, 
post graduate course in English, 
French, German and Latin at Chris- 
tiania; married Hilda Walker, 
daughter of Rev. H. J. Walker of 
Sydney, Aus., in Honolulu. July 19, 

1906; two children, Vivian and Val- 
nia. Became clerk in leading sta- 
tionery store in Christiana, 1885- 
1889; accepted clerkship in the 
Spreckelsville store on Maui, 1889; 
chief clerk, Hawaiian Commercial 
and Sugar Co.'s Kahului store, 1890- 
95; established general store in 
partnership with late Edward Hoff- 
mann, Wailuku, 1895; appointed 
postmaster of Wailuku by President 
Roosevelt, 1902, reappointed 1906; 
established and is editor and pub- 
lisher, Wailuku Times, since No- 
vember 2, 1911. Member of U. S. 
Navy League, Maui Chamber of 
Commerce, and Maui County Fair 
and Racing Association. 

man, Wailuku, Maui; born in Edin- 
burgh. Scotland, July 10, 1859; son 
of John C. and Mary (Lashbrook) 
Villiers; educated in England, at 
Trinity College and Christ Church 
schools, Curbar College, Union 
Theological School, B. A. 1886; res- 
ident licentiate Yale Divinity 
School; married Henrietta Geor- 
gina Newman, at Stratford- on - 
Avon, England, July 14, 1885; four 
children: Mrs. Henrietta May 
Crabb, Charles Haydn, Ralph New- 
man, Olive Marian. Ordained, 
Congregational ministry, Coventry, 
England, 1886, and, later, as priest 
of the Episcopal Church; assistant 
minister, Stratford-on-Avon, 1883- 
86, Foleshill parish, Coventry, 1886- 
90; came to U. S. 1890; Ottawa, 
Kansas, 1890-95; West Boylston 
and Worcester, Mass., 1895-97; 
Kingston, Canada, 1906-08; Casper, 
Wyoming, 1908-13; came to Church 
of the Good Shepherd, Wailuku, 
Maui, 1913. Has been Dean of Con- 
vocation, associate editor of Church 
paper, delegate to National and 
International Church Councils; 
member of Masonic Lodge Maui. 

VINCENT, ENOS, lawyer, Wai- 
luku, Island of Maui; born in Por- 
tugal, Sept. 28, 1880; son of Manuel 
and Inez (Gonsalves) Vincent; nat- 
uralized Oct. 4, 1900; educated in 
common schools of Hawaii, grad- 
uated Honolulu Normal School 
1898; taught in public schools un- 
til 1900; graduated from Central 
Normal College, Law Department, 
Danville, Ind., degree LL.B. ; mar- 
ried Marie Grove in Wailuku, 
Maui, Nov. 27, 1910; children: Ken- 
neth Grove and Alma Kathryn. Ad- 
mitted to practice law in state of 
Indiana, 1903; in Territory of Ha- 
waii, April 1904; appointed deputy 
county attorney. County of Maui. 
Jan. 1908, serving until June 1915; 
private practice since 1915. Was 



C. C. von HAM.AI 



appointed vice-consul of Portugal, 
district of Maui, April, 1915. Mem- 
ber of the Chamber of Commerce of 
Maui and the K. of P. lodge. 

Waiakoa, Maui; born in Portugal, 
Feb. 28, 1879; son of Manuel and 
Agnes Vincent; married Isabel Cor- 
rea, at Kuau, Maui, Dec. 21, 1907; 
four children: Evelyn, Clotilda, 
Elizabeth, Charles. Graduated from 
Honolulu Normal and Training 
School, 1900. Asst. teacher, Hana- 
pepe, Kauai, 1898; Honokaa, 1898; 
prin. Huelo school, Maui, 1900-04; 
Kealahou school, Maui, 1904. Mem- 
ber Maui Teachers' Assn., serving 
one term as president. 


attorney at law, Honolulu; born in 
California; son of Frank and Lu- 
ella (Arnold) Vitousek; married 
Juainty Judy July 12, 1914; chil- 
dren: Fredricka and Royal Arnold, 
Jr. Educated University of Cali- 
fornia, B. S., 1912. Admitted to 
bar in California July, 1913; to 
practice in United States District 
Court, California, 1915; practiced 
law in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, 
California, 1913-17; admitted to bar 
in Hawaii Oct., 1917; practiced law 
in Hawaii since 1917. Elected city 
clerk, Healdsburg, Cal., 1914-16; 
appointed first deputy city and 
county attorney, Honolulu, 1919; 
appointed chairman Bar Examin- 
ing Committee. Member Sigma Pi 
fraternity, University Club. Ameri- 
can Bar Association. 


merchant, Honolulu; born July 24, 
1870 at Bremen, Germany; son of 
J. B. C. and Rosalie (Meinecke) 
von Hamm; married Ida Bernice 
Young, June 30, 1898 in Honolulu; 
two daughters: Constance and 
Rosalie Ruth. Educated at Bre- 
men, Germany, graduating 1885 
from Realschule, Bremen at head 
of class; began business career 
with Bremer Filiale der Deutschen 
Bank of Bremen. 1885-90; with Ed. 
Hoffschlaeger & Co. of Honolulu, 
1890-99; organized the von Hamm- 
Young Co., Ltd., of Honolulu. 1899 
and has been vice-president and 
managing director since; connected 
with the directorates of the Alex- 
ander Young Building Co., Ltd.. 
(inc. 1901); Territorial Hotel Co., 
Ltd. (inc. 1903); American-Ha- 
waiian Motors Co., Ltd., (inc. 1916). 
Was director and treasurer Mer- 
chants' Association of Honolulu for 
several terms. Member Chamber 
of Commerce of Honolulu and Pa- 

cific, Commercial, Oahu Country, 
Hawaii Polo and Racing clubs. 


businessman, Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu, Sept. 15, 1863; son of 
Herman J. F. and Alice (Brown) 
von Holt: educated at St. Alban's 
college and Royal School Honolulu; 
Bishop Scott Academy, Portland, 
Oregon; married Ida E. Knudsen at 
Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 8, 1889; 
five children: Mary Elizabeth, Her- 
mann Valdemar, Hilda Karen, Al- 
exander Ronald Kamehameha and 
Katherine Annie. Consul for The 
Netherlands, Chevalier of the Or- 
der of the Cross of Orange-Nassau. 
Began business career in office of 
Cecil Brown, Honolulu, insurance 
and general real estate; president 
August Dreier, Ltd.; vice-president 
and in charge of ranch department 
of Oahu Railroad & Land Co. 
since its organization; vice-presi- 
dent First National Bank of Ho- 
nolulu; Trustee of the Campbell, 
Dreier and other estates; member 
Board of Commissioners of Agri- 
culture & Forestry ; was member 
of Board of Education; was chair- 
man of Central Committee of Re- 
form Party during provisional gov- 
ernment and member of the old 
Honolulu Rifles and the Citizens 
Guard. Member of Oahu Country. 
Commercial and Pacific clubs of 

von TEMPSKY, LOUIS, cattle- 
man, Makawao, Maui; born in 
Glasgow, Scotland, Feb. 14, 1858; 
son of Gustav Ferdinand and Emily 
Ross (Bell) von Tempsky; educated 
at Auckland College, New Zealand; 
married Amy D. Wodehouse, in Ho- 
nolulu, March 30, 1891; four chil- 
dren: Armine, Gwendolen, Lorna, 
Errol. On leaving school, joined 
staff of Bank of New Zealand, 
1873; transferred to Napier Branch, 
1877, becoming cashier 1878; came 
to Hawaii 1879, starting to work 
for Ulupalakua Ranch, Maui; in 
partnership with brother, purchased 
ranch at Kula, Maui, 1884; manag- 
ing it until 1897; bought Burch- 
ardt's Dairy in Makawao, 1897-98; 
manager of Haleakala Ranch since 
1898. Elected to House of Nobles 
session 1890. Served five years in 
New Zealand volunteers. 



religious work. Laie. Oahu; born 
Bountiful, Utah. Feb. 8, 1878; son 
of Thomas and Mary (Call) "Wad- 
doups; married Olivia Sessions, at 









Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 12, 1904; 
three children; Miriam, Thomas 
Marr and Mary. Education included 
courses in grammar schools and 
three years in college at Latter Day 
Saints University. Engaged in 
farming and stock raising as asst. 
rngr. Isoepa Agricultural & Stock 
Co., Utah, 1907-1918. Was first in 
Hawaii from 1900 to 1904 as mis- 
sionary of Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter Day Saints, and later 
1918-19; president of temple work 
since Nov. 27, 1919. Is Pres. Poly- 
nesian Genealogical Society. 


school principal. Haiku. Maui, T. H. ; 
born in London, England; son 
of Charles Henry Stewart Wade; 
Educated, Teachers' Training Col- 
lege, London, 1894-1900; Royal Col- 
lege of Science, London, 1900-01; 
Normal School, Edmonton, Alberta, 
Canada, 1901; Normal School, Sas- 
katchewan, Canada, 1904. Teacher, 
London schools, 1896-01; lecturer 
in science, evening schools, London, 
1899-1901; teacher and prin. of 
schools in Alberta and Saskatche- 
wan, 1901-12; teacher in public 
high schools, Hawaii, 1912-13; prin. 
of schools in Maui and Hawaii 
since 1913; prin. Haiku school since 
1914. Accompanied deputy minister 
of education. Province of Alberta, 
on tour of British schools for pur- 
pose of grading teachers in Alber- 
ta and to obtain general informa- 
tion to apply to Alberta schools, 
1904. Has traveled in Europe, 
America and the Orient. Was cor- 
respondent for Canadian papers 
during Klondike rush, 1899. Fellow 
Royal Geographical Society; one of 
organizers and the first secy, and 
treas. Maui Principals' Club, 1919- 
20. Member I. O. O. F., Masons. 


minister of the gospel, Honolulu; 
born June 24, 1857, on Prince Ed- 
ward Island, Canada; son of Henry 
G. and Catherine (Webster) Wad- 
man; married Mamie Huntress of 
Michigan at New Brunswick, Can- 
ada. June 12, 1884; five children: 
Flora B., Mamie H., Gemma W., 
Norma M., Marguerite F. Educat- 
ed in schools of Charlottetown, P. 
E. I., and graduated from Mt. Alli- 
son Univ., N. B., 1879; later attend- 
ed Harvard, and received degree of 
D.D. from Willamette Univ., Salem, 
Ore., 1908. In the ministry of the 
Methodist Church of Canada, 1879- 
89, and missionary in Japan 1889- 
1904; publicity agent and superin- 
tendent Methodist Episcopal Mis- 
sion in Hawaii, 1904-14; superin- 
tendent Anti-Saloon League of Ha- 

waii, 1914-1918; in Washington, D. 
C.. promoting Congressional enact- 
ment for prohibition of liquor in 
Hawaii, 1916-1918; examiner on 
W.-ir-time Censor Board, July-Dec. 
1918; Army and Navy Y. M. C. A. 
religious and educational work 
since 1918. Is 32nd degree Mason, 
Past Master Honolulu Lodge No. 
409; Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.; 
Honolulu Consistory and Com- 
mandery; member of Odd Fellows, 
Past Noble Grand of that Order; 
member of University Club, Hono- 
lulu Ad, Hawaiian Hist. Socy.. Na- 
tional Geographical Socy. 

ufacturer. Wailuku, Maui, T. H., 
born at Hiram, Me., Feb. 2, 1861; 
son of Samuel D. and Sara A. 
(Warren) Wadsworth; educated in 
the public schools and Bridgton 
High School, Maine; married Isabel 
Carvalho in Hilo, Hawaii, May 5, 
1892; children: David S., Alfred R., 
Winnifred A. Engaged on the Ono- 
mea Plantation. Hawaii, 1886-87; 
removed to Maui, 1893, president 
and manager of Maui Soda and 
Ice Works, Ltd.. since. Director in 
the Bank of Maui, Ltd., and Home 
Insurance Co. Member Maui Loan 
Fund Commission; Maui Chamber 
of Commerce; Aloha Lodge, K. of 
P., Wailuku: Ossifee Valley Lodge 
No. 54, I. O. O. F., Cornish, Me. 
(Ed. note: Died July 25, 1921.) 

WALDEN, LIONEL, artist. Ho- 
nolulu; born May 22. 1861 in Nor- 
wich, Conn. ; son of Rev. Treadwell 
Walden and Elizabeth (Law) Wai- 
den; unmarried; descendeant in 
Walden branch from Lord Howard 
de Walden, and on the maternal 
side from the earl of Chatham, 
William Pitt, Benjamin Lee and 
William H. Law; education: Chan- 
ey Hall school, Boston, Mass., and 
later pupil of Carolu Duran in 
Paris; exhibited first in Paris Sa- 
lon of 1877; recipient of many 
honors in art among which was 
second class medal at Crystal 
Palace, London, 1894; honorable 
mention Paris Salon 1897; silver 
medal Paris Exposition 1900: third 
class gold medal Paris Salon 1903; 
silver medal and gold commemora- 
tive medal, St. Louis Exposition 
1904; silver medal Panama- Pacific 
Exposition 1915; several pictures 
have been purchased by the French 
and British governments for na- 
tional galleries and museums. 
Member advisory committee and 
jury for paintings from France for 
St. Louis Exposition; member So- 
ciete International de Peinture et 
Sculpture, Paris; Paris Society of 
American Painters; National Insti- 






tute of Arts and Letters; Cheva- 
lier, Legion of Honor of France. 


commission and shipping merchant, 
Honolulu; born March 25, 1865, in 
London, England; son of James and 
Alice (Crowder) Waldron; married 
Sarah Elizabeth Sharpe in Hono- 
lulu, December 2, 1896; three chil- 
dren, Stanley, Redvers and step- 
daughter Mrs. F. M. Barrere. Edu- 
cated in public schools of London, 
leaving for United States April, 
1880, spending six years ranching 
in Kansas, then in mercantile busi- 
ness in Butte, Montana; arrived in 
Honolulu, 1893, entering employ of 
Theo. H. Davies & Co.; established 
in business on own account, Febru- 
ary 6, 1902, incorporated under name 
of Fred L. Waldron, Ltd., January 
2, 1912, as principal shareholder; is 
president and manager of corpora- 
tion which represents a number of 
shipping and mercantile firms. Uni- 
ted States and foreign. Is president 
Pacific Development Co., direc- 
tor First National Bank of Hawaii. 
Was delegate to Commercial Com- 
mission of Pacific Coast Chambers 
of Commerce visiting China 1910; 
made world tour 1913-14, visiting 
mainland of United States, Europe, 
Egypt, India, Ceylon, Australia and 
New Zealand; in 1910 visited Au- 
stralia, New Guinea, Caroline Is- 
lands, Philippines, China and Japan. 
Foreign service in France, Ameri- 
can Red Cross, fall 1918. One son, 
Redvers, served 18 months in 
France and Belgium with Canadian 
forces and other son, Stanley, 
served year with U. S. Signal 
Corps. Was president Honolulu 
Commercial Club, president Mer- 
chants' Association two years, 
chairman Hawaii Promotion Com- 
mittee two years, president Ho- 
nolulu Chamber of Commerce 1915- 
1916. Member Honolulu Lodge No. 
409, F. & A. M., Honolulu Lodge No. 
616, B. P. O. E.; Honolulu Consis- 
tory No. 1, Aloha Temple A. A. O. 
N. M. S. ; Oahu Country Club and 
Pacific Club. 


businessman, Honolulu; born Aug. 
2, 1873, at Bidford, Eng.; son of 
George and Louisa (Squire) Wald- 
ron; married Else Grace Sophia 
Schaefer, in Honolulu, Jan. 4, 1910; 
three children: Dorothy Mary Ka- 
hului (by a previous marriage), 
Frederick and Else Elizabeth. Ed- 
ucated in England at Long Mars- 
ton grammar school and Stratford 
College; Fellow of Charter Institute 
of Secretaries, London; Fellow 
Royal Statistical Society. Began 

business career with C. H. Water- 
man, F. S. A. A., F. C. S., Leam- 
ington, Eng.; was with Empire To- 
bacco Co., Canada, 1895-97; came 
Honolulu, 1897; with Kahului R. R. 
Co., Maui, 1897-99; F. A. Schaefer 
& Co., since 1899. Is pres. Hono- 
kaa Sug. Co., Pacific Sug. Mill, 
Hawaiian Irrigation Co., Ltd.; sec.- 
treas. August Dreier, Ltd.; trustee 
Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Assn.; 
appointed consul of Chile in Hono- 
lulu. 1912; director Sugar Factors, 
Ltd., and Inter-Island Steam Nav. 
Co., Ltd.; member Board of Prison 
Inspectors, First Jud. Circuit; mem- 
ber Territorial Land Board. Mem- 
ber, Pacific Club, Oahu Country 
Club. Outrigger Canoe Club; Ha- 
waii Polo and Racing Club; Ma- 
sonic Lodges, Hawaiian No. 21, and 
Kamehameha Lodge of Perfection 
No. 1, Honolulu Consistory No. 1; 
Hawaiian Historical Society; Vol- 
cano Research Assn. Is enthusias- 
tic volcanologist. 

WALKER, HENRY A., agricul- 
turist, Honolulu; born Feb. 19, 
1885, at Honolulu; son of John 
Smith and Jane (Mclntyre) Walk- 
er; married Una Craig, Dec. 7, 
1920, at Oakland. Graduated Har- 
vard, 1907; with Bank of Hawaii, 
Ltd., 1907-09; brokerage and wool 
business, Boston. 1909-18; Amer. 
Red Cross in Siberia, 1919-20; with 
H. S. P. A.. Honolulu since 1920. 
.Member University Club. Oahu 
Country Club. 


mill superintendent Lahaina, Maui; 
born in Jacksonville, 111., May 14, 
1878; received degree A.B., Univ. 
of Chicago, 1901; spent two years 
specializing in chemistry, Mass. In- 
stitute of Technology; mill superin- 
tendent Pioneer Mill Co., Lahaina, 
Maui. Member Hawaiian Enari- 
neering Soc., Hawaiian Chemists' 
Assn., American Chemists' Assn. 

WALKER, JAMES, clergyman, 
Kohala, Hawaii; born at Longsight. 
Manchester, Eng., Dec. 22, 1882; 
son of John and Sarah (Watton) 
Walker; married Marguerite Ada 
Billam, at Manchester, Eng., Feb. 
26, 1908; one child: Donald Billam 
Walker. Church of Eng. Training 
College, London, 1902-03; mission- 
er, Church of Eng., 1904-08; in 
charge St. Michael's Church, Old- 
ham, Lancaster, Eng., 1908-13; 
Christ Church Mission, Harrogate, 
Yorks, Eng., 1913-16; soldier. Brit. 
Army, 1917-19. Author of series 
of short articles published 1914-16, 
including "Sunday School Lessons 
From Sport," "Cricket and Foot- 






ball," "Lessons From Nursery 
Rhymes." Is scout master, Kohala 
Troop, B. S. A., Hawaii. 


stock and bond broker, Honolulu; 
born in Honolulu, Dec. 10, 1879; 
son of John Smith and Jane (Mc- 
Intyre) Walker; married Laura 
Stephen in Honolulu Dec. 7, 1915. 
Attended Fort Street school and 
four years at Oahu College, Hono- 
lulu; took position with C. Brewer 
& Co., Ltd., sugar factors and com- 
mission merchants, remaining with 
this firm fifteen years; entered the 
brokerage business in 1913; served 
three years in the National Guard 
of Hawaii. Member of Pacific and 
Oahu Country Clubs; is an Elk, 
Mason and Knight Templar. 

WALL, ALFRED C., dental sur- 
geon, Honolulu; born in Santa 
Barbara, Calif., July 5, 1873; son 
of Charles J. and Elizabeth Ann 
(Miller) Wall; education, Califor- 
nia schools, Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, D. D. S., with 
honors, 1896; has practised pro- 
fession in Honolulu since 1896; in 
1902 entered partnership with Dr. 
O. E. Wall, also starting the Ho- 
nolulu Dental Supply Co. Member 
Hawaiian No. 21, Royal Arch Chap- 
ter P. H. P.; Honolulu Comman- 
dery No. 1, P. C.; Aloha Temple, 
P. P.; Rotary Club, Ad Club, Oahu 
Country Club, Commercial Club. 


rancher, Kealakekua, Hawaii; born 
Orange, New Jersey. Sept. 24, 
1859; son of Peter Irvin and Eliza 
Wall; married Christina Roy at 
Kealakekua, March 1. 1907; three 
children: Elizabeth K., Roy A., 
and Camilla K. Public school edu- 
cation. Arrived Honolulu, May 15, 
1879; worked with father, Pahala 
Kau, Hawaii, 1879-86; for W. H. 
Shipman, as manager Hilo Market, 
1886-1906; ranching on own ac- 
cord since 1907. Republican; 32 


merchant, Honolulu; born Oct. 28, 
1870, at Santa Barbara, Cal.; son 
of Charles J. and Elizabeth Evans 
(Miller) Wall; married Harriet 
Lewers in Honolulu, Oct. 28, 1901; 
two children: Catherine Lewers, 
Robert Lewers. Educated in public 
schools of Eureka, Cal., ai\d Hono- 
lulu. Began business with H. F. 
Wichman, jeweler, Honolulu, as ap- 
prentice in 1887, retiring as mana- 
ger after 25 years service to organ- 
ize firm of Wall & Dougherty, 

April 1, 1912; now president of lat- 
ter jewelry firm. Was director- 
general Mid-Pacific Carnival, 1910 
and 1911; member Hawaii Promo- 
tion Committee 1915-16-17; mem- 
ber Honolulu City Planning Com- 
mission since 1915, chrman, 1917-19. 
Member Commercial, Oahu Coun- 
try and Myrtle Boat Clubs; Ha- 
waiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M. ; 
Honolulu Commandery No. 1, Ho- 
nolulu Consistory No. 1; is com- 
mander Honolulu Council of Ka- 
dosh ; member (Asst. Rabban) Alo- 
ha Temple Mystic Shrine. 

WALL, ORMOND E., dental sur- 
geon, Honolulu; born in Santa Bar- 
bara, Calif., Aug. 19, 1876; son of 
Charles J. and Elizabeth Ann (Mil- 
ler) Wall; education. California 
and Hawaii schools, Baltimore Col- 
lege of Dental Surgery, D. D. S., 
1898; married Emilie Peck, in Hilo, 
Hawaii; children: Bertha, Richard, 
Ormond. Has practised profession 
in Honolulu since graduation ; 
started Palama Dental Clinic, col- 
lecting funds to operate it during 
first three months: is director 
Palama Settlement and of Hono- 
lulu Dental Infirmary; was member 
Board of Dental Examiners of 
Hawaii for 5 years. Member of 
Medical Advisory Board during 
Selective Service period; member 
Rotary Club, Commercial Club, Oa- 
hu Country Club. Accomplished 


civil engineer and surveyor, Ho- 
nolulu; born Nov. 16, 186i7, at Red 
Bluff, Tehama County, Cal.; son of 
Charles John and Elizabeth (Mil- 
ler) Wall; married Christiana Mor- 
rison at Eureka, Cal., June 22, 1892; 
one child, Elizabeth. Educated in 
Oakland (Cal.) High School, Eu- 
reka (Cal.) High School; special 
course under Prof. W. D. Alexan- 
der at Honolulu, 1881-87. Began 
practice of profession in Hawaiian 
Government Survey Department, 
1881-92; practicing alone since in 
general plantation bridge, railroad 
and hydraulic work. Engineered all 
preliminary surveys and the final 
locations of the main tunnel and 
the tunnels from Waiahole to Ka- 
hana for Waiahole Water Company 
in 1912 and 1913; served as City 
and County Engineer (Honolulu), 
July, 1913- January, 1914; appoint- 
ed head Water Works and Sewer 
Department, City and County of 
Honolulu, Aug., 1920. Member of 
Oahu Country and Commercial 
Clubs, Honolulu Chamber of Com- 
merce and K. of P. 







merchant, Honolulu; born at 
Stackhouse, near Settle, Yorkshire, 
England, Nov. 9, 1859; son of Wil- 
liam and Ellen (King) Waller; edu- 
cated at Giggleswick (Yorkshire) 
Grammar School: married Annie 
Holmes of Ne\vcastle-on-Tyne, 
England, Sept. 2, 1883; six children, 
Henrietta (Mrs. J. H. Mills), Ruth 
M. (Mrs. J. H. Clay), Christian, 
Gilbert, Jr., Ester K., and Beatrice 
B. Began business career in Ho- 
nolulu in meat and provision busi- 
ness, 1884; director and manager of 
Hawaii Meat Co.. Ltd. since orean- 
ized; director Trent Trust Co., Ho- 
nolulu, since 1907. Has been prom- 
inent in Democratic politics in 
Hawaii, being nominee for Hawaii- 
an senate in 1904-1906-1910; chair- 
man Hawaii National Democratic 
Committee in Baltimore, 1912; 
Democratic National Committee- 
man from Hawaii, four years; 
member Board of Prison Inspect- 
ors 1906-10; candidate for govern- 
orship of Hawaii, 1913; commis- 
sioner Board of Health since 1916. 
Member of Honolulu Chamber of 
Commerce, Anti-Saloon League, 
Civic Federation and Ministerial 
Union and has always been promi- 
nently identified with the Reorgan- 
ized Church of Latter Day Saints 
since 1891. 

chant, Kahului, Maui; born at West 
Newton, Mass., Jan. 9, 1876; son of 
John Joseph and Hannah (Mur- 
phy) Walsh; educated in public and 
high schools, San Francisco, Cal. ; 
married Mary Elizabeth Ericson at 
Makawao, Maui, Dec. 25, 1898; chil- 
dren: Eileen Emily, Edward An- 
drew, Helen. Bookkeeper in mer- 
cantile business, San Francisco, for 
five years; came to Hawaiian Isl- 
ands in 1898 and employed as book- 
keeper by Hawaiian Commercial & 
Sugar Co., 1898-1902; district sales 
manager for British-American To- 
bacco Co., China, 1902-1907; has 
been manager of the mercantile 
stores of the Hawaiian Commercial 
& Sugar Co. at Kahului, Maui, since 
1907. " Representative from 3rd Rep. 
Dist., Territorial Legislature, 1917; 
director of Maui Soda Works; was 
captain Co. K, 3rd Reg., N. G. H., 
1915-1916. Member of Masons and 
K. of P. 

WALSH, WILLIAM, railroad 
supt., Kahului, Maui; born in San 
Francisco, Aug. 16, 1879; son of 
John J. and Hannah (Murphy) 
Walsh: educated, Crockett gram- 
mar school and Polytechnic high 
school, San Francisco; married 

Mabel Kirkland at Kahului, Feb. 
22, 1903; three children: Elizabeth, 
Dorothy, Stanley. Employed in 
San Francisco as stenographer, 
then stock clerk and asst. to supt. 
In Hawaii as asst. bookkeeper, Ka- 
hului R. R. Co., becoming station 
agt., same company at Puunene, 
Dec., 1901; bookkeeper, Hawaiian 
Commercial & Sugar Co., 1902- 
1908; chief accountant, same com- 
pany, 1908-12; asst. supt. Kahului 
R. R. Co., March, 1912 April, 1913; 
superintendent same since April. 
1913. Vice-pres. Maui Chamber of 
Commerce, 1918 and 1919; pres. 
Maui Chamber of Commerce, 1920; 
treas. Maui Land & Railroad Co. ; 
Treas. Maui Electric Co.; member 
B. P. O. E. No. 616, Honolulu. 


physician and surgeon, Honolulu, 
Hawaii; born March 1, 1856, at 
Ystradgynlais, Brecknockshire, So. 
Wales; son of Thomas and Caroline 
(Rees) Walters; married Severina 
Lucy Herbert (deceased) in Hono- 
lulu' Jan. 30, 1895. Educated Glou- 
cester and Hereford Cathedral 
schools 1864-74, St. John's College 
(Cambridge) 1874-79, degree B. A. 
(honors) also L. R. C. P., L. R. C. 
S., L. M. Edinburgh. Began profes- 
sional career in association with 
Dr. J. Dellett Smith, Liverpool, 
England, 1881; senior resident med- 
ical officer Brownlow Hill Hospital 
(Liverpool) 1881; house surgeon 
Stanley Hospital (Liverpool) 1881; 
surgeon S. S. Monarch 1882; gov- 
ernment physician, Lihue, Kauai, 
T. H., 1882-97; medical superintend- 
ent Oahu Insane Asylum 1902 and 
in private practice in Honolulu. 
Honorary physician and surgeon 
Queen's Hospital (Honolulu) since 
1900, and of Kauikeolani Children's 
Hospital since its foundation. Au- 
thor "The Examination of the Heart 
and Exact Science"; was first to 
discover beriberi in Hawaiian Isl- 
ands (1882) also dengue (1902). 
Member Bohemian Club (San Fran- 
cisco) 1899, Pacific Club (Hono- 
lulu) 1899, charter member Univer- 
sity Club (Honolulu), charter mem- 
ber Oanu Country Club (Honolulu), 
elected Fellow of American Med- 
ical Association 1916, president Pa- 
cific Club, 1917. 

man. Honolulu; born Wooster. O., 
Oct. 17, 1882; son of Edwin Lambert 
and Marietta Virginia (Silver) War- 
ner; married Nancy Wallace, in New 
York City. June 16. 1911; two chil- 
dren: Culver Grenfell and Nancy 
Wallace. Graduated Univ. Woos- 









ter, Ph.B., 1906; Drew Theological 
Seminary, B.D., 1911; Columbia 
L T niv., M.A., 1911. Associate pastor, 
Jane Street Methodist Church, New 
York City, 1910-11; pastor, Long 
Eddy Methodist Church, New 
York, 1911-12; chaplain Hilo Board- 
ing School, Hilo, Hawaii, 1912-15; 
pastor Housatonic Meth. Church, 
Housatonic Mass., 1915-17; director 
Boys' Work, Pittsfleld Y. M. C. A., 
Mass., 1917-18; exec. secy. Hawn. 
Div. IT. S. Boys' Working Reserve, 
1918; exec. sec. Kauai Y. M. C. A., 
Lihue, Kauai, 1918-21; Kauai Coun- 
cil, Boy Scouts of America (com- 
missioner) ; Kauai Public School 
Athletic League (treas.) ; Lihue 
Tennis Club, Kauai Chamber of 
Commerce; superintendent Anti- 
Saloon League since 1921. 
Lecturer Bureau of Public Lectures, 
New York City, 1910; contributor 
of poems and articles to various 
periodicals and newspapers. Mem- 
ber New York Conference, Meth. 
Epis. Church; Cincinnatus Lodge, 
F. & A. M.; Honolulu Ad Club; 
Honolulu Press Club. 

WARREN, LOUIS J., lawyer, 
Honolulu; born in San Francisco, 
Cal., June 9, 1877: son of John B. 
and Caroline M. (Schafer) Warren; 
descended from old New England 
and Revolutionary stock; educated 
in public schools of Oakland and 
Berkeley; entered University of 
California, 1896, taking up law, but 
completed law studies in office of 
Edward J. Pringle, San Francisco; 
passed state bar examination and 
admitted to practice in California 
ahead of his college class, June, 
1900. Came to Honolulu. Nov., 
1900; has been continuously asso- 
ciated in law practice with Wil- 
liam O. Smith, the firm name now 
being "Smith, Warren & Stanley." 
Married Elizabeth W. Parrish of 
Philadelphia, August 4, 1902 (de- 
ceased October 26, 1907), one 
daughter, Winifred Louise; married 
Sara B. Eynon in Philadelphia, 
September 22, 1909; no children. 
Has been instrumental in the 
framing of various laws of public 
interest, including the last liquor 
laws, laws affecting the insane, 
frontage and street improvement 
laws, and others; chairman of Ter- 
ritorial Board of Insanity Commis- 
sioners since June, 1910; was 
chairman of first Carnival Finance 
Committee which organized "Mid- 
Pacific Carnival. Ltd." Member 
Commercial and Country Clubs, 
Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, 
Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Asso- 
ciation, Bar Association of Hawaii. 


merchant, Honolulu; born Jan. 27, 
1879, in San Francisco; son of John 

B. and Caroline M. (Schafer) War- 
ren; married Grace Hortense Tow- 
er, at Pasadena, Cal., Mar. 1, 1909; 
two children: Katharine Tower and 
Marion Farrar. Graduated Berke- 
ley, Cal., high school, 1896. Became 
interested in photography while 
still in school, and secured employ- 
ment in gallery of Dames & Dor- 
say, Oakland; head salesman Wm. 
O. Bacon's Kodak store, San Fran- 
cisco, 1897-99; similar position with 

C. E. LeMunyon, Honolulu, 1899; 
made guard over refugees during 
big fire of Jan. 1900, and organized 
labor bureau to assist them in ob- 
taining employment; returned to 
photographic store as half owner, 
Apr. 1900, changing name to Ho- 
nolulu Photo Supply Co. Sole own- 
er this company 1904 to date. Has 
made detailed study of roentgenol- 
ogy, and installs and demonstrates 
X-ray apparatus. Member Coast 
Artillery company, N. G. H., 1916. 
Secy. Honolulu Merchants' Assn. 
1914 until amalgamation with 
Chamber of Commerce. Served 
two terms as director Chamber of 
Commerce. Pres. Retail Board, 
Chamber of Commerce, 1920. Mem- 
ber Oahu Country Club (charter) ; 
Outrigger Canoe Club. Commercial 
Club, Rotary Club (director 1918- 
20 and treas. 1919-21); Y. M. C. A., 
member board of management and 
house committee; pres. Honolulu 
Automobile Club, 1920-21, 1921-22. 

nessman, Honolulu; born in Ho- 
nolulu, Nov. 17, 1879; son of Henry 
and Julia (Dimond) Waterhouse; 
educated at Punahou School, Hono- 
lulu, and preparatory school, Law- 
renceville, N. J. ; married Gretchen 
Kopke in Honolulu. Began as 
clerk with the Henry Waterhouse 
Trust Co., Honolulu, 1900-07; in 
association with H. T. Hayselden 
and J. O. Young, organized and is 
president of The Waterhouse Co., 
Ltd., of Honolulu, financial agents 
and manufacturers' agents, rubber 
factors and general insurance. 
Member of the Oahu Country and 
Commercial Clubs. 


physician, Koloa, Kauai; born at 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Aug. 12, 1877; 
son of William and Melicent P. 
(Smith) Waterhouse; married Ma- 
bel Z. Palmer at Irvindale, Cal., 
July 4, 1907; children: William 
Allen, Florence Melicent and Mar- 
jorie May. Educated at Princeton 












preparatory school 1898 ; Princeton 
University, A. B., 1902; Rush Med- 
ical College, M. D., 1906; Intern, 
Silver Cross Hospital, June 1906- 
June 1907; practiced medicine at 
Koloa, Kauai, since 1907. Secretary 
Medical Advisory Board of Kauai 
during the War. 


physician and businessman, Hono- 
lulu and Sumatra; born London. 
Eng., Nov. 16, 1871; son of J. T. and 
Elizabeth (Pinder) Waterhouse; 
married Helen Amy Harding at 
Welsford, New Brunswick, Canada, 
Feb. 26, 1900; three children, Helen 
Amy, Leigh and Gwendolen. Edu- 
cated Punahou preparatory school, 
Oahu College; Otaerlin; Princeton 
Univ. A. B., 1894; College of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, N. Y. City, M. 
D 1898. Interne General Memori- 
al Hosp. N. Y. City, 1898-1900; 
practised medicine and surgery, 
Honolulu, 1900-13; surg. Queen's 
Hosp. different periods; started 
Pahang & Tandjong Olak Rubber 
plantations, 1905-06; pres. Pahang 
Rubber Co. and Tandjong Olak 
Rubber Co., 1906-10; vendor, Kong 
Lee Perak Rubber & Cocoanut Plan- 
tations, Glasgow, Scotland, 1910; 
organized Selama-Dindings Plan- 
tations, Ltd., 1911; mgr. Kwala 
Goenoeng Estate, Sumatra, 1914- 
16; pres. and mng. director Ha- 
waiian Sumatra Plantations, Ltd., 
since 1916. Was first American to 
start rubber planting in Far East. 
Member University Club, Oahu 
Country Club, Honolulu. 

pres. and mgr. Alexander & Bald- 
win, Ltd., Honolulu; born in Ho- 
nolulu Nov. 20, 1873; son of John 
Thomas, Jr., and Elizabeth B. (Pin- 
der) Waterhouse; educated at Pu- 
nahou School, Honolulu, to 1892; 
Princeton, A. B. 1896; married 
Martha M. Alexander in Oakland, 
Cal., Feb. 6, 1900; children: Martha 
M., John T., Wallace A., Richard 
S., Alexander C., and Montague B. 
With J. T. Waterhouse in mercan- 
tile business 1896-99; Bishop & 
Co., bankers, Honolulu, 1899-1901; 
connected with the firm of Alex- 
ander & Baldwin, Ltd., Honolulu, 
since 1901. Member of Pacific, 
Commercial, Country and Univer- 
sity clubs of Honolulu. 


banker, Honolulu; born in Honolu- 
lu, July 10, 1875; son of John Tho- 
mas and Elizabeth B. (Pinder) Wa- 
terhouse; education, Punahou school 
1893, and Princeton University, A. 
B. 1898; married Mary Elizabeth 

Burwell in Seattle, Wash.. July 17. 
1901; one son, George Shadford, Jr. 
Began as clerk with firm of J. T. 
Waterhouse until its amalgamation 
with H. May & Co., July 1898-99; 
with Pacific Brass Foundry, July 
1899 -Oct. 1900; with Bishop & Co., 
Oct. 1900-Dec. 1916; was assistant 
treasurer, Guardian Trust Co., Ltd., 
Jan. 1, 1917-Sept. 1918; with Bishop 
& Co. until its incorporation Jan. 
2, 1919, becoming cashier of The 
Bank of Bishop & Co., Ltd. Mem- 
ber of the University Club, Outrig- 
ger Canoe Club, Beretania Tennis 
Club, Hawaii Polo & Racing Club. 

WATK1NS, NORMAN, merchant, 
Honolulu; born Boston, Mass., Oct. 
26, 1875; son of Willard W. and 
Martha (Haskell) Watkins; educa- 
tion, grammar and high schools; 
Mass. Inst. of Technology (three 
years). Married Annie K. Clarke, 
at Honolulu, Oct. 15, 1900; two 
children: Louise O., Hilda G. Be- 
gan with Hawaiian Fertilizer Co., 
Honolulu, from 1899 to 1918, leaving 
managership of that firm in 1918 
to accept present position of mgr. 
merchandise dept. of American 
Factors, Ltd. Was member House 
of Representatives, Terr, of Ha- 
waii, sessions of 1911, 1913, 1915; 
member Liquor License Commis- 
sion, 1909-11; member and secy. 
Board of Harbor Commissioners 
since 1917. Member Rotary Club, 
pres. 1917-18; member Commercial 
Club, Masonic Bodies, Elks. 


lawyer, Honolulu ; born Dec. 20, 
1874, at Holly Springs, Marshall 
County, Miss. ; son of Edward 
Minor and Lillie Perriii (Moore) 
Watson; married Louise Emily 
Bradley at Visalia, Cal., June 1, 
1905; two children, Virginia Brad- 
ley and Lillie Moore. Educated in 
public schools, Holly Springs (Miss.), 
and "Washington (D. C.) ; A. and M. 
College of Miss., University of 
Miss., LL.B., 1897. Began profes- 
sional career as partner of Hon. 
W. V. Sullivan (then United States 
Senator from Miss.) at Oxford, 
Miss.; removed to Honolulu in 1901 
and entered practice of law; now 
associated with Hon. C. F. dem- 
ons. Member of Commission that 
framed the County Act of Hawaii 
in 1904; associate justice Supreme 
Court of Hawaii, March 19, 1914; 
retired Dec. 15, 1916, to private 
practice. Member D. K. E. frater- 
nity, University Club, Oahu Coun- 
try Club. Democrat; attended 
Democratic National Conventions, 
1908, 1912 and 1924) as one of the 
delegates from Hawaii. 
















plantation mgr., Olaa. Hawaii; born 
in Scotland, 1866; son of Alexander 
and Margaret (Dustan) Watt; pub- 
lic school education; married Mar- 
garet Grant in Honolulu, 1900; chil- 
dren: Allister James, Margaret 
Elizabeth, William Ian. Was ap- 
prenticed to gardening, 1883, and 
worked in various places and posi- 
tions until coming to Hawaii, Aug. 
1890; planted coffee two years at 
Kukuihaele, then joining Honokaa 
Sug. Co. for 12 years as head over- 
seer; went to Olaa, 1904, and ap- 
pointed mgr. Olaa Sug. Co. Jan. 
1921. Naturalized 1902. Member 
The Volunteers, 1883-86, Scotland. 

WATT, GEORGE C., plantation 
manager, Kohala, Hawaii; born in 
Scotland. October 18, 1870; son of 
Geo. and Elizabeth (Cruickshank) 
Watt; common school education; 
married Grace Porter in Hilo, Ha- 
waii, Jan. 24, 1897; one daughter, 
Elizabeth L. Raised in Scotland as 
an agriculturist and came to Ha- 
waii in 1892; employed in various 
capacities by the Waiakea Mill Co., 
Hilo, 1892-98; overseer for the Wai- 
luku Agriculture Co., Ltd., Kawai- 
loa, 1899-1906; became manager of 
the Kohala Sugar Co., Ltd., Kohala, 
Hawaii, July, 1906. W T as district 
forester in Kohala district for many 


physician, Honolulu; born June 16, 
1870, at Port Townsend, Jefferson 
County, Washington; son of James 
Thomas and Mary (Riley) Way- 
son; married Delia Walcott Sheedy 
in Honolulu, Nov. 25, 1897; two 
children: India Walcott and Ele- 
anor H.; descended from Colonial 
stock; paternal ancestors having 
settled in Maryland prior to the 
Revolution; father Engineer Cap- 
tain in Coast Guard service, was 
chief engineer of the "Abraham 
Lincoln," the first steam revenue 
cutter to round the Horn, and was 
present at the raising of the Amer- 
ican flag on Alaskan soil. Edu- 
cated University of California, M. 
D. 1891; house physician, Portland 
hospital, 1892; served in Revenue 
Cutter service as surgeon for a 
cruise in Alaskan waters; came to 
Honolulu Nov. 25, 1894, and served 
at various times as medical super- 
intendent, Kalihi hospital; medical 
superintendent for lepers; captain 
and surgeon. National Guard of 
Hawaii; president Territorial Med- 
ical Society, and city and county 
physician. Honolulu. Has special- 
ized in study of leprosy, and served 
as health officer during the plague. 

He was the first to introduce iodine 
in the treatment of leprosy, prov- 
ing its curative value in the dis- 
ease, which is a matter of record 
in the Board of Health report, 
ending June 30, 1913. He was 
medical superintendent of Kalihi 
Hospital Jan. 1, 1910-May 1914. 
Member Elks, Masons, Odd Fel- 
lows. American Medical Assn., Ter- 
ritorial Medical Assn., Geographic 
Society. Served five years as mem- 
ber of Territorial Board of Health. 
Resigned as city and county phy- 
sician in 1918 after a continuous 
service of seven and one -half years, 
to take the position of general 
health officer of the Territory, with 
the Board of Health. 

WEAVER, PHILIP L., lawyer, 
Honolulu; born April 10, 1868, in 
Paris, France; son of Philip Lis- 
cum and Helen (Armstrong) Wea- 
ver; father was American, resi- 
dent of San Francisco, in Europe on 
business; mother daughter of Rich- 
ard Armstrong, one of early mis- 
sionaries to Hawaii (1835) and 
prominent in civic and religious 
affairs of Island Kingdom. Edu- 
cated in primary schools of San 
Francisco, University of California, 
Ph. B., 1891; studied at Hastings 
College of Law; married Agnes 
Gary of San Francisco in Hono- 
lulu May 23, 1899; two children: 
Mary Claire, Ida Eleanor. Admit- 
ted to practice in Supreme Court of 
California, 1895; followed profes- 
sion in San Francisco and later in 
Honolulu, 1897; associated with W. 
R. Castle, 1897-1903; assistant to 
Attorney General of Territory of 
Hawaii; wrote Land Registration 
Act and was a leader in causing 
the legislature to adopt same and 
was judge of Land Court; studied 
the practice in Boston, 1903, and 
inaugurated practical workings of 
the court, resigning to private 
practice after seven years; first 
deputy county attorney. City and 
County of Honolulu, 1912-13. Trus- 
tee Library of Hawaii since organ- 
ization, secretary in 1915-16. Mem- 
ber Commercial and Ad Clubs, Y. 
M. C. A., Outrigger Canoe Club (ex- 
president) ; occasional contributor 
to newspapers and magazines of 
narratives and short stories, and 
active among local amateur pho- 
tographers, winning three first 
prizes in First Territorial Fairs, 
1918, portrait and child study, and 
special prize. 


architect, Honolulu; born in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., May 2, 1879; son of 






Marshall H. and Mary Webb; mar- 
ried Elsie Marguerite Fisher at Ho- 
nolulu Jan. 4, 1906; one child: 
Barbara Elsie. Educated, Drexel 
Inst., Spring Garden Inst.. Phila.: 
Acad. of Design; Internal. Engrav- 
ing & Illustrating Co., Phila.; 
draughtsman apprent.. Wm. Cramu 
& Sons, Ship and Eng. Bldg. Co., 
Phila., 1897-1899; at sea, finishing 
as marine engr., 1900-1903; Dept. 
Pub. Wks., Terr, of Hawaii, as 
draughtsman and civil engr., 1903- 
1906; draughtsman and civ. engr. 
U. S. Engs., Honolulu, 1907-1909; 
practicing ai-chitect as member firm 
Emory & "Webb, Honolulu, 1910 to 
date. Commissioned officer, Engr. 
Co., Nat. Guard of Hawaii, three 
years, being mobilized June, 1917, 
and serving as company cmdr., Ma- 
chine Gun Co.. 1st Hawn. Inf.. TT. S. 
A., until Feb., 1918. Member Amer. 
Inst. of Architects, Commercial 
Club, Country Club. Outrigger Ca- 
noe Club, Amer. Legion, Amer. Of- 
ficers of Great War. 


merchant, Hilo, Hawaii; born Man- 
chester, N. H., June 26, 1881; son 
of Harry Elbridge and Lillian 
(Chase) Webster; married Clare 
F. De Cew, Honolulu, June 23, 1902; 
five children: Maxfleld Elbridge, 
Irma Clare, Dorothy De Cew, Ruth 
and Nina Billie. Clerk, postofnce 
dept., Honolulu, 1898-01; U. S. in- 
ternal revenue dept., Honolulu, 
1901-05; clerk, freight accts. dept., 
Southern Pacific Co., San Francis- 
co, 1905-08; confidential clerk to 
F. J. Cross, Chicago, June-Dec., 
1908 ; manager Cross Hdwre. Co., 
Monticello, Iowa, 1909-10; book- 
keeper Waialua Store, Waialua, 
Oahu, 1910-12; salesman T. H. Da- 
vies & Co., Ltd., Hilo, Hawaii, 
1912-16; vice-pres. Moses Station- 
ery Co., Ltd., Hilo, since April, 
1916; director, Hawaii Garage, 
Ltd., Hilo, since Jan. 1919; in Natl. 
Guard Hawaii, 1898-1909; member 
Kilauea Lodge 330, F. & A. M.; 

B. P. O. E. No. 759; Hilo Yacht 
Club and Hawaii Automobile Club. 


educator, Honolulu; born June 19, 
1883 at Litchtteld, Conn.; son of 
Wilbur Fiske and Jennie (Wooster) 
Webster; married Marion Rawling 
Mix June 17, 1908 at New Haven, 
Conn. ; four children, Winifred 
Wakeman, Benjamin Jepson, Ma- 
rion Pauahi, Charles Baldwin. 
Educated grammar schools of 
Litchfield, Conn., and high schools 
of Litchfield and Torrington, Conn.; 
Yale University 1904, Ph. B., 1906, 

C. E. ; began professional career 

as assistant to A. B. Hill, consult- 
ing engineer, New Haven, 1905-07; 
employed by New York Contracting 
Co. on Pennsylvania Terminal and 
with Consolidated Railway Co. of 
New Haven as assistant engineer 
and later as engineer of mainten- 
ance of way, 1907-14: came to Ho- 
nolulu to accept presidency of 
Kamehameha Schools 1914. Mem- 
ber University Club, Social Science 
Association and American Society 
of Civil Engineers. 

WEBSTER, JAMES, plantation 
manager, Pepeekeo, Hawaii; born in 
Garioch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 
February 7. 1857; son of James and 
Barbara (Neil) Webster; common 
school education; married Mary 
Ann Patterson, at Waiakea, Hilo, 
Hawaii, November 2, 1895; four 
children, J. Neil Patterson, Mary 
Louisa, Christina Janet, John J., 
Grace. Managed farm at home, 18 
years; came to Hawaii. 1893; field 
luna, 1893; team luna, 1894-95, Ono- 
mea Plantation; head-luna, Paukaa. 
1896-1900; head luna, Papaikou. 
1900-04; has managed Pepeekeo 
Plantation, Hawaii, since 1904. Has 
been one of the pioneers in the con- 
servation of crop residues. 


sugar chemist, Kealia, Kauai; born 
in Honolulu June 13, 1897; son of 
George and Amelia (Daniels) 
Weight; educated St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu. 1913; entered sugar 
industry immediately after gradu- 
ation, being employed between 1913 
and 1918 as timekeeper Wailuku 
Sug. Co., Maui; field luna and 
later assistant chemist, Hawaiian 
Commercial & Sug. Co., Puunene, 
Maui. Served with Co. F, 2nd 
Hawn. Inf., during war, discharged 
with rank of sergeant Feb. 1, 1919. 
Took present position of chemist 
Makee Sug. Co.. Kealia, 1919. Mem- 
ber American Legion (sergeant-at- 
arms), Kauai Post No. 2. 

sionary. Kealakekua, Hawaii; born 
at Horton, Kansas, Oct. 14, 1888; 
son of Robert L. and Margaret Wei - 
ler; education, Monasses high 
school, 1909; University of Woos- 
ter, 1909-11; Oberlin College, 1911- 
12; University of Chicago, 1912-13; 
University of Wisconsin, 1918-19. 
Married O. Katherine Welliver at 
Mu.skogee, Oklahoma, Sept. 4, 1913; 
one child, Maxine Jean. Principal 
Armstrong Academy (government 
Indian school, Academy. Okla.), 
1913-14; assistant principal, Musko- 
gee high school, 1914-17; associate 
student Y. M. C. A. secretary, Uni- 






versity of Wisconsin, 1917-18; stu- 
dent Y. M. C. A. secretary, North- 
western University professional 
schools, Chicago, III., 1919; mission- 
ary of the Hawaiian Board of Mis- 
sions for Kona, Hawaii, since 1919. 

WEST, FRANK H., civil engr.. 
Hilo, Hawaii: born in Lancaster 
Ky., Feb. 19, 1886; son of Robert R 
and Martha (Roberts) West; edu- 
cated, Univ. of Michigan, 1908; 
married Cora M. Johnson, in Hono- 
lulu, Dec. 7, 1915; two children, 
Elizabeth Roberts and Margaret 
Boals. Was employed with U. S. 
Geol. Survey, 1908-10; Jas. Stewart 
& Co., New York and Canada, 
1910-12; with Barclay, Parson & 
Klapp, Havana, Cuba, 1912-1914; 
with Hawaiian Dredging Co. on 
naval dry dock, Pearl Harbor, Oa- 
hu, 1914-18. and on federal break- 
water, Hilo, Hawaii, 1918-19. Mgr. 
Hawaiian office of Hawaiian Dredg- 
ing Co. and Hawaiian Contracting 
Co., Hilo, since 1919. Associate 
member American Society of Civil 

tomobile mgr., Hilo, Hawaii; born 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 22. 1886; 
son of Robert and Catherine 
(Sauer) West; educated in gram- 
mar and high schools of Brooklyn; 
married Clara May Cameron, in 
Honolulu, Aug. 11, 1911; three chil- 
dren: Barbara Agnes, Eloise Avis, 
William Joseph. Began with Wood- 
ill & Hulse Electric Co., Los An- 
geles, until 1906 and short periods 
with Chanslor & Lyon Co., and 
Pacific Electric Garage, Los Ange- 
les, 1906-07; mgr. automobile ac- 
cessory dept., von Hamm-Young 
Co., Ltd.. Honolulu. 1907-12; mgr. 
Hilo branch, same firm, 1912-1917; 
sales mgr. automobile dept., Hono- 
lulu few months, returning as mgr. 
Hilo branch. Democrat; member 
Board of Land Appraisers, Hawaii, 
since June 5, 1919; member of Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii. 1916-17; member 
Kilauea Lodge No. 330, A. F. & A. 
M., Kalani Lodge of Perfection No. 
2 and Waianuenue Council. Hilo. 


retired minister, Honolulu; born in 
Oberlin. Ohio, Dec. 26, 1849; son of 
William Andrew and Lydia Hayes 
(Drake) Westervelt; descendant of 
Lubbert van Westervelt, who land- 
ed in New Amsterdam May 24, 
1662; on maternal_side connected 
with General Wolfe, Sir Francis 
Drake and President Hayes. Mar- 
ried Louise Clark, daughter of Rev. 
George Clark, Oberlin, Ohio (de- 
ceased) ; married Caroline D. Castle 

at Honolulu, July 7, 1905; one 
child: Andrew Castle. Educated 
public schools of Iowa and Illinois; 
Oberlin College (Ohio), B.A., 1871, 
B.D., 1874; spent one year, 1872-73, 
at Yale. Pastor Cleveland, Ohio, 
1873-74; Morristown, N. Y., 1875- 
79; Mantou, Colo., 1879-82; Denver, 
Colo., 1882-89; Hawaii, 1889-92; 
Chicago, 1892-91, Hawaii, 1899. Has 
contributed numerous articles to 
various religious and secular pa- 
pers; is authority on Hawaiian 
legends and has translated "Drum- 
mond's Greatest Thing in the 
World" and "Teaching of the Apos- 
tles" into Hawaiian; author of Leg- 
ends of Old Honolulu. Legends of 
Gods and Ghosts, Hawaiian Leg- 
ends of Volcanoes, Legends of Maui 
A Demi-God of Polynesia. Around 
the Poi Bowl. etc. ; president and 
chairman Prohibition party, Colo- 
rado, 1884-86; chaplain Colorado 
legislature, 1887; first superintend- 
ent Christian Endeavor Societies in 
Colorado, 1882-89; director Hawaii- 
an Volcano Research Assn., Library 
of Hawaii, Hilo Boys' Boarding 
School, Hawaiian Histork-al So- 
ciety, Nuuanu Y. M. C. A,. Boys' 
Club of the Y. M. C. A., Kalihi 
Union Church, Korean Christian 
Institute. Member Buckeye, Ad and 
Rotary, clubs; Anti- Saloon League, 
U. S. Association of Mineralogists, 
National Historical Society, Polyne- 
sian Society of New Zealand, Ho- 
nolulu Chamber of Commerce, Na- 
tional Geographical Society, Ha- 
waiian Board of Foreign Missions, 
American Assn. for the Advance- 
ment of Science. 


scientific agriculturist, Honolulu; 
born Feb. 17, 1878, in Kingston, 
Ulster County, New York ; son of 
Hollis Smith and Clara (Minton) 
Westgate; married Inez Wheeler 
at Sacramento, Cal., July 20, 1905; 
two children: Philip John and 
Mark Wheeler. Educated in coun- 
try schools of Kansas, Kansas Ag- 
ricultural College, B. S., 1897, M. 
S., 1899; post graduate course Uni- 
versity of Chicago, 1901-03. As- 
sistant Botanist. Kansas Aericul- 
tural College and Kansas Experi- 
mental Station; scientific assistant 
U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
engaged in sand and soil binding 
work, later agronomist in charge 
of alfalfa and clover investigations; 
came to Honolulu Jan., 1915, to take 
charge of the United States Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station. Has 
carried on extensive scientific re- 
search and investigations in the 
production of forage crops; inven- 
tor of a device to arrest the move- 


















ment of shifting sand dunes. Fel- 
low Royal Soc. Arts (England); 
Fellow Am. Assn. Adv. Science; 
member Botanical Soc. Am.; Amer. 
Soc. Agronomy; Rotary, Ad and 
Outrigger clubs of Honolulu. 

chant, Honolulu; born May 6, 1863 
at Santa Cruz, Cal. ; son of Wil- 
liam and Sophie (Hall) White; 
married (first* Ella Louise Street 
October 28. 1884; one child, Clif- 
ford F., (second) Anna Caroline 
Austin; two children, Henry Aus- 
tin and Austin Hall. Educated in 
government schools of Kingdom of 
Hawaii, Northampton i Mass.) 
High School and Barnard's Busi- 
ness College (San Francisco), 
graduated 1880. Associated with 
E. O. Hall & Son, Ltd., Honolulu, 
since July 1, 1880; is treas. and 
manager of same, which was es- 
tablished in the hardware busi- 
ness by E. O. Hall in 1850 and in- 
corporated in 1881. Was captain in 
Co. B National Guard of Hawaii. 
1890-99, then retired; major and 

A. D. C. to Governor Dole; enlist- 
ed in 1916 in 1st Co., Hawaiian 
Coast Artillery N. G. Member Pa- 
cific Lodge A. F. & A. M., (Master 
in 1902). 

gyman, Honolulu; born Kern Co., 
Cal., Jan. 24, 1889: son of Alexan- 
der and Dora (Stewart) White; 
married Mabel Wright, at Sacra- 
mento, Cal., July 31, 1912; two chil- 
dren ; Malcolm Vernon and Bar- 
bara Helen. Graduated Univ. Cal., 
A.B., 1917: Pacific School of Re- 
ligion, S. T. B., 1917; Harvard 
Univ., S. T. M., 1919. Honors in 
Greek, Univ. Cal., high honor schol- 
arship, P. T. S., 1919. Pastor Smith 
Memorial Church, Hillsboro, N. H., 
1917-19; pastor Kahului Union 
Church, Maui, T. H., Dec. 1919- 
Sept. 1920; pastor Honolulu Chris- 
tian Church. Oct. 1, 1920, to date. 
Member Honolulu Ad Club. 


businessman and rancher. Keala- 
kekua, Hawaii; born at Lahaina, 
Maui, Jan. 8.. 1877; son of John 
Corbert and Martha J. (Robertson) 
White; education, St. Louis Col- 
lege, Honolulu ; married Elizabeth 
K. Roy. in Kawanui, N. Kona, Ha- 
waii, Jan. 31, 1901. Was purser for 
I. I. S. N. Co., Honolulu, 1893-98; 
mgr. People's Express Co., Hono- 
lulu, 1899; customs inspector, Ho- 
nolulu, 1900; started ranching, N. 
Kona, 1901; became Kona agent for 

B. P. Bishop Est., 1903, which posi- 
tion he still holds; agent for several 

life and fire insurance companies. 
Has held numerous positions under 
Territory of Hawaii, including tax 
assessor, S. Kona, 1905-07; sub- 
agent, public lands, N. & S. Kona 
and Kau, 1908-15; liquor commis- 
sioner, 1917 to date; chairman, Sel- 
ective Service Draft Board, W. Ha- 
waii, 1917-19; agent, Board of 
Health, for Kona, 1920 to date; 
agent for Hawaiian birth certifi- 
cates, appointed Feb. 25, 1921. Was 
first lieut. Kona Company, N. G. H., 
1915-16; organized and was first 
president of Kona Improvement 
Club; is member board of directors 
Hawaii Island Welfare Bureau and 
chairman Kona Welfare Committee; 
member Kilauea Lodge No. 330. F. 
& A. M., Kilauea Council, B. S. A. 

cian, Hakalau, Hawaii; born Cale- 
donia, Nova Scotia, July 5, 1873; 
son of Zoeth and Bessie (Harlou i 
Whitman ; married Melda Peters, 
at Westport, N. S., Apr. 19, 1906; 
three children, William McKinnon, 
Alma Peters and Robert Borden. 
Education, Tufts Medical School, 
Boston, 1901. Was house officer, 
Boston City Hosp., after graduation 
for six months, and surgeon at 
Taunton Emergency Hosp. three 
years; practised in Lockeport, 
N. S., 1905-1912; at Hakalau Plan- 
tation Co. and Laupahoehoe Sug. 
Co., since 1912. Member British 
Club, Medical Society of Hawaii. 
Masons, I. O. O. F., Foresters. 


dentist, Honolulu; born Oct. 1, 
1835, at Marlboro, Vermont; son of 
Moses Ellis and Ananda (Morgan) 
Whitney; married Mary Sophronia 
Rice in Oberlin, Ohio, August 5, 
1869; three children: Mary L., Wil- 
liam L. (deceased) and Ada R. 
Educated Oberlin (Ohio) College. 
Penn. College of Dental Surgery, 
1868; Starling Medical College 
(Columbus. Ohio) 1874. Located in 
Honolulu September, 1869, and has 
practiced dentistry in this city 
since, with the exception of 1874*- 
76 spent in Cleveland, Ohio. Has 
prepared a number of valuable pa- 
pers on dentistry, including one 
read before the International Den- 
tal Congress. World's Columbian 
Exposition (Chicago, 1893). For 
forty years deacon of Central 
Union Church. Charter member 
Honolulu Social Science Associa- 
tion, Historical Society of Hawaii. 
The first graduate dentist to oper- 
ate in Honolulu. 

WIGHT, JAMES, rancher, Ma- 
hukona, Hawaii; born Aberdeen- 






shire, Scotland, March 8, 1875; son 
of William and Elsie (Hay) Wight; 
educated, public schools of Scot- 
land; married Helen Beattie at Ab- 
erdeenshire, Sept. 20, 1913; two 
children, James Beattie and Wil- 
liam George. Worked on father's 
farm in Scotland until 1905, when 
he came to America; was herds- 
man for one year for James A. 
Funkhouser, Hereford breeder, at 
Plattsburg, Mo., then engaged with 
brother in partnership farming and 
breeding, Pleasanton, Iowa, 1906- 
10; from 1910 to 1916 was employ- 
ed in various capacities at Parker 
Ranch, Hawaii, and in charge of 
agricultural work on Haleakala 
Ranch, Maui, 1916-1920; became 
mgr. Puakea Ranch, Hawaii, in 
July, 1920. 

WILCOX, CHARLES, county au- 
ditor, Wailuku, Maui; born near 
Ulupalakua, Maui, Dec. 13, 1862; 
son of William Slocum and Kalua 
Wilcox; educated Haleakala Boys' 
Boarding School, Makawao, Maui; 
married Eleanor Milnor Halstead 
at Ulupalakua, Maui, Aug. 1885; 
nine children: Robert, William, 
Lucy, Charles, Eleanor, Mabel, Jo- 
hanna Niau, Phoebe, Sally. School 
instructor, 1880-90; secretary of 
Territorial Legislature, 1890; secre- 
tary Board of Health, 1891-1901; 
clerk Public Works Department, 
1901-03; elected county auditor of 
Maui County, 1905; re-elected each 
successive term since; was editor 
and manager Maui News, Wailuku. 
summer of 1910. Delegate Repub- 
lican Convention, Honolulu, 1900; 
secretary Republican County Com- 
mittee since 1907; alternate to Na- 
tional Republican Convention, Chi- 
cago, 1912. Member N. G. H., 
1895-1903; retired as captain. 

WILCOX, G. N., sugar planter and 
capitalist, Lihue, Kauai. Unmar- 
ried. Born in Hilo, Hawaii, August 
15th, 1839; son of Abner and Lucy 
E. (Hart) Wilcox; both father and 
mother came to Hawaii in 1837 as 
missionaries. Educated at Puna- 
hou Preparatory, Honolulu, and 
Sheffield Scientific School, New Ha- 
ven, Conn. Began growing sugar at 
Hanalei, Kauai, in 1863 and at 
Grove Farm, Lihue, Kauai, in 1864, 
and eventually became owner. 


secretary American Factors, Ltd., 
Honolulu; born Lihue, Kauai, Aug. 
5, 1881; son of Samuel Whitney 
and Emma (Lyman) Wilcox; mar- 
ried Ethel Kulamanu Wilcox at 
Lihue, Mar. 10, 1909; two children: 
Alice K. and Albert H. Educated 

Oahu College, Honolulu; Oakland 
high school and Univ. of Louisiana. 
With Koloa Sugar Co., 1902-05; Cal. 
& Hawn. Sugar Refining Co., 1906; 
Hawaiian Sug. Co., 1907-08; asst. 
mgr. Koloa Sug. Co., 1909-12; mgr. 
Makee Sug. Co., 1913-17; joined in 
first reorganization H. Hackfeld & 
Co., Jan. 1918, as secy, and mgr. 
plantations dept. and holding same 
position at present time with 
American Factors, Ltd. Member 
Pacific Club, Univ. Club, Hawaii 
Polo & Racing Assn., Country Club, 
Ad Club, Kappa Sigma fraternity. 


retired politician, Kauai; born 
Waioli, Kauai, Sept. 19, 1847; son 
of Abner and Lucy (Hart) Wilcox; 
married Emma W. Lyman at Hilo, 
Hawaii, Oct. 7, 1874; children: 
Ralph Lyman (deceased), Lucy Et- 
ta (Mrs. H. D. Sloggett), Elsie 
Hart, Charles Henry (deceased), 
Gaylord P. and Mabel I. Educated 
at Punahou School, Honolulu. Was 
sheriff of Kauai 1872-1895; member 
of House of Representatives, Terri- 
tory of Hawaii, 1903-4; member 
Territorial Senate, 1904-05. 


tax assessor, Honolulu; born in 
Geneva, 111., July 12, 1866; son of 
William Chauncey and Eliza 
(Scott) Wilder; educated in public 
schools, Honolulu, and at Miami 
University, Oxford, Ohio; married 
Grace Burr in New York City, 
July 10, 1900; one child: Charles 
Burr. On returning to Honolulu 
entered employ of Wilder & Co., 
1885-93; was Hawaiian Consul- 
General at San Francisco, Cal., 
1893-1900; engaged in sawmill bus- 
iness, Oregon, 1902-03; income tax 
deputy assessor, Honolulu, 1904- 
08; tax assessor for First Taxa- 
tion Division, Hawaii, since 1908. 
Was member Honolulu Rifles, 
1885-1893. Member Pacific. Com- 
mercial and Oahu Country Clubs of 


horticulturist, Honolulu; born Ho- 
nolulu, Nov. 5, 1863; son of Sam- 
uel Gardner and Elizabeth Kinau 
(Judd) Wilder; grandson of Gerrit 
P. Judd. M.D., prominent in official 
affairs of Kinerdom of Hawaii, be- 
ing pres. treasury board, 1842; re- 
corder, monarchy, 1843; minister 
interior, 1845; minister finance, 
1846-53, resigned; noble, legislature 
of Kingdom, 1843. 1845, 1852, 1853; 
representative, 1858. Father like- 
wise prominent in financial and offi- 
cial circles, founder and pres. Wil- 
der's S. S. Co., first steamship com- 






pany in Islands; promoter and 
builder Hawaii Ry. Co., Mahukona 
and Kohala, Hawaii; built first 
marine railway, Honolulu, for 
govt.. 1881; member board of 
health, 1873; board of immigration, 
1874; board of health, 1876; minis- 
ter interior, 1880; pres. board of 
health, 1878 ; representative in leg- 
islature, 1868; noble, 1874-87; pres., 
legislature. Married Lillian Kim- 
ball of Gloucester, Mass., Nov. 7, 
1887; educated Atkinson Valley 
School, Honolulu, 1879; Oahu Col- 
lege, 1879-80; Boston, Mass., 1881. 
Began business with Kahului R. R. 
Co., Maui, being supt. of company, 
1884-96; pres. 1896-98; pres. The 
Estate S. G. Wilder, Ltd., since 
1898. Author "Fruits of the Ha- 
waiian Islands", specialist in rais- 
ing fine varieties of mangoes and 
avocados, and hybridizing and cre- 
ating new varieties hibiscus flow- 
ers. Was member board of agri- 
culture and forestry, Terr. Hawaii, 
1906; is enthusiast in introduction 
into Hawaii of useful and orna- 
mental trees, plants and flowers 
from all tropical countries. For- 
mer member M. G. Co., N. G. H.; 
Pacific Club, Hawaiian Lodge, F. 
& A. M.; Fellow Royal Society of 
Arts (London), member Hawaiian 
Historical Society; first pres. Ha- 
waii Tuna Club; director Honolulu 
Chamber of Commerce, 1915; pres. 
fair commission, 1920; served in 
regular and special sessions of leg- 
islature, 1917 and 1918; reelected 
1920 from 4th Dist. ; field director 
of Red Cross for Honolulu since 
1918. Is Associate in Botany of the 
Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, spe- 
cializing in economic plants of 

and "planter," Honolulu; born in 
Honolulu, May 27, 1868; son of Hon. 
Samuel G. (Prime Minister under 
King Kalakaua, steamship and rail- 
road promoter, and greatly beloved 
by Hawaiians) and Elizabeth Kinau 
(Judd) Wilder; educated at Puna- 
hou, private tutor, Stones (Boston), 
San Mateo, two years, and Belmont, 
two years (Cal.), Harvard Academic 
and Law, 1893-1896; married Sara 
Harnden at Alameda, Cal., Septem- 
ber 12, 1899; two children, James 
Harnden and Kinu Wilder. Studied 
art under Jean Paul Laurens and 
Benjamin Constant, Paris, 1898- 
1905; painted many portraits of 
Honolulu people; became interested 
in Boy Scout movement in 1911; 
author of "Pine Tree System of 
Scouting" and drill book, "The 
Grail," film picture and play, 1917. 
Was director Wilder & Co. ; special 

field commissioner, Boy Scouts of 
America, 1915-17. Was corporal, Co. 
I, 3rd Batt., B. U. T. C., Plattsburg, 
1915 ; member Training Camps Assn., 
1915-17. Member Pacific, University, 
Country, Commercial and "Quatz 
Arts" clubs, Honolulu; Harvard and 
Players clubs, New York; Harvard 
Club, Boston; Fly Club, Cambridge; 
Yokohama Club, Japan; Royal Geo- 
graphical Society, Royal Society of 
Arts and Commerce. 


secretary Hawaiian Trust Com- 
pany, Ltd., Honolulu: born Janu- 
ary 12, 1866. at Kualoa, Oahu 
(Kingdom of Hawaii) ; son of Sam- 
uel Gardner and Elizabeth Kinau 
(Judd) Wilder; married Molly Ala- 
tau Atkinson in Honolulu, July 20. 
1896; four children, Helen Kinau, 
Samuel Gardner, Alatau T., Peggy. 
Educated School of Martha Cham- 
berlain to 1875, St. Albans, 1877, 
Mr. Beckwith's school, 1878; Puna- 
hou school, 1879-80 (all Honolulu); 
under tutor (Boston) 1881. (For 
genealogy see Gerrit Parmile Wil- 
der.) Began business career with 
Wilder Steamship Co., in 1885, and 
became president and manager of 
Wilder & Co., Ltd., soon after 
death of W. C. Wilder, and seven 
years after sold to Lewers & 
Cooke, Ltd. Estate of S. G. Wil- 
der 1894, Hawaiian Trust Co., Ltd., 
since 1914. Member House of Rep- 
resentatives at time of Annexa- 
tion (1897). Member Honolulu Ri- 
fles (sergeant) during Monarchy. 
Member Commercial Club, charter 
member Oahu Country Club, is 
credited with bringing the first 
Italian honey bees into the Ha- 
waiian Islands in 1880. 

eral contractor, Hilo, Hawaii; born 
at Garnette, Kans., Dec. 5, 1879; 
son of George L. and Adelia (Van 
Huf) Will; education, high school 
and commercial college; married 
Bessie Lawson, in Hilo, Jan. 5, 
1916; one child, John Henry. En- 
gaged in construction work on 
mainland several years previous to 
1900; came to Hawaii and has been 
in general contracting and con- 
struction work since; one of the 
organizers, pres. and treas. Hilo 
Pineapple Co.. Ltd. Served with 
1st U. S. Territorial Infantry, 
Spanish-American War. Member 
Rotary Club of Hilo, 2nd pres.; 
director Hilo Board of Trade; 
treas. Hawaii Automobile Club; 


merchant, Hilo, Hawaii; born at 












Hana, Maui; March 2, 1853; son of 
George Washington and Mary 
Crosby (Benson) Willfong; educated 
at Eastman's Business College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1873; married 
Maria Conway at Hilo, Hawaii; 
four children living: Gertrude Nahe- 
nahe, George Washington, Lawrence 
Benson, Ernest Champ. Began bus- 
iness career as bookkeeper and head 
overseer, Wailuku Sugar Co., Maui, 
and later became an independent 
sugar cane planter at Pahala, Kau, 
Hawaii, under his father, then man- 
ager of Hawaiian Agricultural Co. 
Was collector for California Trans- 
portation Co., San Francisco, later 
returning to Hilo, Hawaii, to en- 
gage in merchandise business with 
M. V. Holmes, as Holmes & Will- 
fong. Was tax collector and asses- 
sor, Island of Hawaii, under Monar- 
chy, Provisional Government and 
Republic of Hawaii. Has been en- 
gaged in the furniture business in 
Hilo for several years under name 
of Hilo Furniture Store. Is a great 
grand-son of John Champe, a distin- 
guished soldier who performed mer- 
itorious service under orders of 
Gen. Washington during Revolu- 
tionary War. 

cian, Honolulu; born at Castlemain, 
Australia, May 9, 1856; son of C. E. 
and Harriet A. Williams, both born 
in Massachusetts, having gone to 
Australia during the gold excite- 
ment there in 1852, removing to Ho- 
nolulu in 1857. Educated at Puna- 
hou school and under private tu- 
tors. Married Sarah L. Andrew in 
Honolulu, February 4, 1893. Began 
with his father in the furniture and 
undertaking business established in 
Honolulu in 1859. Later managed 
the business a greater part of the 
time during his father's absence to 
other business interests. Eventu- 
ally acquired the ownership of the 
entire business, disposing of the 
furniture part in 1900. Has carried 
on the undertaking business ex- 
clusively since. Was a member of 
the National Guard during the days 
of the monarchy until it was dis- 
banded and was sergeant in the 
Citizen's Guard during days of Ha- 
waiian revolution. Was commis- 
sioned to represent the Kingdom of 
Hawaii at the World's Fair at Mel- 
bourne, Australia, 1888-89. Mem- 
ber of Rotary Club, Commercial 
Club, Masons, Knight Templar, 
Scottish Rite bodies, 33 Mason, 
Shrine, Elks, K. of P., Odd Fellows 
and numerous other civic and fra- 
ternal organizations. 


clergyman, Kohula, Hawaii; born 

in Stockbridge, Mich., Aug. 18, 1874; 
son of Ira C. and Adelphia (Clark) 
Williams; married Julia Winifred 
Jefferies at Genoa, Neb., Sept. 1, 
1909. Attended Univ. Mich, two 
years; graduated Chicago Theol. 
Sem., B. D., 1901; post graduate 
work Union Theol. Sem., N. Y. City, 
1917-18; pastor Congregational 
churches Sheridan, Wyo., 1901- 
1905; Covert, Mich., 1905-1907; Im- 
lay City. Mich., 1908-1913; Armour, 
S. D., 1913-1917: Kohala Union 
Church, since 1918. Member I. O. O. 
F. Lodge and Knights of Maccabees. 


works superintendent, Waiakea Mill 
Co., Hilo, Hawaii; born June 12, 
1892, at Honolulu; son of J. N. S. 
and M. E. (Green) Williams; mar- 
ried Martha Tulloch, at Kohala, 
Hawaii, Apr. 14, 1917. Graduated 
Oahu College, 1911; Sheffield Sci- 
entific School, Yale, Ph.B., 1914; 
civil engineer, Kukaiau Plantation 
Co., Kaiwiki Sug. Co., Waiakea Mill 
Co., Hamakua Mill Co., Kukaiau 
Ranch Co., 1914-16; timekeeper, Ku- 
kaiau Plant. Co., 1916; timekeeper, 
Hamakua Mill Co., 1916-18; asst. 
agriculturist, Experiment Station, 
H. S. P. A. 1919-20; associate agri- 
culturist, same station 1921. En- 
listed 1st Inf., Schofield Barracks, 
assigned O. T. S., commissioned 2nd 
lieut., 1918; served with 25th Inf. 
and 1st Hawn. Inf. Ordered to 
Camp Grant, 111., assigned 4th Pro- 
vis. Co., Officers' Provis. Training 
Battn., Inf. Replacement and Train- 
ing Troops. Discharged Dec. 3, 
1918. Member Phi Gamma Delta 
fraternity, Sigma Xi hon. society. 


civil engineer and architect, Hilo, 
Hawaii; born in Fortrose, Ross- 
shire, Scotland, Nov. 9, 1876; son 
of John and Annie (Williamson) 
Williamson; married Janetta Sarah 
MacKenzie Stimson in Honolulu 
Aug. 9, 1902; four children: Ja- 
netta Annie, Margaret Katherine 
and John Stimson, (Harry Ogilvie, 
deceased, March 30, 1919). Grad- 
uated from Fortrose Academy with 
honors in English, mathematics, 
Latin, astronomy and physiogra- 
phy, June, 1892. In road engr's. 
office, Black Isle Dist., Scotland, 
1892-93; with George Gordon & 
Co., civil engrs. and architects, 
Inverness, Scotland, 1893-98; ar- 
rived in Hawaii April, 1899, locating 
in Dist. of Hamakua, Hawaii; road 
engr. for that dist., 1899-1902;; pri- 
vate practise, Hamakua and Hilo, 
1902-08; civil engr. Honokaa Sug. 
Co. and Pacific Sug. Mill, 1908-14; 
in private practise, Hilo, since 












1914, and consulting engr. Hawaii 
Consolidated Rlwy., Ltd. Was chief 
engr. Hawaii Loan Fund Commis- 
sion, 1915-17; has done extensive 
railway, ditch and flume and pub- 
lic road work, and building con- 
struction work on plantations; de- 
signed and erected first all-concrete 
buildings on Island of Hawaii. Di- 
rector of Hilo Board of Trade and 
chairman of its public improve- 
ments committee. Member Kila- 
uea Lodge No. 330 A. F. & A. M., 
Hilo Lodge 759, B. P. O. E., Kila- 
uea Council Boy Scouts of Amer- 
ica; pres. and member Hilo Civilian 
Rifle Club. Naturalized, 1904. 

and bond broker, Honolulu; born 
April 29, 1874, at Manchester, New 
Hampshire; son of John Elliott and 
Mary (Collins) Williamson; married 
Ada Tree Rhodes, "November 16, 
1910, in Honolulu; one child, Ellen 
Tree; father came from Glasgow, 
Scotland to America in 1865; re- 
ceived early education in the pub- 
lic schools of Manchester, N. H., 
and graduated from Williams col- 
lege with degree of A. B. 1896, com- 
pleted post graduate course at Wil- 
liams 1897; teacher Kenyon Military 
Academy 1897-99; and at Oahu Col- 
lege 1899-01; traveling salesman for 
The von Hamm-Young Co. of Ho- 
nolulu 1901-1906. Member Honolu- 
lu Stock and Bond Exchange since 
1906; president Kipahulu Sugar Co.; 
appointed trustee Bishop Estate, 
June 1916; commissioner of public 
instruction 1907-08; member House 
of Representatives, Territory of Ha- 
waii, 1911-13, and re-elected 1915- 
17. Member Hawaii County Investi- 
gation Commission 1913-15; member 
University and Oahu Country clubs. 


accountant, Kohala, Hawaii; born 
London, Eng., 1884; educated City 
of London School; for the last 19 
years has done accounting work in 
Canada, Southern California, Cen- 
tral America, Manila and China. 
Member British Club, Hawaii. 


manager, Wahiawa, Oahu; born at 
Pescadero, San Mateo Co., Cal., 
March 22, 1874; son of James and 
Susan (Matilda) Wilson; married 
Nellie Beatrice Baker at Hilo, Ha- 
waii, Oct. 1, 1909; one child, James 
Baker. Education, grammar and 
Heald's Business College, San 
Francisco, 1893. Following arrival 
in Hawaii, Sept. 1897, engaged with 
engineering corps of Oahu Ry. & 
Land Co. on Waialua and Kahuku 
extensions for two years. Was in 


contracting business, 1899-1915, 
during which time he was asso- 
ciated with various projects, such 
as railroad, ditch and dam building 
for Waialua Agr. Co., Ltd., Wa- 
hiawa branch of Oahu Ry. & Land 
Co., Hilo Railroad, Hawaii Belt 
Road, Waiahole Ditch project, and 
other private, territorial and coun- 
ty works. Has been mgr. Wahiawa 
Water Co., Ltd., since April, 1915; 
dist. road overseer, Wahiawa; dist. 
fire warden, same dist. Is pres. 
Wahiawa Playgrounds Assn.; mem- 
ber Honolulu Automobile Club. 


engineer, Hilo, Hawaii; born at 
North Hampton, England, April 13, 
1879; son of William Coston and 
Fanny (Day) Wilson; educated at 
Chaffey College. Is gas engineer 
and superintendent of the Hilo Gas 
Co., Ltd. Served two years in the 
Spanish -American war. Member of 
Elks and Odd Fellows. 

engineer, mayor, City and County 
of Honolulu; born in Honolulu, 
Dec. 15, 1871; son of Charles B. 
and Eveline M. (Townsend) Wil- 
son; education, Hawaii public 
schools and Stanford University; 
married Jennie Kapahu in Honolu- 
lu, 1908. From 1896 to 1897 was 
on engineering staff of O. R. & L. 
Co., Honolulu; with Dept. of Pub- 
lic Works, Republic of Hawaii, and 
also in private contracting; entered 
partnership with L. M. Whithouse 
in 1897, and as member of this 
partnership constructed famous 
Pali road over mountain pass 
known as Nuuanu pali, now part 
of Kamehameha highway, Oahu; 
also constructed Oahu Railway 
around Kaena Point, Oahu and 
carried on considerable highway 
work on islands of Oahu. Hawaii, 
Maui and Kauai; partnership dis- 
solved in 1900; engaged in private 
contracting 1900-1919, during which 
period built Honolulu outfall sew- 
er, Lahaina water works system, 
Maui, and first macadam road on 
Kauai, still in use; between 1908 
and 1911 served as superintendent 
of highways, Island of Maui, and 
superintendent of streets, Hono- 
lulu; city engineer, Honolulu, 1919- 
20; appointed mayor of Honolulu, 
1920. Democratic National Com- 
mitteeman, 1912-21; attended con- 
vention at Baltimore in 1912 as 
committeeman and delegate; St. 
Louis in 1916, and San Francisco 
in 1920. Is a director of firm of 
Emmeluth & Co., Honolulu; presi- 
dent Honolulu Chapter, American 
Assn. of Engrs., 1920-21; member 






American Assn. of Engrs., Pacific 
Club, Order of Kamehameha, Inde- 
pendent Order of Foresters, Court 
Lunalilo, No. 6600, Modern Order of 
Phoenix, order of Owls 1766, Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Honolulu Auto- 
mobile Club, Ad Club and Hono- 
lulu Civic Club. 


businessman. Wailuku, Maui; born 
Norfolk, Neb., Aug. 30, 1884; son 
of George W. Wilson; married 
Ruby McVay, at Honolulu, Sept. 
11, 1920. Educated, Chicago gram- 
mar school, Los Angeles high 
school. Was clerk, Santa Fe Rail- 
road, Los Angeles, from 1900 to 
1904; wireman, with Woodhill & 
Hulse Electric Co., Los Angeles, 
1904-10; foreman for Pacific Elec- 
tric Ry., Los Angeles, 1910-13; held 
similar position with Hawn. Elec- 
tric Co., Honolulu, from 1913 to 
1916; joined firm of von Hamm- 
Young Co., Honolulu, in January, 
1916, as foreman; was in U. S. 
Army as first lieutenant, Transport 
Corps, 1918-19; mgr. Wailuku 
branch, von Hamm-Young Co., 
since June, 1919. 

WISHARD, LESLIE W., planta- 
tion mgr., Kohala, Hawaii; born at 
Lihue, Kauai, July 4. 1894; son of 
Harry D. and Agnes (Winstead) 
Wishard; married Mary Renton at 
San Francisco Sept. 17, 1917; one 
child: Eleanor. Educated at Pun- 
ahou Preparatory, Oahu College, 
1913; Univ. of Mich., A. B., 1916; 
attended Univ. of Chicago one 
semester, 1915: Harvard Law 
School, 1916-17 and 1919. Book- 
keeper Union Mill Co., 1918-19; in 
law firm of Frear, Prosser, Ander- 
son & Marx summer of 1919; ap- 
pointed mgr. Union Mill Co., Ko- 
hala, Dec. 15, 1919. Enlisted in U. 
S. Army at Boston, Mass., April 
17, 1917; assigned to 1st Reserve 
Officers' Training Camp, Presidio, 
San Francisco; assigned to School 
of Military Aeronautics, Univ. of 
Cal.; flying instruction, Rockwell 
Field, San Diego, where he received 
commission as 2nd Lieut. Reserve 
military aviator; flying instructor, 
Gerstner Field, La., and Park 
Field, Tenn. Passed examinations 
for first lieutenancy, Nov. 9, 1918; 
discharged Dec., 1918. Member Phi 
Delta Theta fraternity, Aero Club 
of America, U. S. Air Service Assn., 
H. S. P. A., Harvard Club of Ha- 
waii, University Club. 


normal school principal, Honolulu; 
born at St. Paul, Minn.. Aug. 7, 
1889; son of John B. Wist; mar- 

ried Blanche C. Canario at Hilo, 
Hawaii, Dec. 28, 1912; children: 
Zoe Aasve and Lois Joem. Educat- 
ed Luther College, Decorah, Iowa; 
Spokane Law College (B.A.), Wash., 
1910; Univ. of California, 1911; 
vice-principal Elmira High School, 
Elmira, Wash., 1910-11; removed to 
Honolulu and has been principal of 
various schools, Territory of Ha- 
waii, since; principal Kamehameha 
III School, Lahaina, Maui, 1915-21; 
principal Territorial Normal Train- 
ing School, 1921-. Takes active part 
in community welfare; iniator of 
Community Xmas Tree; director 
Boys' Working Reserve, 1919; teach- 
er and director evening citizenship 
classes; contributor to professional 
magazines on educational topics 
and occasional correspondence on 
Hawaiiain subjects. Member Maui 
Chamber of Commerce; N. E. A.; 
pres. Maui Teachers' Assn.; Maui 
Principals' Club (pres. 1920); pres. 
Lahaina Distr. Teachers' Assn.; 
vice-pres. Lahaina Athletic Club; 
Lahaina Cho-Cho Club; deputy 
commissioner B. S. of A. (1917-20) 
and troop committeeman, Lahaina 
Boy Scouts of America. 

WOLTERS, HERMAN, sugar plan- 
tation mgr., Kealia, Kauai, born in 
Bremen, Germany, Feb. 14, 1873; son 
of Herman and Marie Louise (Bo- 
hnenkamp) Wolters; education, Bre- 
men schools; married Martha O. 
Wolters, in New York City, Feb. 
14, 1899; came to Hawaii at age 
of 15. and in 1888 joined firm of 
Hackfeld & Co., Honolulu; worked 
in sugar industry, through time- 
keeper, bookkeeper and head luna, 
at Lihue, Kekaha and Pioneer 
plantations, 1892 to 1914; in 1914 
placed in charge Hanamaulu sec- 
tion, Lihue Plantation, remaining 
in that work for three years; be- 
came mgr. Makee Sug. Co.. 1917, 
which is present position; during 
war was active in Red Cross work, 
and all Liberty Loan drives, being 
chairman of the Kawaihau Dist. of 
all these organizations; is member 
Prison Board, Kauai, and was for 
10 years chairman of election in- 
spectors, Lihue Dist. Member Ka- 
uai Chamber of Commerce; direc- 
tor Bank of Hawaii, Lihue Branch, 
since 1920. 


banker, Honolulu; born Victoria, 
B. C., in 1879; son of Tet Yun 
Wong and Youkana Ho; graduated 
lolani college, 1895, and Oahu Col- 
lege, 1899, Honolulu; Harvard 
Univ. A. B. (cum laude), 1911; 
A.M., 1912. Bookkeeper, Glaus 
Spreckels & Co., bankers, Hono- 



iT A 

















lulu, 1899-1908; bookkeeper Brook- 
line Trust Co., Brookline, Mass., 
1912; accountant, Chinese Govt. 
Salt Revenue Dept., Board of Pi- 
nance. Peking, 1913-15; mgr. Chi- 
nese-American Bank, Ltd., Hono- 
lulu, 1916, to date. Member Chi- 
nese Students' Alliance, Hawaii 
(pres.); Chinese Y. M. C. A., Pe- 
king (treas.) ; Chinese Univ. Club; 
Univ. Club, Honolulu; American 
Economic Assn., New Haven, 
Conn.; American Society of Inter- 
national Law, "Washington, D. C. 

WOOD, EDGAR, educator, Hono- 
lulu; born Sept. 16, 1861 at Parrs- 
boro, Nova Scotia; son of Alex- 
ander Blair and Margaret Jane 
(Fullerton) Wood; descendant of 
Capt. Benj. Wood who went to 
Nova Scotia from Halifax, Eng- 
land, 1760, later settling in New 
York on the Hudson near site of 
Columbia University and who en- 
listed in British army at time of 
revolution returning to Nova Sco- 
tia with United Empire Loyalists 
and settled in Cumberland, N. S. ; 
education, public schools of Nova 
Scotia; Amherst Academy, N. S. ; 
Truro Normal School, N. S., 1885; 
Acadia College, N. S. ; Cornell Uni- 
versity, A. B. 1895; University of 
Mount Allison, New Brunswick, A. 
M. science 1899; Teachers' College 
Columbia University, Masters diplo- 
ma 1914; Columbia University, edu- 
cation A. M. 1914. Married Emma 
McLean at Sherbrooke, N. S., July 
29, 1896; no children. Principal 
high school, Litchfleld, Conn. 1895- 
96; teacher, Honolulu high school 
1896-97; principal Territorial Nor- 
mal and Training School, Hono- 
lulu, since 1897. Officer Y. M. C. 
A., Civic Federation, Anti- Saloon 
league, Humane Society, Loan 
Fund Commission. Member Uni- 
versity Club, Honolulu and Tawse 
Club, New York, Phi Delta Kappa 
(Columbia univ.), Masons, Histori- 
cal Society, National Geographic 
Society, National Society for Pro- 
motion of Industrial Education, 
National Education Assn.; chair- 
man of commit lee on compilation 
of rules & regulations of dept. of 
Public Instruction; chrman of 
course of study comm., assisted in 
introducing the thot method of 
teaching in the schools of Ha- 
waii as early as 1898. Field work 
in geology as recreation. 

WOOD, HART, architect, Hono- 
lulu; born in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 
26, 1880; son of Thomas Hart Ben- 
ton and Margaret (Spencer) Wood; 
married Jessie E. Spangler at Oak- 
land, Cal.. Nov. 24, 1906; three chil- 

dren: Hart d e Wit, Benton Spang- 
ler and Kenneth Donald. Asso- 
ciated with firm of Bliss & Faville, 
architects, San Francisco (archi- 
tects of St. Francis Hotel, Colum- 
bia Theater, Bank of California, 
Masonic Temple, Savings Union 
Bank and several buildings of Pan- 
ama Pacific International Exposi- 
tion), 1903-14; senior member firm 
of Wood & Simpson, architects, 
San Francisco (architects of Santa 
Fe Bldg.), 1914-19; came to Hawaii, 
1919; as junior partner in firm of 
Dickey & Wood, Honolulu (de- 
signers of Castle & Cooke building 
and several other business struc- 
tures and residences), 1919-21; 
successor to firm of Dickey & 
Wood, Jan., 1921. Member Com- 
mercial Club, Ad Club, director 
Honolulu Art Society, member 
Oakland Lodge, F. & A. M., No. 188. 

WOOD, HUBERT, physician and 
surgeon, Waialua, Oahu; born at 
River Hebert, Cumberland Co., No- 
va Scotia, Aug. 4, 1866; son of 
Alexander Blair and Margaret 
Jane (Fullerton) Wood; descend- 
ant of Capt. Benj. Wood who came 
to New York from Halifax, Eng., 
in 1760; educated in public schools 
of Nova Scotia; Truro Normal 
school, Nova Scotia, 1885; Mount 
Alliston University, New Bruns- 
wick, 1891; Dalhousie University, 
1894; Jefferson Medical School, 
Philadelphia, degree Doctor of 
Medicine and Surgery, 1896; mar- 
ried Annie Harvey in Honolulu, 
Sept. 16, 1898; no children; Prac- 
tised medicine at River Hebert, 
Nova Scotia, 1896-98; arrived in 
Hawaii, 1898; served for time as 
government physician at Koolau- 
poko and Waialua, Oahu: planta- 
tion physician Waialua, since 1899; 
did graduate work at Polyclinic, 
Philadelphia, 1906, 1911 and at 
New York Post Graduate Medical 
School 1921. President Hawaiian 
Medical Assn. 1919: member Uni- 
versity Club, Masonic lodge No. 
409 and Aloha Temple of Shrine. 

WOODS, PALMER P., Honolulu; 
born in the Hawaiian islands, the 
son of James (Minister of Foreign 
Affairs during late days of monar- 
chy) and Mary (Parker) Woods. 
Was manager of the Kohala Ranch 
Co., 1894-1907, after being dismissed 
from the customs house for refus- 
ing to repudiate the monarchy and 
take oath of allegiance to the pro- 
visional government in 1894. Served 
as member of the Territorial Senate 
from 1902 to 1909. Was secretary 
to the mayor of Honolulu, during 













the administration of the late Mayor 
Fern, resigning November 1920. 


planter, tax assessor, N. Kohala, 
Hawaii; born in Puuhue, N. Ko- 
hala, Hawaii, Feb. 19, 1878; son of 
James and Mary (Parker) Woods; 
educated public and private 
schools, Honolulu; married Rose C. 
Hemmingway in Honolulu, Aug. 27, 
1907. Began in office of Theo. H. 
Davies & Co., Honolulu, 1893-1901; 
latter part of 1901 returned to 
ranching at Kohala Ranch Co., 
Ltd., Puuhue; vice-pres. and a di- 
rector of same since 1902; ap- 
pointed deputy tax assessor and 
collector, N. Kohala. July, 1915; 
is vice-pres. and a director of Ko- 
hala Pineapple Co.. Ltd.. elected 
1920. Holds or has held numerous 
government offices, including mem- 
bership on board of registration, 
1914-1918; on board prison inspec- 
tors, 1915-18; jury commissioner, 
1914-18; board of liquor commis- 
sioners, since 1914; commissioner 
of public instruction since 1919; 
agent Farm Loan Board since 1919; 
fire warden since 1906; served in 
National Guard of Hawaii as sec- 
ond lieut. 1915, captain 1916; cap- 
tain in U. S. Army, June 1, 1918; 
major, Sept. 5, 1918; honorably dis- 
charged Feb. 14, 1919; member In- 
fantry Reserve Corps since April 
15, 1919; was member of draft 
board, N. Kohala; is agent to pre- 
pare applications for certificates of 
Hawaiian births. 


sugar planter, Hauula, Oahu; born 
Grantsville, Utah, Mar. 3, 1888; 
son of Samuel E. and Alice (Row- 
berry) Woolley; education, Utah 
Agr. College, B. S. in agriculture, 
1916; married Harriett Smith in 
Salt Lake City, Utah, June 27, 
1917; one child. Mary Alice. Was 
high school instructor in agricul- 
ture, at Monroe. Utah, 1916-17; 
mgr. Laie Plantation Store, Laie, 
Oahu, 1917-18; asst. mgr. Koolau 
Agricultural Co., Ltd., and supt. 
Koolau Ry. Co., Ltd., Hauula, 
Oahu, since Aug., 1918. Post- 
master at Hauula since Aug., 1918. 
Member Pacific Club and Chamber 
of Commerce. Republican. 


general contracting engineer, Ho- 
nolulu; born at Grantsville, Utah, 
March 4, 1886; son of Samuel E. 
and Alice (Rowberry) Woolley; 
married Romania Hyde at Salt 
Lake City, Utah, Dec. 8, 1920. Edu- 
cation, grammar, high school and 
college, B.S. in Irrigation Engineer- 

ing, 1914. Was engineer in charge 
state highway construction in 
Utah, on Lincoln Highway, from 
June to Dec.. 1914; made power 
survey of Salt Lake City for Utah 
Power Co., Jan. -Aug., 1915; made 
investigation of flood waters. Laie 
Plantation, Oahu, 1915-16; in charge 
of construction Mormon Temple, 
Laie, Oahu, 1916-18; since 1918 in 
general contracting and engineering 
work, located in Honolulu. Treas. 
Honolulu Chap. Amer. Assn. of 
Engrs. ; member Commercial Club, 
Honolulu; General Contractors' 
Assn. of Hawaii; Utah Academy of 
Science; member of Univ. Club, 
Honolulu. Appointed chairman 
Board of Public Utilities, 1921. 


rancher and stock raiser, Laie, 
Oahu; born in Salt Lake City, 
Utah, October 22, 1859; son of 
Samuel W. and Maria (Angele) 
Woolley; common school educa- 
tion; married Alice Rowberry in 
Logan, Utah, May 6, 1885; six 
children; Ralph E., J. Franklin, 
Leone, Maroni R., Ethel and Sam- 
uel Ray. Worked on father's ranch 
in Utah until 1880, when he came 
to Hawaii for the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter Day Saints; spent 
most of his time at Laie, until 
1884; returned to ranch business 
with his father and brothers; in 
1890 went to Hawaiian Colony in 
Utah as assistant manager of 
ranch and farm; returned to Ha- 
waii 1895, taking charge of Laie 
Plantation as manager, also as 
president of the Latter Day Saints 
Hawaiian Mission, covering all the 
activities of the church throughout 
the islands of the Territory. 
Through his efforts the settlement 
at Laie has developed to what it 
is at the present, founding the 
comunity idea for the Hawaiians 
at Laie; through his efforts the 
L. D. S. Temple at Laie was erec- 
ted which stands as a monument 
to his untiring devotion to his 
Church and to the Hawaiian 
people; released from mission 
duties in June, 1919; became presi- 
dent and manager of Koolau Agri- 
cultural Company, Limited, 1919; 
relieved from business manage- 
ment of the Laie and Koolau Plan- 
tations, May, 1921. During his 
term as manager, Laie Plantation 
made extensive growth. 


surveyor, Honolulu; born in Hono- 
lulu April 23, 1881, son of William 
Wilson and Annie (Marshall) 
Wright; married May Martha Ly- 
cett in Honolulu, Sept. 11, 1905; 












one child: Marshall H. Educated 
old Fort Street School and Hono- 
lulu High School, class of 1898. 
Began business and professional 
career with the Government Sur- 
vey Dept., June, 1898, leaving this 
service to enter business for him- 
self Aug. 1, 1909. Has been instru- 
mental in preparing a number of 
surveys for the Territorial Land 
Court and retracing numerous old 
Hawaiian land boundaries. 

WRIGHT, STANLEY, surveyor 
and draftsman, Honolulu, T. H. ; 
born in Honolulu (Kingdom of Ha- 
waii) April 29, 1892; son of Wil- 
liam Wilson and Annie (Marshall) 
"Wright; married Mary Poppy 
Wickman in Honolulu, Feb. 18, 
1920; one child: Virginia Anne 
Wright. Educated in public schools 
of Honolulu; entered employ of 
Geo. F. Wright as rodman in 1910; 
Nov. 1916 became junior member of 
the firm of Wright, Harvey and 
Wright, with which firm he is asso- 
ciated at the present time. Served 
as sgt. and 2nd lieut. in N. G. H., 
Oct. 1916 to May 1918. Resigned 
commission and enlisted as pvt. 
in 2nd U. S. Infantry, U. S. A., 
attended training camp; sgt. and 
2nd lieut. 1st and 2nd Hawn. Inf.. 
U. S. A., up to Feb. 1919. Member 
Healani Yacht and Boat Club and 
Amer. Officers of Great War. 


businessman, Honolulu; born Fres- 
no, Cal., Feb. 3, 1893; son of Harry 
Ellsworth and Ethel (Cummings) 
Wright; married Hildred C. 
Church, daughter of Thomas M. 
Church, in Honolulu, March 31, 
1921. Graduate of Mercy District 
School, Little Panoche, Calif. ; post 
graduate course, one year, same; 
Commercial Night School, San 
Francisco. Began career as office 
boy, Southern Pacific Co., auditing 
dept., San Francisco, Sept. 1907; 
advanced to clerk-bookkeeper and 
head clerk same office; transferred 
to auditing dept., Associated Oil 
Co., San Francisco, Jan. 1914; head 
clerk pipe line dept.; transferred 
to Honolulu office, chief clerk, Jan. 
1917; appointed acting manager 
May 1919; manager, May 1, 1920. 
Took course U. S. Naval training, 
Harvard University, Mass., Apr. 
1918 -Feb. 1919. Senior Steward 
Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F. & A. M. 

YADA, CHONOSUKE, consul gen- 
eral of Japan, Honolulu; born Shi- 
mane prefecture, Japan, Sept. 20, 
1871; son of Denshire and Take 

Yada; married Chiyo at Tokio, Ja- 
pan, in 1899; two daughters, Yumi 
and Kiyo. Graduated Tokio Com- 
mercial College, July, 1895; official 
in Foreign Office, 1896; passed dip- 
lomatic and consular service exam- 
ination, Nov., 1899; eleve-consul at 
Tientsin, China, Oct., 1900; acting 
consul, Hankow, Dec. 1902; Attache' 
to legation at Mexico, March, 1905; 
3d class secy, to same, April, 1906; 
2nd class secy.. March, 1907; twice 
Charge' d'affaires while in Mexico; 
consul, Vancouver, B. C., Nov. 1907; 
consul general, Ottawa, Canada, 
June, 1913; consul general, New 
York, Oct. 1916; decorated with 3d 
class order of Rising Sun; consul 
general, Honolulu, July, 1920. 


merchant, Honolulu; born in Ho- 
nolulu (Kingdom of Hawaii), No- 
vember 20, 1872; son of Alexander 
and Ruth (Pearce) Young; father 
prominent in business affairs of 
Hawaii for many years, being man- 
ager Honolulu Iron Works 34 years. 
Married Maude Mary Gillet of De- 
troit, Mich., in Honolulu, June 18, 
1902; three children: Alice Pauline, 
Archibald Alfred, Nelson Gillet. 
Educated Punahou preparatory 
school, Honolulu; public schools, 
Oakland, Cal.; Night College, Glas- 
gow, Scotland; served as appren- 
tice in marine engineering with 
Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engi- 
neering Co., Ltd., on the Clyde, 
Scotland, 1892-97; one of the or- 
ganizers of The von Hamm-Young 
Co., Ltd., Honolulu, 1898, in asso- 
ciation with late Alexander Young, 
and president of that company 
since 1910. Is president of The 
Alexander Young Estate, Ltd., 
Alexander Young Building Co., 
Ltd., Territorial Hotel Co., Ltd., 
and vice-president Waiakea Mill 
Co., Ltd.; is pioneer in automobile 
industry in Hawaii and agent for 
leading manufacturers. Member 
Pacific, Commercial, and Oahu 
Country clubs, Honolulu Lodge No. 
616, B. P. O. E. 

YOUNG, H. DOUGLAS, chartered 
accountant, Honolulu; born in 
Glasgow, Scotland; son of Hugh 
and Ellen Mary (Macmillan) Youner. 
Educated, Glasgow Univ. (Law, Po- 
litical Economy, Actuarial Science) 
1907; degree of Chartered Account- 
ant, 1911. Member of Institute of 
Accountants and Actuaries, Glas- 
gow; certified public accountant, 
member American Institute of Ac- 
countants; is mgr. Audit Co. of Ha- 
waii, Ltd., formed in 1916 to take 
over business of Audit Co. of Ha- 
waii, Inc. (N. Y.). Member Univ. 













Club, Oahu Country Club, Royal 
Automobile Club of London. 

YOUNG, JAMES L., civil eng. 
and architect, Honolulu; born at 
California, Ky., July 11, 1867; son 
of William L. and Appoline (Mad- 
dox) Young; married Valley Rose, 
at Hamilton, O., Nov. 11, 1895; 
two children: Gordon See and 
Bonn Dwyer; educated in gram- 
mar schools, California, Ky. and 
high school, Newport, Ky. ; Clere- 
mont Acad. (Univ. Ky.); Univ. of 
Lebanon. O., 1888; started as rod- 
man, C. &. O. Ry., 1888; connected 
with railroad construction work in 
various capacities until 1894; con- 
sulting eng., Cincinnati, O., 1894- 
99; asst. eng. U. S. Army Engrs. 
and Q. M. Dept., 1899-1910; con- 
sulting eng. and contractor, con- 
nected with most of engineering 
and construction work for army 
and navy and large amount of mu- 
nicipal and private work, Hawaii, 
since 1910. Member F. & A. M., 
B. P. O. E., Western Society of 
Engrs., American Assn. of Engrs. 


engineer, Honolulu; born in San 
Diego, Calif., January 2, 1882; son 
of John Nelson and Ann E. (Gray) 
Young: received high school educa- 
tion, San Diego, Calif.; married Al- 
loe Louise Marr at Hilo, Hawaii, 
September 20, 1911; two children: 
John and Elizabeth. Came to Ho- 
nolulu and joined his brothers, 
Will and Herbert Young, in the 
launch and towing business, Octo- 
ber 1900; dissolved partnership and 
incorporated the business under 
name of Young Bros., Ltd., becom- 
ing the managing director, 1913. 
The business consists of launching, 
towing and transportation with a 
fleet of over twelve motor craft 
using gasoline fuel. Is a member 
of the Chamber of Commerce of 
Honolulu, the Commercial and Ro- 
tary clubs, Honolulu Lodge 409 F 
& A. M., 32 Scottish Rite, Knight 
Templar and Shriner. 

YOUNG, JOHN MASON, consult- 
ing, civil and mechanical engineer 
and university professor, Honolulu ; 
born at Lewisburg, Marshall Coun- 
ty, Tenn., Sept. 26, 1874; son of 
Charles Strong and May Beesley 
(Chalmers) Young. Grammar and 
high school education in Tennessee 
and Florida. Married Anne Daw- 
son Montgomery in Pittsburgh, Pa 
Oct. 23. 1905; three children: Annie 
May, Rosalie Leslie and Marjorie 
Dawson. Began professional career 
as apprentice machinist with ma- 

chinery manufacturer. Was super- 
intendent of construction and mas- 
ter mechanic for several phosphate 
mining plants in Florida, 1891-96. 
Completed four year course in 
mech. engr. at Florida Agricultural 
and Mechanical College in two 
years, receiving B. S. degree, 1898. 
Served as machinist 1st class, U. S. 
Naval Station, Key West, Fla., dur- 
ing Spanish- American War, 1898; 
instructor of mech. engrng. and 
head physics dept., Fla. A. & M. 
College, 1898-1900. Professor of 
physics, same college, 1900-01; stu- 
dent, advanced physics and mech. 
engrng.. Cornell Univ., summers 
1899, 1900, 1901; specialized in elec- 
trical engrng., same, receiving M. 
E. degree, 1902; instructor, experi- 
mental engineering, Sibley College. 
Cornell Univ. and grad. student in 
civil and electi'ical engrng., receiv- 
ing M. E. E. degree in 1904. Asst. 
structural engr., Westinghouse, 
Church, Kerr & Co., N. Y. City, de- 
sign and structural work, including 
large contracts various parts of U. 
S., 1904-08. Professor of engineer- 
ing and engr., College (now uni- 
versity) of Hawaii, 1908-19; pres- 
ident and manager, Pacific Engi- 
neering Co., Ltd., Honolulu; also 
consulting engineer for numerous 
corporations and individuals in 
Territory of Hawaii on engineering 
projects of many kinds, both design 
and construction, including: Hilo 
R. R., design and erection of 20 
steel bridges, tunnels; Waiahole 
Water Co., tunnels thru Koolau 
Mts. ; Kahului R. R., design and 
erection of two steel bridges; Kauai 
Loan Fund Commission, design and 
erection of two steel highway 
bridges; bldgs. of Hawaiian Pine- 
apple Co., Ltd., Hawaiian Fertilizer 
Co., Cal. Packing Corp. and many 
others. Is frequently called upon as 
consulting engineering expert in 
connection with numerous import- 
ant legal controversies pertaining 
to construction and valuation of 
which he is considered a recognized 
authority. Member of American 
Soc. of Mech. Engrs., N. Y., 1901; 
American Soc. of Testing Materials, 
Philadelphia, 1908; Hawaiian En- 
gineering Assn., (past president two 
terms); Amer. Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science, Washington, 
1906; Royal Society of Arts, Lon- 
don, 1913; Engineering Societies 
Club, Oahu Country Club, Commer- 
cial Club, University Club, Auto- 
mobile Club and Rotary Club, all 
of Honolulu; Scientific Honorary 
Soc. of Sigma Xi, Ithaca, N. Y., and 
Gamma Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu 
fraternity; 32 Mason, Knight Tem- 
plar and Shriner. Republican. 








Sketches inadvertently omitted or received 
regular order of the book. 

too late to be inserted in the 

AKAU, JOHN K., city engineer, 
superintendent of water works and 
sewers, and building inspector, Hilo, 


jurist, Honolulu; born at Port 
Hope, Ontario, Feb. 24, 1857; son 
of James and Harriet Newell 
i Wilder) Ashford; descendant from 
United Empire Loyalists, paternal 
side, and from American Revolu- 
tionary officers on maternal side; 
remote ancestress, May Wilder, 
who with her two sons, John and 
Thomas, came over on the May- 
flower. Educated, public high 
schools of native town, University 
of Michigan, degree LL.B., 1880; 
married Jennie E. Robertson of 
Honolulu Nov. 5, 1883; three chil- 
dren: Stanley H., Huron K. and" 
Marguerite K. After brief practice 
in Lansing, Mich., and California, 
located in Honolulu in 1883; ad- 
mitted to bar, Territory of Hawaii, 
practicing continuously, except a 
period of seven years following the 
insurrection of 1895, he went into 
political exile and practiced law in 
San Francisco. Was attorney 
general of Hawaii under the mon- 
archy during reign of King Kala- 
kaua, 1887-90; member Honolulu 
Rifles, being captain Company D 
same period; appointed first judge 
of First Circuit Court, District of 
Hawaii, July 14, 191 i. Member 
Commercial and Country Clubs and 
Masonic orders of Honolulu. (Ed. 
note Died July 2, 1921.) 

ASHFORD, HURON K., lawyer, 
Honolulu; born in Honolulu, May 
20, 1890; son of Clarence W. and 
Jennie (Robertson) Ashford; edu- 
cated at Punahou school, 1909; Col- 
lege of Hawaii, 1909-10; University 
of California, 1910-14, degree B. L. ; 
graduate law w r ork, U. of C. 
and Stanford Univ., 1916-18. Mar- 
ried Lillian R. Cooke in Honolulu, 
June 4, 1919: one child, Gordon 
Robertson. Began as clerk. Circuit 
Court, First Circuit, T. H., 1914- 
16; newspaperman connected with 
San Francisco Bulletin, Oakland 
Post, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Daily 
Post-Herald (Hilo). 1918-21. Admit- 
ted to Supreme Court, Territory of 
Hawaii and U. S. District Court 
(Dist. of Hawaii). July 1921; ap- 
pointed third deputy city and 
county attorney. Honolulu, Novem- 
ber 1921. Was scoutmaster, Troop 

2. Kilauea Council, Boy Scouts of 
America (Hilo), 1920-21 and chair- 
man publicity committee. 1921: 
chairman, membership committee, 
Hilo Board of Trade, 1921; secre- 
tary. Hawaii Auto Club (Hilo). 
Nov. 1919-June 1921; secretary and 
later vice-president. University of 
Calif. alumni, 1915-16; member 
publicity committee (Hilo) for 
Press Congress of World, 1921. Is 
a Mason, Knight Templar and 

AVERY, WILLIAM C., account- 
ant, Honolulu; born at Le Roy, 
N. Y., Feb. 17, 1880; son of Samuel 
and Elizabeth (Blanchard) Avery; 
educated public grammar and high 
schools, Le Roy, N. Y. ; Genesee 
Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. Y. ; 
State Normal School, Brockport, N. 
Y., Boston University, Boston, 
Mass., 1908-12, degree A.B. Married 
Margaret Muriel Myrick in Honolu- 
lu, June 30, 1914; two children: 
William C., Jr., and Donald M. En- 
tered business as accountant with 
W. H. Moore Subscription Agency, 
Brockport, N. Y., advancing to office 
foreman, 1898-1902; accountant, 
chief clerk and cashier, N. Y. C. 
& H. R. R. R. Co., Brockport and 
Rochester, N. Y., 1903-1906; teach- 
er, high school, Lima, N. Y., 1907 
and Mills school, Honolulu, 1912- 
1913; principal Boys Industrial 
School, Oahu, 1913-1914; principal, 
Kauai High School, Lihue, 1914- 
1917; inspector general of schools 
and statistician, Dept. of Public 
Instruction, T. H., 1917-19; secre- 
tary, Farm Loan Board of Hawaii, 
1919-20; cashier and accountant, 
Mutual Tel. Co., Honolulu, since 
Jan. 1, 1921. Inventor of paper 
feeding apparatus for typewriters, 
patented 1921; contributor to va- 
rious magazines, articles including 
discussion of U. S. Patent System. 
Was acting supt., Public Instruc- 
tion, 1919; pres. Oahu Teachers' 
Assn. 1918; 1st lieut., N. G. H., 
1915-17; pres. Kauai Chamber of 
Commerce, 1915-16; chairman, Ter- 
ritorial Civic Convention, 1915. 
Member Monroe Lodge 173, F. & A. 
M.; Acacia Club, Brockport, N. Y.; 
Philalethian, Normal School frater- 
nity; Masonic Club. Boston; Beta 
Theta Pi fraternity; University 
Club. Honolulu; Committees of 
management and education, Cen- 
tral Y. M. C. A., Honolulu. 




accountant, Makaweli, Kauai; born 
Honolulu, Aug. 9, 1882; son of J. 
H. and Jane (Swinton) Browne; 
educated, Honolulu high school; 
married Mattie Jordan, at Maka- 
weli, Kauai, Dec. 3, 1914. Follow- 
ing graduation from high school 
went to California and was em- 
ployed in office of auditor of pas- 
senger accts., S. P. Ry. Co., San 
Francisco for seven years, last 
three years as asst. head clerk; 
returned to Hawaii and became 
supt. supply dept. Hawaiian Sug. 
Co., Makaweli; transferred to plan- 
tation office, first asst. bookkeeper, 
1915; became head accountant and 
cashier 1918. Was first lieut. Natl. 
Guard of Hawaii two years; former 
member Transportation Club, San 

tation manager, Waimanalo, Oahu, 
T. H. ; born in Hawaiian islands; 
son of George and Mary Ann 
(Duncan) Chalmers. Manager of 
Waimanalo Sugar Co., Waimanalo, 
Oahu. Member Masonic lodge and 
Aloha Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. 

DUTTON, JOSEPH (formerly Ira 
Barnes Dutton), volunteer helper 
for lepers on Molokai; born at 
Stowe, Vermont, April 27, 1843; 
son of Ezra and Abigail (Barnes) 
Dutton. Educated at Old Academy. 
Janesville, and Milton Academy, 
Milton, Wisconsin; also aided by 
mother, who was formerly a teach- 
er in Vermont. Served as volun- 
teer in Civil War, chiefly in 
Quartermaster Dept., 1861-1865; 
then served in work of National 
Cemeteries, gathering Federal dead, 
about one and half years; with L. 
and N. R. R. Co., Memphis, Tenn., 
six years; received civilian ap- 
pointment with War Department as 
investigating agent, Kentucky and 
Tennessee, eight years. On 40th 
birthday, April 27, 1883, was re- 
ceived into Catholic church by 
Dominican Fathers at St. Peters, 
Memphis, Tenn., at which time he 
made a voluntary vow to give 
rest of his life to work in retired 
place without pay because of car- 
nal sins committed at various 
times during some years of "gay 
life." First three years under vow 
passed with Trappist Monks in Ky. 
and New Orleans convent and there 
hearing of Molokai, joined in the 
work of helping the lepers, July 29, 

inary surgeon, Paia, Maui; born 
at Yorkshire, Eng., July 22, 1878; 

son of John and Margaret Moxoii 
(Lord) Fitzgerald; married Annie 
Ross Couch at Hamakuapoko, 
Maui, August 31, 1912; three chil- 
dren; John D., Kathleen M. and 
Peter M. 


rancher, Kukaiau, Hawaii; born 
Oakford, North Devon, Eng.. June 
17, ; son of Robert and Ellen 

Louisa MacAlister. Attended Bor- 
laise school, Marlow, Eng., 1892- 
98; at Lausanne, Switzerland, 1898- 
1900. Supt. construction work at 
Alassio and San Remo, Italy, 1900- 
05; came to Hawaii and employed, 
Molokai ranch, 1905-07; Parker 
ranch, Kamuela, Hawaii. 1907-11' : 
manager Kukaiau Ranch Co., Ku- 
kaiau, Hawaii, 1912 to date. 

grand opera singer and vocal teach- 
er, Honolulu; born at Balcares Mal- 
lorca, Spain, August 29, 1866; son of 
Peter Sastre and Caterine Wanrell. 
Studied at National School of Music 
and Elocution, Madrid, 1885; ob- 
tained rating of "excellent" for first 
year, "notable" for second year in 
reading music, and "notable" for 
first year in lyric elocution; received 
rating of "notable" for third year in 
reading music and "excellent" for 
fourth, fifth and sixth years in sing- 
ing and for second year in lyric elo- 
cution; won scholarship of 1500 pe- 
setas a year in competitive singing; 
sung in virtually all of grand operas 
in leading theaters of Italy, Spain, 
Russia, Portugal and South and 
Central America; conducted th.- 
Wanrell Italian School of Singing, 
San Francisco, 1908-1916; has con- 
ducted similar school in Honolulu, 
giving frequent concerts, since 1916. 
Member Honolulu Ad Club. 

engr., Hilo, Hawaii; born Detroit, 
Mich., Nov. 17, 1880; son of L. L. 
and E. (Chambers) Wheeler; mar- 
ried Harriet E. Grant, June 23. 1914, 
at Honolulu; one child: Lee Grant. 
Educated Sterling (Illinois) high 
school; Univ. Mich., C.E. (A.B.), 
1903; surveyor in Illinois, 1903- 
1905; engr. for Philippine Govt., 
and on fortifications in Philippine 
Islands, 1905-1908; same in Hawaii, 
1908-11; engineer with public wks., 
Terr. Hawaii, 1911-1920; county 
engr. County of Hawaii, 1917-1920. 
Now with Hawaiian Contracting 
Company. Chairman Hawaii Loan 
Fund Commission, 1917, to date. 
Pres. Hawn. Engineering Assn., 
1914. Member Elks, Masons. Hono- 
lulu Commercial Club, Hilo Yacht 


This index groups by islands and postoffice addresses all the 
biographical sketches and photographs in the book, making it easy to 
find the names for any particular locality in the Territory. 

References : The first number following the name and occupa- 
tion refers to the page containing the sketch, the second number to 
the page containing the photograph. Where there is no second refer- 
ence number, the photograph is not published. 



Gibb, James, plant, mgr., 167, 168 
Nicholson, Donald F.. chemist, 297, 


Alexander, W. P., agriculturist, 11 
Lennox, John, merchant, 245, 244 
Muller, R., accountant, 291, 290 
Renton, Geo. F. Sr., retired, 329, 326 
Renton, Geo. F., Jr., plant, mgr., 

329, 327 
Renton, J. Lewis, mill supt., 329. 

Schofleld, A. E., elec. engr., 353, 350 


Woolley, J. F., planter, 443, 437 


Achi, William C., Sr., lawyer, 3 
Adams, Romanzo, univ. prof., 3 
Afong, Albert F., broker, 5 
Agee, H. P., agriculturist, 5, 6 
Ahia, Wm. M., senator, 5, 12 
Ahuna, Robert, representative, 5, 12 
Ai, Chung K., merchant, 7 
Aiu, Eugene K., lawyer, 7, 12 
Akana, Akaiko, clergyman, 7, 10 
Alexander, Arthur C., engineer, 9, 18 
Alexander, Monroe H., clergyman, 9 
Allen, Riley H., editor, 11, 14 
Aluli, Noa W., lawyer, 11 
Anderson, Robbins B., lawyer, 11, 18 
Anderson, Robert S., hospital supt., 


Anderson, Robert W., dentist, 13 
Anderson, Wilbur A., agriculturist, 

13, 18 

Andrade, Frank, lawyer, 13, 24 
Andrade, Jason, merchant, 15, 24 
Andrews, Arthur L., univ. prof., 15 
Andrews, Carl B., civ. eng., 15 
Andrews, Lorrin, lawyer, 17 
Andrews, Robert W., retired, 17, 14 
Angus, George H., merchant, 17, 16 
Arledge, Arthur E., civ. eng., 19 
Armitage, Geo. T., secretary, 19 
Armitage, Harry, broker, 19 

Armstrong, Frank H., treasurer, 19 
Asch, Julius W., dep. sheriff, 19 
Ashford, C. W., deceased, 453 
Ashford, H. K., lawyer, 453, 452 
Ashley, John L. K., cashier, 21 
Ashley, W. George, businessman, 21 
Atherton, Chas. H., businessman, 

21, 20 

Atherton, Frank C., financier, 21, 22 
Atkinson, A. L. C., lawyer, 23 
Atkinson, Robert W., 23, 24 
Augur, George J., physician, 23 
Ault, William, priest, 23 
Austin, H. A. R., civ. eng., 23 
Avery, Wm. C., accountant, 453, 452 
Ayer, R. G., physician, 25, 24 

Bailey, Charles T., civ. eng., 25, 26 
Bailey, Henry B., merchant, 25 
Baker, A. S., clergyman, 27, 26 
Baker, L. P., businessman, 27 
Baker, Ray J., lecturer, 27, 34 
Balch, John A., treasurer, 27 
Baldwin, Charles W., educator, 29, 

Bangerter, A. B., missionary, 31 
Banks, James J., lawyer, 33 
Barnes, Kenneth B., secretary, 33 
Baron, Pierre, physical director, 33 
Barter, C. E., cannery supt.. 37 
Bartlett, E. G., school prin., 37 
Barton, Charles, physician, 37, 35 
Batten, Grover A., physician, 39 
Beadle, Irwin H., real estate, 39 
Beall, Walter, automobiles, 39, 36 
Beaven, J. Ashman, businessman, 

Bemrose, Ross H., customs exami- 
ner, 41 

Benner, Edwin, insurance, 41, 42 
Benz, R. W., physician. 43 
Bergman, H. F., univ. prof., 43 
Berndt, Emil A., merchant, 43, 40 
Bibee, Wm. A., businessman, 45, 42 
Bicknell, Henry, dentist, 45, 50 
Bicknell, James, city auditor, 45, 50 
Bierbach, Otto A., pharmacist, 45 
Bigelow, Lyman H., civ. eng., 45, 46 
Bishop, E. Faxon, merchant, 47, 48 
Blackman, L. G., educator, 47, 54 



HONOLULU Continued 
Blake, Frank E., mgr. Haw. Elec. 

Co., 47 

Blodgett. Harry H , physician, 49, 54 
Bockus, C. G., broker, 49 
Boeynaems, Libert H. J. L., Cath. 

Bishop, 49 

Booth, Robert B., merchant. 51 
Borthwick. William, undertaker, 51. 

Bottomley, Allen W. T.. merchant. 

51, 52 

Botts, E. J., lawyer, 51 
Bowman, Donald S., industrial ser- 
vice, 53, 55 

Boyer, Frank O., elec. engr., 53. 55 
Braly, A. C., dentist, 53 
Braly, Geo. A., dentist, 57, 56 
Brigham, Wm. T., curator, 59 
Brooks, F. M., lawyer, 59, 64 
Brown. A. M., lawyer, 61, 62 
Brown, Archie W., insurance. 61, 62 
Brown, Chas. A., capitalist, 61 
Brown, E. Herrick, bookseller, 61, 63 
Brown, Geo. A., merchant, 61 
Brown, Geo. li, businessman, 65 
Brown, Jacob F., civ. eng., 65, 62 
Brown, Ralph P., businessman, 65, 

Brown, Raymond C., secretary. 65, 


Bryan, K. C., Indus, education, 67 
Bukeley, R., insurance, 67 
Burgess, V. J.. engineer, 67, 63 
Burnette, P. H., conveyancer, 67 
Bush, G. Fred, merchant, 69 70 
Bustard. George, merchant, 69 
Butler, John K., 71, 74 
Buttolph, Guy H., broker, 71 

Caldwell, John W., civ. engr., 71 
Camara, J. M.. lawyer, 71 
Campbell, A. N., financier, 75 
Cannon, F. Q., businessman, 75 
Capps, L. E., optometrist, 77 
Garden, Wm. T., lawyer, 77 
Carpenter, C. W., pathologist. 77. 72 
Carson, M. B., civ. engr., 77 
Carter, Geo. R., ex-governor, 81 
Cartwright, Bruce, 81, 79 
Case, Geo. B., businessman, 83, 73 
Case, L. N., pathologist, 83, 84 
Castle, A. L., lawyer, 83, 73 
Castle, Geo. P., retired, 85, 86 
Castle, H. K. L., businessman. 85 
Castle, W. R., lawyer, 85, 88 
Castro, A. D., consul, 87 
Cathcart, J. W., lawyer, 87 
Catton, Robert R., engr., 87 
Caum, E. L., sugar researcher, 87 
Chalmers, Geo., retired, 87 
Chalmers, Geo., Jr., plan, mgr., 92 
Chalmers, John, retired, 87 
Chalmers, Wm. G., contractor, 89, 73 
Chamberlain, W. W., financier, 89 
Chapin, E. P., businessman. 89, 90 
Chase, E. T., school prin., 93 
Child, J. F., hotel prop., 93, 94 
Chillingworth, Chas. F., senator, 93, 

Clark. A. B., banker, 95 
Clark, A. F., real estate, 95, 91 
Clark, E. B., insurance, 97, 91 
Clark, R. E., insurance, 97, 91 
Clarke, J. K., businessman, 97 
demons, Chas. F.. lawyer, 97, 99 
Cockburn, James L.. banker, 101, 100 
Cohen, Herbert, architect, 103, 99 
Cohen, J. C., financier, 103, 104 
Coke, J. L., chief justice, 103 
Collins, Geo. M., engr.. 105, 99 
Conkling, D. L., city treas., 105 
Cooke, A. F., real estate, 107. 98 
Cooke, C. H., banker, 107, 108 
Cooke, C. M., zoologist. 107 
Cooke, R. A., businessman, 107 
Coombs, Walter R., accountant, 109 
Cooper, C. B., physician, 109, 110 
Cooper, C. J., businessman, 109, 98 
Cooper, H. E., retired, 109 
Correa, Frank M., merchant, 111, 112 
Coyne, Arthur, merchant, 113 
Craig, John H., architect, 113 
Crawford, D. L., entomologist, 113 
Creedon, F. D., insurance, 113 
Cristy, A. M., lawyer, 115, 112 
Cronk, O. N., sales mgr., 117, 116 
Cryderman, W. A., mfr., 117, 116 
Curry, Geo. S., lawyer, 117, 116 
Cykler, E. F., civ. engr., 117 

Daingerfield, L. H., meteorologist, 


Damon, Cyril F., broker, 119 
Damon. Roxor, banker, 119 
Damon, S. M., retired banker, 121 
Davies, T. Clive, sugar factor, 121 
Davis, Chas. S., lawyer, 123, 124 
Davis, L. G., clergyman, 123 
Davis, Louis E., architect, 123. 124 
Dean, A. L., univ. pres., 123 
De Bolt, John T., judge, 125 
De Freest, S., custom broker, 125 
Denison, Harry N., rlwy. supt., 125 
Dillingham, Frank T., professor, 129 
Dillingham, Harold G., financier, 129, 

Dillingham, Walter F., financier, 131. 


Dole, James D., executive, 133 
Dole, Sanford B., ex-governor. 133. 2 
Donaghho, J. S., univ. prof., 133 
Doty, R. E., agriculturist, 135 
Dowsett, David A., real estate, 135 
Dowsett, John M., sugar factor, 135. 


Drew, Chas. A., shipping agt., 135 
Duker, W. F., chemist, 137 
Durant, A. A., master machinist. 

137, 136 

Eames, A. W., 137, 138 

Eckart, Charles F., sugar expert. 

139, 140 

Edings, Wm. S., judge. 139 
Effinger, John, merchant, 139 

Ehrhorn, E. M., entomologist, 139 
Eklund. Walter E.. salesman. 141. 140 
Emerson, J. S., civ. engr., 141 
Emmaris, F. H., secretary. 141 



HONOLULU Continued 

Emory, Walter L., architect, 141, 140 
Erdman, John P., clergyman, 143, 142 
Faithfull, R. P., mfrer., 145, 150 
Farrell, John H., physician, 145, 150 
Farrington, W. R., governor, 145, 146 
Fehlman, L. G., adv. mgr., 147 
Ferreira, M. V., insurance, 149 
Fiddes, James H., accountant, 149, 


Fishbourne, R. A., architect, 149, 152 
Fisher, J. H., businessman, 151, 152 
Fleming, J. L., broker, 151, 153 
Forbes, Wm. J., notary, 151, 152 
Ford, Alex. Hume, editor, 155 
Foster, Wm. R., harbor master, 157 
Franklin, Cornell S., judge, 157, 153 
Frazier, Chas. R., adv. counselor, 


Frear, W. F., ex-governor, 159, 158 
Frees, A. L., lubrication engr., 159, 


French, Geo. K., lawyer, 161, 163 
Froiseth, Bernard, insurance, 161, 

Furer, Wm. C., architect, 165 

Gait, John R., financier, 165, 164 
Gibson, T. H., educator, 167 
Giffard, Harold B., broker, 169, 166 
Giffard, Walter M., retired, 169, 170 
Gignoux, A. J., merchant, 169 
Givens, W. E., educator, 169, 166 
Grace, John S., merchant, 173, 176 
Graves, Chas. C., businessman, 173 
Gray, Harry S., merchant, 173, 176 
Greene, Ernest W., engr., 175, 174 
Gregory, Herbert E., geologist, 175 
Griffiths, A. F., educator. 175 
Guild, John, businessman, 179, 180 
Gulick, John T., missionary, 179, 177 
Gulick, Orramel M., missionary, 

179, 177 
Gurrey, A. R., Jr., art dealer, 181, 177 

Haley, Wm. R., tree surgeon, 181 
Hall, Wm. G., engineer. 181, 182 
Halsey, R. L., immigration inspect- 
or, 183 
Hapai, Henry C., public official, 183, 


Harrison, Fred, contractor, 185, 186 
Harvey, Fred E., civ. engr., 185, 412 
Hatch, F. M., lawyer, 185 
Hayward, Harry S., publisher, 189, 

Hedemann, C. J., mech. engr., 189. 


Hedemann, F. F., physician, 191 
Keen, Wm. H., lawyer, 191, 187 
Heilbron, B. F., merchant, 191, 194 
Heiser, Chas. G., businessman, 191, 


Hemenway, Chas. R., lawyer, 193 
Henke, Louis A., professor, 193 
Henriques, Edgar, capitalist, 193, 196 
Henshaw, Marshall B., lawyer, 197, 


Herbert, George, physician, 197, 204 
High, C. B., dentist, 197 

Hill, S. T., engineer, 197, 195 
Hitchcock, D. Howard, artist, 199 
Hodgins, A. G., physician, 201 
Hollinger, Ben., businessman, 203, 


Hollman, Harry T., physician, 203 
Hons, Ferdinand H., businessman, 


Hope, Hugo K., optometrist, 205 
Hopkins, Manley G. K., auditor, 

205, 210 
Horner, Albert, agriculturist, 209, 

Horner, Robert, businessman, 209, 


Huber, S. C., lawyer, 211, 212 
Hughes, J. A., car builder, 211 
Humphrey, Geo. R., sales mgr., 213, 


Hustace, Frank, retired, 213 
laukea, Curtis P., trustee, 215, 216 
Irwin, Harry, lawyer, 215, 216 
Isobe, T., banker, 215, 214 
Jackson, A. F., physician, 215, 216 
Jacobson, S. P., merchant, 217 
James, C. C., businessman, 217, 216 
James, Frank L., businessman, 217, 


James, Wm. F., physician, 219 
Jarrett, Wm. P., high sheriff, 219, 218 
Jenkins, C. F., businessman, 219